Maha Sambodhi’s Virtual World Tour

On 5 Sep, 2015 violent kidnapper Bomjon had finally established himself in America, Oregon, Ashland, without much publicity, silently, and without his own presence. This is just the beginning…


maitripuja ashland sep 5 7

The “Liberator of the Universe”, who Bomjon is considered to be by his followers, is scared to face media with its irritating questions about his past criminal deeds, about ordering of his own European devotee’s rape, breaking two kidnapped women’s wrist bones, beating scores of kidnapped men until covered in blood… Having such a controversial way to “promote his dharma and peace in the world“, “Maha Sambodhi” Bomjon had problem to convince curious journalists who stuck microphones to his face… It is easier to work obscurely, just to send out his evangelists to that dangerous world with newspapers, TV and Internet, and hide behind a lie that he does not wish to be disturbed “in his meditation”. Thus the ‘Buddha Boy’ had opted for a specially designed world tour for now: a virtual one. Not much advertisement, just low-profile “Maitri Pujas” in targeted civilized countries, to undermine their ethical values slowly and nearly invisibly. Psst, there WAS a Maitri Puja a few weeks ago, did you know that…?

Journalists were never welcome by any criminal cult. Thus Bomjon, in his home country, decided to ban them altogether,  when it came to publishing anything about him. That he is free to do this, is clear from his popularity among high-level politicians, who invite him to their Governmental residences and offer him support to get a citizenship card and passport, even if he dies not fulfill the conditions which all other citizens have to fulfill, and even if he has a forgery attempt behind himself in the Ratanpuri VDC in 2012…

Even not a single piece of article in English could thus appear in the media about Bomjon, from 2012 September till today. That year was the most “demanding” for him: he “managed” to kidnap as many as two women-followers, chain and torture them undisturbed for months. He also managed to hold his own family members (about 6 people) and beat them for days. The Himalayan Times used to write about this all, yet Bomjon requested his well-connected devotee Kishore Sherchand, to make them stop at any price. That price was maybe too high, but finally a brought success…


Yet there was another genuine attempt to clarify who is Bomjon and why did he act criminally against so many people (and how could he stay unpunished by the Nepalese law!) – by the French Press Agency APF in about 2013-2014. They arrived in great hopes, at an official invitation by the Sangha’s members, to Nepal, carrying their heavy cameras and electronic equipment. After making their trip to his hilly ashram in Sindhupalchowk, they were turned down by Bomjon’s PR people, saying that their “Guruji” did not wish to make an interview right now, but if they wanted, they could get his blessing – a “magic touch” by his hands. Yes, those very same hands which drew blood, caused bruises and broke bones…. The fact that AFP lost their interest in asking questions about Bomjon’s recent past is probably a result of having been touched by the “magic wand” of the violent “Buddha”…

Bomjon, who claims to be brave to face tigers, cobras and wild elephants, was always hysterically afraid to face the media. And if he went to the West now, he could hardly avoid to be investigative by journalists, who can still dig out from archives the many articles about his controversies.


The alleged ‘Buddha of the Future’ (as originally Maitreya is believed to be), is famous of avoiding media attention while residing on Nepal’s land, but he apparently is still not ready for the paparazzis of the West. Professional investigative journalists could manage to get glimpses of his brutal tortures of captives, sexual abuses and violence. He therefore rather chose a painless form of evangelization of the world: organizing so called “Maitri Pujas” in targeted countries, to carefully prepare his way in the subconsciousness of those unfortunate nations.

As we know, his 2012 Maitri Puja was “fueled” by his preying upon two of his female victims, Maata and Marici, whom he was holding tied and wounded in his jungle compound, while leading the chanting to the so called “Seven Deities” only a few minutes walk from them, in a 4000 head puja gathering. Will the public learn that his Moscow Maitri Puja in August, his Kiev Maitri Puja in September and his Ashland, Oregon Maitri Puja in September had been also fueled with similar satanic rituals of causing pain to human beings, drawing their blood, breaking their bones…? And if it was so, does anyone care at all…?

Until it is not you yourself, you do not really care, isn’t it… “Let them do it, if they are so stupid” many of my friends in those countries reacted, when I alerted them to the dangerous cult. “There are many such fake gurus and false cults here, Bomjon is just one more…”... Yet all those who are hiding their heads to the sand now, will once learn the severity of my warnings.


Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the alleged Maitriya Buddha, from his very first days of imitating meditation, had complained of having too many enemies of the invisible and visible world, who all want to create obstacles for his “holy mission”. We all had believed him, especially that his mission was really holy. We all had trusted his (solely) verbal mission, throwing to the empty air slogans like “world-peace”, “non-violence”, “equality” and evoking in our hearts genuine support, love and care to him. We all wished to protect the “small meditating child” from that army of alleged “many enemies”, who desired to block his career of becoming a Buddha and save the world.

Then, in 2011, he started to give “speeches” about himself, how great and pure and righteous he was, who was the only one faithfully following the only pure and direct path to enlightenment, God, Buddha-hood and anything greatest and highest. He started to announce the alleged “stages” of his never-ending career of becoming more and more enlightened, bigger and bigger, higher and higher, a god, a Buddha… In his modest beginnings he only carried the title of a Tapasvi, which he shared with thousands of other similarly meditating Yogis and monks in India and Nepal for ages. Yet this “tapasvi” was much different from others: instead of suffering, he inflicts suffering to others, instead of self-discipline he is indulging in biological pleasures resulting in pregnancies…

He was then announced (as he claimed to khenpo Sonam Gyurme, his Buddhist monk scribe) to be “Dharma Sangha”, as we had been made to understand, a personification of all religions (dharmas) of the world. That was already at the stage when he was after his well-known attack on Anil Khatri with his sword, as well as after his kidnapping and torturing of his Spanish devotee lady, for weeks, in his jungle. Apparently these deeds meant a big kick towards Buddha-hood for him, because already in 2011, freshly after his order to gang-attack and beat to blood the 17 Madeshi villagers, he already attains a higher stage of enlightenment, “Maha Sambodhi“. Motivated by this announcement in a smaller circle comprised of the then “foregin Sangha” (Andrea Good, a French elder lady followers, Mike the Monk, Nika L. ,  Yana K., R. T.,  etc., and a few Nepalese, Darshan Subba Limbu, Bomjon’s long-time best friend and right-hand attendant, had told the international community that from now on they must call Bomjon “Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha”.

These various names were but not enough to express the “absolutely highest being ever appearing on earth” – as Bomjon was quoted by an Australian devotee attending his speech to a group of foreign devotees in 2012. He needed to add a few other odd titles, which show him as not even a being, but a gathering: sometimes he calls himself Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha. 


Yet this was not enough. Bomjon needed to get a title of Maitriya. That does not come just like that. He had to work hard for this high title, and thus he ordered the kidnapping of two Yogini women, both dedicated devotees of himself, and chaining them in his dark jungle for 2, resp. 3 months, keeping them in daily terror, physical and psychological torture. It seems that by this great “heroic” act he became the “Maitriya Guru” finally, rewarding himself for well-done work of “destroying evil witches” (actually a European Yoga teacher and Indologist, his own volunteer-translator, Zsuzsanna Takacs, and a Nepali natural healer and nun, Maata!) – he finally got the much sought out title. As a sign to step up in the virtual ladder of “buddhahood” by ordering the rape of Marici and Maata, breaking their bones and sending his devotees to dirt them by excrements – he started to wear a blue shirt under his notorious white robe, in the design of Star Wars.
Only by torturing two Yoginis, was he apparently able to become the Highest of the Highest and Buddhaist of the Buddhaists: the Great World Savior and Liberator, the Highest than God: Maitriya Buddha. He emphasized that he is not the Maitr-E-ya, as that “e” is a mistake.

Although he is quoted, who knows why, to refuse to be called ‘Buddha Boy’ on a few occasions, as he was named by the media in the first years of his meditation posing for the public, he suddenly does not cal himself Buddha, but to be the last and highest Buddha of all: Maitriya.


Bomjon is very diplomatic: he knows that he cannot afford to speak openly in front of large crowds about being the Lord of the Universe etc. So he always boasts only in the smaller circles of his most faithful, who are then whispering it around in a kind of underground mission to all who are interested to know the “secrets” about him. He knows that if he told openly what he thinks about himself, in front of crowds of Christians, Muslims, Jews and even Hindus and most Buddhists, he could have been denounced, booed out, lynched… Only in his smaller circle did he admit that Gautama Buddha was lower than himself, and “did not know his father, only his mother”. Yet even in this smaller circle his self-elevating teaching caused quite a shock-wave, which had reached the public and his critics. One Indian devotee who shared this widely accepted “teaching about himself” of Bomjon in his Sangha, had disappeared soon after sharing. He was shocked by Bomjon’s “blue monks” speaking in a derogatory manner about Gautama Buddha, when comparing the founder of Buddhism with their “Maitriya Guru”.

