Ram Bomjon’s bloody violence continues in Halkhoria

sep 2 attack

The Kathmandu Post: Locals clash with Bomjon’s followers

BARA, SEP 02 –

At least four people were injured when a clash erupted between locals and devotees of Ram Bahadur Bamjan, known as Buddha boy, in Halkhoriya on Tuesday. The clash flared up when around 100 locals intervened to rescue two others who were held captive by Bamjan’s followers since Monday.

According to local resident Jagjiban Kumar, the two sides clashed after Bamjan hit the locals with a stick. He said that the two captives were, however, released later. Uttim Guro and Sonam Kumar, both of Nijgad Municipality-11, along with their friends were said to be on their way back from work in India when they were captured.

The incident came to light after the duo’s friends informed the locals about what happened, after fleeing the incident. The injured, Bamjan’s followers Rup Bahadur Thing, Samir Gurung, Nagraj, and Rakesh Guro, have sustained injuries to the heads and bodies.

According to Police, who reached the site after being informed, said that Bamjan told them that he directed his followers to take Uttim and Sonam under control after ‘they under the influence of alcohol shouted offensive slurs’. Inspector Kailash Rai said that they will start investigating the matter.

Bamjan has been living in the forest at Halkhoriya for the past two months.

Posted on: 2014-09-03 09:23 (small typing error fixing by Marīci)

http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2014/09/02/nation/locals-clash-with-bamjans-followers/266974.html (in case of the Bomjon-lobby’s censura deletes also this article, try to find it here: https://web.archive.org/web/20141115040107/http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2014/09/02/nation/locals-clash-with-bamjans-followers/266974.html

Archive.org and Archive.today

The below screenshot is from the DC Nepal:

sep 2 illustration


The Image TV news shot

The above video’s context and what is Ram Bomjon saying:

The Image Television footage shows how Ram Bomjon is discussing with the police why did he attack the men to pouring blood. His “arguments” are that the men (who interestingly wear his own talisman on their necks, as you can see at 0:22 min.!) had came to his jungle villa (Kajogpa) and sat on his sofa and had been smoking cigarettes! This is a false claim, as they had been abducted at night and taken to Bomjon’s compound, as they said and all the villagers confirmed. They had been just returning from work from over the border in India and heading to their villages around Ratanpuri when Bomjon’s men abducted them.

As Nepalese media (see below) informed. originally there had been 5 men captured, but 3 of them managed to escape and alerted the villagers that their 2 friends had been held by Bomjon and his followers in the jungle of Halkhoriya at night. The villagers arrived in a big group, and Bomjon, suddenly scared of their anger, called the police to protect himself! The police (Bhadrakali APF Police Station at Piluwa, where Bomjon’s supporter Jas Bahadur Waiba’s son, Uttam Waiba is also working!) had arrived but did not do anything to protect the victims (as always as in other cases of Bomjon’s attacks!). They just wrote a note about what Bomjon was claiming (they did not care to write down the claims of victims and villagers!).

Contrary to the “official version” originating in Bomjon, the two men were actually his own followers, as most of the time Bomjon attacks his own devotees. This is the reason that they seem apathetic and accepting. As most devotees, they thought that the “guru” surely had some “Buddhist” reason to beat them to blood…

For the case of repeated censorship by the Nepalese Government (at the pressure of Ram Bomjon’s followers) the above Image TV Channel video had been archived on my YouTube Channel:

Ram Bomjon in the news (2 September, 2014): Bloody victims of the Buddha Boy

Bomjon actually attacked his own devotee:

sep 2 attack 8

Image above: It is obvious, seeing the Bomjon-portrait talisman on the neck of his victim, that Bomjon had abducted his own followers, because they are very easy targets, they do not defend themselves but allow the “guru” to do what he orders them. His own followers are also so confused after his attack that they do not even have power to make a police report. They are in trauma and shock from what their own guru had done to them and mentally broken down. 

Online Nepal: Fight broke out between Ram Bamjan’s followers and local villagers

4 people were injured in a fight between local villagers and the followers of Ram Bahadur Bamjan who is well known as an ascetic person. This fight was happened when the followers of Ram Bamjan started to beat the local villagers for entering the jungle without permission. This fight was started when the villagers found that they had beaten one of the villagers named ‘Utim Guro’ vary badly all night tying his hands. In this fight, Ram Bamjan’s followers, Samir Gurung, Rup Bahadur Thing and Lama Balak are injured. Similarly, one villager, Rakesh Guro is also injured. Police has started their investigation for kidnapping the villager. Ram Bamjan has apologized on the behalf of his followers being such rude to the villagers.

http://onlinenp.net/2014/09/fight-broke-ram-bamjans-followers-local-villagers/ (in the meantime deleted, as the effect of the Bomjon-lobby efforts). Archived at:

Archive.org and Archive.today

sep 2 attack 6

kajogpa in 2014

Buddha boy Ram Bahadur Bomjan had a fight with Sathania in Bara district. As you can see the bloody injury of two guys sitting next to him. Police was informed and came there to file a case against Bomjon.  Bomjon claimed that some people had assaulted him by smoking cigarette while he was meditating. Also Bomjon mentioned his dis-satisfaction behavior and treat he has been receiving from the public.  Local people suggested Bomjon to ask for help and support from police or local administration but not to confront with public.  But Bomjon claimed that he did not get any support from the local administration. Previously, Ram Bomjon was banned by the authorities to meditate Halkhoria forest near the community of Dharahara – Bara district…

DC Nepal


(They deleted it as well, though they are in the USA, but there are too many Bomjon-followers in America to pressurize DC Nepal to take such articles down). It is archived here:

Archive.org and Archive.today


sep 2 attack 4

sep 2 attack 3


The Kathmandu Post article’s snapshot (to save from Bomjon-lobby’s censorship):

ekantipur ktm post sep 2 snapshot


The most shocking thing, what can happen only in Nepal, is, that one month after this brutal violence by Bomjon and his cult members, in October 2014 the then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala had invited Bomjon to his Baluwatar Residence and granted him the permission to permanently settle in Halkhoriya, even when the jungle is a Government-owned forest and part of Parsa Wildlife Reserve. Sushil Koirala also “awarded” Bomjon for his “non-violence” by issuing him a red diplomatic passport so that he could visit other countries and spread his very bloody “Maitri Dharma” to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Russia and through them also to Europe and the USA.

Ram Bomjon invited by late PM S. Koirala

The below video shows how Ram Bomjon had ordered to violently attack 5 journalists who had been invited by them to film his preaching during the Maitri Puja 2012. They also wanted to investigate the disappearance of the author of this article and another Nepali woman, both of us chained by Bomjon behind the stage in the jungle and tortured 3 months. The video clearly shows how aggressively Bomjon’s nearest followers Tomasz Tarnawski (Dorje), Darshan Limbu and Bal Hari Rai attacked the journalists and damaged their cameras. Click on CC to get English subtitles:

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