Ram Bomjon in 2016 – predictions

2016 was a year when two people died, both of whom had been “treated” in Ram Bomjon’s premises before their deaths. In summer 2016 US citizen Mr. Moore died in a mysterious death and swiftly cremated by Bomjon’s men. In autumn the same year Bomjon’s sister, Manu died of her injuries acquired in 2015 after visitng Bomjon. The year 2016 is starting to reveal to the world, how would it look like after Bomjon would take it over…

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Unfortunately the former official website of so called “Dharma Sangha” Ram Bomjon, which turned to a critical one, the Dharma-sangha.com owned by a French ex-follower and later critic of Bomjon, had shut down in spring 2017. Its articles and photos can be still found on Archive.org, and based on that public archive a collection of archived articles is gradually built up here: https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/ . 

That website was a main source of references for this article, and many others of The Halkhoriya Times, but the reference links are being snow replaced by the archives.

More about that website’s closure: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/former-official-later-critical-dharma-sangha-com-shut-down/


Two people died in 2016, whose deaths are in direct connection with Ram Bomjon and his nearest followers Ngima Dawa Tamang, khenpo Sonam Gyurme, Darshan Subba-Limbu, Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski.

In Summer 2016 Dr. Moore, a retired psychologist died, who secretly arrived to Nepal, not informing his family members about his strong dedication towards Ram Bomjon. He died in mysterious circumstances in Bomjon’s organization’s official homestay hotel of Ngima Dawa Tamang in summer 2016, without any medical examination and without post mortem of his body. The body was swiftly cremated by Bomjon’s followers. See more on this here: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2016/10/06/moore-no-more/

In Autumn 2016 Manu Tamang, Bomjon’s slightly elder sister died, and according to a chain of informers the cause of her death was linked to an inhuman violent treatment by Bomjon and his associates in 2015, which caused a prolonged bedridden state in great suffering nearing comatose states. Finally she breated her last in khnepo Sonam Gyurme’s Buddhist Monastery in Swayambhunath. Bomjon follower had confessed to his guru playing part in causing the death of Manu during an interview with a Setopati reporter, here:

” The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.The follower says ‘Guru’ teaches physical exercise akin to martial arts to his close disciples. “Guru and the disciples leap very high. We watch dumbfounded,” he adds.”



Archive: http://archive.is/MqK1u

“The below overview is about 80% based on astrological predictions from Astro.com, so please refer to that website for confirmation. The rest is leaked out information from informers whose identity cannot be disclosed due fears from the cult and its guru. Apart from these, my direct and long-time experience and the gained knowledge about the phenomenon called “Ram Bahadur Bomjon” tried to glue together these pieces.”

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Encouraged by the popularity of my articles of the type “where is Ram Bahadur Bomjon and what is he doing”, I continue with these predictions. My previous predictions, as far back as 2013, had been all fulfilled exactly. They had been based on information from witnesses, on my own experience and intuition, and also on astrological predictions.

An example is the September 2, 2014 violence, when in August 2014 I had predicted on my former website as well as emails to my friends that if the Nepalese authorities allow Ram Bomjon to return to Halkhoria, he would soon return to his hobby of hostage-taking and beatingExactly this he did, on September 2, 2014, when he let kidnapped a group of villagers and beat them all night with sticks, together with his followers.

Based mainly on astrology, in 2013 and 2014 I had been repeatedly warning on my former, but already closed down Halkoria.myewebsite.com that his ambitions would shoot up to high position on the social ladder, in his hunger for a total power and authority, starting with national politics, and targeting a global rule. And exactly as I predicted in 2012 and 2013, we could soon see him, unbelievably after so many crimes and harm done to more than 40 victims (!), sitting side-by-side with the late Prime Minister of Nepal, Sushil Koirala, while those who had been torturing and chaining the two women in 2012 and beating Bomjon’s family members the same year, had been invited to the room of Prime Minister in Baluwatar to join him !

My latest prediction on The Halkhoria Times was that “Tapasvi” (= Ascetic) Bomjon would indulge, in the last year of 2015, mostly in very non-tapasvi-like activities with more than one girl. Soon I received an email from a person very near to Bomjon, who  had been witnessing his “romantic” lifestyle with his main girlfriend, Dipshika (Guru Ama), and also others. Yet it wouldn’t be Bomjon if even this natural aspect of a young man’s life (sex, love, relationship) would be not stained with some grave darkness and harm: the very witness described how Bomjon sent his girlfriend (-s) repeatedly to abortions. Unbelievably for today, when even in remote villages in Nepal women are educated by the Government program to use contraceptives for birth control. And Bomjon lived surrounded by university educated people (even foreigners like Joan Stanley-Baker, Ivy Jugoa, Kim Nguyen and a French couple, for example) and his BSDS leader and long-time devotee was a health minister once…

dip ranjAbove image:Two of Bamjan’s important women: his girlfriend Dipshika (Guru Ama) and his small sister Ranjita. Both ladies are of exceptional noble personalities and kind behavior. Maybe that’s why they became the target of the Spoiler of innocence and purity…Source: Google

The topic of girlfriends and pregnancies-abortions is detailed at https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20151007073034/http://www.dharma-sangha.com/news/2015/04/15/the-announcement-of-the-first-pregnancy. The author intentionally wrote “first”, because the next news were that the pregnancy was allegedly terminated. Bomjon explained to his BSDS USA leader Kim, that the reason was some “witch” and “black magic”… The next news are that he does have a child, after all…




