Bomjon’s helicopters and Nepal’s hungry children

“Ram Bahadur Bomjon aka Buddha Boy Pays Nrs 150,000 for Chartered Helicopter
to reach Sindhupalchowk district on September 20th, 2013″

ds heli

Image: Ramlal Bomjon arriving to visit his birth village Bongjor,from the 10 km distant Halkhoria, apparently to show up after meeting the Prime Minister and getting a passport. 


All the Nepali and international public and especially Ram Bomjon’s (Maitriya Guru) own followers know about his frequent use of helicopters to transfer him from place to place. Last year even when he traveled from Halkhoria to Ratanpuri, he needed a helicopter for it (it is about 10 km). The reason is his policy of showing paranoic fear of his alleged many enemies, who, as he is feeding his followers and the wide public for year with, are wishing to disturb his meditation (which one, actually?), attack him, harm him or even kill him. And people take it as a valid reason to use up the donations of poor Nepalese whose whole life savings are covering his helicopter rides,or naively devoted foreigners who are donating in the hope to buy their enlightenment by their money.

So his paranoia caused that he is permanently surrounded by brutal “body-guards”, and his every move is surrounded by a group of “attendants”, “assistants” and fake lamas. As if he was so scared to face anyone alone. What can we learn from a Buddha who is paranoic, sees enemies in every group of devotees, behind every tree? Can he teach us to be fearless in life, in meditation and in after-death Bardo…?

People but should ask many more questions, when watching his disproportional world of values a priorities. While Nepal has still children dying of malnourishment (recently 7 Mugu District ones) due to extreme poverty, Bomjon spends an amount of donated money on helicopter rides, which could feed a few poor families for a year…


Image: “Maitriya Guru” traveling in his “Papamobil” (before the helicopters came to be his favorite),surrounded and protected by his army of motorbiked, mostly Tamang followers, who all believe him that he is in great dangers from many enemies, and thus must be protected from assassination or attacks…. Bomjon’s whole “teaching” is focused around his own paranoia that he is a target of peaceful meditating ladies and unarmed shepherd boys…The “Papamobil”is a gift of one of his many rich Nepali devotees. This great national celebration had happened already after 2012, after Bomjon’s criminal attacks and tortures on two kidnapped women, Maata and Marici, and his own family members… 

Read about the policy of extracting and misusing donations on Bomjon’s former official website by his very former members of organization.


During the time when he claims to teach the world what is “compassion”and “dharma”, he spent an enormous amount on bribing police to stop investigations after his numerous attacks on people (between 2007 and 2014), to transfer him in a luxurious way from place to place with his whole entourage of monk children, attack-attendants, servants, unidentified young girls, dogs, rabbits and horses…

Even bigger is the question-mark, when we know that the very reasons why he “must” change his places so often, are nothing normal: it is because everywhere he goes, he and his attendants create some violence and harm to people, usually attacks with swords, bamboo sticks, hands, and chainings, kidnappings, locking up innocent people…The footsteps of the “Buddha Boy” had been stained with blood, at least after 2012, and people remember him for breaking bones and encouraging perverse sexual immoralities… With such a “dharma teaching” no wonder he is sooner or later unwelcome in any district he settles in, and has to leave. And after he harmed so many innocent people, making them crooked and disabled for all life, obviously he also starts to feel afraid of the anger of locals, even if he and his assistants were always the only ones who ever used violence in his vicinity…!

Criminals are unhappy people living in constant fear from retaliation for their crimes. They need “protection”, and if they are rich, they are surrounded with tough body-guards, and travel surrounded by tens of protectors, never in touch with the normal folk. And they need “papa-mobils’ and helicopters and private planes… All that life in harming people are fear is a very expensive one though…We can see in photos, videos and real life that “Maitriya’s” world looks exactly like that…

While there is at least one Tamang village on the North of Halkhoria where many children have no milk and eat just polenta (Dheero) with jungle spinach (Saag) every day, and must work by cutting stones from an early age to get a few coins to survive – just about 13 km South, in Bomjon’s compound, his Sangha was cooking three times a day and eating five times the most luxurious and rich food (apart from delicious dahl-bhat-tarkari three times a day, during the day also loads of sweets and biscuits, nuts, fruits, noodles, snacks…!).

