Why is Ram Bomjon not the Maitreya Buddha

…and not Kalki, not the Messiah, not Mahdi and not the Second Coming – although he and his followers claim it as an “open secret”, diplomatically not announcing it to media and governments, but expecting everyone inside his cult to bow to him as to such. He even sits on a chair during his public appearances, just to adjust to the traditional illustrations of Maitreya seated on a throne, and even ordered a white horse from India… to prove that he was Kalki.  His devotees had given him (and his nearest attendants) heavy medieval swords (flat ended scimitar) to ensure the public  that he came to punish and fight, as Maitreya/Kalki/Messiah is foretold to.

Yet, his “thrones” are cheap blue plastic chairs, his white horse was tortured to death, and concerning the swords: even Koli demon is foretold to come with a sword…There should be something much more divine and more beneficial in Ram Bomjon to be able to claim to be Maitreya. And exactly that is the main problem, and is the topic of the below written work.

CHAIR9Above image: The modest beginnings of Ram Bomjon, the alleged Maitriya, seated on his plastic throne, surrounded by his servants in one of his new settlements in Nepal (Sarlahi or Sindhuli District). To distinguish his new religion from traditional Buddhism, he had clad his monks in blue. His life is covered in secretiveness and the wide public has no chance to learn what is he doing during the times when he does not give “blessings” to the crowds… As many experiences show, his behind-the-stage activity is anything but holy: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/the-ram-bahadur-bomjon-controversy/

UPDATE 2017:

Bomjon had become Nepal’s celebrated “New Buddha” , the blue plastic chairs had been replaced by elevated thrones, his thousands of followers are not allowed to look into his face and must bow their heads low… His great World Peace Maitri Puja Mahadarshan 2017 had been held in Kathmandu, at the support of the state and hunderds of police forces to “protect him from his many enemies”. His perfectly choreographed performance would maybe convince the less spirtual, superficial and deluded, uneducated folks, but all those who expected some true spiirtuality from him over the years, seeing the above photo, turn away disgusted… . Although he did have displayed an interest to rule the whole country and go to the world to overtake it with his “Maitri Dharma”, the below article is still holding to the conviction that all this is not the proof that Bomjon would be the foretold Maitreya Buddha. Learn below, why.


In our age people desperately await a World Savior, the Kalki, Maitreya, Messiah, Mahdi….Yet even the very scriptures promising the arrival of the Savior warn about his unavoidable PREDECESSOR – Kali, the Dajjal or the Antichrist – who would achieve a global “spiritual” rule long BEFORE the Savior. Especially New Age infected people tend to entirely ignore the fact that for a Savior to arrive, the Dark and Harmful Spiritual Authority has to be first established in the whole world. This event – spiritual power concentrated into one single individual with awe-inspiring miraculous powers who would cause entire nations to bow before him – as before a god in body (as the Apocalypse warns) – had NOT YET taken place. Yet had been started in a low-profile, unrecognizable way. 

UPDATE 2017: Ram Bomjon, who is by Tamang Nepalese Buddhists believed to the the Maitreya Buddha himself, had started to be called even Paramatma, god himself, by the followers attending his World Peace Maitri Puja 2017:

Thousands of people waited in queue for hours to seek blessings from Bomjon called ‘Guru’ by his followers during the three-week Puja held in Chunnikhel, Lalitpur. We found people who stayed in the queue for eight hours. He offered blessings till midnight on many days.

We tried to understand and know about Bomjon with an open but critical mind for almost a week. We reached the spot for Puja in Chunnikhel and the house where Bomjon stayed thrice. We met almost a dozen of his followers and associates. Bomjon, however, refused to meet us himself.

His followers consider him to be Parmatma (supreme soul) and above Lord Buddha.

The State must watch Bomjon closely (Setpati Online Digital Media)

Maitreya is not coming to fight against politicians, materialists, communists, religions, nations, countries etc. as the global New Age community believes and spreads. Maitreya will come to exterminate the virus of a false spirituality, which is currently gradually infecting crowds of people by elevating sadism and grave sinfulness to be a new religion – naming it even a new dharma – and through high-level magic deceives the hearts of people to worship a human body as the highest god on earth. The main working style of this dark entity is LIE: in the name of a spiritual revolution, in the name of the unification of all religions, in the name of new moral teachings crimes, unprecedented cruelty and satanic hedonism are going to take place “behind the stage” .

Maitreya, Kalki Messiah will never lead people to bow before him as before a highest god, simply because he is a Messenger of God, not God Himself. Even Buddhism explains that Maitreya is “ONLY” a Bodhisattva, Hinduism explains that Kalki is “ONLY”  the last of nine incarnations of – only one – aspect of the Trimurti Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu, that of Vishnu, and even Judaism and Christianity emphasizes that the Messiah is not God Himself in body, but “ONLY” His messenger. 

Thus anyone claiming to be Maitreya, Kalki, Messiah, but in the same time claiming to be highest than the highest god, is a fake one, or is THE Fake One.

Do we belong to the milliards who are going to be deceived, or to the very small group who not – it depends on us! 

The below article attempts to explain and prove the above truth.


Maitreya Buddha, as a continuation of Shakyamuni Buddha, will come when the Dharma is all but lost, unrecognizably altered, or ignored. As the future Buddha, Maitreya is supposed to set the Dharma wheel spinning again. His arrival will be preceded by signs, but the meaning of these signs have long been lost or obscured. (i.e. the ocean sizes will shrink and humans will be living to be 80,000 years) Currently he is residing in the Tusita heavens.


messiah white horsesImage: This is the common imagination about the Messiah based on the Bible. His appearance and deeds are similar to that of the Maitreya of the Buddhists and Kalki of the Hindus. Islam’s Messiah “Mahdi” .

Introduction: A different “truth” for everyone – or different lies?

Ram Bahadur Bomjon is a genius in diplomacy: he is careful to speak about certain things in public. He always had a different “truth” for the crowd during his so called “blessing programs”, a different truth for politicians and government officials and many different “truths” for his circle of insiders of various positions inside his “Sangha”. Yet truth is always only one (not philosophically, but in the concrete, factual, pragmatic universe): if there are totally different, even antagonistic “truths” about people and events, then they are actually lies…

When the small circle shares the “teachings” (and expression established by the Nepalese for every single sentence that their guru utters), sometimes the bigger circles of occasional followers or sympathizers don’t believe or accuse them of gossips and lies… According to many people’s experiences, creating confusion and enmity among his own devotees makes “Bomjon-Maitriya” a special enjoyment.

