Ram Bomjon is the new idol of New Age and he loves it!

When spiritual dilettantes of New Age shallowness are taking on the positions of managing and commanding, the results are fanaticism and such primitive ways as witch-hunting or violence. That’s why the best fitted for the army of Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha) are those who had been already deceived by an imitation of spirituality by New Age, before landing in the Buddhaboy-world.




When I first arrived to Nepal’s Halkhoria in January 2011, I was surprised how much Ram Bomjon preferred the most hysterical type of New Age Westerners to those with mature traditional spiritual experiences. It is understandable for me only now, when I can see so clearly what he actually always wanted: to use human stupidity and confusion as his stepping ladder towards political power, money, fame and ultimately a world-rule.

People with tens of years of experience in Yoga, meditation, Vipassana or religion are women and men with strong principles, who are just useless for Bomjon’s worldly power plans, his project of mass-deception and establishing a new religion based on violent criminal deeds and torture.

It was such a huge disappointment to all of us who gave up everything to come and serve this “ascetic”, having been fooled by his propaganda-team for years that he was a sincere meditator, who was supposedly beyond all materialism and fame, politics and power, luxury and sex… Piece by piece all these lies spread by his organization for years had been revealed and the naked truth came to light…


Image: this is a typical New Age style image, created by the administrator of Official Website of Bomjon, Semyon Shekovtsov on computer in 2012, with an additional instruction from Bomjon’s “visionaries” to concentrate on the picture as to evoke Bomjon’s return to Halkhoria (from which he was evicted by local police after his criminal kidnappings,hostage-holding and violent attacks on two women and his own family members). Yet typically for this formation, they made a mistake and drawn their guru walking out of Halkhoria on the asphalt road… The collective magical ritual (as I called it in my former Halkoria.myewebsite.com ) had been not successful. After many months when Semyon realized his mistake, he changed the picture to a similar one, but where Bomjon would walk towards the jungles ….

I had been asking for years, why is he like this, why he did to me what he did, why to other victims, why exactly to us, about 40 people, and not others… Until one of my ex-devotee friends told me a genial wisdom: evil has never any sense and never any reason! We will never find an acceptable reason of Bomjon to kidnap women, stigmatize them witches, let them beaten and raped, beat men to pouring blood, attack boys with swords… Bomjon’s evilness is just as every other evilness: has no sense and no explanation. I had given up the hope that I, a victim, get ever an answer  why he behaved to certain people so inhumanly.

Not by accident did the Official Website administrator choose a blue bubble as the logo of all Ram Bomjon websites and Facebook sites (whom they call Maitriya Guru)…


Image: the Bomojn phenomenon is a Bubble of Illusion …You pin with a grass tip of truth and it blows into pieces…


Yet to his human stepping stones towards world-rule – his immediate organization of followers (Sangha) – he had to give some artificial explanations why he behaved to all these human beings inhumanly: they were witches, spies, attackers, disturbers of his meditation, smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, ate meat... No matter what, but principally it must be a total lie, this is what matters. And when such lies are widely accepted by his official organization, media, police and highest politicians as valid reasons to extreme criminal deeds, it is like a ritual of implementing the “dharma of lying to the world and getting the stamp of approval from the political system.


Image: the huge painting of Bomjon’s own “Maitriya” and the throne for the “guru” had been prepared weeks before the event with a lot of donations and volunteer work. Does it matter then that about 50 people from this audience knew about two women chained a few meters behind this painting and tortured for months by Bomjon? Even during this very puja? In the belief of New Age Bomjon-followers the main thing is that the puja had brought “world peace” and “maitri” and “love” to themselves and the rest of the world… Yet, did it really? Watching the world news from the (Arab) spring of 2012 it does not seem like that at all…


His most famous representatives had been and are always outstanding propagators of New Age, no matter how much confusion they bring to real believers and followers of traditional spirituality. Under Bomjon’s leadership the “spiritual Mlecchas” (primitives, barbars) are chosen to rule above those who follow ethical principles, have a noble mentality and deep experiences combined with intelligence and education (I call them Aryan , the “spiritually noble” and ethically mature human beings).