Still, he made the girl pregnant repeatedly, and sending to abortions again and again, according to more than two independent sources. Thus, rather than disinformation about biology, we could suspect that in all this there was again some twisted magical purpose or irrational goal, which he would describe as a “holy dharma” again (not differently than the sexual assaults of his kidnapped victims, or the many bloody attacks and beatings of surprised devotees).

bishnuAbove image: beautiful and kind Bishnu (nun Palchen Mo), one of the nuns who was staying with Ram Bamjan from as soon as 2006. She was the good friend of Bomjon’s sister Manu, who also became a nun. The two nuns were serving the “guru” dedicatedly, as well as his visitors and “volunteers”. In 2011 there had been rumors that Bishnu was one of Bomjon’s partners. In 2012 the people in surrounding villages believed that apart from the European and Nepali woman held captive by Bamjan, also Bishnu had been held in his jungle against her will. Yet there had been no media news about her, and she is shown in later pictures with Bomjon relatively healthy, if not explicitly happy looking…Source: Google

Yet astrology for 2015 predicted not just a kind of perverse and twisted sexuality, but also signs of occasional outbursts of “real” love, care and attachment to a lover or … lovers. And such signs had also been described by the latest witnesses. He seemed to really care about the girl from time to time, although very unusually for Nepal, he never married her. But he made his Sangha call her “Guru Ama”, after they were questioning why is the girl staying in his house all the time…

Yet it all started to look darker, when I read on the Dharma-sangha.com website and heard from visitors and ex-devotees about yet more girlfriends and, even more shockingly, more “impregnation-abortion” practices. He certainly wished to implement a new dharma based on killing unborn babies. (Website closed down in spring 2017, partially replaced by its archived page https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/ based on Archive.org ).

According to the Law of Abortion in Nepal the embryo can be aborted only at the own wish of the mother. Apart from this, the law is quite restrictive: it is allowed up to 12 weeks only, if the pregnancy was not due to rape or incest. Yet witnesses are describing Bomjon’s girlfriends with already visible bellies, when being sent to take away the life of their unborn children…

More on this topic: Is Ram Bomjon married?

Specifications of Nepal’s 2002 Abortion Law

“Pregnancy termination is available under these circumstances:

• Up to 12 weeks gestation for any indication, by request

• Up to 18 weeks gestation in the case of rape or incest

• At any time during pregnancy if mental/physical health or life of the pregnant woman is at risk (approval from a medical practitioner required)

• At any time during pregnancy if the fetus is deformed and incompatible with life (approval from a medical practitioner required)”


The law in Nepal and India is mainly to protect the unborn girls, as it is well-known that most abortions are done to get rid of unwanted girls. Did Bomjon also send his girlfriends to so many abortions because they failed to bear a male child…? Not surprisingly, the latest information about the first baby of Bomjon “allowed” to be born, rather confirms this.

But It is important to remember that all this is still an “unofficial” information, as if the wide public knew that the “Celibate, Brahmachari Ascetic” is having sexual affairs from as soon as 2011 at least, it would be a great shock. Bomjon explicitly told to Andrea Good, Kim and the rest of his Sangha leaders that the fact of his “wife” expecting a baby should not be shared with the public. Not that there would be any sin in having a normal family, a wife and a child, let’s not misunderstand it: the only sin here is the lie! Keeping thousands in the illusion that Bomjon is a virgin Yogi, and Ascetic who controls his senses and passions… Sometimes it even seems like someone had prescribed Bomjon “do anything you want, but you must always lie about it to the public”…

Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!


I think most people would not mind even if he married and had a child, anyway he soon showed to his followers that rather than anything spiritual, his main goal is power, authority and a political rule at a global level. And as we know, politicians, presidents, Prime ministers and kings do have wives and children most of the time. There is but one difference: they are not expected to lie. If they do, like some of them tried (see the Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinski affair), it can cost their position.

He cannot do anything straightforward, honestly transparently and according the rules of ethics and law. Anything he does, it is necessarily creating some negativity, sadness, pain, suffering of to some people, harm to their bodies, and even death of the babies….

Buddhism, Hindusim, Judaism and Christianity (most probably also Islam),does not accept killing one’s unborn child as religion. But one of Bomjon’s long-time follower had been forcing his female family member to repeated abortions, when it was found out she was bearing a female embryo.


2016’s main topics for Bomjon

Similarly as in my previous articles, I always “give a chance” to the controversial religious leader Bomjon, and only write about “topics” he is going to deal with. What he does with these topics, is another question… With the astrological prediction he had for 2015 he could have brought love and joy to many people, could have used his power and authority to bring justice and compensate his own victims, and could have used his collected huge financial resources for benefiting the life of countless earthquake-victims… Yet instead he is enjoying expensive helicopter rides and organizes megalomaniac “pujas”… The money collected in the name of earthquake relief is used for his own gadgets and comfort, and the continuous effort to silence and bribe media, police, courts, government offices and recently even medical persons.

Thus, when he used the influences of 2015 for doing more evil than before (there are indications of another victim of violence in 2015!), we can hardly hope that the similarly auspicious influences of 2016 will bring that much advertised “dharma”, “compassion”, “maitri” and “peace” in the Bomjon-universe.