The greater public most probably rarely gets on the forums and websites of the Bomjon-Sangha, where Bomjon is openly identified as the Maitreya Buddha (even if emphasizing that the right pronunciation should be Maitriya, with and “i”), and/or as the highest god on earth, as someone higher than Gautama Buddha. Not informed about these daring claims and satisfied with just the public version that he is just a Tapasvi who works for world-peace (how exactly, it is never disclosed), the general public is usually very positive about Bomjon and supports him in his alleged “fights” for the Halkhoria Jungle, or against animal sacrifice, forest protection and similar fashionable New Age clichés…

UPDATE 2017: Yet the Maitreyan “message of peace and loving-kindness”, as his deluded foreign followers speak about his teachings, has serious faults in it:

Bomjon has taken ‘internal action’ against a person who had stayed together with him in the jungle in Bara, according to a follower of him. “He is roaming restlessly confused about whether to live or die,” the follower says. ‘Guru’ took the ‘internal action‘ not physically but using his divine powers, the follower claims. The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action‘. “She later died a painful death. “The follower says ‘Guru’ teaches physical exercise akin to martial arts to his close disciples. “Guru and the disciples leap very high. We watch dumbfounded,” he adds.

The State must watch Bomjon closely (Setpati Online Digital Media)

Take a chair, a white horse and grow your hair

Maitreya diskit monastery leh ladakh devilonwheelsAbove image: Maitreya in Tibet is usually seated on a throne. Source (Free images)

Bomjon’s fanatic devotees focus on external “signs” to determine that Bomjon is telling the truth when he is announcing himself to be Maitreya. One of the traditional distinguishing of Maitreya Bodhisattva from that of hundreds of other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on thangkas is his sitting on a throne, instead of sitting crossed-legged like Gautama Buddha and other Buddhas. So the first thing that Bomjon’s Sangha bought to him was chairs… Replacing his ugly concrete podium, o which he used to be paraded as a meditator during 2008 – 2011 in Halkhoriya, after his “self-initiation” by an unprecedented crime on two women devotees in 2012, he started to sit on chairs while giving “blessings” to the lining up crowds. He also changed his attire as a consequence of becoming more self-confident about his impunity after committing any crimes, even breaking bones, robbing one of the women of her possessions or ordering rape… This inhuman and unjust cruelty paradoxically encouraged him to look more like a Maitreya, at least in Western imagination: he let himself made a blue shirt with wings like from Star Wars (as one of his followers noted), to add to his previous white robe.

CHAIR55Above image: The modest beginnings of Ram Bomjon – Maitriya Guru saving the world from his legendary blue plastic chair. His servants are all obligatory standing with heads bowed down in humility, and his visitors kneel or prostrate before him.Source: Google

UPDATE 2017: Maha Sambodhi Maitriya Dharma Sangha Guru – yes, this whole name is just one of his many names – had elevated himsefl to a white throne as a king or as a strange god to whom people must bow low and humble themselves before. The below photos are from a private video during the World Peace Maitri Puja Mahadarshan 2017 in Kathmandu’s Lalitpur:

So the THRONE, prescribed for Maitreya in the Buddhist traditon, is already attained.

What else was missing? Oh yes. A white horse! Because in Nepal Hinduism and Buddhism was never really two different things, the Maitreya is believed to be the same as Kalki Avatar of Hinduism, with his inseparable White Horse on which he conquers the world..


Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name inscribed which no one knows but himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed him on white horses.

Revelation 19.11-16

In Islam, the Day of Judgement is preceded by the appearance of the Mahdi mounted on a white stallion. With the help of Isa (Jesus), the Mahdi will triumph over Masih ad-Dajjal (the false messiah).


kalkiImage: Kalki is believed to appear on a white horse…Similarly as the Messiah of the Bible.

Bomjon’s followers had been admiring a white horse which had been bought to him by Waiba from India, to support the illusion that he is Maitreya or Kalki, often associated with a white horse, similarly as the biblical Messiah of the Apocalypse. This gift had been given to him during 2012 when he made the headlines (already deleted from the Internet!) with kidnapping and torturing two women, Marici and Maata (both his own devotees). Again, as usually, the truth that the horse had been bought by Waiba, was not told to the fanatic Sangha. An artificial  “rumor” had been spread among them instead: “The white horse arrived to Bomjon from the jungle itself!”…

Bomjon’s followers need mystifications, and this fitted to their romantic tales about Bomjon. The main caretaker of the horse was Shangbo Dong, one of those who were present and active during the tortures of Marici in 2011 and 2012. Understandingly, the white horse did not live long, and his death had been witnessed by some people who were shocked at the cruelty imposed on it: Dharma-sangha.com .

nis white horseThe tragic story of Ram Bomjon Maitriya’s white horse had been described on the website which was originally his official one, but in 2015 turned critical to the “guru”:

https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20151018065317/http://www.dharma-sangha.com/news/2015/02/16/the-tragic-death-of-the-white-horse-of-ramlal-bomjon (archived page of the original which was closed in 2017 Dharma-sangha.com/news/2015/02/16/the-tragic-death-of-the-white-horse-of-ramlal-bomjon)

his white horseAbove: a New Age foreigner looking after Maitreya’s horse. Witnesses described on Dharma-sangha.com, that the horse did not have proper food and was permanently tied on tight ropes. Yet Bomjon’s Sangha felt sentimental about the animal, and showed more love and care than to Bomjon’s victims of torture, the two kidnapped women tied 3 months in 2012…Apart from this horse, devotees brought him 5 others – yet all died! 

Maitreya – but just for you, friends (and just for now)

Maitreya is a bodhisattva who in the Buddhist tradition is to appear on Earth, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor of the historic Śākyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya is found in the canonical literature of all Buddhist sects (Theravāda, Mahāyāna, Vajrayāna) and is accepted by most Buddhists as a statement about an actual event that will take place in the distant future.


