Why did Manu have to die?

‘The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.”

Setopati: The State must watch Bomjon closely


What did Manu know what others did not? What was her alleged unprecedented sin for which she had to be “internally punished” by Bomjon-Maitriya? How it is that thousands of Bomjon’s followers had accepted and agreed with him punishing anyone by violence and torture? Who were those cooperating with Bomjon bringing about a human being’s slow death? These and other questions arise after the sad news about an innocent devotee’s end, which can become a precedence to a series of similar “internal punishments” if no authority stops them…

Above image: Manu (Manomaya, Manmaya, Asali Lama) on the right, Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s sister in Japan, where she was invited by Bomjon’s Sangha leader Andrea Good in March 2011. Source: The Buddha Boy Google Group



Manu, Bomjon’s sister, was his longest-time serving attendant. When Bomjon first went to the Ratanpuri jungle (crossing from his Tamang village from the other side of the river, Bongjor), it was his own siblings who went after him and stayed vigil to protect him ferociously for years. Thus, one would expect that understanding the siblings’ great help during the most crucial time, a real meditator would be grateful to them all his life. Yet as we know from the eye-witnesses, devotees, local villagers and media, Bomjon had issued a “Fatwa” against his own family, including his mother. To understand the connection between Manu and Bomjon, we should also see clearly his unusually cruel attitude towards his mother and siblings, who had been the main supporters of his “spiritual quest”.

The first who was caring about Bomjon when he was in deep trance, whatever the source of that state was, was Ganga, his eldest brother. He needed someone to look after his physical needs and safety. Safety mainly from onlookers, of course. Most of them came with great respect and even devotion, in wonder and appreciation, and with cash… Thus the “job” of Ganga, Bomjon’s eldest brother, was not so hard, and soon even envied by the “village elders”, who had been gathered traditionally into “village committees”.

Yet, as everywhere, and especially in a Maoist-ideology-effected time (1990-2005), atheist disbelievers had mocked and allegedly “disturbed” the then 16 years old Bomjon. For this reason Ganga, neglecting his own family and village pharmacy business, had been even sleeping in the vicinity of Bomjon’s “meditation tree”. He could not manage but alone, and soon a “committee” had been formed from Bongjor and Ratanpuri villagers to assist him in “protecting Buddha Boy”.

Image above: Ganga, Bomjon’s eldest brother, was ‘Buddha Boy’s’ main supporter, protector and guard from the first days in 2005. Source: The Buddha Boy Google Group



During this time Manu was still in the family house, as she was the oldest of the still unmarried sisters, and her help was needed in the huge fields that the Bomjon’s owned: in spite of the popular belief spread by the followers, Bomjon did not come from a poor family. His family owned many hectares of land, and acquired even a whole hill covered with jungle in front of the village. Thus manual work was permanently needed to maintain the huge farm and the many buffaloes, cows, chicken, goats. The eldest sister Phulmaya had been already married and lived in Hetauda. Ganga was married and had a small pharmacy. Dil was the next in the row, but he was as well getting married.

As in a traditional Nepali family, where men anyway do not work much in the farms and around the house, the family needed most of all Manu’s physical presence. Smaller from Manu were Shyam, Ranjita and Babula, but they were still too young.

Bomjon’s mother and sister Ranjita in old photo

Then there was Rajkumari, a sister who is older from Manu. She joined Ganga in looking after Bomjon soon when the flow of curious visitors became too big to handle. According to Daniel Haber (Journey into the forest) and Thomas L. Kelly but the unprecedented amount of donations tempted the committee members to embezzlement, and questions as to who is entitled to handle the money arose. Gradually there were tensions arising against the family members of Bomjon as well, even if, according to even the law, it was them who would have the right to safe-keep the money collected for Bomjon. But committee members (an ever-recycling group of opportunists) had tried to take advantage of the unusual popularity of the Bongjor boy’s idle sitting under the tree…



