Ram Bomjon’s misogynist dharma

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Misogyny (/mɪˈsɒɪni/) is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women. Misogyny can be found within many mythologies of the ancient world as well as various religions. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misogyny

Featured image: one of Ram Bomjon’s 3 known female victims of witch-hunting, hostage-taking and torture, Maata Ani (Mother Nun), on the day of her rescue by police in March 2012.

Above image: collage from the official Facebook pages of Ram Bomjon’s followers discussing the witch-accusations of his victims as a form of entertainment for them, and an excerpt from US-Japanese devotee Andrea Good’s “Reflection on Sambodhi Dharma Sangha” book, where she is mentioning the first female victim of Bomjon, the “Spanish woman’s ” torture by the “guru” on page 62.

Sad update (2019): At the time of writing of this article , in 2015 I was still not informed about the further female victims of Ram Bomjon’s witch-hunts. Then came the Big Earthquake in Nepal, and soon after news that Bomjon’s “wife” (whom he had never officially married) Dipshika had given birth to a son in autumn. That very year, 2015, I got news from informers about the brutal beating of Bomjon’s own sister Manu by him and his assistants, which caused her brain edema and disability, and caused her death later in 2016. I got news about the many girlfriends and many abortions going on among Bomjon’s “nuns” from a former cult member’s website, now closed Dharma-sangha.com, partially retrieved from Internet archives on Dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com .

Yet the most terrible stories, describing events far before these news about witch-accusations, girlfriends and abortions, came out to light in 2018 and 2019. I wish to bring them to reader’s attention, because they belong to the the topic of this older article,  about Bomjon’s misogyny in the name of dharma (religion), as it seems that his misogyny was more than an occasional or temporary event, but rather a program, a repeated and regular attitude to harm women by sexual abuse, rape and it seems that even killing. The repeated witch-accusations had been used by Bomjon to justify any harm against women, but even men, including, apparently,  murdering them!

Image above: two of the six ashramites of Ram Bomjon who had disappeared many years ago, yet the families had been scared to report it to the police, due to widespread political support for Bomjon, Fulmaya Rumba (Pasang) of Makwanpur and Chunmo Dolma Tamang (Karma Dolmo) of Nuwakot. The families of the disappeared got encouraged to report the disappearances only after Ganga Maya Moktan’s rape by Bomjon came out in the media in 2018. Similarly, two other disappeared monks had also been reported to police. See more: Families file complaints after people go missing from Bomjan’s ashram Source: Setopati

Instead of immediately rewriting the below older article, I am rather adding the links dealing with those newly emerged cases, with the plan to gradually update the whole article to be more relevant to the sad new facts. In the meantime, please find them in these links:

The rape of then minor Ganga Maya Moktan 

The disappearance of Bomjon’s probably first girlfriend, Rita Bot, from 2009

The disappearance of two nuns serving Bomjon many years Dolmo and Chunmo

Image above: Ganga Maya Moktan, now 18 years old, describes in a press conference the regular sexual abuse by Bomjon from her 14 years. Source: Setopati 

And the rape attempt of Asali Lama, Bomjon’s other nun of his early times of “Ascetic meditation”, currently available only in Nepali language media and YouTube videos. The same video is very important also because Asali Lama describes in it how she had been picked up to be among the four nuns who knew Bomjon’s secret: that he actually HAD BEEN EATING! They had been cooking for him and hiding the food in a bigger cavity inside his “meditation tree”, putting it into a big container, Asali describes. Bomjon than sexually harassed her on many occasions, and being a Buddhist nun she was broken down so much by this disillusion that she had attempted suicide by swallowing poison, but survived. After that Bomjon allowed her to leave. Now she is married with another man. Like many others in Nepal, she was afraid to come out with her own experience, but got encouraged by the media refreshing their investigation into Bomjon’s crimes in 2018 and 2019. The YouTube contributions where her husband’s and her own accounts had been recorded in Nepali by a male voice, is translated into English in the article Asali, one of Bomjon’s escaped nuns, spaks out about rape attempts by Bomjon

To see these witch-accusations, disappearances and rape cases in the context of other crimes of Bomjon please read the Setopati article Series of sexual exploitation and violence in Bomjon’s ashrams.