The openly “secret teaching” about his alleged identity as Maitreya Buddha is but something that many of those in the “general crowd” who support him with donations and petitions, would think twice of, if this was anything to believe… Yet, even no one had asked them to! Bomjon is satisfied to be worshiped, by now, just by those illiterate and uneducated local villagers, mainly Tamangs, to whom he can openly reveal that he is the awaited “World Savior” and highest god on earth – plus a handful of hysterical New Ageist Westerners, who usually appear around just any messianic fake guru, anywhere such a person is heard of. The secular and traditional religious citizens of Nepal, Europe, the USA, etc. are simply still in illusions that Bomjon is not claiming anything extraordinary about himself, does not require worship, and is just a silent, kind promoter of world peace…

He skillfully confused all his devotees in 2010-2011 and his self-imposed Maitreya-identity was still not openly declared. To certain people and certain situation he claimed that he was personally not Maitreya, but his teacher was (he claims that “gods” like Maitreya, Arya Lokeshvara, Tara etc. are appearing to hi to teach him). But his nearest trustees like Jas Bahadur W. were sharing this “secret” wit chosen devotees already, in 2011. So Bomjon was simply lying when he was asked by many people if he was Maitreya, in 2011…? It was just not diplomatic yet, as he still did not have the support of the Nepalese Government and he still did not bribe all over the mainstream media in Nepal: if he claimed he was Maitreya in 2011, when the media still published articles about his violent attacks on people, no one would believe him… Yet all had been silenced, deleted and forgotten in just a few years in Nepal, and he even got as high as to a meeting with the late Prime Minister in 2014. When from October 2012 all Nepalese media stopped to publish anything about Bomjon, he could start to feel safe to exclaim anything… His followers’ main “media” became Facebook, as anyone can claim anything there, thee is no need for proof…



National leader?

Tamangs in Nepal take him as their national pride, as their leader, and will accept anything, even those victims who have to be tortured in the name of Bomjon’s success. They are getting into their Facebook sites (which is currently in possession of 99% of Nepalese!) regular propagatory messages and photos about Ram Bomjon as Maitreya, Tapasvi, next Buddha etc. And because he is also Tamang, that is enough for most of them to accept and believe. Yet… some of Bomjon’s victims like Mata Aani, or the September 2, 2014 Ratanpuri men, or his own family members beaten, locked up and tortured, had been also Tamangs! Thus the exceptional trust and granting of total impunity to Bomjon by his fellow caste members is not reciprocated by himself” when it comes to violence and sexual humiliations, Bomjon is ready to harm his own family and his own caste members as well. The way how he is maintaining the image of innocence and spirituality, is by bribes, causing police to stop investigations and causing media to delete their articles about the crimes.

Bomjon knows much too well that he who rules the Internet, rules the world. Manipulating with information and the different “truths”, he is creating a huge online army based on lies and illusions, while the real events in the terrain are darker than that of a daily life of an ISIS camp…After many years of efforts, encouraging his followers to fight for “clearing his name” in the media (which wrote about his true criminal deeds!) – his main Sangha activists and petitionists managed to silence the mainstream Nepali media. Not just that The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur, La Republica and similar news websites and TV Channels (Avenues TV, News 24, Image TV Channel etc.) stopped to cover any events connected to the person of Ram Bomjon they even deleted their archives, the old articles about dozens of criminal attacks, tortures, rapes, kidnappings, forgery – all connected to “Maitreya”.

Bomjon is wisely spreading his “message” about the new world order of Violence-as-Dharma first among the most ignorant, who do not read about religious philosophy, do not have interest in study, do not ask questions. Then these plebs are elevated to leading positions inside his Sangha, and pull the whole followership to such “solutions” as violence, bribes, cheatings – in the name of “clearing Guruji’s name”, or ensuring his artificially created Maitreya-Image of a holy, peaceful celibate who would not harm a fly… The cult of the Bomjon-Maitriya is based on lies as its foundation.

CHAIR99Above image: Until now Bomjon is openly saying he is Maitreya only in the gatherings of his most faithful: New Ageist foreigners and Tamangs, who see their national leader in him. The photo was taken in some of his settlements (Sindhuli, Sarlahi or Sindhupalchowk). Source: Google.

UPDATE 2017: Ram Bomjon’s followers had long whispered the “classified secret” that their guru is actually HIGHER THAN GAUTAMA BUDDHA. This idea was announced by him already during 2012, but only his nearest devotees knew it. Gradually other claims had been added, and shared to a Russian ex-devotee who told this to me in return: “Gautama Buddha did not know who was his father, only who was his mother”… An Australian ardent followers shared with me that Bomjon had told a group of foreigners: “Never in human history this planet had a chance to host anyone as high as the person who is now sitting in front of you!” (thinking of himself). That he is enlightened higher than Gautama Buddha, his followers had been telling and writing each-other long ago… Yet this year (the year of his Great Coming Out) he went a step even further, exclaiming himself to be the avatar of the Supreme Soul (Paramatman), who is considered the highest god in Hindusim (not in Buddhism though):

His followers consider him to be Parmatma (supreme soul) and above Lord Buddha.

The State must watch Bomjon closely (Setpati Online Digital Media)

If anyone cared in Nepal, this woudl equal with blasphemy. Yet Bomjon had apparently gained a power and criminal immunity and impunity greater than any king, president or prime minister of Nepal, and he can afford it. All other people, even political leaders and royals, had to respect the law and religions. But Bomjon does not have to.



If only Bomjon’s blindly fanatic followers read other sources and studied the matter on the Internet and books! Wit a tiny bit of openness to other than Bomjon-endorsed literature and religions, they could have learned that:

Before Maitreya, the Savior, first the False Maitreya the Destroyer is foretold to come! Translated to the language of other religions: Before the arrival of Kalki, Kali is establishing his rule, before the arrival of the Messiah, Antichrist will entice the whole world, before the arrival of Mahdi, al-Dajjal will fool all humanity to worship him…

“In Islam, Mahdi is believed to hold the task of establishing the truth and fighting against oppression and injustice as well as killing the false messiah al-Dajjal (similar to the Antichrist in Christianity), who will emerge shortly before him in human form in the end of the times, claiming that he is the messiah. After he has destroyed al-Dajjal his final task will be to become a just king and to re-establish justice, peace and monotheism in the world .”


