Holy festival of tearing a half-suffocated baby-goat in pieces alive

Ripping a baby-goat by bare hands in pieces, after half-suffocating it in a pond is a joyful festival in Nepal! “The process of the ritual is actually a very long one, the goat suffers for at least 40 minutes before she gives up slowly with extreme pain and suffering”. Images of terrified baby goats being attacked and drowned as they bleat and struggle for their lives hurts Nepal’s reputation internationally and certainly damages the tourist trade. 

Featured image: Dailymail.com


On September 1 Nepal’s Newari community had celebrated the annual festival Deupokhari (Dyo Pukhar) in Kathmandu, consisting of half-suffocating a female baby-goat of 5 months by 9 chosen young men in “God’s pond”, and right away (while still alive) tearing its body apart by bare hands.


BARBARIC GOAT FESTIVAL DAILYMAILAbove photo (watch the faces!): Dailymail.com

(Archive.org and Archive.today)

http://goddashboard.com/news/teams-of-men-struggle-to-rip-apart-live-goats-in-barbaric-nepalese-festival/ :

“A barbaric Nepalese festival which sees a live goat ripped apart by villagers’ bare hands and teeth has gone ahead for another year, despite uproar from animal rights activists trying to get it banned. Shocking photographs taken from this year’s Deopokhari festival show children looking on as villagers tear at the live baby goat as part of the horrific annual competition. The 900-year-old festival is held every year in August, in the village of Khokana, one of the oldest villages in the Kathmandu Valley in central Nepal. But animal rights campaigners have branded the celebration ‘barbaric’, as part of the ceremony sees a young female goat brutally sacrificed.

Ms Bekhechi continued: ‘Images of terrified kids [baby goats] being attacked and drowned as they bleat and struggle for their lives hurts Nepal’s reputation internationally and certainly damages the tourist trade. Surajan Shrestha, President of the Animal Rights Club in Nepal, told MailOnline: ‘The process of the ritual is actually a very long one, the goat suffers for at least 40 minutes before she gives up slowly with extreme pain and suffering.

‘Khokana festival has been a festival of a particular ethnic group for many years in which a goat is killed in a very cruel manner in the name of god and for entertainment. ‘Traditions in which animal cruelty is involved should be stopped as soon as possible.’ The largest online petition, calling on the Nepali Congress Central Office to ban the practice, has been signed by more than 57,000 people, while several others have received more than 5,000 signatures each.



(This had been deleted, find it on Archive.org)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5JPWOoAti8 (Warning: graphic images)


Recently there was a dodgy half-cooked agreement between the Gadhi Mai representatives and animal-right organizations to stop the mega-animal-sacrifice in Gadhi Mai Temple in Bara District. When all animal lovers would already start to celebrate, media had published articles that it was not true.

Yet Gadhi Mai is far not the only brutally cruel festival in the small Himalayan nation. For such a small country it is surprising, how many such animal-torture-festivals do they observe. A simple search on the Internet can reveal that Nepal has numerous unimaginably inhuman torture-festivals, even these days, all year long:

“Another ritual is the chasing of a sacrificial pig, stolen by groups of young men and boys. The youngsters run around carrying the squeaking pig under their jackets and passing it quickly from one to the other. The animal is released after two hours after which a dancer grabs it. He tears the heart of the live baby pig out after which it is eaten raw. As the dancers are forbidden to use knives or instruments the lead dancer tears the skin under the piglet’s forelegs with his fingernails, insert his hand and pulls out the heart. The dancers drink blood from the piglet’s open chest. ”

(Source: Animal Sacrifice Calendar of Nepal at https://za.sudesh.org/2011/03/animal-sacrifice-calendar-of-nepal.html  had been taken down)

Piglet festival extra cruel (Warning: graphic images!):

Brutal animal killings and tortures are but a sad problem of the Western world too. No one should see this article as an attempt to discredit Nepal, the country I beloved so much, while I myself feel the nearest to Hindu Sanatana Dharma and the original teachings of Gautama Buddha (and not, I do not identify with Christianity as an institution!). Yet Nepal is the only country in the world where Gautama Buddha had been born, and many other holy men and women resided. The nation should behave to such a holy land with respect to their teaching of non-killing and non-torturing neither animals, nor human beings, at any justification.

Below is a description of the Newari version of the Hindhu desain festival (widely celebrated also by Nepali Tamang Buddhists, for example by the whole birth village of Ram Bomjon, in Bongjor as well!):


Desain is going to take place this year from about the 23rd of october, 2015.


“The night of the eighth day is called ‘Kal Ratri’, the dark night. Hundreds of goats, sheep and buffaloes are sacrificed at the mother goddess temples. In the darkness of the night Durga temples, army barracks, and old palaces all over Nepal hold sacrifices for the mother goddess. The sacrifice continues till dawn.”