When spiritual dilettantes of New Age superfluousness are taking on the positions of managing and commanding, the results are fanaticism and such primitive ways as witch-hunting or violence. In the same time they mix everything and anything what they had read or heard about in modern “spiritual” books written by similar types of people: for the current official organization of Bomjon he is not only Maitreya, but also Christ, Messiah, Haidakhan Babaji or Mahaavatar Babaji…Buddha… Yogi.. Ascetic… Simply: god!


Image: Chakrams are usually among the hijacked topics of New Age maniacs, creating many false theories and fantasies about them.

New Age is a pseudo-religion based on lies in all its forms – illusions, hypocrisy, cheating, empty words, virtual (not-applied) and merely verbal “dharma”…Yet New Age is able to replace the truth behind its blab-la about “peace-love” and “maitri” and “liberation of humankind” with a great pomp, masquerade with fanfares and fire-show…


The IMAGE replaces the CONTENT. This is this type of ‘Great Illusion’ which had been successfully established by the duo of a Nepali peasant boy (as a friend of mine called Bomjon) and the Hollywood-born Andrea Good.

All this would not do any harm in itself, apart from bringing shame to the pure traditions of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and other Dharma. Yet when this permanent overexposed theater is combined with a criminal (and quite satanic) policy of catching human beings and torturing them, beating them and chaining them in jungles from time to time, the whole thing is becoming a typical dangerous cult.


Image: Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma, forum names LoveTruthJoy, Chakrabalance, YouTube name Khenpo Dharma), the image-maker of the Bomjon-cult, thinks that it is enough to take on a white robe and pose as Bomjon and one becomes a master by it. Already Gautama Buddha told but in the Dhammapada, that a robe does not make anyone a monk… It is the deeds which count. Bomjon is but leading his followers to place utmost importance on the colors of their robes and the poses. On the left of the photo is another Buddhist fashion-model, the (now disrobed) Theravada monk Pragyaratna Ghullu (his role in inciting bomjonists against Marici is described below). Right on the photo is Manomaya (Manu), Bomjon’s nun-sister, who had been also victimized by the “guru” in April 2012,together with her other family members.

andys drawing of babyds

Image: brainwashing must start at childhood. Andrea Good gave her drawing to Bomjon’s long-time worshiper, Ngima Dawa Tamang’s small daughter, so that she learns in time that it is about the symbol of Bomjon’s long hair and white robe, not about his real deeds (which are very much against child-safety!) what counts in spirituality…

andys drawing

Image: Andrea Good’s Uniform World of Bomjons. Obsessed with the mentality of endlessly re-cloning the image of a white-robed long-haired symbol, and over-spamming the universe with it, she is promoting the world-rule of her violent guru.


Into this company, apart from the Queen of Spiritual Deception, Andrea, perfectly fit all those other upper middle-aged ladies who had found their goal of life in pursuing and spreading the most fantastic and spectacular New Age “teachings”- in most time a mixture of what they had absorbed in this kind of books plus their own abundant fantasies. The below list is far from being complete, but just shows the most outstanding example of hypocrisy and fueling bubbles of illusions… 


In 2012-2013 I had been writing on my closed down website Halkoria.myewebsite.com about the idea of a Bomjon-follower from Israel, Carol, that Halkhoria are actually identical with a pyramid between two trees, and a Maitriya figure (painted by hands of the Khaiba which held excrements in front of my tent as one of Bomjon’s orders to torture me in his captivity!)… The Sangha’s other New Age authorities, like Semyon the website administrator, had agreed that “Guruji” had given her this vision for the whole cult as a meditation practice. They believed it would bring world-peace and world-maitri and world-love… (and, probably as a side-effect, help to chain and rape more and more “evil witches”, as Ivy Jugoa, the International Sangha’s leader called the two female victims of Bomjon on her Facebook site!)

carolsvisionno logo

Image: the drawing by a Bomjon-fanatic had been shown on their Official Website for months in 2012-2013, stating that the “guru” had personally endorsed the vision as genuine and the instructions to visualize this picture by all other devotees. is this not a clear-cut NewAge method? Certainly it has nothing to do with Buddhism, Hinduism or even Christianity or Yoga. 

