Why is the Nepali media afraid to publish about Bomjon

UPDATED! After publishing this article, even the remaining links (surprisingly those from journalist federations!) about the attack on 5 journalists by Ram Bomjon’s men in 2012 had been taken down, apparently by some journalists themselves. I have updated the dead links with checkable sources. Warning: some sources are not published here to protect them to be deleted by “media strictly following orders” and keep them in reserve for the future wave of “Maitriyan censorship” in a Nepal where, in all other cases (including politics), press freedom is already much stronger. 

Readers of my writings about Bomjon regularly complain that the links to Nepali media stopped to work. Nepali media apparently is forced to delete entire articles about Bomjon’s violence and witch-hunts, or make them unsearchable on Google, while from September 2012 there is an overall ban to write anything new and controversial about him at all, in coincidence with the announcement of Ram Bomjon’s self-styled PR activist, US-Nepalese Kishore Sherchand to “clear the Internet” of any ugly information about he “guru”…* (see emptied links below this article)

Featured image: Snapshot from धर्मका नाममा दादागिरी little buddha ram bahadur bamjan (if links stops to work, try to search with title on YouTube.com ). Journalist showing his damaged camera after the attack in March 2012 by Bomjon’s attendants. 

Some other websites archiving (the huge amount of deleted) media on Ram Bomjon:






When Buddha Boy started his meditation in 2005 under a hidden tree in a big jungle near a middle-of-nowhere village, the rest of Nepal and the world did not know about him. Locals were at that time often illiterate (many of his “committee” as well) , and his village Bongjor did not have even electricity, not speaking about the facilities of TV or Internet…  It was only thanks to the Nepali media, that the news about this villager meditating boy had been spread in the rest of Nepal, and soon in the whole world. Had the Nepali media never arrived there, foreigners would have no chance to ever learn about this boy…

Yet nowadays, forgetting to be grateful to this very same media, the foreign, as well as Nepalese followers of Bomjon (‘Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha’) are demonizing the media as source of “lies” and “harming the reputation” of their allegedly totally “innocent guru”. Below I give a chronological overview about how the previous attitude of using media as his propagation tool, Bomjon (it means also his Official Sangha with whom he identifies) switched to the current total media-ban.

Not taking into the account the dozens of praising and sensationally positive articles about the “meditating Buddha Boy” in The Himalayan Times, Kantipur, Kathmandu Post, La Republica and other mainstream Nepali media as a proof that the Nepali media is far from being negatively biased, the current fashion is to spread conspiracy theories about how everyone in the media is his enemy and only wants to harm him – when informing the public about his real deeds…

If one takes the time and makes a profound Internet research, it is still possible to find, browsing through media archives of old articles, that there had been an originally very positive attitude from Nepali media towards the “reincarnation of Buddha”. Obviously, most Nepalese felt proud to “host” a promising “new reincarnation” of Gautama Buddha, as his followers were claiming him to be. Things started to alter with his own inconsistent, chaotic and erroneous behavior, when after exclamations about where he would go and stay, and what he would do, he never fulfilled his promises and changed his places, disappearing for months. His behavior and words were losing on credibility, were confusing and suspicious.

Update: a comprehensive list of nearly all Nepalese and international media links, including television news and documentaries, with an introductory explanation how the media coverage evolved and ceded, and why: Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon  (The detailed article had been published for on Wikipedia, just to be deleted as all apparently previous attempts of various editors to publish mainstream sources proving Bomjon’s dark side). 


Later, when in 2007 he attacked a Ratanpuri boy with a sword in Halkhoria, and just a little later abducted his very first foreigner female devotee, a Spanish woman, the media, as it is its “bad habit”, obviously had the responsibility to inform the public about these events… Yet Bomjon still not having a huge organized cult behind himself, based on foreign donations, it was easy to sneak out from the attention and probably to pay some money to those who wished to write more…(when he was found with his sword 10 months later after the attack in Bhagjora Jungle, it was also not the Nepali media, but the French TV, who dared to film him with it).

Media was still allowed to come, make photos, videos and even ask questions in 2008 – 2010 though. With limits and often angering Bomjon’s “committees” who were “protecting” him, but there was still  general good-will on the side of Bomjon. This situation started to deteriorate in 2011, when khenpo lama Sonam Gyurme took over the “committees”, and made a ban on free information. Only censored and reputation-minding information could leave Halkhoriya under his rule. Yet even during this time, media was still allowed to participate and publish “pre-chewed” news about Bomjon’s Mahadarshan in May-June 2011.


