Ram Bomjon’s “dharma” infiltrating Russia and Ukraine

After the previous so-called “Maitri Puja” in Moscow in July 2015, Ram Bahadur Bomjon continues to disseminate his dark religion cladding brutal attackers and rapists into shiny white and blue robes. “Maitriya Guru’s” secret rituals of bestial human torture with violence and sexual attacks are to fuel his “peace-pujas”.  Who was the victim now…? Will we ever learn? Nepal does not care that its famous ‘Buddha Boy’ continues to stain its tradition of Dharma by criminal deeds against its own citizens and tourists, as after the earthquakes it is overwhelmed with political clashes, federalism and lately, Constitution. And Europe is overwhelmed by Syrian refugees, while Russia is overwhelmed by the “Ukraine problem” and the Ukraine with the Russian one…Could there be a better time for such dark cults to infect the civilized European society?

Being always coward to get into trouble himself, he had sent out his “ambassadors”, worshippers who had witnessed the tortures of his two kidnapped victims, Slovakian Marici and Nepali Maata Ani in 2012,during a similar “Maitri Puja”. The main “ambassador” of Bomjon’s very painful “peace” is his IT professional website administrator, SEO specialist and hacker, Semyon Shekovtsov.



The Facebook announcement reads:

Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha
August 29 at 11:21am ·

On September 4-6, 2015 in Ukraine, near Kiev, in a quiet comfortable retreat center “Open Skies” with the blessing of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, a World Peace Maitri Puja will be held by the Sangha from Ukraine. We invite Truth seekers, devotees and all who wish to participate in joint prayer for World Peace and Ascension for all living beings. Although Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru will not be present the event has His special Blessing.

Puja program includes:
– Prayers, meditation,
– Watching presentations,
– Dharma talks.

Puja participants will receive;
● Beads, blessed by the Guru;
● CDs with mantras (from Imee Ooi);
● Guru’s photos;
● A short prayer offerings Thuy Jay Chenmo, given by Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru to read before meal;
● Brochures with all thе Guru’s speeches Guru from 2007 to 2014.


And this is what people could buy on the program: plastic “prayer beads” touched by the hand of Ram Bomjon – the very hands which had broken his Slovak victim’s wrist, held the bamboo stick with which he was hitting her to blood and bruises, the same hand which held the sword with which he attacked Anil Khatri in 2007 to blood, and the hands which had beaten the Western Boy (who does not wish to be named). Then we can see Andrea Good’s infantile comics booklet, in which she drew the alleged “legendary life story” of Bomjon to educate the masses, and other similarly high quality material. This time the Maitri Puja event went without the sale of the Ram Bomjon paintings of Ivy Jugoa (Jyampa Lhaden), it seems though, which had been the Moscow ‘Maitri Puja’s’ bright moment, I am sure… Can it be that some post-communist magnate had bought up all her paintings in the end?

what can they buy


All looks perfectly pure and spiritual. No trace of any matter of conscience even on the side of Bomjon’s Russian and Ukraine followers, many of whom know about their Slovak friend, Marici’s torturing by Bomjon and his attendants, and one of them, Alex, had even tried to let her laptop,mobile, music player, ID card, personal items etc. returned to her, when he arrived to Nepal in April-May 2012. Both Russians are aware of Bomjon having kidnapped and tortured scores of women under the pretext that they were witches, Semyon having been even one of those who had escorted the freed Marici out of Bomjon’s Halkhoriya compound. Yet all this is not making them bad sleep. On the opposite: they feel that such a teaching, which needs to torture and rape a few people once a time (especially during the ritual prayers of the “Maitri Pujas”!) is just the best thing to spread among humanity.

Bomjon is working gradually, drop by drop, nearly invisibly, just by creating for his arrival conditions by these ‘Maitri Pujas’ east of Europe. His main goal is a world rule, and he cannot do it too quickly. He must do slow and silent steps. the news about his criminal deeds, when attacking and torturing more than 40 people, are still too fresh. But he is not going to stop, and as we can see, society, governments and even law are not stopping this criminal cult from spreading freely from the East towards the West.

Europe is overwhelmed by the migration crisis, and it seems that a dangerous cult leader with dark and destructive plans is not its priority. As soon as Russia, Ukraine and Europe will wake up, it will be exactly the same time when it will be too late. The cancer of the decay of dharma, what is the main mission of Ram Bomjon and his fanatic and low-IQ cult leaders, does not seem to make all those law-abiding and human-rights-respecting Europeans nervous. Although Marici, an European citizen, and the Spanish woman, another European, had been kidnapped and tortured for weeks, resp. months by Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha (as he also calls himself), that is not a problem for the Russians and Ukrainians, it seems.

Yet, there is a strange thing about the popularity of Bomjon in these countries: in Moscow it was about eight people who had attended his puja, and the Facebook page is showing 2 people interested to attend the Kiev one…

2 people attend


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