“Some sects of Christianity depict the end time as a period of tribulation that precedes the second coming of Christ, who will face the Antichrist along with his power structure and usher in the Kingdom of God.”


“Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will be shaken; then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory; and he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. “

Matthew 24.29-31

christ-second-coming-anderson-art_1299259_inlAbove image: Christianity foretells that the Messiah (whom they imagine as Christ’s Return), will come from the sky, when “heavens open”.

One thing is that Bomjon’s fanatic worshipers forget is that before Maitreya arrives, there are certain events which are supposed to happen, and yet still did not. Apart from the very different description of Maitreya’s identity, origin and look, then that of Ram Bomjon is displaying, which is originating in Gautama Buddha himself, there is one very important information in all texts: before Maitreya is born on this planet, the Buddhist Dharma entirely degenerates and evilness is entirely spread in the world. Padmasambhava is believed to describe in detail this gradual decay of Dharma, the so called 5 Disappearances, which will precede the arrival of Maitreya.

No matter how sinful this current world seems to us, religion (and Buddhism) had not entirely degenerated yet – the worst is still to come. There are still a few, not many, sincere and deep spiritual people in this world, and concerning Buddhism, there are still real initiates, even in Nepal. Highly attained lamas like the not so long ago departed Dilgo Kyentse rinpoche, or Urgyen Tulku rinpoche, Tenga rinpoche and quite a few others, had left this world not long ago. I am hearing about lamas meditating in seclusion in caves for tens of years even nowadays… There is a 105 years old much revered lama Chatral rinpoche meditating in Pharping, just to mention those who are connected to Nepal… (There are of course also holy men and women in other religions too, but let’s deal now mainly with Buddhism and Maitreya, as the main topic of this website is Halkhoriya, where was established Ram Bomjon’s pseudo-Buddhist enclave).

No matter how near is Buddhism to its total degeneration, as the monasteries are certainly becoming places of many sins, entertainment (smartphones, games), sexual misconduct (it is known that many lamas pay to village girls for sex), commercialism, greed for money (donation-oriented Pujas).. Yet still there are a few monks among the thousands, and a few nuns, who are sincerely seeking enlightenment and follow Buddha’s teachings. Yet, the real religion in Kali Yuga is gradually shifting from its “official addresses” (churches, gumbas-monasteries, temples, ashrams) to the simply but honestly living householders. Working family men and women are going to carry on the traditions which are degenerating and getting defiled in the temples and monasteries. The formal religion (institutionalized) is going to be more and more materialistic, false, commercial and a background of sinful lifestyle. Yet we can still find holy men and women nowadays, just that they are hidden in a low profile, everyday lifestyle, because most of them realized that there is less and less spiritual purity in religious institutions. The more the formal religions become fortified by materialism, unethicality and criminality, the more the real followers of conscience, ethics and inner religion will have to hide.

But there is a very important point that the Puranas, Sutras, Jewish, Christian and Muslim sources warn us about:

Before the real one a fake one arrives, with nearly the same power, abilities, authority. That’s why he is foretold to be able to entice the majority of people, and make them to bow before him as before that of Maitreya, Kalki, Messiah. Because people would not have comparison, would misconsider an Asura to be a Deva.

Hungry to worship – anyone…

CHAIR2Image: Bomjon’s religion is based on worshiping his own person, by total prostration to the ground while he is sitting on his chair. Apparently most people do not want anything else than to bow and humiliate themselves to some “god in body”. They do not question his deeds, just judge according to his look (long hair, white robe) and saintly words.  Source: Google. 

Humanity as a whole is so starved for any real spiritual power by now, that even when an Asura arrives and tells himself a god, the majority will follow him. Speaking to people in visions and dreams, displaying miracles that no one else was able to display yet, having a physical attractiveness, people will fall to the illusion in great crowds.

But, do we have here any miraculously perfect, powerful personality, whom anyone who meets, cannot help but worship, who is nearly like a god, ruling many countries? No, not yet, he had not established a world rule yet, yet he might be already among us and wait for his opportunity… Thus Maitreya, Kalki, Messiah had also not yet arrived.

Thus more important is that before Maitreya is supposed to arrive, false “maitreyas”: are told to pose as teachers, leading people to confusion about spirituality, teaching for money, using Dharma for their own gratification and self-elevation… This had been foretold in all Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian texts, and this concept is best expressed by the term “False Prophet”, used by the monotheistic texts. Beings of strong personality, having attained some levels of magical might, Asuric people are going to elevate themselves above Buddha, above God, exclaiming to be the Savior, Liberator, Kind etc. of the whole world. Buddhist Sutras describe it as an era when spirituality will be measured by external signs like the color of one’s robe, money, fame. We are certainly entering that era, more intensively from 2012 on…They describe how real Yogis and holy people would have to hide in the mountains and uninhabited places, and even Muslim and Hindu sources describe how the followers of the false teaching would ridicule of the truly spiritual people, persecuting them and parading them in public…

The main characteristic of that Era of the Dark Maitreya would be thus summarized as : persecuting followers of the real Dharma, and forcing (also by violence) humanity to bow in front of a false guru, worship him as a god and follow his false dharma. Though such harmful cults or branches of institutionalized religions did appear already, one thing should be kept in mind to distinguish the Dark One from the smaller “local” cults: the Fake Maitreya/Fake Kalki/Fake Messiah will implement his dharma-decaying cult at a global level! All this will be sold to people by propagandistic slogans that are considered positive: “world peace”, “unity”, “liberation”… Even the word like “dharma” or “enlightenment” become prophanized and blasphemed. Actually, Christian sources detail the blaspheming as one of the main negativities that the fake Messiah would bring:

And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, w“Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”

And the beast was given xa mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for yforty-two months. It opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming his name and his dwelling,1 that is, those who dwell in heaven. Also it was allowed zto make war on the saints and to conquer them.2 And authority was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation, and all awho dwell on earth will worship it, everyone whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in bthe book of life of cthe Lamb dwho was slain.”