Obviously the big blow came when  Bomjon had kidnapped and held captive 2 women in his Halkhoria compound in 2012. The Slovak Marīci and Nepali Maata Ani. Marīci’s Simara friends alerted the police and… the media (!) to try to search for her in Bomjon’s jungle and eventually free her. Yet typically, none of them had enough authority to enter the Buddha Boy’s compound – created illegally on a governmental land. The reason is a specialty of Nepal, when small local “kings”, who became powerful due to property and money speculations, are more powerful and respected than state police forces, army or media… This was exactly the reason why police and media was unsuccessful in finding the captives: Buddha Boy’s has some such “local godfathers” as his main supporters. Moreover, when a handful journalists arrived to Bomjon’s Puja, he sent his attendants Jyampa Foonchok (Darshan Limbu), Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski (Dorje), and Bal Hari Rai  to attack them physically and break their cameras…As we can see from an article on Ekantipur (Not free yet), this is apparently a just normal act in Nepal, and no one got prosecuted for it.

Snapshot 6 (12-3-2014 10-57 PM)

On this snapshot from Himalaya TV’s documentary Shanti ki Aatanka as well on the Dharma ko nama ma dadagiri documentary we see the Polish Tomek (Dorje) in red T-shirt, Jyampa Foonchok (Darshan Subba Limbu) in striped jumper and Bal Hari Rai (Kakarbhitta) between them, in white shirt and vest running towards the journalists, whom they would attack in the few next seconds, breaking their cameras, seizing cameras and taking out the films and physically fighting with them. The whole scene had been happening in front of the eyes of Ram Bomjon, preaching on the stage about non-violence and peace, and thousands of his followers. The trio attacking the journalists had been involved in torturing Marici and Maata, in two occasions: October 2011, as well as during this Puja in March 2012. Both kidnapped women had been still held tied and in extreme conditions in the jungle just behind Bomjon’s preaching stage. 

Here is the video made during the attack by the camera of one of the attacked journalists, unfortunately it is not translated into English yet:

The Himalayan Times had first courageously published an article about the attack in 2012, yet hiding in in the deepest archives, it is practically unsearchable now, the only last proof online, that it ever existed, seems to be the international The WorldNews (WN) Network ). Oh yes, but we have an international Internet, not ruled (as yet!) by the “world savior” Maitriya, the god of Nepal, revered as higher enlightened than Gautama Buddha. That Internet still has a thing called Archives. And we can still find bits and pieces of the truth in them, if we really search for it (who does, nowadays, when people are blindly consuming the propaganda fed to them by Ram Bomjon’s cult?). So the truth is still available, because Ram Bomjon – Maitriya – Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha – Buddha Boy still did not become the ruler of the whole planet, what is, as his followers openly believe, his only plan. So enjoy the last moments of truth:

Bamjan’s boys go unruly, beat up journos

Buddha boy’s disciples thrash journos

Prateek Daily article about the attack on journalists in Nepali

No Nepali media or private blogger would dare to publish any critical article about Bomjon’s violent attacks from inside Nepal though, where Bomjon’s gang could retaliate). Formerly, after one found the original link offered by these references, it even tried to run a malware when copied to the computer. That’s why I am showing here its Snapshot and unformatted copied text only (at the bottom of this article):


UPDATE: Despite my praise to the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) and Human Rights Journalist Association (HURJA), at the time of writing this article, for bravely publishing the article about the attack on 5 journalists, all the links to their sites and affiliated ones, had been deleted (made “dead”).

A not too popular media called The Kathmandu Insider mentioned the violent attack, but the link went soon dead, unsurprisingly, after published on this website…To be sure, as in quite a few cases, actually the whole media had been closed down (the easiest way?).

Yet no further information was released about how the Nepali Government punished the attackers. We know now, that they had not been punished, similarly as after so many other violent crimes done against more than a dozen of people, including two deaths. As the attackers were exactly those who had also tortured and sexually assaulted the two kidnapped and captive women, the issue of IMPUNITY is even most alarming. And interesting result of the insensitivity of the responsible security forces is the fact that one of these 3 attackers, identified wrongly as a “German national” (in fact the Polish Tom, known as Dorje), yet filmed on the journalist’s own documentary about the attack, had been welcome at the meeting of Ram Bomjon with the Prime Minister in October 22, 2014, in his office in Baluwatar!

