Nepal’s Maitriya according to Jyotisha Astrology

The stars cannot be cheated. Acquiring Bomjon’s birth data directly from his family, astrology shows his real face, not the one he had created for the many photo cameras and youtube videos. Although we had been told he is a gentle spiritual being, the stars show a domineering, violent and ambitious businessman with a desire to rule above all and everyone. Although we had been told he is a innocent kind angel, the stars show him as someone who is using treacherously scheming methods to punish and revenge those whom he dislikes. Although we had been told he is a celibate ascetic, the stars reveal the exact opposite! Those who are insure about who the ‘Buddha Boy’ is, should consult the lights on the sky, a science of Jyotisha which was helping kings and priests from the most ancient times to navigate in the labyrinth of earthly life.

Up till now all astrological research of Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s personality had been done from the view of Western Astrology, focusing merely on the Transits. Yet professional astrologers always consult Vedic (Indian and Nepali) Astrology as well, as they offer certain concrete predictions for concrete time and more practical and physical descriptions of the native. Entering Ram Bomjon’s exact birth data acquired from his own family member we get a picture of him which we already we unfortunate to know… Yet we must not forget that astrology never predicts or judges if a person is a good (even divine or saintly) person or an evil (even a sadist or criminal) one. Vedic Astrology shows us the karma of the person, which projected to the flow of time then creates his or her “fate”. The things which are given. What he or she is then doing with this potential, is what we then define a “good” or “bad” person. It is like having a knife in one’s pocket: one person will use it to cut vegetables, another one to kill…

“The basic difference between the two systems is that the Vedic zodiac is Siderealand the Western is Tropical. In Sidereal astrology, the zodiac is aligned with 27 constellations, or fixed star groups. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, aligns with the first constellation, called Aswini.

Vedic astrology gives a better view of:

  • A person’s karmic tendencies
  • When such tendencies are likely to manifest for that person.”

See also:

When reading the below copied out Vedic Astrological portrait of “Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha” (one of Ram Bomjon’s many names), we should realize that the described great and exceptional potentials can become tragic and fatal, if used with a negative and destructive intention. Watching Bomjon’s deeds over the years, and his unstoppable thirst to get to a superhuman power through harming dozens of people, through lies and cheatings, falsifications and bribes, we must realize that the danger here is too big that this exceptional person with a great potential of becoming a totalistic dictator, would take individuals as well as governments by surprise!

Some technical notes: Although Vedic Astrology also uses Sun signs called Rashi (here “rasi”), it will differ from the Sun sign of Western Astrology due to the difference in Sidereal vs. Tropical chart and the way to count it. Thus it is known that Bomjon is born in Aries in Western Astrology, but he becomes Virgo in Vedic. Though “Lagna” is in analogy with the Western “Ascendant”, it is counted differently and thus is not the same. Nakshatras are not used in Western Astrology but are very important for describing the personality, giving his name (Pandits in Brahmin families choose the names due to Nakshatra) and also give a tendency for all life, thus play part in predictive astrology as well. Panchang is a system used for basic Jyotisha characteristic.

The below astrology is literally copied from the astrological websites (links given below), only by replacing “you” with “he/him” and correcting grammatical mistakes.

The comments of The Halkhoria Times are in gray. 




His rasi is VIRGO. His birthstar/nakshatra is Hasta. His janma lagna is CAPRICORN.


He is a person who will risk putting all the eggs in one basket, but at the same time, he will sit and watch that basket, as he is a cautious person. Hence, before making a decision, he will check all the pros and cons.  He is superstitious, and his approach in general is rather pessimistic.  The Lord of Capricorn is Saturn, which makes him socially introverted, and a lover of solitude. He chooses his friend/s after strict scrutiny.  He believes in matter of fact practicality, and honesty is the strength of his character.  “One should always get even in some way; else the sore place will go on hurting”. That is exactly what he believes in as he is revengeful and waits for an opportunity to get even with those who might have wronged himAdministration and Management is the professional bill that would suit him. 

Comment: those who know Bomjon personally, know much too well that even when born in an illiterate farmer family in a remote village, he always acted as the “President of the Universe”, and he always wanted to be of control of everything. His revengefulness is the Saturnic, e.g. long-step one, he can postpone his revenge many years, but none escaped yet whom he had once picked up to harm…

Concerning his superstitions, it is obvious that his main “dharma” is based on visions and voices of fantastic sources that cannot be checked, and he is regularly speaking in small circles about this or that person being a witch or black magician – after all, his superstitions and paranoia were causes of attacks and tortures of dozens of innocent people. 


As he happens to be a globe trotter, good news comes his way. Stars predict that he shall benefit through traveling, and that too, in financial terms.  As he happens to be an efficient hard worker, he shall climb up a long way on his professional ladder. Hence he shall get a top post in a government organization.  …At the age of 20, these are good prospects of earning lots of money.  He may have some conflicts with his elder brothers or sisters. 

Comment: As we know, Bomjon was never able to stay in one place for long, even if the official, propaganda version is that he was “sitting in motionless meditation 6 years”. Even if nearest devotees but know that he was roaming Nepal during those alleged “6 years of meditation” and even he visited other districts. Interestingly, even his followers say that he visited Bodh Gaya in India’s Bihar’s southermost edge, and allegedly got “enlightened” there… While many others met him (during the “6 years meditation” period!) in India’s Darjeeling, where he was meeting his girlfriend. Actually there had been many times when he was not possible to find in Halkhoria, when visitors arrived to meet him… 

After he kidnapped 2 women and tortured them 3 months in his jungle in Halkhoriya, the Nepalese local authorities evicted him and his entourage from Bara District in a polite agreement. He was then settling in Sindhuli District, Sarlahi District, Sindhupalchowk and from time to time staying in Chitwan, Lamjung and recently he had overtaken Kathmandu’s Newari community in Lalitpur. Yet he likes to travel on helicopters and on his expensive jeeps to any places in Nepal and India, from time to time. 

