Sarlahi’s Lalbandi blessed by Maitriya Guru inundated

Archived article from 2015! All what had been “blessed” by the hands and presence of “Maitriya Guru” seems to be, in effect, actually cursed, instead of enjoying auspicious grace like in the cases when real gurus, real saints or real divine avatars bless beings and places..

Attention: this article is about a flood in 2015. If you search for information about the 2017 Flood of Nepal, it is found here

In my previous article I showed the surprising coincidences about the extremely high death toll and damaged houses (96%) specially in Sindhupalchok, the district where “Dharma Sangha” (Ram Bomjon) had established his “Maitriya Dharma Center”. I also brought to the readers’ attention the surprising scheme of all Bomjon’s horses dying in mysterious circumstances, one after another, even when his devotees give him new and new ones after the previous ones died. I had been informed by sources near to Bomjon that minimally 5 horses had met such a tragic fate, and the http://www.dharma-sangha website, Bomjon’s own former “official website”, which turned to reveal the truth in February 2015, is confirming these news.

Yet these cases of humans and animals, villages and districts “blessed” by Ram Bahadur Bomjon – called also “Maha Sambodhi”, are not looking like single rare coincidences anymore, but like a rather repeated theme. All what had been “blessed” by the hands and presence of “Maitriya Guru” is actually in effect cursed, instead of enjoying auspicious grace like in the cases when real gurus, real saints or real divine avatars bless beings and places. The latest such example is easy to find in the Nepali news media:

One of Bomjon’s previous stays was in Sarlahi District, and specifically in Lalbandi. Should it surprise us that even when the earthquake did not make so extensive damage there than in Bomjon’s most welcoming district Sindhupalchok, recently we could read these news:

Lalbandi area inundated

SARLAHI, JUN 19 – Most parts of the Lalbandi Municipality in the district were inundated since last night due to flash flood triggered by incessant rain fall.

Hundreds of houses near the East-West Highway and northern villages of the municipality were inundated while some cattle were also killed in the flood.

Police stated that they were rescuing the affected people and are collecting the details of the damage as well.

Efforts have been made to open an outlet from the inundated sides, police added.

The flood has adversely affected houses particularly in Lalbandi, Hirapur, Ranjitpur among other areas as well.

Similarly, access to northern belt has been blocked due to the inundation, said local journalist Indra Neupane. RSS

Posted on: 2015-06-19 01:15

Also: :

“Farmers said they had not seen such floods in the village in the past, and that they were worried about making ends meet this season as they had lost almost all their crops”


Sarlahi’s Lalbandi was a place where Bomjon and his “Sangha” had settled right after he was forced to leave his former settlement in Sindhuli District in 2012. And as we know, to Sindhuli he was forced to go again for a similar reason: after his native Bara District authorities lost their patience because of the many extreme criminal deeds which Bomjon and his team of tough guys exercised on local villagers, one Nepali holy woman (Maata), his own family members and three foreign nationals who used to be his devotees (Western boy, a Spanish woman and a Slovak woman). According to Nepali locals connected to his family, everywhere he goes he sows the seeds of violence, conflicts, and somehow things get bloody sooner or later (using swords and torturing methods)… It was not published what was the reason that he was compelled to leave Sindhuli as well, yet it is known that it was a request from the local authorities. Westerners cannot understand how things work in Nepal with Mr. ‘Buddha Boy’, whom the Nepali Government is keeping in reserve for the case that he could attract tourism and investments to the country the same way as Gautama Buddha’s birthplace in Lumbini did. Thus he is enjoying a total impunity and even Nepali media was forbidden to write anything about him from September 2012 on. The only media which still manages to publish information about Bomjon’s (usually very controversial) actions from 2012, is expat media, based and financed in Western countries (DC Nepal, Nepali Times, Australian, US and other expat Nepali publishers and bloggers).

Yet we did have a few articles about the reason why he had to leave Sarlahi District, namely the Himalayan Times article which was describing the sword attacks of Bomjon’s body-guards against 13 local villager boys, which ended in blood-shed. The then chief police officer told to the media that they do not allow anyone to use criminal deeds in the name of dharma, that’s why Bomjon and his entourage became unwelcome in the District afterwards. Still, he did keep a small group of followers and a few buildings dedicated to him there, and these devotees of the violent leader had been living in Sarlahi’s Lalbandi, keeping the hope that their guru would one day return to them. So in a way Bomjon was still present in Sarlahi, and he made sure he did not cut the ties with them, when he visited Lalbandi in the Mountain Air helicopter in the beginning of this year. Yes, the same unfortunate helicopter which had crashed recently in no other place than Sindhupalchok, Bomjon’s latest compound…

Should we be surprised when we read that after the extremely sad tragical earthquake hit his current ashram in Sindhupalchok, also his branch ashram’s concrete place, Sarlahi’s Lalband suffered a great damage in the inundation caused by a landslide? These current landslides are triggered also by the earthquakes and their more than 300 aftershocks.


The website described the “mysterious” deaths of “Dharma Sangha’s” 5 horses. Yet I personally witnessed similar mistreatment of many other animals in 2011 in Bomjon’s Halkhoria settlement, ending with the deaths of the poor creatures. That time people still believed he was a savior of all living beings and an animal-lover, as they lived in the illusion that he sincerely felt compassion with the sacrificed animals of Gadhi Mai festival in 2009. So, as a consequence, they were regularly bringing him puppies and kittens and “saved goats” to his Halkhoria compound, “saving” them from the cruelty of humans in villages. Yet we can see only one single white dog from those times, which survived, mainly because it was myself who took care of her and took her to Piluwa village for a time as well. All those other dogs and cats, which had been dedicated to Bomjon and his nearest Sangha leaders and authorities (appointed by himself), like khenpo Sonam Gyurme, Ivy Jugoa, Mike the monk, Tom Dorje, Darshan Limbu, Molam lama Magar, Usha didi and many others,did not survive. It is the story of 2 black puppies, siblings of the “white dog of Marici” (as khenpo named her), and 3 kittens.