Excerpt from the Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon website about the case:

Five Journalists Beaten Up, misbehaved (22 March 2012)

“Five journalists have been beaten up and verbally abused in Bara, a district in the southern plain in the central region of Nepal on March 21, 2012.

The followers and protectors of Ram Bahadur Bamjan who is claimed to be little Buddha for his years long meditation and seclusion beat up journalists while taking photographs of Bamjan as he was being made public for sermon.

Talking to Freedom Forum’s Media Monitoring Desk, Bibhu Adhikari, reporter with the News 24 television said, “Although we (I, Resham Tiwari of Nepal TelevisionBinod Pyakurel of Tarai Television, Basanta Khatiwada of Ghatana Ra Bichar weekly and Prakash Lamsalof Image Television) were called to make news, some of the followers and protectors including Darshan LimbuBolhari Rai, and a German national* beat us, seized our cameras and damaged the reels while taking photographs about Bamjan who was being made public for sermon after meditation.” The followers of Bamjan also spoke foul on them, he said, adding that they reached to the police for help. It is the latest incident as a series of attack and threats on journalists from different quarters. The incident is condemnable as it is the incident of press freedom violation. The local administration needs to mete out action on those who beat up journalists so that it would help minimize impunity and make journalists feel justice”.[3]

(*The “German national” was actually Bomjon’s Polish disciple Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski,[4] as the Himalaya TV documentary (from 9:55 min. and from 11:48 min.) and this Prateek Daily photo about the incident show.)

The article was also published on Nepal Election Channel, but the website is closed down.”

UPDATE: Soon all here published links (after I published them in this article!) about the attack on journalists, for example from the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Nepal Election Channel or The Kathmandu Insider became, not surprisingly, dead links.The last two of them had been closed altogether, while the FNJ as an organization had been repeatedly totally refurbished, leadership repeatedly changed and their new website  does not show the slightest trace of any violent incidence ever occurring from Ram Bomjon’s men in 2012 (it deals only with 2017), while the earliest reported incident against journalists on their old website is claimed to have happened in 2015…

It actually gives an impression that FNJ did not exist prior to 2015. Did any journalists exist in Nepal prior to 2015…? Did Nepal exist prior to 2015…? Similarly, some websites (The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur) which had been fierce critics of Bomjon’s criminal deeds, after thorough changes in 2012 also seem to have suddenly no past, as if they had appeared just in recent two years, and as if they had never even heard about Nepal’s internationally famous Buddha Boy’s kidnappings and violent attacks… (While the BBC and numerous other foreign media still “remembers” them!).

So if media itself is ready to rewrite its own history so easily, what can we expect about their readiness to rewrite Nepal’s history (in this case, about Ram Bamjan)…?

I list the (now dead) previously listed links here for research purposes only:







These above websites were more detailed than The Himalayan Times, and showed the names of the attackers as well. (After publishing the link to the below article, it became soon a “dead link”: Info.ifex.org/View.aspx?id=354114&q=440538571&qz=4d73b1):

Five Journalists Beaten Up, misbehaved

Thursday, 22 March 2012 08:08 Editor

“Five journalists have been beaten up and verbally abused in Bara, a district in the southern plain in the central region of Nepal on March 21, 2012.

The followers and protectors of Ram Bahadur Bamjan who is claimed to be little Buddha for his years long meditation and seclusion beat up journalists while taking photographs of Bamjan as he was being made public for sermon.

Talking to Freedom Forum’s Media Monitoring Desk, Bibhu Adhikari, reporter with the News 24 Television, said, “Although we (I, Resham Tiwari of Nepal Television, Binod Pyakurel of Tarai Television, Basanta Khatiwada of Ghatana Ra Bichar weekly and Prakash Lamsal of Image Television) were called to make news, some of the followers and protectors including Darshan Limbu, Bolhari Rai, and a German national beat us, seized our cameras and damaged the reels while taking photographs about Bamjan who was being made public for sermon after meditation.”

The followers of Bamjan also spoke foul on them, he said, adding that they reached to the police for help.

