Did Bomjon’s attendants torture a woman to death?

The forum entry called “Lunatic Outpost” writes: “Another woman died of this torture by Ram’s men under his knowledge of it.

Featured image: three of Ram  Bomjon’s most active torture-attendants, Tomek Tarnowski (Dorje or Jyampa Dzenba), Bal Hari Rai of Kakarbhitta, Darshan Subba Limbu (Jyampa Foonchok, former nickname Divya Darshan, of Kakarbhitta, before from Piluwa, Bara). In most cases of Bomjon’s violence and tortures they had played main roles. Attacking and torturing Maata, Marici and the family members of Bomjon,for example. Also they were the ones to attack the journalists and break their cameras. Of course I cannot claim they played part in the alleged killing by torture of the woman mentioned below, as I have not enough information yet. 

I have found a forum where one of the members posted a few critical comments about Ram Bomjon (other names Palden Dorje, Dharma Sangha, Maitriya Guru, Maha Sambodhi, Buddha Boy). I was greatly shocked when I got to a post where he mentions a death of a tortured woman caused by his attendants during a torture overseen by him:

“now look how they r promoting Ram as prince of peace and loving kindness chuckle and how Ram tortured this woman to near death and other women by ting her to a tree for months accusing her of being a witch. Another woman died of this torture by Ram’s men under his knowledge of it.

(Thread name: The Transformation of Ram Buddha into Lord Maitreya, http://lunaticoutpost.com/showthread.php?tid=506476&page=3)

dead tortured

I was surprised mostly at the apparent disinterest of the other members, among whom not a single one asked about the death of that woman, what would be the normal human reaction… “How did this happen? When and where? Where did you learn it from? Who did it? What about the police…?” Normal people with functioning conscience would ask. Yet in that forum, with the discussion from the beginning of this year, the members care rather about competing with the author of the entry in wittiness and joking…

Is this really possible, that people do not even stop at the mentioning that a world-famous guru, the alleged reincarnation of the Buddha, a rich and influential spiritual leader who befriended the highest politicians, just gets away with killing a woman due to torture? What kind of world do we live in…?

I have sent a request to this person to give me some  proof, some more information, any more clues… Yet I did not get answer, as so many times, having “problems” with my Internet… So I also asked three other people to help me find out about this death of a tortured woman by Bomjon’s attendants. Is it true? Why no police prosecution came out to light? Who was she? Nepalese? Foreigner? What a relief would it be to find out that the author for example quoted from a wrongly translated source, or that he exaggerated.

But the next part of the shock came when none of those to whom I copied this post and link, did react, even when I am in contact with them on a weekly basis! Do they really not care at all that a human life was lost by a torture similar like was done to me and Maata? How it is that they do not even investigate? One of them just waved at this information saying “I don’t believe it”. But is not our unwritten responsibility as human beings to at least sacrifice a little time to try to find out if a person really died or not?

This is a world we all live in. Ram Bomjon had tortured many people, including me, prolongedly and extremely, yet apparently no state prosecutor, no law enforcement questioned his deeds – or in some cases did, but just a short time, until there was silence about it again. Even those who saw me or the 2 men attacked on September 2, 2014, bleeding, did not care about our state or about justice… We only read in the news a sentence “the case is under investigation”, but then we never hear again about the outcome of the investigation. And now even more, someone had released a post which let’s suggest that there was even a death caused by these typical inhuman tortures, which Bomjon did to a few kidnapped and captured people. Yes, a death! Did you hear this word…?

I don’t know how to name this thing. Is this selfishness? Paralyzed conscience? What is this? Yes, true, we read and hear about tens of dead people allover the world, in terrorist attacks, local wars, criminal deeds… But none of those killings is done in the name of Buddha, in the name of “compassion”, “dharma”, “meditation”… Is it not a reason to stop promoting a guru, to stop allowing him to travel to a country, to stop to sponsor him and his attendants? Is killing “some woman” is just a normal thing that gurus, Yogis and Buddhas do, and they and their accomplices just walk free and even get worshiped by politicians?

I am unable to get any more information about the alleged death of that tortured woman. People whom I ask to help me to investigate, are not even interested. The Torah says that if we save one single soul, we had saved the whole world… This is my own nature, and i cannot force myself to become senseless towards a death which can be the gateway to many more such deaths, in case it is true, and in case that it had been (again!) just ironed out by bribes.