Media links from 2018 and 2019 dealing with the above cases

The below article is the original, 2015 one, please realize it is slightly outdated, in the sense that it needs to be extended by the newly emerging reports.



Nepal’s old law (still not novelized) states that no one can accuse anyone of witchcraft. If anyone does that, s/he will be sentenced to a jail term ranging from three months (!) to two years or slapped a fine of Rs 5,000 (around 50 usd!) to Rs 25,000 (around 250 usd) or both. That is a ridiculously weak punishment for destroying a human life, inciting others to collectively damage a woman’s body, health, social reputation and causing extreme terror and humiliation and a whole-life stigma, and the old law did not count with the inflation either…

See more: Five-year jail for witchcraft accusation: for Maitriya and Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha?

How it was in the past?


During the spiritual history of humankind saints, enlightened Buddhas and self-realized Gurus, Rishis, Babas and Maatas brought always benefit to people, the land of their birth, enlightenment and residence, as well as to the nature. Holy places connected to them had been experienced by as invigorating, returning people to an ethical life standard, creating and environment of peace for everyone and generate new and new great spiritual personalities. For example there are many legends of the Buddhist saint-hero Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpocche) who had been invited to Tibet by its ruler to purify and sanctify places which had been occupied by non-spiritual forces, while on his way sanctifying lakes, caves, mountains, anything he met. Padmasambhava (see image below) is told to have purified from the shadow of demonic immorality not only the land of Tibet, but also Bhutan and parts of India and Nepal.

GuruRinpocheSamye250-232x300Being acquainted with the history of Buddhism, one would automatically expect that the area where the (in-)famous Buddha Boy lived in Nepal’s Bara District, where he meditated and allegedly became “enlightened”, would become similarly pure, holy and auspicious for its inhabitants, including women, the poor, the diseased and the low-caste. Even more could we expect so because of his preaching against gender-based and caste-based inequality in his starting years, speaking about non-discrimination, non-violence (Ahimsa), loving-kindness (Maitri), and his speeches against magical (“Tantra-Mantra”) superstitions and fanatic blind faith (Anda-Bishwas).

After all, for the majority of society, who are not ready to turn to an ascetic meditation, the most important element a Guru can bring is a peaceful, ethical and healthy life. A life of misery and suffering, injustice and physical violence is debilitating and demoralizing. Thus the holy men and women who lived in our world, had been beneficial to all people equally, not just a small group of favored ones: to serious meditators as well as to families, whom they brought peace and an ethical standard.

But can we tell the same in the land where the (in-)famous Nepalese ‘Buddha Boy’ had been born, meditated and resided: in Bara District?


According to  report published in 2013 and other studies by NGOs dealing with women’s rights, actually witch-accusations and connected torture and killings of women and female minors had suddenly increased in Bara District in 2012, as well as cases of rape and other types of violence against the most deprived members of Nepalese society: women and female children, in most cases always the most poor and most vulnerable. According to studies (among other by Amnesty International) Bara District’s Terai had become a place of the greatest amount of cases of impunity of criminals as well. Even during a short time of the last 3 years any local can confirm that extreme forms of violent crimes had increased in Bara.

According to The Himalayan Times (article taken down) “INSEC Nepal reports 52 cases of witchcraft allegations in the year 2012″ while “WOREC Nepal had reported 82 cases of witchcraft accusations between June 2007 and September 2009″: this clearly shows that the average of witchcraft accusations had grown from 41 per year in 2007-2009 to 52 per year in 2012. This is 11 more women who had been severely tortured, mutilated, burnt, sexually defiled, made handicapped or even killed in the name of witch-hunting (not even including the additional 2 women tortured as witches by Bomjon and his followers themselves in 2012, who, having been his followers, did not make police reports).

