Ram Bomjon in 2014 and 2015 – according to astrology

The forecasts of the “stars” somehow always accurately predicted me the events concerning Ram Bomjon in the past. I was watching his astrological forecasts from as early as 2011, then again from April 2012, and he is nearly exactly “obeying” what the planets “dictate”, from the time I ever watched his life.

NEW: Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!


There is one more source, apart from the information from former devotees, current devotees, witnesses and victims, villagers and alternative (expat) media: and that is astrology.  The forecasts of the “stars” somehow always accurately predicted me the events concerning Ram Bomjon in the past. I was watching his astrological forecasts from as early as 2011, then again from April 2012, and he is nearly exactly “obeying” what the planets “dictate”, from the time I ever watched his life.

As we will see below, there are 3 main themes which Bomjon is dealing from about October 2014 till today:

(For more detailed forecasts please refer to Astro.com . The below forecast had been deducted from Astro.com as well.


2, SEXUALITY IN VARIOUS FORMS (Update: the leaked-out news in 2015 had confirmed this!)



This week (till about September 3, 2015) , due to an influence of Jupiter, he is attracted to travel to far countries, and if he decides for this, it would be successful.

This is a good time to achieve perspective in all possible senses of the word. It is a good time for education, either formal or informal, or for seeing the larger world through travel. Activity period from 24 August 2015 until 2 September 2015

In general, due to harmonious Jupiter aspects, he had a very satisfying few weeks and months recently, when he does not have to act much things are happening around him in his favor, and people are offering help and support without even any effort on his side. Yet there is also a possibility to waste huge resources on useless things, which rather focus on a “show up” for others, beautiful and luxurious items and enjoyments, than a reasonable spending.


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“Discovering emotional depths”: If he had entered a new relationship, he may feel quite compulsively attracted, and instincts and passions may be awakened in him which previously he had underestimated or been unaware of. He may also experience a sexual or erotic awakening. Beginning of August 2015 until end of March 2016

“Unwelcome changes”: At its best this influence can signify intense emotional experiences within a relationship that draw him in and change.

“Lavish tastes” : This is usually a very pleasant influence, indicating harmony in relationships and perhaps even a new relationship that will be of great significance in his life. He wants to love very much, and he is able to give it to those around him. This influence encourages a taste for the lavish and beautiful, and he is not likely to let much stand in the way of what he wants. There is a danger to waste valuable resources and squander money. activity period from 19 August 2015 until 28 August 2015

Dominating in relationships: If he had not been asserting his own individuality in relationships already before, he will do so now… If he tries to suppress these drives, they will burst forth later on in a manner that is difficult to control. Activity period beginning of June 2015 until mid-February 2017

Intimate one-to-one encounters, cooperation with others, seeking out advice from others,dealing with relationship issues, partners, near friends. activity period mid-August 2015 until end of September 2015

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This influence represents a creative stirring up of his personality and relationships to the people around him. activity period beginning of June 2015 until mid-February 2017

“In need of response”: This was a good time to clarify and explain an issue to someone with whom he is intimately associated in daily life, such as a spouse or a business partner. It was also good for consulting a specialist on any matter. (I am sure that he has plenty of issues he must explain to people,as well as plenty of legal problems he needs to smooth out with consulting advocates, lawyers, politicians, donors…) Activity period beginning of August 2015 until 28 August 2015


Crystallising goals: For several years he had probably been moving toward this apex of personal achievement, and at times it may have seemed he would never get there. But now whatever he had been attempting to build is likely to bear fruit… Mid-December 2014 until beginning of November 2015

During this period he will try to achieve something of significance in his work or career.
activity period from 19 August 2015 until 28 August 2015

“In good working order”: This is a time of balance and equilibrium in his life, when all his affairs seem to run smoothly and without much effort on his part. It is a time when he can relax and take it easy for a while, knowing that his life is in good working order. This is also a time when growth seems to occur without much effort – growth in consciousness, in  profession, in social life…

Business transactions or negotiations are also favored now, and this is a good time to expand business, as long as it is within reason. Legal affairs also usually run quite smoothly. activity period from 24 August 2015 until 2 September 2015


