Facilitate the Distribution of Relief Funds… (Petition)

(Archived from 2015).”We would like to tell this to the world that if you want to give relief … give the relief directly to the people.” (REPOST)

Source: NPR [1] 

REPOST FROM Change.com:

Please read and if you agree, sign THIS PETITION .

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“We would like to tell this to the world that if you want to give relief don’t give it to the [Nepal] government, because the government is not giving to us, give the relief directly to the people.”

Source: NPR [1] 

Sentiments like these are not uncommon in Nepal today. A lot of international aid for the survivors of recent Nepal earthquake on April 25 are flowing in, but are not adequately getting to the people in need. Nepal Police and Nepal Army have effectively engaged in rescue operations from day 1, but the government of Nepal has seriously abrogated their responsibility for relief distribution to the survivors. 

Post April 25, we have seen a lot of volunteer groups organically forming and helping out their neighbors, friends and strangers alike in various corners of Nepal. Communities have banded together to help, heal and comfort each other amidst the scene of destruction around them.

Due to the lack of air transport infrastructure, there is already a huge bottleneck at the country’s only international airport in Kathmandu. There are reports of even storage space running out at the airport. Instead of helping facilitate the ongoing congestion at the airport, the Nepali government recently announced new restrictions on the flow of relief funds and goods particularly into the hands of these spontaneous volunteer groups trying their best to help themselves. Nepal’s Central Bank recently issued a directive to automatically transfer incoming relief funds for new accounts to the PM Disaster Relief Fund.

In the post-April 25th Nepal, a new thinking is required. The lack of relief distribution is clearly ineffective and may result in more death and untold suffering of the citizens. At this critical juncture, the government of Nepal needs to prioritize relief over accounting, saving lives over saving taxes.

We petition the Nepali government to simplify the rules on transferring and clearing goods and funds to Nepal and foster efforts on distribution of relief materials through both international aid organizations and local volunteers. A few suggested ideas are:

1. Declare a short-term tax holiday on relief goods and funds
2. Rescind the move to automatically transfer funds to the PM Disaster Relief Fund targeted towards new volunteer groups and relief organizations on the ground
3. Enlist local volunteers to assist with customs clearance and monitoring of aid distribution.

Let’s hope Nepal has more relief materials available and is able to deliver them as widely as possible to whoever needs them! 


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