And here comes the danger part: with this astrology, he will be able to travel to many countries and luck will serve him, and establish his new religion based on worshiping himself as the highest god and highest buddha of all! And this is not a joke, because his main way to “practice” religion is to let lock up and chain human beings in hidden jungles, beat them to black and blue and blood, break their bones, let them raped… 

So when his surviving victims are reading that he shall get a top post in a government organization, it becomes really frightening! This is the beginning of the end.. of the world as we knew it, in its most horrorful, sacrilegious and apocalyptic way…

Astrology very precisely warns that Bomjon would have conflicts with his brothers and sisters: although the siblings were his main supporters and helpers in the first years, probably he had never forgiven them that they were considering him crazy when he was a young child. He had left his siblings locked up for five days without food or water, and bit a few of them. He also let his other followers humiliate the siblings with swords, what was described by a Westerner in a private email, who witnesses these attacks. The Nepalese media also widely published it, although due to the later censorship, these articles were deleted. This link is based on an archive:


he has a good chance to go abroad. He will also benefit through water travel and shipping.  At the age of 24, he will shine in business and luck will seat herself on his side. …His interests also lie on the spiritual front. It will help enhance his reputation and will earn for him fame. 

Comment: even the Moon is helping him in his main mission to spread his destructive cult in other countries. Those who know him, know as well that business, money and property is coming to him automatically, only that in his case it is called “donations”. In 2014 he was 24 years old and that was the year when the government allowed him to return to Halkhoria , where he immediately attacked 5 men from Ratanpuri, and a month later he was even invited to the then Prime Minister, an old religious man, who, in his innocent ignorance about Bomjon’s deeds, promised him support and a passport (that was long denied after he tried to get it by falsification as well as bribes and violence). The sudden rocketing up to the political elite could not happen without lobbying and huge money resources to those who lobbied. A former foreign devotee had described that the Family Homestay of Ngima Dawa Tamang had been often used as a meeting place of devotees who organized projects as to whom and by how much to bribe, so that Bomjon was not prosecuted for his deeds or media was silent about him…This is also called “business” in a way

It is notable that the Moon is giving Bomjon just a tiny touch of “interest on the spiritual front”, and that this spiritual element in him would be the one which brings him fame and reputation! It is surprising that astrology is so straightforwardly true, because only after many years of watching and hearing about Bomjon can we actually recognize that his power-hunger, dictatorship and “world-overtake-mission” has nothing too much to do with real spirituality (in the ancient Vedic sense), and that spirituality is more like a tool to fool the crowds…


People love to date or love to party, but he loves to work, and the way he go about it is with the correct sense of determination and commitment.  He believes in his own doings. That is what makes him different from others, as he is confident, ambitious, brave and have a strong will power.  He may have problems related to the eyes and mouth. He may also suffer from frequent headaches.    Well, I would like to oppose the old saying that Manglik means unlucky, because in modern terms, a person having a Manglik Dosha means that he has immense sexuality, which makes the person more attractive and even more desirous. Well, now he can say that a bad omen has become an asset.  He will have to be careful about his health at the age of 5 because he may suffer from some illness. 

Comment: obviously we should translate the general terminology of the astrology program, which is meant for normal working people with families. If we apply the description to Bomjon, we should of course not think he was ever “working” in the sense we normal people do. As far as I know, his last “work” was that of shepherding in Ratanpuri, and he might have been made to do some service as a young monk during his one year in Dehradun’s Sakya Monastery in India… Yet after it Bomjon’s main work was his SITTING IN THE PUBLIC IN MEDITATIONAL POSITION. We should be careful to call it “meditation”, when we don’t know what was his mental state and health condition during those times. Yet he did his job perfectly and with great strength. Comfort, laziness, weakness is certainly not his characteristic. The mental states that his follower call “meditation” and “enlightenment” or “samadhi”, had filled him with an obsession which fueled his further deeds until today. That those deeds were not intended to bring spiritual blessing, law and order, happiness, health to those whom he had harmed in the name of that mission, his victims know much too well…

Thus what is called “determination and commitment” in the case of normal people, in Bomjon’s case is rather and obsession to fulfil his mission, which is very dark and destructive, when unleashed without limits…. Only that he is still working according to a Saturnic rhythm, and this is why people cannot recognize this mission well in time: most people know him only for a short period of time, and he makes sure not to let anyone to have a glance to his deepest secrets and dark past. His steps are very slow and gradual, careful, as the Virgo rashi predicts above.

Opposed to this careful and speculative character is his MANGLIK DOSHA, which is nothing else than the element of Mars energy, which ,as we know already, is ruling Bomjon’s character. Mars is the planet of not only obsession, hard work, but also aggressivity, attacks, rage and fury and killing by violence. There are currently two know mysterious deaths of his devotees in 2016 where Bomjon’s violence might have played a role, according to media.

confident, ambitious, brave and have a strong will power. – It is evident from his life and actions that he is not a fearful weak etheric being. Only that his braveness and ambitions are serving a single goal: to bring him to the limelight and announce him a god and buddha above all gods and above all buddhas. This year, in 2017, his follower actually told this to the Setopati reporter, and for some reason the Nepali public humbly accepted it. In Nepal, which embraced secularism this year, it surprisingly went through and neither Hindus, nor Buddhists felt it as sacrilegious… One must be really brave to announce to be higher than ever god and higher than ever buddha… Yet Bomjon got to this level by hidden tactics and through the lobbying of his politician followers, as well as the New Age oriented hundreds of Westerners, through his endlessly strong will-power (Mars = Mangal) and endlessly-long patience (Saturn = Shani). 

has immense sexuality, which makes the person more attractive and even more desirous. – This is an element which was visible in the devotion of his followers, mainly young women and homosexual men, from the very early years. Even in one of his earliest videos a young Nepalese girl explains the main reason to line up for his blessing as Bomjon being so sexy… Many Western ladies, even older ones, saw themselves as his future companions, and he liked to play with their passions and emotions. Finally but his not too hidden girl-friend keeping had been a good proof that concerning sex-appeal and sexuality he is faithful to Mars and Saturn. According to the website (closed, this link is its archived version) yet his sexuality could be not satisfied with only one lover, he had many others. 



Mercury, as a planet by itself, has the characteristic of instability. Hence he shall also be influenced by it. He shall have ups and downs in his life. Like a gypsy, he shall change many residences.  At the age of 22, he will get success in his education. He may opt for accountancy as it interests him, and may also make a successful Chartered Accountant. The commerce faculty will also suit him.

