Maitriya’s Great Coming Out – 2017

If anyone was waiting for a “Big Revelation” of who Ram Bomjon is and what is his main mission, in 2017 it will be definitely clear. Just watch out so that it is not too late…

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Based on‘s Short Report Forecast:

Astrology does not show who is a good person and who is an evil one. It only shows dispositions acquired by the time and place of one’s birth. Similarly, the predictions about Ram Bomjon are not telling if he is going to use the celestial energies for the benefit of other people or the world, or, on the opposite, to harm them… For example, a prediction that one would become a king, rich, popular and fortunate, does not necessarily define if that person will be a good king or a cruel dictator. The below predictions about Ram Bomjon can be but understood well by those who already did have personal experiences with “Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha” (one of his names). For those who know him, his ways to utilize the astrological influences will not be an enigma anymore. Years spend on creating intrigues among his own devotees and using devotees to attack, torture and rape his other devotees, years of totally deleting freedom of speech in Nepal’s media and bribing authorities to stay silent about his crimes, give a bitter taste to the below “lucky predictions” of unusually auspicious influences for the end of 2016 and the first half of 2017.

Those who had realized the superhuman potentials of Ram Bomjon used in the most negative ways, will be rather worried when reading about his “great year” of 2017,however his followers will celebrate, as in their self-destructive stupidity they believe that Bomjon is Liberator of the World, Maitreya, Kalki, Messiah – foretold in religious books. To our hope let’s add that Bomjon is not (yet) the “President of the Universe” (although openly aspiring to that), and his immoral and violent “dharma” clothed in angelic blue lies, will have to first face 8 billion people on this planet and convince them that harming other beings bodies, causing prolonged suffering, sexual violence etc. ARE VALID MEANS OF MORALITY AND COMPASSION. It seems that this year he starts to delude huger crowds of blind people, to the shock and surprise of all those who thought that the Nepalese fake guru has no power and potential to convince more than his local farmers and a few New Ageist foreigners.

Let’s have a look at some influences in 2016, which was a preparation for his Great Turning Point which unfolds already this December and culminates in 2017:

A Plutonic influence:

Beginning of February 2016 until mid-December 2017: During this time the changes that take place in his life will be part of a creative evolution. He can see that he is moving toward his goals and that he do not need anything else in order to attain them. He will get there simply by allowing the current energies to play themselves out.

  • In Bomjon’s case things come on a golden tray all his life. Devotees compete who can serve him and give him everything they have… He does not have to make any effort, devotees arrange bribes, meeting with politicians, his pujas, food, accommodation, silencing his victims…

… Quite likely his concerns will become deeper as he becomes interested in the more profound aspects of his life. …On another level, this influence will also give him greater concern about the universe as a whole and where he is in relationship to it.

  • We should not imagine anything too divine in this forecast: Pluto is the planet of demons as well, but also of an obsession by one’s own brute power. It is a power to dig deep in the foundations of the Universe too. Bomjon might have a stronger than ever sense of self-elevating during this time, what, paradoxically is not something that would deter his devotees and the public, on the opposite…”Greater concern about the universe as a whole and where he is in relationship to it” is what is his main burning mission, repeated over and over again, yet the question is if that “concern” is positive and his position in it is something that is for promoting civilization, ethics and spirituality or dissolving their last remains…?

…. Now that the period of rapid change is past, he is arriving at a way of dealing with the world that will not change much more except, when future experience invalidates his present views. In other words, this influence doesn’t represent settling into rigidity, but stability.

Impending shortages

From 22 September 2016 until 1 October 2016: … There was a strong tendency to excess, which may have made it impossible to keep up with whatever he was involved in, simply because it was  more than he could handle. …concerning financial matters, … He was likely to spend without thinking, confident that there was an abundance of money or other resources to back him up. He may have not noticed the pinch immediately, but shortly after this period he may experience shortages that would be severely exacerbated if he spent money foolishly during this time.

But money was not the only area of concern. He may have been overcommitted to projects that demanded more time than he really had.

Under this influence some persons experience a kind of ego inflation in which they have delusions of grandeur or overestimate their self-importance. This could have led to arrogant behavior and inflated pride with little or no real substance behind it.

  • This is nothing new to those who watch Ram Bomjon during the years. In 2012 he announced to the foreign followers that “Never before had landed on this earth anyone as big like the one who is sitting in front of you now”. Bomjon is not shy to openly claim that he is “the Guru” about whom he usually speaks in third person as about “Maitriya Buddha”. “Higher than Gautama Buddha” is another exclamation half-secretly circulated among his devotees, not to anger the traditional Buddhists, whose support they still need. Although Bomjon’s pride and arrogant exclamations have no limits, the reality shows that hardly anyone is capable, willing or is interested to stop him in anything. This is a disposition given by stars, and we should watch out not to be taken by surprise, in which ways would he utilize this energy in the near future!