Ram Bomjon had first “introduced” his “new dharma” of witch-hunting in big by kidnapping, tying and torturing his own two female devotees, Slovak Marici and Nepali Maata Ani between January 2012 and March 2012. His dark-middle-age practice to harm innocent women must have had an influence on the residents of Nepal, especially in the area of Terai, where this was happening. But if one believes that enlightened Buddha’s and holy Yogis should bring to the land peace, love and tolerance, than in the case of Ram Bomjon the exact opposite is happening in Nepal:

How is this possible? Did the “reincarnation of Buddha” as his followers believe, not be able to teach his thousands of devotees queuing up for “blessing” during his Pujas? Could he not instruct the villagers in the area that to torture and beat women, or even sexually assault them is not Dharma? Until now he raised his voice only for the protection of goats (Gadhimai)… But what about people? Women? Could he not stop the terrible practice of witch-hunting in Bara District and surrounding districts, at least?


Questions are many, but we can find answer to this paradoxical rise in rapes, violent crimes and witch-accusations only when we dare to face the truth. And the answer to his inability to stop the rising number of rapes and stigmatization of women as witches lies in the terrible truth:

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the Buddha Boy, is himself regularly violently attacking people, usually helpless unarmed villagers and fragile elderly women, whom he then let tied by ropes or chains, or locked up, from days till months, by the help of his most fanatic attendants, mostly robed monks! Ram Bomjon himself had stigmatized at least three women, all his former devotees, of being witches, and incited his most brutal followers to attack them lock them up, tie them for months on ropes and chains, torture and even sexually assault.

If a “guru” himself is leading a life of such grave cruelty, which is already in the category of crime, how could anyone expect that his devotees and all of whom he had touched at his blessing or let reside around himself, would be much different? Many local villagers had been witnessing his violent attacks in Halkhoria, watching passively how he tied and beat elder female devotees to blood, how he broke bones, how he ordered them tied on chains… These all, mostly Bara District residents had absorbed this “teaching” as something where it is not just allowed to treat women in such inhuman ways, but that this even belongs to “dharma”.

Bomjon-devotees who did not have any Buddhist education before, and for whom the “guru” is the only criterion of what is “dharma”, had accepted that violence against women, rapes and tortures are just a normal way to establish an environment of authoritative dictatorship and total obedience to the “guru” – an environment which they consider to be “holy” and “Dharmic”.

What we had seen in the land surrounding the Buddha Boy was a situation when human hatred, superstitions, violence and discrimination had increased. Such an atmosphere must be necessarily spread over the barbed-wire fenced compound he is residing in his places, let it be Halkhoria, Sarlahi, Sindhuli or Sindhupalchok…


Where did this strange “teaching”, or “dharma work”, as he calls it, originate? When he started to meditate in Ratanpuri under a Pipal tree, there had not been any news about violence. He had been sitting, allegedly motionless, for months, and being a teenager, he had not enough authority and power yet. For some reason he had to leave that place (and we can be sure that we had not been disclosed the true reason, as in most cases concerning Bomjon!), and after walking in the jungles alone, he settled in Halkhoria, where, after changing a few trees (allegedly), he arrived to the big Banyan tree which became his final meditation point.

This was around 2007. It was 2008 when he had his first bigger public appearance, where Andrea Good, the leader of the online community of devotees (Buddha Boy Google Group) had also arrived. Yet Bomjon had been that time already after his two known violent attacks at that point: the 2007 sword attack on a Ratanpuri boy, who did the mistake to come to meet his childhood friend, and the abduction, keeping captive and torture of a Spanish tourist lady who came to bow to Bomjon. The police had been silenced by bribes (usually by his main sponsor from Piluwa, or by using the money of a Korean-Canadian sponsor Mr. Moon and later of a Californian-Vietnamese sponsor Kim Nguyen), and the media, covering both cases, did not investigate further.

his swordImage: Ram Bomjon had fled Halkhoria after his sword attack on the Ratanpuri boy. He had been found 10 months later in Bhagjora Jungle near Hetauda with this sword, filmed by French Television (Soujet Romain Destans – 60 minutes Petit Bouddha).