Comment: as I commented above, Bomjon’s gypsy life is more than obvious. Yet astrology is giving the facts and does not look at the causes, which, in Bomjon’s case, had been always his many unethical and law-breaking deeds, smoothed out only by his image of the internationally sensational “Buddha Boy”, by his followers’ bribes and contacts in high places. Yet even so, from time-to-time local authorities on district level had to ask him to leave, after he and his followers created many violent conflicts in every area, disrupting social harmony. it was not only Bara District’s Halkhoriya, from where he had to leave after “enough was enough” for the locals in tolerating Bomjon’s bloody attacks against innocent people. He had to leave Sarlahi after 13 youths had been injured by the swords that Bomjon had given to his followers there… 

Thus, Bomjon is a gypsy from his own choice. The mention of his business character I copied here to show that actually, when we get his image in astrology, he looks more to be a businessman than a spiritual leader. And this is the true, because he is making business from spirituality in the most hideous ways. Offering “blessings” and an unlimited access to his privacy, he had always favored the followers belonging to politics, business and anyone in high and powerful position over the “poor folk”. He had bought the devotion of many powerful people by making “miracles” for the personal benefit of those people, no matter how much that was a psychological trick rather than a real magic. Yet it was always a very keen and conscious “I give – you give” interaction between Bomjon and his followers, and the moneyless and unimportant ones had never any value in his eyes. Thus, most of his victims had been picked up from these vulnerable helpless people, while it was the easiest for him to conceal and smooth out the consequences of his crimes, when having a board of powerful politicians and rich people behind him…



He is a born struggler, but once he reaches the pinnacle of what he toil for, then there is no looking behind, because his Jupiter matches with that of “AMITABH BACHCHAN’S”, which is something worth being proud of. He also happens to be like those great men who shape their future with their own hands.  He may have health problems related to blood sugar and also stomach problems.  If he is from the working man’s class, he shall soon rise to the top of the ladder. Same applicable to the business class.

Comment: and here is when we should start to worry. “Amitabh Bacchan” is India’s most popular actor, maybe like Brad Pitt or Richard Gere, for example… Jupiter is a planet which is mostly responsible for popularity and for one being a celebrity. Even if that person would happen to be a criminal, sadist and psychopath, Jupiter does not care! In fact Bomjon is a textbook example of a low-class person (and now it is more meant as his own personality and not his caste and origin!) and disadvantaged who shoot up to the highest ends of the ladder. Jupiter ensures the support of people in high levels, and this is exactly what happened to Bomjon. It is also true that he “shaped his future by his own hands”, as all what he had achieved is due to his strong obsessive will to prove to the world that he can sit motionless i meditation, make miracles and get control of anyone and anything. Combined with the effects of the Mars, Saturn and Moon above, Bomjon is getting the best gifts from these planets to fulfill his mission to rule above all religions and governments – what is actually his goal, and his followers are not even hiding it…

The only problem in it is, that he is not bringing any peace, love and harmony when he gets to power, but a continuation of what we had seen already till now in Nepal: a new religion based only on Bomjon’s own alleged divinity and allowing him to do anything to anyone without respecting ethics and the law, and mainly: without any mercy, even to the end of torture and death. People will be taken by surprise when they wake up to the morning of a Bomjon-ruled country.



He is a lover of art and have hobbies including collecting ….antiques, etc. He happens also to be the owner of expressive eyes, and hence he is lucky, as they say that the eyes can say it all.  Things come his way on a golden platter.  There is a possibility that he could make a good artist.  He enjoys spending each and every day having fun and smiling all the waySuccess will come his way with the arrival of his spouse, through marriage.  Grand success shall break through his life after the age of 60 years. 

Comment: everyone who ever got nearer to Maitriya Guru Bomjon, could sooner or later see his famous sword, and even swords given to his nearest attack-assistants like was Darshan Subba Limbu. The swords are described as antique and “outer-worldly” by people who like to dream about Holy Grail legends… In fact, Bomjon’s love for swords was maybe mostly appealing to young boys and men who did not grow up mentally to a responsible and ethical adult life. In the media Bomjon’s sword is described as a FLAT ENDED SCIMITAR. It is sure that even in Nepal it is not a habit (and law!) to walk around with middle-aged swords among people. Yet Bomjon is traditionally considered as a god and buddha my the Tamang, a big group of Nepal’s residents, and thus, he is in practice above the law. 

That he has expressive eyes and things come to him on a golden platter, is needless to write. Anything he orders is fulfilled to the last word and immediately, be it a helicopter ride to his village when his Sangha has run out of money, or a 200 km/hour jeep ride along all Nepal, without stopping even at police checkpoints… In between attacks and while having people on chains in his jungle, or people beaten to death, he is still enjoying life and laughs a lot with his nearest followers and children lamas…Bomjon’s cynicism is typical for him, and the most frightening is that he means it for real: the suffering of his victims, often devotees who long served him with work, while beaten, chained and raped, is not something that would stop him from enjoying fun with the rest of his devotees!

Bomjon allegedly did not marry his girlfriend Dipshika who is told to have given him many children, but was forced to abort them, and could only the last male child. Apart from her but there are told to be more girlfriends and more cases of abortions with them. (Source Thus it is also possible that astrology predicts another marriage with a more influential woman than the silent and humble English teacher from Darjeeling’s Nepalese community is. Yet it is also true that success is already on Bomjon’s side many years, at least from 2011, which is approx. the time when he first visited his girlfriend and when she arrived first to Halkhoria. Until 2011 Bomjon was still limited by his need to have more senior Buddhist authorities (khnepo lamas and rinpoches) to support and propagate him, in exchange for his loyalty and respect to them. Yet soon he was trying to break out of the golden cage that the traditional Tibetan school of Buddhism imposed on him. It was also in August 2011 when he publicly humiliated his supporter khnepo Sonam Gyurme and evicted him from his Halkhoria Jungle compound. 



He is always worried about what his next step in life is going to be. …. Things will slow down towards the latter part of his life.  His childhood will be troubled because of his illness.  He is practical and realistic, but all the same, he shall be quite unhappy on the family front.  …. Well, all I can say is that he is terribly lucky.  He may also have a stammering problem in his childhood.  

Comment: carefulness and worrying how to fulfil his mission most effectively, was also present in his behavior always. Yet this is a selfish care, which does not include other living beings. It also expresses itself in his typical paranoias, when he needs to surround himself with many tough bodyguards all the time, claiming that he has many enemies and many people want to kill him… Due to this paranoia then many innocent people, villagers walking by or his devotees, had been abducted, locked up and tied with ropes and chains and beaten, preventively, in case they would ever have wanted to harm Bomjon… Thus Bomjon’s carefulness is often becoming a suffering for others. 

