Property stolen by Nepal’s Maitriya

Fake gurus often misappropriate their worshipers’ money, property, immovables and movables and they hardly ever have to face court trials for stealing, as the “social rules” are irrational and justified by wrongly understood “Karma” and “tests of devotion to the guru”, crimes which would be prosecuted by law in the outside world, become socially acceptable events.

In the Sangha (group of followers) of Ram Bomjon everyone knows he had taken his 2012 hostage’s computer, mobile phone, music player, audio cassette and many other things.. Moreover, tens of his devotees had helped him in the stealing and divided the prey among themselves. Yet even if they know that Bomjon had robbed his victim Marici;s computer and other valuables, his followers do not name this act “stealing”. For them it was Bomjon’s full right, and Bomjon had encouraged them to use her stolen property, until this day.


Fake gurus often misappropriate their worshipers’ money, property, immovables and movables and they hardly ever have to face court trials for stealing, as the “social rules” are irrational and justified by wrongly understood “Karma” and “tests of devotion to the guru”, crimes which would be prosecuted by law in the outside world, become socially acceptable events. Their crowd of followers are arguing that the guru had a “right” to take anything from the person, as he is god, anyway everything belongs to him… They claim that he does not need those things, only wishes to help the robbed person get free of material attachments…By such “help” the gurus take much more than they need for their mere sustenance, which was the original idea behind the tradition to donate to a guru, a monk, a sadhu.

This cult-philosophy, which is distinguishable in nearly all modern guru-cults (a good collection is found at be it Swami this or that, rinpoche this or that, Bhagawan this or that, ShriShri MahaMaha JiJi… All fake gurus are living from the property of their subjugates, and Ram Bahadur Bomjan is not an exception. Complicated it starts to get when:

  • the robbed victim was/is his own devotee, disciple, follower, “belonging” , being “given himself/herself” away to the “guru”
  • the robbed victim, in his/her former state of mind – blind devotion – allows the guru to take anything without much protest

Similarly as in the case of any other crimes like rape, torture, beating, locking up, tying by chains – which Maitriya Ramlal Bomjon had committed to more than 40 people (mostly his former devotees), stealing of his victims’ property is also rarely reported to police by the victims themselves. To awake from the revelation who Bomjon actually is, takes too long to the victims, because they had been psychologically-spiritually manipulated. Mata Aani, the Nepali elder lady, who had been kidnapped, tied,regularly thrashed and tortured for two months, had even told the police who came to rescue her, that she did not get bad treatment and that it was her own will to suffer… She even refused to leave the place of her torture, although it was obvious at the first sight to everyone, that she had been going through extreme cruelties…

Thus in any functioning state it should be the State Prosecutor, who would replace those who are still not in condition to report the crimes done to them, and would accuse the actors of these deeds. Many times victims after prolonged tortures, beatings, rape, are terrorized and are unable, physically, to report. Bomjon’s victims are often released in such a ruined condition that they cannot even walk and speak… kept tied , on chains, for long months alone in his jungle, facing extreme cruelty and fears alone… Marici’s two hands were fractured as a consequence of the tortures, and Mata’s hand looked also broken. Others are bleeding, in shock, covered in bruises…Yet in the case of the more than 40 crimes done by Ram Bomjon and his attendants against innocent human beings, there had not been any such State Prosecution, neither victim protection or witness protection.

Although the stolen laptop was an open secret for all sides involved in the 2012 affair of Marici (and Mata) held captive by Bomjon, media, police, devotees and embassies all knew about it, none of these offices or individuals helped the ruined victim to regain her possession from Bomjon and his gang! And actually, it would have been the duty of the state.


Marici had been Bomjon’s supporter for years before she arrived to Nepal to stay near to him and defend him from those who would disturb his meditation. Marici was the Buddha Boy Google Group, online forum dedicated to Bomjon’s person, manager. The group had around 800 members. Marici had been invited to Halkhoria by Andrea Good to join her in assisting Bomjon to write down and translate his “teaching”… This was the official version. Yet Bomjon did not need supporters, he already had enough. He only needed easy-going, handy victims, who would not protest so quickly when tortured. Be it any type of magic or illness, the fact is that Ram Bomjon has the intensive need to see pain, suffering , blood, bruises, terrorized faces, despair… He needs a dose of a beating or torturing alleged “witches” every year, from 2007 till today.

