‘Tapasvi’ Bomjon uses mental libel to discredit his victims

Kimhuyen T. Nguyen, the president of the USA BSDS had circulated a fake diagnosis of a fake psychologist Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D. about the cult’s victim’s alleged mental disorder, with the aim to distort the facts in her witness account  to the media and the authorities about Bomjon and his Sangha’s crimes. Yet, all was orchestrated by Ram Bomjon, and alarmingly the fake psychologist died in his premises in the summer of 2016, when he arrived to bow to his “guru”, and Kim Nguyen had disappeared from the Sangha activities altogether… This is typical for Bomjon’s strategies: he uses gullible people as tools to harm those who became uncomfortable to him (too outspoken victims of his violence, for example) – and then he clears away these people from his path as well. By this, no one ever can learn who stood behind the fake diagnoses and gossips with “guaranteed truth” by “proffessionals”…

When the below article was written in April 2016, Mr. Moon was probably still alive. Yet just one month later he went to Nepal to meet Ram Bomjon and had never returned to America. Also, the main source of information to me, about the intriques concerning Kim Nguyen and Mr. Moore – the Dharma-sangha.com website – had been closed down by now and the links to its articles don’t work anymore. I apologize if some of the links are still outdated. I am trying to replace them with their archives.

The first sign that Ram Bomjon and his associates called ‘Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha’ are actively libeling Marici and Maata after they had been released from his criminal captivity in March 2012, came from an ex-devotee from Europe. She had been in conversation with Andrea Good and Semyon Shekovtsov during and right after the torture of the two women by the cult. She, of course, had no chance yet to learn the truth from the victim, or the media (those times Nepalese English written media was still not censored so much, and they were allowed to publish the truth about Bomjon).

Using the chat option of gmail, Andrea, Semyon and another unnamed Sangha member had been convincing Marici’s online friend hard that she was supposed to be a mentally sick person, and they listed a few (five or ten) diagnoses to support the libel. The aim was clear: when Marici gets out of Bomjon’s captivity, where she was tortured, beaten, her bones broken, robbed of her ID card, laptop and other property and finally sexually assaulted by Bomjon and/or his attendants, she might speak about the details and report the crimes of the “holy Buddha”. Semyon, Andrea and other fanatic devotees (convinced that, as Bomjon claimed, Marici was an enemy, a spy and a witch!) wished to conceal the cruel deeds of their guru and their Sangha by mental libel: accusing Marici of being a psychiatric case, thus the public, police, media and devotees should not believe her account. Yet the European ex-devotee did not believe them…

Stealing for Dharma, by Buddha and Sangha

These libels had been spread all over the Bomjon devotees; discussion groups, Facebook sites, the then still existing ‘Buddha Boy Google Group’ (later closed by Andrea as people were asking too many questions about the crimes of the “guru”). They had been approaching Marici’s friends by personal emails as well, convincing them not to believe her a single word, when she was describing her 3-month ordeal in the captivity of her kidnapper, Maitriya Guru (Ram Bomjan). “All is her mentally sick imagination only, it is not true!” was the claim.


manilamaImage above: Mani Lama speaking to a few reporters in Reporters’ Club Nepal at a press conference called by Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha to justify the kidnapping, holding captive and torture of Zsuzsanna Takacs of Europe. Source: Avenues TV (now deleted from YouTuve and archived records of the Channel).

Already the president of ‘Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha’ – a legal body representing Bomjon in Kathmandu, he had spoken at a press conference right after the release of Marici, explaining that although Marici had been tied in the jungle for 3 months against her will, it was just for her good as that was a healing treatment by the “Guru” as she was, he claimed, mentally ill

At an earlier occasion, Bomjon himself, when he first abducted Marici in October 2011, and already once tried to keep her in his jungle by force, claimed at the meeting with his Sangha which he called for that day, that he had to “repair something in her head” (indicating that his devotee and volunteer translator was somewhat not normal) . As part of the “treatment” he punched her a few times, let his attendants jump on her, throw her on the ground, tie her hands behind, torture her with tightly tying the ropes on her hand, and gave a stick to the hand of Bal Hari Rai to beat her… A group of her friends came then to save her just in the last moment (Durga Lama, Binu Lama, Krishna meme of Simara and Raju Shaha of Nijgadh) .

But on December 28, 2011 Marici had been abducted again, and not released until three months, by Bomjon.

Mani Lama has a special “ability” to justify Bomjon’s crimes in Nepal: recently he also justified Bomjon’s sister’s deadly fatal punishment by the “guru” as well as the torture (making a ruin) of another former devotee:

“Bomjon has taken ‘internal action’ against a person who had stayed together with him in the jungle in Bara, according to a follower of him. “He is roaming restlessly confused about whether to live or die,” the follower says.

‘Guru’ took the ‘internal action’ not physically but using his divine powers, the follower claims. The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.


