Face your rape!

India is experiencing a national upheaval against rape. 90 000 people lynched a rape-suspect in Nagaland. Rape became viral on the whole subcontinent. As well as the anger against the suspected perpetrators. Yet only a proper investigation and trial should decide about their punishment. When a mob takes law in its hands, they actually are led with the same blind passion which caused their daughters and wives to be raped… Sadly, this passion of retaliation caused the death of also one protester.


Image: The Hindustani Times 

In 2012, when two women had been kidnapped, tortured for months and sexually assaulted, what was directly overseen by Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the alleged “Maitriya” of our age, a wave of sexual attacks had swept the whole Indian subcontinent. When Yogis who attain high level states, kidnap Yoginis and meditating women, whom then they desecrate with sexual abuse, the rest of society takes this as a signal that this is in accordance with Dharma. Such was the effect of this great sin, amplified by the “magical” power of a special Puja created to “celebrate” the torture and sexual abuse, that the wave of the most brutal rapes running through Nepal and India just do not stop…. When rapists are getting monk robes and are elevated to become nearest spokespersons of widely popular spiritual leaders, what can we expect from the rest of society?

As I pointed out in my two previous articles, the rape cases in Nepal had grown statistically, and continue to grow, together with other crimes against women like witch-accusations, tortures and violence against women. Watching The Kathmandu Post, The Himalayan Times or other mainstream Nepali media, we just cannot get rid of the frightening situation, when nearly every day one or two rapes of children or women are happening in Nepal and India. Recently in Bara District -birth-place of Ram Bomjon – two small girls died after being raped in an extremely brutal manner. One, 8 ears old, in December 2014, the other 7 years old recently! One of these raped and murdered girls was even gang-raped!

“The (recent) incident (in India), which sparked outrage both within India and around the world, highlighted the frightening level of violence against women in the world’s second most populous country.” (Daily Mail)

India and Nepal had been always lands of Dharma. Yet after 2012 they have a great stain on Dharma: tolerating rapes by society and the impunity of rapists. Police and governments can act only when the people themselves are dissatisfied with this state. India had just had enough now, it seems…Its patience had run out. Yet in Nepal, in 2012, even when the rapist’s name had been known by a mainstream TV Avenue much before asking the victim, and confirmed by the victim in the news, noone even questioned him. He continued to travel the country and even became a monk and main assistant of the popular guru, Bomjon. Till today, he is unpunished…

Nepalis are yet to wake up to realize that sexual torture of women, and accusing women of witch-craft, are serious crimes against the inherent Goddess of Femininity in all women. In old times and still prevailing in some religious communities in India and Nepal, men looked at all women as their mothers, even calling them with the title “Maa”. When a man imagines a woman as his own mother or sister, can he harm her? As soon as men are taught (by those responsible to spread Dharma) that a woman is also a human being, and even carrying in her the very female Shakti to which they make Puja every Desai and even during the year when they need the benefits of Lakshmi, Saraswati or Gauri, there can hardly be a will to rape anymore. But who should instruct and give example to the uneducated society other than most respected Gurus and Yogis?

People in India and Nepal still are much influenced, besides motorbikes, computers and Bollywood, by so called “holy men”… If such personalities show them that raping and witch-hunting women is a norm to follow, then all society will get degraded! India and Nepal cannot imitate the West only in the freedom of watching porn and naked women in soap-operas, but ignore the strict laws in the West against anyone who sexually harasses or rapes a woman. There must also be a new culture of rejecting sexual violence, and of respecting women, parallely accepted with Western-style sexual freedoms. Because the Subcontinent is with one foot outside of Dharma and one foot inside in Western life-style, it is taking from Western “freedom” the worst things, and had abandoned the most important values of its religions.

Yet one’s own freedom should never take away the freedom of someone else. The more free are men to watch porn and use women as sexual objects in TV programs, the less free are those women who happen to be in the wrong place in the wrong time… 

India seems to start to have had just enough! Recently an angry crowd lynched a rapist to death, in a desperate culmination of the combination of ethnic problems and sexual crimes, and the film describing the 2012 December 16 rape of an Indian student by a gang, created a public outrage in India, because it is showing an interview with the perpetrator, who speaks very cynically about his crime, which caused the girl’s death.

Many Indian cult leader gurus, who bring shame to the Hindu tradition, have scandals with rapes and abusing their position to take advantage of female devotees sexually. But India at least exposes them, punishes them and makes the cases transparent. This is still a far cry in Nepal! Holy men like the ‘Buddha Boy’ are allowed to chain torture and let sexually assaulted repeatedly just anyone..

Though a recent judge ruling in Hetauda sentenced the perpetrator of a rape of a handicapped woman with tens of years prison, it is rather an exception. Jail terms, if caught and punished at all, are low in Nepal, not motivating men to control their monstrous behavior. Hopefully this law will change after the Constitution grants more rights for women to live a safe and un-raped life…

When Nepal starts to punish rapists and not allow sexual abuse even by gurus and their attendants, no matter how popular, rich, supported by foreigners or miracle-making they might be, then society will also get a signal that rape is NOT Dharma. Yet until then, women in Nepal stay fearing for their life and the purity of their bodies.




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