Image above (only illustrative!): Mira Rai, Nepal’s successful runner, had also entered the Maoist army when she was just 14, like so many young men and women during the time of Maoist Insurgence in Nepal. Bomjon’s sister Rajkumari could have looked similar… Courtesy of: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/05/mira-rai-former-child-soldier-athlete-women-nepal

At that point Rajkumari had just turned a nun clad in a red robe, maybe inspired by Bomjon’s meditation. Yet it was not long after she had joined the Maoist army! This is a secret which current followers don’t know, because the official version of the Bomjon legend is that he risked his meditation in the jungle even “during the dangerous Maoist times”.  Even the BBC’s Discovery Channel’s documentary, “The Boy with Divine Powers” had described the courage of the young boy in the light of Maoist insurgence, and when he was told to “disappear”, a hysteria was created fearing that the Maoists had harmed him.

Yet the “secret” behind Bomjon’s safety in the jungle was ensured actually by Rajkumari’s membership in the Maoist Army! As the local Maoists would not harm the “mentally ill” brother of their own co-fighter. (Due to his unusual behavior, Bomjon had been considered mentally ill by many secular people those times, including his own parents and siblings).

Another secret, which would shock most of Bomjon’s current worshipers is that Rajkumari had been but caught by the Government forces and put to prison. That was a point when Bomjon, although told to be in total silence and to be not interfering with worldly issues, had felt the need to help his sister. Not being able to help with his magical power, he asked his newly acquired worshiper, Jas Bahadur W., to use his contacts in high politics. W. was that time a local smuggler ring’s king, himself describing himself as a “mafia leader”. Without political contacts he would have been not free to pursue such an activity. Thus he had “his people” in “high places”, and it took him five minutes to free Bomjon’s Maoist sister from prison…

Bomjon never forgot his great help, and W. was for many years his most trusted friend.



Image: Rajkumari, Bomjon’s sister, was among his first caretakers around 2006. Source: Old official website of Ram Bomjon (closed)


Rajkumari was a very dedicated follower of her own brother, working hard to maintain the “female work” like cooking, laundry, cleaning with other villager ladies, but she was still young and naive. Yet a great temptation arrived through a Kathmandu visitor from those “high places” of the Nepalese rich, who offered her a job in America… Bomjon was trying to persuade her to stay, but she decided to try her fortune in the capital. Needless to say that the great promise turned out to be unrealizable, and she ended up in working as a household helper in the rich family….

When she returned ashamed to Ratanpuri, Bomjon refused to take her back, and she married in the village of W., Piluwa. This was the beginning of Bomjon’s very self-confident manipulations with his own family members. Free from any Buddha-like detachment, he was very active, picky and authoritative when deciding about who and when can accompany him from his own family. No wonder, because from his early childhood the whole family had been ridiculing him for his strange behavior, and rather considered him mentally ill – as Ganga is admitting in the BBC documentary. He must have felt humiliated by them for long and must have felt the need to show them who is the powerful one, at last. When he started to “meditate”, suddenly he became the Number One Importance of the family, and he was apparently happy to use (and misuse) his newly acquired authority among his own siblings.

Ganga remained his main connection to the world as well as protector and guard for many years, partially even until 2011, when he was disgraced. But when Rajkumari left the scene, another trustful female helper was needed for cooking, laundry, leading the female volunteers… The Bomjon ashram became a big enterprise, with a settlement where people had been eating, working, making religious rituals (pujas)…


Image above: Maitriya Guru’s sister, Manu, as a Buddhist nun in Japan, after the invitation by Bomjon’s Western Sangha’s leader, Andrea Good, in March 2011. Source: The Buddha Boy Google Groups. 

