Oregon: first a Maitri Puja, then a shooting

Searching for the word “Maitri”, we find out it is the name of a missile. The paradox to call a killing weapon “Maitri” is not far from the paradox calling Ram Bomjon “Maitri Guru” and his dark rituals fueled by torturing and humiliating kidnapped humans, “Maitri Puja”…

Disclaimer: any connection between the Oregon shooting tragedy and Maha Sambodhi Maha Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha, aka Tapasvi Ram Bahadur Bomjon,aka ‘Buddha Boy’ of Nepal is merely coincidental. The below essay is a mere artistic expression of two un-connected criminal phenomena, one in Nepal and another in the US and is not accusing anyone of being directly responsible for the Oregon events . 

I had been regularly warning the public about the secret society of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, calling itself by various names, among others Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha. I had pointed out to the “coincidences” when the so called Maitriya Guru’s so called “Maitri Pujas” had been connected to the dark rituals of his tortures, ordered sexual abuses, violent slashes drawing his kidnapped victims’ blood and breaking their bones. ‘Maitri’ means friendly love, ‘Puja’ is ritual worship. Yet the public seem to stay passive and accept this “strange dharma”, hiding behind slogans of “world-peace”, “love”, “non-violence”, etc., and not just the Nepalese one, but even that of the USA, Russia and Ukraine, where the fanatic, but well-masked cult of Bomjon’s personality had taken roots recently.

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In Nepal, “Dharma Sangha” (just one of his long list of names) had installed his revolutionary understanding of  “buddhist compassion” among its citizens in 2012, when hundreds of mostly Tamang followers, monks and nuns had accepted and actively pursued Ram Bomjon’s teaching, according to which alleged “witches” and “disturbers” should be chained, raped and let in captivity for months, in daily beatings and terrors, all in the name of peace, non-violence and meditation… They had helped him to catch his victims, assisted him in holding them down while he was trashing them, paid the bribes to police and politicians to be silent about the cases. It was not only his notorious “attendants” like Tom Tarnowski of Poland (Dorje), Darshan Subba Limbu, Bal Hari Rai, Molam lama Magar or Shangbo Dong who had been involved in bloody attacks and tortures with sexual violence: women and even child monks are often used as helpers and assistants in preparing the torture grounds, hold down, carry or witness Bomjon’s “operations”, while his victims are often paraded in front of dozens of Tamang villagers, who are invited for the “special occasions” to see his chained or locked-up preys.

Thus Ram Bomjon’s criminal and inhuman activity in Nepal is far from being a secret. In fact, most citizens know about them (including police, media and politicians!), and had been forced to choose an attitude to cope with them. I am afraid, that most of those voyeurs had chosen the worst possible attitude, which is pulling them now down to a total degradation, dissolution and defilement of everything what had been holy in Nepal, including their own morality.


The consequence of Ram Bomjon’s “new religion” for Nepal are more than visible: from 2012 on suddenly unprecedented growth of criminality, rapes of women and female children as small as 2 years old, had been shooting up to the ceilings of statistical graphs… It went so endemic that even women’s right societies had been staging regular protests in Nepal, to stop the virus of violence (especially sexual) against women and children, yet until the root for this over-all degradation of ethical principles in the originally Hindu-Buddhist society is not diagnosed, there cannot be solution.

Another effect the “Maitri” that Ram Bomjon’s satanic pujas had disseminated in Nepal, had continued parallel with the acceptance of his cult by some Nepalese politicians, and promise of support by the highest level political personalities of the country… The “blessing” from accepting this dark cult by the leaders was not waiting long to crystallize: an over-all political upheaval had started as soon as the “saint’s holy feet” touched the thresholds of high level political leaders’ residences. The Terai Violence, seething already some years under the surface, had soon erupted in Simara, Pattlaiya, Birganj and Kalaiya of Bara and Parsa Districts in February 2015. Interestingly, these districts are Ram Bomjon’s birth district and the district of his wanderings and alleged “meditations”…