New faces, new places: Much support may now come to him through the agency of others yet there is a possibility that Bomjon would change his million-times recycled Sangha yet again soon, as was always his habit, after he used up the moneys and damaged the morality of his previous Sanghas and committees. Like monkeys, jumping from tree to tree, picking fruits which they taste with one bite and then throw away, Bomjon had been similarly biting and throwing away many of his followers. Beginning of December 2015 until end of August 2016

“Offbeat and eccentric”: At this time he will seek greater flexibility and freedom in friendships, as well as with  neighbors and the people he associates with daily. And opportunities for favorable change in his life may come through any of these people. Often this influence has an electric quality, so that everyone he meets seems to give off an energy charge that makes him move faster and more suddenly (it is not a secret that guru’s are often using the Pranic energy of their followers to their own goals). The people he meets now will be quite different from those he usually associates with, and if his attitudes are rigid he may be mildly upset by them. He could enlarge the range of people whom he associates with. (foreign travel, political power?)

It is quite likely that the tempo of change in his life will increase to the point that others will think of him as unstable and unreliable.

He also may suddenly discover that his friends of many years seem limited and narrow and no longer interesting. Instead, he may become involved with some group that is considered by the rest of society, particularly his old friends, to be offbeat and eccentric, if not completely crazy.

“Unwelcome changes”: There is also a difficult side to this influence. He may become aware of changes occurring in a relationship to which he will be forced to accommodate. They cannot be ignored, because a real breakdown in his relationship would result. Stability in relationship is not available at this time. He should resist the desire to use subversive tactics to control his loved one, such as manipulating feelings of guilt or responsibility. Activity period end of June 2015 until end of September 2015


Often this influence signifies an interest in new and different studies. Technical and scientific disciplines are suitable to this symbolism, as are the various branches of the occult. (Will he finally learn to use the Internet and compete with his Sangha in hacking…? Or will he finally succeed in creating that “weapon of mass destruction” which was described by Jas Bahadur Waiba in an interview?) Under this influence people often get into astrology.  activity period beginning of June 2015 until mid-February 2017

For the 2018 prediction see: Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!


During this period he will try to achieve something of significance in his work or career. He will not find it sufficient to continue as he had, and his ambition will become more powerful than usual. This can be either good or bad in the long run, depending upon how he goes about getting ahead. On the positive side, this influence helps overcome previous limitations, which were caused largely by fear and lack of confidence. Now he feels capable of greater achievements and willing to work for them. This influence usually creates great optimism and self-confidence, but he must be careful that it does not become overconfidence.

But this influence can also signify an inflated ego, a state of mind in which he  attributes to himself powers and talents far beyond his actual abilities. In rare and extreme cases, a person may think of himself as godlike. There is so much positive energy in this influence that it would be unfortunate to waste it with pride, foolish arrogance and overestimation of his capabilities.

His followers consider him to be Parmatma (supreme soul) and above Lord Buddha. http://setopati.net/society/21938/State-must-watch-Bomjon-closely/

He wants to be important now, and it is quite possible to attain that goal, but only if he knows himself adequately. activity period from 19 August 2015 until 28 August 2015


As we can see from the astrological forecast, Bomjon was far from being idle in peaceful meditations in the recent months:

“Plenty of work”: At this time he threw his ego energies into working hard and getting things done. Now he was much more able to defer tomorrow’s pleasure for today’s work. In fact he is likely to take considerable pride in how much work he can do during this time. ...He will  not want to work for someone else; instead, he wants the credit for his accomplishments himself, so that he himself is identified with what he does. This can lead to conflicts with superiors and general difficulty in a work situation. Even if he is the employer, there may be difficulty if the people who work for him feel that he is not giving them enough credit. activity period end of July 2015 until beginning of September 2015




1, For example there had been forecasts about possible legal issues in 2013-2014, and recently I had learned from a person near to him, that he and his Sangha leaders indeed had to attend various court hearings in Hetauda and to meet with various legal offices, obviously to smooth out the many police reports filed against his crimes. Needless to say, due to Jupiterian and Venus influences, he might have had enough fortune to avoid trouble and smooth out legal issues by bribes and psychological manipulation.