2016 will allow Bomjon to enforce his authority even more intensively and extensively . Right now he is the hidden king of Nepal, who has immunity against any prosecution of any crimes, and whom no government or police agency would touch  even if he continues in his criminal activity. Even presidents and prime ministers never had such a total power in Nepal, than Ram Bomjon.

One older proof that Bomjon is the de facto ruler of Nepal, and not the law enforcement agencies like police, had been shown during the incident of attacking five journalists who came to investigate the whereabouts of the  kidnapped European woman in March 2012:

“Police had reached Halkhoriya after the incident, but they too were barred from entering the site where Bamjan was giving his sermon. Police, however, managed to get journalists’ cameras back.”


Snapshot 6 (12-3-2014 10-57 PM)Image: as an example of Ram Bomjon ruling the Nepali police was the 2012 attack on journalists, when Tomek Tarnawski (red T-shirt) and Darshan Limbu (striped jumper) were running to attack them, surrounded by armed police forces (blue uniform), who did not stop Bomjon’s people to break the 5 journalists’ cameras. Instead, armed police forces members used to line up to Bomjon for “blessing” in long queues… The video record of the Avenues TV documentary is available on YouTube.com in Dharma Dhara’s Channel and is translated to English.

This year, starting from April 2016

The below overview is about 80% based on astrological predictions from Astro.com, so please refer to that website for confirmation. The rest is leaked out information from informers whose identity cannot be disclosed due to grave danger from the cult and its guru. Apart from these, my direct and long-time experience and the gained knowledge about the phenomenon called “Ram Bahadur Bomjon” tried to glue together these pieces. Quotations from Astro.com will be in bold letter, the rest below it in standard font.


“Because beauty and magic are extremely important to Bomjon , he may find that certain experiences and feelings over the next twelve months renew … his deep sense of purpose and meaning. He may experience a strong feeling of commitment to a “higher goal” (in the context of Bomjon this means “world rule” and “forcing crowds to worship him”), or he may feel particularly inspired and fluent in any creative projects he undertakes. “ (Astro.com)

We know that Bomjon was always a fashion-show. His well-combed rock star hair-style, his white-washed robe fragrant from Ariel, his care about the paintings of his “gods” and his habitat always surrounded by natural beauty of the jungles and gardens, is often a big attraction to the new devotees, especially women. Bomjon is simply an aesthete, and this goes in great contrast with the hellish conditions he forces his kidnapped victims into: not allowing them to wash themselves or change clothes, dirtying them with excrement etc.. Often dictators and psychopathic torturers in wars have a special weakness for fashion, hygiene, and aesthetics. ..

The above influence will probably enhance this character of the “Psycho rock star” even more, thus expressing his appreciation for beauty in poems, music, and other art forms, decorations, outward gentleness and an unmistakable style. The public would be shocked to learn how far Bomjon enjoyed the suffering of his kidnap victims as an “art experience”… Elaborating all details, involving his nearest followers, in a sick type of “orchestra of collective torture”, lasting three, resp. two months!

Let us hope that the next year’s “appreciation for beauty” will not be the beauty of red blood running from the chest of attacked men, or the beauty of the sounds of chains on the limbs of his kidnapped victims…He seemed to have a sick artistic enjoyment from the torture of two women in 2012, yet this is a matter of secret not allowed to disclose yet.

If he was a normal human being, he would use this influence to surround himself with artwork, beautiful objects, enjoy poetry, paintings, sculptors, nature… and decorate his home… Yet did he ever behave like a normal human being…? Let’s see if he has a chance to become one in 2016…

Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!



Mid-August 2016 until end of October 2016

“He may feel a powerful longing to experience closer emotional contact with others during this time, and relationships may now assume enormous importance in his life. His usual rationality and emphasis on fair and reasonable exchange of views may give way.” (Astro.com)

The pose, the image that the Sangha (especially Andrea Good and the Nepalese Committees, Kishore Sherchand and Semyon Skekovtsov of the website) are painting for the public, is that of a self-realized, calm, peaceful, disciplined Ascetic, a virgin, a Yogi, a Brahmachari… They all know by now that he was not this even as soon as from 2011: already then he went to secretly meet his girlfriend in Darjeeling regularly… The relationship with women, and apart from “Guru Ama” locals are saying also with Palchen Mo (Bishnu) of Bhakta Lal, and some other “nuns” is something that Bomjon is hiding fervently over the years, from the public. Yet passion and sexuality was his main topic in 2015, and it still has a power on him in 2016. Passionate attachment not only to his girlfriends, but to his own devotees, possibly also family (finally he remembered them?) is possible in the beginning of this year. It is quite probable that the young body, no matter what being is possessing it, just cannot help falling on love and being attached to people and women in general.

One thing is sure, the false image about the lonely and solitary “Ascetic” will be hard to maintain for Bomjon this coming year… The interesting thing is that the public will actually not even mind… He already gained admiration and a rock star identity, so anything he does is just another reason for the crowds to line up and bow to his feet. As sick and shocking this is, we can assume that exactly this will happen in 2016. It is long ago not about any “dharma”, morality, peace, love and such boring things, what attracts the crowds to Bomjon: it is only his very charm, no matter what is the cost…If that is a positive thing or rather negative (for an alleged world ruler and world savior), everyone can decide for himself/herself…

Yet to confirm that emotions and relationships are not leaving his life yet, the leaked out news say that one of the babies which he created, was allowed to survive and not to be aborted in hospital, after all. And it is quite obvious that a father, even if it is a monster, he will always love his own child.

