Where was ‘Buddha Boy’ in 2015 and what was he doing?

As most people know, Ram Bomjon is playing a game of “hide-and-seek” most of the time, and the only occasions when he goes public is 1-2 times a year, when his financial resources have dried up and he needs to arrange a big “blessing puja” event, where huge donations from tens of thousands flow in. The rest of the year his website is dead silent, and his Facebook sites and forums are tightly controlled for any leaks about his activities and whereabouts. Exactly during these mysterious silent times Bomjon had always been engaged (yes, in a sick yearly regularity!) in horrible violent actions, kidnapping alleged “witches” and torturing them for months, locking up alleged “disturbers” and thrashing them by the help of his “blue monks”.

UPDATE 2018: Apparently Bomjon had been repeatedly raping, already during 2015 a minor nun in his ashram who is now 18 years old, Gangamaya Tamang. Her shocking story had been investigated only by the media (Setopati), police had refused to file her report. See more here

UPDATE 2019: Apparently Bomjon had lynched to death, by the assistance of his followers, one of his followers Sanchalal Waiwa, accusing him of sorcery (witchcraft) right after the Matri Puja in 2015. The police has no government permission to arrest Bomjon, although two eye-witnesses gave detailed information. See more here

UPDATE 2019: Bomjon had been hiding during the months of his crime accusations coming out in the media, between September 2018 and May 2019, until his political supporters (Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli, Sher Bahadur Deuba etc.) had ensured that police stopped investigation and media was not allowed to publish about his crimes anymore. Then, he had appeared for a few hours in May to accept the bowing of his worshipers, and left in his caravan again. He is believed to spend time in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, where he had been invited to pick up 10 thousand USD donation in cash. More about Bomjon’s 2019 hide-and-seek Where is Ram Bomjon ow?.

UPDATE 2019: From about 2014 five of Bomjon’s followers had disappeared, two (Waiwa and Rita Bot) feared dead. More here

An overview of Bomjon’s rape and murder cases and of the 6 disappeared nuns and monks which came to light in 2018 and 2019 can be found on Setopati

UPDATE 2019: This year it had been publicly confirmed that one of Bomjon’s wifes-girfriends Dipshika had finally given birth to a boy in 2015. The amateur video of Bomjon, his wife and child can be found in the article Is Ram Bomjon married? Finally, because in the previous years she herself had to go through at least 3 intentional abortions, while other girlfriends around the “guru” also had many abortions. (Abortions of female embryos are illegal in Nepal).


A thought to consider: 2015 was also a year of Nepal’s devastating earthquake that killed 9000 people, around 4000 of whom died in Ram Bomjon’s district, Sindhupalchowk. The 2 big earthquakes occurred on the 25th April and 12th of May, 2015. Ram Bomjon’s “World Peace Maitri Puja” had just ended a few days before the earthquake. Many of the cases involving brutal violence had allegedly happened during and just after the 2015 Maitri Puja. Ancient cultures all over the world believe that catastrophes hit humanity due to sins and blasphemy! Religious Nepalese believed that the nation might have made a mistake somewhere by allowing sacrilegious sinful behavior in the name of Dharma! They still did not find out where and by whom…

NEW: Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Controversies – a comprehensive (long) article with practically all the available media about his attacks, abducting and many other unlawful deeds, with an explanation how the media censorship evolved over the years.




THIS ARTICLE HAD BEEN WRITTEN IN 2015 AND ABOUT 2015, IN A PRESENT AND FUTURE TENSE AND IT’S TITLE WAS THEN: Where is ‘Buddha Boy’ and what is he doing? As it became even more popular in 2016 and 2017, I saw it appropriate to change the title to past tense.

As most people know, Ram Bomjon is playing a game of “hide-and-seek” most of the time, and the only occasions when he goes public is 1-2 times a year, when his financial sources have dried up and he needs to arrange a big “blessing puja” event, where huge donations from tens of thousands flow in. The rest of the year his website is dead silent, and his Facebook sites and forums are tightly controlled for any leaks about his activities and whereabouts.

Exactly during these mysterious silent times Bomjon had always been engaged (yes, in a sick yearly regularity!) in horrible violent actions, kidnapping alleged “witches” and torturing them for months, locking up alleged “disturbers” and thrashing them by the help of his “blue monks”.

Recently there had been two deaths occurring in his premises, of people who visited him. (UPDATE 2019: unfortunately it seems that there had been at least 2 additional murders, one of them of Rita Bot , Bomjon’s first wife, and the other of Sanchalal Waiwa, Bomjon’s long-time monk helper, although the 2 other disappeared nuns Chinimaya Tamang and Fulmaya Rumba, and the monk Suresh Ale Magar are also feared dead).

One of the 2 deaths was an instant deathof Bomjon’s retired American psychologist devotee-monk, Dr. Moore, the other a death occurring as a one-year prolonged tragic consequence of a 2015 attack. of beating Bomjon’s own sister, Manu Ani’s head by him and his followers exceedingly until her brain suffered and edema, and she died a year later (described below in the article).

Unfortunately, in Nepal, Bomjon is considered an untouchable god and national hero of the Tamang caste, and the authorities are apparently rather reluctant to investigate the criminal acts, probably also fearing a possible Tamang revolt. The media had been the only way to learn about them, but after 2012 the media became censored by the pro-Bomjon political lobby, and not a word about Bomjon’s real actions can get published anymore. Tamangs are regularly expressing pseudo-patriotic anger on comments section under articles or videos showing Ram Bomjon’s crimes, claiming that showing the negativities about him would harm Nepal’s image in the world.

The traditionally Buddhist Tamang are the largest Tibeto-Burman ethnic group within Nepal, constituting 5.6% of the national population of over 1.3 million in 2001, increasing to 1,539,830 as of 2011 census,[3] yet contested.[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamang_people

Although the hiding-time-violence/torture and the public-time-mega-blessing-fundraising cycle is already a tradition of Bomjon from at least 2007 (when his first know attack with sword happened against Anil Khatri), the Nepalese do not show any interest to investigate Bomjon’s “hiding times” and their reasons. Nepal is a very tolerant country when it comes to “spiritual leaders” and gurus, and that is a positive element, but the Nepalese are still too naive. Indians had already painfully learned that many powerful rich gurus could be actually criminals who cheat, sexually abuse, physically harm people and they get to worldly courts and punished (like the famous Asaram Babu sitting in jail).

The official version shared by Bomjon’s Sangha (followers), why is such a frequent and long silence covering the “guru”, is always something like “guru needs to be alone to meditate for humankind” or “guru needs privacy to write his book“. During these “private meditations” human beings are locked up and thrashed by sticks to bruises and death, others are chained to trees in the jungle and tortured, raped... The desperate call of their soul, the feeling that they had been abandoned and let down by all their devotee-friends and families, by the authorities of the land, cannot be heard by anyone. The brutality, cynicism, sadism and sick twistedness of Bomjon’s tortures is witnessed by his nearest followers only; the rest of the public has no idea about what is going on behind the shiny stage. They willingly donate huge amounts for his “projects of promoting world-peace”, and that money is used to bribe policemen, investigators, political figures and media to not to deal with the crimes that Bomjon “must do” as part of his mission.

The below work is thus based mostly on the descriptions of informers: ex-members of the Bomjon cult, who are still in touch with other members, which are gradually getting more and more critical to what they are witnessing from Bomjon and his loyal attendants, in his premises. The other source of information is from Nepalese locals, with whom the author of this work communicates in their own language. Astrological predictions from Astro.com had been used to double-check and see the leaks in a bigger context.


Ram Bomjon in 2016 – predictions 

Maitriya’s Great Coming Out (2017)

NEW: Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!


For a general overview of Ram Bomjon’s all known deeds from 2007 to 2017 see THE RAM BAHADUR BOMJON CONTROVERSY article on this site.

A few udpates I have added to this article over the past years:

UPDATE July 2016:

Although this article became extremely popular with readers recently, one should be aware that it is slightly OUTDATED and sadly, most events foretold here below in this 2015 prediction had been already fulfilled!

Below I was warning explicitly that the strange behavior of Ram Bomjon, especially in the first three months of 2015, when hiding from open air events and staying very low-profile, could have been caused by a new ritual of violence and torture he was engaged in…

To my great pain my prediction from this article had been proved already in 2016 and 2017: an unprecedented cruel attack was apparently done to a person by Bomjon and his associates in the beginning of 2015, as usual, to “fuel” his famous crowded event “World Peace Maitri Puja 2015″.  Astrology was, sadly, truthful again. Before proceeding with this article, please read it as a mainly past issue, which had been fulfilled…

UPDATE 2019: It had been described in detail by witnesses present that just after the 2015 Maitri Puja ended, Bomjon had accused Sanchalal Waiwa and another monk of sorcery, which allegedly caused the death of his horse and illness of the followers just after the Puja. Bomjon ordered his followers to lynch the elder monk Waiwa to death with sticks, knives, kicks and punches. His body he ordered to burn and hide in a hole in the nearby field. More details here and in Setopati’s and The Kathmandu Posts’s articles.

Thus, not only Manu’s fatal beating, but also Waiwa’s fatal beating by a “guru” and “religion” calling itself “Maitri” had dramatically polluted the Dharma in Nepal in 2015, but also many other terrible events done in his and his religion’s name. I had predicted this in this article back in 2015, and but facts came out only in 2018 and 2019. If anyone took my warnings and predictions seriously in 2015, human lives could have been saved!

UPDATE April 2017:

The “wrath” of Bomjon had brought the slow death of his sister Manu, who served him for many years in total dedication. The above written information about his actions in 2015, which was provided by a chain of informers whose identity I was not allowed to disclose, had been recently proved by no one else than a follower of Ram Bomjon to an interviewer from Nepalese media present on the latest “World Peace Maitri Puja 2017” held in Kathmandu’s Bungamati:

“Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action‘.”She later died a painful death.”


XNepali: Curious case of Bomjon – So called god was behind the death of his sister


A new article on the topic: WHY DID MANU HAVE TO DIE?



Note about the abortion claims in the article:

Concerning the below mentioned ABORTIONS OF BOMJON’S UNBORN BABIES, when writing this article I was still not allowed (by one of my sources) to share that they were not natural, but ARTIFICIAL ABORTIONS in Kathmandu hospitals, even if I knew from another non-Nepalese source (practically an eye-witness who was staying and traveling with Bomjon as his nearest trustee) this truth. Now it is nearly public, as Westerners had been around, so I am allowed to share it.

Neither the countless abortions (in more than one of Bomjon’s girlfriends wombs), nor the fact that one male child had been finally born to Dipshika (Guru Ama) are secrets to Bomjon’ Sangha (Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha) in Nepal and to some members abroad (Andrea Good, Kim Nguyen etc) – the only thing is that all this is scrupulously hidden from the public! 

