Maitriya’s crime-assistants found residency in Europe

Bal Hari Rai, brutal attacker and torturer is enjoying the French social system, while Darshan Subba Limbu, attacker, torturer and rapist assistant to Ram Bomjon  had found his shelter in the UK,,,

The deeds of Darshan Subba Limbu had been described on this website and on the already closed down in many details. Born in Piluwa of Bara District, moved to Kakarbhitta of Jhapa District, the married father of two boys had finally settled at Ram Bomjon’s compounds, serving him as his attack and torture assistant many years. For his services to kidnap, chain, beat, rape and torture Bomjon’s victims, the “guru” rewarded him with a yellow-and-red monk’s robe in 2012:

darshan face only


Above image: Darshan Limbu as ‘monk’… After forcing Bomjon’s chained kidnapped victim to oral sexual acts during the chanting of the Prayers to the Seven Deities, Darshan most probably felt like very holy and wished to express this with a Buddhist monk attire…This gave him protection from prosecution, even if at that time everyone in Nepal knew what he did, even the Avenues TV reporters. Yet, in the patronage of Nepal’s “Buddha Boy”, he was enjoying the same impunity.

Later on he was seen again in civil clothes and in around 2013 there had been published attempts on his side to get a British visa. No mater how many crimes had been described by the Nepali media as done by Darshan (including articles and a YouTube video about attacking 5 journalists together with Tom Dorje and Bal Hari Rai in March 2012), the British, who are so relaxed about accepting terrorists into their country, had willingly accepted Darshan, the man who tortured and raped Marici, Z.T, repeatedly during her 3 months captivity by Bomjon.

camouflaged darshan1Above image: snapshot from the video of Avenue TV news about the attack on five journalists, who had came to Halkhoria Jungle to search fro the disappeared European woman. Darshan Limbu is in striped jumper, and the video shows him attacking the journalists and breaking their cameras while Bomjon is preaching about non-violence in the microphone. They acted at Bomjon’s order.

Bomjon promised him that he would be not prosecuted for the crimes which he himself ordered him to do, and it seems that the “miraculous guru’s” words had been fulfilled. UK and Europe, safe haven’s for terrorists as well as criminals, became the new platform for Darshan to spread the “holy dharma” of witch-accusations and rapes of women, slowly establishing itself as a world religion of Ram Bomjon, the alleged Maitreya Buddha…

NEW Darshan in London

Apart from the extensively documented brutality against the two women held captive by the cult in 2012, Marici and Mata Aani, Darshan Limbu (known as Jyampa Foonchok, Divya Darshan, Aapantaram etc.) is responsible also for attacks on new and new appointed victims, including Ram Bomjon’s own family members (and mother!) in April 2012. Some news are suggesting that Darshan took part also in the, until now, most brutal beating of a person in 2015 whose identity is known by The Halkhoria Times, yet for safety reasons cannot be disclosed. The consequences of the cruel violence ordered by Maitriya Ram Bomjon were grave.

darshan bodyguardAbove: after the promotion by Maitriya Guru to become his personal bodyguard, as a reward for his dedicated services to torture two chained women three months, Darshan Limbu got on weight and resemble a sumo fighter.

I hope the friendly British Government will provide some psychological therapy to Darshan Limbu in case he would suffer from insomnia or night sweats due to the recurring memories of his many victims of torture and rape….One former follower of “Maha Sambodhi” Bomjon had told that in 2013 Darshan was suffering from recurring nightmares concerning one of his victims. After all, perpetrators of “holy crimes” deserve compassion…

According to all signs on the official sites of the Sangha but the very “guru” for whom he did all these “services”, receiving even a high salary (!), had rejected him. We should not be surprised, as this is an old Maffia tactic: hired perpetrators of crimes always become dangerous witnesses against those who order those crimes, and they attempt to silence them, or at least discredit. Exactly this had Ram Bomjon Maitriya done, when he denounced Darshan Subba Limbu on his official website, for ridiculous “reasons”. Wisely, as in case Darshan would decide to speak out, even at the price of getting himself into trouble, the confession would lose on its credibility when he could be accused of making it all up as a revenge against Bomjon…

darsna and balahariAbove image: Osho “sannyasins” Darshan Limbu (long hair) and Bal Hari Rai (right, short hair) in good old times, when they were still not attacking people in the name of Ram Bomjon’s “dharma”.Source: Darshan’s Facebook

