Maitriya’s court psychologist

Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., MSW, LADC, CCS, alleged psychologist’s “diagnosis” had been used by Bomjon and his BSDS USA president Kim Nguyen to defame and discredit the victim of Bomjon’s crimes, Marici after her descriptions of Ram Bomjon’s crimes became uncomfortable for the “guru”. Yet the apparently retired old man had his own interpersonal problems, and was very much estranged from his own family. That’s why also no one knew that he left for Nepal and visited Ram Bomjon in May 2016. They had learned about it only after the obituaries arrived: because the US devotee of “Maitriya”, who was so diligently serving Bomjon’s interest to defame and discredit his victim’s accounts, had himself fell victim to his devotion and mysteriously deceased in his guru’s premises in July 2016! According to his family member, it is quite possible that he had wished to take back his potentially damaging “distant online diagnosis” of Bomjon’s kidnap and torture victim Marici, feeling he had been misled, yet he never again got the chance to do so…

See more about his demise here: Moore no more

UPDATE: Who is Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the guru because of whom Mr. Moore secretly visited Nepal? Here is a correct, well-sourced and balanced Biography of Ram Bomjon, which is free of the irrational propaganda and grave mistakes in factual data, as well as the unproffessionality of the Wikipedia biography entry written 12 years ago and regularly cleared of “compromitting” data by Bomjon’s followers.

As the website shows, Kim Nguyen had finally managed to get a single member to her ghost charity. In 2013 a mysterious man arrived, who called himself Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., MSW, LADC, CCS. He was posing as someone with erudition and also Buddhist beliefs. He wished to become a monk, and then Kim called Bomjon in Nepal, and sent him a photo of the monk-to-be man, and Bomjon ordained a total stranger man on the other side of the planet, to be his monk without any hassles. Immediately he had been given a red robe and a Jyampa name Ngami (Jyampa meaning Maitreya), and that was it. He stayed a few days in Kim’s property, converted to an “office” and “temple” of Ram Bomjon.

moore faceAbove image: Dr. William T. Moore, the alleged psychologist-monk ordained by Maitriya through the phone. Source: (archived from the closed-down original

How could it be that he became so suddenly favored by the “guru” and his USA Chapter’s president? He attracted a great appreciation for an initiative by which he convinced them of his loyalty: claiming that he was a psychologist, he wrote a (fake) public diagnosis about Marici claiming she was mentally ill, including  ailments like “erroneous driving” (Marici never drove any vehicle, she does not have a driving license!) and self-mutilation (obviously he tried to dismiss that her broken two wrists had been done by the “guru” and his followers), and other claims. In spite of the tradition in psychiatry (and in psychology as well), he had never met Marici personally, never spoke with her online or on phone, and did not see her hand-writing even.

“Dr;” Moore’s mere source for “diagnosis” was Marici’s crime victim accounts on her website, shortly after being released from a 3-month long daily torture, where she was physically tortured as well as terrorized to be killed “the next day”…

More detailed articles about Kim Nguyen and her short-time monk-psychiatrist friend, can be found here: (archived from the original (archive of the original (archived from the original (archived from the original

I am copying the public slander email from the above website below:

Moore fake monks fake diagnos




Image: The monk ordained through a phone call with Bomjon, Moore poses for a photo in BSDS USA’s “temple” turned office. Source: 

It is interesting that when it comes to harm a victim of Bomjon, in their blind trance of “victory” (we’ve finally proved she is crazy!) they even did not check it back if Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., MSW, LADC, CCS was seriously a psychologist as he claimed, and even if his name was William Moore at all. After I consulted it with a few offices in the USA, they confirmed me that it is not a usual practice for psychiatrists and psychologists to make public diagnoses based on no other source than texts of descriptions of crimes done to the victim. Without ever meeting his “patient”, fake Dr. Moore copy-pasted a few lines of a general diagnosis of a personality disorder, listing elements which were irrelevant to Marici (like the driving problem, etc).

In Europe it is against the law to publish a mental disease diagnosis, actually any type of diagnoses concerning the health of a person! Dr. Moore, Ram Bomjon, Darshan Limbu and Kim Nguyen and many individuals connected to the cult, had committed a crime against the law when publicly diagnosing Marici as mentally ill, with the sole aim to discredit her eventual police reports and her writings. And it does not make any difference if the “patient” is really mentally ill or not…

I am confident that in the USA the same laws and medical ethics are in effect. Yet Kim Nguyen, the Korean immigrant, might have not been aware of the law in the States and even if being a Mahayana Buddhist believer, she did not consider this move (public libel) unethical. She had not checked even if Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., MSW, LADC, CCS is in fact a psychologist, or in fact called Moore at all…Anyone comes in hand for Bomjon’s followers, when they wish to silence their victims.