Revelation 13:4–8


dragon beast false prophet

Religions become a theater and fashion show, prayers an artistic genre, meditation just a posture

The signs

In Buddhism it is described as The Five disappearances (see below), while in Hinduism the Signs of Koli (Kali) Age (see below) – similar to the descriptions of the Apocalypse. External things like robes, buildings, scriptures, memorized texts, so called religious objects and slogans will be considered Dharma – why the will harm human beings with violence, sexual abuse, torture and over-all inhuman cruelty, with no reasons. People will forget that Dharma and Pancha Shila are to be actually lived in one’s everyday life, and not just repeated as a poem… Those who would warn the public that this is not a real religion and that God does not reside in these external objects but in the soul, will be persecuted, punished and ridiculed by the Fake Maitreya’s huge followership.

“The Signs of the Koli Age

Those who are known as twice-born (Brahmins, but it counts for all the nobility and priesthood in general)) are devoid of the Vedas, narrow-minded and always engaged in the service of the Sudras (low-born castes); they are fond of carnal desires, seller of religion, seller of the Vedas, untouchable and seller of juices; they sell meat, are cruel, engaged in sexual gratification and gratification of their appetite, attached to others’ wives, drunk and producer of cross-breeds; have a low life-span, mix with lowly people and consider their brother-in-law as the only friend. They like constant confrontation and are fond of argument, discontent, fond of jewellery, hair and style.
The wealthy are respected as high-born and Brahmins (priests, higher monks) are respected only if they are lenders; Men are merciful only when they are unable to harm others; express displeasure towards the poor; talk excessively to express erudition and carry out religious work to be famous; Monks are attached to homes in this Koli Age and the homeless are devoid of any morality; Men of this age deride their teachers, display false religious affinity but tricks the good people; Sudras in Koli are always engaged in taking over others’ possessions; in Koli, marriage takes place simply because the man and the woman agree to do so;
Men engages in friendship with the crooked and show magnanimity while returning favours; Men are considered pious only if they are wealthy and treat only far-away waters (lands) as places of pilgrimage; Men are considered Brahmins simply because they have the sacred thread around their body and as explorers, simply because they have a stick in their hand; (my note: and as Gautama Buddha warned in his Dhammapada, monks are considered monks only because of their robes!) the Earth becomes infertile, rivers hit the banks, wives take pleasure in speaking like prostitutes and their minds are not attracted towards their husbands;
Brahmins (priests, monks) become greedy for others’ food, the low-born castes are not averse to becoming priests, wives mix freely even after they become widows; the clouds release rain irregularly, the land becomes infertile, the kings kill their subjects, the people are burdened with taxes; they survive by eating honey, meat, fruits and roots; in the first quarter of the Koli Age, people deride God; in the second quarter, people do not even pronounce God’s name;
In the third quarter, men become cross-breeds; in the fourth quarter, men become the same (uniform) breed; nothing called race exists anymore; they forget God and pious works become extinct. (Kalki Purana, I[1], Verses 23-38)

“A scriptural source for this date is Shakyamuni’s response to Shariputra’s questions (The Surangama Sutra.) He responded that Maitreya would appear before the last of The Five Disappearances:

The disappearance of Attainments, the disappearance of  Method, the disappearance of Learning, the disappearance
of the Symbols [the outward forms] and the disappearance of the Relics … .

And, regarding that last disappearance:

Then when the Dharma of the Perfect Buddha is 5,000 years old, the relics, not receiving reverence and honor, will go to places where they can be received …  .  “




In the above sources we can recognize events which, to be honest, are still not the case of our age. The process of decay had started, the same way that we start to get old the moment we are born… Yet until there is a balance between Dharma and Adharma, this world does not collapse and its inhabitants still can enjoy relative comfort, peace and health. When the Adharma will grow through a new movement established by Kali (Koli)/Dajjal/Antichrist, and will outweigh Dharma, then all the described physical and cosmic catastrophes unleash as a projection of the decay of humanity inside people. Humanity (at the level of each individual’s conscience) is at the threshold currently, deciding if to enter this game or rather retreat.

If a Maitreya is already present, necessary there had to be a False Maitreya,  just before him, of a similarly global caliber, having brought about the degeneration of humankind and having misused the general confusion of people about what religion (Dharma) is, having convinced their absolute majority to worship him,  having presented unprecedented miracles in the public … But where is that one then..?

In fact, to be sure that the real Maitreya arrived, first we must be sure that the False Prophet (demon Kali, the Dajjal or the “Antichrist”) had been already here among us for long years. The problem is that humanity will NOT recognize him as such. They will “recognize” him as Maitreya! The majority of people will give their total support to him, believing in his false promises to establish peace and happiness in the world, until he grows over their heads and they will realize it was too late to do anything to stop him…

Among all those who claim to be, none is the real Maitreya, but one among them is the False One, and is gradually, in a low profile secret way, slowly heeding towards this world rule.

Yet again: we must admit that until now we did not see a globally worshiped self-elevating, miracle-making powerful king with such a power of personality as described in the sources, a personality which would lead nearly everyone to fall to his feet and consider him a god. What we have by now, are a few false gurus, false teachers, who all claim to once become the Liberator of Mankind. Until now the world is still mostly secular, based on the Western civilization’s law and democratic values, culture. Religions, spirituality, cults are not part of politics as yet….

So can Bomjon be the Savior of this world, if there is no one yet the world to be saved from?


“Maitreya, will return at a crucial time. The Bible speaks of the antichrist as one with supernatural power to influence others (Revelation 13:4-8) and will be able to convince millions that he is “enlightened,” so much so that they will follow his teachings.


In these beliefs the emphasized miracle-making element in the Maitreya legend is considered even a sign that it is not the Messiah/Second-coming-Christ, but the Antichrist who would claim such global authority through magical power… This is probably successfully misused by Christians to “prove” that all other religions are from Satan, and that Messiah will establish Christianity etc.

