Child safety – ignored and hijacked

Bomjon-followers claim that a guru who orders women to be tied, tortured and raped, is a safe environment for children, but a website which is informing about these crimes,is a great danger for child safety…

Featured image: a father holding his child for “blessing” by “Dharma Sangha” in Chitwan in 2013.


Image: school children in Chitwan ordered by their teachers to queue up for blessing by their “living Buddha” whose hands broke bones, sculls, beated up men to blood and held the sword to attack a Ratanpur boy…


Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Ramlal Bomjon, Maitriya Guru etc.) loves to surround himself with small children, boys and girls. Probably because it reminds him of his own lost childhood, whatever is the mystery behind it, spiritual, commercial or a hoax… Mothers are rushing to him with their small babies and toddlers, not to miss the “magic touch” of the man who accused three of his own dedicated devotee ladies to be witches (repeatedly announcing this in Nepali media!), and let them kidnapped, beaten and raped. Touched by the very same hand, which had been holding swords to attack young men and bamboo sticks to beat to blood and bruises dozens of victims, even middle-aged meditator-women!

new child eyes coverImage: Bomjon “blessing” a child in about 2012, after the 2012 attacks on two kidnapped women. In background is Tomek Tarnowski of Poland (known as “Dorje” or Jyampa Dzenba), who was one of Marici’s torturers during the 3 months captivity in the jungle, chaining her and holding the keys of the six padlocks. He also attacked the team of journalists who came to inquire about Marici during the time, and broke their cameras. 

His special “blue sangha” is made up nearly entirely of small boys: the most vulnerable to be brainwashed and to learn to accept that torture and harm to human bodies and souls is just a normal way to promote dharma and peace in the “world”… We can see these young boys about 7 to 13 years at my guess, surrounding Bomjon and having to be faced with the view of men with blood pouring on their backs and chests: the men who suffered the cruel beating-craze of Bomjon on September 2, 2014…. Some of those boys look really scared. Yet do they have any way to protest? Their mothers and fathers entrusted them to Bomjon’s hands, and it meant that they became the living shields, and the witnesses of his violent ravings.


Image: snapshot from the video of questioning Bomjon by police, after he beated up 2 men from the 5 kidnapped (3 escaped to call villagers to rescue their friends) at night, on 2 Sep, 2014. I was watching numerous times the false face expressions of the “guru”, which remind me of cheater Gypsies in an eastern-European black market.. But I also watched the expressions of the young boy-lamas, and they just did not convince me that they would feel safe and happy under the rule of their “Buddha”. I see fear and terror in their eyes. Poor children must have been present at the ceaseless beating of the bleeding men by Bomjon, confused and shocked. This is the vulnerable age when innocence is becoming stained. 

What happened to humanity, that parents do not mind their children to become witnesses of such violent attacks upon innocent kidnapped men and women, in the name of some twisted “dharma”, anymore? Seeing those small boys clad in blue robes and having to follow the tough requirement of not showing any compassion to Bomjon’s victims, is breaking my heart. Child safety Nepali style…?

textbookImage: Bomjon’s cult members pushed over his biography to Nepali elementary school’s books of 5th grade for some Nepali schools. Children always become the best propaganda tools of cults, because they accept everything they were taught. The information was written only in Devanagari letters quoted from, and is still spread among his followers on Facebook, as one of their great achievements to power (the others being the “BBC Documentary” , his meeting with the Prime Minister and receiving a passport) even if this happened in 2013 . Did they also mention in the textbook that he ordered his assistants to keep me on chain like a dog for three months, near his villa,in the jungle..? 