What this influence does is test his sense of proportion. He has to know what he really can and cannot do and who he really is. Insofar as he fulfills those conditions, this influence will give him apparent luck and greater power to achieve.

  • How did he handle this time…? Those who know his source of endless donations, know the answer… Concerning the ego-inflation, he never had to fear anything, any Third World country is tailor-made for spiritual dictators who are above the law, like Bomjon is. The bigger self-elevating exclamations he does, the more support he gets there…

An emotional period:

From 27 September 2016 until 7 October 2016: This was an extremely positive time. He felt emotionally secure and in touch with his feelings, which he could express clearly and honestly, both to himself and to others. At the same time he had an enormous feeling of generosity, which enabled him to give to others much more freely than usual without feeling diminished in any way. This influence related to the nurturing function within him, the desire to protect and care for as well as the desire to be supported. He could nurture another at this time, or if he needs help himself, he will get it.

  • We know that recently, after many abortions, Bomjon begot a male child. Having a girlfriend and a baby, it is quite possible he was engaged in these human endeavors for a time…Generosity was never something what would stop him attacking and torturing people. It is well-known that after he beat and tortured his victims, often he ordered his followers to bring food to his bruised and bloodied victims, tied with ropes and chains and locked up in his jungle huts. Obviously many of them did not appreciate the “guru’s” generosity… There is something disgusting in Ram Bomjon’s “generosity”. Bomjon knows the art how to convert originally positive human characteristics into something what do harm than benefit. Being generous to the wrong people – the anyway rich and influential ones – is typical for him too.

His home and personal life were very important to him during this time, and he probably worked to make this area as positive as possible. He may had simply make his home more comfortable and elegant, or on a more psychological level he may have brought friends and neighbors to his home in order to make them feel good, as well as himself.

  • We know that Bomjon never really liked to stay alone. He always surrounds himself with tens of lama-children, old lamas (memes), nuns, working staff… girlfriends.

At this time he will realize how his past has positively contributed to his present situation, and he will want to be surrounded by things that remind he of his past. This is a good time to go home and see old friends and loved ones.

  • Although he vowed never to return to his birth place, when meditating, he returned to Bongjor already many times. Once when he arrived for the funeral of his father, and in 2015 he landed on his famous helicopter a few meters from his childhood house…After Manu, his sister died in the care of his devotees in October 2016, it is quite probable that he had some dealings (if not a funeral procession again) with his family members. In spite of the many years tension between him and them, it seems that this year he had a relaxed time in Halkhoriya, Ratanpuri or Bongjor.

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False optimism

Mid-November 2016 until mid-July 2017: At this time he will work very hard to actualize his ideals and find a concrete way to put his spiritual views into practice in the real world.

  • So here it comes, already in November he was getting ready for the Great Coming Out to the world. A concrete way to put in practice? That can be a very concrete one, hard as concrete is, actually: open, unlimited and unconcealed violence, sexual violence, prolonged torture, limitless harm to human beings at his orders, elevating these to become the “new religion” of the world!

But he can expect the real world to put up some resistance to his ideas. Among other things, he will be challenged to demonstrate that his ideals are not just irrelevant, impractical abstractions. He will also have to demonstrate that his views are based on realism rather than some dream world, which is where he may very well be now. At any rate, this time will give he the opportunity to find out.

  • His “demonstration” that violence, torture and rape can be also included in “Dharma” and are in tune with Buddhism, should never be accepted. He tried this for years and will now try even more. His “Dharma” is based on worshiping him as someone higher than God and as someone who is entitled to harm the bodies and souls of people whom he chooses as his next and next victims. After the score crossed 40, we can be sure that Bomjon wil never settle down into peace and non-violence: on the opposite, the more power humanity grants him, the more people are going to suffer.

He will give readily when called upon now, because this influence signifies a great generosity to people who are less fortunate than himself. But he may not be very discreet in choosing the people on whom he lavish his charity.

  • As already pointed out, Bomjon was never really greedy. Thousands of his devotees had been eating nutritious food in his premises for years, free. When collected money for the earthquake, he is told not to have helped many earthquake victims, just to 300. In Sindhupalchowk, there are thousands effected by the earthquake. Yet Bomjon knows how to make his small generosity a spectacular thing to repair his image. After all, all those victims whom he kidnapped, tortured, let raped, broke their bones.. can be forgotten now. Let’s start a new era, Bomjon is basically a kind man who gives out food to the needy while only a handful of people have to suffer on his chains and ropes, beaten by his attendants. That is worth it, isn’t it?