Nepal, due to the national acceptance of Bomjon’s human-torturing Maitri Pujas, and due to the continued impunity of dozens of his attack-assistants against more than 40 victims, had become anything else than peaceful and progressing. Blessed, due to ‘Buddha Boy’ presence and due to his repeated Maitri Pujas in Bara, Lamjung, Chitwan, Sindhuli, Sarlahi or Sindhupalchowk? If one looks at the events unfolding in Nepal now, tragedies after tragedies are hitting the land and its nation…

Unfortunately, some opportunist politicians thought that it would be useful for them to make friends with a criminal guru, who kidnaps women, attacks journalists, let’s women called witches and raped, attack men until blood pours down their backs… As many times in human history, politicians were hoping in Bomjon’s “magical boost” for their own ambitions, instead of caring about the law, ethics and traditional Hindu or Buddhist religious values, and as such, about the consequent welfare of their nation. Yet that miracle somehow did not happen: Nepal’s fate, due to its support of its “Maha Sambodhi Violent Witch-Hunter Guru”, had seen its quick degradation, downfall, degeneration at all fronts, be it nature (catastrophes), social, judicial, political or economic…

This “Maitri-Effect” (actually the fake one, because real “maitri” word means friendliness and well-wishing love!) – had culminated in Nepal’s most devastating earthquakes on April 25, 2015 and May 12 2015: interestingly just a few weeks after Ram Bomjon’s widely publicized MAITRI PUJA 2015 IN BADEGAUN, TODKHEBARI, SINDHUPALCHOWK. And would you be surprised that from the 8900 or so deaths, more than 3000 occurred in Sindhupalchowk District itself, just around Ram Bomjon’s ashram…? As if the tragedy of earthquake was not enough, the nation is going through more and more difficulties even after the catastrophe, which all show ANYTHING ELSE JUST NOT A STATE OF BLESSING AND AUSPICIOUSNESS!

In other words: if “blessing” by Ram Bomjon aka Maitriya is bringing you earthquakes, political violence, 8900 dead and millions of people who lost their homes, then the question is if it was a blessing at all…

The next and next expressions of the “Tapasvi’s’ blessings (by his Maitri Puja and by his very presence in Nepal) had been hitting the nation like the apocalyptic biblical plagues:

1, The misfortunate timing of promulgating federalism, as a (seemingly) unavoidable precondition of the Constitution bringing extreme protests, violence, strikes and curfews for the nation, lasting more than two months

2, Forgetting about the 1-3 million (acc. to different sources) homeless families after the earthquake, the Government is withholding the 4.4 billion USD international donations, and spends time in disputes about administrative issues. Although the Constitution is born on a holy fast of Teej, the leaders do not use the opportunity and the few days of peace is disturbed soon after the Constitution is accepted.

3, The nation is weakened and dissatisfied, and the long awaited state of vulnerability is misused by one of the many nationalist parties wanting autonomy inside Nepal: the Madheshis. The Madheshi Andolan, which lasts already more than two months, is further torturing the Nepalese, who had accepted Ram Bomjon’s Yogini-torturing, Yogini-raping and witch-hunting “dharma” in 2012. 

When kidnapping, stealing, bloody attacks which leave people handicapped with broken bones, sexual tortures during chanting Buddhist mantras is accepted as a “new religion” and elevated by high politicians, what can this bring to that country? In the language of the Hindu tradition, Devis and Devas had departed from Nepal, giving place to Ram Bomjon and his gang of attackers, who pose in blue robes and verbally propagate “peace”, “love” and rock-and-roll….

Joan-Stanley Barker, Bomjon’s Hongkong-based American propagator is writing about the ‘Buddha Boy’ as the “greatest gift to humanity”. Yet, the “gifts” that Nepal is receiving are new and new plagues for the nation which had accepted him as their spiritual guru. The most recent is an economic blockade, when due to the Madeshi demonstrators blocking the border entry points between Nepal and India, petrol, gas and many other products including medicine is not entering to the country in sufficient amount.