Darshan Limbu always had a big network of “friends:” – he used to keep himself up, before being hired by Bomjon for attacking people, as a drug dealer in Bara District, and later joined the hedonistic cult of the Nepali elite: Osho. Both of these enabled him a leisure life without the need of work. From these “old ties” he also most probably mobilized friends to help him get and stay in the UK. I suppose he even received a refugee status.

darshans FB site Above image: When Darshan’s victim, Marici Z.T. had exposed his crimes against her and the Nepali woman in 2012, Darshan had changed his public name to Foon Chok and locked his Facebook account. He was still at Ram Bamjan, and Andrea Good had described him on the Google Group forum walking around with a sword given by Maitriya Guru. Due to this fact Andrea, the leader of foreigners, had announced that the rapist and torturer was actually a “Dharmapala” – Dharma Protector…Darshan was beloved and respected by the Sangha (community of followers) even if they knew he was employed as the “punisher” of the “two evil witches” (as Ivy Jugoa, the leader of the European Sangha of Maitriya Guru, called them on her Facebook site).Yet soon Bomjon started to show disgrace and tendencies to turn his Sangha against his faithful attack-attendant…

D abuserAbove image: This is a picture of Darshan during 2011 or 2012 in Halkhoria.


bal hari in franceAbove image: Bal Hari Rai had found his safe new home, which would not question his criminal violent past, in France. His Facebook friends write appreciative comments about his fashionable look…This kindly looking “intellectual” jumped on Marici’s back and tied the plastic ropes on her hand so tight that the blood stopped to circulate. When Marici begged him to loosen it he tightened even more. Tomek Tarnowski and Shangbo Dong (Dawasha Dong on Facebook) assisted him in this, at the full sight of around 50 Tamang ladies and men from Bomjon’s local devotees…

tom dorjeAbove image: an old Facebook account of Tomek Tarnawski (Dorje) which he apparently stopped to use already in 2011. Dorje was once a follower of the Buddhist path of lama Ole Nydahl, The Diamond Way. He was expelled from their community for some trouble involving a girl, he once confessed. During the attack on journalists they mistakenly considered him German. Maybe because of his typical Nazi concentration-camp employee behavior…

Below are some photos from Bal Hari Rai’s Facebook site, about his joyful trips, after he tortured “witches”, one of them a European, in Nepal:

bal h 10301174_773891819310026_4567251503567530306_n bal-church bal hari rai in london bal hari rai from fb

Bal Hari Rai was born in Kakarbhitta in a rich family, and lived there. He is married and has a daughter. His later victim, Marici, had been drinking tea with his wife and slept one night in his house. He joined Darshan Limbu in the Osho cult, which elevates sexuality above celibacy and faithfulness, and claims that everyone should practice sexual freedom. In the Osho community the two men found many rich supporters.

Bal Hari Rai arrived to Bara District’s Halkhoria jungle together with Darshan Limbu in about February 2011, together with Tomek Tarnawski (Tom Dorje, Jyampa Dzenba), of Poland, who was crossing the Kakarbhitta border that time. He did not know what to do with his time, so the three men thought, why not to go to Bara District and visit the famous ‘Buddha Boy’.

Snapshot 7 (12-3-2014 11-54 PM)Above image: Tomek Tarnawski (Dorje, Jyampa Dzenba) in red T-shirt rushing together with Bal Hari Rai (left from him, in black and white) to attack the journalists who arrived to Halkhoria to investigate the whereabouts of the kidnapped European woman. Dorje and Darshan had good reasons to attack them, as they two were employed by Maitriya Guru Bomjan to torture Marici 3 months on chain in the jungle just behind this scene, while Darshan alone was appointed to sexually assault her. 

Bomjon was delighted by the trio, and made them soon his main assistants and trustees. Soon it became but clear that the assisting was not to be connected to his alleged meditation or holy prayers. It was a much more down-to-earth service that “Dharma Sangha”, as he calls himself, required from the three: to attack, torture and rape picked-up victims, mostly out of the Sangha (community of devotees). Outsiders would protest and create problems with shouting and police reports, but devotees could be handled easily, as until the last point they tend to consider the brutality a “test of the guru” or “discipline, “purification process” (in the term of Sangha leader Andrea Good describing Marici’s and Maata’s tortures).

