The growing trend of brutal child-rapes in Bara

(Archived from 2015).The terrible energy of raping-craze in Ram Bomjon’s birth district, Bara, is just not stopping. Six years old Pooja is the third child victim of the recent unleashed hell of pedophile sexual violence against female children in Bara District: adding to the seven and eight year old victims of rape in December 2014 and February 2015 in this very same district!

Featured image: Kalaiya women demonstrating with the victims coffin (The Himalayan Times)

Note: the article as well as the featured image had been taken down by The Himalayan Times! The reader might find them on or Google Cache.  (artcile taken down)

(The article had been taken down by The Himalayan Times. Probbaly they thought it makes a bad image of Nepal? Yet unfortunately the truth did not change by deleting it. Deleting uncomfortable articles became a habit in The Himalayan Times after 2012, when Ram Bomjon’s lobby had forced them to delete dozens of the controversial texts, and leave online only the propagandist ones. The controversial Bomjon articles had been saved aprtially on The Himalayan Times Hot-Potato Archives)


When will people understand that until they let unpunished rapists protected and supported by “holy men”, like that of Darshan Limbu whose sexual crimes had been ordered and covered up by Ram Bahadur Bomjon personally, that until this is happening, sexual monsters of that area will consider rapes just a normal thing to do as well?

If religious Nepalis believe that Pujas (rituals with collective prayer and offerings) do have influence in human society and the environment (why would they do so many Pujas in Nepal, if they did not believe in the influence of Pujas?), then they should realize the great mistake to support a Puja done to celebrate the torturing and repeated raping of at least one of the two kidnapped and captured women by their internationally worshipped religious idol in Bara District in January – March 2012.

The Maitri Puja 2012 of Ram Bomjon had been scheduled to exactly coincide with the “finishing” series of tortures ordered by Ram Bomjon to be carried out to the two kidnapped women, which included repeated sexual assaults during the Puja prayer-chantings’ breaks, done against the two Yogini-Sadhuni meditators. Can anyone who understands the power of a Puja consider this great defilement of everything sacred in a Dharma (celibacy, devotion, non-violence, humanness and all moral rules) to be an incident without any importance?

The rapid rise in sexual crimes in Bara, and even in the whole country, must have had an effect of this “elevation of kidnapping, torture and sexual assaults” by Buddha Boy to be the “new dharma” of the land from that dramatic year of change, 2012…

Until sexual assault happens to ‘someone else’, people usually think it can never happen in their own families, to their own daughters, wives, sisters, even mothers… Yet tolerating and letting in impunity the perpetrators raping “just some other woman” is a dangerous lack of wisdom: because by this society gives a signal to similar men that it is allowed, possible and unpunished, if they harm females of any age by their low desires. If widely worshiped “holy men” are the ones who incite their own followers to attack women, keep them tied to trees and sexually assault them, in the name of dharma, what can we expect from the rest of society in the land…? I really hope that the perpetrator of this latest terrible crime will be caught soon and that finally Bara District and all Nepal wakes up and does not allow men who do such heinous crimes, not to allow to repeat them.

The demoralizing energy unleashed when sexual assaults had been perpetrated by the very nearest attendants of an alleged “buddha” at the very incitement of that alleged “buddha”, to kidnapped women tortured by him, moreover during a “Maitri Puja” attended by Buddhist lamas and thousands of people including Bara citizens, and when the perpetrator is rewarded for his sexual crimes by a monk robe and “dharmic name” Jyampa Foonchok – the invisible energy of such extreme defilement of dharma must have necessarily an effect on society, especially in the area.