No matter if one believes it was imposed by India, Madeshis or Nepali politicians by their inability to make peace with the Madeshis: the important lesson is that the Buddha Boy’s allged “blessing” is really visible, tangible and wide-spread in Nepal by now. Yet his “dharmic work” (he really calls it like that!) had been nearly finished there. So let’s step to another Maitri-playground for the bored 24-years old ‘Boy-Buddha’: America…


One must not search the Internet too long to find two events which happened closed to each-other this autumn in Oregon, and USA state about which the rest of the world does not hear much: one even was the September 5, 2015 the first USA Maitri Puja, organized by the USA Sangha of “Maitriya” (sometimes calling itself Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha USA Chapter, with its headquarters in California) in Ashland, and the tragical shootings by an apparently mentally unhealthy young man in a college in Roseburg, Oregon, leaving behind 9 children dead…

roseburg ashland direction 109 miles

Above image: Ashland, the venue of the 2015 American Maitri Puja in Oregon, and Roseburg, the town of the Oregon college shootings, are a mere 109 km far from each-other geographically, and just a few weeks distant chronologically…

Of course there is no scientific evidence that the two events had anything in common. Probably similarly, like the two events of Nepal’s earthquake, Madeshi Andolan leaving 40 dead, and the current petrol shortage creating a collapse to the country’s businesses, education system, factories. For “Maha Sambodhi’s” ardent followers there had been also no scientific proof that the torture of the two kidnapped women in his jungle compound in 2012, would have any connection to their Maitri Puja celebration attended by crowds, held just about a five minutes walk distance from the forcefully held women.

Till this day, US-born Andrea Good, Joan Stanley-Baker (Xu Xiaou Su), US-Korean Kim Nguyen Huyen (sometimes as Kimhuyen T. Nguyen), etc. claim that the two events, organized by the same person (Ram Bomjon) and held in the same jungle (Bomjon’s Halkhoriya fenced compound) in the same time (women held from January till march 2015, Maitri Puja held March 19-24) had no connection at all…

No, there is no proof that Ram Bomjon’s so called “Maitri Pujas” would have direct negative effect on the nations and places they are held, or on any other people than just the very victims held captive during them… There is also no proof that Moscow’s current flirting with the idea of unleashing World War 3 in Syria would have any connection with the Ram Bomjon “Moscow Maitri Puja” held there in August this year. And obviously we can hardly claim that the tragic crash of the tricolor helicopter of Mountain Air during the earthquake aid operations would have anything in common with the fact that “Buddha Boy” used to hire exactly this particular helicopter to travel from place to place inside Nepal in the past years…

It is true that the connection between the Oregon shooting tragedy and the Oregon Maitri Puja – in an interval of a mere few weeks from each-other – cannot be proved.



Above image (source Google): a view of the area of Ashland, Oregon, where Maha Maitri Guru’s Maitri Puja had been held on the 5th of September, 2015, allegedly without his personal presence. The area has a beautiful nature, pine tree forests and many Yoga and meditation centers, people caring about health, ecology, spirituality. It would be a great pity to defile this society with a cult which leads its members to kidnap “witches”, tie them or lock them up for months, sexually abuse elder ladies, beat random men with sticks and cut with swords till blood pours down on them… It is unbelievable that this cult could have organize its program in democratic, law-abiding America, and in such a nice place as Oregon…

When negative effects of “Maitri Pujas” by a cult which has media and police reports about 40 criminal attacks behind them, outnumber the alleged (invisible) positive ones, should not individuals and governments reconsider the support to such a cult…?

“The Maitri missile project is a next-generation quick-reaction surface-to-air missile (QRSAM) with a lethal near-hundred per cent kill probability (according to manufacturer’s claim) under development by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation. It is a short-range (15 km, 9.3 mi) surface-to-air point defense missile system.” Wikipedia

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