Yet it is true that among all religions, it is the Buddhist concept of Maitreya which emphasizes the unprecedented psychic abilities, Siddhis, miraculous power of the Maitreya most:

“At that period, brethren, there will arise in the world an Exalted One named Metteya, Arahant, fully Awakened, abounding in wisdom and goodness, happy, with knowledge of the worlds, unsurpassed as a guide to mortals willing to be led, a teacher for gods and men, an Exalted One, a Buddha even as I am now. He, by himself, will thoroughly see and know, as it were face to face, this universe, with its world of the spirits, its Brahamas, and its Maras, and its world of recluses and Brahmins, of princes and peoples, even as I now by myself, thoroughly know and see them. The truth (the Norm) lovely in its origin, lovely in its progress, lovely in its consummation, will he proclaim, both in the spirit and in the letter; the higher life will he make known, in all its fulness and all its purity, even as I do now. He will be accompanied by a congregation of some thousands of brethren, even as I am now accompanied by a congregation of some hundreds of brethren.”

Cakkavatti-Sihanada Suttanta. The Mahabodhdi Society Translation.


“And the Blessed One replied: “I am not the first Buddha who came upon earth, nor shall I be the last. In due time another Buddha will arise in the world, a Holy One, a supremely enlightened One, endowed with wisdom in conduct, auspicious, knowing the universe, an incomparable leader of men, a master of angels and mortals. He will reveal to you the same eternal truths which I have taught you.”


Bomjon is an unprecedented personality, who had attained great self-control and miracle-making powers during the dark nights of ascetic sufferings in Nepal’s dangerous jungles. His exceptional endurance and ability to manipulate with people at his will, his high-level magic which causes that all criminal attacks he did remain unpunished by police and government is certainly an unusual skill. People often describe his psychic abilities, and many had heard him speaking inside their minds (first who described this publicly was Andy Good on Google Group and in her book Reflections). People are describing dreams where Bomjon is seen and speaks to them… In fact many of his current Sangha leaders are stuck to him because of some miracle he did to them, for them, before them. Waiba, Dawa, Andy G., Mani Lama, Raj S. N. Many miracles are but rather a psychological skill to claim coincidences: like triplets born to a BSDS Committee chief after childlessness for years or son born to a devotee who prayed to Bomjon not to have another daughter, etc. The Nepalese, already living in legends and myths about ghosts, witches, black magic and occasional gods, are especially sensitive to “miracles”, and had been describing a good deal of them around Bomjon over the years. His most famous miracle is when he created fire of his body and sat in it for hours. This had been recorded on a camera and put on YouTube.com.

After all, according Christianity even the ability of creating fire out of the “sky” is rather connected with the Antichrist and not the Messiah:

13He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men. 14And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life.…”


Other sources destroying “fire brought down from the sky” are but less categorical: http://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Fire-From-Heaven


Yet, are miracles and illusionary appearances in dreams a proof of being a Buddha, a god or Maitreya? We do not read about it anywhere… The real Maitreya’s main Siddhi is going to be justice, truth, honesty – the exact things which are not occurring around Bomjon and his Sangha, who are full of violence, bribes, cheatings, gossiping, witch-huntings, and barbaric attacks on innocent people…

Hindu mythology (Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puranas etc.) are a valuable source of teaching for the generation of the spiritually blind people. In the form of stories they are actually warning humanity about the mistakes done in the name of religion, especially as the Dark Age of Kali Yuga is more and more unfolding. There are countless cases when a demon (Asura) had practiced austerities, penance, Tapasya, and acquired miraculous powers. A few of them then thought they were god himself, or even higher than god… Ravana, Hiranyakashipu, stories about powerful demons who subjugated humans beings to serve them for long years, are many. These demons we should not imagine as ugly, fat wild and primitive men. These demons were sophisticated, spiritually vibrating, amazingly strong personalities.. The difference between a Deva and an Asura is often unrecognizable for people!

No wonder then that demon Ravana was a beloved king and worshipped till today by some Hindus in Shri Lanka, and Hiranyakashipu is considered a god in a place in Kerala as well… These authoritative demons were tough Yogis, whom even God Brahma and God Shiva gave boons.

The difference is that demons, contrary to Devas, misuse the Siddhis for negative goals and destruction, causing pain, suffering and despair. Their main target is to become higher than God, and subdue all living beings to worship them. Demons are getting their special energy-boost from the suffering of bodies and souls, from the energies created by lies, injustice, sexual misconduct etc. Thus, the more of these can they create, the more enjoyment it is for them…

A god never loves to see suffering the way as Bomjon loves the smell of blood and the cracking of bones of his victims –  that of devoted meditating Yoginis, his innocent admirers, of his own family and friends…

In no Buddhist text had been ever described that Maitreya would order chaining women to trees for many months, torturing them and ordering them to be sexually defiled! And this is a fact that Ram Bomjon and his Sangha had been doing, not just to the author if this article, but to more than 20 people by now! People with whom you can speak, you can see, but still the crimes against them remain unpunished in Nepal.


CHAIR 11Image: for a few years Bomjon was using Tamang Buddhist monks as his servants, and Tibetan Buddhist symbols. Yet he had abruptly distanced himself from Buddha and the red-yellow robes from 2012, and “coming out” with his new, blue-robed “dharma”. He is cladding a few of his nearest followers in black, claiming “one day all my Sangha will wear only black”…Source: Google

Although Maitreya was originally a solely Buddhist concept, after Western theosophists got hold of it, they used it to prove their own teachings:

“Maitreya has been adopted by other belief systems, including the occult organization founded by Mme. Blavatsky in the 1800s, the Theosophical Society. Theosophists consider Maitreya to be a World Teacher and a Christ. Theosophy was one of the forerunners and foundations of the modern New Age movement; therefore, teachings on Maitreya are found in several New Age-based groups today.

Because Maitreya has been adopted by many groups, the teachings on Maitreya do not always agree. However, most non-Buddhist groups teach that Maitreya will unify all religions through his teachings and rescue humanity from economic and other crises by teaching a universal brotherhood. Many names are given to Maitreya, including the Christ, the Messiah, Krishna (a Hindu god), and Teacher. Some Muslims believe that Mohammed was Maitreya and some Bahai’s believe that their main prophet, Baha’u’llah’, was Maitreya; therefore, both of these groups believe Maitreya has already appeared.”