Marici, also a Yogini from her 16th year, was a mild target. Having not been able to recover from the pain of the loss of her baby in 2007, she finally quit her job and gave away her modest possessions in 2010, only to move to Nepal and find solace in the jungle ashram in the vicinity of a, as she firmly believed then, enlightened yogi boy. Marici wished to support his meditation with her knowledge, experience and skills in this area, as well as help translate his “teachings”. Simply said, after years of materialist lifestyle, disappointed by the cruelty of losing her child, she wished to return to a peaceful meditative lifestyle again, and in the same time to be of use for another meditator, the young “Buddha Boy”….

Not having much even before, in her rented flat, Marici brought the remaining possessions she had to Nepal, to offer them in the service and support for the Bomjon whom she wished to patron. For most Westerners Marici’s full property would be ridiculously little, yet the value in many of those things was emotional: they had been gifts from her partner, the father of her deceased baby, or childhood spiritual memories….


She brought with her an Acer notebook computer (the Nepalese called it a laptop) so that she could regularly write reports for the 800 members of the Google Group, who financed her stay in Nepal.The “laptop” was also serving as a means to record the translations that Marici was doing together with Andrea Good and khenpo Sonam Gyurme. The young monks who had been staying with khenpo those times, as well as other Nepalese devotees, were envying her light and mirror-screen laptop with a huge memory. When Darshan Limbu saw her laptop in August 2011, he told Marici that she should give to him, because he wanted to serve “Guruji” by using it… The computer was the best one Marici ever had and all ts functions and programs had been set by her partner in Europe, an IT specialist. Thus Marici did not wish to get rid of it, being it also  souvenir to remember her boyfriend. Yet, in her naivety, considering the Nepalese Sangha and monks basically honest and well-wishing people, Marici would have never imagined that once these very people will torture and rape her, and finally steal her computer, which they had envied so much during 2011…

acerImage: Marici’s Acer notebook computer with mirror-screen. Here sitting with ex-devotee I. L. in Kathmandu’s Flavors restaurant, where she invited Marici. Her computer had been witnessed during 2011 by many people. Until today all Sangha members know that Bomjon had stolen it from her during the kidnapping and holding captive in 2012….

Apart from the computer, the light-green branded jacket Marici wears here, had been also stolen during the time when she was kept by Bomjon tied (January – March 2012). Marici had exactly these clothes on her the day when she was abducted (28 Dec, 2011) and in these every clothes she stayed til the release. The scarf shown here had been used to wipe away the dirt caused by Darshan Limbu’s sexual assaults and hidden for later biological evidence, similarly like a jumper which had been taken to Europe after the release.

When arriving to Nepal, and to the compound of Ram Bomjon, Marici brought high quality European medical kits for the Halkhoria dwellers from Europe, bandages, disinfection materials, medicine, and these ha been used happily by the Nepali Sangha. (At a few occasions Marici offered her European medicine to treat Darshan Limbu’s wound, after he had a motorbike accident. Later, in 2012, Darshan had been ordered by Ram Bomjon to torture her, beat her nearly daily, cut her hair and sexually assault her repeatedly)…

A good sleeping bag which had been specially tailored for Marici and ordered by her partner as a gift, a branded Gemma trekking bag made in Prague, glasses made by her employer in Prague, specially tailored sunglasses, and good trekking clothes brought from a money-gift of Marici’s employer, an US corporation, had been originally brought from Europe to enable the stay in the jungle in the beginning of 2011. Many scissors and pens had been divided to the lamas too. Even the scissors which Bomjon used to cut the hair of his newly ordained monks and lay disciples, was that of Marici’s…

She came to offer all she had in the support of an “enlightened” Yogi Boy, who, as she believed, would spread peace, healing, love and high level religiousness in Nepal… Yet when Marici suddenly became his victim in 2012 and he robbed her of all her possessions, he had proved that he was not that person that Marici offered her belongings to. Thus the act was stealing, as well as the tying Marici to chains, beating and torturing her, including ordering Darshan Limbu to sexually assault her numerous times that was all a proof that Bomjon was not that imagined divine buddha, as Marici thought before. To a divine and beneficial Yogi she would have given happily all she had. Yet Bomjon is a criminal, torturer and kidnapper, a violent trickster, who does not even use any of Marici’s property for any beneficial work. Thus, taking Marici’s possession and not returning it to her after the release, is a crime of stealing and handling stealing property by Ramlal Bomjon and his Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha – legal body representing his followers.


