The Great 2015 Catastrophe of Nepal – from a spiritual perspective

Nepal has experienced its greatest historical catastrophe ever remembered in its history.

Featured image: The army rescued a 4-month old baby in Bhaktapur.

There are many articles about the Earthquake which hit Nepal around noon on Saturday, 25th of April, 2015. I am not going to repeat the facts. Here I am trying to give a picture which is forming in human hearts, at least of those who had been and still remained spiritual, religious and sincerely moral and God-fearing in the country where Buddha was born.


In no case wish I take advantage of the suffering of those whose souls left their bodies in such dramatic circumstances, full of fear, loneliness, feeling of abandonment by the rest of society, disappointment, dying slowly in despair or quickly in shocking states. I wish we could all send them love and care in our prayers, and ensure them that we feel with their sadness to be separated from their loved ones, and of this beautiful earth… A candle, or 4000 candles, an incense or 4000 incenses, with prayer, I wish everyone who stayed in body, remembers those who were less fortunate to fulfill their Karma.

I also wish that those who are still desperately waiting for the rescue, get miraculous help, and even after 3 days they see again the light of our sun! Like that 4-months old baby which was pulled out of the rubble unharmed after 22 hours spent there alone…

And those who are suffering of the pain of injuries, how much I know how its, after Ram Bomjon was torturing me and let me with two untreated broken hands on chains, daily tortured by the very attendants and lama, among them Tom Dorje, whom now he sent out to the damaged villages of Sindhupalchok, to help the rescue… I know how it feels to be left alone, with no help, with injuries untreated, with no hope for nutrition and any human behavior… I really wish that those who raped me and the other victims, those who tortured us, beated us and dirtied us,do not touch innocent human beings anymore,let it even be some hypocritical “help”… There are many other Nepalis and foreigners who do actively volunteer to save lives in the worst hit areas.

I know more than well how it is to feel that the Government, police, army,law, human society let ones down,and lets one dying slowly! I was in such a situation after kidnapped by the “King of Sindhupalchok” (that time”reigning” in Bara District’s Halkhoria). That’s why my heart is broken for those about whom noone cares in this situation…The poorest of the poorest. The remote villages. The Nepalese whom the Boudhanath Hyatt hotel did not let to take shelter on their garden lawn…The abandoned villagers in Gorkha, Lamjung or, as I heard, even touristic but highly placed Bandipur, who after days managed to get in touch with my friends and desperately saying: ” 15 houses collapsed here, we are all scared, sleep outside, we have no supplies, water, blanket, food.. They totally forgot about us!


But all suffering is a reaction to some mistakes and sins, bad choices or lack of self-control, illusions. My suffering from Ram Bomjon and his gang was due extreme illusion, idealism, and bad choices. The ‘Bhukampa’, as Nepalese call the earthquake, is also considered by most locals as a divine punishment. In a country where Dharma used to be the main power, at least until 2012, many people consider such a huge tragedy an event which is not accidental.

Earthquakes can have epicenters also in uninhabited areas and have less effect on human lives. Yet when they do have their centers under big cities, it is a devastating catastrophe. When it is moreover under the capital of a country, damaging many holy places, Buddhist as well as Hindu, temples and monasteries, homes and ancient power-places, people are asking why? Did our Gods, Buddhas, Yogis, saints not protect us? is this the sign of their anger with us?

They turn to clairvoyant Yogis and Yoginis, Maatas and Babas, rinpocches and lamas, to ask, what happened to this traditionally Dharmic country, that it was so much harmed in so many days?

Before I write down what they are saying about the earthquake, I wish to offer a different view, although it is a little insensitive to those who had lost all and everyone. But each of us who knows how many really deeply religious people, holy men and women, sincere followers of moral rules, hospitality, honesty live in Nepal still, must realize that the truth written in the Bible, that the suffering of a land is lightened because of the good people who live there, must have some truth in it. Because if the noon-time April 25 earthquake had hit at night, the death-toll and injured in all Nepal might have been ten times higher. Though this information does not bring any solace to those, who did suffer, I know…Yet in a way God, the Gods, Buddha was merciful in this “punishment” too.