He is in fact told to have suffered from illness in childhood, but according to his childhood teacher it was a mental illness. Another alleged illness which we learn only from his own (unreliable) autobiographic speeches, was the temporary paralysis of his legs. Stammering is not spoken about, but his unusual inability to speak normally was related to the fact that he did not know Nepali but used Tamang language at home and in his community. 

he shall be quite unhappy on the family front.  – For some reason (what is Bomjon’s own identity and behavior), Bomjon vs. Family was long a topic even in Nepalese media. His father was abusing alcohol and had been beating him when he was child. If he was leaving his family house for roaming the jungles (if the legends are true at all), his family was obviously not happy. Yet after he became famous for sitting under the tree in Ratanpuri, his main reliable supporters were his own brothers and sisters. The later version is that some of them had embezzled the donations given to Bomjon, but together with other “Commitee” members. One thing is but sure: Bomjon’s siblings had been protecting him and caring for him even leaving their own families and sacrificing their future for him. Ganga, Dil, the older brothers had been his guards for many years, while sisters Rajkumari, and after she married, Manu, had been serving him with sewing his robes, cooking meals, washing his clothes and serving the needs of visitors, monks, residents, working very hard. Younger brothers Shyam and Babula were his assistants, in Nepalese reality in fact servants. Thus Bomjon could not complain about family members. 

Still he, in his thirst for conflict and wish to see hurt, decided in 2011 to evict all his family members from his compound and forbid even his mother to speak to him or see him. Mother Maya was broken by this cruelty. Later when his family learned about his abducting of two women in 2012, and came to take away Ranjita, Bomjon’s youngest sister kept by him, they had been locked up and tortured all. Ranjita had decided to stay with Bomjon even if there had been allegations of incest between her and Bomjon in Nepalese media.

Recently Setopati and other sources confirmed the information from 2015 that his long-time servant, sister Manu had been beaten to disability by Bomjon’s attendants at his order, and died in 2016 from the grave consequences. 

Be it anything that Bomjon find to explain his unprecedented hatred and harm to hi sown family members, nothing can justify killing one’s own sister and hurting and letting attacked one’s own mother. Yet in this astrological description is not explored why and by whose fault it was that Bomjon and his family had been in tension for years. But those who had the chance to meet his family, can easily understand that the problem is rooted in Bomjon. 


He is the sort who will never forget or forgive his/his enemies and he will positively get even with them.  He will suffer from frequent headaches.  He is the happy-go-lucky sort and always makes it a point to keep himself happy in all circumstances. He is talkative, smart and intelligent.  His mind, my friend, is always engaged in speculation. 

Comment: Revengefulness had been already mentioned above, due to his NATURE. Rahu is double-confirming this very strong element in Bomjon’s mentality. Yet the problem here is in that the public and his own followers do not know who is considered his enemy in fact. In Bomjon’s case his real enemies are first considered long his main friends, and many of those to whom he behaved as to enemies, still admire and support him. This is due to the unusual combination of the planets. The usual schedule is that some of his most favored devotee is at one point disgraced and the rest of his devotees are turned against him or her as against the bigger enemy!

And the strange sentence of the astrologer here says that even if he does not forgive and forget “enemies”, he would somehow always get even with them – the enmity would cease and the enemies would not feel offended. The truth is that he never really had any enemies, apart from himself exercising enmity against people who were taken by surprise as to why and how could they end up on Bomjon’s list of disgraced! 

Knowing Bomjon long enough, I could define this Rahu-istic influence as an attitude to ALL people around him or anywhere as to enemies. Sooner or later everyone ends up on that list!

Bomjon is from time to time really experienced very talkative and smart to the level of speculation. This can be seen in those of his videos where he is recorded explaining the attack against the 5 men on September 2, 2014 in Halkhoria, and also during his 5-hour-long humiliating speech against khenpo Sonam Gyurme in August 2011, recorded and put to YouTube by a few visitors. 

Bomjon’s face reveals a permanent thinking about tricky ways to “punish” this or that person, what is his main hobby and self-imposed “mission”. Only during crowded Maitri Puja blessing programs is he masking his main theme by a rigid and serious ruler-god-buddha face-lift. 


“Box and the Lid”. This is applicable in his case, as his spouse will be shorter than him.  Equality is his and his spouse’s slogan, because both of them shall have equal health problems.  There shall be differences between him and his business partners, and on certain topics, with his spouse. 

Comment: There had been news from internal sources that Bomjon’s girlfriend had tried to kill herself out of her unhappiness with her Buddha Boy lover’s unfaithfulness and flirting with other girls. Yet all this had been allegedly going on rather in the later years, after 2013, when Bomjon had been already living in well-guarded cement houses and his private life could not be seen by outsiders. Eyewitness had described the tendency of taking girls inside who stayed there also for the night. Obviously this behavior cannot be pleasant even to the most humble “main” partner, who had been exclaimed by Bomjon as Guru Ama (mother-guru). 



Hasta happens to be the thirteenth Nakshatra, in the zodiac consisting of twenty seven birth stars. Deriving its power from the glitteringly powerful arena of ‘Surya Deva’-the governing deity, Hasta Nakshatra is ruled by the planetary power of moon.

Comment: The Hasta Nakshatra is called the Constellation of the CROW in Western (Greek) Astrology. 

Basic information about Hasta Birth Star

Centering on the zodiac of Virgo, Hasta Nakshatra is demarcated by the powerful symbol of a fist. Reflecting the inherent power of its planetary and divine lord, Hasta Nakshatra embodies the general characteristics of luster, luminosity, brilliance, strength, beauty and knowledge. Symbolically upheld with the power of a fist, it also includes strength, togetherness and power in its general attributes. Projecting the magical sway of hand, Hasta Nakshatra stands for conquest, knowledge, wisdom and control. Spirituality, close bonding and inclination towards music also feature in the general characteristics of natives born under Hasta Nakshatra.

Another good source writes things we all know are exactly fitting to Ram Bomjon:

Some thought-provoking other aspects, which highly fit to Ram Bomjon, especially when we remember his love for not telling the truth about his own deeds, his love for hitting people with his hands, and his cruelty to his victims, as well as how things are “automatically” landing in his possession (for example my computer which he had stolen from me when he had kidnapped me in 2012). The Hasta Nakshatra characteristics also are easily seen in Bomjon’s special talent to attract huge money, donations, and ability to invest that money for his own further benefit. The solar deity connected with Hasta Nakshatra is Savitar:

“Savitar is supposedly to be extremely skilled with his hands.  This makes Hastam directly associated with everything done with the hands. … Savitar is also considered to be a crafty trickster, gambler and fraudster.  In the ancient times, all kings (represented by Sun) were supposed to be well versed in the arts of lying, deceit, fraud, gambling and even robbery! …

…In the universal scheme of things, Hastam relates to “HASTAM STHAPANIYA AGAMA SHAKTI” – the power to put one’s object of desire in one’s hands. The symbolism makes it clear beyond words that Hastam promises immediate acquirement of one’s object of desire through one’s skill.