Unfortunately the main source publishing the abortion claims, Dharma-sangha.com website, had been shut down in the meantime, and only a few of its archived pages had been saved on The Dharma-sangha.com Archive . The Europe-based author had described the information especially here:  Dharma-sangha.com Archive: A girlfriend, pregnancies and miscarriages


Astrology is warning of extreme and dramatic changes which would pull up Bomjon to a now sudden powerful and authoritative position in Nepal, and people, it maybe all humanity, would be taken by (bad) surprise – yet it will be late for all those who realize they had to act before… This is going to unfold from around December 2016. We have our last chance to stop this spiritual virus destroying all moral values of human societies, individuals and religions. After 2017 it will be too late:

 Maitriya’s Great Coming Out – the 2017 prediction


So here is the original text, as it was written in 2015 about 2015 (with distinguishable updates and notes from 2016 and 2017):


The below text is a long and detailed overview to give a picture about the most probable events and actions connected to Maitriya Guru  aka “Tapasvi” Ram Bomjon, in the last 8-10 months. The below information is based on a few sources:

  1. direct witnesses, former devotees who had been around Bomjon in the last two years, but seeing the truth about him, had distanced themselves and direct witness accounts of victims
  2. alternative media (blogs, websites) as mainstream Nepali media had been forbidden by the Government to publish about Bomjon, as a “punishment” for daring to inform about his crimes between 2007-2012, in dozens of articles. Yet foreign-based, expat media of Nepalese living abroad, does not have to fear any revenge and reprisals, attacks or threats, and they usually publish Bomjon’s darker deeds, if they get to know them (DC Nepal, Canadanepal, Image TV Channel).
  3. my own personal experiences and thorough and long-time study of the subject, trying to find out for years the riddle why did he started to harm people, especially from among his supporters
  4. sources from Nepali locals, villagers, friends
  5. astrology

(Note: the overview of astrological forecasts for this period is now moved to a separate article).

NEW: Who is Ram Bahadur Bomjon actually? Basic biography.






A, Hands which tortured and raped

B, Places stained by blood and suffering











A, Bomjon-ambassadors sent to prepare his way

B, How to cross the border when you are a Buddha Boy

C, Which country?

12, UPDATE: Bomjon’s sister Manu’s mysterious death

See also: Followers confess to the slow killing of Manu?

Two main themes in summer 2015

While in 2014 the Sangha of Ram Bomjon used to be hyperactive in pushing the topic of their “Maitriya Guru” to every possible corner of the Internet, all possible library-projects, encyclopedias, YouTube, forums, recently a big silence is covering the “holy man” as well as his army of propagators. People are turning to me with questions, if I know where he is and what he is doing. The April-May 2015 earthquakes in Nepal had shaken off a few of his ardent followers, and shook them back to their countries. The last news that his faithful one, Semyon Shekovtsov, the “IT-guy” had pushed over from his website to the public were merely two “activities” connected to Tapasvi Bomjon:

  • appealing to Westerners TO SEND HIM MONEY, with the insurance that he and his Sangha would really-but-really, and maximally correctly and honestly distribute all the collected donation-money to the earthquake victims of Sindhupalchowk (no, they didn’t)
  • invitation to the FIRST, MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF THE “MAITRI-DHARMA” TO BE ESTABLISHED IN MOSCOW – allegedly but without the presence of the “Maitri Guru”

See more Bomjon’s helicopters and Nepal’s hungry children


We have learned from his former official website Dharma-sangha.com that from the generous donations from naive Westerners, as well the donations shifted to Bomjon from a pro-bomjonist French charity Surya World, they gave a few rice bags to 300 people only – from among the tens of thousands homeless and hungry of Sindhupalchowk. After the Sangha of Maitriya Guru managed to extract big enough money, made a few populist photos for their website about handing over the bags, they had announced (authorized by Bomjon) that from now on they would stop with charity and leave the NGOs to do the work, pocketing the donations and keeping them with “Maha Sambodhi”.

Bomjon’s miraculous power to create “heavenly food” not used to lessen earthquake victims’ suffering:

No heart-melting miracle-making of multiplying “bread-and-fish” by the “Buddhist Messiah” Bomjon, among those who are starving due to the earthquake, happened… I am recalling khenpo Sonam Gyurme’s words, whom Ram Bomjon told in 2011 that he has the “Siddhi” to create food, and that he was feeding himself on such “spiritual manna’ during his long meditations (he also told khenpo then, that to fulfill his mission of Tapasya, he abandoned even creating food from air). On a different occasion, J.S. Waiba told to a reporter that Bomjon is able to create “something from nothing”, and that’s why he believed he would be the Maitreya Buddha.

See also: A post-earthquake reconstruction which never happened

But when I asked any of my Nepali friends who went to volunteer to Sindhupalchowk or actually have families there, if they got any earthquake-relief from Maitriya Guru and his “blue monks”, the reaction was always something like: ” From whom…?”, “Who is that?” “No rice bags from any blue monks“.

Many Nepali friends who went to volunteer or have family members there, told me that families live in makeshift shelters in earthquake-hit Sindhupalchowk – the district “blessed” by Bomjon’s presence during the last years – even now, and the only help they ever received was a few zinc-sheets, a few packs of small noodle-soup, and 15 000 rupees from the Government (obviously not enough to build a new house). Some are luckier to have been visited by foreign volunteers who help them build schools, temporary huts or toilets…

Yet anyone I ask about Sindhupalchowk, none of the victims is aware there of any help distributed by any “Maitriya Guru” or any “blue monks”!  Bomjon must be too busy with his own career, that he can stay so invisible and unknown in Sindhupalchowk among the earthquake victims! Further below I would list what is this career most probably about…

See also Dharma-sangha.com Archive: Your money as donations


Above image: Bomjon’s picture overseeing the Moscow Maitri Puja on the 9th of July 2015, which had been attended by about 8 followers. The picture was surrounded by the paintings of the “Seven Deities’, and Ivy Jugoa (Jyampa Laden) had been selling her paintings of the idol as part of the program.



The other similarly dubious activity associated with Maitriya Guru was the widely publicized “Maitri Puja in Moscow”, in July 2015. What was the sense to make such an event in Moscow? Allegedly they prayed. The 8-something-member audience. Fortifying Bomjon’s “Seven Deities”, the same ones which had been celebrated during the tortures, bone-breakings and rapes of two kidnapped victims of Bomjon in 2012 in Halkhoria. THAT event of a collective crime-ritual against two kidnapped women, had been also called “Maitri Puja”, and is remembered by the cult as a holy gathering to this date. Establishing a “new religion”, which is calling torturing human beings “dharma” and “Maitri”, on Europe’s eastern threshold, was the main sense of this event in Moscow. Or was that ‘Maitri Puja’, like so many of Bomjon’s previous “holy gatherings”, connected to a torture-and-beating of some new human beings, again?

See also Maha Sambodhi infiltrating Russia and the Ukraine


Nepal Earthquake 2015

Audience only in His Holiness Bomjon’s private chambers! Cameras, mobiles forbidden…

But both events, the donation-handling as well as infecting Russia’s capital with Bomjon’s dodgy violent “loving-kindness”, had been done only in his name, by his Sangha, but not at his personal presence, although he had already acquired a passport from the late Prime Minister Sushil Koirala in October 2014 (for long the Government rejected his claims due to attempts to issue a birth-certificate falsification in 2012, and also due to his criminal activities). Already the last Nepali “Maitri Puja” on March 22, 2015 (called also Maitri Diwas), one month before the earthquakes arrived, was dodgy: Bomjon had announced that he would not come out of his house to make the usual public show of worshipers throwing themselves to his feet, but that they should carry out the puja themselves, and then come to his house in the compound, queue outside of his door, and do the bow-job in his private chambers. Strange things are going on with Bomjon recently. Whom or what was he hiding in that house that he could not leave it even for an hour of speech-giving? Was that “something” or “someone” important to keep there, exactly during the Maitri Puja?

Or was the reason similar like in the past, when Bomjon had been organizing so called “blessing programs” on the places of previous tortures and beatings? Update 2017: The 2016 news about two deaths of Bomjon-devotees in his premises in Nepal, rather fulfill this sad prophecy…

Read the below explanation, describing the precedents of similar bizarre choices of places for “spiritual venues” by the “Tapasvi”:


A, Hands which tortured and raped

Bomjon has a strange obsession: any time he uses some of his attendants for torturing and attacking people, he picks exactly the same people, with “blood on their hands”, to stand near him during blessing programs and touch the crowd of devotees while they pass in front of him, allegedly to control the speed of the flow of worshipers.

During his 2012 Maitri Puja, when a group of his Sangha members had been regularly going to the jungle to torture his two victims, the same boys and men had been also employed as the “touching assistants” for the worshiping queue (like workers on a factory conveyor belt): Darshan Limbu (Foon Chok), Shyangbo Dong (Dawasha Lama), the Maitriya-painter Khaiba, Tom Dorje (Polish) and Bal Hari Rai (a brutal attacker and torturer of a previous incident in October 2011). Elder Buddhist lamas (“memes“) who had been deployed as guards to watch the suffering women and prevent others to find them in the jungle. had been also shown on photos touching devotees coming to “Maitriya” for blessing.

The “Touchers” with hands which tortured


Above image: the “Touchers” of the queued up devotees. The person in black T-shirt is Shyangbo Dong (Dawasha Lama on Facebook), who is touching a child on this photo, was particularly torturing the European devotee-volunteer Marici during the first kidnapping in October 2011, when together with the Polish Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski (aka Dorje or Jyampa Dzenba), and Bal Hari Rai of Kakarbhitta, at Bomjon’s order they jumped on her, tied her hands on her back and tied the massive plastic ropes so much that it stopped circulation of the blood in her hands. This Shyangbo Dong had been smiling and told Marici he would kill her personally if she continued to cry for help and ask for compassion the onlookers, among who there were also women and children. Then Dawasha Lama, who claims on his Facebook site that he studied at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, told her: “I will kill you with electric shock”... She was freed after the arrival of two of her devotee-friends from Simara, Krishna meme and Binu Lama, but due to her spiritual approach she decided not to make a police report. During the second kidnapping of the same Marici on 28 December, 2011 Shyangbo Dong fulfilled the order of “Maitriya Guru” to bring excrements from the Sangha’s toilets and use them as a torturing method of the chained Marici.

Relevant photos: http://s1122.photobucket.com/user/ariyaghimire/library/ds%20employed%20attendants?sort=3&page=1

Above image: one of the “memes” (old monks, old men) who is employed as a “toucher”, Khaiba, and who was sitting guard to the chained Marici in the jungle, so that no one could come near and save her, witnessing all her suffering. The other “toucher” standing nearby is Shyangbo Dong.