We humans have no right to judge if those who lost their lives or got hurt were “good” or “bad” people. Clairvoyant Nepalese say that in this catastrophe both had been hit. Yet what most Nepalese feel and speak about, is that the nation and the land as a whole went too far in insulting the Dharmic tradition by extreme sinful deeds, often in the name of Dharma, and Gods had lost their  patience.


And this ‘sinning in the name of Dharma’ is far from being just the infamous bloody animal sacrificing in Hindu temples, which is mostly picked up by foreigners. Certainly this is also one of the shameful insults towards everything divine, when innocent beings are killed in temples. Yet even in this case, the sacrificers are often similarly innocent as their goats misled by those who are encouraging them to do this to satisfy Gods… We cannot plainly judge and condemn just anyone who ever sacrificed a goat or ate meat in Nepal. Yet when this habit became a tradition,and moreover a business article, the harm to religion was just too big to bear.

I remember that in the past,after climbing the steep Gorkha hill, towering above the city, I wished to see the historical palace and temple there, but already just near the stairs I was deterred by the blood of goats just being sacrificed there and their cut bodies carried back down by devotees, in leaking plastic bags, staining the whole path and stairs with blood… Needless to say I have never seen the Gorkha Palace and Temple, and returned down disgusted and shocked… During this earthquake, Gorkha palace had been greatly damaged, as well as the whole district…

Once i visited a similar touristic place called Bandipur, very high on a hill, yet again: when trying to visit its temple on an elevation, I was unable to proceed, because of the smell and dirt around it,caused by freshly sacrificed chicken, and their feathers stuck all around…Now Bandipur is damaged partly…


But clairvoyant Nepalis do not speak only about the too wide-spread animal-sacrifice. For many Nepalis one of the greatest sins is to kill a cow,which is a form of Goddess, Lakshmi. And this is extended to the cow’s whole family, be it her husband (Bull, which is the transporting animal of Shiva) or even an ox. Buffalo is also a milk-giving animal, and transporting God Yama… Killing a milk-giving animal for meat is an extreme sin in Hinduism, but also according to Nepali Buddhist tradition. Such a new fashion of eating “cow meat” (beef) had been introduced in Nepal recently, probably to satisfy the tastes of tourist from the West, China or actually also from Tibet. In a Land of Dharma, what Nepal always was, people cannot afford to do such Adharma, or the land would retaliate to its inhabitants…

Eating the meat of a milk-giving Goddes Lakshmi is also a symbol of how recently numerous Nepali men, to whom all they were mothers who gave birth, behave to women, often in their own family: the spread of sexual abuse of women and girl children became pandemic in Nepal and North India. Women are often stigmatized as witches, as Bomjon stigmatized me and Maata, and then tortured or sexually abused, as Bomjon ordered to his attendants to do, himself adding his part by violence… When a man, who can thank his very life to Divine Mother in a form of a human mother, turns against the very principle of motherhood and femininity, he is eating the meat of the cow which gave him milk to survive and grow! Violence and sexual abuse of women are defiling Nepali society from 2012 on in a wide scale…

Can Buddha, who was teaching sexual purity, and who was the protector of women nuns, bear this? Can Shiva,whose love to Parvati is legendary, and Krishna whose love to Radha is a topic of Nepali mythology, bear this sight? And Padmasambhava who elevated his partner, Yeshe Tsogyal to his most respected recorder of his teachings? How long did Nepalis who were hiding sins of harming o called “witches” and raping female Yogis, continue with this tendency?


Yet the most interesting story I was told is spread on Nepali Facebook sites, and is stating that in Kirtipur, one of Kathmandu Valley’s ancient areas, there used to be a very old stone pillar, which was standing on a holy place for centuries or millenias, and worshipped by locals. Yet one prediction, living through the ages, said, that a God was warning the inhabitants of the land about a future catastrophe, and the sign of when it would happen was the fact that this pillar would fall down. Needless to say that, as Nepalis claim, around 15 days before the April 25 earthquake, a taxi crushed into this pillar and it broke down….

Another reason people are trying to justify the earthquake with is also a claim that in the district where the first epicenter appeared (Lamjung?) someone had killed a mystical animal-human being, resembling a snake, Naga. Nagas are rulers of the ground and underground, in Nepali belief.