Hastam … belongs to the Vaishya’s class because Hastam is associated with production, buying & selling of goods.  It can be said that Hastam has the most business like approach to life in comparison to all other nakshatras.  In the present day and age where business and commerce rules everything else, Hastam has a dominant role.”

“According to Varahamihira, those with Moon in Hastam makes one ‘energetic, daring & merciless“.  In a way, it is a street-smart professional. ”

Jyotish Ravi

Comment: The above description is so close to Bomjon’s reality that there is nearly ni need to add anything. Control by a fist, conquest of a village, than a national minority (Tamangs, Gurungs, Rais, Gurungs), then a political elite (Prime Minister’s office), then a whole religion (all Nepalese Buddhists) and slowly even Kathmandu (Boudhanath and Lalitpur) – Bomjon’s ambitions to get wider control above bigger and bigger communities will not stop. He is Hasta nakshatra personified! 

Beauty and luster – of course Bomjon makes sure from the very early years that he looks attractive, witnesses saw him combing his long curly hair in his jungle hut and devotees had been competing to whitewash his robes with perfumed washing powders… Even when himself very short with a small head, the over-all style he is choosing makes him always beautiful for the eyes of people searching for an aesthetic experience and not a true deep positive spirituality. 

His FIST is on of his body-parts mostly use in his attacks against by now more than 40 people. Even when he orders his attendants to do “most of the job” of abducting, tying, locking up, beating his victims, in a few occasions he always feels like adding his part. He had been using his hand to beat the 17 men in 2009, Marici in 2011 and 2012, probably also Mata Ani in 2012, his family members in 2012, 5 men in 2014, the Western devotee in 2011 and probably in many more cases including his own sister’s beating in 2015. Others he used to beat with sticks and attack with his sword too. Thus his FIST is his main MISSION-TOOL, as he considers his many violent attacks his right to INTERNALLY PUNISH people (for what sins, he hardly ever explains or proves). 

The mention of spirituality as just a side-effect of Hasta is also important to notice: his religion is about replacing all other religions, his god is about replacing all other Gods and his buddha is to replace Gautama Buddha altogether. Bomjon’s spirituality is more like spiritism, his religion is based on his personal visions and voices, which are to exclaim him the next world religious-political ruler, the Maitreya Buddha. Even the wording “magical sway of hand’ is true, as Bomjon was always inclined to use magic in a superstitious society in Nepal. 

We can recognize the element of THE FIST in Bomjon soon when we get nearer to him and know his behavior. The surprising thing is not that followers and sympathizers would not know about his violent outbursts. The surprising fact is that accept and respect him for it! In the same primitive way as the most brutal gangster is respected by all, or the most heartless African king is feared and followed by many… Strength in a man’s world is something what always counted, even if nowadays when men do not have to hunt or fight for a bride anymore… Bomjon’s muscles had fascinated boy-devotees for long, and many people had wondered, how could he grow such muscles while (allegedly) meditating motionlessly and without food. The truth is rather that physical strength was always a priority for Bomjon, and witnesses described him to exercise martial arts and fighting with sword already during his “6 years of Tapasya” . Yet, this all is still considered by his ardent followers as something cute and charming in him, totally convinced that their guru would not harm an ant… 

Music is a typical feature of the celestial Gandharvas. For some reason which is not fully explained in the Hindu scriptures, Kali Asura, the one who is destroying the world through destroying first its Dharma (religions, ethics and laws) also belongs among the Gandharvas! This element is more important than one would think in understanding how Bomjon’s destructive work is going to unfold as soon as he gets to power. 

Note: Demon Kali, who is the ruler of the 421 000 years long Kali Yuga era, belongs among Gandharvas too…


General characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra

Natives born under the luminous influence of Hasta Nakshatra are marked by the personality traits of sincerity, loyalty and kindness. They are also appreciated for their charming vivacity, flamboyance and generosity. Tall, handsome and strongly built in their appearance, they exude strength, calmness and poise in their personality traits. Intrinsically kind and helpful, orientation towards craftsmanship and action are the other important attributes of their personality.

Comment: Ram Bomjon might have displayed these characteristics in his special way, during his rare “good days”. Otherwise, many people had been asking over the years, why is his face always so gravely serious, and sometimes his expression is irritated (especially during so called “blessing programs”). Many people had been asking, why is he never smiling. He is certainly showing vivacity and flamboyance, while sadistically enjoying the wild terrorizing attacks against captured victims, and many witnesses had described that torturing and terrorizing kidnapped people is bringing him a playful joy. Strength is not a question: from the first years of his alleged “meditation” he had been secretly working out in the jungle, practicing martial arts with sword, sticks etc. – during such a “boyish play” he was once surprised by his childhood friend Anil of Ratanpuri. The first thing what occurred to Bomjon was to try out his sword skill right away, on the shocked 22-years old! The consequence was dire, and Anil was rushed to hospital by Bomjon’s elder brother, Dil, on his motorbike. Intrinsically kind is Bomjon towards only those people, whom he needs for his plans: politicians, rich donors, fanatic foreigners. He is most kind towards those who help him attack people, like J.B. Waiba or Tomasz Tarnowski (Tom Dorje). 

Their behavioral characteristics display the quintessence of firmness and constancy of purpose. With their generosity and action, they reflect supreme potency to exercise control and power. It is uncharacteristic of Hasta natives to dominate by way of coercion. On the other hand, they make use of wisdom, action and knowledge– the intrinsic constituents of their behavioral characteristics; to bring situations under control. Thus they are exceptionally fine tuned in their behavior and dealing. Despite their politely calm composure, they exhibit independence and firmness in their dealings.

Comment: And now we are getting nearer to the side of Ram Bomjon of which the public and governments should be very careful of! It can, and as I see, it will be too late to stop this powerful bulldozer of destructive pseudo-spirituality, which is gradually but sweepingly is overtaking now all Nepal, and is looking to the Western civilization to do the same. Bomjon had already proved that nothing can stop him in his main mission to capture, hold hostage,cause bodily harm to and even let raped and killed as many people as possible. While torturing during prolonged hostage-holding, and causing people to morally break under the terror, seems to be his priority over killing, the damage to individuals and later on whole groups of people, is immeasurably big. 