An influence which is going on already from 2015, and we could certainly saw signs of it in his actions, will also last till 2016 and 2017:


Beginning of June 2015 until mid-February 2017:

At this time he will seek greater flexibility and freedom in his friendships, as well as with neighbors and the people he associates with daily.

And opportunities for favorable change in his life may come through any of these people. Often this influence has an electric quality, so that everyone Bomjon meet seems to give off an energy charge that makes him move faster and more suddenly. The people he meets now will be quite different from those he usually associate with, and if his attitudes are rigid he may be mildly upset by them. But this is a sign that he should enlarge the range of people whom he will accept and associate with. …” (Astro.com)

The meeting of different types of people can be his new associates around politics, or even the girlfriends he is surrounding himself with. Those naïve old-timers who were living in the mirage about Bomjon’s spirituality, would be certainly very surprised (and will be if they learn), who are Bomjon’s nearest friends and favorite companions this year.

“It is quite likely that the tempo of change in Bomjon’s life will increase to the point that others will think of Bomjon as unstable and unreliable… “ (Astro.com)

This is nothing new, in different version this aspect is going on from at least 2006 in his life. Changed, unexpected behavior, irrationality….Yet if anyone thought that he cannot come with anything more surprising anymore, this year will show that yes, he still can shock.

“Bomjon may suddenly discover that friends of many years seem limited and narrow and no longer interesting. Instead, he may become involved with some group that is considered by the rest of society, particularly his old friends, to be offbeat and eccentric, if not completely crazy. “ (Astro.com)

The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy


This is the Uranic influence. Often this means to mix with strange types of people with strange interests. In relationships it is often a sign of homosexuality, having more partners at the same time, or having perverse types of relationships, or not to have any even… The motto is to be unusual, to differ to be unconventional. In a more general level, Bomjon could be involved in a group which has very little or nothing to do with his alleged spiritual mission. Ye one thing is sadly always true, in his particular case: it would be nothing nice and nothing healthy, nothing positive and nothing beneficial to anyone…

“If Bomjon has not been asserting his own individuality in relationships, Bomjon will do so now. If he tries to suppress these drives, they will burst forth later on in a manner that is difficult to control. “ (Astro.com)

The enforcing of being worshiped had been already typical for him from 2012. How far can this enforcing go, I rather do not wish to imagine.. Yet his domineering and subjugating attitude to most people might be especially strongly expressed in 2016… The public should be aware of the dangers!

See more on this: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/the-state-must-watch-bomjon-closely-setopati/


“Often this influence signifies an interest in new and different studies. Technical and scientific disciplines are suitable to this symbolism, as are the various branches of the occult. Under this influence people often get into astrology. But the main point to keep in mind is that this influence represents a creative stirring up of his personality and relationships to the people around him.”(Astro.com)

To confirm that astrology rarely makes mistakes, information leaked out about Bomjon’s new hobby, that of in smart phones and spy equipment… Yet, as nothing is normal what is surrounding him, even this new hobby of the spoiled ‘Buddha Boy’ has some really twisted forms, which seem to be really simply crazy… To protect the safety of the sources, I cannot write here more details about this.

Science, connected with magic, can be a new interest of Bomjon. Witnesses described a strange “machine” in his possession, which was told to be a weapon. J.S. Waiba also spoke about some esoteric power that Bomjon can manipulate with, which would “render the weapons of the world useless”…

Distant are the times when the only machine in Bomjon’s vicinity was a noisy, pre-historic generator…We could even believe that against all odds (he was not a good student), he would start to learn computer science or drive cars…(this is based on a vision of a devotee, actually).

Where was Buddha Boy in 2015 and what was he doing?



End of February 2016 until end of October 2019

This is an extremely important period of Bomjon’s life, and as it passes, who he is and what he wants are likely to be radically transformed. He may experience upheaval, frustration, or conflict in his outer life which lead him to change direction.”

See more here: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/bomjon-was-behind-the-death-of-his-sister/


“Cynicism and despair are not called for; but a dose of healthy realism may prove very helpful, especially in dealing with strong emotions and desires. An appreciation of the necessity of endings and new beginnings could also help him use the time”. (Astro.com)

As we, the senior ex-supporters of Bomjon know much too well, this being had been always tossed from mental state to mental state, regularly reorganizing the chaos which he had intentionally created into bigger and bigger chaos…He seems to be obsessed by various ghosts like a medium. His various “stages” had been moreover predicted by himself too, and even he made his followers draw “thangkas” about the 7 or so stages he is supposed to go through before, as his follower Waiba told, he would finally “become” the Maitreya Buddha… This is quite questionable though, as his most recent and actually all know “stages” of “identities” had always included grave sins and even criminal violence, rape and torture of human beings, lies and forgeries… It is not to probable that from such “stages” anyone could be transformed into a Bodhisattva or Buddha, lest a god and savior of the world, as his follower still believe…

maitreya_stadiumy_od_dsImage above: The different stages of transformation that ‘Buddha Boy’ predicted he would go through, before, ultimately, becoming Maitreya Buddha. These pictures had been hanging in the Ratanpuri Gumba (monastery) in 2011 and according to Andrea Good were drawn by Bamjan himself.