It is the latest incident as a series of attack and threats on journalists from different quarters.
The incident is condemnable as it is the incident of press freedom violation. The local administration needs to mete out action on those who beat up journalists so that it would help minimize impunity and make journalists feel justice.”

Source: (now dead-link of) Nepalelectionchannel.org/english/media-watch/press-freedom-violation/324-five-journalists-beaten-up-misbehaved.html, based on:

“Five Journalists Beaten Up, misbehaved”. Nepal Press Freedom. 22 March 2012. Archived from the original on August 10, 2017.


The truth about the alleged media-conspiracy against Bomjon from he time of the 2012 scandals is that the Nepali media would not even know when Marīci was supposed to be released, but it was Bomjon who instructed his then spokesperson, Marīci’s torturer and rapist, Darshan Subba Limbu (Jyampa Foonchok) to contact the media (The Himalayan Times and other) with “information” about the captive devotee, preventively creating a false image about her and the reason of her being kidnapped. Bomjon’s idea was to misuse the media for further harming of Marīci and Maata, so that their damaged reputation as “witches” and “mentally ill” and “disturbers of his meditation” would make them impossible to continue to be part of society anymore, even after being released by him after prolonged tortures**. This plan but soon sneaked out from under their control and the media started to be more and more intrusive, and the articles lost of their originally one-sided approach dictated by the Bomjon Sangha.

Biography of Ram Bahadur Bomjon

This was something that the Bomjon Sangha did not count with. That time in later 2012, I wrote that they were trying to play with fire, but the fire turned against them. If they had never wanted to hijack the media as a means to further humiliate and damage the ruined victims of their own crimes, no one would even know what Bomjon did to the two women, as they both were entirely dedicated worshipers of the Buddha Boy, and refused to make even a police report…

Why did all this become a big affair was because the followers of Bomjon wished to use media against the victims – at the direct instructions of their guru! Nowadays Bomjon and his followers demonize the same media, which they wanted to use as a tool to create a distorted and absurd image that their crime victims (two skinny and fragile middle-aged ladies), trying to brainwash the public that they were actually the aggressors themselves, against the muscular young man and his tens of massive body-guards!

No normal person could simply believe this nonsense, no matter that some journalists accepted the deal (probably not for free). Yet knowing the Nepali realities, we can be nearly sure that the main motivation for a total boycott, embargo and taboo on all information concerning Bomjon were very strong threats from “upper circles”, fearing the international outrage which Bomjon’s rich foreign followers were ready to incite against Nepal, if their “guru” and his criminal assistants would have been questioned by police and courts for their activity against human beings.


Comprised from mainly online-followers in the West, who had been prevented from seeing the truth concerning Bomjon, the international devotees are twisting all criminal events initiated by Bomjon as his justified defense against “human-rights violations” against his person by a “corrupt government”, “corrupt police”, “anti-dharma locals”… and the “evil media”. the comments that Bomjon’s Nepali supporters write under Youtube videos showing news shots and documentaries about Bomjon’s crimes, are pouring out vulgar and rude words against “Hindu media”, “Bahun supremacy”, seeing in the fact of TV news about Bomjon an enmity of Brahmin Hindus against the Tamang Buddhists – whose representative, they think, is Ram Bomjon, their god and king! By this they push the Nepali Government to corner, paralyzed to act according the law against the violent guru and his gang, because the Government would be accused of human rights violations, ethnic discrimination, religious pressure etc. 

According to Setopati Media, the Nepali Government probably had been convinced by Bomjon’s politically active supporters, that the “Buddha Boy” can attract foreign investments to the country and boost economy and its image in the West. Those few dozens of poor victims, money-less Sadhunis, Yoginis or poor villagers, who have to be sacrificed as objects to the desire of Bomjon to see blood and human suffering from time to time, as part of his “dharma”, are apparently not economically important for the Nepali Government to take seriously. They don’t have money for lawyers, they had been often devotees of Bomjon and spiritual people, not able to fight for their human rights alone. It is always easier to just hide these scandals under the carpet and believe that the rich foreigners will continue to be attracted to the country’s “second Buddha”…

After all, compared to the influx of rich foreign donors, those victims who have to pay the price for the impunity enjoyed by Bomjon and his group, are not so numerous: 1 Ratanpuri boy, 1 Spanish woman, 1 Slovak woman, 1 Nepali sadhuni, 17 Madeshi men, 13 Sarlahi youths, 1 Foreigner boy, 5 Ratanpuri men…This is a mere 40 human beings (not counting the victims of the latest, 2014 conflict and the 24 injured in the violent protest of Bomjon’s followers on the Highway in 2012).