Bomjon and his followers never practiced sharing and compassion with Nepal’s suffering poor, ill or misfortunate ones. Charity and altruism never was encouraged and realized by this “buddha” and his cult. How interesting and sad! He is focused on himself and teaches his Sangha to focus on their own needs and on the sole goal of propagation of the “guru”. Yet would altruist deeds not be the best propagation for any spiritual leader? I know, this is an absurd theory when we know that not only they never helped any suffering Nepalis, but they even attacked more than 40 people over the years… But I wrote enough about his attacks. Now let’s investigate this cult’s other side: their inability and unwillingness to show active compassion towards Nepal’s poorest ones…

heli topost

Image: “Maha Sambodhi”, as Darshan Subba named him, is landing in Bongjor in 2014, arriving from the nearby Halkhoria forest. As it is shown on his followers’ Facebook sites, he would not leave his safe helicopter without a team of professional body-guards! He lives in such a fear that even he does not trust people in his own village… Why? Probably because a few of the locals he had kidnapped, attacked with sword or stick, locked up…


“Maha Sambodhi” has a special weakness for the most expensive ways of transport, helicopters. Even Nepali politicians cannot afford to use this means any often they want, and if they do, immediately the media would criticize them. Yet Ramlal Bomjon managed to create legends about how big danger is for him to move on the ground, as the world is full of his enemies, who do not wish his “dharma” to be spread. And practically everyone believes him this, even if never anyone had been caught while attacking or threatening him to be attacked. So to “protect” the “guru”, the best transportation seems to be a helicopter. Even when visiting his birthplace in 2014, he landed from a helicopter and surrounded by  “men in black” looking around nervously, as if behind every corn-stalk an assassin would be hiding…

Yet a helicopter ride of Ramlal Bomjon costs minimally 150 000 Nepali rupees, as per the THT article, or even more (700 000 – 800 000 rps?) as per his former official website. An amount which many Nepalis never had even seen or cannot even imagine. Just imagine that a teacher with university gets around 4000 rps a months salary in a private school, if she is a woman, and around 6000 if he is a man. Or the monthly allowance for retirement is around 500 rps. Many people in Nepal have thus a monthly budget of less then 5000. Families in poor villages often even not that.

According to a recent article “Malnutrition has claimed lives of seven children in Kapilvastu” and “The deceased are among 9,035 undernourished children identified in the district”. Children are malnourished even in Parsa, the next district from Bomjon’s birthplace, Bara, where Bomjon used to wander during his youngster times: “A recent research statistics released by the Equality Hindrance Analysis Programme under the District Development Committee (DDC) has stated that about 50 per cent children from the marginalised communities in the district are found suffering from malnutrition problem”. Another article says that “the malnutrition rate among Mugu children was 40 percent which is in deed huge as compared to other districts”.

Now, how would you feel to take a helicopter ride when looking down at a village where children have not enough nutritious food to often even survive or grow…? One must become obviously a “buddha”, not to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

in heli

Image: “Buddha Boy” in his helicopter, accompanied with Ngima Dawa Tamang, his long-time supporter and businessman with the only “guru-endorsed” guest-house accommodation for Bomjon’s followers.


Below are a few excerpts, giving a picture about the cost of helicopter rides, which Bomjon had used at least 4-6 times when letting himself been transported to places where the average Nepali must go on old buses or by foot…

The cheapest price for a short flight:

Flying Duration: 30 Minute
Number of Passengers: 1 to 5
Tour cost: USD 935.00

Longer trips (comparable with Bomjon’s route between Halkhoria and Sindhupalchowk):

Flying Duration: 2.30 hours
Number of Passengers: 1 to 5
Tour cost: USD 3950.00

Flying Duration: 2.30 hours
Total Package duration: 2 nights 3 days
Number of Passengers: 1 to 5
Tour cost: USD 3500.00

Trip Duration: 1 day(s)

Group Size: 5
Price: USD 2820.00 (sharing)
Trip Start From: Kathmandu
Trip End: Kathmandu

dss papamobil

Image: Bomjon used to be escorted in this jeep before, until he received his new hyper-modern Papamobil. This snapshot is from a Youtube video by Nepali followers filming him when traveling to Lamjung District to make his puja in 2013.