Bomjon blessing children

Above: The “toucher” Khaiba. This “monk” had been enjoying the stolen computer of the tied and tortured victim Marici with another “monk”, Budha, in the next room to her initial locking up (later on moved to jungle). It was in the first days of Marici’s captivity, in the concrete house at the riverbed. Many Tamang villagers, among them women, arrived to look into the window and watch the woman chained to the iron pillar, yet no one of them alerted the authorities or helped. They had been told that Marici, the foreign volunteer who arrived to help Bomjon, was a witch and they believed the foreigner deserved to be tortured and robbed of her property! Later on when Marici was chained to a tree in the jungle, this Khaiba monk (painter of the “holy” big Maitriya painting) he brought excrements from the Sangha’s toilet torture the chained European devotee. He is the painter of the Seven Deities and Maitreya pictures to which Bomjon’s followers bow like to an idol. The Khaiba’s robbing and torturing hands had painted the idols which are worshiped by all Buddha Boy devotees. Bomjon especially takes care that these criminals touch his child-devotees queuing for blessing.

See also Maha Sambodhi’s non-violence

B, Places stained by blood and suffering

A similar obsession of the “Tapasvi” could be repeatedly observed concerning the places where the tortures orchestrated by him had taken place. The riverside platform in Halkhoriya where he was beating his European female devotee during the midnight into blood and bruises, ordered his monk Molam lama to break her wrist and he himself broke her other wrist, had become part of the 2012 Maitri Puja Venue after the tortured woman was carried back to be chained in the jungle!

On the same platform, which had soaked in her blood, “Maitriya Guru” had organized the chanting sessions to the Seven Deities during his 2012 World Peace Maitri Puja, with many devotees sitting in “meditation” directly on the places of repeated beatings, and blood-shedding! A few meters further, on the same platform of the 2012 Maitri Puja venue, had “Dharma Sangha” had also beaten the Western Devotee Boy (he does not wish to be named) for hours in 2011, whom he pulled there by his hair and clothes from the jungle, before banging his head to the concrete terrace of the “office houses” and locking him in one of them. Yet this platform as well as the “office houses” had been chosen by Bomjon to host his “Maitri prayer event” in 2012…


Torture chambers or prayer houses?

Similarly, his infamous “office houses” (now most of them bulldozed down by the Government) which were standing in the jungle, had been used as prisons for scores of his innocent victims between 2007 and 2014, who had been locked in them, tied and terrorized, as well as beaten by Ram Bomjon, and paraded in the full sight of the residing followers, including children and women, as “witches”, “aggressors” or “disturbers”. Yet, interestingly, in these very houses Bomjon also often organized his “blessing programs” and endless “committee meetings”, had dictated his prayers to khenpo Sonam Gyurme, made speeches about non-violence and Maitri, and let his monks and nuns sleep!

See also: Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip! (NEW!)

The extreme form of “Dharma Sangha’s” obsession was when he wished to connect the pain, prolonged suffering and horror of kidnapped Marici when after he had beaten her with a massive bamboo stick and broke her hands, he tied her for a few days in one of the twin-rooms of the “office house”,  while in the next room his Khaiba and monks had been painting the “Seven Deities” and the big “Maitreya” pictures, used later on during the puja for worship! While European victim Marici was nearly dying in suffering, the Khaiba, Budha lama, Tom Dorje and the Sangha’s Tamang ladies had been browsing the computer stolen from her and laughing (the rooms in the office houses had been not separated by full height walls, there was a big gap under ceilings).

The authorities bulldozing down Bomjon’s torture chambers and his villa in a YouTube recorded Avenues TV news shot

Halkhoriya Jungle compound settlement

Image above: The “venue” of Maitriya Guru Ram Bomjon’s regular attacks on people. It was here where he ordered Bal Hari Rai and Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski to jump on his devotee Marici in October 2011 and tie her hands tight on her back with plastic ropes, later bring her to the right one of the visible two concrete “office houses”, as prisoner. It was also here where Bomjon was beating Marici at midnight between December 2011 and March 2012, in the public area, to frighten his devotees who were hiding in the houses. Khenpo Dawa, a red-robed Buddhist teacher, was holding the light for Bomjon to see where to hit, and was laughing when seeing the chained woman horrified by the torture. Here was when he ordered Molam lama, his Magar caste Buddhist monk, to break Marici’s right wrist, while he himself broke her left wrist a broke a bleeding wound to her head. After Marici’s blood was soaked by this platform, he invited thousands of his followers to celebrate his Maitri Puja 2012, while many followers were sitting directly on this ground of torture!

But this was also the place where Bomjon and his attendants attacked his own family members later in April 2012, in the daylight sight of his devotees. The attack had been described by a confused foreign witness Devin also on the Dharma-sangha website, when he still did not understand “who was who”:

“I was asleep one night when some of the child monks ran to the camp and told all the foreigners to get up and have a meeting with kempo. Dharma Sangha came out with a samurai sword strapped to his back, Buddha and Darshan had them too and everyone else had sticks or knives and weapons. Dharma Sangha was very angry and yelled at them and made one of them get on his knees and slapped him very hard. Seeing that broke my heart and confused me. He then took the others away and i think is holding them there? I was so confused. I left very sad and confused. The role model I loved so much, I saw him slap someone and be so angry. I don’t know what to think?”

When accused by Sangha members of making things up and negativity, Devin pressed that he was not lying:

I was awoken by young monks, and told there was a meeting with Khenpo. there was a big commotion. The person i saw slapped was a younger man, maybe 20 years old? plus or minus a few years. after that the foreigners (joe and I and others) were told to go to bed, but after that the meeting continued in the room where the paintings are hung (!). there i heard from someone the next day more people were disciplined (slapped). i saw with my own eyes Dharma Sangha with a samurai sword, slapping one person after he made him get on his knees. he then got in his brothers face, pointing his finger at him and being very angry, he tried to slap him once and his brother moved back and narrowly missed it. Please don’t think I would make this up. I love Dharma Sangha so much and have been following his story for the past 5 years and am so glad to be on earth with him. I just guess I don’t understand why he could display anger and violent force? i thought an enlightened being has destroyed all the mental defilements, making it impossible to become angry. ” Devin B.

Dharma-sangha.com Archive: Mr Ramlal Bomjon’s personal violence witnessed

We could see that yet again, the hostages (family members, whom Devin did not know all that time) had been locked up in the house “where the paintings hung” – it means, Bomjon has a special preference to organize his beatings, slapping, torturing and locking up of his victims in places where the “holy pictures” of his “Seven deities” are kept, as well in places where chanting and public “blessing programs” are organized. 

This is a typical “magical association” is used also by Satanists, connecting “holy objects, places and prayers” with causing harm to human beings…

This path was leading to the so called "meditation tree" of Ram Bomjon.
Halkhoriya Compound – the place of beating Marici by Bomjon in 2012

Above image: this is the same platform as above, but viewed from the (mostly dry) riverbed. the house in the back had been told to be used as prison for other victims. Yet it was also a storehouse of the “holy pictures’ of Bomjon’s “deities”…

2008 - 2012
Halkhoriya – cement houses of Bomjon

Above image: The beating platform of Ram Bahadur Bomjon on an older picture. In the background there are the infamous two “office houses:, where not only Marici, but also other victims had been locked up and tortured, including the brutal beating of Western Boy (who does not wish to be named) by Ram Bomjon, and the “guru’s” own family members… Although known and witnessed by many local Nepalese as Bomjon’s main prison houses, the very same houses had been used by him to “give blessings” to visitors, give speeches and hold meetings with his Sangha! On the threshold of the “office houses” Bomjon was banging the head of the Western Boy (does not wish to be named) in September 2011, in front of the eyes of his dozens of Tamang followers and Polish Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski, who attended him in the violence. An excerpt from the conversation with the victim can be found in the Ram Bomjon Controversy article. 

Halkhoriya torture and jail house

 Above image: Ram Bomjon’s Jungle Prison and torture chamber was also the venue for painting his “holy pictures” shown during his Maitri Pujas (picture of “Maitriya” and the “Seven Deities”). His devotees worship these images. 

2010 - 2012
Halkhoriya Compound with secret house

Above images: Two other secret jungle houses built by Bomjon’s followers for him in Halkhoriya Jungle. According to Avenues TV and other Nepalese media news in 2012, the second was the house where Bomjon locked up Mata Ani and tortured her in 2012 (already bulldozed down my Nepalese authorities). The media found ropes in the house, showing them in the documentary.

Bomjon with Ngima Dawa Tamang

Above image: the concrete terrace of Bomjon’s “office house” was used to bang the Western Boy’s head by him…What could be a better platform for dispatching “divine blessing” energies to Ngima Dawa Tamang (pictured)…? This is the former of the two attached houses. While the Western Boy was locked up in this one (escaped the next morning), Marici was locked up first time in October 2011 in two days, in the below room and tied to the iron pillar shown on the photo. That time she was rescued by her Nepali friends. But after the 28 Dec, 2011 abduction, she was not rescued anymore.

2011 Halkhoriya
Bomjon blessing lady in Halkhoriya

Above: this iron pillar was used by Bomjon to tie the abducted Marici in October 2011 to it by many plastic ropes, and beat her by his hand, while keeping her locked up in this room for two days. The beating was viewed by Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski and the victim later guarded in this room by Bal Hari Rai and his lover Jana Klepkova, who works in the European Union’s office in Belgium. They both agreed with Bomjon’s deeds and celebrated Marici’s suffering tied to this pillar by making love in her vicinity, reminding one nearly of some Satanic rituals. (Bal Hari later acquired an EU citizenship and Shengen Visa through marrying the Czech Jana Klepkova). Yet this very same prison house of Bomjon was later used as a “blessing place”, as we see, and a place of his throne…

Above image: The followers of Ram Bomjon invited to his 2012 Maitri Puja, after he took hostage the European Marici and Nepali Mata Ani are posing on the ground where the ruined beaten body of chained Marici had been pulled on the ground by Tomek Tarnawski, Darshan Subba, Molam lama, Buddha lama, Shyangbo Dong for beating by Bomjon near the houses, and back to the jungle place. The photo was taken WHILE just a few meters behind this stage set up at the background “office house” two women had been chained already for months and tortured on a daily basis. Marici was tortured by Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski of Poland (on the left in blue jumper) and Darshan Subba Limbu (on the left, turned back, in striped jumper) and also occasionally by Ram Bomjon himself, most often violently, but also by many different ways. Shyangbo Dong with hands stretched upwards was one of the torture assistants. Bal Hari Rai (in white, with the dog) had been torturing her in October 2011 during the first abduction by Bomjon.