Women in Nepal facing so much discrimination, violence and torture, and so often stigmatized as witches and attacked, raised hopes that the Buddha Boy would change the course of society and his preaching about equality, tolerance and non-violence would be implemented in the very families of his male devotees automatically…They were waiting too long, but no changes had been made to their ordeal, at least not in Bomjon-follower families and not in Bara District…

In reality, the opposite kind of changes had been occurring:

  1. one case of extramarital sexual affair of his nearest followers inside his own meditation place,
  2. one forced abortion of a female embryo in the family of one of his nearest committee leaders (see below),
  3. and other abortions connected to his own person (stories well-known in internal circles yet kept secret from public), which were consequences of extramarital sexual acts in his most immediate vicinity: himself. 


Having known many of his nearest followers’ families personally, I can recall cases of making female members of their families (usually daughter-in-laws and wives are the lowest on the ladder) servants of the fat and spoiled patriotic males, and experienced how they were mistreated, misused, shouted at and bullied or forced to stay with the children without enough finances, while the follower-husband was using his motorbike on expensive petrol and flirting with foreigner girls from among Bomjon’s international Sangha. I had even been described a forced abortion of one of Bomjon’s active supporter’s family member, because she “failed” to have a male embryo.

Though some Nepali families are modern and men and women treated equally, the social stigmas, discrimination, misogyny and violence against women is prevalent among Ram Bomjon’s followers in Nepal. Watching the ordeal of women in Bomjonist families then one must necessarily ask, what is that “benefit”, if any, which ‘Buddha Boy’ had brought to society in Nepal? Apart from high-flying exclamations, there had not been noticed any change towards better morality, more compassion, equality and gentle non-violence, faithfulness between partners and sexual purity inside Bomjonist families.


Every visitor to Ram Bomjon’s many residencies (Halkhoria, Sindhuli, Sarlahi, Sindhupalchowk) could have easily noticed that women, villager devotees as well as nuns, are misused for hard physical work and as mere servants of him and his many male monks. Nepali women are used to this, so they do not even complain. Instead of serving humbly their husbands, father-in-laws and sons, the simply shift to serve a “guru” and his lamas, which they consider at least something which would bring them a safe environment, enlightenment or a better next birth.

Two young nuns, Bomjon’s own small sister Manomaya and another very young nun Bishnu (Palchen Mo) had been repeatedly breaking down in exhaustion due to the heavy work load serving the needs of monks and residents in Halkhoria in 2011, sometimes needing medical care due to dehydration (all-day cooking at the open fire) and regularly needing infusion in hospital. Only in the case of these two girls, due to an emotional bond Ram Bomjon had with them, did he finally intervene after repeated problems, and stopped the practice of misusing them in such a great extent inside his Halkhoria compound.  Yet he had shown much less interest or care, and even misogyny towards other women, to which he did not have emotional relationship, or who were too old to become his concubines…


But I remember how in Halkhoria one such lady had to wake up at 3 AM every morning and go to sleep at 11 Pm, permanently serving the khenpo Sonam Gyurme hired by Bomjon to assist him in writing a book. She was a personal servant and was even bullied by the lamas and nuns. Finally, overworked and deprived of sleep, she had a nervous breakdown. The shocking part of this story, well-known to for example Andrea Good (the Ram Bomjon foreigner devotee’s leader), is that Ram Bomjon had not raised his voice to protect her from being misused in his own compound on a daily basis, did not reprimand his khenpo and did not stop her suffering. The only thing Bomjon “did for her” was to announce her “mentally disturbed” among his followers, and let her forced to a mental institution. Apart from this he spread gossips about this middle-aged mother of two that she wanted to have sex with him, coming to his tree naked! Everyone believed this nonsense, and accordingly dealt with the poor lady, who worked so hard serving all the residents as cook, laundry-woman, cleaner etc. for months! In cruelty and injustice Bomjon was always excelling… Her name was told to me by Andrea Good as Nangsal and she was the daughter of Bomjon’s monk, Waiba lama (not to confuse with Bomjon’s supporter Jas B. Waiba of Piluwa).

