The Irregular Times, critical to Ram Bomjon, is back!

After a month and a half hiatus, we’re please to announce the return of Irregular Times.  Started way back at the dawn of the World Wide Web, Irregular Times is now 22 years old and still going strong.  Although we were temporarily shoved off the cyberplane by ornery and obstreperous hosting gods in a highly inopportune historical moment, after more than a month of wrangling we’re very glad to be back and more uppity than ever.

Not long ago I had been alerting and alarming the readers about the disappearance of The Irregular Times, which was one of the last online sites publishing critical articles about Ram Bomjon. It seems to have been a temporary problem, and the controversial, yet highly popular blog had returned in a new design and with a new enthusiasm. While a similar renovation of other sites which have been regularly informing about the ‘Buddha Boy’s’ crimes (The Himalayan Times, Ekantiur, My Republica etc.) brought about deletion of the negative articles about Bomjon, and keeping only the propagatory ones, The Irregular Times proved to be faithful to freedom of speech and freedom of opinion, and did not delete the “sensitive topic”. We can find the old articles intact, with all the Comments below them as well. After a quick search with keywords like “Bomjon” or “Buddha Boy“, we can get to the links of the articles again:

Just a few of the most popular articles with a lively discussion about them:


2 thoughts on “The Irregular Times, critical to Ram Bomjon, is back!

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    1. Thank you. Why is it so that all the REAL news about Bomjon are available ONLY in Nepali and on Nepali media? Are The Himalayan Times, Avenue TV, Kathamndu Post etc. afraid to publish the truth about him? Or had they been paid to keep silent and deleted their numerous former critical posts and videos…? Can you tell me, please? Is it a conspiration to fool foreigners that Bomjon is a saint, while most Nepalis KNOW he is a torturer, violent monster who harms human beings? I am shocked how it is possible that there are so many proofs that he is behind many criminal acts, yet he was allowed to meet the ex Prime Minister as well as allowed to organize any crowded event to people to bow before him and touch his feet?


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