Many of these smiling people KNEW about two women held on chains just behind this stage, yet did not do anything to help them, they agreed with Bomjon torturing them. They had been told that the Slovak Marici and Nepali Mata Ani were witches, and deserved to be tortured on chains. Andrea Good (back row, behind Mike the monk), as well as Kim Nguyen (Korean, 3rd from left, first row), Ivy Jugoa 3rd from right, first row), Ramkumar (second from right, in back row) and many others had been aware of the tortures of two women done during the Maitri Puja event. Jas Bahadur Waiba (third from right, back row) with a badge on his neck was present at the kidnapping and putting on chains of Marici. He was the one who actually went to buy the expensive steel chains and 6 heavy lockers for the torture, at Bomjon’s order. The whole Sangha had made this photo at one of the places where the chained women’s bodies had been pulled, carried, and been beaten by Bomjon and his attendants.

Above image: The 2012 Maitri Puja of Ram Bomjon in Halkhoriya. The gathering of people is sitting on the very places where a few days before it Bomjon, khenpo Dawa, Molam lama Magar, Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski and Darshan Limbu brought the already long chained Marici from the jungle (where she was tied to a tree) and beat her long during midnight, breaking her two wrists and wounding her head by a bamboo stick. These people are actually sitting in “prayer” on the two victims’ blood…

In the background left from Bomjon’s throne, is Tom Dorje (Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski) in blue jumper, set to guard the torture places of the women. The barbed wire fence on which Tibetan prayer-flags are hanging, was not allowed to be crossed because visitors would find the two women on chains. in fact, the visitors of Bomjon’s “holy gathering” had been seated on the ground soaked with the blood of brutally beaten Marici. This WAS the purpose of Ram Bomjon, and continues to be anywhere he goes…

See more about the cases in the article The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy .


The Seven Deities of “Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha” (as well as the “Maitriya” image seen on the below photo) had been painted in the vicinity of extreme torture, by the hands of robbers of Marici’s property, and torturing and raping criminals! Yet this WAS the intention of Ram Bomjon, who had planned the tortures to happen in the very same time and very same venues, than his Maitri Puja gathering. 

Below are the pictures of Bomjon’s Maitriya deity and the so called “Seven deities”, which had been painted in the next room to the torture chamber where Marici had been chained with untreated fractures for a few days, before transferred to the jungle to be chained to a tree. During painting these images, the painter Khaiba had been browsing on the computer stolen from Marici, and together with other monks and followers of Bomjon Budha lama, Darshan Limbu, Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski etc.),was laughing at the private pictures of the victim. All this was at the full knowledge and control of Bomjon, who was coming and going in these premises. The disharmonic anatomy, especially of a square head form and unpleasant face features, speak for themselves: yet even hundreds of Westerners consider these images as living idols, and make rituals in front of them bow to them! Do they bow to the energy of cruel torture of two women, in 2012…? (source YouTube.com)

Was Bomjon’s Sindhupalchowk house again hiding a tortured victim in 2015?

I am explaining these past events with a sole reason: to make the reader to understand that Bomjon’s seemingly strange requirement, like the one during the 2015 Maitri Diwas in Sindhupalchowk, that a whole crowd of thousands of his worshipers all come and get “blessed” by him in his room, must have some ritualistic meaning which would come to light probably later on:

Thus it is more than probable that the house where he accepted his devotees also during the March 19 2015 Maitri Diwas, had been a venue for a dark harmful deed against one or more human beings, similarly like the blood-soaked platform of Halkhoriya and the concrete torture-houses in the Halkhoriya jungle.

Bomjon house Badegaon, Sindhupalchowk

Above image: The room of Ram Bomjon in Sindhupalchowk (photo from 2014), which he did not leave when giving blessings to the 2015 Maitri Puja’s visitors, could have been a place of some new tortures in 2015. According to informers, the beginning of 2015 was also the time when Manu, Bomjon’s sister had been attacked by him and his assistants, due to the injuries of which she died in October 2016. 

See more The Himalayan Times’ Hot Potato Archives 2012


After the earthquake we did not get any information from his propaganda board anymore, and as far as the Internet is concerned, no new photos had been released about their “Buddha Boy”. There used to be imitations of “discussion groups” carrying the name “Google Group” or Facebook forums, yet due to the tight censorship these online spaces had faded and dried out… The new Google Group was already a few years long only a monologue-blog of the self-styled VIP Western Sangha leader, Andrea Good, and the “official” Sangha Facebook had closed down to the public. The Sangha of “Maitri Guru” became a Secret Society in all aspects.

The mainstream Nepali media had been forbidden by “higher places” in Nepal to publish anything at all about Ram Bomjon from September 2012, and they are faithfully keeping to this secret agreement, having had avoided even the news about Bomjon meeting the Nepali Prime Minister. On the other hand, the Sangha had focused now on the expat media like DC Nepal, and pushed over the “amazing news” about this “historical meeting”. Fair enough, you have what you wanted, apparently thought the DC Nepal staff, and added the Sangha-made video to their page. Yet the translation of their conversation (made by Nepalese living in America, thus authentic) is intriguingly very-very different from the version published by the Sangha itself:

While the pro-Bomjon websites all victoriously announced that Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha (Bomjon) had actually advised the Prime Minister on the various issues of economy (!), social issues and so on, the translation of the DC Nepal site is more down-to-earth and realistic, given the un-peaceful events surrounding ‘Buddha Boy’: “During the meeting Prime Minister encouraged Tapasvi Dharma Sangha to ensure peace, prosperity, development of all religions and Constitutional rules in Dharmic ways”. Why? Because probably Mr. Koirala had a feeling that Tapasvi did NOT ensure peace and Constitutional Rules in Dharmic ways! This makes sense in the light of the more than 40 victims of violence and torture that his guest had behind him, ending with the 5 bleeding men shown on the media, after Bomjon’s September 2, 2014 kidnappings and brutal beatings.

Already as soon as in November-December 2014, this list had been prolonged by yet more victims during a very obscure, unclear violence created by Bomjon and his “blue monks”, which ended, according to their websites, in the detention of one of his monks by allegedly forest police, posing as APF security forces, in the widely accepted version of Bomjon’s Sangha, when forest police had “disguised” themselves in APF uniforms (the author of this extremely unprofessional article was Joan Stanley-Barker aka Xu Xiao Su.).

See also Media on Buddha Boy

Faithful to their agreement with the Bomjon-cult, the Nepali media stayed dead-silent about this latest violent incident in Halkhoriya, which had to involve “hundreds of police forces”, according to the version of the Sangha. Obviously, when neutral journalism about Ram Bomjon is clandestine in Nepal, we can hardly learn the truth about such criminal events. Yet it is clear that this could have posed as a new reason for the local administration in Ratanpuri, Piluwa, Nijgadh areas, to evict the troublemaker “guru” and his gang once again, from his Halkhoriya stronghold.

See also The Himalayan Times’ Hot Potato Archives


The irony in all this is that Bomjon’s Sangha had even dared to approach human rights organizations, when the blue monk had been put to arrest, complaining of bad conditions during the few days in arrest, he had to stay in surrounded by criminals! Yet, when they themselves had detained scores of people between 2007 and 2014, keeping them in much more inhuman conditions that any Nepali prison, beating them to blood, torturing them by many means and even raping if they were women – that did not evoke in the Sangha members the slightest compassion, or any feeling that these acts would be breaches against human rights!

“Dharma Sangha” Tapasvi is encouraging his followers to such a double-standard attitude, hypocritical attitude about “human rights”, while his own victims did not get any human rights, just torture and hatred! Bomjon is creating a precedent, by these small obscure conflicts, which would come useful for him as soon as he is going to try to pose as a refugee, with filed cases when he and his blue monks had been “unjustly persecuted in Nepal”, seeking residency in a Western country. The reader of this article should watch out, because this could happen very soon! Yet first he and his rich and influential followers are going to delete all information from the Internet about his past criminal deeds, or isolate those who still publish about them.

We will return to this topic again, below.



Then, from January 2014 till March 19, 2015, allegedly Bomjon staying in Sindhupalchowk, there has been no activities published. Yet there had been odd things going on inside his Sangha, like his invitation of Darshan Subba Limbu, one of his main accomplices in the 2012 kidnappings and tortures of two women and his family members, to join his team once again in Sindhupalchowk. Darshan, an endlessly devoted follower, had arrived, just to be soon kicked out, allegedly, on the grounds of some drugs-issue…

(Update 2017) The strange invitation of Darshan by Bomjon to join his Sindhupalchowk ashram, and immediate “kick-out” but could have also some more alarming reason. It was during these times (January – March 2015) when Manu, Bomjon’s sister, is told to have been brutally beaten by Bomjon and his attendants, allegedly Darshan and Tomasz Tarnawski. The coincidence is quite alarming. Insider informers whose identity I am not allowed to disclose, shared, that Darshan actually escaped from Bomjon to the UK from a death threat from Bomjon’s Sangha…

In 2015 the official site of Maitriya Bomjon had issued a public accusation and warning to his followers about Darshan:

“Darshan Limbu (Foon Chook / Divya Darshan) made a contract promising to work for BSDS Office for two years. Then making sangha disciples believe he had many serious problems, he took from the Office funds the equivalent of eleven-thousand US$, saying he was going to Kathmandu to send the money to his family. Since then however, he has disappeared; he has not returned to fulfill his work contract; nor has he contacted sangha, disciples or the Dharma Sangha Office. The Office however has received reports that Darshan Limbu has been approaching national and international sangha members as a Guru-disciple, sharing sangha photos and various persuasive stories to ask for money privately.

Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha Central Office herewith makes the Maitri Request that all sangha members, followers and devotees be on the alert for this kind of persons.”

This is Google’s cache of Plus.google.com/104797876097071789413/posts


That Darshan was a drug-dealer for many years, was nothing new for Bomjon and the Bara District communities. An occasional user of hard drugs, he had been allowed to enjoy them during his deployment as Torturer Nr. 1, of the two kidnapped women in 2012. Thus it is minimally improbable that Bomjon would suddenly change his attitude to his beloved devotee, and become angered by his drug habits… According to two independent informers, who stayed with Bomjon in the time when Darshan was one of his “bodyguards”, he was giving his attendant a high monthly salary for his “services”. Is it not a mind-blowing fact that Ram Bomjon is giving salaries to his tough men to attack, torture and rape victims – and for staying silent about it? If only all those naive elder Nepali ladies who donate Bomjon their whole yearly pensions, knew where their money is being used! Yet it is more alarming that Bomjon is using the assistance of such ruined persons to cause fatal bodily damage to his victims, because he then could just throw the whole accusation on them and clear his own name.