The follower-ship (or better “follower-sheep“?) of Bomjon went after this lead like blind pulled by the blind, because they were so hungry for at least some clue about any spiritual practice which they could do on a daily basis and have a feeling that they did something for their enlightenment. As the “guru” did not ever teach his followers how to meditate. Not that he would not know how to either – rather he was afraid that when meditating in real, some people could eventually do get higher spiritual states and get an insight about who he really was and what was his plan. This was never his aim: such people would be useless as stepping stones towards his political goals and as donors financing bribes to silence police investigations or pay for his helicopter rides…

So the best tactic is to elevate the New Ageists to leading positions inside his organization, because New Age can swallow just anything, even “gurus” who attack more than 40 people violently,break hands, tie women to trees for months and let them raped.

The New Age Pyramids with rainbows of Ram Bomjon’s “follower-sheep” can hide many dark actions inside their “secret crypts” it seems… In a way Carol’s vision  of that pyramid might had been true: in fact Dharma had died in Bomjon’s Halkhoriya in 2012,and had been mummified as a mere corps without life by his worshipers.


Image: the creators of such beautiful pictures to share on Facebook sites care more about how things look like, than about how they really are. When Andrea Good deleted my Google Groups reports about how things really were in Halkhoriya, and replaced them with how things looked good for the public, to be attracted to Bomjon, she did a good job – for establishing LIE as the new dharma.


Joan Stanley-Barker (pseudonym “Mama Joan”) is another such “visionary”, who had been writing on Sangha websites (including Himalayan Voice) about those who were holding us, two women, chained and torturing us during the Maitri Puja 2012, as “Indigo Children“, with overflowing love and admiration… Yet she did not have a drop of compassion or love towards her “indigo children’s” victims, and when it came to her own illness in 2014, she even let another such New Age girl calling herself “Little TruthLoveLife” to urgently post on Facebook her message from Halkhoria that she had been a victim of an attack by “witch-evil” (more about this below). No wonder that after she was so much in tune with Bomjon’s witch-focused policy and supporting his torture attendants and rapists by her writings, she had been endorsed to write a book about Bomjon, and thus she is staying most of her free time around her “guru”…

andy semyon dorje joan rahul wiped out

All pure, shiny blue and “lovingly joyful”… Yet Tom Dorje (Jyampa Dzenpa) on the right was one of my two torturers, chaining me to the tree for three months and holding the padlock keys and supporting Darshan Limbu (Jyampa Foonchok) in sexually assaulting me… Here posing Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma) wrote on Google Group that I deserved it and would deserve more… “Mama Joan” holding her iPod told in a video on Himalayan Voice that the victim of Bomjon was mentally ill (thus it was just OK to kidnap her?), and all these people had been present in the Maitri Puja 2012, celebrating the capturing and torturing of the two “evil witches”, as they called Marici and Maata … The person on the side of Andrea Good, a former devotee, does not wish to be identified with this group anymore, so I wiped out his photo. 


Names like “LittleTruthLoveLife” (find on Facebook) are often taken by self-appointed “holy women” from among Bomjon’s court ladies. We must remember Andrea Good (who often boasted that she must be surely good, due to her surname!), who named herself with typical New Agey names as well, on the original old Google Group: LoveTruthJoy or Chakrabalance….(these beautiful spiritual names did not prevent her though from deleting all critical posts or challenging questions about Bomjon, and when these grew over her head, she “lovingly” deleted the whole Google Group altogether. (Some ex-devotees told me she did this because Bomjon did not want the public to have access to my praising articles about him as a Google Group member and manger in the former years, which would not fit into his plan to create an image of me as his ardent enemy). Andrea introduced the New Age philosophy of “mask the truth in front of the public” to the great satisfaction of similarly minded Bomjon in 2008, and thus became his favorite court-illusionist.

joans wicth evil highlighted maitri acts FB

Image: a typical Facebook conversation of the follower-sheep of Ram Bomjon is about searching for witches who cause the diarrhea of Mama Joan in Halkhoria, with the same breath while writing about “love” and “compassion”…The same post of LittleTruthLoveLife had been first posted on the official Maitriya Facebook site.