Once in the past I was chatting with a Tamang lady, a devotee of Ram Bomjon, who was speaking enthusiastically about him when he was in Sindhuli already – for no other reason that the advise of police to leave Bara District’s Halkhoria Jungle, after he “inadvertently” tortured for months, had beaten with stick or attacked with sword, kidnapped, tied to trees women and men between 2007 and 2012. Bara locals who belonged among his followers, had seen many of these attacks with their own eyes, had supported Bomjon in them, but were still celebrating their ‘Buddha’: as a hero and even as the ‘victim” of a conspiracy of witches, magicians, “disturbers of his meditation”, media, “corrupt politicians”, Hindu animal sacrificers, meat-eaters, wood-cutters and many other imagined groups of “enemies” of the “innocent guru”…

new child 33

Image: the hands which broke bones and held sticks to trash innocent people until blood poured down their bodies….

This is an absurd performance: while the real victims of Bomjon and his attendants are hated and persecuted yet and again, the perpetrator and his men are enjoying the love and care of his devotees for all those “difficulties” which had been caused by their own attacks on people! So they get donations to pay the bribes to stop police to investigate, fighters who make petitions for their “human rights” to stay in Halkhoria and freely attack further women and men, and the fooled devotees even pay their court expenses…


Image: girl with mother in queue to get touched by the “guru” who ordered Marici to be raped. The parents apparently told her “now you are going to meet god”…


It is difficult to understand what is going on in the minds of those – in majority – Tamang devotees from Bara, who did see Bomjon’s and his attendants’ tortures and attacks on human beings, and still continue to bow to him. But what was even more shocking, when this lady spoke about having recently visited Bomjon in his new “basecamp” in Sindhuli (it was in 2012), she was excited when speaking about local mothers donating their toddler daughters to Bomjon, to become child-nuns! And this was happening already after the Nepali TV and media had shown the two tortured women, Marici and Maata, after their release from Bomjon’s captivity where they had spent 2, resp. 3 months! Marici replied in the Avenue TV interview of the reporter’s surprisingly well-informed question “have you been sexually assaulted?” by “yes”, and as the reporter knew even the full name and caste of the perpetrator (Bomjon’s right-hand, Darshan Subba Limbu), Marici confirmed it was him.

child33Image: Bomjon “blessing” school-girls. The man who is chosen to “roll” the people is Shangbo Dong, who in 2012 had participated in torturing Marici with excrements, spitting on her when she was chained. During the first kidnapping in October 2011 he played an active role in her torture and also terrorizing her, describing how he would kill her by “electric shock”. (Marici did not harm anyone, but only silently meditated and praised Bomjon in her Google Group articles). Would you like your daughter to be touched by such a person…? 

Even after many Bara District Tamang mothers had seen Maata and Marici walking out of the jungle emaciated and with broken bones and bruises after Bom jon’s inhuman treatment, their hair cut to humiliate them, the same women still willingly gave Bomjon their daughters to “ensure their enlightenment” … Many local Tamang women of Halkhoria area knew already in 2011 that Bomjon was having a sexual affair with a Tamang girl, Bomjon’s long-time follower, Usha didi’s niece.

child freinger x

Image: foreign woman offering her child to the “blessing” of the violent guru who likes to see bleeding men and chained women…

That girl is kind and intelligent, and most people like her. I myself had met her in 2011 when I lived in Halkhoria, and had only good impression, the best one among all devotee women, actually.  Poor girl, probably blinded by love, she probably is kept in lies about the female victims of her lover. When I imagine to have a lover who is stigmatizing other three women witches and let’s them tortured, beats them and orders them to be raped, I still would have no second thought to quit such a relationship. But being isolated from the outside world, as described on the website, “Guru Ama”, as they call her, is rather innocently uninformed and probably Bomjon hides his real activity from her.

Yet the very element that Bomjon was pulling the whole world at its nose, by claiming he was in celibacy and “tapasya” (ascetism), is like a revelation about a pope who was keeping a lover for years. Politicians, priests etc. become ruined in the public eye after such hidden affairs leak out. But the ‘Buddha of Bongjor’ stays equally worshiped and considered still pure, innocent and truthful and compassionate (!) – even if he had lied us many years about his “tapasya”…


Image: a devotee’s baby given magic talisman with Bomjon’s photo as toy to start with the brain washing

But who would mind lies to hide an affair of love of two young people? We can easily forgive even this, if it would be not stained by Bomjon’s extreme cruelty to his many innocent victims, whom he regularly picked up out of his devotees or shepherds in the jungle, yet this all did not convince the patriotic Bara mothers that Bomjon would be unsafe for their daughters, mothers,grandmothers,sisters or wives to be sent there! This is what is the most amazing in this all!


