Moore – no more

The articles about Dr. Moore had lost their sense: the mysterious “doctor” had lost his life after he arrived to Nepal to bow to his guru, Ram Bomjon, the alleged “Maitriya”. The circumstances of his death had been shared to me by his very nearest family members, and are more than suspicious. After providing proofs of his death and coming to the mutual conclusion that Mr. Moore’s death was most probably “brought about” by Ram Bomjon and his crime assistants, Mr. Moore’s relative’s online voice became silent…

On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 1:16 AM I have received an email from a family member of Dr. Moore, the “psychiatrist” who had diagnosed Marici online as mentally ill to discredit her witness accounts (this website and others) about the crimes of his guru, Ram Bomjon. Then he asked, in his overexposed admiration for the torturer guru, the president of the USA BSDS (Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha), Kim Nguyen, to send his “diagnoses” to any Sangha members she could… Yet later, himself being a rather controversial personality, his relationship with Kim Nguyen severed and he was placed in a Vietnamese monastery in the USA. Later I did not have any news about him, as well as his own family… Some secret arrangements were made and he became Bomjon’s favorite follower, invited to Nepal to be near him? It is the most probable outline of the story. Bomjon loves the “secret arrivals”, like Marici or Maata: those who do not give any news about their visits to Bomjon to their friends and families… Those are most easily captured and tortured, while noone knows about them being “there”, in Bomjon’s hell…If friends ask, the answer from the Sangha is something like “he/she is spending time in meditation near Guruji” or “doing solitary Tapasya, ascetic practice, and is not to be disturbed”… While the victim is going through extreme torture, the public and friends think he/she had finally been fulfilled his/her spiritual goals.

Was this the fate of Dr. Moore, a 65 years old, retired psychologist who had “more than severe relationship with his family”, as I was told by two family members online? We can guess from the very suspicious circumstances of his death and disposing of his body, that more than probably this was the case..

When I first reacted with requests to take back his harmful diagnoses of Marici, while still not aware he is no more, I got the answer: “That might have been his plan…have u not herd…he is dead…..and it is very concerning and suspicious. I have alot of answers for u…and alot of questions…”

About Mrs. Clinton’s alleged photo (shown by Kishore Sherchand on his Facebok site) admiring Bomjon he wrote:

“Yes i am appauled that she is in support of bomjon. IS she not aware of his actions? I BELIEVE it is very important that my fellow americans learn of this man and his ways in preperation of his arrival. “

On August 14 he wrote me about some US citizen who advised him (against all good habits of a civilized country) NOT TO MAKE POST MORTEM of the body of Dr. Moore, who died in a homestay guesthouse of the Sangha in Kathmandu (most probably Ngima Dawa Tamang’s FAMILY HOMESTAY). They told him that the religious group which was “treating him” was looking after his body and they had got permission from the US representatives to burn his body… (Would you not burn a body which was a victim of murder and torture? It of course did not come to the mind of anyone who never read or heard about Ram Bomjon’s past crimes, thanks to the arrangements to delete all such media articles from the Nepali media ).

The reason of death that the family member was told after he was informed by US representatives in Kathmandu about Mr. Moore was that he had arrived to serve Ram Bomjon and got ill with heart failure, and had been treated in a “family homestay” which is also an orphanage, in Kathmandu, in one of Bomjon’s followers’ place. As all people informed about Bomjon a bit know, there is just one such follower who has two businesses at teh same time: the Family Guesthouse and Chacchari Organization – an orphanage: it is Ngima Dawa Tamang. Yet his name was not shared to Moore’s US family, for some reason, instead they told a name I have never heard, of a person involved in “looking after Dr. Moore” (whatever this means):

“The passport was for 3 was ending august 5th.Dr.Moore died july 23rd. Someone was placed in charge of taking care of my him,giving him meds ect., i will find out who that person was. That is the same person that found him dead. That person supposedly came into the bedroom to give him meds in the am and noticed he past in the night. They say that it was a heart attack. Before i seen your articles and just thought he simply went there to be a monk we thought it innocent enough. The … talked my family out of getting a postmortem autopsy. We nievely agreed. I think the person watching him had connections to bomjon and kim”

Later he wrote (against all odds that Dawa was the caretaker):

Riyaz ahamad khan who runs a shchool for orphans in nepal was watching him. I just asked the embassay who he was connected to. Ill inform u asap”

As I was first suspecting the whole thing is a trap, I asked him to provide PROOFS THAT DR. MOORE DIED INDEED and that he is a family member. He had sent me his own ID card’s copy as proof he is related to Dr. Moore, as well as the announcement about Moore’s death by US representatives, and the birth certificate of Dr. Moore which was sent to America after his death.


He wrote about the suspicious “heart attack” and disposing of the body, allowed or advised by US representatives:

“Yes they were saying it was about money and time. They creamated his remains and the ashes were sent to a “follower” in ohio. “

In one of my last emails to which the family member of Moore never replied anymore, I asked him for permission to publish the facts:”

“Now I have to ask you: do you allow me to publish the fact that Mr. Moore had died in Nepal, after he (apparently) visited Bomjon? Can I add this information to the article about him as an update? I think it is very important for the next victims, even if it is too late to help Mr. Moore … It is a pity he never contacted me in an email, and never tried to see also the other side.”

As he became silent, I am worried, so I am publishing what I can. I am not publishing, at this point, his identity.

That Dr. Moore is no more, is not a surprise to any criminal expert. A key witness whom Bomjon used to “diagnose” as mentally ill one of his previous attack victims, Marici, Moore was someone who might have taken back his bad diagnosis after the court case started by Marici would force him to do so. Yet that would have been uncomfortable for Bomjon, who wished the discrediting of his most outspoken violence victim so much… The easiest way to ensure that Dr. Moore never fixed his diagnosis, was sadly to silence him forever.

In the name of Maitri and dharma…



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  1. Hello I tried to contact u again but never received a reply…thank you for not reporting my identity. That was very respectful.. (edited) How are things going..any more news? How is the cult going. Are they still a strong force?. Hope I hear from u. (edited)


    1. I have never received your further emails, after Sep 2016. I was worried if you were OK. You probably also did not receive my further 2 emails around that time. So I assume that some people, who did not wish we were in contact, with abilities to hack emails or to disable our communication (for example, by reporting your or my email as a spamming address), did a good job. I have edited your comment and name here, for your safety. I hope you do not mind. It is not wise to publish personal details in comments on websites like this one. Please create a secure email account, and use a VPN to contact me, eventually please get advise from some IT expert about how to do this. We can then continue communication. You can use this Contact Form to let me know your new, secure email address. Gmail is easy to compromise.
      I am fine, thank you, in the limitations that my strange past allows me. I hope you are well, too, after such a long time…


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