See more on using donations as salary for attackers: Dharma-sangha.com

I am but also careful with the leaks from third-hand informers, from whom the story of Darshan came out. Bomjon himself many times releases such “classified secrets” among a few of his followers, only to manipulate attitudes and moods among his followers (Sangha), and provoke them to action against certain people, while he himself would not been seem to have hands in it at all. This is one of his special strategies how to control his cult members. Similar “leaks” about Marici being a witch, black magician, trying to attack and murder Bomjon in meditation etc. had been released by Bomjon to Pragya Ratna Ghullu Theravadan monk, who then shared it gradually, in a secretive atmosphere. Such “secrets” then spread like wild-fire in Bomjon’s Sangha and when the victim is surprised by the sudden enmity and brutal aggression, no one actually thinks that all that was originating in the “holy guru” himself! Bomjon is creating lots of fake conspiracy theories – about himself.

My personal opinion is thus that the negative stories about Darshan had been released by Bomjon himself to isolate him from his “angry followers” and by this protect him from prosecution. Already signs of these attempts to throw all the fault on Darshan had been seen in Bomjon’s Sangha recently, when a few people claimed that the 2012 kidnapping and torturing of two women in Halkhoriya was done by Bomjon’s followers only, but he himself was ignorant about the crimes (happening under his nose, in his premises!). Many followers believing in this version had distanced themselves from Darshan as a “rapist” (see below in this text). Yet they are not ready to question their guru’s innocence.

He might need Darshan’s help in many other brutal attacks and killings in the future. Not many of his followers could go to such ends like a drug-addict, desperate and depressed psychopath like Darshan is described to be after having been used by Bomjon to harm so many human beings. It could also be that Bomjon arranged Darshan a safe passage to the UK himself, where he would be protected from the Nepalese prosecution in case the cause of Manu’s death would shed light. Darshan’s Facebook entries after arriving to the UK, where he continues to praise his guru Maitriya, rather prove this theory.

See more It is time to describe Darshan’s sexual attacks

Always the same scheme:

It rather looks like a similar scheme as when the “Tapasvi” had been slowly and gradually destroying the good name of his former devotee and volunteer-translator, European Marici, by small but regular gossips about alleged disturbance by her alleged secret visits to his meditation place, about her being an international spy using secret infrared cameras to record him at night (hanging from trees), or that Marici was a witch who wanted to kill him… The gossips had culminated slowly and created an unprecedented enmity against her, with a furious hate-campaign led by Pragyaratna Ghullu, Andrea Good and khenpo Sonam Gyurme, encouraged by Ram Bomjon, their guru… This year-long gossiping had to create a negative image of Marici, whom Bomjon finally kidnapped in December 2011 and tortured for 3 months, in the sight of his Halkhoriya Sangha, her friends around the Waiba family, and in the full knowledge of his foreign Sangha led by Andrea, Junsei Terasawa,  and Pragyaratna that time. His devotees and villagers were all considering her finally an evil witch and disturber, a secret spy and enemy. They actually enjoyed the view of her torture in a typical Nepali way as when alleged “witches” are tortured often to death in front of a crowd of passive onlookers!

Khenpo Sonam Gyurme with Pragya Ratna Ghullu and Lobsang Namgyal rinpoche – all followers of Bomjon. Pragya was a Bhikshu, yet he was disrobed in around 2015 and became a married career man.

But let’s look into the Darshan-story again:

A forbidden Maitri-guesthouse, drugs and robbery of 11 000 rupees:

Bomjon had used Darshan Subba Limbu as one of his most reliable torturers not only of Marici, but also nearly all the other victims who came after her, including of his own family members. It is not a coincident that he started to speak gossips against Darshan, and turn his Sangha against him, creating enmity and condemnation in many of them. When Darshan created a “Maitriya guesthouse” to earn money in Kathmandu, Bomjon announced that he did not have the right. Later he suddenly accused Darshan not just of drug-use in his premises (after he invited him to himself repeatedly, and provided him with a high salary to continue his brutal tasks). Recently he announced on his official website that Darshan was supposed to steal 11000 rupees and run away with it!

Or… was this all just made up by Bomjon to elegantly get rid of an uncomfortable accomplice who was used in dozens of beatings and tortures?

Above: Darshan is a follower of Osho cult, and used to wear long hair and red clothes as Osho devotees do. When Bomjon ordained him a monk after Darshan showed his loyalty by violent brutality, he also gave him a “Maitriya name” Jyampa Foon Chok. 

The goal of Bomjon was soon tangible: those who had been admiring Darshan when he was torturing and raping the “witch”, European translator-assistant Marici, and calling him a “Dharmapala” (a form of Buddhist wrathful god), are now turning against him and saying things like “I always knew that this guy was very negative”… “I never liked him”… Kishore Sherchand commented on a Sangha discussion forum that “he always disliked Darshan“… Yet when it was to cooperate with Darshan in 2012 against Marici, who accused him of torture and rape, Kishore did his maximum to make to delete all Nepali media articles from the Internet, which mentioned Darshan as Bomjon’s main torture and sexual assault assistant, and one of the attacker of the journalists in 2012!

Darshan’s photo:

All those who are now voicing opinions against Darshan Subba, like Kishore Sherchand, Andrea Good. Kim Nguyen, Ngima Dawa Tamang etc. actually are all responsible for him to stay unpunished and enjoy a high salary and a favored place in Bomjon’s ashrams for years! All these people had helped Darshan to avoid prosecution.

Knowing Ram Bomjon’s dark tactics to discredit his own devotees to create enmity against them, I am sure that all these gossips have a very different purpose than the public and his followers believe…

An uncomfortable accomplice

Above: one of the Facebook sites used by Darshan Limbu (another one is Foon Chok) shows that after he attacked many people and raped Marici all at the orders of Ram Bomjon, he absconded to the UK. He uses some other names like “Divya Darshan”, (Jyampa) Foon Chok, Fonchok etc. 

The reasons behind Bomjon’s theatrical repeated “dismissals” and “parading” of Darshan Limbu (Jyampa Foon Chok) is rather the fact that Darshan, as his most reliable and cruel torture-assistant for years, is also a key witness against Bomjon, the commander of all those crimes. As it is happening often, key accomplices can become uncomfortable after a time….

Instead of absorbing all the primitive gossips of the odd “guru” against his long-time follower and the illusion that he was “punished” for his crimes against the victims, the public should start to worry about the life and safety of this key witness. Especially after it was announced by Bomjon that he had “escaped with stolen money” – what suggests that Darshan Subba Limbu had disappeared, at least from Bomjon’s vicinity…

Above: Darshan had been ORDAINED A BUDDHIST MONK by Ram Bomjon as a protection against prosecution in Nepal in 2012. This ordination had been done after Darshan was involved in attacking the two women (one of them repeatedly raping) as well as Bomjon’s own family members, as a task given by Bomjon. Later Darshan also established a guesthouse in Kathmandu.

Where did he disappear? See more here: Maitriya’s crime-assistants found residency in Europe

Such internal theaters had been keeping busy Bomjon’s Sangha for months, until the March 19, 2015 “Maitri Divas”, which was soon after followed by the Great Catastrophe of Nepal: the two big earthquakes in April and May. The Sangha leaders (mostly the US, Japanese and EU leaders) had picked out from among the less intelligent people of the planet, thus they tend to believe any such gossips and declarations by their “guru”, again and again, and ready to publish on their websites as “serious matters”…

Above: Darshan disrobed himself when police investigation ceased due to bribes, and became Bomjon’s main body-guard in Sindhuli District, Patharkot (Sarlahi District) and lastly Sindhupalchowk District, the places where Bomjon established his new ashrams. 

The show must go on…

Apart from the Darshan story, ‘Buddha Boy’ made a few similar dodgy announcements about other Sangha members: he told Andrea Good, his long-time favorite, not to arrive to meet him, when she wanted so much and forced herself to come, while Bomjon whispered to one of his followers, “You know, Andrea is mentally disturbed!”. Then he announced that “Mike the Monk”, the famous Jyampa Dorje, is not a member of his Sangha anymore. Yet he accepted to be his “blue monk” a controversial figure Mr. William Moore, a retired controversial psychologist, sent “diagnoses” about Marici, Bomjon’s victim, to discredit her witness accounts. The Moore story gets a dark twist then, when (according to one family member) the old man might have decided to take back his damaging psycho-gossip of Bomjon’s torture victim. At that time he suddenly died:

“Dr” Moore who was a problematic retired psychologist, himself a person with family problems, had created financial problems in Bomjon’s Californian branch, and had to be forced out… Later on, as the Dharma-sangha.com website informed, Kim Nguyen managed to get rid of Mr. Moore placing him to a Vietnamese monastery in California. Then he might have contacted Ram Bomjon and his nearest people directly, and left for Nepal apparently to become his resident devotee in May 2016. Mr. Moore, staying with Bomjon and his premises, then mysteriously died and swiftly had been cremated without any post mortem examination. What is even more shocking is that certain US diplomats gave permission to Ram Bomjon’s people to speedily cremate the US citizen by themselves.

Could it be that Bomjon needed the US psychologist only to “certify” distantly, that one of his many victims was a mentally ill person (thus the public should not believe when she is describing the kidnapping and tortures by Bomjon!)? And when Moore realized he did something largely unprofessional and had not a single proof of the woman’s mental health, it was against the plans of Bomjon? Marici, as Bomjon’s most outspoken victim, could have been a main target to discredit by him, but Mr. Moore was maybe starting to ask too many questions, after he saw the reality in Nepal…

See more on Mr. Moore

Another long-time witch-hunter-assistant and over-all supporter and propagator, Pragyaratna Ghullu, had been all of a sudden exclaimed “not a member of the Sangha anymore”, on Bomjon’s official website, and even after his years long service, suddenly not allowed to participate in Sangha events or stay with Bomjon longer. The fanatic cult-members had fully accepted this parody, and stopped to speak with him, treating him like someone with leprosy…

Relevant articles: www.dharma-sangha.com

(We can still recall the similar 2011 chess-games of “Dharma Sangha”, when he was “banning” and “inviting” repeatedly scores of people. One of his long-time scribe khenpo Sonam Gyurme was also publicly ashamed and ridiculed, before kicking him out from Halkhoriya. The scolding speech of Bomjon lasted 5 whole hours, and was filmed and recorded on YouTube).

Such chess-games with his followers shifting them here and there, inviting and excommunicating, had been going on behind the curtain of “peace and silence’, or “meditation for world-peace”, eventually “writing his book”.

Update 2017: Needless to say that all the public denouncements by Bomjon are swiftly taken down when the subject is needed for some cover-up or other assistance (beating, torturing others). It is said by informers that Darshan Subba Limbu, who had been a few times “excommunicated” by Bomjon, had taken back to his mercy as soon as he needed him to another brutal attack and torture in the spring of 2015. After he fulfilled the order, he received death-threats from another attack-assistant, and is told to have fled to the UK. (information based on not to reliable internal sources).

Thus the once so hot-headed public cursing of khenpo Sonam Gyurme had been taken down from Bomjon’s website when khenpo offered “help” to treat Bomjon’s sister Manu, after she was beaten to blue by him and his attendants in 2015 and no one was ready to look after the half-comatose victim, former caretaker Ngima Dawa Tamang giving up. That time khenpo Sonam Gyurme took her to his Swayambhunath monastery where, according to khenpo’s news on his website, she breathed her last in autumn 2016.