Yet the Uranic influences to regularly overthrow all and regularly start “anew”, are very apparent in Bomjon’s public life. Nearly every year astrology predicts his drastic moves to send away/excommunicate/denounce members of his Sangha and replace them with new and new ones… The year 2016 would not be different: his senior, worn-out fanatic foot-lickers would bore him again, and in moves of passionate (violent?) impatience that they did not fulfill his expectations, he would wipe them away from himself and again – fifth or tenth time? – reform, refurbish, transform his own “Sangha”…

Mind control used by cults

Nothing surprising. People are attracted and kicked out, seduced and squeezed out of money and thrown away, meditators are deceived and then beaten or raped… Things are never calm around Ram Bomjon. The only long-timers are actually those who serve as a bribe team to smooth the legal consequences of his Uranic wild manipulations with his own devotees… Apart from the bribers he also needs long-time faithful “attendants”, or, as The Himalayan Times called them, “volunteers” to attack people, chain them to trees, kidnap them… These are also kept year by year and rarely recycled. Although… Darshan Subba Limbu, one of the “volunteers” with a list of violent and sexual assaults behind him (ordered by Bomjon, of course) had been excommunicated by the “guru’ in 2015 and is told to be hiding in the UK…

Astrology is always exact: Bomjon had already started to follow the wild energy flow dictated by the Uranic aspects. Not long ago he had published a public denouncement against one of his supporter khenpo lamas, Sonam Gyurme, from 2011. We can expect more similar moves in 2016, concerning his supporters, followers, devotees…

The stage Bomjon is getting to in 2016 is but, after the “general cleaning” of his environment, is going to be a rather beneficial one – for himself. In his arrogant mentality covered by a gentle and “kind” outer behavior, does not include any care about how all those betrayed and hurt supporters could feel after serving him for years in good and bad, and suddenly thrown away as used pieces of cloth… Yet Bomjon, according to astrology, is not someone who ever looks back. Stampeding forwards on human fates and hearts, he is heading towards a great success this year, which would surprise (yet again, it is all about that surprise-attack!) the public so much that they would forget to act…

Even if the overall aspects of 2016 are helping Bomjon to achieve his goals, the very goals are starting to dissolve in a way, being replaced by other ones, which would be unexpected by most people involved. These changes will be but not totally without tension:


Mid-June 2016 until end of February 2018:

This is a time of considerable testing. Events will challenge his sense of order, discipline and duty, as well as his notions about the world. Bomjon may encounter disruptions that make him wonder whether he really understands what is going on around him. He may be forced to revise some of his ideas, although any valid beliefs will survive this period without difficulty.

NEW: More detailed predictions for 2018: Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!


Restrictions that he had accepted but that have no real purpose in his overall individual growth may become unbearable at this time. For example, if he is putting up with a bad relationship for the sake of emotional or financial security, he may find that the tensions have become too great. “Maitriya” will experience a sudden desire to break free at all costs, even if it means violating his own standards of behavior. His actions will surprise others who have believed the outward appearance that everything was all right. They will not expect his actions.” (Astro.com)


“Bomjon suddenly decided to visit the country last October, according to him. Around five vehicles were arranged for the ‘Guru’ and his disciples. “Guru asked me to drive the leading vehicle,” Lama recalls. “Guru asked me to drive very fast. We drove at around 100-120 km/hour.”

Bomjon ordered to not stop the vehicle even if someone were to try to stop, according to Lama. “Guru had said to not stop even if a human being were killed,” he adds.

The motorcade that started from Bara reached Bardiya after passing through Pokhara, Mustang and Manang. “Guru, the highway passes through a national park here. The army checks the vehicles. We may have to stop the vehicle here,” Lama told Bomjon. “There is no need to stop the Guru’s vehicle. Pass without stopping,” Lama quotes Bomjon as saying.

It was night, according to Lama, and the motorcade passed the park at a very high speed flashing emergency lights. “We travelled for over a month. We didn’t have to stop our motorcade anywhere. There was no unfortunate incident,” Lama claims.

This single incident shows Bomjon’s views toward the state and the laws of the world. Bomjon will be highly likely to collide with the state if such thinking which deems he need not comply with any law of the world and state were to grow further. ”


Archive: http://archive.is/D7eo2

Where was Ram Bomjon in 2015 and what was he doing?


We should prepare to the Great Coming Out of Ram Bomjon between 2016 and 2018. As this is concerning Bomjon and not anyone else, we can be sure that it will be too dramatic, too harmful to many people, too drastic and too unbelievable. He could make a great “cleaning” using violence, or suddenly overthrow all his Sangha, or eventually (very improbable though) finally tell the truth about the victims he had persecuted so long, and fix all the lies and harm he did over the years… This would be nice, but then, he would betray his mission to destroy and defile as many people as possible…

So let’s not be too idealistic: Ram never did anything to actually relieve the pain and suffering of his victims. The only thing he does is to add more victims to the list, in the name of some upside-down logic of “making justice”… He had built up so much suffering and injustice against individuals involved in his Sangha over the years, that even if he wished to “break through” this steel wall, he can hardly be able t do it anymore… The only thing he can do, is something destructive again, out of the inability to do anything beneficial. Yet let us give him a chance… Maybe…?