Thus Manu arrived more often. Before she arrived but she spent a few months in the same monastery where Bomjon himself stayed one year: the Sakya Monastery of Dehradun, India. Thus Manu came to serve Bomjon already as an ordained nun with a shaved head. This outfit fitted Bomjon’s goals to impress the Buddhist lamas more. Manu was energetic, loud, funny and happy young girl, but when it came to protecting her brother, she was merciless. As Bomjon always spoke about some “secret disturbers” who arrived mainly at night, the family was always in tense alert, and watching with suspicions all visitors, especially the foreigners. Already as early as in 2005 and 2006, no one was allowed to cross nearer than twenty or so meters from him (a fence was erected), and guards had been set to ensure this during day and night…

Then Bomjon had disappeared for long months and ended up in Halkhoriya Jungle, where he established his meditation place anew, this time mostly surrounded by his siblings, as it was too far from Ratanpuri villagers from the ‘Committee’ to come and reside with him. Yet in Halkhoriya strange events had started to happen, and Manu, Ganga, later Shyam and occasionally Dil – the siblings had been all witnessing them with awe. Sometimes they could not keep the secrets and shared here and there

Image above: Bomjon’s siblings all looked after him, guarded him and served devotees in Halkhoriya between 2006 and 2011. From the left: Ganga, Manu, Shyam and Dil, in front of the kitchen hut at the riverbed in Halkhoriya settlement. Source: The Buddha Boy Google Group



Yet those secrets were only partly those “miracles” that are in the official biography of Ram Bomjon. Some of them were really mind-blowing, like the moment when (according to Manu), Bomjon sent away a jungle elephant who marched towards the group of his visitors, by just one waving of his hand… Or descriptions how the regular spring wild-fires stop always just around his meditation place…

In spite of the official version of Bomjon’s Biography, written by naive and uninformed Western followers, he actually never was alone during his meditations, neither during his roamings in the jungle. From 2005 onward he was always surrounded, cared for and followed by his siblings or other followers! There had been a few occasions of his alleged “disappearances”, when, as we learned later from the Google Group conversations, he spent long time with an Indian follower Rakesh, enjoying boyish games, martial arts fights, trekking in Nepal’s jungles and even mountains, canyoning from water-falls…Rakesh’s shocking revelation published after 2012 on Google Group, proved that Bomjon was far from any idle meditation or any deep Samadhi during the years of his alleged “ascetic meditation”.

According to the official version, it was also during his “6 years of tough meditation” when he visited India’s Bodh Gaya and allegedly “attained enlightenment” there. Though about his presence and alleged enlightenment there had been no news and witness accounts in the Buddhist world, while Body Gaya is the most crowded Buddhist holy site, permanently filled with monks and nuns and pilgrims, where no one could actually hide, even more “attain enlightenment” unnoticed. It is interesting that no one recalls any Nepalese Tamang Yogi sitting in Bodh Gaya in deep enlightenment state…

But according to many independent ex-follower sources, during Bomjon’s alleged “6 years of silent meditation” between 2005 and 2011, he also visited India for many other reasons, one of them being a girlfriend Dipshika in Darjeeling… A foreigner Kim N. had been accompanying him on a few occasions.

Above image: Manu, a Japanese devotee, Barry Ryder (US), Andrea Good (US-Japan), Ganga and Usha didi (back) in front of the kitchen hut of Halkhoriya settlement around 2008. Usha didi of Darjeeling’s Mirik was the aunt of Bomjon’s girlfriend Dipshika, whom he had announced to be his wife and named “Guru Ama” after 2013. Source: The Buddha Boy Google Group



Obviously then Manu and Ganga, the most senior attendants to Bomjon, witnessed many of these events and were made to keep more and more secrets. Those who know Bomjon long time, know that he was always playing the “don’t tell others” game. Yet he was always playing this on many sides at once, and while he gave the impression that his main trustees were his siblings, he shared to W. and later to Darshan Subba, that he did not trust Manu and Ganga… Bomjon used his growing authority to turn his siblings against his other followers, and turn other followers against his siblings. These intrigues were but created gradually and carefully, so that they seemed as a natural outwearing of the siblings special position in his cult.

