Why can we believe that “Buddha Boy” was chaining “witches” in the jungle

“Maitriya Guru” is by far not the only one in Nepal who divides women into “obeying servants” and “witches”. Nepal’s traditional misogyny, when women are treated often worse than animals, is still prevailing deep in the most primitive members of society. The alarming thing is that the peace and non-violence preaching “Buddha Boy” (who became a 24-year old sexually active man in the meantime) is not only no exception, but he perfected the witch-torturing misogyny to be called even “dharma” and his followers accepted it as a valid way to “punish” those older and vulnerable ladies whom he claims to be sinners. More alarming is but the fact that this witch-chaining “guru” had been invited to meet the late Prime Minister Sushil Koirala in 2014, as well the fact that he is going to be welcome as a Buddhist Messiah soon in the West as well…

The most recent case had been published by The Himalayan Times, and reminds one of Ram Bomjon’s 2012 Maitri Puja, when he similarly chained and beat two women, as well as ordered his followers Darshan Subba Limbu and Tomasz Tarnowski to beat them almost daily, while chained… The difference is just in the “ideology” – the reason – behind the demonic act of harming a female human being:

chained w 3Photo: The Himalayan Times (below article)

“A mentally disturbed pregnant woman, who had been tied up with a rope near her home in Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur. She was rescued on Wednesday.
Gaighat, August 10

A 22-year-old mentally disturbed pregnant woman, who had been tied with a rope for six months at a bamboo grove near her home was rescued by local women rights activists and police personnel from Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur, today. Sirjana Karki (Khadka) was rescued and admitted to District Hospital Udayapur for treatment. Sirjana was chained at a bamboo grove near her home by family members for six months. She is five months pregnant. SP Nar Bahadur KC of District Police Office said that women rights activists and police personnel had rescued the Sirjana immediately after the incident was reported to them. Women rights activists have set up a fund for her treatment. “The fund collected Rs 20,000 today alone,” Bala Khatiwada said, adding, “After the necessary fund is collected, Sirjana will be sent to the Capital for treatment”.

According to Bhola Chaudhary, who is attending on Sirjana, her hands, legs and whole body have received several bruises. … After Sirjana conceived, her husband Manoj too disappeared from the village two months ago. “I do not know where my son is. The condition of the daughter-in-law is miserable,” said Bhim Bahadur, adding, “She was chained out of OBLIGATION to prevent her from fleeing home.”


The word OBLIGATION is the most striking here. If we read about similar tortures of women (in some cases also men) by relatives or villagers, they always justify their cruelty with some bizarre types of OBLIGATIONS. No wonder that, faithful to the “tradition”, even Ram Bomjon, believed to be the “future Maitriya” by his followers, was using the word OBLIGATION. His ex health-minister follower Mani Lama had also justified at the press conference held after the two women were released by police and media help, that they (the Sangha) had an “obligation” to protect the women themselves from themselves, as being released they would have harmed themselves and “the guru”… He forgot to mention that both women lived on this planet 45 resp. 60 years, before being detained by this dark cult, and did not harm anyone, neither themselves, for the simple fact that they were no witches and not mentally ill, as Bomjon and his devotees claimed! Neither did they harm Bomjon during 2011, when they were both attending public programs and staying legally in his settlements.

One day Bomjon decided that they were witches, international spies and mentally ill (all these three together!), and that was enough proof for their former co-devotees to catch them as dogs and tie them with ropes and later chains for 2, resp. 3 months. Both Mata and Marici had been tortured, defiled by excrement, beaten to blood and broken bones and Marici also sexually abused by their former friends, co-devotees of “Dharma Sangha”! Similarly like the poor daughter-in-laws of Nepal, also Mata ad Marici (and others out of the dozens of his victims) had been detained by those whom they trusted and loved totally: their Tapasvi idol and his Sangha! As in the case of daughter-in-laws, Bomjon’s victms are also women who became “insiders” and thus their disappearance is not questioned and their Sangha is considered responsible for them. Yet what can we call those demonic beings who, misusing the trust and their authority, catch and ties those whom they should protect and nurture with care – be it in-laws or gurus or sanghas…?

But somehow the virus of kidnapping, chaining and torturing “witches deeply enrooted in Nepalese mentality,   especially after Ram Bomjon Maitriya “institutionalized” it by his Maitri Diwas in 2012, as a valid way to empower the rituals and “punish enemies”.  The same nation which is yearly repeating numerous Lakshmi Pujas, Durga Pujas and many other Devo Pujas (worship) in numerous holy places, when faced with embodiments of the Divine Shakti – real human women – the same people can behave like Asuras! The same Buddhis monks around Bomjon, who are repeating the prayers to “ALL KIND MOTHERS” of all beings that they were supposed to be sons and daughters of in past lives, these very same monks were ready to defile, prolongedly torture and humiliate many human mother-beings, including Bomjon’s picked out victims, Mata Aani and Marici! How could this be possible…?

chained 5Above photo: Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha had ordered Tomasz Tarnowski (Dorje) – Jyampa Dzenba, Darshan Limbu, Molam lama Magar, Shyangbo Dong Dawasha Lama), Khaiba lama and some others to chain Marici’s body all-over with similar chains as is the picture above – minus the needles and clips. Marici received a chain also on her neck. Her two wrists had been broken by Bomjon and, at his immediate order, Molam lama Magar (a robed monk), thus there was no need to chain her lifelessly hanging hands… Bomjon sent Jas Bahadur Waiba, Marici’s former supporter, to go and buy the chains, which he did with sick joy. Hundreds of Sangha members including tens of foreigners, had been aware of her conditions, yet none of them helped her, except one Christian lady, a relative of a cult member, a bit.  The inhumanness of the “non-violent” Tapasvi has no limits, and ll hi many victim know this. Yet even when many locals had seen those chains, until now none of them cooperated in police reports. Bribes and fear are the main reasons.