“In his “professional situation” he may have greater difficulty than usual in getting along with “employers”. If the tension becomes too great, he may want to “change jobs” (will he become a driver, as a devotee had seen him in a vision, or a cook?). But he should make such a change only after carefully considering what his present activity has to do with his real purpose in life.” (Astro.com)

The above prediction counts for normal people with normal lifestyles. Yet Bomjon never had any “job”, at least not a conventional one. Even less did he ever have employers. Yet, if we take his “sitting without motion” as a job to earn money he certainly managed to earn millions of rupees already just in 2006, according to Daniel Haber’s Journey into the forest book… The “only” thing he had to do in his “office” was to sit in front of visitors and not t eat all day long (only some nights once a time). His “salary” got frozen by the Government during his employers’ inner fights, and released to Bomjon himself, after the greedy employers left him alone. Thus, he was enjoying in recent years his own huge “salary”, which was growing year…

IMG_0206Yet every Karma burns out one day, even good Karma (and money) earned by “Tapasya”. Especially a “Tapasya” which was just partial, and was replaced by a theater of Tapasya soon after it. Thus, at one point, even the ‘Buddha Boy’ can get bored of being the bread-giver for so many parasites, whose only service is to attack people whom Bomjon wishes to be attacked, or bribe authorities to smooth away the attacks… At one point he can get tired of being the ‘Buddha Boy’ who earns money by his mere sitting and blessing the heads of crowds…

He could wish to become a president, a king or a gangster…Just to do anything different, and just to have a different “employer” than the Committees, Sangha and worshipers.

But even if the prediction is about sudden changes, these will most probably happen in smaller phases and repeated attempts, until the goal is reached.

“As the conflict builds up between Bomjon desire to break free and the normal desire for order in his life, the physical tension may become quite intense. If he cannot communicate with someone in order to help release the tension, it can be quite damaging even to his body.” (Astro.com)

Here, I am much afraid that, knowing Bomjon much too well, the tension from his feeling of restrictions could rather than his own body, be harmful to the bodies of people who would be at hand that time. It is about releasing the tension, after all, nothing is predicted about his wish to become a pacifist or stop attacking people…

From a different angle the same influence:

“Let me out!

open cageBeginning of October 2016 until beginning of November 2016

Even if immediate events involve some unhappiness, he will probably be able to look beyond this fairly quickly to the positive effects of the change. A separation which occurs now may reflect a relationship which has fulfilled its purpose” (Astro.com)

As we see, the topic of recycling his relationships would but continue in the other half of 2016 as well. No one ever can be sure of Bomjon’s favor forever, this is a rule that many followers refuse to accept. Uranic changes continue to shiver and tremble the Sangha-universe of Bomjon in 2016, and yes, it is also possible that some of his concubines would be shivered down during the “earthquake”.

See also: Ram Bomjon’s real biography


Mid-October 2015 until mid-June 2016:

This influence stimulates the idealistic and possibly the “spiritual” side of Bomjan’s personality. He will seek out the more subtle manifestations of truth and are unusually inclined to inquire directly into the secrets of life. Religious, spiritual, and mystical subjects attract him.” (Astro.com)

Of course these predictions are for people who are able and willing to learn during life. Bomjon claims to be enlightened higher than ever any being had been in the universe: can or has he learn anything new…? He is supposed to know all the secrets of life already, he claims… Thus this influence was (from October 2015) and will be (till June 2016) rather than learning himself teaching others – yet again – about what spirituality is in his concept. He did such speeches few times already, and it seems that the “religious teacher” aspect will yet again obsess his soul and he would pose as a guru again. At least occasionally, and some time, till June 2016…

“It is quite possible that this influence will signify someone coming into “Dharma Sangha”’s life who will act as a teacher or guide in Bomjon quest for meaning (very improbable!). It is also possible that Bomjon will play this role for someone else. The only recommendation is to be careful not to overidealize such a person and not to allow the “guru” himself to be overidealized, for this could lead to disappointment later on” (this danger is always there, and caused a lot of problems before). “In spite of this problem, the chances are that everything will work out very favorably in the long run.”

“In a related way, this influence arouses the humanitarian side of Bomjon’s personality” (Astro.com) (after all? I wonder what kind of humanitarian side is 40 ruined people, his victims of persecution and violence? Yet one thing is sure: in the aquarium-like closed universe of hellish rules he lives in, even tortures, rapes and violence seem to be “humanitarian” activity) .

The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy

Bamjan might start to show compassion for the sufferings of others and might wish very much to do something about them. The only problem is that the suffering of others was cause by himself… People who used to be happy and shining, because of being ruined and handicapped after his beatings and tortures…Yet this is our human concept of suffering… In Bamjan’s twisted universe “suffering” means being in a body and being “unenlightened”. Enlightenment means in his world an openness to be possessed by beings which rule and lead life in a very drastic and strict, cruel manner, in total worship of an entity stampeding on people’s individuality. This is “Maha Sambodhi”’s “dharma”, which allegedly made him free of suffering…(?)… Difficult to believe, when seeing his depressive face expressions when disposing his “blessings” to the lined up crowd… Yet this is what he believes in, anyone he might be, that freedom of suffering can come only when people subdue their individuality to that dark force to which he himself subdued himself… And this year he would strongly try to convince people about it.