NANGSAL TO WRITE ARTICLEImage: Nangsal, as some of the Nepalese followers of Ram Bomjon called her, when she was still in Halkhoria and relatively healthy.

Her ordeal started when her husband left her with two children, and she broke down so much that she tried to find solace in the vicinity of an allegedly “enlightened guru”, leaving the children probably in the care of family members. But instead of solace and support, understanding and kindness, she was faced with constant humiliation by monks, practically slavery for  khenpo Sonam Gyurme and finally ridiculed by the “guru” himself. Ram Bomjon never protected the innocently accused, especially women. He was actually the one who accused innocent women himself, bringing about social stigma, public shame and persecution! In the summer of 2011 Tom Dorje (Tomasz Tarnawski) was spreading rumors about her, according to which he got the “difficult task” to hunt her down in the area of Halkhoria, after she had allegedly repeatedly escaped from the mental institution, and he had allegedly found her naked in the riverbed, from where he had to bring her out, as Guruji was disturbed by this “crazy woman”. None of the sangha, “guru” or attendants with such “heavy tasks” ever admitted that there might have been another option as well, how to deal with such a lady, even if their libel of “mental illness” would have any truth in it (and the future similar libels against just too many women prove that such “diagnoses” exclaimed by the “guru” had hardly any real base).

A really spiritual person and his followers who would adhere to Dharma, would never treat a fragile and vulnerable lady, moreover one who served them selflessly and for free for many months I such inhuman ways. A guru who is boasting about befriending tigers and wild elephants is unable to control a woman? But moreover independent witnesses say Nangsal never did anything crazy and did not ever disturb Bomjon’s meditation by any sexual offer. Women in Nepal are just not like this at all. The story of Nangsal was happening between the spring and summer 2011.

UPDATE 2017: Watching the developments around Bomjon over the years, the reason of his tactic of announcing women “mentally ill” and enemies start to crystallize before me. One of the proofs was the death of his sister Manu (Manomaya) in 2016, after a year-long suffering of brain edema because of alleged beating by Bomjon and his entourage in 2015. If I compare many cases of victims, those who knew too much about his secrets, had been often announced “mentally ill” by him, to stop his followers and the public belive their eventual witness accounts. And Nangsal actually did know some of Bomjon’s secrets: one night Bomjon surprised her in the kitchen, where she stayed longer to clean after cooking. Everyone was around khenpo and the kitchen area was abandoned. The official version is that Bomjon did not touch food 6 years long. Then, in 2011, was his sixth year ending. It is possible that he Nangsal saw something she was not supposed to, and to prevent her from destroying the “inedia legend” on which Bomjon’s fame was built, he had destroy her name, social status and soul…


But “Buddha Boy” showed extreme disrespect to much more women than only Nangsal. Bomjon had behaved to his own mother during the years in a most shameful way, allegedly to show that he has no ties with his own mother and family anymore. Yet no attachment is one thing, explicit hurting, harming and discrimination is another. If a guru is so afraid of getting involved in emotional attachment, that he is “forced” to use even violence, hurting words and gossips against his own mother and siblings, who played a huge role in supporting him in his meditation, then it is a question is that guru has any real attainment.

A sign of detachment is not expressed as the fear to be involved with one’s family and yet, instead of a family to be involved with dozens of other men and women (Sangha, attendants, monks and nuns, committees etc.) as intimately as with one’s own family. Bomjon had never detached from his family, what he did, was simply replacing the persons with others: he switched to a more lucrative “family” of foreign sponsors and Nepali politicians…. He created a small and very narrow-minded artificial “family” around himself, to whom he radiates all his love, which he deprives from his mother and siblings. This is a very primitive way of trying to convince anyone of “detachment from family ties”.