Nepal and India became a place where an unprecedented wave of sexual violence, often ending in the death of victims, had been unleashed from 2012. It is impossible not to see the extreme growth of these crimes against women and girls of all ages. Yet raping a child is a double crime, as it nearly always ends in death, due to a child’s undeveloped fragile body. The situation could get into such extremes only due to the long tolerance of Indian and Nepali society towards men who sexually assault, because of a deformed perception of an originally healthy tradition of dharma, when men are viewed as lords above women, from their earliest age. In Nepal and India it is still widespread to abort female embryos, just because they happen to be female, and this crime had been practiced even in the Sangha of Ram Bahadur Bomjon.


Shocking female toddlers’ rapes during the recent months:  (This is the 19th such case filed at the Office in the seven months of the current fiscal year, police sources said)

Note: The above links had been all scrupulously emptied after appearing on this website, as is the “good old habit” of The Himalayan Times from 2012. The Himalayan Times’ policiy is to delete articles which would distort the view of foreigners about Nepal. They still do not understand that what distorts the view of a country is not a false propaganda, but the knowledge that the country does everything to protect the vulnerable ones, is transparent concerning information about crimes, and is not hiding the dark side.


Girls in most poorer or even middle-class families are always the only ones who are expected to work in the farm and household, while the boys are sent to study in private schools.If girls are sent to school, it is usually a cheap and low standard government school, which they have to coordinate with the many duties of the farm and family (cooking, laundry, serving their fathers, brothers). Later on they are just “passed over” to another slavery, that of their mother-in-laws and father-in-laws, and husbands, where again: the wife is the lowest class of all the family members, expected to serve all the rest of the family. In case they do not fulfil the expectations of bearing a male child, working as servants fulfilling the orders of their in-laws and husbands, or just by failing to bring a high dowry – they are again the easiest targets of the hatred of others, often murdered, tortured or accused as witches by them. When a woman in Nepal or rural India, who had been exhausted and bittered by her difficult life, becomes old and ugly, a widow, divorced or impoverished, she again becomes an easy “cause for everything what went wrong” in the village or family, and thus might be tortured in unimaginably cruel ways as a “witch”!


Women in Nepal are apart from this already difficult situation also in permanent danger of being sexually harassed or raped, what means a total collapse of all their life securities, because the social stigma of being a rape victim is often even bigger than the immediate trauma. Nepali society still did not stop to punish the victim of a sexual crime, instead of the perpetrator! It is because a woman who was “defiled” by a man, other than her husband, is considered dirty and cursed, and can hardly marry a new man ever. That’s why families where rape victims are, are compelled to move out from their villages, change names… That’s why a rape in Nepal is the most horrendous crime, because destroys a whole family and the whole perspective of a woman to a respected life! the law should also take into account this element of the traditional looking down at rape victims by the society. It cannot imitate the Western law only, where a victim of rape is not punished, but supported and helped out by the whole society, and often is able to marry. The student victim of a recent rape case in Nepal and her whole family were forced to leave Nepal and change their names, and start to live in India – such is the helplessness of victims in Nepal after society rejects them!

“Every time a rape happens, the victim is blamed to have provoked the men. Let’s be aware of the view and not pretend all is well,” she said.” (The Himalayan Times – A murderer and rapist’s views reflect those of many in India)

Note: unfortunately the above link had been also emptied, but the reader could probbaly google out the article with the title, or find it on Archive,org.

“The child’s vagina was bleeding while she returned. Her mother had noticed wounds at the private part, but other villagers forced the woman to go to her parental home in Gagangaunda to avoid social stigma, police said.”

Note: The article had been taken down as a policiy of The Himalayan Times not to cause a negative image of English readers online, who might be foreigners. Maybe it would be but more wise to help transparency and truth in Nepal, instead of hiding the negative events and crimes. No foreigner would blame Nepal for the brutal child-rapes in Bara District, and no foreigner would stop to visit Chitwan, Annapurna, Mount Everest because of this! But when a foreigner sees that the truth is being hidden, that is what harms the image of a country…

Let’s hope that the new leadership of Nepal takes the child-rapes more seriously, as well as any crimes against the vulnerable: women, elderly, handicapped and the poor!


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