Image: a typical scene during the “blessing programs” is a small child taught by mother to bow to the “god” or “buddha”…


The story of the “five virgins for Dharma Sangha” (as was the title of my detailed article about this on is but far from being the only sexual irregularity at and around Bomjon. Many old-timers can recall the love affair between Bal Hari Rai and a foreign girl on the (allegedly) holy land of Halkhoria in 2011.They were making love while one of Bomjon’s victims, Marici, was tied and prepared to be killed the next day,in October 2011! In  the same room… (described in on the original Buddha Boy Google Group and the closed down website )

child22 x

Image: the man touching the children before Bomjon is noone else than Shango Dong (FB name Dawasha Lama), one of Marici’s (and probably Maata’s as well) torturers of October 2011 (tying her rope on her hands to stop blood-circulation a threatening her to kill by “electric shortcut”), and at the other occasion, from December 28, 2011 till March 24, 2012, when he was present to the kidnapping of Marici, and was torturing her with spitting on her while she was chained, and dirtying her with excrements. These very hands, touching the baby, had been used to torture an innocent female devotee of Bomjon with excrements, who arrived to serve him as a volunteer in translations! Would this child get any “sacred energy” from such attendants of Bomjon…? 

When Darshan Subba Limbu was going a few minutes inside the forest to his regular sexual assault of the kidnaped and captive Mariciin 2012 March, his two small children, Manish and Anish were nearby,together with his wife. They knew Marici, as she was visiting them in 2011. Yet when Bomjon was beating Marici to blood and bruises and broke her hands with Molam lama, the two sons of Darshan were just nearby in the wooden houses… They could hear and see all. They did actually see Marici being on heavy chains and carried here and there by the attendants of Bomjon.


Image: children ordered to queue up for blessing by Bomjon in June 2013.

Numerous child monks were present around Bomjon also when Darshan Subba, Tomek Tarnowski Dorje and Bal Hari Rai attacked the journalists during Marici’s and Maata’s captivity. Anish and Manish were there too. What can these children learn for their whole life from what they witness around Bomjon? That it is normal on a puja during prayers to attack human beings and destroy their property? That it is moral to kidnap, jump on and tie or lock up women who could be their mothers, and torture them extremely and long months, that they nearly die? Will these boy-monks and children of devotee-parents become the next generation of ruthless darshans and dorjes, molams and balharis? Apparently this is the plan of the”guru”: to expose the to a violent and sexually perverse environment and indoctrinate them that exactly THIS is what is called “dharma’….


Image: family idyll in Halkhoria, of Darshan Subba (now Jyampa Foon Chok) with wife Sara and two cute children Manish and Anish. Just one problem with it: the father sitting on Bomjon’s blue chair has a weird job to sustain his family: he is regularly going a few minutes inside the forest to beat, hit, slap, terrorize and in March 2012 even sexually assault Bomjon’s kidnapped women, Maata Ani and and his friend and sponsor of his family, Marici… One very near person to “Maha Sambodhi” (one of Bomjon’s many names) told me that the “guru” was giving a big salary to Darshan for his outstanding commitment to attack people (apart from Marici also Maata, the team of journalists and supposedly more and more people). This “position” was masked to the foreigner followership as a position of Bomjon’s “body-guard” in later months. 


During the time when I was a devotee, I often stayed in  the flat of one committee member of Bomjon’s BSDS (Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha) organization, in a city, an educated man, married, with two children. He was speaking highly about “Guruji”. But living with this family, I was present when he was sexually harassing his own toddler daughter, and the little girl was irritatedly asking him to stop…It was nothing brutal or violent, but I could recognize that the father got excited and blood flushed to his face…I think my breath stopped and I thought that I was dreaming! It was in a situation when he thought that I cannot see and hear him, yet I did.