Bomjon’s astrology is enabling him to use all the power of the Nakshatra to fulfill the most destructive plan which one can imagine. Yet it is not going to be so quickly and visibly, that the government would give attention to it. He himself creates an illusion that his group is just a “crazy New Age cult of worship”, yet what is it really about, only the insiders know. There had been weapons seen with Bomjon in 2012, and the rifles once hidden in his white stupa in Halkhoriya had been also emptied. His follower told to Setopati interviewer in Kathmandu during Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Puja 2017, that his “blue monks” are trained in PHYSICAL EXERCISE AND MARTIAL ARTS. Does this seem as preparation for bringing the world peace and non-violence, as the official version of Bomjon’s “Maitri Dharma” religion claims…?

State must watch Bomjon closely (Setopati) –

Yet Bomjon is not just a bulldozer of merciless will. He is also speculative and wise enough to know when and how and to what extent can he afford to follow his “mission”. Carefully picking up the influential, fanatic, uneducated but rich followers, he creates a traditional cult where everyone is distrusting everyone, and where insiders whisper secrets. The Master of Intrigues is then in total control of his whole group, and can easily turn a part of his group against randomly picked our individuals, exclaiming them suddenly “enemies”, and turning the group’s hatred against them. Bomjon is like that monster of fairy-tales and myths, which required every once a virgin or a child to be sacrificed… All cultures of the world have similar tales. Until now but there was no prince who would arrive and stop the monster to devour his victims, because this monster is too clever and knows human nature as his palm…. 

As soon as he gets more power (and it seems, nothing can stop him in Nepal, where there is no political will to enforce the law and justice in case of more than 40 victims of this fake guru!) – the same rules of LEGALIZING VIOLENCE AND RAPE will be implemented in his community, while towards the wider public they will show an innocent face of “world-peace-fighters” and a new Maitreya religion of loving-kindness etc. Bomjon is creating blind brainwashed crowds of followers, who had not just deleted their human will, but also PARALYZED THEIR CONSCIENCE. This blind force can be – had already been and will be! – used to fulfill any commands of the “guru” be it torturing alleged witches, thrashing people to death, rape them…

Besides their close familial bonding, their ability to win people and situations over counts amongst the major positive traits. Exceptional sharpness, self control, faithfulness and strength of intellect are their other positive qualities. It also includes their innate ability to inspire and motivate people.

Comment: Bomjon had been inspiring people to imitate him into all extents, even if he himself was never proved to actually sit 6 years in meditation and without food. Yet the legend, plus Bomjon’s young beauty with elegant, stylish long-hair fashion appealing to Westerners, did the work. People started to imitate his white robe, long loose hair, meditation poses under trees, face expressions, words… Not that there would have been any spiritual result of these imitations, but it is a fact that because many people were made to believe that Bomjon was not eating, they stopped eating, or at least became vegetarians, vegans. The below picture shows Andrea Good, Bomjon’s long-time, but recently disgraced activist, who was so identifying herself with her guru, that she even posed as his female counterpart, wearing a similar white robe and loosening her hair. Her Japanese husband regarded the cult dangerous and did not approve her “transformation”, yet of no avail. 

In their willingness to control people and situations, they may turn out to be outrageously dominating and cruel. Besides these contributing to their grossly negative traits, natives born under the dominating influence of Hasta Nakshatra may be prone to rude callousness and lack of sensitivity. At times, in order to punish evil doers, they resort to treacherously scheming ways. This also happens to be one of their negative traits.

Comment: all who know Bomjon personally and for longer time, must have recognized these characteristics in him. He is a real “control freak”, and nothing can happen without his endorsement in his premises or in anything connected to him, including Nepalese media, police, courts, and also his own many websites, Facebook sites, forums… I remember many occasions in 2011 when I had “messages from Guruji” to stop publishing certain information to his international online followers (Buddha Boy Google Group, deleted by Andrea Good later), around 700 people, his main donors. There had been always some whispering and secretiveness around, and a great enmity was turned towards anyone who would have shared “classified” information about “Guruji”… 

This control-maniac behavior had only grown to rather paranoid extent in the years after 2012. An insider informed that, for example, Bomjon is possessing dozens of high-tech smartphones, satellite phones and spying pens! Even when his followers know this, and actually buy these things for him, they never dare to question, what does a “silent meditator” need these gadgets for at all… ? In the same time, visitors who are arriving to him for “blessing”, and especially during his mega “blessing programs”, are not allowed to carry their mobile phones, which are deposited at the entrance. (There is no better way to ensure that in case of any attacks, there is no way to alert the police or friends…) 

The so called PUNISHING EVIL-DOERS is very vague area where Bomjon is playing with fire: the fire of criminality. Yet because it is in Nepal, where there is a permanent political instability, he can go away with attacking, holding hostage, torturing and recently even killing many people! Jyotisha Astrology is showing clearly what the follower of Ram Bomjon told during the 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja in Kathmandu, about Bomjon’s INTERNAL PUNISHMENT system:

“Bomjon has taken ‘internal action’ against a person who had stayed together with him in the jungle in Bara, according to a follower of him. “He is roaming restlessly confused about whether to live or die,” the follower says.

‘Guru’ took the ‘internal action’ not physically but using his divine powers, the follower claims. The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.” 

The follower says ‘Guru’ teaches physical exercise akin to martial arts to his close disciples. “Guru and the disciples leap very high. We watch dumbfounded,” he adds.”


The interview was with Mani Lama, Nepal’s former health minister, who also justified many other criminal acts of Bomjon in previous years, even in “press conferences”! The exclamation about Bomjon’s “internal punishment system” which extends to people whom he had kidnapped and who thus became from external people internal too, did not bring the attention of Nepalese authorities. 

Treacherously scheming ways: Bomjon’s main characteristic from the Hasta Nakshatra is exactly this. He loves intrigues, secretiveness, creating gossiping chains and arrange things in hidden, like by bribes, threats, turning people against each-other. His victims experienced an extreme love for irony and cynicism, while torturing and beating them. Bribes had been so extensive and so regular, that it could be no exaggeration to claim that Bomjon is paying a regular huge additional salary to many government officials in Bara District as well as other districts, to not investigate his crimes. This money is arriving from Western and Asian donors, most often from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, but also Europe and the USA. 

Career Options for Hasta Nakshatra Born People

Possessing leadership qualities, natives of Hasta Nakshatra shine exceptionally in careers related to entrepreneurship and business. With their skill, craftsmanship and wisdom, they make their way up the ladders of competition to reach top notch ranks and designation. Career opportunities centering on counseling and consultancy are also suitable for them. Displaying enormous skill and craftsmanship, careers related to technical lines and art are also suitable for him. With their tendency towards reconciliation even opportunities based on mediating and settlement of disputes are good enough for him.