Marici got entangled in the intrigues of Bomjon’s Sangha unwillingly, when trying to improve his conditions and preserve the purity and peace of the jungle, yet saying things openly and naming the truth. As a result of human hatred, jealousy, pride that the cult members entertained against her, she had been gradually stigmatized as a disturber, witch, spy, magician as an enemy…To her great shock this was not an initiative contrary to Bomjon’s own wish, but she had gradually realized that the “Buddha Boy” was not a fragile meditator who needed any support or defense, but a spiritual manipulator, who found enjoyment only in creating negativity among his own devotees, and turning people against people by false gossips.

It was a total betrayal of everything spiritual, and Marici not just that never found safety in Halkhoria, so fragile after losing her baby, but she had been brutally attacked all at the order of the very Bomjon whom she arrived to support by all her powers! She found herself in a hell based on lies about spirituality, where the “guru” and his attendants were mocking and ridiculing Buddha and God, and imposed long-time suffering and terror on her by physical and mental torture for there months.

Even after the release, Bomjon did not stop to persecute her, gossip her and lie that she was a witch ,a disturber.. His followers continued to threaten her to be killed or otherwise harmed, accusing her of things she never did or never told. In this atmosphere, obviously, Bomjon never even returned the stolen belongings.

Marici was an orphan, with an extremely difficult survival. She could never afford to buy herself a computer. The Acer one was a new computer bought cheaply by her IT expert partner, and its value is not just material, but it is also a memory of him.


The day of Marici’s capture was 28 Dec 2011. The next day Bomjon sent Darshan Subba Limbu his attendant, and a young monk Budha, on motorbike to Simara’s Buddhist Monastery (Gumba), where Marici lived before being kidnapped by Bomjon.  As Darshan Limbu used to be one of Marici’s devotee- friends (as most of Bomjon’s Sangha, before he turned them against her) the elder mother of lama Tcheku, who had the key of the Gumba, opened it willingly to Darshan. Also, seeing a lama in red robe, Nepali Buddhists automatically trust: and Budha lama was in red robe. Who would accuse a monk of stealing…?

Apparently in the teachings of Ram Bomjon Maitriya it is OK to misuse a Buddhist monk’s robe to gain respect and thanks to it, steal one’s property!

Lama Tcheku was that time not present there. Marici had been already limited in her free movement, when all her bags arrived. She was but still kept in an illusion that she could use her own clothes, laptop, mobile, medicine etc. in her bags, after they take them to Halkhoria. Being tied in the office house near the riverbed, she soon realized that Bomjon is not going to allow her to have her bags’ content… Her computer had been taken out and while she was tortured in one room, in the next room (hearing distance) Budha lama, the painter of thangkas Khaiba, and any other young and old monks gathered in that room and enjoyed browsing the private materials of Marici, including her deceased baby’s ultrasound photos, her deceased parents’ photos, etc…

They also stole her expensive sunglasses which had been made specially for her eye problem, her European ID card, mobile phone (Nokia) with SIM card (all contacts, of course, lost), 30 years old audio cassettes with her spiritual songs recorded in childhood, and another gift from her partner, a tiny MP3 player with a large collection of music. Apart from the electronic equipment and flash disks, they had also stolen her spiritual drawings and many European clothes.

