“Leave me in peace and there will be peace in the country”

Where is that alleged PEACE of Nepal, which had to arrive,  when the nation, politicians and even army, did all to fulfil the wishes of Bomjon aka Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha”?

Nepal seems to have been infected with a virus of mutual hatred, violence, everyone is against everyone…

Featured photo: Clashes unabated in Gaur despite curfew
A group of women cadres on Monday afternoon had organised a sword rally in front of the District Police Office in Gaur.


snapshot of Leave me in peace

The official biography of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, considered the Maitreya (Maitriya Guru) by his followers, is quoting his words told to the onlookers of his meditation, in Nepal in 2006: “Leave me in peace and there will be soon peace in the country”. To ensure that he stays undisturbed, his family and devotees created an environment for him where bodyguards in civil and lama robes, and often even troops of Armed Police Forces soldiers had been day and night taking care that no one could step inside the “circle of meditation” of their guru. In fact, that “circle” had been just a few meters circumference in 2006 in Ratanpuri, yet gradually grew to be 13 km circumference in Halkhoria’s Government owned forest, because of the alleged “many enemies” that Bomjon claimed to have, allegedly wishing to interfere with his “meditation”. In 2012 the paranoia went so far that even guarding dogs and other animals had been deployed for ensuring Bomjon’s “peace”.

The Nepali nation, locals, army, police and foreign donors really did all they could to ensure that the “savior of the universe”, as many look at him considering him to be Buddha’s new Avatar, the Buddha Maitreya, the Messiah – has enough peace for his meditation. He was so much protected from the very first day of meditation, that even after he started to pursue his hobby of violently attacking men and kidnapping women, torturing and beating them, he was enjoying total impunity in Nepal, and his tough body guards and hard-core monks did not allow anyone, even not from police and of law, to disturb his “holy meditation”.

Western donors like Canadian-Korean Mr. Moon had spent all their retirement pensions on building 3 concentric barbed-wire fences around ‘Buddha Boy’s’ “meditation tree” in Halkhoria. A regular patrolling service had been deployed by the followers along the fences, to ensure that no one entered the area without permission, not even media or police, creating an (artificially) idyllic, silent environment in the lush jungle for the “liberator of the world from violence” … On the frequented pathways to the South and East two gates had been built to Buddha Boy’s compound, with guards.

All Bomjon’s demanding and expensive conditions to transform Nepal and humanity into lands of peace, had been met. So where is that liberation of humanity from violence? Is this that peace that Ram Bomjon is bringing to the land…:

Local administration decides to mobilise army in Rautahat
“The riot-hit region includes Gaur Municipality and adjoining regions along 42-km long Chandranigahapur road-section, according to the DAO. Security personnel have have shoot at sight orders in the riot-hit areas.”

Eight people including SSP Laxman Neupane and a two-year-old boy were ruthlessly killed in the clash that escalated after the Tharuhat demonstrators breached the prohibited zone in Tikapur Municipality yesterday.

NA (Nepal Army) mobilized around Tikapur surroundings
“The local administration has decided to mobilize Nepal Army (NA) in six VDCs of the district after announcing them as riot zones.”

8, including 7 police and a child, killed in Kailali clashes, claims Far-Western Regional Police Office

Police open fire at protesters in Gaur, one dies
“The incident happened when some 400 protesters continued to march toward the district headquarters although police lobbed teargas and opened fire in air…

Curfew clamped in Dhangadhi

One killed in firing as protesters clash with security forces in Gaur

Prohibitory orders issued in Gulariya

The effect, in spite of the extreme efforts of Ram Bamjan’s followers to ensure “peace for his meditation”, is somehow missing… Had Nepal seen any peace as a RESULT of his allegedly “peaceful meditation”? It is enough to have a look at the daily news in Nepal, to understand that the peace emitting abilities of Bomjon somewhat failed to reach the country and the nation! After entering the keywords of “news Nepal” in Google Image search, we can get a set of shockingly graphic images about the recent events of this “peaceful country” of the “new Buddha”… And those pictures are not just about the tragical huge earthquake that had befallen this Himalayan land…