On another level, this influence can signify the kind of false optimism that makes he take foolish risks, especially with limited resources. ….

This time is a test of his grasp of reality and his ability to translate ideals into practice.

  • Let’s hope he fails this test and humanity, or at least a few people, open thei reyes to see what is behind the angelic mask of this dangerous guru.

Religious or spiritual delusions are another danger of this influence. He may be tempted to run after false messiahs or teachers whose ability to dazzle with spiritual phrases exceeds their ability to teach him how to cope with his life.

  • This is an influence of Neptun, and can have two interpretations, the other one is that the person can suffer from delusions about his own person, considering himself as a messiah, and tempted to dazzle with spiritual phrases. Bomjon’s conviction that he is the Messiah (Maitreya, Kalki) is nothing new, just from November till July next year it would be overly evident and he would do anything to convince people about it.

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Smoothly like butter::

From 1 December 2016 until 18 December 2016: At this time the circumstances of his life and his own inner energies are working quite well together. But this influence is not seem especially lucky; rather, his life as a whole would run smoothly, and whatever he did would come out well. Without any special sense of effort, he would actually able to make significant progress and get a great deal done.

  • This is happening now. A time when he is making ready for the “Great Days”. He certainly has to get a great deal done, because he plans to break out from Nepal’s limitations and start his World Tour in May 2017, after the controversial “World Peace Maitri Puja 2017”. As all his Maitri Pujas had been fueled by tortures and beatings of kidnapped victims, there is a real danger that this time he would need a bigger amount of “fuel”, to kick off for his missionary trip in the world. Yet material comes to him automatically, as there are always enough blinded devotees who offer him all they have, even their lives… Not learning from the tragedies of past victims, the vehemence of Bomjon-worship is getting year by year bigger. “A great deal done” in the case of Bomjon is never anything we normal people would imagine under this term, not a workload of job tasks. The “great deal done” is most often, in his case, translates to “great attack done”, “great kidnapping done”, “great torture done”, “great bribe done”…

This is a good time to win recognition from others for his achievements. Employers or others with whom he works will be impressed with his diligence.

  • We can get frustrated or worried, but this is exactly what the stars are giving to Bomjon this time. “Recognition for his achievements” in a world of lies and hypocrisy can easily happen. His real demonic activities perfectly hidden from the wider public, he might become totally accepted and admired even by governments, politicians, intellectuals and spiritual authorities, not speaking about media. No one would question anymore his dark past, deleted perfectly from the articles in Nepalese media. People do not want to dig into something so muddy, it is more pleasant to see the blue-and-white robes and hear the messianic “world-peace” pujas, than to investigate the cases of those who were chosen by Bomjon to suffer in his captivity. Recognition for a criminal? We have seen such things already, terrorists are getting Nobel-Prize, criminals are becoming high-level politicians, in many countries. Fake Indian gurus have thousands of devotees, even after they are put in jail for sex crimes, violence etc. Bomjon would join the line of these, but become “higher than the highest” among them, just that he would not get to jail for the same (or worse!) crimes than those gurus.


A turning point

Beginning of December 2016 until mid-August 2017: This can be and usually is a very positive time. But he can make more or less out of it, depending upon how he handle it. In most ways it represents a period of culmination in his life, and he will be tempted to expand beyond any reasonable limit. …he has a good chance for success in any one of a number of endeavors at this time .

  • EXPAND BEYOND REASONABLE LIMIT is a frightening thing when it comes to Bomjon. Because his main mission is HARM, slow, gradual, perfectly elaborated harm. What happens when harming bodies and souls is “beyond reasonable limit”? Currently no one can imagine, or believe, what Bomjon will be capable to do. It is also quite possible that this would be not publicized and again, just the victims and their torturers would know about it. Did he or his Sangha publicize the mysterious deaths of his sister Manu and USA citizen Dr. Moore…? Though both people, devotees of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, died in his premises, during the treatment by Bomjon’s followers, and after meeting him, Bomjon’s websites and forums did not publish any obituary… We should never forget the warning of Bomjon’s family member, who told the author of this article in 2012 that he had seen 6-7 rifles in the possession of Bomjon and his Sangha! Other informers spoke about guns kept in Bomjon’s house. In any case, if Bomjon is keeping guns, he does not do this without a plan. And that plan, unprecedentedly darker than any previous one, can culminate exactly this time, between December 2016 and August 2017!


Violence prediction for 2018!

