Is Hillary Clinton the devotee of Ram Bomjon?

The story of how a hyperactive US-Nepalese Bomjon-devotee wished to changed the American politics, and imprint to the public consciousness his world-rule-hungry guru’s image. During the 2016 US election campaign there had been one candidate who had been picked up by the Bomjon cult in the USA as gullible enough to become their tool to influence and overtake American politicis with their destructive and dangerous fake spirituality: it was Mrs Hillary Clinton. Being a lady with interest in spirituality and a special connection to Nepal, she was an ideal president for a cult believing in their messianic world-transforming task. Yet the “Maitri-cult’s” effort went overboard and Mrs. Clinton did not win the elections…

First published in February 2015. Last updated 2017.

UPDATE MAR 12, 2017:

As a comment under The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy article revealed, the photo of Hillary Clinton admiring Ram Bomjon’s picture, used by Kishore Sherchand to influence the public mood towards the two leaders, and especially towards their wished alliance, had been proved fake! Thus the below article’s mystery had been solved. Yet the fact that one of Bomjon’s prestigious followers is manipulating with US politicians’ photos to influence the public in favor of his dangerous cult leader, is worrying. The below photo is the original, and had been taken during Hillary Clinton’s Vietnam visit. 

Kishore, or someone working for him, had simply replaced the content of the framed picture by Ram Bomjon (see further below) by the help of Photoshop.

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The visitors of Facebook sites of Ram Bahadur Bomjon (aka Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha – aka Palden Dorje – aka Tapasvi – civil name Ramlal Bomjon) are confident that their guru will soon visit the USA, Canada, Europe and many other countries, and spread his very unusual “dharma” in the civilized world. No matter that he has behind himself a long list of violent attacks on people, as well as at least three cases of witch-accusations against his own female devotees, whom he then let tied for weeks or months inside his jungle, tortured, beat and let sexually assaulted. His deeds had been registered by police and covered by Nepali media over many years. Even so, he got the late Nepali Prime Minister’s support at a friendly meeting between the two on the 22nd of October, 2014, which had been published on an US-based expat media – and with a great delay: DC Nepal. The very same media which published the photos of 2-5 men beaten till blood was pouring on them, by Bomjon and his attendants, just one month before the meeting with the late PM…

But as his followers believe, this entirely “new dharma” – introducing violence, lies, forgeries, torture and witch-accusations into humanity, is the actual application of “liberation”, “unity” and “Maitri (Loving-Kindness)”. The dharma of heart-melting preachings (spiritual words lacking spiritual deeds ) –  combined with diabolic cruelty in brutal attacks causing fractures and often bloody, sexual abuses, kidnappings, prolonged tortures, keeping women on chains in the jungle for months –  is expected to “enlighten” the whole world. Including, as we see below, America!

To convince their online followers about their belief that only through torture, blood and breaking human bones can be America liberated from its materialistic darkness, the cult’s US-Nepali self-styled Public Relations Expert/Advertiser/Spokesperson, an US resident and realtor, Kishore Sherchand, is publishing on his Facebook site a photo of Mrs. Hillary Clinton widely smiling while receiving a gift from some diplomats: a picture of Ram Bomjon framed in gold, already years before the start of the US presidential campaign. 



The photo published on Kishore Sherchand‘s Facebook post during the year 2014 (and spread like wild-fire soon on other accounts) was unnaturally narrow, and looked like a Photoshop creation. After widening it, Bomjon on the picture gets just too wide. So there is quite a possibility that the photo was created by Kishore or other Ram Bomjon followers, wishing to “magically influence” Mrs. Hillary Clinton to “pull” their guru to the USA, or psychologically evoke a public awareness to connect the two. This danger is currently becoming quite alarming, if we realize that Hillary Clinton . Even if, minus the Bomjon-connection, she would be probably the best  as president, out of the candidates this year.

See below the picture after widening:



But it is not so important actually, if the photo is real or not. What is important is the message that the official organization of Ram Bomjon is giving by it: their total assurance that their “brutal guru” is going to be welcome by the USA’s high-level politicians, whom he is going to – as his most hard-core followers are writing on their official Facebook discussion – subdue and take over soon….In the knowledge of the fact of more than 40 human beings severely attacked by Bomjon and/or his nearest attendants between 2007 and 2015, all Americans should care much more than they did until now. The next victims could be their sons and daughters, their wives, their mothers and – yes, even! – their grandmothers!

Note: Kishore Sherchand and other members of the Bomjon Maitriya cult had taken down the photo after they realized that it was analyzed by me us this website. Did they finally realize that America is still not prepared for accepting the Violent Buddha’s messianic message…?


  • In 2011 Kim Nguyen Korean-US Californian citizen had established a ghost company, BSDS USA. Lacking members and program, it had a single member of a fake psychologist “Dr” Moore, who was used to sign a public diagnose” about Marici, “confirming she was supposed to be mentally ill (thus to discredit her witness accounts when kidnapped and tortured by Bomjon and his attendants in 2012). “Dr” Moore have never met Marici… Kim Nguyen but sent his diagnoses to all “Buddha Boy Google Group” and Sangha members, without first checking if he was a doctor at all. He wasn’t… Moore brought soon the entire ghost company of Kim Nguyen into trouble….See more about this at: (an archived page of the closed down original

bsds usa

  • Bomjon’s self-styled Sangha Queen, Andrea Good, who is responsible for creating a fanatic and censored cult around him, is an American-Japanese national. In 2015 she organized the Oregon Maitri Puja.
  • Bomjon’s  active PR fighter, bombarding politicians, celebrities, NGOs, all kind of offices and media with his propaganda that Bomjon is the next Buddha, Maitreya, a holy man, savior of the world etc. is KISHORE SHERCHAND, a realtor living partially in the USA and Nepal. Due to his incessant efforts the Nepalese media had been finally forbidden to publish a single word about Ram Bomjon, when Kishore had announced on the forums of the Bomjon-Sangha that he will do everything to stop them, in October 2012. Until today, the mainstream Nepalese media had not published anything about Bomjon, not even neutral or “positive” articles or news. Kishore “replaced” the media with an imitation of Nepal’s popular The Himalayan Times online, with The Himalayan Voice – a pro-bomjonist propaganda site.
  • in 2014-2015 Bomjon’s dedicated follower, who gave him his whole property in Badegaun, humorist and celebrity Teju Tamang, is set to move to the USA
  • Michael Leon (Jyampa Dorje), a British-American “monk” (ordained by Bomjon only) had created a propaganda video series, “Seeds of Loving-Kindness”, with the help of a popular New Age instructor Ganganath, where he intended to popularize himself and his idol Ram Bomjon. Although he had spent in the vicinity of Bomjon a mere 2 months in Halkhoria, and the rest he was “outsourced” to 10 km far Ratanpuri with khenpo Sonam Gyurme in 2011, he is speaking at length about imagined grace, imagined holiness and “miracles” he claims he experienced with Bomjon. The USA Tour had to collect new followers for Bomjon. Later Ganganath and his US group had distanced themselves from Ram Bomjon’s Sangha, even if a member of that group, Marie-Claire, became overly convinced about Bomjon’s divinity…

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