Similarly, Pragyaratna Ghullu‘s public curse had been taken down after he showed unconditioned loyalty towards his guru.

The denouncement of Michael Leon aka Jampa Dorje had been as well released after Mike allegedly went to Nepal and throwing himself to the feet of the guru wept. He continues to praise and propagate Bomjon intensively, even after so many public humiliations by him.

Some other subjects of his public humiliations are from time to time Ngima Dawa Tamang, Andrea Good and the founder of the (already shut-down) very critical website Dharma-sangha.com , an European IT expert I. Bomjon even let publish his photo on his website and accused him of stealing the website (actually created, paid and hosted by I. himself!). Finally, when the website was shut-down just before Bomjon’s mega-event World Peace Maitri Puja 2017 in Kathmandu, not surprisingly the public curse had been deleted from Bomjon’s website!

So we can understand his regular public persecutions and humiliations of his devotees as a way to break them and make them flexible to accept just anything from their guru. On the other hand, Bomjon is apparently “rewarding” them for their unbreakable loyalty and willingness to be humiliated, by bringing them back among his Sangha members…


Above photo: Ottoman harem from Bytheway.com.

More details on this topic: Is Ram Bomjon married?

Yet another theme of Bomjon’s bizarre games is occurring again and again in the last years (from about the second half of 2012): his girlfriend/girlfriends topic. Whispered only by his Sangha as a “secret” which should be not published because it could harm the “guru’s image in the public”, it is a secret which became known by everyone connected to Maitriya, yet you can find no clarification or official announcement about it. Normal people and normal gurus, if they decide to break their celibacy, simply choose a girl and marry. Bomjon, who always cared more about his image of the Buddha or “god”, is carefully hiding his sexual relationship with a Darjeeling Nepali girl for more than 5 years. The aunt of the girl, Usha didi, had been long-time worshiper of Bomjon, and involved as a passive witness and assistant during the beating of the Western foreigner in 2011, as well as during the tortures of the two women in 2012. Yet a witness, whose niece is Bomjon’s partner, would hardly ever speak out…

The girlfriend had been never officially married to Ram Bomjon, and only after his Sangha members residing in his settlements Sindhuli, Sarlahi and Sindhupalchowk with him started to whisper about the girl who had been staying overnight in Bomjon’s residences, did he announce that the girl is supposed to be viewed as his “wife” and called with respectful “Guru Ama” title. Needless to say, the Sangha had tried their best to keep this whole issue secret from the wide public, especially from Westerners, because the donations would be strongly reduced if the public knew that Buddha Boy is actually not a Buddha and not even a “boy” anymore… But certainly not a “Tapasvi”, as “Tapasya” means Asceticism involving celibacy At least not from about 2011…

BXTKCC The Sage Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) with his two consorts, Mandarava and Yeshe Tsogyal

Above image: Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) is often depicted with 2 of his 5 consorts, Yeshe Tsogyal and Mandarava, who are told to be his Tantric partners. Ram Bomjon, who is trying to imitate Padmasambhava in all matters, had also requested Nil Bahadur Thing and Ramkumar from his Bara Committee in 2011 to bring him 5 virgins... Currently the whole Sangha is aware of at least two girlfriends he is keeping in his ashrams. Source: Dharma-sangha.com and Nepali villagers. Photo from Alamy.com .

When I first heard about this “sensitive issue” leaking out through former committee members in 2011, I did not believe. they spoke about as many as 5 virgins “provided” for Dharma Sangha at his request, among them Dipshika, the current Guru Ama. But when the fifth or sixth independent informer told me about the same, I started to understand many riddles about Bomjon better. Below I return to the topic of Bomjon’s sexual games, while fooling the public to be a “holy celibate”, because even astrological predictions are foretelling this topic, especially to be in “Maitriya’s” focus in the last few months. And yes, even astrology confirms the witness accounts, that there are more than one “wives” in Ram Bomjon’s secret harem.

Above photo: Bomjon posing with the two most important women in his life on his official photo session with his Sangha. One of them is his small sister, Ranjita. The other is apparently Guru Ama, his “wife”. Other ladies had been spotted and named by former devotees involved in the “secrets”, including one nun who stayed with Bomjon many years…

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Yet these had been the last of the last drops of “official and authorized”, publicly available information or unofficial gossips leaking out from former devotees about Ram Bomjon. Yet the long silence of Bomjon is never a real silence, similarly as his past famous “disappearances” had often been simply absconding after some attacks against people (for example after attacking Anil Khatri with a sword and causing him serious injuries, in 2007, he also “disappeared” from his meditation place). During his “disappearances” then his powerful former mafia-leader-follower paid high bribes to police and courts, to smooth away the police records filed by the victims, until the “meditating boy” could return from hiding in the jungles and enjoy impunity again. Before this case but Bomjon had been already spotted with his sword a few times and he was even filmed with the sword by French TV (Le Petite Bouddha):

Buddha Boy back with a weapon


Bomjon found with his sword by media

Bomjon found with his sword by media

On the other hand, any time when he announced that he needs “to be alone” (in Bomjon’s terminology this means to stay with the tens of his tough body-guards, young boy lamas used as servants, and harem girls) and visitors are not allowed, because he would need to concentrate on “writing his book”, or “meditate” – these times he was actually busy with attacking people, kidnapping, holding captive, torturing them. “Privacy for meditation for world-peace” or “writing his book” became empty slogans to cover his dark ritualistic attacks. Until today, none of his announced “books” had been published, only books written by others about him…

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In 2011 December his then official website Paldendorje.com had announced in a Newsletter in the Buddha Boy Google Group (shut down by Andrea Good) that “everyone can come to Halkhoriya, “Guruji” is welcoming anyone now”. A mere few days later, when on the 28th of December, 2011 he kidnapped Slovak Marici, he speedily made the Paldendorje.com staff (Suman and Uman W.) to announce the opposite, concretely that “Guruji” needs to prepare for the March 2012 Puja, and visitors should not disturb him from January till March 2012!  His devotees believed him and stayed away, and thus only the most unscrupulous accomplices were involved in Marici’s (and later Mata Ani’s) tortures in their 3 (resp. 2) months captivity by Bomjon. It is very clear to those who know the secret events concerning Ram Bomjon that his alleged “meditations” and “no-to-disturb” announcements had been often covering dark, inhuman rituals, in which only a few tens of his most trusted fanatic attendants had been involved.

Thus any time I read or hear about such announcements, chills run down on my back: is there again some new victim, whom he is hiding, because he is torturing, beating and letting her raped on a daily basis? Is he again using the huge financial resources for buying torture materials, chains, bribing police and media to stay silent? Because the rule is that every long “silence” of Bomjon was never a real silence, it was a need for privacy for doing something dark and criminal… When he stays publicly inactive for longer time, we can be sure that he is very active in some obscure dark activity, in a smaller circle of his Sangha, with a smaller group of individuals chosen as victims. This is but only what my logic is telling to me, knowing the circumstances of his past actions. That’s why one of the sadly very probable actions that we could expect him to do now, when he stopped to publicize himself for a while, is harming human beings.

But then, people are people, and even the toughest bodyguards and attendants sometimes get drunken and speak out… Devotees are also just human beings, and after torturing tens of people at Bomjon’s commands, and helping to bribe police and politicians, or make cover-stories to hide his sexual affairs, they also get tired. A few of them had deserted and absconded (allegedly even from the “guru” himself). A few had given their “resignation” as they call it. (Can one resign from a Mafia? Can one resign from the devil…?).

Mike Leon “the monk”, Joan Stanley-Baker (Taiwan) and Ivy Jugoa had escaped from the earthquake of Sindhupalchowk to their Western outposts. And a few started to speak… Actually quite a few, and interestingly, when comparing the different sources, the information does not differ much. The below text will deal with the astrological prediction, which is in line with what the witnesses who were or are very near to him, had told.


The half-official (not public, but circulated officially in his Sangha) version is that Ram Bahadur Bomjon is desperately trying to make a child, but allegedly he is repeatedly unsuccessful in it, because of the magical obstacles done against his plan by some “witch”. At least this is what the President of the USA Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha (BSDS), Kim Nguyen had been told by Ram Bomjon over the phone in 2015…

We can soon expect, I am afraid, that after he manages to turn the group of his followers against the ”witch” who is supposed to block his child from being born, they are going to kidnap, chain and torture with similar cruelty than Slovak Marici and Nepali Maata Ani in 2012! That could be just anyone, who is stupid enough to be near to Ram Bomjon physically.

Obviously, all that Bomjon was spreading about “witches” and enemies in the past 8 years in his small circles, nearest Sangha, had never been published. He is diplomatically keeping these “classified information” just in his smallest circle. Although currently all his official Sangha and various ever-recycled “committee” knows about the sexual endeavors and alleged attempts to make a child, or repeated abortions, devotion, protection of the “guru’s “good name”, or even fear does not let these people to share the information publicly. But they all know just half-truths and whispering, and not many of them are involved in the biggest secrets.

Above (illustrative photo): SO WHO IS THE NEXT WITCH? Bomjon had justified his kidnappings of at least 3 women by claiming they were witches. Tom Dorje of Poland, Bomjon’s nearest attendant in attacks, told that he had even seen one of Bomjon’s victims flying in the air! The Sangha of the alleged “future Buddha” had all believed all this, and thus they had a motivation to torture the European victim. Currently a new witch-hunting is gradually prepared by “Maitriya Guru”, concretely against some “witch” who supposedly is causing the repeated abortions of his girlfriends’, according to the Dharma-sangha.com website as well as witnesses.

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9, THOSE WHO KNOW TOO MUCH (2013 – 2015)

Because the Sangha is too silent and secretive yet again, we can rightfully expect that some dark things had been going on with and around Ram Bomjon again. Here and there we can hear about fear, threats, and strange announcements of the fake “Buddha” to pin-point at former attendants as traitors on his official website… Yet one can be sure that none of those announcements are true. But in fact, something bizarre is again happening there, just that the public, and even the uninvolved devotees of Bomjon organized in his Sangha, can see only the icebergs.