Archive: http://archive.is/D7eo2


kims real nameThe next seemingly genial idea was originating in the USA, where Kim Nguyen (also known  as Kim T. Nguyen) established the “Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha USA Chapter” as early as in 2011. This ghost charity had no members, no activity and no benefit to anyone. Yet it was able to receive donations. Kim was a friend of Pragyaratna Ghullu and khenpo Sonam Gyurme, who, together with Andrea Good had allied against the translator-assistant and meditating Yogini from Europe, because they apparently could not bear her self-confident knowledge in the areas of Yoga and her choice to avoid “the social gatherings” of the Sangha and not participating in the commercial and advertising projects either – instead, Marici, who gave up all her possessions in Europe, went to Nepal to support the young meditator with her own expertise in the theory and practice of Yoga.As such, she differed from the community residing in the jungle compound, and attracted bully. Having been a manager of the ‘Buddha Boy Google Group’, she was reporting about the events around Bomjon, but in a realistic, true way.

The allied team of Pragya-khenpo-Andy had been trying hard and long to excommunicate Marici and exclude her from Halkhoria, Sangha and even Nepal (details in a separate article), because they considered Marici’s reports harmful for the good image of the “guru” and his Sangha. Kim Nguyen (president of USA BSDS) and Ivy Jugoa (president of EU BSDS) had joined these efforts proactively, especially after Marici had been kidnapped, tortured and ruined by Bomjon and his people in 2012, and released. These senior Sangha members had persecuted her even more than before her captivity, because they were obviously afraid that she could speak out about the details of the (literary!) witch-hunt against her person, in which these ladies and this “monk” had taken an active part. The goal was to silence her, to make people not believe her descriptions.

The Ally of the Five did not care about the truth. They, of course, knew that the captivity and tortures were true, because when Marici was released (at the pressure of police, media and Marici’s friends) by Bomjon in March 2012, the Ally of the Five were all there… They had seen her state, her two broken wrists her ruined body. Just before the release the Ally of the Five already knew she had been kept inside the jungle tied, because they had organized a meeting where they were deciding “what to do with her to silence her after she is released”. Kim Nguyen was the leader of that “Committee to silence Marici”. This Committee had been meeting at the very venue of the prayers and chantings of the 2012 Maitri Puja, where they had chanted mantras about non-violence, love, compassion, truth and honesty together with the invited hundreds of Buddhist monks!

The decision of the Committee (described by two independent witnesses) was balancing between two “solutions”: 1, we send Marici to jail, for long enough time that she gets broken totally, 2, we send Marici to a “mental hospital” and bribe some doctors to make a diagnosis that she is crazy.

Finally they had decided to do both: first to report her to police, because, obviously, being kept 3 months chained to a tree she could not be able to visit Katmandu’s Immigration office and pay for her visa. Next the Committee agreed to do their utmost to create a public conscience that Marici was mentally ill, and thus anything she described about her captivity by Bomjon, was not to believed. After they decided that the plan was just perfect, they returned to the venue to pray to the Seven Deities of Bomjon, to Maitreya and to chant about compassion, truth and love to every single living being…


The detention in immigration jail had been described on the Halkoria.myewebsite.com , which can be retrieved at request (currently had been closed due to security issues). It was also described to Google Group members. The mental libel was being implemented gradually by various seemingly “leaked information”, initiated by Maitriya Bomjon.

For example, in Autumn 2012 when he moved to Sindhuli, he had been asked by the (then still uncensored) The Himalayan Times for an interview. He had ordained the torturer and rapist of Marici, Darshan Limbu, a monk, and made him his main spokesperson. The journalists spoke thus with Darshan, as Bomjon’s main representative. This is what he told about Marici’s captivity to them:

“When asked about holding a Slovak Marichi into captivity, Limbu said that she was a mentally disturbed woman. According to him, Marichi was kept in a room after she expressed her interest to sit for penance. “But, she attacked Bamjan later,” he added.

Chairman Chhatra Ghising of Bodhi Shrawan Sangh, responsible for Bamjan’s protection, urged the mediapersons not to give any negative press coverage.


I am publishing here the snapshot of the original article, because The Himalayan Times had been forced to delete all their old articles about Bomjon, which would be not propagandist (the “nice ones” they kept, of course):

archive is snapshot of Bamjan finds his peace in Sindhuli Forest archive is snapshot of Bamjan finds his abode of peace in Sindhuli Forest2

Ram Bomjon (paradoxically calling himself “Dharma Sangha”) had been regularly disseminating the psychiatry-libel against Marici, his former devotee and volunteer-translator, supporter and the manager of the Google Group dedicated to propagate him. At one meeting with a smaller circle (diplomatically he never spoke to a large public with these libels), Ram Bomjon claimed to the devotees that “Marici had chained herself to that tree, allegedly because she always wanted to stay in the jungle of Halkhoriya”! Noone asked the questions, how it is that the keys of the chains were in the pockets of Tom Dorje? How it is that she then stayed there being guarded by old monks and Darshan, who did not allow her friend from Simara, Binu lama to enter and search for her? How it is that her two wrists were broken, and Bomjon did not let her go free even after the release?