From the whole Sangha, which includes quite a few formally educated Westerners, like Joan Stanley-Baker a professor at a Taiwanese university, or Panchaman Tamang, an agro-scientist Kishore Sherchand, Andrea Good… university educated foreigners – none of these had the need to make sure that Dr. Moore is in fact a real expert in the psycho field! And he is not.

After the* website published the dark activities of Kim Nguyen and Moore, endorsed by “Maitriya Dharma Sangha guru”, I started to investigate. My original intention was to contact that alleged psychiatry professional and request him to take back his libel, or face the law. Yet, to my surprise, after painstaking search, emailing and complaints to offices dealing with registration of health care professionals in the area and dealing with professional ethics, I found out that the alleged psychologist Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., in the way he presented himself, just never existed! Days and weeks I was searching, approaching all possible US offices which register doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, but no one knew about him! The below proofs speak for themselves.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the “Savior of the World”, the “guru of gurus”, the “Ascetic Buddha of Nepal” and his devotee Kim had been funding their mental libel against Marici on a fake psychologist, who most probably was somebody totally else. That he was minimally a strange man, the website is giving some suggestions: he soon went into personal conflict with Kim, asking for money and walking around without his robe in civil clothes… Eventually, as the* website describes, he even turned against his patron, Kim, and threatened her in some conflict, and she had to get rid of him soon.

*Please refer to the archives on and

But let’s see the investigation after the identity of Mr. Moorky Moore, the prominent psychologist-monk of “Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha” (Bomjon):


So I set out to find out everything about the psychologist Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., MSW, LADC, CCS in Maine, who had a private practice in Optimal Health Center, Falmouth, Maine, 04105, Route 1, Suite 3, 190 US. A question was if this practice had existed in Maine or had been shut down? Is this name and clinic in the archives from 2013 and earlier?

So let’s see if there is any 1, Optimal Health Center in the above address in Maine:

MOORE NEWEST OPTIMAL HEALTH CENTER DOES NOT EXISTNext let’s see where is the given address found on the map:

clinic of moore 2012Above: the alleged clinic of Moore in 2012. I thought, maybe still did not build it, so I checked the map for 2013:

clinic of moore sep 2013It looks like Dr. Moore psychologist’s clinic is in the open air, without any building, and no roads are leading to his clinic either. Apparently there is simply nothing, just a tree at the highway…

But I did not give up. Searching for the Optimal Health Center in Maine, I checked

no optimal health center in internet archiveI checked tens of sites which list health centers in Maine, yet I always got the same 0 as an answer about Optimal HC:

optimal health centerI thought there might be some spelling mistake in the name of Dr. Moore’s Clinic, so I searched for just all available health centers in Falmouth, Maine, if I get at least near to the given address or the given “doctor”…Yet, the results don’t show any resemblance:

optimal health center falmouth 2012


So the starting point of Optimal Health Center is unsolvable. There was no evidence of any such clinic in Maine, and the one which I did find in another state, dismissed in email correspondence that they would ever have employed any Dr. Moore.

Next I focused on 2, psychologists in Maine, searching for different lists of all registered psychologists in Maine, but Dr. Moore, and any of the variation of his name with long list of titles, was not found among them:


ME directory of psychologists tady taky chybi

docspot did not find Moore psychologist in Maine neni mezi psychology v ME


psychologove v ME Falmouthjeho jmeno chyby v listu psych v METhis lead also did not work. It was then sure that Dr. Moore is not registered 1, in that Clinic he had presented in his email 2, as a psychologist in Maine.

3, Then I focused on the Yellow Pages in Maine, maybe I find his name, as a medical entrepreneur. The information from the USA BSDS was, that Dr. Moore was a highly professional, popular and established psychologist, so it was minimally strange why would such a famous expert hide his clinic hide his name in the listings…?


yellow pages moore ME missingmoore in ME yellow pages missingWe can see various people with the name Moore, yet none of them is a psychologist…

So then let’s forget about the Clinic and Maine, and let’s try to find 4, Dr. William J. Moore (highly experienced) psychologist in another state. Maybe Kim Nguyen’s monk friend just forgot to register in Maine’s psychologist listings, and confused his own clinic’s address…? I found a few people who had titles and professions similar to that of a psychologist, but most of them then had some very clear proof that they could not be the man in the photo of the USA BSDS Sangha, the monk. Either it was clear because of the different age, different activities, photos address, etc. It is always something that does not fit to the picture given by Dr. Moore about himself to Bomjon’s Sangha. Just a few of those only available Dr. Moores, which are also connected to health or psychology, here below:


william james moore 29 years experience psychologist fresno CA


william j. moore psyd CA fresno


william j moore lcsw ME


dr william j moore BUT DIFFERENT ONE


dr bill more psychologist NOT HIM


moore in maine exsted

As we see, there are many Dr. Moores, yet none of them is carrying the same face as Bomjon’s new monk Jyampa Ngami, none of them has a same age or same clinic address. Some of them even deceased. And then I got an idea: what if Mr. Moore is an identity stealer? To pose as one of his own doctors, who might have deceased or resides in a far state? What if Mr. Moore is not Moore at all? All signs show towards this result.