182028_1627354920112_8248736_nImage: this photo taken much before 2011, last time when Ram Bomjon allowed his mother to visit him.

As soon as detachment is to cause deep pain and tears, that is not a path of Buddha. Bomjon had caused extreme disappointment and sadness to his mother by refusing to accept her, and even officially banning her in 2011, and later in April 2012 ordering his own mother and his siblings locked up for five days in bad conditions inside his jungle, while thrashing a few of them. Even worse was his gossiping against his mother and siblings, widely spread among his Sangha, that his family only wanted to squeeze out money from his Tapasya, and they were angry because he stopped this by cutting ties… Such an accusation against a mother is equal to crime. No spiritual path, no guru and no religion ever taught that one should harm one’s own mother in the name of “spiritual detachment”.

The “guru” even instructed his spokespersons to inform the media that he severed his ties with his family because of misused of donations, and that his mother refused to grant him his birth certificate because he refused to share with them the money collected… Even if these accusations had any truth in them, what is very doubtful watching the care of his family over the years and the necessity of his siblings to go to earn money to Malaysia, even in that case a public humiliation and violent attacks are certainly not a Dharmic way to resolve such conflicts. If a guru is unable to resort to peaceful and just solutions of any conflicts, what could one expect from the rest of society?

the truth is that Bomjon’s mother and his siblings had watched in the Nepali TV the news about the two women just released from his three months captivity, where Marici, the Slovak victim, confirmed to the Avenues TV reporter that she had been even sexually assaulted. Mayadevi and her other children then went to Halkhoriya to ask Bomjon why did he do this to the women, and also, to take away the smallest daughter, 13-year old Ranjita, from such a criminal environment. As Ranjita was already brainwashed, she decided to stay with Bomjon, and he attacked them with swords, together with his attendants, what was witnessed by a few foreigners including Devin Beu, describing it to me and to the Dharma-sangha.com website – already closed down, but its archived articles republished here: https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/

Bomjon’s mother, who complained in the Nepali media about her worries that the small Ranjita was the victim of an incestuous relationship with her “Buddha Boy” son, also tried to report her own son after she was released, at the Kalaiya police station, but the case was closed after a big payment was offered by a follower of Bomjon. The picture of her at the police in 2012:



Moreover, not only female devotees accused of witchcraft and tortured and beaten until physically handicapped, and not only beating his own sisters and hurting his own mother, but even there had been various alarming voices describing the ordeal of Ram Bomjon’s own girlfriend allegedly called by the devotees Guruama (Guru-mother). In the tradition of Nepal a sexual relationship before and without marriage is considered against Dharma and inauspicious. Women who are having a sexual relationship before marriage are not viewed with respect. For many years Ram Bomjon had been using the young lady (or according to some people from his own committee, even more girls) allegedly for his “Tantric” practices, yet there were rumors that the girl had got pregnant and was deprived of proper medical care. As no proves about the further claims had been given to me, I would not like to comment on the outcome of this (or these?) pregnancies. Yet the typical disrespect towards womanhood is mirrored also in Bomjon’s attitude to his girlfriend, whom he did not marry officially and creates a lot of confusion about sexuality among his male followers, who are becoming inspired towards sexual immorality (using women as sexual objects only, or servants) by the behavior of their guru.

See more on this topic on the formerly official Bomjon-website turned revelational: https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/a-girl-friend-pregnancies-miscarriages/ (the archived version of the article of the closed down website’s Dharma-sangha.com/news/2015/02/09/a-girl-friend-pregnancies-miscarriages )

Torturing, chaining and raping devotee-women accused to be witches, publicly announcing his own mother as the Sangha’s enemy and misusing girls as “consorts” without any respect and care are a behavioral pattern of the guru, which brought about a general decline in ethics and respect towards women not only among his own nearest male followers, but even in Bara District, where Halkhoria is situated.