For the “crowds” he is speaking like a politician, about his empty slogans of peace, love, fraternity… They love it, even if there was not a single instance or event when he would have actually proved any of those ideals by his own acts. But does anyone care? Crowds wish to be fooled and feel just an elevated collective mood. Crowds come for blessings and go away and do not really care what did Bomjon do before they lined up to his touch, and what he would do afterwards. His alter ego is not what they come for. Crowds line up for the very feeling of being involved in something “great”, something labelled “positive”, using colorful decorations, stylish Tibetan Buddhist ones, and trumpets and incense and low-frequency chanting… the atmosphere is enough. That more than 40 human beings have to live with broken bones, broken hearts and terror because of their “trance”, the crowds don’t care.

“Padmasambhava also destroyed witches”, fanatic Bomjon-followers argue. They do not question if Bomjon’s victims had really been witches, they do not ask if his male victims really attacked or mocked him before he trashed them with bamboo stick or sword… They already know the answers: all is good and nice what Maitriya is doing, even if more than 40 people weep and cry and became physically handicapped after his prolonged tortures between 2007 and 2012… They speak about “tolerance”, “equality”, “non-discrimination”, because for Bomjon’s followers these phrases mean only something to chant, not something they (or God forbid, their guru!) should actually do.


This is the trick by which Bomjon continues to drug many foreigners, even Europeans, who have a tradition of ethics, and where intelligence and logic had been always the mainstream before. Slowly infiltrating Europe with his empty slogans which sound nice, covering up his criminal deeds which had been deleted slowly from the bribed Nepalese media.

Russia and the Ukraine had been the first who hosted the small group of blind fanatics, who agree with witch-accusations and tortures of Bomjon’s “many enemies”, who can sleep well after seeing blood pouring down on beaten elderly women or men, chained and “punished” by Bomjon and his gang in Halkhoriya. These “faithful”, for whom Maitriya Buddha means weapons and blood, clad into lectures about Love, Peace, Non-Violence, are not numerous. But they are not passive: they are spreading Bomjon’s gospel and are announcing that God had actually arrived on earth already, and he is supposed to be their guru. They bow to his feet and kiss the ground he touched, even if all of them already know that he is keeping a harem of girlfriends, and instead of meditating in his huts, he was doing anything else with those girls, resulting in miscarriages and abortions… Yet for these faithful he is still holy. Because he has psychic powers which they never experienced before, and so they believe he must be god himself.

So they are infecting the rest of humanity slowly and gradually, because they sincerely believe that it is divine to chain women and let them raped in the name of dharma. Andrea Good, seeing personally Bomjons two victims in 2012 walking out limping after months of intensive tortures, told to one of them, with two broken hands hanging lifelessly on her wrists after Bomjon and comp. fractured them, with extremely thin body and bruises all-over it: “you look now more beautiful than ever”…

For Bomjon’s Sangha there is some artistic beauty in seeing human beings suffer, covered in blood and being in chains. They chant to this spectacle the prayers of teh Seven Deities, which had been created during the time of the most cruel beatings and rapes on Marici in 2012 by “Maitriya Guru”… They do not feel any similarity of the violence and cruelty done by Bomjon and his gang, with violence and cruelty done to other human beings. Bomjon had convinced then that his victims deserved his “punishments’, that his victims (mostly his previous supporters and volunteer devotees!) had been posing obstacles to his mission, disturbed his meditation, wanted to kill him, etc. Would you not believe the words of a god, who is even higher than Buddha himself (as he himself says)?


Thus America, the land of all possibilities, could not stay out of their scope. America is Bomjon’s hope: people there want strong and struct leaders who are ready to sweep away “enemies” from their path – most typically enemies which never existed… There is quite a long tradition of this there. Democracy, freedom of speech, slogans and slogans – this is the world where a virus like the “Maitri Dharma”, smelling of blood, can find a base to root in. Hypocrisy is where Bomjon finds his own men best.