To our great surprise, “Ramlal Bomjon may become involved in charitable work for others, either on the personal or on the institutional level. “ (Astro.com) Forgetting and ignoring those his victims whom he caused extreme, intensive and extensive suffering during the last years, he might turn to a substitute activity to give him the illusion of being an “altruist”, but especially, to give this illusion to the public. This had already happened, when after the 2015 earthquake, he collected huge resources through the NGO of his follower Surya World and others, in the name of feeding 3000 earthquake victims, yet finally we learned that they were hardly 300… And the money had been kept by himself…. Similar fake charitable activities might come also till June 2016.

“And if he needs help from someone, he will probably get it.” (Astro.com)

This extremely favorable influence was there already from 2015, and is enabling him to surf through events in a very light and easy way, not meeting any limits or obstructions on his path to success. People come and offer him support automatically, and everyone feels honored to have him, accommodate him, serve him and support him financially or otherwise. People do not want to look back and see that “Maitriya” is a dangerous attacker of many innocent people, and morality and real spirituality are not elements which are found in his practical “dharma”… Yet people will be like drugged by his magic and charm, and will literary do for him anything he wants…already in 2015 we saw this was the case. In Czech language we call this “smoothly as on butter”… The only bad thing in this is that his goals are not beneficial for Dharma, not beneficial for human beings, to anyone… To get smoothly to a kidnapping of his next victim, and get it smoothed out easily by bribes – is certainly not what would be helpful for his environment…

“Bomjon may get into such a pleasant dreamy state that Bomjon have little ambition or desire to achieve anything of significance. By the same token it can lure Bomjon into feeling that everything is just fine, even when Bomjon really have to do certain things or face serious problems. “(Astro.com)

The year 2016 is predicted for Bomjon also as a year of a general joy and easiness, when he would refuse to deal with the serious issues that he has to face. Yet another year, it seems, when he would forget the plight of his own victims of violence and torture, and of the victims of his attendants …

“The desire to “gamble” or speculate is another aspect of this influence. As long as Bomjon realizes that it is possible to lose and that he must use some planning and foresight, it should be all right. “(Astro.com) But he can also take unnecessary risks which would lead to loss.

Concerning speculations, especially when manipulating with people and creating intrigues, Bomjon is a long-time expert already. The public would be surprised to know how sophisticated plans he was creating in 2011 and later, to turn his own devotees against each-other… Sometimes it seemed as a genial talent of bringing out the worst possible elements from all people, and making them do sinful acts even if they never intended to…The tricky net-weaving in the interpersonal relationships inside his followership is very much like a speculation in the area of business.

His “gambling” nature is in combination with his Uranic mentality, when he regularly uproots situations and relationships, and makes surprising changes around himself, as well as on a political level. We could see him risking in 2016 as well…What does it mean in the Bomjon-Universe? Risking and gambling with the law: daring to attack people, daring to kidnap them, daring to even break their bones and order them to be raped. Because after all, aware of his charm and popularity, aware of the power behind his money and political contacts, he has nothing really to fear… But the excitement of trying how far he can get with his impunity in Nepal, is what seems to thrill him again and again… Unfortunately, there are news that exactly this “testing if he can get really far” happened in 2015, with his last known victim of violence…

See also: The Dalai Lama’s most important speech

“Beginning of February 2016 until mid-December 2017:

During this time the changes that take place in his life will be part of a “creative evolution”. He can see that he is moving toward his goals and that does not need anything else in order to attain them.” Things will work out for him automatically, without much effort.

“He will get there simply by allowing the current energies to play themselves out.”

“This is a period of stability within change.

The overall gentleness of this influence allows him to discover many things that could be the source of anguish at other times. On another level, this influence will also give him greater concern about the universe as a whole and where he is in relationship to it. “

“He will probably find that his views about daily life are stabilizing and maturing. Now that the period of rapid change is past, he is arriving at a way of dealing with the world that will not change much more…except when future experience invalidates his present views. In other words, this influence doesn’t represent settling into rigidity, but stability.”


Beginning of February 2014 until mid-December 2016

“He can learn a great deal about highest values, and this could provide a framework for a growing sense of meaning in life. He could also learn a great deal of compassion – not only for those whose failure is merely that they are human, but also for himself.” (Astro.com)

The Astrologist wisely says “could”, as there is a possibility to learn compassion, yet not sure that Bomjon is the one who would use this opportunity… He could have shown compassion towards his own victims (more than 40 people, most of them his own devotees before!), yet no sign of that…Anywhere where we read “learn” concerning Bomjon’s astrological predictions, we can sadly assume that this is hardly going to happen. He had announced himself to be a god, Maitreya, Savior of all beings, and even he told that there was never anyone higher reincarnated on earth than the person who sits before them (in was in 2012 Sindhuli, where foreigners got translated the speech). What should someone, who is supposedly the highest of the highest, learn? Bomjon did not even learn basic elementary education, he managed to pass only 4 classes. He also did not finish his Buddhist studies in Dehradun, stayed only one year…”Learning” is certainly not a strong point in Bomjon’s character… But yes, he wants to teach, at all costs…


End of February 2016 until end of December 2016

“The more he reflects on his life, the more he is likely to recognise that his deepest goals and aspirations circle around self-sufficiency and his ability to use his individual talents and resources to build a secure base in life. Here you may discover potency.” (Astro.com)

The logic that now, when he has a baby, he has the responsibility to upkeep a family and also a big group of servants and “volunteers” and bribers, creates a necessity for Bomjon to establish some mechanism which would ensure the inflow of money and a home (homes) somewhere. That it might not be necessarily in Nepal, although it can be, the further astrological aspects show. But even if this can be the topic of 2016, let’s not assume that it would last longer than 1-2 years, at most.

