Why did the earth tremble – according to the Nepali folk

The blood of cow defiled the holy water, what enraged the Naga God residing there, and it appeared in the form of a great snake. One of the men reacted by killing the Naga, while the other became overcome by awe and fear, and tried to stop him.


As someone in constant communication with many Nepalese from all over the country, I have gathered a few opinions about the Great Earthquake of Nepal in 2015, from those who were not satisfied with the scientific explanation of moving geological plates. In fact, Nepal had not experienced any big earthquake for at least one generation (80 years), and so for many Nepalese the current two big quakes were equal to the start of a kind of End of the World. According to a friend who volunteered in Sindhupalchok, many uneducated poor people in that district, living in very primitive conditions, had thought that the best way to hide from the shaking earth is to run back to their “safe” houses… As we know, thousands met their deaths due to this mistake.


It all started in Gorkha, at the border with Tibet in the North of Nepal, many Nepalese say. In these Northern border areas with Tibet, similarly also in Sindhupalchok, Nepalis fell to the sin of eating the meat of cows (beef) easily available from Tibet (in effect China), where it is a staple food. Once, about two weeks before the Big Earthquake arrived, two such men, empowered by alcohol, had been washing the utensils after cutting a cow to pieces in a holy spring at night. The blood of cow defiled the holy water, what enraged the Naga God residing there, and it appeared in the form of a great snake. One of the men reacted by killing the Naga, while the other became overcome by awe and fear, and tried to stop him. But he could not, and thus the drunken cow-eater created a huge concentration of sins in one single day. Killing a Naga is considered in Nepal a sin which brings extreme bad luck and catastrophes. A man I know believes that he got a stroke and became paralyzed because he killed a big cobra in his house some time before it…

The man with bad conscience fell asleep and in his dream the killed Naga announced that because of the sin of his fellow a big flood with sweep the area and kill many people. This in fact happened, still that night, in Gorkha or Lamjung (opinions vary). The man who survived due to the warning dream, then told the story about washing the bloody utensils in the holy spring with his friend,who was swept away by the water.Then not long after this the Earthquake also came, and for those who consider the sin of killing a cow and a Naga so great, this story provided a reason for the “anger of Gods”.


Noone knows where did this story start first in Nepal, but as 99% Nepalis are constantly hanging on Facebook, it spread like wildfire. People say that the Moon had turned upside down, eventually 90 degrees. The face of the moon looks similar in the Northern hemisphere, with the “Shashank” (rabbit) upside-down, ears pointing downwards. Yet during the days of the earthquake the moon that Nepalis saw had its rabbit with ears pointing upwards, eventually the whole moon was switched a few degrees showing a different pattern, or was “lying” horizontally,instead of its usual vertical position. What frightened many Nepalis I spoke to, was when the moon started to decrease/increase, and instead of the usual form when the half moon looks like a boat (U) or is on the side (C), it was actually tilted towards a feature like a nearly upside-down boat. Some even say that this was scientifically confirmed, and that such a formation happens once a 300 years only.


It is doubtless that in Nepali and Indian realities it was an extreme sin to kill that Naga, moreover residing in a holy water source. For Christian Westerners to understand, it can be compared to killing a saint praying to Jesus or desecrating a church. Nagas are patrons of green vegetation and lands with rainforest-type jungles, lakes, rivers in Asia. They rule the fragile balance of water-systems. They are crucial divine beings for Hindus but also Nepali Buddhists. Yet all this being true, we should be aware that the terrible sin of killing a Naga did happen in Nepal and India many times, unfortunately, also before. Only divine beings can know if the extent is so much that it could not be tolerated anymore this time. Still, could this very one event, a sin done actually only by a single person, bring the death of thousands of innocents…?

Rather this event could have been the “last drop” in the impatience of the Gods of Nepal with the unbearable sinfulness of those who are acting as religious authorities for the nation, the famous gurus and Dharma-teachers, lamas, rinpoches, khenpos, sadhus, pujaris… I did have the misfortune to personally experience quite a few of these influential spiritual leaders, and the damage that they are doing to the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga, is much bigger than the sin of killing one single cow or one single Naga: the criminal gurus are actually killing Dharma itself, by establishing teachings which promote cruelty, injust violence, inhuman behavior to so called “enemies”, torture, kidnappings, lies and even sexual attacks. Their influence is long-term, pre-planned, widespread and heading towards being even global. Establishing such teachings and calling them “dharma”, physically harming Yogis and Yoginis calling them “witches” and “disturbers”, and calling such criminal violence and torture with the name “dharma” had been going on in Nepal from 2011 at least, sadly even with the support of the Government, Tamang communities, Nepali Buddhists and police.

One of such gurus is called Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, or Maitriya Guru.

While all the above folk beliefs should not be ridiculed and while killing cows, Nagas and raping baby girls as small as two years old (a regular crime going on in Nepal for months before the Earthquake!) are also extreme crimes, in my feeling they are just the icebergs of the main crime which was establishing a systematic defilement of everything pure, holy and sacred in the Dharmic Tradition of Nepal, by the deeds of Ram Bahadur Bomjon against two Yoginis, his former Bhaktinis, as well as other more tan 40 of his devotees described in the Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy article..


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