2, Another event, which proved to me that I had the correct astrological entry data, was that just before his meeting with the PM in October 2014, many planetary aspects of Pluto and Jupiter, etc. predicted a big “upshot” in power, rule and authority, even at a political level, and ambitions to go further and further up (divinizing oneself). I was shocked to see then the news that he actually even was accepted by the PM in Kathmandu’s Bhaluwatar. I was not shocked because it was something I would personally consider “amazing” and a reason for “admiration”.. I was shocked at the amazing accuracy of astrological predictions in case of Bomjon!

Ram Bomjon’s bloody violence continues in Halkhoriya in 2014!

3, And the third thing that was so exactly “fulfilled”: From about Spring 2015 (but times to time already from 2012 actually), the main and overwhelming topics that astrology was showing, had been actually something that the wide public, looking at him as a “god”, “pure”, “innocent” celibate, would hardly expect or believe: sexuality! Sexuality in different forms, with constant planetary aspects about this theme, practically on a daily basis, was recurring from the spring of 2015, and continues to be fortified by planets until these days. Different aspects of Venus and Mars, when sometimes sexuality was about family life, sometimes combined with violence or power struggles, sometimes connected to children and gentle love to them, to a wife, sometimes it was about romantic feelings – but the most powerful planetary influences for “Maitriya”, all spring, summer and partly even now, continue to be sexuality and “family life”.

Is Ram Bomjon married?

It was not surprising then to learn from 3 independent informers PLUS his former official website turned to be revelation, the Dharma-sangha.com (archived in https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/ and on Archive.com), that actually currently (many months) his life’s main topic is all about his strange “harem” of girlfriends, who are supposed to go through a series of miscarriages, or according to nearer source, actually abortions of Bomjon’s children’s embryos. In the beginning the informers spoke about one partner of Bomjon, named respectfully “Guru-Ama” (Guru-Mother, usually a name used for nuns and celibate Yoginis), recently they admitted that he does not have only one sexual partner, but at least two if not more…

Yet all these things are happening behind the curtain which is meant to hide the truth about Maitriya Guru from the public. When he steps out to the stage, he is again and again deceiving the crowds about his “tapasya” (celibacy), inedia (non-eating), enlightenment and spiritual knowledge. Although he did not do a single deed of compassion from 2006 until now, and although he did a lot of violent, unethical, tricky bribing and cheating, beatings, tortures, in short, harm to souls and bodies – he is able to fool the crowds still that he is The Compassionate One…  And although for the wide public he and his Sangha is maintaining a lie that he is in “constant peaceful meditation for world-peace”, eventually that he is “working on his book”, the reality is too far from any peacefulness, meditation and any spiritual activity. He is far from being idle and in any samadhi: he is actually not just very active, but even hyperactive, just that in areas which had been well-kept in maximal discrecy:

Let’s see, below, what was he apparently so busy with all this time we did not hear about him anything. The astrological predictions can be found on Astro.com after entering the exact data of the birth details of Ramlal Bomjon.

Seeing his astrological predictions of a sexually hyperactive tendency, as well as knowing the planetary positions already in his native horoscope, one can believe  easily that the “stars” do not lie. The fifth house is a fifth house… Astrology cannot be cheated. The only thing the fanatic followers can do (and already did a few times!) is to alter the birth details of their “guru”, to give a better result…

More on this topic: Where was Ram Bomjon in 2015 and what was he doing?

Parallelly with his endeavours with the opposite gender, Jupiterian influences are ensuring him during the last half-year an unprecedented success, popularity and easy life with an inflow of money, as well as aspects of Pluto and Jupiter etc. a ruthless power and authority..Astrology does not predict if a person is good or bad, or honest or a cheater… Planets shine down their influences on everyone, saints as well as bastards, and it depends on the person what he or she does with that influence.

Thus, the Jupiterian success and inflow of all kinds of financial resources, at some time even in combination with remaking his living conditions to express more his richness, luxury, could have been easily achieved by the millions donated to him by Western donors who were naively thinking that the money would be converted to a wide scale help to earthquake survivors… Yet, as we already know, he will hire helicopters for his own selfish hobby only, not for transporting food to remote mountains hit by the earthquakes. Someone who does not really have a sense for beautiful living, is able to spend his huge donations only for helicopters, megalomaniac spectacular “pujas”, bribing police, lawyers, courts and media, and even, as I was informed by an insider, to pay monthly salaries for his attendants for attacking, raping and torturing people! (A normal human being must feel quite sick after hearing these news…)



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