Comment: as we see, Bomjon’s main feature is nothing spiritual and nothing religious, in spite of the impression he is set to create: but he is mainly a speculative businessman and a leader (!), who would be able to reach the “top notch ranks of designation”. It is not a secret that he believes he would be the ultimate world leader before whom billions of people would bow to his feet and fulfill his any wish. His followers, brainwashed by their illusion based on Bomjon’s mere personality (but actual deeds!), are convinced that he is the Maitreya Buddha, the awaited Messiah, the Kalki. They forget that there is another figure with huge power above the whole earth, who had been foretold in most religions as to come before the Savior (Messiah-Maitreya-Mahdi-Kalki): and that person is called Al Dajjal in Islam, Antichrist in Christianity, Kali in Hinduism… 

Leadership qualities to overtake the rule above governments and religions are not enough to safely exclaim that Bomjon is the Maitreya or Kalki. There should be also something more: a transformative spiritual force, not tolerating violence against the vulnerable, cheating, lies, hideousness, speculation, bribes, discrimination... Although Bomjon is clever enough to include these words in his lectures, he had never proved in a single instance that he would actually follow these characteristics himself. Yet, he did prove that he considers himself endorsed to cheat, steal people’s property, attack and command to attack innocent people with violence (especially elderly and women!), defile religious feelings, command rape and sexual assaults… etc. 

Hasta Nakshatra does NOT say Bomjon is the ultimate positive and divine world leader! It says that Bomjon is a leader who, if circumstance allow, would have all the will and wish to overtake the crowds (humanity?) – yet this can also be in a negative sense. Hitler might have also have similar astrological positions. 

Hasta Nakshatra Prediction

He likes discipline and faces all the problems with discretion. As his mind is sharp, he gets many new ideas. Even after becoming the victim of cheaters and frauds, he doesn’t say anything against the wrongdoings of others. By nature, he is calm and he has magnetism in his personality. He is contented, social, and friendly. Extremely sharp in studies, he is the magician of words. The quality of understanding any subject is exclusive in him. He just settle down everywhere with few sweet words and have wittiness as well. In spite of having so much of mental strength, he can’t take decisions immediately. As he loves peace, he stays away from tiffs. He is a bit hesitant; still he manages to make new friends. Also, he knows very well how to get his works done by friends. As per his benefits, he changes the parties.


That Bomjon likes discipline, is clear from the first time. His “blessing programs” are strictly choreographed, freedom of expression is not respected. Women and men have different clothes and only foreigners are tolerated to mix in one group. From the very first time he established his Halkhoria Ashram, he required strict discipline, ensured by barbed-wire fences, guards in every corner of his compound, regular patrols going around his whole compound, as well as rules about who was allowed to stay and what to do in his ashram. 

That he does not say anything, at least not in the right time, against wrong-doers and cheaters, is also known about him. Yet he needs those cheaters for assisting him, because exactly these types of people are the ones he can cooperate with, when doing harm to innocent victims and bribing authorities and media. The reality is that Bomjon is actually trying to engage previously moral people in his immoral activities, and, in a twisted way, to then find an excuse to publicly condemn them. This was the case of khenpo Sonam Gyurme, Pragyaratna Ghullu, Darshan Subba, Andrea Good, Molam lama and many others.

Concerning Bomjon’s MAGNETISM, there is no need to add to much. If he did not have a special magnetism and he was not a magician of words, this website would also not exist. Due to his magnetism and word magic the uneducated villager boy was able to attract thousands of followers, become world-famous, spam the whole Internet with his images, videos and biography, and fool dozens of people even to the extent to become his easy targets when he needed to cause sufferings. Thus, Bomjon’s magnetism and word magic is part of the ILLUSION PACKAGE by which he is going to work in the future too. He actually does not even need to do anything special, and even his words to the public are rare and not too intelligent, but the suggestive way how he is saying them and his attractive body are doing the whole trick!

Apart from job, he enjoys doing business more; because of this he will be more successful. He cherishes all types of material bliss. His life is happy and he gets respect due to his work. He is just dedicated toward what he decides. His decisions cannot be changed as per people; he just does what he feels like to.

Comment: this is well-known about Bomjon. He never respected other people’s feelings and opinions, even less the law of the country he was born, or social conventions, when not marrying a woman properly before making her a child, or harming his own mother… Is this not a dangerous characteristic for someone, who, in the same time also has a prediction of the stars to become something like a world leader? Nepal’s situation had already proved that Bomjon does not care about the law and ethics, and feels free to kidnap, hold hostage, beat, torture, break bones, let raped, cheat, forge, steal property and to cover all this up by huge bribes. 

At one point in August 2011 Bomjon told Darshan Limbu, who was then one of his trustees: “Now I can even kill!”. It was in a context of some kind of alleged stage of “enlightenment”, which Bomjon claimed he had achieved then. Although it did not make much sense to me at the time, as I was thinking – OK, but actually everyone is free to kill, just that then everyone must get the punishment for such a crime by the law and society. But recently I started to understand, how did Bomjon mean his “freedom” to kill. It means that in a special setting, where politicians are bribed to tolerate his deeds, some of whom are obligated to him for some alleged “spiritual help” (e.g. the story how Bomjon “created” triplets in the womb of ex health minister Mani Lama’s wife!) – Bomjon actually started to work on creating his lobby in politics and media, among businessmen and influential personalities, who paved the way for him to become “free to even kill”. That he was free to do any other crimes against human beings as well, over the years, is already clear. 

Usually, he doesn’t have to face any financial problem because he knows every well how to save money. … There are many ups and downs in his family, but he always keeps smiling.

Comment: it is obvious that Bomjon was never short of money. Already in 2007 millions of rupees had been deposited on his bank account out of donations. He also collected huge donations allegedly for earthquake victims, but after feeding a mere 300 local villagers, a well-photographed event, he suddenly exclaimed that no more activity towards earthquake victims, that he would leave it on NGOs in Nepal. Of course, he did not return all the money intended to feed the needy…Nowadays his property is enormous, if one counts with tens of thousands of people donating to him often their whole pensions and year-long salaries… His long-time devotee, Mr. Moon of Canada, even bankrupted after giving all his money to Bomjon and financing his barbed-wire fences. Bomjon often travels by helicopters, what is one of the most expensive way to travel even in the West. Yet he can always convince his followers that he needs it for “security reasons” as he claims that he has “many enemies”.