He had successfully established his bloody mission in the USA, making his first historical Maitri Puja in Ashton. Noone minded that his “dharma” is about raping women on chains, torture and beatings of innocent people, forgeries of documents… America is preoccupied with other things, what harm can a small group of a cult do to it?
Real harms come slowly and gradually. They don’t call themselves “I am harm, beware of me”. they come in white and shiny masks of love-and-peace, in sky-blue colored robes, pathetic words which sound nice. What harm can a group, claiming to promote meditation of some Seven Deities, a rosary-bead mantra, and burning candles to a long-haired eastern guy on a picture do? “It reminds me of Hinduism” say a few of lower IQ people who had been hooked into this cult. “It is just a type of Tibetan Buddhism” claims one Marc. So it is just nice and OK. Oh, those people raped and chained and beaten? You know, Nepal’s media made that all up. These criminal deeds never existed, they say. Look at Nepal, what a corrupt country, they say, and you believe they are right. Of course, those Maoist Nepalese and those evil Hindu Nepalese would not make good media articles about the Maitriya Buddha, this is clear… So you believe all this, and do not investigate.

If you investigated, you would soon find out that actually Bomjon is a criminal, and he involved in his brutal attacks on human beings dozens of his holy-faced Sangha members – yes, a few of those who are handing over the prayer-beads to you, or those who give you his photo as a present with a wide smile. If you investigated, you would find out that his victims are real people, 3 of them Westerners, and they did not make a media affair of his criminality only because they all had been really spiritual and tolerant people, Bomjons own former supporters, and they are still unable to cope with the shock and terror that he caused to them by his demonic torture rituals!

If you ever investigated, you would come to this website and read a lot of proofs which slowly would open your eyes that something is very-very dark in those sky-blues and whites which they use to cover their tails, claws and horns…


8 thoughts on “Maha Sambodhi’s Virtual World Tour

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  1. “The writer of the above article cannot be taken seriously, as they are not stable mentally nor emotionally. … Sincere good wishes for your health.”

    (Edited – the comment breaches the law)


    1. Arguments of this type are boringly typical for the most fanatic cults, which are subject of cult-studies. Bomjon-worshipers and the “buddhaboy” himself regularly gossip their ex-members/victims/critics of being aggressors, evil non-spiritual enemies, crazy, mentally ill (schizophrenic, psychopathic, and many other colorful diagnoses), witches, magicians and even dangerous international spies!

      Mental-illness libeling is one of the first signs that a cult is losing the ground under its feet after its victims (usually ex-members) started speak out. Be it victims of Sogyal rinpocche, Sai Baba, Swamiji, Ammachi, previously Osho or any other rich and influential idol, former members who speak out, or critics who do not agree with the dark activities of those “gurus” are regularly accused of being mentally ill. This is part of the job.

      Writing about fanatic cults and fake dangerous gurus often brings such desperate attempts of the subjects to discredit the authors. Your reaction is so typical and in line with the “tradition” of cult-fanaticism, that instead of achieving your objective, it stands as a proof that the article’s claims are true.

      Witch-accusations on your Facebook site, mental libeling in public videos, and now this… It is very sad that a cult which says it is going to liberate humankind from all negativity, is actually so negative.

      But why? Do you think the teaching about truthfulness can be spread by lies? Kindness by rude words? Compassion by cruel deeds against more than 40 victims?

      It is like trying to deliver water in a candle’s flames. Will such a water quench the thirst of anyone? You can repeat years and years that there IS water inside that flame, but until now not a single human being could drink a single drop of that alleged water. Why? Because the means that your cult and your guru are using, is destroying those alleged goals which you pretend to follow!

      How shameful for a “spiritual” group to argument with mental libel and rudeness, instead of compassion and polite kindness!

      Had you had improved your Surinamglish, it could be not so easy to recognize the leader of European Sangha behind your comment using criminal libel.


      1. I have started a video series about his actions, also wrote a lot about his powers in my reports and articles on the old Buddha Boy Google Group, which is still in the inboxes of the 700 members it had until Andrea Good had closed it and created a new Google Group, with no success to replace the old one. I also wrote a lot about his powers in my previous, Halkoria Ewebsite which I was forced to close. This website is focusing more on the factual, objectively perceivable deeds and their cultist behavior, because I realized that people are not ready to believe me so called irrational descriptions about his powers. But yes, we could say that he has much “psychic” powers, and people would be very surpised to learn into what extent. But that is not important. The problem is that he has all the powers to go against ethical rules, law, police etc. and noone is trying to stop him in this. This is the greatest problem.

        If he overpowered me or not, I cannot tell, as his way of working is long steps in time, while we can think we had won, he already has a (dark) plan for the next 20 years… Yet I am alive, relatively fit, and that is maybe a sign that he did not overpower me so much as he wanted…


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