Apart from these cases, a well-known plague for the country appeared in Ram Bomjon’s implementation of witch-hunting as a valid “dharma”, when innocent women are persecuted, brutally attacked, kidnapped and tortured for months with the “traditional” means like witch-accused are treated in the most undeveloped villages. Ram Bomjon, who claims to be enlightened, and according to his followers even higher than Gautama Buddha, has never shown a slightest respect to womanhood, but had shown extreme cruelty towards a few of his female devotees whose only fault was that they were shy and silently admired him from far. Accusing three such women of witch-craft, he sent against them his attendants and let them kidnapped, held captive and tortured. One of the women, Marīci, had been also sexually assaulted during the captivity ordered by Bomjon.

maata sitting me in Halk

Images: two of the 3 witch-craft accused women from among Ram Bomjon’s female devotees, Maata Ani and Marīci of Slovakia. In these photos they are still in deep prayers for the “guru” in 2011, Halkhoria, Bara District. (Photos: Courtesy of M.Hegener).

maata E best whole bodyekantipur_full_picture

Images: this is how the same Maata Ani and Marīci looked after Ram Bomjon had kidnapped, held captive and tortured them for 2, resp. 3 months between January and March 2012, inside his Halkhoria Jungle (Photos: snapshot from the Avenue TV documentary and courtesy of Kantipur daily) 

Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha (Ram Bahadur Bomjon) had been regularly justifying his violence against female devotee-victims by claims that they were doing witchcraft against him! The victims of his grave gossiping then become the objects of “traditional” hatred against women accused of witch-craft in Nepal and India, what includes torture, rape, humiliations with excrements, by dirt, cutting their hair etc. The “Buddha Boy” as named in Nepal, was ordering these atrocities to be done at least to these victims: 1, a Spanish tourist in 2007 (reported in Nepali TV stations), 2, Maata Ani of Sindhupalchowk (2012) and 3,  Marīci of Slovakia. None of them ever did witchcraft! They were all humble devotees of Ram Bomjon. Yet he did not tell the truth about them when justifying his cruelties.

Below are the proofs of the witch-craft libels that Ram Bomjon and his Official Sangha had told to Nepali journalists, and the links to Nepali organizations dealing with this shameful “tradition” against innocent women in Nepal:

“the Slovak woman was meditating in the Halkhoriya jungle and during one of those days she was taken hostage by Bamjan’s followers accusing her ‘of being a witch’. ”

https://thehimalayantimesarchive.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/bamjans-aides-free-slovak-woman/ (from original which was closed down: Thehimalayantimes.com/fullNews.php?headline=Bamjan%27s+aides+free+Slovak+woman&NewsID=325643)

“They were accused by his followers for practicing witchcraft to disrupt Bomjon’s meditation.”


“The woman identified only as Marichi, 35, and another woman from Nepal had been kept inside a jungle in Bara district bordering India for allegedly practicing witchcraft to disrupt Bamjan’s meditation”


“The followers of the guru that were responsible for the captivity of the two women argued that they were practicing witchcraft and were disturbing the meditation of the Enlightened.”


“According to The Himalayan Times …The women were kept as prisoners because Ram Bomjon’s supporters accused them of practicing witchcraft in order to magically disrupt Ram Bomjon’s serene meditation.”


The cases are described in the Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy article and YouTube.com videos by the victims:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXUoB_fVepU (Ram Bomjon kidnapping a European and a Nepali woman (English subtitles)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0F7scyLbVU (Ram Bomjon’s witch-hunting dharma)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMZ0IyqZhbs (Marici speaks about Ram Bomjon’s witch-hunting)








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(Archive of the closed down Dharma-sangha.com, the former official website which was revealing the truth until 2017)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXUoB_fVepU (Two women kidnapped by Ram Bomjon – Avenue TV documentary 2012, English subtitles)

The Himalayan Times articles archive about the the tortures of two women abducted by Ram Bomjon in 2012



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