He has expertise in finishing off the issues. That is why he is a good counselor as well. He is efficient in giving a lesson to people in a positive and fun way because he considers this life a play and this world a playground. Mentally and physically, he always stays active because he doesn’t like to sit idle. He may have a joyful nature, but he doesn’t tolerate any mistake. It is his special quality to get the desired aim with his efforts.

Comment: finishing off issues and… people, I would add. Two people had died due to Bomjon’s special ability to finish off. It is also a fact observed by many people who stayed around him, that even if he is cruel to many people and softly kind to others, he never feels bad about harming them or discriminating. He is always playing with human beings like a cat is playing with a mouse until it dies. 

It will entire shock but Bomjon’s followers to learn that he does not like to sit idle. They had based all their religion and worship on their belief that Bomjon sat 6 years in motionless meditation! Actually, most of those who were near Bomjon during that time, know that this is a lie. And the starts cannot be cheated! Bomjon loves activity and is of a restless mentality. Even if he sits in apparent “meditation” for the public, his mind is engaged in preparing his “mission”, a planning whom he would kidnap and by which tricks. Having a young and sharp mind, all his plans eventually get fulfilled and he can enjoy the game. 

That he does not tolerate any mistake, is also known by those who happened to become his victims or had been punished by him. What Bomjon actually enjoys most is his power to punish and terrorize, to ruin and to destroy the morality of people. He does not care so much about killing them, it is more important for him to kill the soul of people….

Education & Income: he follows complete discipline at his work. In anything, he just surpasses everyone and he knows how to prove this as well. Favorable professions for he is goldsmith; artisan and tradesman; acrobat; gymnast or circus artist; paper production related works; printing and publishing; share market; packaging; toy making; shop; clerk; banking; typist; physiotherapist; beauty products related works; doctor; psychologist; astrologer; works related to clothes; agriculture; gardening related works; radio and television; news anchoring; journalism; clay and ceramic related fields; etc.

Comment: When Bomjon stayed one year in Dehradun Monastery, his lama teacher recognized that the boy was not following the Mahayana path of Gautama Buddha. The boy Bomjon was interested only in one thing: how to attain powers! All his efforts had been directed towards this goal. He did not wish to follow the monk’s ego-less, humble lifestyle. He wanted to be No. 1. No wonder that he left the monastery after one year. Returning to his village, he soon left to the jungle to find what he did not find in a Buddhist monastery. Yet there could have been others who had vested interest in creating a meditating doll in a golden cage, as we can read in a Quora article:

“He told me that he is not Buddha child , he just have some unusual disease from childhood. He used to sit alone and not so friendly with others. He told me that when Ram Bahadur Bomjon was in 8th Grade ( I dun remember the exact grade) two korean citizen and one Nepali people come to there school and they donate some money to school as well. At that moment they also made this big master  plan of making Ram Bahadur Bomjan as child Buddha. So, they use the unusual sickness of bomjan as a medium to earn money and of course they did grab huge money from it as well.”


Comment: Bomjon prefers any “job” which brings him fame and reputation, pomp and celebration. From the various professions that Bomjon’s Jyotisha offers, h is maybe the nearest to a circus artist. Loving the pomp and decorations, the applauding crowd, even his “world peace maitri puja” events are like a circus performance. News anchoring and journalism and publishing is also an area where Bomjon wishes to exert more power, actually he had arranged that media in Nepal is not allowed to publish anything critical about him, and he had also issued a few books, but in Nepalese.

Family Life: he relishes an ideal conjugal life, but small issues related to married life are possible. His life partner has a nice behavior. Most probably, his first child will be a son

Comment: according to the information coming from the insiders of Ram Bomjon, he had actually made a male child which was born in the autumn of 2015. The only problem is that before that child was born, numerous other embryos and children, with which Bomjon’s girlfriends (including his main girlfriend Dipshika – Guru Ama) had become pregnant, had to be aborted, at the command of the “guru”. This is obviously very much against his publicly exhibited non-violence and protection of all life, but to those who became his victims of violence and tortures, and to those who had seen him thrashing people, this is of no surprise… The interesting thing is that although Bomjon’s inner Sangha (group of followers) does know about the abortions and male child born, it is a tight secret and the public (especially the rich donors!) should not be know about it. Some long-time followers and organizers like Andrea Good of Japan, but distanced themselves from Bomjon after learning about his lies about celibacy.

This is one of the issues that would ruin the illusory white cloud of divine aura, if all the tens of thousands of Nepalis and foreigners would learn the truth about Bomjon’s sexual life. Local villagers from Bara District knew this already back in 2011 and earlier. Once I was told by Binu Lama of Simara, that a committee meeting of Bomjon’s followers held in their restaurant was discussing the strange request of their guru in the Halkhoriya Jungle, to bring him 5 virgins there! 

For locals in Bara and especially Ratanpuri is also known that the main reason of tension between Bomjon and his mother and siblings was that he was keeping in his inner jungle young girls and young nuns as his helpers, like Dipshika and Palchen Mo. Bomjon’s family felt ashamed for his preference of girls, when everyone thought he was an ascetic in celibacy. His mother accused him in the Nepalese media even of incest with the smallest sister, Ranjita, whom he took to his jungle in March 2012. All-in-all Bomjon is anything than a celibateur, and as he is playing to the public an ascetic yogi, he is then also a liar. 

Yet his girlfriends are paradoxically nice girls who never harmed anyone to my knowledge. They had been kept away from witnessing Bomjon’s atrocities against kidnapped people, or they might have known about them, but been explained that the victims had been punished for some terrible crimes etc. Dipshika, Bomjon’s main concubine, whom he announced to be “Guru Ama” (mother of the guru), is described as a kind and dedicated, silent girl who did not lose faith in Bomjon even after having to have aborted around 5 children before her first baby was allowed to be born by Bomjon. 

Insiders who stay with Bomjon in his premises, of course know about Dipshika and other girlfriends, but they know that it is forbidden to leak out anything to the public or, godforbid, media! Actually the naming of Dipshika as “Guru Ama” was also a reaction to the many doubts and questions of followers seeing the girl in Bomjon’s house during nights too. After there were to many embarrassments, he announced them that Dipshika is his wife (although there was no public marriage ceremony) and everyone must respect her as such and call Guru Ama. Informers but described her suffering from Bomjon not being faithful to her, but having other girlfriends too. 

The problem is not that Bomjon is living a sexual life like any other young man, especially in the more free West. The only problem is that he is basing his image on a LIE of celibacy and holiness, and let’s thousands of naive Tamang ladies to bow to his feet, thinking he is a pure ascetic Buddha. 


What do you think about this? Your comment is welcome!

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