After all, cult study experts know this trick much too well. Many fake gurus used to go into all ends to “prove” that their victims had been mentally ill… Recently a big group of sexually abused followers of the Indian Swami living in Vienna, Austria, Maheshwarananda, created a few websites and forums to detail the abuses by him and his guru. Yet the “Swami” and his faithful had discredited the victims by claiming they were mentally ill, or that they made a conspiracy because the “Swami” did not react to their advances, etc…

Bomjon but announces about too many of his victims, after his attacks, that they were “mentally ill”. One Nepali follower, who was cooking and making laundry for Bomjon’s khenpo Sonam Gyurme 2011, and whom Andrea called Nangsal, had been announced crazy by Bomjon openly, similarly as his first victim of captivity in the jungle, a Spanish woman, his victim of beating a Westerner boy, as well as a Nepalese shaman lady, Mata Aani

It seems that sooner or later anyone becomes “mentally ill” in the eyes of Ram Bomjon. He loves to libel people with anything which can harm their reputation. It seems that Bomjon takes any opportunity to create negativity, condemnation, humiliation etc. among his own followers. Sometimes it seems it is his main program…


I did not know about the further libel activities originating in 2013 in America till I was contacted by a Sangha insider about them. I had been referred to the Dharma-sangha.com (https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/) website, where, to my great shock, articles had been describing the public libel made by an alleged psychologist, Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., MSW, LADC, CCS, against Marici, which had been then sent to all and every Sangha member in emails. It was done by the president of the USA BSDS, Kim Nguyen, as a “proof” from a “professional”, that, simply said, Marici was crazy.

kims email sharing with everyoneThis email was an introduction only to forward Moore’s email to “everyone”.

As a consequence, quite a big part of Bomjon’s devotees and of the public, including the authorities in Nepal, had dismissed the warnings of Marici on Google Group, Facebook and the websites that Bomjon is going to attack more and more people, what actually happened:

From 2012, when Marici first started to warn the public, and was dismissed as “just a crazy woman”, Bomjon was free to kidnap, beat and torture much more people then before:

  • In April 2012, he attacked his own family members, mother and siblings in Halkhoria
  • In 2013 he motivated his nearest attendant Ankit Yonjan, to whom he gave a sword, to attack 13 youths in Sarlahi District’s Pattharkot, where he was settled that time
  • On September 2, 2014 he let kidnapped and brought to Halkhoria, and then attacked five villagers from Ratanpuri, who had been locked in his villa in the jungle, and beaten to blood all night long by him and his attendants, at the sight of his small (under-aged) child-monks
  • In December 2014 he and his “blue Sangha” created an over-all violence in Halkhoria, apparently connected to the conflicts with the Forestry Office, which had been but forbidden to publish by the Nepalese media
  • In 2015 he attacked a new victim, causing serious condition, which is yet to be investigated

(Cases listed in The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy article o this same website).

Even so many new victims did not convince those Sangha members and public, who had closed themselves for the truth and continue to claim that Marici was mentally ill and that she had never been attacked her wrists were not broken by Bomjon and his attendants, she had not been sexually assaulted at Bomjon’ order, etc.

People do not realize that it is long ago not about Marici and if she is credible or not: the proofs that Bomjon is doing very similar things to tens of other people after Marici’s release, should be an answer about Marici’s mental abilities to every intelligent person. The problem is only, if we can find such among fanatic and brainwashed cult members of a satanic guru posing as a god?

Commentators on forums and videos on the Internet are trying to discredit the person (personality) of the author, of the informer instead of focusing on the topic itself: the warning about Bomjon and his criminal attendants. They dismiss the topic, thus allowing new and new victims to suffer. Yes, it is not a game, it is real, cruel and brutal suffering, what they are causing to many human beings! Some people had become handicapped for all life due to the grave bodily damage done by the fake guru and his attendants, and yet, authorities and media in Nepal are being pressured not to deal with these crimes, in the name of (some twisted understanding of) “Dharma” and in the name of “protecting the good name of the Buddha Boy of Nepal”, an eventual touristic attraction which is supposed to bring investments to the country – at least this is what they claim from the Bomjon’s side.

And the truth is that many Nepalese, even if they are politicians and wear a uniform, are still extremely superstitious, believe in witches and ghosts, and are afraid to do anything against a “Tapasvi”, fearing magical retaliation! This is a very strong limiting element in prosecuting the countless violent crimes done by Bomjon and his Sangha against the more than 40 people, among them 3 foreigners.

The story continues with the Court Psychiatrist of Maitriya article, a detailed study about the identity of Dr. William T. Moore fake monk – fake psychologist.


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