As Ivy Jugoa (Jyampa Lhaden), the President of Ram Bomjon’s European Sangha wrote on her Facebook post for the public “there were only two women at all who had been ever held captive. And they were anyway two evil witches!”

only two people ever imprisoned Ivy

The further events in 2012, unleashed by Bomjon’s self-confidence that nothing can happen to him in Nepal, and encouraged by his total impunity, were only convincing the media about the “Ascetic” as a rather controversial person. The forgery of his birth certificate, the attack on his own siblings and mother in April 2012, the violent clashes between his followers and villagers during a demonstration for his citizenship at Piluwa, his further “disappearances” (escapes) to different districts, where soon new and new affairs were coming to light… All this provided the media with an abundant source of topics.

Nowadays his (especially foreign) followers are claiming that the media is Buddha Boy’s enemy… Yet they were just doing their job. With all the logic and having all the overview about how media was informing about the meditating boy in the beginning, one must come to the conclusion that there is simply not a single reason, why would all Nepali media,mainstream and more independent as well, moreover the media of Nepali diaspora in the USA, Australia, Europe, Arabic countries etc. ALL be part of some negative conspiracy to harm Bomjon! Because when he does some violent act, somehow all these various medias are informing about it similarly. There is no country in the world where all media – national, international, official, unofficial, pro-government and pro-opposition would write about a single topic in the same way, in case they did have any agenda! Rather it must be for a simple reason: that Bomjon (no matter how much he wishes to believe this), is simply not considered a political figure by the Nepali media (as yet), and so they write down the facts as they see and hear them…

Yet Bomjon and his followers decided in 2012 that they wished to continue in criminal, inhuman and unethical activity without the reaction and opinion of the Nepali media. So, after a meeting with Bomjon in Sindhuli in the autumn of 2012, Kishore Sherchand, Andrea Good and many others decided to silence the media and leave their guru a free space to act teh way he wishes, without the nuissance public learning about it:


The chapter Censorship on Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon website describes the process of silencing media coverage about Ram Bomjon in Nepal:

“The English language Nepalese articles, television news shots and documentaries, dealing with Ram Bomjon’s controversies, had been and continue to be scrupulously deleted from their home sites on the Internet, apparently due to Ram Bomjon’s political supporters like Mani Lama, an ex health-minister of the King Gyanendra-led Government of Nepal, Chhatra Ghising and newly also a high Government employee Prem Singh Maharjan as well as due to the support from various Tamang organizations and political parties of Nepal’s indigenous people (NEFIN, AJRA[5]), as well as a few hundreds of Western followers. In October 2014 Ram Bahadur Bomjon met the late ex-Prime Minister of Nepal, Sushil Koirala. Numerous petitions[6] had been written to the Nepalese Government and human rights organizations initiated by the European and US members of the BSDS branches to stop, what is seen as a “media harassment” of their guru.

“Bomjon’s Nepali followers and supporters do not tolerate any question about his divine powers after seeing such educated foreigners consider him a god, materials about him in the international media, and the then prime minister Sushil Koirala receive khada (a holy shawl used by Buddhists) and blessings from him.”[7]

Currently very few Nepalese English online and printed media are informing about his controversial activity. Instead, the mainstream media in Nepal (for example The Himalayan TimesEkantipurAvenues TV) is self-censoring itself and recently some mainstream television channels even started to show Bomjon is the light of Nepal’s respected religious leader: Avenues TV News 24 Himalaya TV

Non-mainstream media articles in Nepalese like Prateek DailyNijdagh.comSourya Daily had not suffered much censorship, because the main targets of Ram Bomjon’s propaganda are foreigners and crowds of illiterate Tamang villagers, none of these belonging among the readers of Nepalese language local media. On the other hand, English written news websites of the expat Nepalese communities abroad, like Nepal-JapanScot Nepal etc. had been also only partially effected by the censorship (for example DC Nepal and Canada Nepal had deleted their controversial articles, possibly due to the pressure of Bomjon’s US and Canadian followers[2]).