Apart from the search on the Internet, I also sent tens of complaints to American offices dealing with medical license, psychology and psychiatry. I have received a few answers, and none of them confirmed that there would be any Dr. Moore among the license holders in psychology. Below is an automatic message after I have sent my complaint concerning the fake psychologist who is using his “knowledge” to defame and discredit victims of crimes:

complaint sent to maine gov licenses


Obviously, when bones are being broken, sexual assaults are done to a woman chained to a tree in a Nepali jungle, surrounded by wild animals and exposed to any dangers, the person can be in certain trauma and be overwhelmed by the dense negativity experienced from her former devotee friends and, most of all, from her former idol, a “guru”… A miracle that Marici survived at all, she immediately started to write about her shocking experiences, to warn other people not to go there, not to trust, not to be trapped like she was…

To those who sit in comfortable armchairs at the computer screen, such urgency and strongly expressed prolonged shock can be sometimes difficult to digest. Yet let’s not forget that even with two broken wrists, a wound on her head, displaced hipbone, and extremely weakened, the Sangha members sent her to a jail in Kathmandu, and police was pulling her from one place to another in Bara District (Simara, Birganj), pressuring her to immediately make a police report the very first day after release! Noone offered her a medical treatment for her extreme bodily condition.

In this same condition they kept Marici one week in immigration detention again (without a single day of freedom after the 3 months tied on chains), hardly having enough nutrition, no treatment of the many fractures, no treatment of the extreme  trauma! In this condition the Immigration were pushing her to provide 2600 USD, otherwise she would be sent 4 years in jail. A woman who gave up her job just to go to Nepal to support Ram Bomjon, had no money at all! She was not provided a a computer to arrange the money, and her own notebook and mobile phone had been stolen by Ram Bomjon during the crime.

Then, after arriving to Slovakia, Marici, overwhelmed by the extremely inhuman treatment by both sides, sat down and started to write. Her broken hand was difficult to hold on the computer, but it was important to urgently warn the public about the shocking truth about Ram Bomjon and his “Sangha”. After 3 months not speaking practically to anyone, not reading and not writing, there was no time and energy to care about the stylistic and grammatical sophistication of the descriptions of the captivity. The panic was still there, being shaken from the daily terror by Darshan Limbu, who beat and sexually assaulted her, from the Nazi-like Tom Dorje, who kept the keys from her chain, from the “terror-guru” enjoying the sight of his suffering victims.

Yet, concerning psychology and psychiatry, Marici stayed strong. Bomjon had chosen the wrong subject: a Yogini with a tough life behind her. There are not many things in the Universe, which could cause Marici to break mentally. Yet, it is normal and always happening, that long-time torture victims are temporarily showing more tension, stress, fears, distrust… As soon as the psychological trauma does not effect the person’s everyday life, and does not have bodily expressions like insomnia, problems with thinking, speaking and writing, walking etc., the condition is NOT considered a mental illness, but a temporary Post-Traumatic Stress caused by torture.

“Often torture victims suffer from elevated rates of Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorder, PTSD, DESNOS (Disorders of Extreme Stress Not Otherwise Specified), … nightmares, intrusions, insomnia, …, social withdrawal, emotional flatness and periodic headaches.. No diagnostic terminology encapsulates the deep distrust of others which many torture survivors have developed, nor the destruction of all that gave their lives meaning. Guilt and shame about humiliation during torture, and about the survivor’s inability to withstand it, …. On top of this, uncertainty about the future, including the possibility of being sent back to the country (place) in which the survivor was tortured, and the lack of any close confidant or even of any social support, compound the stress. “


Relevant article:


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  1. I knew Dr. Moore for over 20 yrs. He was a very learned man and was a psychoanalyst in good standing with the Boston Institute. Your attempts to locate him were shallow to say the least. Most computer mapping apps. are not accurate. He did have an office in Maine. Also his letter was confidential to Kim and not to be shared. He did not violate any ethics. Kim did that! … He is no longer here to speak for himself. Let him rest in peace



  2. I THINK YOUR AN IDIOT. FIRST OFF DR. WILLIAM MOORE WAS REAL, and he was also well over 65 which he retired well over 15 years ago which is why you WOULD NOT find him by using “search engines” You never once tried contacting his family to see if he was real or had a real PHD did you?


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