I was totally broken, because I found this man so much devoted to “my dear tapasvi”, and he was an apparent sexual maniac with his own daughter! When I witnessed this once, I tried to fool myself that i was mistaken, that they were just playing some game… But when this was repeated (when the man thought I must be asleep in a faraway corner of the flat), I knew this was exactly what I thought it was!


Image: Bomjon’s small sister, Ranjita was 13 when she came to Halkhoria to join her brother. She came during or just after the captivity by Bomjon of Maata and Marici in 2012. She was playing with Marici’s sexual assualter and torturer’s two children, Manish and Anish  (around 5-7 at that time). From this time Bomjon’s mother was forbidden to see her smallest daughter by Bomjon…Some Nepalese believe that Bomjon’s mother claimed he committed incestuous relationship with his sister. I personally am reluctant to believe.

Paradoxically Bomjon’s own mother, Maya Devi, was the only mother I know about, who had serious concerns to allow the small girl to stay in the Halkhoria compound near her “Buddha Boy” son, from which the tortured women had been released in terrible state, as shown on Nepali TV in March 2012. The only mother with a healthy worry, knowing too well what are the dangers, went to the Jungle in the beginning of April 2012 to request Bomjon to allow her to take her daughter home from a criminal environment. But Bomjon reacted by letting her locked up, together with his other siblings, for five days, and violently treating them. Ranjita chose to stay, because she had more fun surrounded by spoiling foreigners and devotee’s children, than when staying in the Piluwa house of her elder sister, Rajkumari.

Now, I was not new to Nepali realities. I was on the vulnerable side, as I myself had no legal status at that point in late 2011, because Bomjon was ensuring me that he needed me to stay in Nepal, even without papers, and messaged through Darshan (who was that time still just one of my friends) that nothing can happen to me because of the overstaying, unless he himself wanted… I believed him. Already that time he had many contacts to important people, and money. Politicians and policemen were regularly arriving to bow to him for blessing…But I believed him because of his supernatural powers.

So I was aware that I could hardly go and report this man for sexually abusing his daughter (maybe 4 years old). I was also reading about the situation in Nepal, how it is impossible to get justice for victims of sexual abuse. Parents are considered the owners of their children, and anyway, taking away a small child to the ‘social services” is not existing in Nepal in the same way as in Europe. But even though the father was like this, he loved his daughter and the mother too. The mother saw everything, and showed nervousness, but again, we know that women in Nepal are used to stay in silence…


Image: Chitwan 2013 “blessing” school children by Bomjon

The only option to me was to just stop to stay in that flat and stop contact with that family. After I myself was sexually assaulted by Bomjon’s attendant at his order, I already knew that in Nepal there is not such a system that a female victim, even as small as a toddler, would be protected by a state prosecutor, and justice would be done from the very initiative of the state. This is how it works in Europe. But when I even told in Nepal’s leading TV in the interview that “yes, I was sexually assaulted during the captivity by Bomjon”, this kept the Nepali Government cool. After all, I did not make, in that broken down state, with untreated wounds, terrorized still, a police report. So many people put the full responsibility on me. As if it was just a personal problem of the victim with the perpetrator, that she was raped! Apparently for Nepal it is not a problem to let walk free a man who was raping and torturing a woman at a guru’s order…Moreover Darshan Subba Limbu had been requesting a passport and visa to immigrate to the UK, and probably he eventually did leave, probably at the advice of Bomjon, who wished to protect his faithful assistant. Although on the public record his visa request to the UK had been originally rejected. On his Facebook site as Foon Chok he even states that he lives in the UK… So, as we see, even if it was a known fact, witnessed and told by reporters in a mainstream Nepali TV, Darshan’s torturing of women and his sexual assaults had been not even obstacles fro the UK to accept him…

new child2

Image: worshipers of Bomjon teach their children that he is Buddha or a god, and they should bow to him to the ground accordingly. In the background is ivy Jugoa (Jyampa Lhaden) who wrote on her Facebook about the two tortured women by Bomjon, Marici and Maata that they were “two evil witches” and that “there were ONLY two women kidnapped at all”… She and the older woman, Joan Stanley-Barker, both libeled Marici “mentally ill” in their video interviews with the bomjonists’ own media website,the Himalayan Voice. The libel was a revenge to Marici’s disclosing the tortures done to her and 40 others, on her websites. Both women don’t hide their beliefs in “witches” on their Facebook sites, and incite the others to repeat the tortures. The best aunties surrounding your child, isn’t it… 