The below photos from Ekantiupur.com show demonstrators for “Hindu Rashtra”, Hindu state, ensuring the end to “forceful Christian conversions”, which brings “bandas”, curfews enforced by agitators,to many big cities and towns, already many weeks. The agitators for an undivided Karnali District even deploy their own children, though police sometimes is forced to control the situation with shooting:

and there will be peace in the country4


and there will be peace in the country5jpg





After in 2014 Ramlal Bomjon had met with high-level politicians, had been ensured of support – most probably unintentionally – also for pursuing his “special” violent dharma of kidnappings and punishing randomly picked up people, the political upheavals had been unleashed on Nepal as from a broken dam which had been holding the tensions for long.

The never-ending story of writing a Constitution became a joke among the folk (Bomjon-followers could recall a parallely never-ending story about ‘Buddha Boy’ allegedly “writing a book”…). A tiny country with many nationalities, religions and colorful cultures, which had managed to live side-by-side for centuries, unified by a powerful king Prithivi Narayan Shah, had started to imitate the Yugoslavian Syndrome of separatism and mutual hatred, concluding in barbaric violence and a situation similar to the Civil War:

Deadly clashes between Nepali police and protesters
“At least six officers and three protesters killed in country’s west during demonstration over proposed new constitution” 24 Aug 2015 14:12 GMT | Asia Pacific, Nepal

Agence France-Presse in Kathmandu, Monday 24 August 2015 11.52 EDT “Demonstrators armed with spears and axes have killed eight police officers in western Nepal during escalating protests against a proposed new constitution, three demonstrators may have also died. … Demonstrators also set fire to one of the paramilitary officers, said Guatam, although it was unclear if the officer survived the attack…”

Dang declared riot-hit zone
“Security personnel have shoot-at-sight orders against those involved in vandalism and arson of public property.”

myrepublica ambulance torched in rautahat

Photo above: Myrepublica.com (Protest in Rautahat District, 25 August, 2015)


Apart from these religious issues, people in Nepal are agitating for and against just anything they ever wanted to achieve:

  • Tharus for a separated own federal state (Pradesh) called Tharuhat in the Southern belt
  • Karnali, Kailali against the separation of their districts
  • Jumla and Dang against separation
  • Madeshis of the Terai from the West (Dhangadi, Ghorahi, Rupandehi, Chitwan etc.) to the East (Rautahat, Morang, Saptari, Sarlahi, etc.) for a separated Tharu-Madeshi Pradesh, an autonome belt
  • Indigenous nationalities (Magar, Limbu, Rai, Gurung etc.) for their own separate states, for example Limbus in the East
  • Untouchable Dalit caste for non-discrimination
  • women for ensuring child’s citizenship based on mother’s citizenship
  • traders and students  for ending the strike-culture




Above is the latest hit of the ruling parties, the 7-state (7-Pradesh) model which was the next from the 6-state model causing the all-nation anger. It is clear that the new states cannot consists of solely one caste in a country with about 150 castes and dozens of languages, mostly because many districts simply have a mixed population. There always will be some would feel marginalized. That’s why the philosophy of SEPARATION and MUTUAL HATRED in Buddha’s “holy land” is something what can bring only destruction and tragedies to the country.


What could have been carried out in India, when dividing it into Pradesh states, which have more or less their own separate nations and languages, cannot be forced on small Nepal with a very different history. Yet it seems that Nepalis themselves wish to cut the country to smaller and smaller units, and thus make it even more vulnerable. Did the Nepali politicians and folk forget the historical lesson that power is in unity, not in separation?