It is her who had created, with her faithful assistant Semyon Shekovtsov, an online “image in the form of Bomjon”, with hundreds or maybe thousands of clones of YouTube videos (especially their propagandist “gem” “The Boy with Divine Powers” BBC Documentary. It was also herself who, with Semyon, established Censura es the main online management policy of all forums and website-discussions connected to Ram Bomjon, and such sites are by now already dozens. They had apparently also flooded all the possible online encyclopedias and created fake Wikipedia-sites with Bomjon’s endlessly circulated biography… The Dharma-sangha.com (former official website) is mentioning numerous fake “national branches” of Bomjon’s cult, which have created Facebook sites, yet no physical members. All in all, when things get to Andrea’s hands, all is about creating impressions, covering true events and proofs, painting false-positive images with the focus to gain more and more worshipers for Bomjon’s court and purse.


When Andrea arrived to Halkhoria with me in 2011, she was trying to make everyone believe in her childish New Age tarot cards about some “Ascended Masters” (see above image), and she was obsessed with the idea that Ram Bomjon was identical with number XY (obviously I forgot which) of those cards! Showing disinterest or, God-forbid disbelief at Andrea’s fantasies was an unforgivable offense! I had been punished by her for not being enough enthusiastic about her infantile theories, repeatedly, until today… But for the sake of peace I was tolerant to listen to her many descriptions of visions, voices, impressions of vibrations and humming-sounds (see her book Reflexions on Sambodhi Dharma Sangha) which all had to originate in Bomjon and were to be “proofs” that he was a god and she was his Chosen Messenger and Representative. But when I called her a typical New Agist, she felt offended.


And another new star of Bomjon’s beloved New Age harem had shined up on the sky of Delusion: a Great Great female companion and spiritual sister of Bomjon, who claims that she is his twin-sister, working for the liberation of humankind from darkness, with him. She says she is channeling Bomjon (Ram Buddha) and Jesus and just anyone you can think of… This is not anyone else than Holy Mother Mary herself in person, as she is convincing us: Mary Clarice McChrist! The New Age blab-la on her endless websites is making one wonder, if this is all really possible … When I first saw her website Walking with Ram, I did not know if to laugh or cry. This woman is really a phenomenon… yet not a spiritual one for sure… The funniest thing in her is that she never visited Bomjon in Nepal.

Update: the original website WalkingWithRam had been removed, but the lady continues with her movement to propagate Ram Bomjon, as we see from the note she had left:

This site has been removed…

Go to www.AscendingWithTheMaitreya.wordpress.com   This site will concern Ram Maitreya and Mary McChrist and their ascension mission.


Image: Ram Bomjon’s spiritual partner and twin, as she writes in her many websites, noone less than Holy Mary Herself lives in America, and belongs to the group of Ganganath, who financed Mike Leon’s (Jyampa Dorje) USA-tour to propagate Bomjon as Maitriya called “Seeds of Loving-Kindness“.