Darshan, Dorje and Bal Hari thus had to attack cruelly their very own Sangha-friends, with whom they had been praying, meditating,chatting about spirituality… In Darshan’s case, Marici was even his sponsor: she collected money from Google Group members to finance the roof construction for Darshan’s mother’s house and she paid the debt of school fee for his two children in Kakarbhitta. Marici and the “Trio” had been all good friends before Ram Bomjon announced that they must hate her, attack her and torture her, as she is a “witch”. They all obeyed!

dorje and meAbove: Tom Dorje with Marici in 2011 in Halkhoria worried about the “khenpo problem”. Marici was a good friend with Tom, Darshan and Bal Hari, until one day Bomjon told them she must be attacked as a witch and tortured…

Similarly, Mata Aani was a devotee of Ram Bomjon, so much that she was wearing a white robe, identifying with Bomjon maximally, and in constant meditative state in her devotion to him… Darshan, Tom Dorje and probably also Bal Hari did not mind to torture the elderly woman.

Bomjon’s family members are friendly, kind and morally strong people, respected in the village. Bomjon let them kidnapped and locked up for days in April 2012, Again, it was Bal Hari Rai, Darshan Limbu and Tomek Tarnawski (Dorje), who had been most active in the violent crime and torture of the family. They would but be not enough for the many siblings and other family members, so they must have been assisted by Khaiba (the painter of the Seven Deities), Molam Lama and others.

Yet again there had been many occasions when Bomjon had employed Darshan. Until he became “disgraced” in 2015, after he became uncomfortable for Bomjon, because of the extreme brutality exerted against his last victim in 2015. Maybe that was the reason that Darshan rather escaped to the UK, where he had apparently  been already once before 2015.


The story of Bal Hari Rai is more distracted. In 2011, together with Darshan, they were flirting with two foreign devotees of ram Bomjon, during a time when no other foreigners were allowed in Halkhoria (Autumn 2011). Bomjon evidently encouraged them to start relationship with the two foreigners, putting them together in his jungle compound, even if he knew that both men were married and had children. Darshan was flirting with N. of Russia, a Buddhist young woman, but after some time it was clear that he would not get her. Her friend, a Czech employee of the European Union’s office in Bruxelles, Jana K., was but a more vulnerable target. Most probably because of her important position for Bomjon’s future plans, he encouraged Bal Hari to sex with her.

jana ociAbove image: the Czech lover, later wife of the polygamist Bal Hari Rai, in Halkhoria in 2011.

The two had been seen in the meditation site of Halkhoria Jungle by witnesses in intimate positions in the open, shockingly even during the all-night torture of Marici in October 2011 (the lovers had been appointed by Bomjon as guards of the victim, to whom it was told that she would be killed the next day). the total lack of compassion and any consideration from the couple, when making love nearby the victim who was tied to an iron pillar in the very room, is a proof of a shocking ethical disability. the experience had been described on the, which was closed, but will be made soon available again. The article, shared on the Buddha Boy Google Group in 2011 was titled: “I don’t want to go to Halkhoriya”.

Although there are many cases when Nepalese married men lie to foreign women that they are single, just to sneak into Europe through a marriage, the Czech woman fell in love with Bal Hari Rai. By the whole Sangha she was kept in lies that he was single. The main goal was to get to Europe, what was successful. Bal Hari married Jana K. in Europe, and became an EU resident with all the social rights provided. Very soon, as expected, the relationship ended, and Bal Hari is showing himself in photos traveling all over Europe, and apparently settling in France (he especially loves to show the Eiffel Tower as his background).

bal hari rai in franceAbove: The happy and successful new European resident (or even citizen?), torturer and attacker of numerous people Bal Hari Rai


Europe is the continent of my birthplace. I had been born in a place where law is respected and ethical education is the base of society. I had been born in Europe, where women are not hunted down like animals calling them witches, and where police and governments do not support 3 month long tortures of innocent women on chains, while breaking their bones and raping them . Europe is a place where beating people to pouring blood is still called a crime, and where thrashing a woman’s head until her brain is swollen is prosecuted by law…

Yet two of those who had harmed, in front of numerous Nepali and foreign witnesses, many people, especially women, had received wide welcome in my birth-continent, eating and staying from the social money which is extracted from the taxes of my own friends in France and the UK…Torturers and rapists, who found a place to forget what they did to so many people. And European authorities and secret services seem to not care. After all, Europe should not discriminate. Every Nepali criminal is welcome to settle in the UK and France, it seems.

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