Yet the most obvious reason for the anger of Gods must be really the unprecedented spread of sexual violence against women and girl children in Nepal, after this “habit” had been introduced and “dharmicized” by Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Maitriya Guru) and his attendants in 2012 Jan – March. Nepal became overpoured by this sexual epidemic after 2012, what i was proving in my articles on this topic desperately, warning that the situationis really outrageous… Yet it did not seem that anyone cared about punishing those who raped women devotees in the name of Maitri Dharma, and also not much effort was done to stop Nepali men to rape and kill small girls…

Every woman is carrying the Devi in herself, and that’s why every society should protect its women from the earliest age. Yet Nepal, once a country of Buddha, Padmasambhava, where Sita and Rama also arrived, became a land where women and girslfeel unsafe, misused, and those who torture or kill the min the name of witch-craft, enjoy permanent impunity! Can Gods like such a situation? All those who sexually abuse women and girls, torture female Yoginis as witches, are sinners against the very Divine Mother, who gave them birth. Against Lakshmi Devi, Sita, Parvati, Tara… Could we have expected anything different in a land dedicated solely for Dharma, purity,religion and human kiNdness by the Gods?

The land which had to drink up the blood of so many innocent women tortured by men, neaten by fake “buddhas” to blood, like Ram Bomjon is, the land which had to drink up the semen of Darshan Limbu who raped me in the name of Maitriya … Such sins could ever bring any good results? Before that shameful 2012 Puja of Maha Sambodhi, Nepal did not know much about child rapes and was a safe country for women.

Now many Nepalis are getting to realize that in the Land of Buddha it is not enough to only wear T-shirts “Buddha was born in Nepal” but also to act according to Buddha’s precepts of non-violence, non-harming, and sexual purity! The hidden events which stay hidden because lots of bribes had been used to cover them up, had to explode at one point. The land of Nepal cannot bear any  more sins in the name of Dharma, let it be in the name of Hindu, Buddhist or the most hypocritical “Maitri Dharma” of the violent guru Ram Bomjon!


Sindhupalchok has the highest amount of people who lost their lives, according to the news today 1100, more than of Kathmandu. “However surrounding villages of Badegaon, Apchaur, Sivapokhare-vdc, Jhamire, Archale, Salle, Milanchowk, Narawalpur-vdc, Padamaruwa, Kareltol, Bhattaraitol, Dandatol, Shresthatol, Thapatol, Bismuretar, Amaldong, Basanpur, Dhusine, Piughar, each with approximately 50 houses, are either severely damaged or completely destroyed and their communities are suffering a lot.” the very Bomjon-Sangha is publishing on their site, asking for MONEY donations…

Yet the people displaced by the earthquake cannot even use the money donated, as shops are damaged or closed, supplies do not get there as roads are damaged, and banks stopped to work when electricity was cut…

People cannot eat cash, and cannot cover themselves with banknotes from rain…


That’s why local Nepalis businesses are making collections of clothes (it is cold in Nepal, especially in hills,and rains a lot this year), warm blankets, mats, tents, bottled water, dry food, medicine, disinfection, bandages, soap, rice, oil, dahl (lentils), noodles, salt, sugar, tea, eventually powdered milk... Things which can be used to urgently save lives immediately. Money donations would have to go through a long way of buying goods in faraway areas where shops are still existing, and as we know from experience can disappear or be reduced on the way by those who misuse any painful tragedy for their own selfish needs. There are news that some speculators are selling bottled water for 45 rps in Kathmandu (real price 20 rps) for those worst hit by the earthquake, living in tents and queuing up for water… Tricky-minded “helpers” also sell noodle-soups for 70 rps (original price 15 rps)…

If you wish to donate, try to do it most directly, avoiding any big organization’s byrocrative apparatus… Just ask someone you know and trust, to bring some water, blankets, clothes, dry food, tents where noone still arrived…

Praying for the truth, return of Dharma to the land of Nepal, and healing of the wounds of this blessed nation soon!

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  1. Thanks a lot for the update. It was appreciated. I always love to read your articles and I look forward for more of your genuine insights on Nepal and issues surrounding Ram Bomjon.


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