Some of “Mary-Ma’s best writings about Ram Bomjon (in reality about herself and her miraculous mystical bond with her Nepali idol, with whom, as she claims not unlike A. Good or Mama Joan, that she is his chosen one to represent his “teachings” and “grace” to the world):

  • Stand up for Ram
  • Who is Ram Buddha?
  • What is a heartstream?
  • Getting to Know Ram
  • My Blessings
  • Ram Joins the Mother Mary
  • Maitri Teachings
    • Lord Maitreya’s Request
    • Meditation With Ram Buddha
    • Questions for Ram Buddha
    • Sacred Fire and Water by Guru Ram
    • Who Taught Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sanga?
    • Transformation of Ram (Advanced)

(The above links had been emptied, so one needs to search for them on the Internet, but there is still a Facebook account with the same topic available with a last entry in 2016, and a New Site http://www.ascendingwiththemaitreya.wordpress.com/  so it is sure that Mary Maitreya etc. lady did not change her attitude much)

Because we can see that McChrist is continuing her “teachings” about Bomjon as Maitreya and herself as his female-twin-Maitreya without the slightest protest from Bomjon himself or his BSDS organization, and because we can learn that Mary Clarice McChrist is a member of Ganganath’s group in the USA – the same one which had organized Mike Leon’s (Jyampa Dore) “Seeds of Loving-Kindness” tour in America (more about it below), everything is fitting nicely to New Age Guru Bomjon Mosaic. He must love it, if he never protested against these fake pyramids, rainbow visions and pathetic fantasies about Walking with Mary Clarice McChrist! Bomjon keeps to the philosophy: who is not against us, is with us.


Image: Are you sad? Then you are advised to read her Walking with Ram website or Facebook site, which she propagates on the cover of her book. I would add only: be only careful that he does not chain you to a tree in his jungle, it is difficult to walk then…

Some mind-blowing quotes from this woman’s websites:

“Mother Mary Clarice has been a Messenger for the Holy Family: Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, Joseph (Saint Germain), Lord Buddha, Lord Mary Buddha, Metatron, Melchizedek and the Divine Mothers for many years.

Ram Buddha and Mary McChrist work very easily in this manner. We are honored to be able to present these HeartStreams to you.”


“To register for “DIVINE MOTHER’S HEART– PURSE and LAP” call Mother Mary-Ma at 530-235-7018 to receive your conference call number, and secret code.  You may go to Mother-matrix.com or WalkingWithRam.com and check the menu  or send your donation to Mary McChrist, P.O. Box 1178, Mount Shasta, CA 96067. The last day to register is 8-13-14. I look forward to hearing you on the call. Come meet the Love-Wisdom Family.  MA   Go to Pay Pal


(Note: in the meantime the links stopped to work, but not Mary Maitreya Clarice! Find out more about her on her Facebook site or her new website http://www.ascendingwiththemaitreya.wordpress.com/ or anywhere else on the Internet, if interested).

New Age businessmen and businesswomen are hijacking each-other as tools of self-propagation. The same way as Mary McChrist uses Bomjon’s popularity to trigger her own, uses Bomjon her, as a rich and influential American, as a stepping-stone to take over America...



http://lunaticoutpost.com/showthread.php?pid=9686816 (criticism of McChrist on a forum)


ganganath bomjon

Image: Propagational poster of Mike Leon’s USA tour to bring believers and donors to Bomjon’s dying cult. The sponsors of it were two New Age stars, Ganganath and Tara.

Similarly as Mary McChrist is the female-twin version of Ram Bomjon (as she instructs us on her sites), Mike Leon (Jyampa Dorje) must be the male version of a middle-aged New Agist court-lady of Bomjon: he has all the characteristics of a proper illusionist, who personally told me in Halkhoria in 2011, as his tent was opposite mine, that he wanted to wear a monk’s robe so that people would give his words more credit when he wanted to teach them about his own personal understanding of “dharma”. The monk robe had to be a tool to mask his lack of natural charisma, and gain him undeserved authority – it seems.

Without actually ever having had seriously studied Tibetan Buddhism under a real rinpocche, he is posing to the public as an expert on Buddhism and expert on Bomjon: yet he had been always kept in distance by the “guru”, deposited to faraway settlements. While in 2011 Bomjon was staying in Halkhoria, he sent Mike with khenpo Gyurme and many others to stay in the 10 km distant Ratanpuri settlement, where he was staying all year long and partly even in 2012. Mike was actually never even present during most events, especially the violent ones, and now he speaks like a direct proof that nothing like the attacks ever happened, because he, Mike, did not witness them – from his 10 km distant Ratanpuri base!