“They divide my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment.Psalm 22:18

Bomjon ordered the attendants to keep Marici’s branded trekking bag in a very frequented public place, where it was exposed to the hundreds of Tamang villagers who arrived to bow to Bomjon and view Marici tied to the iron pole in the “office house”, as a prey to be paraded. Bomjon’s followers are believing in witches, and Bomjon told them that Marici was a dangerous and evil witch, that’s why he had to torture her… They believed. None of these hundreds of local followers tried to free Marici or ease her suffering. When one Buddhist nun helped her to change clothes (her hand was broken and the left hand tied to the rest of her bands by Tamek Tarnawski of Poland), soon she was sent away as too compassionate…

In this condition, knowing that the property is of the European volunteer’s who came to help Bomjon and the Nepalis, even the devotee-villagers took many of her personal things, especially clothes , creams etc. It was all in  Bomjon’s encouragement, while he was preaching “dharma”.

After Marici was released in March, her baggage was returned, but it was half empty. Her computer was not returned, neither her mobile phone, MP3 player, ID card, audio cassette etc. Until this day it is in the possession of Ram Bomjon’s Sangha, whom he gave this robbed property for free use.


Even Ivy Jugoa, the president of Bomjon’s European Sangha, claimed to Michiel Hegener of the Netherlands that she was shown (by the followers of Bomjon) on Marici’s stolen laptop some “evidence” that Marici was a witch! This Dutch-Indian woman was always expressing similar hatred towards Marici. The computer was full of videos, photos and texts dedicated to support Bomjon! Then personal texts, spiritual books, private photos. A computer is not a witchcraft equipment – but according to Bomjon and his Sangha, yes.Yet, what was surprising to Mr. Hegener mainly was that for Ivy Jugoa, a disciple of “Maitriya”, who wants to change the world to keep the Moral Rules (Ashta Shila, Egara Shila), to browse a stolen computer of a victim of torture was not a moral problem at all…! The story had been detailed at

Andrea Good wrote a lengthy explanation to the Google Group about how it was OK that Bomjon had taken Marici’s property, the notebook , because, as Andrea believed, she was writing negative things about Bomjon and the Sangha on that “equipment”… Andrea believed this, because Pragyaratna Ghullu told her. But none of them proved any negative text written by Marici about Bomjon during 2011. The Google Group all respected her and thanked for her reportings about their commonly beloved “Guruji” – the illusionary enlightened buddha, which actually never really existed…

andy laptopImage: Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma) is letting her laptop blessed by Bomjon in 2011. She was entirely convinced that only her writings and photos were “kosher” to support Bomjon, because she was painting an unrealistically heaven in Halkhoria, creating a falsely positive image of the “guru” and the Sangha. Marici’s writing was reporting the factual events, without any image-making agenda…Thus, in her Google Group preaching she explains that it was rightful of “Guruji” to steal Marici’s “sinful” laptop, and that no harm was done to her own…Interestingly, the young monk behind, Budha lama, was the one who was assisting Darshan Limbu to steal Marici’s equipment from Simara’s monastery, and was enjoying most the browsing on the chained woman’s computer in Halkhoria. But that was about a year after this photo was made.

In 2012 Alexander Ilichev of Russia arrived to Nepal, and asked the Simara police station about Marici’s computer. This devotee of Bomjon had a sincere wish then to return her property, but the police did not give it to him, although they were aware of its location. He was in contact with Marici (staying that time in Europe). Marici requested the computer to be brought to her friends in Simara’s Lama Hotel. But that never happened…

Later on, a Ratanpuri local, relative of Bomjon, told he had seen Marici’s computer with some person that he did not wish to share. Alexander became a fanatic devotee and joined the hate-campaign and persecution of Marici later on.

Anywhere Marici’s laptop, mobile phone, MP3 player, ID card, jacket etc. might be now, the sin and crime of stealing had been committed by Ramlal Bomjon and his subjugates. No mater how many “Maitri Pujas” he arranges, it does not wash away the sin of stealing, until the stolen property is not returned to the owner, without any damage or change.

Until that day Ram Bomjon – Maitriya Guru – is called a thief, and his Sangha a gang of robbers.

No dharma can justify stealing of anyone, even from an (alleged) “enemy”, as well a no dharma can ever justify harming the bodies of people, breaking bones, cause bleeding wounds, tie people for months on chains., let people raped…


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