A blessed district and a blessed helicopter

A blessed jungle which became a den of crime, blessed horses who all died, a district and a helicopter blessed by Bomjon’s presence…

Featured image: Ram Bomjon known also as Maitriya Guru or Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, or Buddha Boy, or Palden Dorje, arriving to Ratanpuri’s Bongjor settlement, his birth place in 2014, on a chartered helicopter of Mountain Air Ltd. Pvt. After this “blessing tour” he flies to his Maitriya Dharma Center in Sindhupalchowk’s Bade Gaun. Bomjon had used helicopter charter as a means of transport at least 4 times. See more in the article Bomjon’s helicopters and Nepal’s hungry children

Also see details on Bomjon’s helicopter rides here: http://www.dharma-sangha.com/news/2015/04/13/your-money-as-donations


All other districts had rejected Ram Bomjon, after he attacked violently, kidnapped, held captive, tortured and (at least in one case) ordered to be sexually assaulted, more than 40 people, including 3 foreign nationals. Bara, Sindhuli and Sarlahi Districts did not agree with such ways of “promoting dharma”. Sindhupalchok District did:

dharma center 2


“Guru transferred the Maitriya Dharma Sangha Center to Sindhupalchok … The Maitreya Puja scheduled for 21th-25th of March has now been completed.”

On the 25th of April 2015, just a month after the “Maitri” religious ritual of 2015 ending in the end of March, Nepal had been shaken all over by the strongest earthquake remembered by the current generation, which brought about 9000 people’s death (from which surprisingly around 4000 people died just in Bomjon’s “blessed district” Sindhupalchowk!)

“Update June 6, 9:51 pm: Earthquake death toll reaches 8,716

The April 25 earthquake, also referred as the Gorkha Quake, has claimed the lives of 8,716 persons from various places across the country so far, according to the latest update provided by the Central Police News Room.

22,500 persons were recorded to have sustained injuries due to the quake.

Although the epicenter was in Gorkha/Lamjung Districts:

According to Home Ministry, Sindhupalchowk district has suffered the most fatalities with 3,423 deaths.”


ds heli snap


ajj of ds also

ds heliSee more text an photos on this topic here .



hli number

Aid Helicopter Crashes in Nepal, Killing 4

By Jonah M. Kessel on Publish Date June 2, 2015.

KATHMANDU, Nepal — A helicopter on a relief mission for the international aid agency Doctors Without Borders crashed in a district northeast of Kathmandu on Tuesday afternoon, killing four people on board.

The helicopter that crashed in the Sindhupalchowk district on Tuesday was run by the private company Mountain Helicopter Pvt. Ltd., and was bringing three doctors from Doctors Without Borders back to Kathmandu, according to a Nepal police spokesman, Kamal Singh Bam. The pilot, Subek Shrestha, was killed, he said, and a total of four bodies had been found at the crash site.

Laxmi Prasad Dhakal, a spokesman for Nepal’s Home Ministry, confirmed that four people were on board, and that there were no survivors.

Though Mr. Dhakal said that the government had not identified the reason for the crash, Krishna Prasad Gyawali, the chief district officer in Sindhupalchowk, said that the helicopter had been flying at a low altitude in the middle of a dense forest when it hit a high-tension electrical wire.

Another rescue helicopter was sent to the site of the crash on Tuesday.
“There is a fire at the crash site,” Mr. Gyawali said. “The scene is horrible.”
Rasmus Baastrup, a press officer for Doctors Without Borders currently in Nepal, wrote in an email that the helicopter was chartered by the organization to deliver humanitarian aid. Doctors Without Borders is working on confirming the identities of the victims in the crash, he wrote.




Image above: The crashed helicopter with its deceased pilot had the number 9N-AJP.

Image below: The helicopter in which Maitriya Guru Ram Bomjon had been traveling, and on which he landed in his village Bongjor at Ratanpuri (Bara District) as the photo shows, had the same number: 9N-AJP! 



Five killed in helicopter crash (updated)
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

file photo of crushed helicopter from nepali timesImage: File photo of the crashed helicopter.

Five people were killed when a helicopter crashed in a jungle in Yamuna village of Sindhupalchok district on Tuesday.

Among the deceased are helicopter pilot Subek Shrestha and a Dutch medical person. Two other deceased have been identified as Dr Sandip Mahat and Sher Bahadur Karki.
They were returning to Kathmandu after providing relief materials and medical service to earthquake survivors in Tembathan of Gumba VDC in Sindhupalchok district.
The helicopter (9N-AJP) of Mountain Helicopters Pvt Ltd crashed at around 4:20 p.m. Tuesday apparently after hitting a cable of the transmission line of Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project.

Early reports suggest that the helicopter crashed after hitting a wire stretched over a mountain. Locals said they saw fire and thick plumes of smoke rising from the crash site.

Sindhupalchok’s Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Gyawali said a massive fire broke out in the jungle where the helicopter went down. “It was difficult to extinguish the fire,” h e said. “There was no water pond around.”

helicImages: Setopati, Ekantipur, Mountain Air

Those who come to help sometimes end up as victims.

(Reuters/Olivia Harris)

Svati Kirsten Narula
June 02, 2015

Today (June 2) in Nepal, one of these helicopters crashed on its way back to Kathmandu. The New York Times reported that the pilot and his three passengers were all killed in the crash, which witnesses said occurred when the helicopter, flying at low altitude in a densely forested area, “hit a high-tension electrical wire.”

Early reports from the Associated Press and Agence France-Presse identify the three passengers as two Nepali men and one Dutch woman. All three worked for MSF.

the usa army heli also crushed in sindhupalchok http://www.greatnepali.com/2015/05/wreckage-of-missing-us-helicopter-found.html

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How to help

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