  • Reading this everyone should feel goosebumps. Without caring who is in his way – that is what he is doing, in small, till now already. Yet combined with other planetary influences, this time it would be really big! He will go after his main mission wit such a vehemence that it would sweep any resistance, disarm anyone who would oppose him, by his charm, by his aggressivity, by his despotism, by his richness and contacts, by his powerful authority. How he gets there is a secret channel, using Nepal as his starting point, because only in a Third World country could all his crimes and bribes stay “unnoticed” and even accepted as one valid way of Dharma. Westerners then count with a certain guarantee that “if Bomjon was invited to the Prime Minister’s office in 2014, he  surely cannot be any criminal”. The easiest would be for him to make his next step to another developing or poor country, with an unstable government and high corruption rate, or wait just a little until the political confusion in the USA and Europe gets unbearable for the masses, and the he can step in as a “solution”…

This influence also signifies a strong possibility of arrogance towards others! has another feature to check out the future, called “Yearly horoscope analysis”. This is what we see  there concerning Bomjon:


Because beauty and magic are extremely important to him, he may find that certain experiences and feelings over the next twelve months renew his faith in life and help to give him a deep sense of purpose and meaning. He may experience a strong feeling of commitment to a higher goal, or he may feel particularly inspired and fluent in any creative projects he undertakes. Most importantly, he may feel in touch with a deeper or higher level of reality. 

  • Higher goal or deeper goal? Bomjon’s high goal can be a “high number of kidnaps”, “high amount of donations”, “devotees convinced that he is the highest of all gods”… As from December 2016 till 2017 he will enjoy great power, authority, support and recognition, it will be very easy to concretize his main mission and get his perfect satisfaction from it. The only problem is that while for us, mortals, satisfaction means a comfortable life lived with clean conscience, with happy relationships, in case of Bomjon satisfaction comes from causing bleeding wounds, broken bones and humiliating women with sexual violence, seeing terror in human eyes. The satisfaction with a sadistic god is a sick satisfaction…

Survival of the fittest

End of February 2016 until end of October 2019

This is an extremely important period of his life, and as it passes, who he is and what he want are likely to be radically transformed. He may experience upheaval, frustration, or conflict in his outer life which lead he to change direction

He cannot afford to dispense with common sense, but he doesn’t dispense with his belief in the magic of life. As long as he can avoid identifying with either the victim or the redeemer, he is likely to experience a deep inner confirmation.

  • The next four years old period of Bomjon’s life is certainly going to be an “extremely important one”. This coincides with other astrological effects, which empower him to great things. Conflict and upheaval is most probably coming later, and is a logical reaction of the world to the dark plan he will realize now. Yet, unfortunately, he is a being used to conflicts so much that it became his bread: if there is no conflict, his life energy fades. He is fed by the tensions of conflicts, enmities, intrigues and pain. How shocking it is that he is still able to sell all this as “bringing peace and non-violence to the world”!

Prediction for 2018 – confirms the warnings!

A sense of completion

Beginning of June 2017 until beginning of August 2017

He may experience a deep sense of completion and fulfillment during this time.

  • This time coincides with the influences which would bring him authority, extreme self-elevation, arrogance and a desire to be “higher than god” in the eyes of the public. His Indian astrology “Panchang” is foretelling him a career in “highest level leadership”. Will Bomjon become a president? A Dalai Lama? A Pope? Or would he want to exceed all of these? It is time to be ready for that dire future, because it can catch us unprepared. In any case, June and August 2017 seems to be the culmination of his mission, and that can be anything from a huge number of victims destroyed, or a political position attained, or having huge crowds of devotees suddenly under his feet… In any case, it could be something so big, that the majority of people of this planet would learn about.

Crystallising goals

End of January 2017 until mid-December 2017

For several years he has probably been moving toward this apex of personal achievement, and at times it may have seemed he would never get there. But now whatever he has been attempting to build is likely to bear fruit, and he will probably see the tangible result.

  • Again, another planetary influence is fortifying Bomjon’s Great Coming Up. It even shows it as an APEX of his personal achievement. We can call than the year 2017 as the year when the End had started! The end of real dharma, the end of human compassion with humans, the end of conscience, the end of considering ethics and non-violence the base of civilization… Value systems of crowds humbled under the Violent One’s feet would be overturned, and instead of conscience, law, ethics there would be a single criteria of how to act: Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha’s own commands!  The crowds are hungry for such a leader who would free them of the burden of responsible thinking, of the burden of conscience and ethical limitations. Bomjon would appear in 2017 as a Tsunami which sweeps away the already much weakened last remains of “dharma”. He was impatiently awaiting this year of the fulfillment, slowly working on the Plan in secret. Similarly as many people were shocked to suddenly see 100 so called Maatma Gurus, who had been ordained by Bomjon to spread his teachings (where did he hide that blue army before?), his further plans had been elaborated in secret, without any publicity, and would break out to reality when the time comes.




Who is actually Ram Bomjon “Maitriya Guru”? A real and exact biography!

Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!

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