Does Bomjon rule the Nepali media?

One of the most faithfully reporting Nepali media WAS The Himalayan Times. The Himalayan Times is also the one media which was not hiding the dark truth about the kidnapping and torture (with sexual abuse, among others) of two women, Marici of Slovakia and Maata Ani of Nepal.

I had been warning long ago about the manipulation by Ram Bomjon and his cult using bribes and their political support to manipulate what Nepali and English-speaking readers are allowed to read and see about his dark past. It was first Anil Khatri, Bomjon’s first victim, on whose attack by Bomjon the Nepali TV and media documents had been deleted without any trace, far back in 2007. The well-known and (even by committees) remembered kidnapping of the Spanish woman had been also in the news and TV in 2007, yet we can see no signs of this in any news on the Internet, not even archives.


One of the most faithfully reporting Nepali media WAS The Himalayan Times. Dozens of articles had been published about Bomjon’s and his attendants criminal deeds, but also,when he was still inactive and just sitting, about his very meditation as well. The Himalayan Times is also the one media which was not hiding the dark truth about the kidnapping and torture (with sexual abuse, among others) of two women, Marici of Slovakia and Maata Ani of Nepal. Also the forgery of his birth certificate had been published there. Logically, I myself used this media’s article links in most of my critical comments, websites, blogs, YouTube comments and articles on this website as well. The Sangha of Ram Bomjon, empowered by enormous money donated to them by Western public in the name of “earthquake relief”, could not only manage to arrange regular helicopter flights for their guru, as others use a taxi, but also clearing of his criminal records at Hetauda court, stopping police investigations in Bara District Police Headquarters, visiting the Prime Minister and getting his support, receiving a passport even after the history of forgery attempts, but now, after other media all had deleted their articles and videos about his controversies, The Himalayan Times had become his new prey…

(The deleted articles of The Himalayan Times are collected here:  )

In September 2012, when Kishore Sherchand, Bomjon’s main PR expert had announced the need to delete the controversial texts and videos from the Internet, the “Sangha”(group of admirers of Bomjon) had created a replacement for the Himalayan Times, which they managed to silence soon afterwards: they named their own “media”, existing only on the Internet and using a hosting service, “The Himalayan Voice“. Stealing all their articles and photos from other sources, showing the original authors with tiny gray letters under the long texts, they try to pose as a serious “newspaper” with heart-breaking humanitarian issues like women’s rights, social injustice, politics… Many topics are in fact often the same as Kishore Sherchand is using on his Facebook pages and commentaries, so the connection between the two is easy to guess. Moreover is interesting that the fakely “neutral” The Himalayan Voice blog has created a few video interviews only with the greatest fanatic propagators from Bomjon’s group, Ivy Jugoa, Joan Stanley Barker and not surprisingly Kishore Sherchand himself, whose articles elevating Bomjon to “greatest gift to humanity” are also published in this “newspaper…

Yet when one searches for any address, owner, license or contact, one starts to revolve in circles, clicking from reference link to reference link, and not getting to any name, address or license number… It is soon obvious that the whole enterprise is just a way to push out the controversial articles of THE HIMALAYAN TIMES about Ram Bomjon from Internet search machines. Yet even after the big efforts to libel my person as mentally ill (so that not to believe my critical descriptions about Bomjon from my experience) by Ivy Jugoa and Joan Stanley-Barker, The original Himalayan Voice was still remaining popular, especially their links to archived articles about Bomjon’s criminality… This irritated the PR department of the guru for a long time. After they collected enough money in the name of alleged help to earthquake victims (which never happened in the advertised extent), they were now finally able to stop The Himalayan Times working, or, what was their main goal, to stop the controversial archived articles from being accessible by Internet public (especially from the links i myself am providing in my articles on websites and commentaries).

Currently The Himalayan Times looks like it has no history, no archive. When you click on it, it says you can request concrete articles from their archives to a given email address, yet obviously in that moment you lose your privacy, and become listed among those suspicious persons who for some reason are interested in the old articles about Ram Bomjon’s dark past… You cannot do this anonymously, browsing The THT’s archive anymore, as you could do it in the case of any other newspaper in any other, democratic and human rights following, country! Freedom of speech and opinion had been cancelled in Nepal. Not by the Government, which is a weak group of constantly arguing rich men who do not care about the outside world much, but are focused on their internal conflicts. No, this Government has no real power in Bomjon’s Nepal, and never had, at least not for making sure that the law and ethics are not broken in Bara District, where more than 40 victims of Ram Bomjon had to suffer extensively due to the lack of action from police and authorities. It seems that media, so much dependent on money and money yet again, cannot be free in Nepal, when a rich criminal cult masking itself as “dharma” is overpaying them with bribes.