After the mysterious deaths of two people (Manomaya Tamang, and a retired US psychologist) in the premises connected to Ram Bomjon and surrounded by his followers, there is apparently a growing need in Nepal again, to balance the one-sided cultish propaganda which is hiding his more than 10 years of controversial deeds, and to enable the wide public to make an intelligent choice, based on pragmatic, truthful and complex information. Recently, some media had attempted to break the five-year long taboo and although very carefully, did question Ram Bomjon’s actions”


From September 2012 the many articles about Bomjon’s real violent attacks and his group’s unethical and unlawful actions, were just too disturbing for the advertising department of his organization. So a devotee of Bomjon, a self-styled PR expert, US-Nepali reality company owner, Kishore Sherchand vowed to stop with this trend and called on his co-devotees to organize a wide-spread and profound total cleaning campaign: to delete the controversial articles – about the controversial deeds! – from the Internet. From that time he does not stop to bombard human rights organizations, politicians, popular personalities to “fight” for the right of Bomjon not to be subjected to Nepali Law, and not be “harassed” by Nepali media.

Huge money was involved in this bribing-campaign, as I heard from a source very near to Bomjon, who had been present at these fierce discussions about whom to bribe first and how to obtain more donations for this permanent need. Yet where money did not work, probably political contacts (proved to be effective when he met the Prime Minister on 22 Oct, 2014) had been deployed, and if that also did not do the job, I suppose threats of many kinds could finish off every journalist. The fact is that from that announcement a huge amount of articles, blogs and videos had been literally deleted from the Internet and even from archives. Obviously, only the ones which were writing about or showing anything about Bomjon’s violence and witch-hunting tortures. All the other news (from similar dates and the same medias), which would praise the “guru”, had been kept.

I had collected a long list of such “emptied links”* (see below article) from search machines, and it is happening till today. In the case of The Himalayan Times, during periods when I used their links in my articles to prove this or that event, they were playing “cat and mouse” with me, regularly displacing and shifting those links to somewhere else.

Google enables to anyone make other links unsearchable on search machines. Yet in the case of Himalayan Times it nearly seemed that they must have removed their own article links from search machines manually themselves. Because I had somehow foresaw this, I had copied a few articles and their links preventively, and downloaded TV news about Bomjon’s controversies, so that when all this had been removed from the Internet and media pages, I could still show them on my sites. The photos I am using for example on my Controversy article, are all photos from Nepali media, yet now no one could find them anymore, even if the articles were just two years ago (while we can still find easily, in the same medias, Bomjon articles with photos from as early as 2005!).



Yet still the most courage and persistence had been shown by The Himalayan Times to inform the public about the truth concerning ‘Buddha Boy’s violent endeavors, and if someone is truly searching, this media, as nearly the only exception in Nepal, still enables to learn about his past. That’s why I personally refer to them often and consider them a high quality, professional media. All the above described problems with their links and unsearchability is more than certainly a sign of limiting freedom of speech and freedom of opinion by powerful means in the hands of powerful individuals. 

And now, reading an overview of the situation of media in Nepal, I start to understand why was it just so easy for the attendants with criminal experience, political contacts, weapons and support by local “godfathers” to reach this state of informational embargo on Ram Bomjon. As not only that they managed to clear the Internet of the articles describing the attacks on Marīci or Maata, the 17 Madeshi men, Spanish woman, Anil Khatri, 13 Sarlahi boys and many other victims: the Nepali media is also made to entirely stop to publish anything about Ram Bomjon from about the same date, September 2012!  The same applies to the Nepali TV as well.

While Bomjon is attacking 5 men to blood again in 2014 in Halkhoria, and continues his unethical cruelties against women and men, we can no more learn anything about his dark endeavors from the mainstream (local) Nepali media. Only US-based, Canada-based, etc. Nepalis are daring to publish, and thanks to them (like DC Nepal, Image TV Channel, Canadanepal, Wn.com, Nepal News etc.) we can still get some drops of the forgotten scandalous news…

See also:

Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Overview with explanation about the disappearing coverage and a long list of archived links)





*Examples of the “emptied links” to former critical pages of media and blogs (the amount is much higher and is growing, just it would fill this whole page):

emptied police squezes bb trshing locals deleted2


Mysansar.com/?p=1729 (about Buddhaboy attacking a 22 years old youth with sword in 2007)

**A further example where Ram Bomjon had instructed his spokesperson Darshan Limbu to libel Marici as mentally ill, is in the below article:



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