As I myself was always just a simple volunteer translation-assistant, a meditator and a spiritual supporter of Bomjon, between 2007 and 2012, so I never dealt with the flow of huge money behind the scene of an “ascetic” walking barefoot in jungles… I lived in a “fool’s paradise” believing that he had no interest in money, and he did not touch money… Yet when he kidnapped me first in October 2011, he took my 4000 rps cash to his own hands and gave to khenpo Dawa saying: “this is yours” (after my Simara friends managed to let me released the next day, when they came, he returned this small cash to me. But the mythology about the “Yogi who gets sick from even the smell of money in people’s pockets, had dissolved at once…!).

It is a reality which is well-known to those who had been feeding Bomjon’s organizations with money for years, that he is everything other than uninterested in money and property… You can read more about the ways how donations had been extracted, by the administrators of his own former official website, here: .

Excerpt from the above website:

“In 2012, the year when the detention of Ms Takacs occurred, and when the journalists were attacked while a big World Peace Puja was held in Halkhoriya, the international/USA section of the organization collected 49 875 USD. Or at least that is the amount declared by the USA branch. At the rate of the USD to NPR which went in that period between 87 NPR to 105 NPR for 1 USD. The value ranges between 4 339 125 NPR and 5 236 875 NPR. Add to this amount the unknown figure of the sums collected locally in Nepal.”


Image: The very first year of Bomjon’s parody on a “six-year-long public meditation” had already brought him already 12 lakhs of rupees (1 200 000 rps!). And he still had just a tiny group of followers then, as Daniel Haber’s “Journey into the forest” book described in 2006. Now imagine an amount of at least fifty times higher per year at least, when seeing his huge follower-ship in the pujas (4000 to 15 000 people a day coming for “blessing” in 2011)… An insider of his Sangha shared with me that in the last year the Sangha complained to him that their budget was a “mere” 8000 USD (!)per a quarter of the year…Watching Bomjon’s very modest lifestyle, simple clothes and huts, it is not difficult to guess who is eating up that money: due to his unusual hobby of attacking, kidnapping and torturing people, he needs a huge amount to silence police chiefs and media in Nepal. I myself was described by a direct witness of a conversation when to stop one police investigation, 70 000 rps had been offered in cash by Bomjon’s Nepali supporter… It was accepted (the bribe) and the criminal investigation closed. This was one of the smallest amounts of bribes which the Maitriya Guru’s organization used though.

Another direct witness listening to Bomjon’s organization’s conversations in Ngima Dawa Tamang’s guest-house learned that most of the donations are used for bribes, to iron out the many legal problems which their “guru” causes by his love of violence against the innocent…And his safety, after doing so many unlawful deeds, must be protected, according to them, as well by the highest possible investment into helicopter rides, paid body-guards, weapons, hired army on pujas. 


“Maha Sambodhi” (a name given to Bomjon by his attendant Darshan Subba Limbu) is claiming to be a protector of nature, trees, animals. Apart from creating a frightening noise for jungle animals, endangering birds’ flying in the air with its propellers, helicopters also need a huge mount of unecological fuel, which, as we know, is part of the digging out of our planet of its resources. Noone can ever claim to be a fighter for ecology and jungle protection, who in the same times is misusing helicopters as a recreational transportation means. Helicopters are important for saving lives of seriously ill or wounded people, but as a way to simply use up fuel by “yogis” who claim that they can fly in the air by their Siddhis, it seems to me an unnecessary waste…

“If a helicopter flies for one whole day it consumes fuel of about $6,000 (Indian Rs 360,000) to $10,000 (Indian Rs 600,000) depending on the size and other specifications of the aircraft.”
Helicopters flying relief or rescue missions are consuming 600 litres to 800 litres of fuel in one hour, which means 6,400 litres for eight hours of flight.

According to information acquired, helicopters are far more expensive to maintain compared to fixed-winged aircraft. All body parts in a helicopter move except the body (shell). “A helicopter needs new parts after 100 hours to 500 hours of flight and without new parts it cannot be allowed to fly,” said a source.