I would appreciate any help to contact the author with a nickname “sunnimuslimah” on the Lunatic Outpost forum, and request some more information, link or media article about this case. (The controversial nickname does not mean much, the author is speaking about the Bible and Christ as well). You can contact me through the contact form or leave a comment below this article! Thank you!

It is about all of us, our sisters, brothers, mothers, daughters… There is no rule who can be his next victim. Usually always someone who believes “this could never happen to me”…

Some of the other most active violence and torture attendants of “Maitriya Guru” apart from the main ones in the featured image to this article (Darshan Limbu, Tom Dorje and Bal Hari Rai):

khenpo dawa and budha lama

Image: Budha lama (the younger) and khenpo Dawa. They had been actively present at all violent attacks on me. Budha lama was present at kidnapping me and he was also going to Simara monastery to take all my possessions and then steal all at the order of Bomjon. He was present at the chainings and carrying my tied up body to be beaten to blood and bruises by Bomjon, and was there when Molam lama had re-broken my already once broken wrist at the command of the sitting Bomjon. Khenpo Dawa was holding the fire-lamp to make light for Bomjon’s beating me with a bamboo stick, and was laughing seeing me in that miserable state. The others present that midnight beating in the jungle were Darshan Limbu and Tom Dorje (see featured image above). Bomjon told to all these men a few minutes before, that now he was going to kill me, later Darshan told me, surprised that he finally did not….(I do not claim at this stage that Budha lama or khenpo Dawa would have a role in the alleged killing of a woman through torture, yet they are among Bomjon’s active violence and torture assistants).


Image: Molam lama Magar from a village behind Piluwa, Bara. He was present in my chainings and some tortures, helping to carry my body to the beatings and from place to place at the orders of Bomjon. He was the one who re-broke my already healed broken right wrist. He told a strange sentence before he did it,while taking down my self-made bandage from branches and my shawl, “Marici, it’s me, Molam lama, do you recognize me?” I did not understand why he told it, I was not drunken. Of course I recognized everyone, but it was very shocking how my previous friend  behaved to me just because of a senseless order by Ram Bomjon to torture me. Once in the past I convinced Molam lama to stay in Halkhoria, when khenpo Gyurme and his lamas were bullying him for belonging to not Tamang but Magar caste. I told him stay and wait, and encouraged him that “Guruji” surely saw his suffering…I never harmed him. Bomjon transformed him to a monster in Halkhoria…(I do not claim at this stage that Molam lama Magar would have a role in killing a woman through torture, yet he is one of Bomjon’s active violence and torture assistants).

shangbo dong new blue

Image: Shango Dong (Dawasha Lama on Facebook) was present at the October 2011 violent attack and torture of me, when Bal Hari Rai and Tom Dorje jumped on me, pulled me to the ground, stepped on my back and tied my hand on my back strongly with plastic ropes. The blood circulation was stopping. When I asked them to release the tightness of the ropes a little, Tom Dorje made it even more tight, and Bal Hari added his part. Shangbo Dong came and smiled at me, terrorized from the unexpected behavior to me by my former devotee-friends,and told “I am gonna personally kill you, Marici, with “electric shock”. When Bomjon kidnapped me in December 28 2012 again, Shangbo Dong came and asked if I remember who he was. I did not. Then he told. During the time when I was chained to the tree, Shangbo came with the Khaiba (painter of the “Seven Deities”) and held stick in their hands. They picked up excrements which were brought there and put it near my tent on those sticks,as part of making me more suffering. (I do not claim at this stage that Shangbo Dong would have a role in the alleged killing of a woman through torture, yet he is one of Bomjon’s active violence and torture assistants).


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  1. You need more than a side mention of an unnamed person in an internet comment to accuse someone of murder. If you don’t you lose credibility.

    Do you have any copies of the media pages that used to exist? I remember, I saw them too. Are they not just expiring in time? Why are you so sure of conspiracy? You need to gather the factual reports you do have and get them sent to tourist countries such as Germany, USA, UK, France etc. that send people to this place. Why are Marici’s country not helping her?


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