So, because I know all this, I knew that there is practically no way to solve the case of the toddler girl being sexually harassed by the Bomjon-devotee father. It seemed to be an already established family practice. To take away the child would be more harmful, as the mother was normal, but as most women in Nepal, afraid to protest against the husband’s sexual abuse. I only understood, suddenly, why did the bigger girl tell me that they lived so happily when the father was abroad…

But those years it was shocking to me mainly for the reason that i was still in a brainwashed state myself, being Bomjon’s endlessly dedicated devotee and propagator… I could not understand who Bomjon,who was told to have all the siddhis (miraculous powers), did not (maybe telepathically?) see that such a harm is done to a little girl by his influential devotee? If he was a real guru, he would not only know this, but would reprimand his devotee that this was a great sin and he should heal himself!

andys drawing of babydsImage: Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma) drew a cartoon of her guru-idol for Ngima Dawa Tamang’s toddler daughter (not the one mentioned in the above text). Andrea, in her blind fanaticism that the best for children is to get indoctrinated by Bomjon’s image from an early age, is also the one who initiated Marici’s persecution, agreed with her torture after the release and called upon to repeat it, on the original Google Group (Further insight into the glass-room). She has two children herself. 



After all these experiences, plus the well-known story of Bomjon ordering 5 virgins to be brought to him in 2011, by his Bara Commitee leaders, Ram Kumar and Nil Bahadur Thing, I was very surprised that one of the tactics how to discredit my former website (before by the administrator, Semyon’s IT skills was to report it as a website with “poor child safety”! Why? Because, after all these experiences, as a victim of sexual abuse at the “guru’s” order, i dared to write about these unethical deeds of tortures and perversity on that website. This angered those who were the perpetrators, and those who supported them.

So when I was on Facebook sometimes in 2012 or 2013, suddenly I received a warning window that Facebook considered my a dangerous site for children! I was shocked. Because apparently the bomjonists who did this, did not mind children having been present during brutal criminal acts in Halkhoria, but they minded that a website was writing about the truth. And what would be the best way to discredit one nowadays, then report as dangerous for child-safety? If I was a politician, that could ruin my career. But i did not show any images which would classify my site a threat for children. I used the word “sexual abuse” and “rape” only, because this was exactly what was having been done to me, and the site was a revelation. Yet many other sites write about sexual abuse, including those which are trying to protect women against it…. That was one of my wake-up calls that in the case of Bomjon and his cult I cannot expect anything else than mean and hideous tricks, lies and hypocrisy.

Semyon, the administrator of the Etapasvi website (as it was called then) did his best to report my website as a danger for child-safety, because i wrote down the truth about what his guru and his organization actually really did tome in Halkhoria! For example he managed to report it even on facebook, so that when people wanted to click on it, facebook was warning them that my website was against child-safety!

Even those who knew that the sexual abuse was true, but belonged to Bomjon’s devotees, agreed with this tactic. This is a good example of the main working method of Bomjon and his organization: a hypocritical “compassion”, false “care” and fake “ethics”.

Now I am asking: what is a bigger danger for child safety: a group which is kidnapping women under the excuse they are witches, ties them to trees, tortures them inhumanly and rapes them – or a website which merely describes this activity and warns the public to be careful?

Below is the snapshot from the website ranking/rating site and (same values), as a result of a painstakingly diligent effort of the followers of Bomjon to discredit my website.

child safety1

The photos had been taken from



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