When the Maitreya concept had been picked up by New Age, it started to be a problem and cause of many confusion and hysteria about announcements of fake gurus and lamas, cult leaders, that it is them who is the awaited Maitreya. Practically all modern cult leaders and/or their followers say that they are supposed to be Maitreya (and Kalki, and Messiah etc.). Just a few imposters: the late Satya Sai baba, Kalki Bhagawan, Haidakhan Babaji, Mahaavatar Babaji, Shoko Asahara… It is interesting that practically all Maitreya claimants totally ignore the rest of the information given in Buddhist traditional texts about the Maitreya, like where he will be born, how he will look like, what will he do and when … It is usually devalued by claims that the descriptions are “result of bad translation”, or “twisted”, “misunderstood”, etc… Although the original concept and description is purely Buddhist, the non-Buddhist self-elevating imposters are stil ready to “steal” the name of Maitreya and a foggy feeling of him being a world-savior, god-on-earth, punisher of sinners and liberator etc… This is just philosophically not a fair approach. Yet does anyone mind it anymore…?

But is Ram Bomjon, who is among the numerous Maitreya claimants, a Buddhist himself?

He certainly was born in a formally Buddhist environment of Tamang parents and village. Formally, because in his area deep religiousness was rare, and people focused on farming. He certainly went to the nearest available village lama for some basic schooling about Buddhism, as no other mystical path was available in the remote area. Later he went to India to stay one year in the Dehradun Sakya Monastery, where it was but soon clear to him (and them) that he did not have much common with the traditional teachings of Gautama Buddha, and monastic life. Already in that time he announced that monasteries are not places of learning dharma, and left…

Even if he was clad in the red robe of a monk in the beginning, he soon took a white robe, and later added a blue shirt to it. Not only externally, but mainly in his behavior, speech and “teaching” he distanced from Buddhism too far.

When people speak about Buddha or Buddhism in Bomjon’s Sangha, they often get a “cold shower” explanation, that “Guruji is not Buddhist” or “Guruji has higher enlightenment than Gautama Buddha had”… In Bomjon’s latest public denouncement of khenpo Sonam Gyurme on his website, he calls his religion the New Path, and that of Buddhism – of which khenpo is a representative – the Old Path. He had also clad all his Sangha into cold blue colored robes, to distinguish them from the “old path”, which is the Buddhism originating in Gautama Buddha.

His new religion has one single god: him himself. It is his physical body before which worshippers are supposed to bow and pray to as to a living Buddha, living Maitreya. While Gautama Buddha never exclaimed himself to be a god and did not base his teaching on worshipping his body… Idolatry is strictly non-Buddhist, and deifying a person is even more. Deleting the traditional Buddhist pantheon, his devotees are told to also worship the newly so called Seven Deities, which are entirely invented by Bomjon himself. On the thangkas painted by one of Bomjon’s lamas used in tortures of his kidnapped victims, the “deities” are shown as short, muscular dwarfs with demonic faces and disproportional limbs, much different from the harmonious and beautiful Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in traditional Buddhist thangkas.

In every possible way he is distancing himself from Buddhism. Although, again, this is not shared with the wide public, neither with Nepal’s big community of monks and nuns, many of whom are so ignorant that they admire Bomjon as a perfectly enlightened Nepalese local Buddha… He uses them at his wish, as mantra chanters, as an exotic background service for creating a mystical atmosphere during his Pujas and Mahadarshans with trumpets, gongs and incense. The presence of red-robed traditional Buddhist monks creates an atmosphere of credibility and seriousness for most people. Yet many old monks (red robed ones) are actually used as guards of his chained and tied victims… They are witnesses and often perpetrators of the crimes Bomjon is ordering on a yearly regularity…

How low is his respect to Gautama Buddha’s monastic system shows the fact Bomjon had ordained Darshan Subba Limbu a red-robed monk, after Limbu had proved to fulfill his orders perfectly: to kidnap, torture, beat and even rape Marici, and similarly treating Maata, two women captured at Bomjon’s plan in March 2012 and his own family members in April the same year. The other torturer, Tomek (or Tamek) Tarnowski had been also ordained a monk by him, a blue-robed one, later. What is Buddhist in ordaining a criminal torturer and rapist a monk, after the prolonged daily criminal deeds? These two brutal men had been attacking other victims over the time, due to the impunity that their guru had ensured them in Nepal.

After all these proofs that Bomjon has nothing much in common with Buddhism, neither innerly nor externally, neither in his behavior, nor in his “teaching”, it is rather surprising that he is stealing from the religion which he despises of so much, the concept of Maitreya! On one hand he claimed (in his smaller circle only, of course, but I was told this by many witnesses) that he is greater than Gautama Buddha (also “he did not know his father just his mother”), yet on the other hand he is using the (lower) Buddha’s concept of Maitreya…

It is like saying he is Christ, while in the same time condemning Christianity …

Characteristics do not fit

There are many texts describing the Buddhist Maitreya, yet we can not find a single similarity with Ram Bahadur Bomjon. Be it his time of birth, appearance, origin, place of birth, family, external and internal characteristics do not remind us of anything like the Bomjon, who was born in a Tamang family in a small Nepalese village near Ratanpuri on the 9th of April, 1990. That’s why, probably, his followers, aware of the ashaming facts when one studies the religious predictions, tried to replace the missing crucial basic data with external “signs” like the chair (throne) for sitting and a white horse, or a a sword he is carrying (and swords carried also by his own attendants).



In Hinduism, Christianity and Islam the Dark One preceding the coming Maitreya/Kalki/Messiah is personified as Kali (sometimes Kali’s two generals Koka and Vikoka), al-Mashid-al-Dajjal and the Antichrist. Judaism does not personify Kali, just describes his influence of destruction in the “end of days”, while Buddhism also does not name any person, king, just describes the degradation of Buddhism, men’s evilness, shortening and prolonging lifetimes and calamities as the signs before of the coming Maitreya.

What are the characteristics of the false Maitreya, Kali, Dajjal and Antichrist

To be able to recognize when humanity would enter into the era of Kali in full power, the religious writings are describing Kali Asura’s characteristics. Yet even when he is recognized, it will take, according to the writings, long years until his world rule would destroy Dharma (the conscience, humanity and morality in people) to such an extent that only a power from above, Maitreya/Kalki/Messiah would have to interfere. Every religious text is, sadly, describing this “end of times” as very far away from our presence, Buddhist sutras speak about millions of years, Hindus stick to their calculations of a few hundred thousand years (for the length of Kali Yuga, counted from the day of the Kurukshetra War in 3104 B.C.), and Jews, Christians and Muslims are forbidden to speculate about the time, yet encouraged to live in a way that they would be able to face the Messiah any time.

