Trump’s victory surprises Nepalis

Hillary Clinton, the favorite of Ram Bomjon’s Nepalese followers had surprisingly failed to embody their “Maitri-New-Age” dreams of a new world order announced by their guru. What does this mean for Nepalis in the US and at home?

Donald Trump’s victory of the 2016 US elections is a surprise to his supporters as well as his enemies, while Hillary Clinton’s win was a sure thing for most Nepalis living and voting in America. As I pointed out in a previous article, Nepali immigrants in the US were in majority voters for Hillary. The main reason was her promise of protecting and supporting immigration, which is exactly what Trump is mostly against.

tr2Source of above image:

The most immediate reaction of pro-Clinton California, which, not by accident also hosts the largest (also Nepalese) immigrant population, was violence: in Oakland  and in Portland . A special area of California, Sacramento, had seen violence as well. It is “special” for the fact that here it is where Kishore Sherchand established his reality business and from where he organized his pro-Clinton-pro-Bomjon propaganda, fundraisings and preparations for “Maitriya’s” arrival to the USA… :

trumpImage: violent protest in Portland against Trump, November 9, 2016, source:

Yet through all the efforts and money that pro-Clinton Nepalis sacrificed for Clinton’s victory, things did not work out as they believed. Instead of being the “wind of change”, as it was claimed by her campaigners,  Clinton was a symbol of stagnating and the rigid establishment.

Yet let’s not be overly idealistic about the US election’s results . While Clinton’s victory would probably not bring similar violent protests in the streets, in the long term could bring fake gurus and destructive entities to the US leadership. These entities might have wanted exactly this outcome: a “politically correct” reason for violent attacks, anger, turmoil, revolution.. If Hillary won, there would be no need for violent demonstrations. Dealing with such powers and persons, we should be prepared for a seething danger of hijacking crowd-emotions posing as “rightful anger”.

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Let’s the USA be strong again, and a land which regains its good name!

A brief parody of the Russian TV shows the clear contrast between the two contesters: :



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