Even cruel foreign-Sangha leader Andrea Good, who showed stone-hard heart in the case of the torture of two kidnapped women, Maata and Marici and all other victims attacked by her guru, was writing outraged emails to the Sangha Committee in Kathmandu and posts in the Google Group in 2011 about how inhuman and adharmic was the entertainment of khenpo Sonam Gyurme, who used to enjoy the fight-for-life between the terrorized kittens and puppies, who he used to hold in his hands, cat in one, dog in the other, and crush their faces to each-other to trigger “fight”. He, the lama khenpo in red robe, who is a famous Kathmandu teacher of Buddhism, was lauhing like a bastard teenager at the desperate fight of the puppies and kittens, who had been deposited to Halkhoria by villagers hoping they would be safe there…

That time I was staying with Andrea in the same tent, and we both tried to stop this cruel game of the khenpo Gyurme, but no avail. He was bored, and this torture of baby animals was nearly his only way to entertain himself… He was the chosen authority of Ram Bomjon at the site, so we could not speak against him. It was all happening, apparently, at the full agreement of “Guruji”…


Later in spring 2011 khenpo had organized the so called Mahapranidhana Prayers, in a huge tent in the riverbed, for which we had to cut and burn down the grass in front of Halkhoria settlement… (the paradox is that the Bomjon Sangha claims that their presence in Halkhoria was always supporting ecology, and that only local villagers are cutting plants and burn grass there). Then he invited hundreds of monks to chant the Mahapranidhana (meaning “great supplication”), but this was one of those mysterious events where Bomjon did not arrived personally, though he was present in the nearby jungle. Was he already then torturing some kidnapped devotees, alleged witches or distrurbers, as was many times the case later during his “pujas”?

Anyway, the small kittens disappeared sometimes during this crowded Mahapranidhana. I was missing them, they used to come regularly to my tent for breakfast, as only I had milk powder and biscuits with which I was feeding the puppies and kittens. But during the Mahapranidhana they stopped to come, and never appeared again after it ended. Then I was asking people, if anyone knew what happened to the 3 cute kittens. It was cold in Halkhoria in 2011 winter, and they used to sleep in my sleeping bag during nights… They were tiny.

Then someone told me that they heard that the kittens had been pushed to death by some fat lamas, who were sleeping in the big tent during the “holy event”! A small unimportant detail for most people, khenpo and lamas and even foreign devotees… Noone really thought much about this all. But my heart was broken. How could they do this? Was that session not for promoting Dharma? This word also means caring about other living beings and make sure they are not subjected to torture for fun, or danger of being pushed to death during prayer sessions… How could they be so careless as to push to death 3 small kitten just by their heavy bodies during dull moments of sleep? What a shameful way to “promote” Dharma…. What was the use of many days praying about “saving all Pranis (living beings)” with big fanfar and hollaboo, yet during the very same “religious event” they kiled three baby cats at once?

“It’s better for them, they were anyway a nuissance here” told some Bomjon-devotee… So where was that great compassion with ALL living beings, on which he based his propaganda and through which he had attracted animal-lovers fromll-over the world?


The two black puppies also died. They spent a few weeks or months in Halkhoria, attending Ram Bomjon’s blessing sessions and meeting him in the jungle… They had been transferred with khenpoGyurme and his young monks and Ivy Jugoa, Tom Dorje, Mike the monk and Molam lama to his Ratanpuri settlement in 2011 spring, when Bomjon gave out the order that “everyone must leave Halkhoria”. I refused to join that group.I myself did not come to Nepal to spend my time in a community and social life, especially not with such people and under khenpo Gyurme. I moved to Piluwa to Waiba’s house. On the next big event of Mahadarshan in the end of May the two black puppies were still alive, and came to greet me when I was sitting there, remembering that I used to feed them in Halkhoria. But soon after this event they were not anymore, and later Tom Dorje or Mike told me they had both died!

How it is possible that Bomjon, who is advertised by his Sangha as the Savior of all humans and animals, the protector of lives, the fighter againt animal sacrifice and torture, allowed that so many animals had been tortured by his chosen khenpo Gyurme, and even killed by his own people on the sites which were considered as holy places? Were the fates of the other animals brought to him, like the rest of goats (there were about 4 in Halkhoria still, yet now we see only one), the rest of adult dogs, and the two rabbits, also the same?

So we have many cases of deaths and tragedies of living beings “blessed” by the touch of “Maitriya Guru”, or blessed by being in his presence and near him or in places of his – alleged – Tapasya. Is this all just a “misfortunate coincidence”?

If a Buddha, a divine avatar, a guru is unable to protect living beings from being torturedand killed in his very vicinity, the question arises, if that person is really a Buddha, a divine avatar or a guru at all. What is the use of such a person for humanity? Thousands of people dying around him in earthquakes, animals dying, embryos (his own) dying regularly in the wombs of his consorts… Natural catastrophes damaging human lives cattle and housesin the places of his ashrams…

Is this all just a coincidence, or rather a sign that something is very dar  k with the “blessings” of Ram Bahadur Bomjon?


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