Bomjon will surely get t a next “stage” of overthrowing everything he “gained” from the devotion of crowds. Yet this year he even might try out surprising ways to get material security, which would shock those who considered him a spiritual leader up till now…It even crossed my mind, but just as an idea, what if Bomjon, after all the years of parasiting on the image of a “Tapasvi” and “god”, would change the way to earn his living, and start to … do some job. If not for anything else, just for the fun, and just for the surprise effect he loves so much…For certainly he gets bored in the GOLDEN CAGE that he himself locked himself in, by encouraging an unhealthy adoration and servility among his followers…



An approaching transit, from 27 September 2016 until 7 October 2016:

This is an extremely favorable time. He feels emotionally secure and in touch with feelings, which Bomjon can express clearly and honestly, both to himself and to others. At the same time he might exhibit an enormous feelings of generosity. This influence relates to the nurturing function within Bomjon, the desire to protect and care for as well as the desire to be supported. Bomjon can nurture another at this time, or if Bomjon need help himself, Bomjon will get it. (Astro.com)

It is quite logical that the nurturing element would appear in the seemingly impersonal “guru” , as he is having  baby, according to internal sources. Yet let us not forget that his emotions had been always self-centered, and his “kindness” and “generosity” turned only towards people he needs for his ambitions, attackers, bribers, politicians, rich donors…

“His home and personal life are very important to him during this time, and Bomjon will work to make this area as positive as possible. Bomjon may simply make his home more comfortable and elegant, or on a more psychological level Bomjon may bring friends and neighbors to his home in order to make them feel good, as well as himself.” (Astro.com)

More on this: Is Ram Bomjon married?

We know that Ram Bomjon is even more social than most Nepalese, who tend to have open households and open doors to neighbors. Bomjon has a crucial need to be constantly surrounded by people, servants, young girls, monks and nuns, organizers and bodyguards…Most probably, when he decides to settle, at least for  a time, in a beautiful surrounding and care for the people whom he considers important, he would do this again in a “team”.

“At this time Bomjon will realize how his past has positively contributed to his present situation, and he will want to be surrounded by things that remind of his past. This is a good time to go home and see old friends and loved ones.” (Astro.com)

The influence nearly suggests that he would re-unite with his much hated and much attacked family members…Yet it is improbable that a “heaven” would appear out of the past full of bitter enmity and gossips…He would have to do much more to achieve that idyllic family peace. Instead, we could imagine that for him “family” could mean as well his birth village, or the old-time Sangha members who used to surround him in Ratanpuri or Halkhoria.

“Regardless of Bomjon own sex, Bomjon may receive some benefit from a woman who offers to help or care for Bomjon in some way. Often her function in Bomjon life will be to reveal to Bomjon what is within and to make Bomjon more self-sufficient. This person could even be a man, but he would affect Bomjon in a maternal way.” (Astro.com)

Helpers and supporters are all the time around the fake guru, thus there is nothing unusual that during Autumn there would appear just one more, wit maternal attitude.

“Bomjon are in a period of incorporation and assimilation, of taking into himself whatever can nourish and support him. Obviously the physical correlate of this is gaining weight, which can happen if Bomjon are not careful.” (Astro.com)

Already in the last years Bomjon started to get on weight, in line with the tradition of all fake gurus, who are spoiled b the endless donations and food from their devotees. It is quite possible that in 2016 he would get on a few kilos more.

Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!


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  1. There is a Self-awakened Buddha walking among you, There is a page on Facebook named “The Silence of Bliss”, This Buddha has revealed the hidden treasures of the Long Life and Infinite Life Sutras. This Buddha also knows of the pretenders, the Secret of the Trinities, knows why Ram Bomjon is not The Guru Lord Buddha Metteya.


      1. It’s very simple, you should ask: if Ram Bomjon is The Guru Lord Buddha Metteyya, the future Buddha. Why doesn’t the branches of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana, acknowledge him? One has found many Beings pretending to be that Buddha, for a Buddhist to say they are that Buddha and not be is a Great Lie, which is against the Vows of a Bodhisattva. On that page has what is called “The Seed of Emptiness”, Mahasattvas Bodhisattvas carry the key that unlocks it (The Seed of Emptiness) which is hidden in Buddhist Suttas. How Buddhas are Born: From Great Wisdom.


  2. Massive death is nothing to enjoy. If that involves guru-seeking presidents, nuclear bombs and demonic gurus, you will be part of the drama too… Is not better to stop and live a few more decades on this beautiful planet?


  3. I have found all hints of possible “holy” people to be disappointing.
    This age seems only able to produce frauds. It is a time of greed
    & stupidity that can only end in massive death. Enjoy!


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