Photo: http://theroamingpost.blogspot.com/2015/01/witchcraft.html

chained w 4 theroamingpostPhoto: http://theroamingpost.blogspot.com/2015/01/witchcraft.html

Woman Chained For Two Years
Posted By Badal Nepal || Date: 6 April, 2014

“BadalNepal, Damauli, April 06- A mentally-ill woman has been inhumanly chained by her family members for the last two years. Family members of Madhumaya Thapa,76, of Barchaur in Tanahun’s Jamune VDC-1 have been forced to chain her to a post with a rope in order to prevent her from shaming them as it had become impossible to handle her. Madhumaya’s son Bir Bahadur had taken her to visit India’s Punjab three years ago. A neighbour said she started behaving strangely ever since she returned. She has been taken to various places for her treatment but to no avail. Her family members lamented that they could not take her to a good hospital for treatment because of the lack of funds.”



The very year (2014) when “Maha Sambodhi” Bomjon visited the late Prime Minister S. Koirala, brutal torture of women was still prevailing in modern Nepal! And what is most striking, in every single article it is emphasized that the woman was “mentally disturbed”, “mentally ill”… If one reads again the most recent case of Sirjana, she had been also libelled as “mentally disturbed”. How such a diagnosis is made in Nepal?

Usually a woman becomes “mentally disturbed” when she does not accept her new relatives after the often forced marriage, or they bully her and give her so many tasks that she just has a nervous or bodily breakdown. When the daughter-in-law does not obey the new husband and his parents, and does not accept the sudden position of being a servant for everyone in the house… The situation of daughter-in-laws in Nepal is often shocking, heart-breaking. Yet we should be careful with accepting immediately the “diagnoses” which the families give to journalists, claiming that their victims were “mentally ill” and thus chained and beaten (!) out of an obligation to protect them from self-harm! No normally thinking and feeling person would chain a really ill woman, as a “treatment”. These primitive criminals simply lie, as lied Ram Bomjon and as lied his VIP worshiper Mani Lama…

Yet, Nepal is nowadays a country with accessible health care facilities, countless NGOs, even many foreign hospitals. There are good psychiatry clinics and even the possibility to transfer genuine mental illness patients to nearby Indian clinics, as is the Nepali practice in case of other illnesses for many years already. In the age of mobile phones even in the most remote areas and TV-sets even in jungle clay-houses, and in the age when the Government and charities are regularly visiting remote areas with medical deduction projects, it is rather impossible to believe that anyone would be so misinformed about the effective treatment of mental illness! The justification that the victim is “mentally ill” is thus ridiculous. Nepal is no more a Third World country, most families use Facebook on smartphones, and in case of a need they could have searched for proper free treatment through some charity. A list of governmental and non-governmental clinics is for example here: https://sujenman.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/places-for-psychosocial-mental-health-care-in-nepal/ 

Thus the justifications of torture by mental illness is not credible – neither from uneducated villager in-laws, nor from Nepal’s famous Buddha Boy calling himself “Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha”… In case of inability to deal with mentally ill women, anyone is able to contact one of those organizations. Yet we know too well, why neither the in-laws of Sirjana and other chained women’s in-laws, nor Ram Bomjon and his gang, did not even try to find a professional treatment for the allegedly “mentally disturbed” ladies” the answer is easy: because their INTENTION was to harm, torture, cause pain, for whatever sick or evil reason it was! Their intention was never to heal or help….

chained woman

Koshish Nepal,15 February · Kathmandu, Nepal ·

Locked and chained woman rescued
“KOSHISH rescued a 32 years old woman Gayatri (Name changed) from Garamani-4, Jhapa district (Eastern part of Nepal) on 12th February, 2016 in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission, Eastern Regional Office. She was in the chained and locked-up condition in a narrow-sized tinned-hut for ten years due to her mental illness… ”

chained w 2

Woman Tied, Beaten by In-laws | बुहारीलाई कुटपिट l

“RAJBIRAJ: Mamata Devi Mandal suffered a miscarriage after her relatives thrashed her over a minor dispute…”


Torturing the vulnerable (children, elderly, ill, handicapped, women, especially in pregnancy, low cast people, etc.) is called SADISM and it is in itself a mental disease. In civilized countries such perpetrators are arrested,  judged in courts and jailed. It seems that in Nepal the Government and public still did not understand one basic civilizational rule (although I am sure it is include in the law):

Noon ever has the right to cause bodily harm (and keeping captive on chain IS bodily harm) to another person, and under any justification, be it a parent, a teacher, an in-law or even a famous guru!





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