One former devotee, who had been involved in Bomjon‘s life much too intimately, and became extremely disappointed to see the truth about his idol “Guruji”, had shared with me what he knew, heard and saw in Bomjon’s vicinity. This former devotee had disappeared in 2014, his email, used from at least 8 years, had been deleted from Gmail, and he stopped to be in contact with everyone he used to be before, who was connected to Bomjon in any way. He shared with me his plan to once go to Bomjon again, and confront him with his critical opinion. That was his last email…

Near devotees of Ram Bomjon, who become involved in his crimes, either as direct actors, assistants, or just passive witnesses, often think that they must be “special”, to be chosen to share such secrets with the “guru”. They don’t consider the witch-huntings, beatings of people to blood, breaking people’s bones, daily torturing them for months, and even raping of the kidnapped women, to be a crime! These “special” assistants of Bomjon are always staying in his vicinity, and rarely communicate with the rest of his Sangha. They also consider themselves, apparently, the elite devotees. Who would not like to hear by the world-famous Maitreya Buddha in person, that “you are my special devotee to me” or “I trust you, but I don’t trust the committees”, etc.


In fact, Bomjon’s victims could become victims also because they had been once trapped in the illusion of being “special devotees”… This is the tragedy which makes the victims keep a maximum discretion about the approaching danger of Bomjon, who is enticing them to himself with “spiritual candies”, until the very moment when it is too late… Their secretiveness, originating in their illusions to be the “chosen ones”, is exactly the reason why, when kidnapped and held captive by this violent “guru”, they can hardly get help from the outside world. Everyone thinks that they are safe, meditating, enjoying the life in the nature… Who would think that a friend or family member staying near such a peaceful Buddha-Boy could be in any danger? While in reality they are slowly dying in bleeding wounds, with broken bones, half-conscious from Bomjon’s torture!

Due to the fact that there was never any official registration of the members of Bomjon’s Sangha, of his “committee” or residents of his settlements, it was impossible to keep track of people appearing and disappearing in his compounds. People go and stay there at their own risk, often announcing their families that they would go for prolonged solitary meditation in a Nepali jungle ashram, thus family and friends do not worry when they don’t hear any news about the “meditator”.

For example, when Marici, a European meditator-Yogini and a volunteer-supporter of Bomjon, had been kidnapped by him in 2011, he instructed his Sangha members to tell those who searched for her (apart from others, Nika L.), that she had been allowed to meditate in Bomjon’s Halkhoriya compound alone, and no-one should disturb her! Those who knew about Marici’s focus on lonely meditations believed the “guru” and did not wish to disturb Marici in her meditation in his vicinity! In the meantime, Bomjon could chain her and torture on a daily basis 3 months, including sexual assaults, undisturbed by those who would search for her! That all was obviously very far from any “meditation”…

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Logic and astrology both says that when he was in such a hurry to make a passport, he is certainly planning to use it. Bomjon’s foreign travel or “world-tour” is a long-planned process, which is going on for years, as he is “depositing” his followers in the world, who are working in low-profile to gradually create conditions for their “guru” to arrive. The “official”, publicly known so called “Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha” Chapters in California, USA, Europe and Japan, led by three hysterical ladies with fits of witch-hunting fury, Kim Nguyen (USA), Ivy Jugoa (Netherlands) and Andrea Good (Japan) are not active and not having much of a membership. They will be hardly used in the secret ways of the “Tapasvi” to sneak to the West.

A, Bomjon-ambassadors sent to prepare his way

Let’s thus have an overview about the secret international satellites of the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha cult. Bomjon has his people spread around the Western world, who are already organizing the venues and logistics to host the “Higher-than-Buddha” Buddha Boy of Nepal:


in 2012-2013 the online list of UK visa applicants had an entry of the name “Darshan Subba Limbu”. One of Bomjon’s main accomplices in many criminal violent attacks and kidnappings was apparently trying to abscond to the UK. Yet the visa had been refused the first time. For some reason, later on Darshan Subba Limbu had managed to visit the UK, and wrote on his Facebook page that he resides there. Currently, according to the Internet, after a short stop in Nepal at Bomjon’s ashram in February 2015, he is back in the UK again. Having always been a fanatic follower of the violent “guru”, it is probable that he is spreading nets for the “Maitriya” to arrive in the UK.


Bal Hari Rai, who had been part of the attacks against Bomjon’s own family members (at Bomjon’s order), and also together with Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski Dorje, torturing a Slovak female devotee in October 2011, had been encouraged by Ram Bomjon to have a sexual relationship with a Czech employee of the European Union offices in Brussels, even when he was married and had a newborn baby at the time. A contact that everyone trying to get influence in Europe, would desire! Yana K. was present at Bomjon’s and Bal Hari Rai’s tortures of the Slovak devotee. The duo finally married in Belgium, thus for Bal Hari Rai it meant acquiring Belgian residency permit (a Shengen Visa). .After acquiring his documents, he left her and is freely traveling all over Europe. He is an ardent follower of Bomjon, as his Facebook entries show, even today.


Uman and Suman Waiba, nephews of Bomjon’s main financial supporter and “silencer” of all police reports, court cases and a source of most political contacts, Nepal-based Jas Bahadur Waiba, live in Hamburg, enjoying European citizenship, and have business in Portugal as well. The two brothers are themselves ardent followers of Ram Bomjon. Waiba had played an active part in kidnapping and holding hostage European Marici in 2012.  The W. clan is extremely fanatically devoted to Bomjon, although knowing about and often even involved in many of his violent attacks, kidnappings and tortures. If he wished to settle in Germany or Portugal, it is obvious that he can use these contacts.


According to the information from the closed-down but archived Dharma-sangha.com website, a French couple, the man Stephan being the founder of a misty “charity” named Surya World, had been accompanying Maitriya Guru during many recent years in his latest settlements (Sarlahi, Sindhupalchowk). They had been not only witnessing but even helping him in covering-up the many abortions of his embryos (illegal in Nepal when it is gender-based) finding and paying for hospitals in Kathmandu. This French couple must have been involved in many controversial cases, including the brutal beating of Bomjon’s sister to a state when she finally died. Surya World used their NGO status to collect huge money from the public for Ram Bomjon, in the name of the 2015 Earthquake. That money was but embezzled, and only 300 earthquake victims got rice bags… It is very probable that Stephan and his partner would work actively on getting Bomjon to France.


California’s Sacramento-based realtor Kishore Sherchand, Bomjon’s propagator in the USA, had created a Photoshop image showing  US Senator Hillary Clinton with big picture of Ram Bahadur Bomjon.  and posted it on his Facebook account to give a feeling to expat US-Nepalese that Mrs. Clinton will be a supporter of his guru, Ram Bomjon. Thanks to one reader of The Halkhoriya Times, the image was proved to be a fake. Kishore is also actively arranging the venue in California, together with expat US-Nepalese, to host Bomjon there. He is also behind definitely silencing the Nepalese media in September 2012, after what there had not been allowed a single critical article to be published in Nepal about Bomjon.

Bomjon’s new residency in Sindhupalchowk is connected to a famous Nepali show-man, Teju Tamang. A few months ago Bomjon had sent him away, to the USA, where he had settled, and being an absolutely dedicated follower, we can imagine that he is doing everything to create conditions for his “guru” to visit the USA. At one point he was complaining on his Facebook site that he missed his family, children… (see also Maitriya’s international mission

Dual UK-USA citizen Michael Leon is a former monk, ordained by Bomjon, who organized with an US New Ageist Ganganath an USA-Tour for propagating Ram Bomjon in America, creating a popular video series. His charmingly sweet and pseudo-enlightened speech convinced many US citizens to worship Bomjon. Yet Mike had known about the tortures of European Marici, Nepali Mata Ani, and a Western young man. Mike’s brother was present as a witness during an October 2011 torture of Marici in Halkhoriya. Mike and his former girlfriend Millie had been staying with Bomjon’s 2012 victim, Marici, in the same tent-area during the spring of 2011, and had been friends before Bomjon turned things upside down…

The 2017 interview with Setopati shows Michael in a light of a typical brainwashed devotee: “Briton Michael Leon used to work at a sports center in the United Kingdom until 2005. His mother had divorced his father who served in the US Army. He was gradually being attracted toward Buddhism then. He first saw Bomjon in Discovery Channel in 2006. “Everything changed when I first saw his image. My soul was absorbed in him. My wife found that crazy,” he reminisces. “I eventually got divorced and came to Nepal.”

Hollywood-born Andrea Good had been the Western Bomjon’s Sangha’s main founder and leader from 2008 till around 2014, until Bomjon himself had started to gossip her (she is “crazy”). Most online activity, photos, videos and amateur “translations” of Bomjon’s speeches from Nepalese to English, are Andrea’s work. Yet her importance had been worn out after she had overtaken the online Google Groups dedicated to Ram Bomjon and established a dictatorship, seeing herself as Bomjon’s number one disciple and a kind of female spiritual companion. Her shock came when the news about Bomjon’s (many) girlfriends, abortions and finally one born baby hit the Sangha’s news. Still, to appease her guru, she organized the USA Maitri Puja in Oregon but later faded away from the Sangha management.


One of Bomjon’s long-time US-Vietnamese devotees is Kim Nguyen, who also established the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha (BSDS) USA organization in California. Later she had been involved in covering up Bomjon’s crimes, visits to his girlfriends and bribing Nepalese authorities to stop investigate the guru’s crimes. Yet after many years it turned out that the elder lady misused the money of her own daughter for all these services for her guru, who eventually sued her own mother at court…The importance of Kim had then started to fade away.

The interview with Setopati made during Bomjon’s 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja revealed his nearly pathological attitude towards his “guru and god”, Ram Bomjon: “The account of Tony Troung, an American of Vietnamese origin, is more unbelievable. Californian Troung, 65, teaches yoga and meditation himself. He claims he used to see Bomjon’s image in his mind since many years ago. “He started to come to my window since the last year. Sometimes in form of a big moon and sometimes a small one,” he claims. “But I didn’t know he actually exists in Nepal.” A friend told him about Bomjon six months ago. He came to Kathmandu after hearing about Bomjon’s Puja. He received blessing from Bomjon in Chunnikhel. “I felt as if he is a very powerful star when he put his hand on my head,” he enthuses.”


Emeritus professor of Contemporary Chinese Art at a Taiwanese university, Joan Stanley-Baker (Xu Xiao Su), a retired old lady, became Bomjon’s fiery propagator, after she took over the lead from Andrea Good. In the interview with Setopati she introduced herself with her Chinese name: “Xu Xiao Su, born in America and raised in China, is a professor who teaches history of painting in Taiwan. Su, 83, teaches which paintings are genuine and which duplicate.” Apparently but Joan has difficulties to recognize which guru is a fake one and which is a duplicate…

She is writing poetical propaganda texts using pathetic expressions “greatest gift to humanity after 2500 years” and “spiritual holistic ecology launched in Nepal” when describing Bomjon, to bring attention of the public towards her guru. Joan had met Bomjon’s victim Marici, yet she believes in witches (she had complained about “witch-evil” causing some infection to her in Halkhoriya Jungle). She is hyperactive when it comes to speak about the fantastic claims of Bomjon, emphasizing her academic title and using her Chinese language-skill and connections to create what we could already now call a cult of personality of Ram Bomjon. She is told to work on writing a “great book” about Maitriya Bomjon…


“Legendary” Doctor Moon, who was never a doctor but a Korean-Canadian former cook, had been Bomjon’s financial supporter for years. He had invited Bomjon to Canada and built a temple for him. The old man arrived even to Bomjon’s 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja and gave an interview. Bomjon had promised him that he would visit Canada for inaugurating the temple dedicated to him, a new Nepali “god”.