The unifier of Nepal, Prithivi Narayan Shah, used force to unify. Will the current government manage to force on Nepal’s “small kingdoms” a new unification? When citizens who used to live side-by-side in peace for many centuries, are now burning alive their co-citizens, piercing army-men with spears and lynch them with khukuris, how can the avalanche of barbarism stop? By giving everyone a piece of the already so tiny cake, until actually no one’s hunger would be calmed down? Or by forcing them, by armed force – a tactic which is not like anything Buddhist in the land of “two Buddhas” (Gautama and the “Buddha Boy”)?


Enforcing peace… Is this not a contradiction in itself? Is this not dangerously similar to the way how Ram Bomjon had been enforcing his “peace for meditation” for 8 years in Nepal – with proactive and “preventive” sword attacks, kidnappings, beatings to blood, prolonged tortures in captivity of many innocent people? What he was doing in small, in his “Halkhoria Monarchy”, is now actually repeated in the whole country (sadly even onto such details as the increasing cases of sexual violence and witch-huntings against women!). 


The photo above showing the anger and despair of just another group of the dozens which are protesting against the Government these days, the so called “indigenous nationalities”, usually representing Tamangs, Magars, Rais, Limbus. We can see even Buddhist monks participating in the protest on the right of the picture.  It is interesting that one of the two parties fighting for the rights of Nepal’s indigenous people, AJRA (Adivasi Janajati Rastriya Andolan), the other being NEFIN, had been regularly present at any rally organized by bomjonists, due to his Tamang origin. Locals even spoke about a plan of Tamang nationalists to elevate Ram Bomjon as their king…Photo by The Guardian

Watching the events in Nepal from 2014 (when the issuing of the Constitution started to fail) until now, no sober person could stick a label to it as “peace”… Yet the followers of Ram Bomjon do not bother to remember the promise of their guru about “peace” in exchange for ensuring him total undisturbedness to “meditate”.

What does “meditation” mean for Ram Bomjon, actually? To fuel his “meditation” he often needed a few people to suffer beatings, broken bones, rape, chainings for months…To see blood pouring down from his victims. More than 40 such human beings had to suffer the strange “rituals” of violence, which Bomjon was (and is!) allowed to pursue, under national protection, already for about 8 years. Could it be that these rituals of blood and human terror were serving some magical purpose, like the voodoo of Haitian folk-sorcery? It nearly seems like that, because even if Nepalis made a superhuman effort NOT to bring to justice their “Buddha Boy” and his assistants after so many crimes, and even delete all mainstream media news about these acts as well as close down police reports, the desired effect of the predicted “peace in the country” somehow did not arrive…But was is an aim of the alleged “Maitriya” at all?

From 2006 till 2011 there had been crowds of tens of thousands of people worshipping him as a god, above whom Bomjon had authority, as they were admiring him for his “tapasya for humankind” with alleged fasting. He could have used this authority to teach people to stop barbaric behavior – if he ever wanted. He did speak about these nice ideas though, yet his own deeds and the deeds of his Sangha confirmed the Nepali nation that he was just speaking air.

For example his rape-order against a woman kidnapped by him in 2012 was circled in Nepali media for long, or the bloody attacks against a few villagers in 2014. If the internationally famous ‘Buddha Boy’ could get away with this in the name of a “right cause” or even in the name of “Dharma”, so can themselves, many Nepalis might have thought… The example of a religious celebrity inspired them to an unprecedented outburst of rape-cases in Nepal from 2012, and as we see in the latest months (especially from 2014), even barbaric violence, in the name of their own “righteous causes” (religious, caste, political).

Yet the real Buddha and real Gurus had been teaching humanity that there can never be any justification with any “right cause” for violence and beatings, rapes, tortures! No religious, political or nationalist cause can ever justify killing a policeman’s 2-years old baby, or lynching police forces with knifes and spears to death, what happened in Kailali on the 24th of August 2015! It is necessary for Nepalis to return to the spiritual heritage of Buddhism and Hinduism, and abandon any such “right causes” for harming other people. Any “cause” which brings about killing babies and spearing human beings to death, is not a rightous one…


really peace gaur-armed-rally

Above photo: Clashes unabated in Gaur despite curfew
… At leat 28 protestors were injured as security forces fired rubber bullets to disperse them. One of the injured, a rickshaw puller Sabindra Mahato, is in the critical condition and has been referred to a Birgunj-based health facility, according to the District Hospital’s Dr Praveen Jha. A group of women cadres on Monday afternoon had organised a sword rally in front of the District Police Office in Gaur. Police fired 110 rounds of rubber bullets as well as used 70 shells of tear gas to control the mob. Earlier, the protestors vandalised around half dozen government offices in the town.”