But the important fact is that none of the religious sources is describing 1990 as the birth date of Maitreya – when Bomjon was born in Ratanpuri’s Bongjor village, and none is speaking about his rule as happening in our age!

Summing up:

If we read those scriptures, describing the arrival of the real Savior of Mankind, there s thus not a single chronological data which would suggest that Ram Bomjon has anything to do with Maitreya! Yet, the main problem in the claims he and his followers are doing, is another point: to be the awaited Savior, there already must be a powerful world-ruling religious-political entity, from which he comes to save us, whom that Savior arrives to personally “de-throne”! That entity, even if he had already arrived, still did not get to his world rule and single global religious authority stage…

There is no such event yet like the embodiment of a miraculous but dark authority leading the whole humanity to fall, who would have a global influence and rule. It does not say it might happen in the near future, but certainly this dark entity will be the first one to arrive, and the real liberator only after him. So instead of Maitreya, we should first “await” the Anti-Maitreya, the false one, the destructive teacher. Not before him is any Maitreya/Kalki/Messiah arriving!

The world’s majority of countries and the most important nations are but still ruled by law and ethics; stealing, attacking, murdering, sexual abuse etc. are still condemned by the majority of society and the law. (Let’s remember that after he was interrogated for locking up and beating 17 Madeshi men together with his monks, Bomjon said “there are also some bad laws in this country”, referring to the law to detain those who commit crimes against other people… That surely is not a sign that he would respect ethical rule and laws in the current civilized world).

There are still many people who have conscience, and would only hardly sell themselves to harm others, even for the “guru”. But when the balance of Dharma will be overpowered by Adharma (and we are too near to that point of twist!), that will be the stage when the universe starts to lose its foundation (the universe in Hindusim is held together by the power of dharma – “dhr” root in Sanskrit meaning “to hold”). The goal of Kali/Dajjal/Antichrist is said to destroy the very foundation of the universe, but starting from the heart of people: from inside their own conscience, which he defiles. The “end of the world” is not a physical, material event, not an external catastrophe like people were awaiting in 2012 – but the end of the sustaining-maintaining power of the universe, Dharma, in the human conscience! Nature’s reaction to the over-all Adharma is secondary, and natural and cosmic catastrophes are just a projection of the degeneration, defilement and rotting of Dharma individuals and their behavior to others.

When we see that human beings are chained locked up and tortured in the name of pursuing Dharma, when we see that people are being sexually abused and beaten to blood, breaking their bones, hitting them severely that they become handicapped, by those who justify this with Dharma, when permanent lying, cheating and bribes are used to create a false image of attackers, rapists and torturers … then surely this is the start of the end of the withholding power of this human civilization. When politicians, prime ministers, high priests, presidents, Yogis, monks, scientists all bow before that one who is establishing such a cult of harming people and calling it “dharma”, then the world is ripe for being destroyed by that dark entity. Maitreya, Kalki, Messiah is going to arrive and stop him only after a long suffering and terror, and great tribulation of the innocents. This is what the scriptures of the religions say.

8 thoughts on “Why is Ram Bomjon not the Maitreya Buddha

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  1. This is so horrible! I am thankful for your website, I started to be interested in the buddha boy about 3 years ago because I wanted to give up food and water and found out this boy…yesterday I made lot of researches on him again and even cried and started thinking this young men could be the new jesus christ .. but then I found out your website…I hope you are ok and that you do not have any physical damages from the torture.. this is really so heartbreaking that this kind of delusionnal things happen in this world! I am so sorry for everything you went through . I hope your life is better now. Cheers from Paris.


    1. I am glad that you have been saved from the very painful illusion that so many other fell into, before you could become one of his victims! Your reasons to search for him and believe in him were genuine, pure and innocent, as the reasons of most of us who were less fortunate and even became his admirers, followers and supporters. There are only two roles that Bomjon inflicts to his fans: either he choses you to be one of his dozens of violence victims, or you must become his assistant, witness and helper in inflicting extreme torture and horror to other people. Both roles are dark, terrible, diabolic. It is his black game. God had saved you from either role, as none of them leads to spiritual goals. Those who are jumping today from joy that Bomjon had chosen them to be perpetrators of the crimes against his “enemies” (innocent random victims), often become his next victims in the line in the future… So no one is safe and no one can say “uff, I am helping the “guru” in cleansing the planet of witches and bad people”… A real Buddha and a real Guru does never discriminate among people, does not call half of his fans enemies and the other half friends, and does not turn his fans against each-other, causing unbearable sufferings on the side of victims and a series of sinful Karma (and breaching of the law) on the side of others.

      Yes, I do have many physical damages on my body due to the torture: two broken wrists, from which teh right one had been re-broken two times by Bomjon’s Molam lama, at his order, in front of him, a small hole on my scul from beating beaten to blood by Bomjon, damage to my neckbone and ankles from the 3 months of tight heavy chains that Bomjon ordered his assistant Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski to tie to my body and chain me to that tree… I had many bruises on my body when released from his captivity, though I did not have the chance to see myself in a mirror, the journalists wrote it only. Yet the damage was also a psychological trauma, obviously, and long-lasting fears and distrust in everyone and everything Nepalese, in everyone and everything Tibetan Buddhism like (those times his monks had been wearing typical Buddhist red robes)….

      So keep away from the whole thing and warn your loved ones that this is a FAKE and very dangerous “Maitriya”…


  2. maitriya จะปรากฎตัวอีก 30 ปี ข้างหน้า มาบอกความจริงแก่โลกใบนี้


  3. Why is Ram Bomjon not the Maitreya???
    ตอบ Maitreya คือ Pra Sri Ariya Maitri คือ พระพุทธเจ้าองค์ถัดไปจากองค์ปัจจุบัน Maitreya จะปรากฎตัวมาบอกความจริงให้โลกนี้รับรู้ อีก 30 ปีข้างหน้า เป็นผู้ชาย


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