In fact, it was told among his followers online, that Ram Bomjon’s first trip would be to Canada. Yet let’s not expect anything shouted aloud and announced on websites or media! Bomjon knows far too well that what he did are crimes against more than 40 people, and these acts, although still not punished in a bribe-infected Nepal, are taken seriously in the West, and even in neighboring India or China. Thus he must be very low-profile and hide his identity when traveling abroad.

Other, less active devotees in Canada: Marie-Soleil Dauphines, Veronique Courrier.

Also read about where the assistants of Ram Bomjon are now, this destructive cult is just behind your corner:

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Maitriya’s “timing problem” – delayed public denouncements


Andrea Good, who is married to a Japanese man Atsushi, and has two children, had managed to mislead a few Japanese that Bomjon is the awaited Maitreya Buddha. One amateur Japanese singer, Andrea’s friend, had produced numerous New Age style songs which are still used by Bomjon’s Sangha during his “blessing programs”. It was heard as well during his 2017 Bungamati World Peace Puja near Kathmandu. The other very high profile worshiper of Bomjon is Junsei Terasawa, a self-proclaimed pacifist who is marching here and there in India, Kazakhstan, Russia, China etc. with his entourage comprising of young boys, convincing the masses about the New Buddha, Maitriya, Messiah – whom he believes to be Bomjon. Terasawa was speaking about Bomjon also at an international Astana conference and many similar venues, including organizations affiliated with the UN. Thus his influence is crucial to pave the way for Bomjon to be accepted in the UN and Post-Soviet Republics. Terasawa WAS present inside the secret compound of Bomjon during the keeping hostage and torturing of two women, Slovak Marici and Nepali Mata Ani in 2012. He participated in creating the right “atmosphere of horror” for the victims. Terasawa is somehow always found with Bomjon when victims are brutally beaten, though he was until now not participating in direct violence.

B, How to cross the border when you are a Buddha Boy

It would occur to anyone: in jeans! I was told by a few Sangha insiders, that he had “escaped” through the border to India quite a few times already, and he is using plain civil clothes at such occasions (for example in the winter of 2012, spring 2013). Obviously it would be too unpractical to hide in white robes and barefoot… There are many people named Ram Lal Bomjon in Nepal, and every second man has a middle-name “Bahadur”, so it is enough to cross to India or Tibet through some remote border crossing, where no one knows him, and then he can easily fly from another country’s airport. Although, after he got an unprecedented support from high politicians, we can even expect that he could as easily fly even from Kathmandu, if only not afraid that someone would recognize him and spread the sensational news that “Buddha Boy” left Nepal… During his under-cover trips abroad he was usually accompanied with some of his most faithful accomplices, like Darshan Subba Limbu, or even foreigner Sangha members.

In my feeling, Bomjon could have already left Nepal, or if did not do until now, he would try to do it the next week, as his astrological forecast shows. He did enough destruction to Nepal already, it is time to move on and do the same to other nations and individuals as well…

Above is just an illustration photo. But numerous people had described that Ram All Bomjon, the “Maitriya Buddha” is regularly taking on civil clothes to disguise himself from the authorities and civilians as well. He even used to walk in civil clothes in Sindhupalchowk, and crossed to India in jeans. He could easily look like this young man in the photo, or even disguise his notorious long hair in a rubber-band… Very easy!

C, Which country?

Although publicly announced plans had included Canada, USA and Europe, the rather subjective suggestions from clairvoyant people show a strong possibility to start his trip with Russia

Peace-activist Junsei Terasawa, his ardent follower and witness during the tortures of the two kidnapped women, had been incessantly propagating “Maitriya Guru” during his long stays in Russia, China, Kazakhstan, creating conditions to welcome him there. He had been accompanied by Pragyaratna Ghullu, Bomjon’s Nepali former Theravada monk follower for many years, who had played a key role in the witch-hunting of Slovak Marici in 2011. Some YouTube commentators had speculated that he is welcome in China. Due to a huge followership in South-East Asia, probably among the radicalizing Buddhists of mainly Thailand, Burma, some in Singapore, Hong Kong (propagated by university professor Joan Stanley-Baker alias Xu Xiao Su) and Vietnam (propagated by US-Vietnamese president of the US BSDS Sangha, Kim Nguyen Huyen). Due to Joan Stanley-Baker, who knows Chinese, a significant amount of Chinese followers had been acquired from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Mainland China as well. In 2010 Terasawa and Pragyaratna Ghullu had been propagating Bomjon in Mainland China, asking the Buddha Boy Google Group t help them translate leaflets into Chinese…

Junsei Terasawa preaching about Bomjon in Astana Conference in 2010

The above image shows Junsei Terasawa, a famous Japanese “peace-marcher” monk attending the 2010 World forum on spiritual culture, in Astana, Kazakhstan. On this forum he had made a special program to propagate Ram Bomjon (that time calling himself “Dharma Sangha”) to the international audience of religionists and religious leaders, especially that of Russians. Yet, interestingly, he was involved in the tortures of the two kidnapped women in 2012, kept by Bomjon in his guarded jungle compound, and Terasawa, as one of the few followers, had access to the jungle. He used to play an important, background part in the tortures of Slovak Marici, which is yet to shed light.

Below is a photo of the advertising film about Dharma Sangha Bomjon, shown by Terasawa at the Astana conference:

The next photo shows Terasawa and Pragyaratna Ghullu together preaching about Ram Bomjon to the conference about religions in Astana in 2010:

The below image shows the winter of 2012, during the captivity of Slovak Marici, kept on chains in this very jungle, a few minutes from the scene on Terasawa’s worshipping of his “god” by kissing his feet. The young monk on the right called “Budha” had been personally assisting in Marici’s torture:

Junsei Terasawa bowing to Bomjon

The below picture shows Junsei Terasawa with his group of young men from mainly China, Russia and post-Soviet countries, with his later missionary friend, Nepali Pragyaratna Ghullu, to spread the Maitriya Guru (Ram Bomjon) “gospel” to especially China and Russia as their main target. Ghullu was a Theravada monk at the time, currently he had put down his robe to live a more worldly life, yet continues to be active in Terasawa’s Maitriya-mission in India, China and Russia.This drum had a big significance during the torture of Slovak Marici in 2012 in the jungle, where Terasawa cooperated with Bomjon in creating a Hell for the victim…


This photo was taken in Halkhoriya, near Ram Bomjon. to whom Terasawa and his group of followers had a special access all the time.Watxh on this photo his typical drum in his left hand. 

12, UPDATE: Bomjon’s sister Manu’s mysterious death

See more on this: Manu was a victim of Buddha Boy’s wrath?

Bomjon’s long-time servant and follower, his elder sister Manomaya Tamang (Manu) died in October 2016. Her condition was caused by some mysterious events after she returned from Malaysia in 2015. That was just a few months before the Great Earthquake striking Nepal in 2015. Manu was a brave person who already in 2012 questioned Bomjon’s criminal and cruel deeds, when her brother let kidnapped, beaten and torture two women for three months in 2012 (Mata Aani, Nepalese and Marici, Slovakian). That time, back in April 2012, she came to Bomjon’s kingdom in the Halkhoria Jungle with mother Maya Devi, brothers Shyam and Ganga and Babula. All were detained and kept 5 days by Bomjon’s men at his order. It was made in a way that it looked like the followers acted on their own, so for long the family thought that Bomjon himself was innocent. Manu herself described Bomjon’s deeds in Nepali press, saying he hit her on her head with the handle of his sword but said nothing. Later, when released, the shocked and desperate siblings left Nepal (and also the Buddhist monk-hood, as Manu, Shyam and Babula were all monks) and started to work in Malaysia as many Nepalese do. They were quite happy there, according to a phone call made in 2012. Manu told then that she left her saved hair grown back and wore worldly clothes. The fate that the Bomjon sibling had in their “holy” brother was apparently broken. Yet then Manu returned around 2014 or 2015, and went to meet her famous “Buddha” brother. After that meeting the only news was that Manu suffered from brain problem which made her unable to care for herself and she was staying in bed for more than a year, in apparent desperate condition.


Then we read on khenpo Sonam Gyurme’s Facebook site (archived at http://archive.is/Iq4NN ) that she departed, and they show her picture with swollen eyes and weak condition. No one knows how Manu got to khenpo Gyurme, who had been interestingly Bomjon’s main manager and propagator during 2010-2011, but had been disgraced after August 2011. Khenpo Gyurme but still remembers his serving time at “Buddha Boy” as times which brought him name and fame, and refused to care about the criminal deeds that Bomjon caused, even if his near friend, Lama Tcheku of Simara, had been an eyewitness to them.

Manu had died and the reason of her condition, which started in 2015, is apparently kept secret. It is our moral duty to search for the truth. The Buddhist khenpo lama Gyurme publishes only this:

We BTMC family recently have lost our beloved sister Manu Anga from Bungjor, Ratanpur, Bara, Nepal. She was suffering by brain problems since last few months and passed away 13 Asoj 2073 (29th Sept. 2016).

BTMC Facebook site with announcement about Manu’s death


UPDATE April 2017:

The below links and quote confirm that Bomjon and his followers consider torturing people until death (case of Manu) a way of Maitri Dharma:

“Bomjon and his followers have already started to show the tendency to go beyond the laws to remove the hurdles in their path. This tendency may develop as a threat in the long run.
…The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.”


Curious case of Bomjon – so called God was behind the death of his sister?

Why did Manu have to die?

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  1. I am wondering whether Ram Bomjon might have been either injured or died during the earthquake because there have not been any new photos, videos, teachings, pujas since the earthquake. Perhaps this might be kept secret so that foreign followers continue to send money and support.


    1. The way how he is working is genial: to the greater public not to release practically any news and any truth, and as I see, even his latest photos are inaccessible to most. Mostly his recent photos are exchanged on the internal forums and Facebook sites of his followers, with strict rules not to release to the public. No wonder, he is getting fatter and fatter, and is now a father of a male child born recently, with two or more concubines on his side, and as eye witnesses described, also in his privacy. These are not the best pictures to show when one wishes to maintain the illusion of an “Ascetic” (Tapasvi). His obsession with modern technology brought him dozens of gadgets to spy on people, but in the same time he does not allow any photographs or video records to be made during his so called “maitri pujas”, neither mobiles, cameras or recorders are allowed. So yes, Gale, you had guessed well that secrecy and double(or rather multiple) standards when it comes to transparent information, is the case here.


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