The Himalayan Times had been all deleted, thus all the links about Bomjon’s criminal deeds in the past had disappeared. All the links to their articles, which I was using as proves that Bomjon’s criminal deeds in fact happened, had lost their value, At least this was the plan on Bomjon’s bribing and hacking “Sangha”. Bomjon and Sangha but do not know one thing: that I had been foreseeing this move years ago, and saved The Himalayan Times articles in snapshot forms, website forms and copies, and shared these with the critics of this cult. The Internet also still provides many clues that these links DID actually exist and DID have the same content, which must become suspicious for anyone with basic intelligence. It is not just Marici who is referring to HT article links to support her claims about his past. Also The Irregular Times, Nepal News, many blogs and comments all over the Internet used these links as references. What I started to do lately is to archive such articles on Internet Archives, knowing that Bomjon’s mafia would sooner or later use their money and political friends to delete it. And sadly my predictions always came true…

Formerly a similar deletion happened with Nepalnews and La Republica and Ekantipur (its saved articles are here: ), Avenue TV and many private blogs…We can no longer find the Avenue TV news on their official YouTube channel, neither on any other Nepali TV station’s channels and websites. As if they had never shown anything about Bomjon in 2012 (in fact all TV channels were daily reporting about his kidnappings and holding two women captive, around 24 March 2012). But I had foreseen this too, and uploaded the videos and now showing them on my YouTube channels Dharma Dhara and Zsuzsi Takacs. Everyone can see that those films existed, they have the Avenue TV’s logo and their  narrator. Yet if you go and ask them to provide you those materials, they will claim that they do not exist anymore…

Now the same is The Himalayan Times claiming. For example, when you click on the link of  which is supposedly leading to the original article, you read this:


Some months ago Ariya Ghimire, a name connected to spreading many critical articles and videos about Bomjon, published a few longer comments on Nepal News online, under the articles about Indian ambassador planting a tree near Lumbini’s Maya Devi Temple. The commentary was popular and started a big discussion. A few days later the whole media house “collapsed”: Nepali News, which existed for years, had been closed down. That time I was still trying to think that the connection between the close-down and Ariya Ghimire’s name (and especially the connection with extensive Ram Bomjon criticism) is just coincidental. Yet already in the past years I experienced many blogs and even articles of The Himalayan Times disappearing, if they were about Ram Bomjon. This activity of the Bomjon online army went so widespread after September 2012, when Kishore Sherchand, Bomjon’s fanatic propagator, announced the need to “clear the Internet” from any critical texts about Bomjon, that I even started to make a list, a collection of “emptied links”. It is just too obvious that websites, media articles and blogs delete themselves or close down entirely when they ever touched the Bomjon topic even slightly critically in the past.

The Himalayan Times kept its face for long still, keeping the hot potato” articles, which caused them so much trouble, in their secret archives not searchable on the Internet (until you knew exactly their title and link!). Yet this was also not enough protection from the truth to shed light by people who were really curious. They then played a cat-and-mouse game, shifting those archived articles regularly to new and new links. I did find them after a time always and refreshed them in my articles, again and again.

Then there were those times when The Himalayan Times had been (ALLEGEDLY) hacked. Why only them? Why not Kantipur, La Republica etc.? Is that again a coincidence, that HT wrote the most critical and the bigger amount of articles about “Buddha Boy;s” controversial deeds? Were those hacking alarms real, or a way to explain the closures and link-shiftings, artcile-deletings of this media?

What to do with a media which has a history of articles showing a dark past of a dangerous violent guru who is a friend with the leading politicians of a country? Use your logic, power an authority: delete the WHOLE media, and that is it! How easy, isn’t it. Then return some superfluous version from date zero, let’s say from the earthquake, and claim that the media went down the landslide and you could not recover its archives anymore… Did the Internet lose its archived pages because there was an earthquake in a tiny country like Nepal? Probably this can be the explanation for those, who still refuse to believe that the effectual main authority of Nepal, higher than law, higher than ethics, higher than dharma and higher than any presidents and prime ministers and kings, is Ram Bahadur Bomjon and his violent cult!

The collection of deleted articles of The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur and other Nepalese media and blogs:

Long live Freedom of Speech!


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