But what does he have to say? Repeating pathetic clichés, which stay mere words and never become reality,especially when it would be time to apply them like in Halkhoria during hostage-takings and beatings by his guru…  In a Facebook conversation with Michiel Hegener Mike Leon (Jyampa Dorje) described his questions about Bomjon’s victims Marici and Maata as “mud-slinging”... This is his understanding of the Dharma of Compassion, which was implemented by Gautama Buddha,and this is what he wishes to “teach” the world by using the authority of his red monk robe.

Yet, did his video-series “Seeds of Loving-Kindness” heal any of the many wounds on the bodies and souls of his Sangha’s victims? Did his preachings about ‘compassion’ bring me back my Acer laptop stolen by Bomjon,or my Bible which he also stole in 2012, when he tied me to his jungle? New Age is about words and poses, not deeds in real situations! And this is exactly the style which Ram Bomjon – Maitriya Guru (Dharma Sangha) loves most.


The greatest irony of the cult of harming and hurting human beings in the name of Dharma is but that the world-famous “peace-speaker” Junsei Terasawa, who had been present as an insider during the captivity of Maata and myself by Bomjon in 2012, attended a big conference about peace in Astana just a few months after, and taking with him Pragyaratna Ghullu,one of those who incited the attendants of Bomjon against me with witch-hunting! And on that very peace-conference he was propagating Bomjon as a personality of peace and love to all humanity! How can all the victims of the extreme cruelty by Bomjon and his gang feel after this? Did the whole world abandon Truth? Did even great spiritual personalities choose to ignore the souls of Bomjon’s more than 40 victims? Are we not among those human beings to whom the Astana Peace Conference claims to bring peace…?


Image: Japanese “peace-monk” Junsei Terasawa had been present in Bomjonive’s Halkhoria compound while I had been chained to a tree and the Nepali Maata also kept captive somewhere. How do I know it? Because we all knew his special drum’s sound and his voice monotonely chanting a mantra in Japanese. He always used to be a regular insider of Bomjon’s secret life. He was drumming around my place regularly. 

All the spectacular “walks-for-peace” of Junsei Terasawa have no value, if he refused to help us, two innocent devotee-women held by Bomjon, to get free, and if he refused to prevent him and his attendants to beat us, torture with unspokable methods and finally even let raped! If Terasawa had no a drop of compassion with us, who were a few meters from his drumming parade in 2012, can he ever bring any peace and understanding, humanity and spirituality to the world? Having a long-time witch-hunter Pragyaratna Ghullu on his side, who directly caused that Bomjon had captured and he and his people harmed me, what could be the outcome of such a mission? Peace in the world cannot be achieved by drumming to the torturing a few individuals, Junsei Terasawa…

terasaw group

Image: Junsei Terasawa and his supporters posing in Halkhoria Jungle. Pragyaratna Ghullu is the monk in red in the front. He was the one who first told to the Committee members in Simara’s Lama Hotel meetings that Marici is a “Masani”, a black magician woman who had to create a being and send it to kill Bomjon. He also told Marici was a witch and a spy, according to the listeners, the owners of Lama Hotel. Such are the qualities of Terasawa’s main supporters.

Terasawa is a typical New Age figure: covering conscience with an external spiritual theater, he evidently still does not care about the human soul – the inborn Buddha in the victims of his “guru”, in Marici, in Maata, in the other more than 40 people! And so are all the other players of the “Bomjon Naatak” (drama). No matter that each of the New Agists who worship Bomjon as their new God, are actually all working on their own self-elevation only, they fulfill a purpose for Bomjon, who uses them as stepping stones to his own goal of an openly announced world-rule plan.

People are fearing ISIS and epidemics and catastrophes: yet the greatest catastrophe for humankind is the New Religion of Lies: New Age. When hatred, harming human beings and secret criminal activities are starting to be called “Dharma”, at that moment civilization had signed its demise.


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