“The ninth day is called ‘Nawami’. The Taleju temple at Hanuman Dhoka is opened for the public only once a year on this day. Thousands of people go and pay their respect to the goddess day. Temples of mother goddess are filled with people from dawn till dusk. On this day the official military sacrifices are held in the ‘Kot’ courtyard at Hanuman Dhoka. The government allows foreigners to witness this function so hundreds of tourists and diplomats eagerly gather here. Animals mostly black buffaloes are slaughtered by hundreds to honour Durga the goddess of victory and might and to seek her blessing.”

“After Dashain the nation settles back to normal. After receiving the blessing of goddess Durga, people are ready to work and acquire virtue, power and wealth. Dashain thus is not only the longest festival but also the most anticipated one among all the festivals of Nepal.”


Impressions of The Halkhoria Times:

Seeing the laughing faces of the boys, entertained by the desperate fight for life of the baby-goat brings chills of horror. Is this really possible? Is this happening in a country which is the birth-place of Gautama Buddha, which is considered by Westerners an earthly heaven of spirituality?

“Seeing the smiling faces of boys entertained by the torture of the goat, I have recalled exactly the same face-expressions of Ram Bomjon’s attendants while they had been beating me, torturing, ridiculing my suffering, or watching how “Buddha Boy” himself thrashed me repeatedly with the massive bamboo stick to blood and bruises, and how I was trying to avoid his hits in the heavy chains on the dusty ground of Halkhoria, in total horror… When he hit my head, warm blood started to pour on my face and to the ground. I am going to kill you, he was saying, you will die – and Budha lama (Buddhist monk) , khenpo Dawa (Buddhist monk-teacher) all burst in laughter. Then he ordered Molam lama (Buddhist monk), to re-break my already once broken right hand, he did it with a wide smile…” Marici (one of Ram Bomjon’s more than 40 victims).

The most shocking in this is not even the fact that there are demonic and evil men (and a few women too) in Nepal, who are ready to cause extreme horror and physical torture to another creation. The most terrifying in this are those smiles and laughter of the boys killing slowly the goat in Deupokhari, the smile and laughter of Tom Dorje of Poland, Darshan Subba Limbu, Molam lama, khenpo Dawa and Budha lama, Shyangbo Dong and Khaiba, when seeing my torture on a daily basis… These faces belong to demons, not humans…

When I see the photos showing the “holy festival of torturing and killing” of Deupokhari, I slowly start to understand why is it so easy for Ram Bomjon to find “attendants” and “assistants” to employ against human beings, whom he decides to harm. Barbaric cruelty to animals and people IN THE NAME OF RELIGION are deeply embedded in Nepali society.

Can we be surprised at the incessant brutality during violent political protests, the high rise of cases in raping children and often even murdering them right after, in Nepal? All these cases, be it animals or people, are connected. It is a “culture” of being ready to cause extreme pain and horror to another being, in the name of some illusionary “satisfying of god”. Young boys are being exposed to the direct experience of torturing living creatures to death, to killing them by bare hands, to blood, be it Madeshi’s with their Gadhi Mai animal-sacrifice tradition, Newaris with their numerous brutal animal torture rituals, or any other Nepali cast with similar festivals. This is just not normal, not civilized and not healthy for the nation’s mentality!

The human body, a mammal, is very similar to the bodies of other mammals: it has red blood, flesh, similar bones, skin, hair… It needs oxygen to breath, water and food to eat… When young Nepali men are taught to torture animal bodies, ignoring that those animals also have souls and feel extreme pain and horror while suffering, then such men start to look at human bodies also just as an easily dismantlable “animal”, and when it comes to fulfill some selfish purpose to them, they would probably have no difficulty to torture and kill. Having had learned, by the pressure of society, to harden their hearts against the cries for life and mercy of their animal victims, they would also not feel compassion with humans who cry for mercy.

But had been the Gods satisfied with all these sacrifices of His helpless creatures by a big number (even if not all) Nepalis? Had been God really satisfied by the tortures (and often even killings) of women accused by “gurus” and “shamans” to be witches in Nepal?  If it was so, taking in account the huge number of such sacrifices and tortures in the name of some twisted “Dharma”, the country should be the most wealthy, most prospering, most healthy and most happy in the world by now! But everyone can see that the reality of Nepal is very far from this! God and the Gods are apparently not satisfied with the culture of inhuman torture and bloody animal sacrifices: Earthquakes, landslides, civil wars, poverty, non-stopping violence, political clashes.. Nepal is a concentration of all possible problems one can just imagine for a nation! Maybe it is time to ask God, if brutal animal sacrifices and supporting the habit to torture and kill women accused of witchcraft, are really the things which satisfy Him/Her…


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  1. I am horrified how humans can inflict and enjoy such inhumane acts. God did not give us the gift of animals for such cruel acts. I’m so upset for the future of my children in this barbaric world. We need to change and fast.


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