When I am mentioning the voodoo connection between “Maha Sambodhi” and the nation of Nepalis, I also have a few other events on my mind, when Ram Bomjon had used his notorious sword, or had armed his “sangha” with similar swords to pursue his attacks against innocent people. The following violent incidents had involved a sword (more details in The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy artcile):

  1. Bomjon’s attack on Anil Khatri with a sword in 2007
  2. Bomjon’s assistant, Darshan Limbu’s sword using during the torture of Bomjon’s Slovak kidnapee in 2012
  3. Bomjon and a few others of his Sangha pulling out swords during the attack on hisown family members in 2012
  4. Sword attack of Bomjon’s assistants against 13 boys in Sarlahi District in 2013



Army mobilised in Kailali, Sarlahi and Rautahat; all CDOs entrusted with special authority
August 24, 2015 4:59 pm On: Kathmandu
“… Rautahat and Sarlahi also remained tense and declared riot-hit zones.”

Sarlahi and Rautahat have connections with Ram Bahadur Bomjon: Sarlahi is one of the districts which temporarily allowed Ram Bomjon to settle in 2012, in Pattharkot, after he was forced to leave Bara District because of his criminal activity in Halkhoriya. Yet soon after his assistant lamas, whom he armed with swords, attacked 13 youths in the village, he was requested to leave Sarlahi as well. Rautahat, on the other hand, is a Terai district neighboring with Bara, and during Bomjon’s disappearances in the alleged ‘6-years of meditation’ period, he often used to wander to the jungles of Rautahat….

The whole country is upside down, and the ruling politicians, wishing to control the situation, decided to use army force against the folk…: Actually, can they do anything else? It is too late for other solutions. After years of silently tolerating brutal crimes done by the rich and influential, among whom ‘Buddha Boy’ exceeds, they have created a precedens environment for more violence and brutality to come.

Nepal had been infected with a virus of mutual hatred, violence, everyone is against everyone, nearly daily we read about rapes of women and mainly small children, and recently even about human sacrifice…  Political agitators go so far as using their women, children and even dogs as living shields in the protests which police is often unable to stop with other means than shooting rubber-bullets and tear-gas.


“Buddha Boy meditating for world-peace” became a slogan that the IT department of Bomjon’s Sangha had spread over the Internet in millions of clones. The only problem is, that instead of any world-peace we can see more and more violence now in Europe (terrorism), and even the Arabic world turned to be a hell of endless violence from the very time that Bomjon had kidnapped two Yogini women and tortured them in his jungle captivity for months from the end of 2011 and in 2012.  There is a surprising coincidence of the “Arab Spring” with unleashing of Bomjon’s attacks on innocent women and men, which started in big in 2011 (but “in small” already in 2007!). Can the current situation in the world after the destructive wars and terror attacks of Isis be called an achieved “world-peace”?

Will he appear as a victorious dictator, who, after humanity had successfully exterminated most of itself, would arrive as a ruler who would do off with the rest? As is his habit, “ensuring peace with violence, rapes and torture”?

Do the followers of Ramlal Bomjon not ask these important questions? Or they had just forgotten his words? Can they still claim that all those barbed wire fences and tough body-guards armed with swords and guns, troops of soldiers and even the support of  politicians, of mafia leaders and of TV-celebrities did not do the job, and the poor “guru” still did not feel enough peace to meditate…? Yes, they will probably find some similar explanations.


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