“Then the average fuel consumption goes up to somewhere around 100 liters per hour
(1 US gal = 3,78 Liter), (1 GB gal = 4,54 Liter)

Let’s look at some common helicopter types and their fuel consumption:

Robinson R22 – 35 liters/hour or 9 US gal/hr
Bell 206 Jet Ranger – 115/30
Bell 206 Long Ranger – 150/40
Eurocopter AS350B2 – 180/47
Bell 212 – 430/115
Agusta A119 – 260/65

“it depends largely on the type of helicopter and the weight… my uncles bell jet ranger at full load (approximately 1500lbs) would burn up about 65 gallons of Jet-A fuel in roughly four hours of flight time... now if it were a really light chopper traveling at a reasonable speed like 45 knotical mph then it would only burn up about 15 gallons but helicopters are pretty inefficient when it comes to gas mileage… plus you have to calculate the fact that because they fly in the air they actually move further to get there due to the curvature of the earth relative to the altitude.


A small two seat training helicopter with a piston engine typically burns about
9 to 16 gallons per hour. A larger five seat turbine helicopter typically burns
about 25 to 30 gallons per hour.

Generally there are two types of helicopter engines:
PISTON ENGINES – These are similar to automobile engines and small-airplane
engines, and run on high quality Gasoline which is refined and filtered to be
much cleaner than automotive gasoline. This type of fuel is called “Avgas” and
is typically 100 octane (Low Lead).
TURBINE ENGINES – This type of engine is usually called a Jet Engine, and by
design is simmilar to the engines on a commercial airliner (but just a TAD smalller).
A turbine engine is preferred by medium to large helicopters because it can produce
a large amount of power and is light weight (But Quite Costly). Turbines use a type
of fuel known as “Jet A”, which is simillar to very clean Kerosene.

helicopter compared to airplane:
Helicopters, everthing else being equal, use lots more fuel.
First reason is that choppers use much of their energy to hold their weight up when traveling slowly. When traveling fast (for them), aerodynamic drag of rotor is very high. This is primarily why choppers need lots of power. Lots of power = lots of fuel. Conventional aircraft have much less drag at a given weight and speed than a chopper.
Choppers are slow. If they burn lots of fuel per hour, and travel slowly, fuel consumption per mile is much worse.
Finally, choppers stay low. Most have turbine engines, turbines burn lots of fuel at low altitudes.

“you know, the helicopter consumption is not really measured in such miles. it’s measured as consumption per hour, due to the fact that flying 100 miles in tailwind consumes less fuel than flying 100 miles in headwind. the distances are measured in time elapsed and not in miles primarily, due to the same fact.
as a matter of example, the types i fly consume 500 liters per hour, and 800 liters of fuel, per hour.
the travel speed is 120 knots and 110 knots respectively.
so you have a consumption liters per mile of 500/120, and 800/110 in still wind.”


Comparing Bomjon’s and his Sangha’s expenses with what an average Nepali family is spending, one must necessarily ask the question, what is dharmic in this. They most probably would explain you that due to the fact that he is the whole world’s most important and highest person (they say higher than any being who ever came on this Earth!) – that they must do maximum to protect him from all dangers (those “many enemies”). The money spent on silencing police investigators and media with bribes, seems to them to be a money well invested for a ‘sacred” goal. Their slogans are “compassion”and “maitri” and “benefit for all sentient beings” – yet not a single word of all this did they ever try out in real life. And there cannot be any claim that they had no opportunity! Even if they had shared their luxurious food, by which Bomjon was feeding his torture-attendants, Darshan and Dorje (who got very fat due to this!), if Bomjon had sent on one of his two tractors a weekly amount of his own food to Halkhoria’s Northern villages, people would have loved him more and he could have make a big difference in their children’s growth…Moneys spent on torturing tools, decorated antique swords, heavy high-quality steel chains and tens of super-secure mega-padlocks, which Bomjon let his followers buy in 2012 for his two kidnappees, that money could have been spent on much more compassionate and human purposes for the poor of the area.

Yet in their IQ capacity they cannot understand that a “buddha” which lives in constant fear of his own imagination, a buddha who does not understand (and accept) the karmic rules of action-reaction, a buddha who is even unable to defend himself by the power of his love and divinity – that such a buddha is entirely useless as a teacher. What Bomjon is creating is a cult based on “preventive retaliation” against people who seemed to him suspicious, so he kidnaps them, ties them, beats and tortures them then…

Update about Bomjon and helicopters



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