Above image: Manu and a monk sitting helplessly in the background, while police is “interrogating” Bomjon after his medially known attacks on the 17 Madeshi men of Manarhwa, locking them up for the night and beating them with sticks together with his monks and followers in 2010. Madeshis belonging to a marginalized community, the police reports had been soon taken down due to bribes and pressure from the powerful people around Bomjon. Police and media did not hide their curiosity and a certain awe and respect, which blocked them to raise hands and bring Bomjon for investigations. The Committee of Ram Bomjon and his Sangha claimed that the Madeshis were aggressors… Manu must have known the full truth…Source: Nepalese media (Prateek Daily). 

While Bomjon gossiped some of his newly coming spiritual followers to Manu and used Manu to push them away or persecute them, he also used W. and committee members to cut down the “access rights” of Manu and Ganga to him. He used to complain to his followers about how Manu and Ganga disturb his meditation by their presence…

Yet what was the main reason behind his attempts to push away his own siblings?


During the time when Manu came to the scene, Bomjon did not only do “miracles” He also started with his main mission to “internally punish” people, innocent people, mostly his own devotees.  This punishment was mostly violent. W. had bought him a sword, a medieval flat-ended scimitar. In 2007 he tried to cut down the head of an innocent visitor, his childhood friend Anil Khatri of Ratanpuri, who came to Halkhoriya to see how his friend was doing, with the herd of his cows and surprised Bomjon when he was practicing martial arts in his jungle compound. Only due to Anil’s quick reaction the sword missed its destination and “only” cut his shoulder, leading to excessive bleeding. Bomjon, seeing the blood, seemed to awake from his trance and ordered Dil, his brother, to take Anil to hospital on his motorbike.

Above snapshot made from Nirlog blog. 


After this attack Bomjon had been warned to leave Halkhoriya and hide from police investigations until W. would smooth it out with generous bribes. Bomjon is convinced that his mission is to punish, and even kill people. One of his messages sent through Darshan and the Simara Lama Hotel’s staff to Marici, a later devotee, was: “If you come to Halkhoriya, I will have to kill you”. This whole is very different from the official version of who he is and what is his mission. He is playing a double-game, while behind the scenes his actions are full of very dark events, in the open, during his public appearances he is posing as an enlightened buddha, recently even as a god – whose mission is to bring world peace, love, tolerance... The followers refuse to investigate what is behind the curtain, and those who know much too well, are already brainwashed to believe that Bomjon’s real mission – attacking and killing, punishing – has to be hidden from the world because “people would misunderstand it”…

Manu might have been long caught up in the dilemma whether to support Bomjon in these very un-Buddhist endeavors, or oppose and leave. Her patience and devotion was very long. Even after Anil was attacked with the scimitar, she did not lose faith in her Buddha Boy brother, and accompanied him, together with brother Shyam (who also became a monk in 2010) to a faraway hiding place, in the jungle of Bhagjora. That place was suitable for hiding, because locals believe that it is filled with tigers.

Image above: Bomjon filmed by French Television 2 with his sword in Bhagjora, a jungle near Hetauda. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzZCTf1gWaI&list=PL4270FF300C67F1A4

This was one of those much advertised “disappearances” of Ram Bomjon, which made the headlines in Nepal and the world so many times. It was a plain absconding from justice, I was told by a Ratanpuri villager, nothing connected to spirituality…


It was Pragya Ratna Ghullu, a Theravadan monk (now a married businessman), who had been alerted, together with a few committee members, W. and his wife, to go and visit Bomjon in the Bhagjora Jungle. The camera crew of the French Television had been allowed to go with them, and filmed the shocking record of Bomjon sitting “in meditation”, speaking sweetly and near him his sword.

The French Television’s documentary was titled “Soujet Romain Destanse: Le Pettite Bouddha” . This is the only reliable visual proof that Bomjon had been armed with a sword.

That was just another of the many similar cases when Bomjon was told to be “hiding from the disturbances of the public”, yet he was never alone. The people behind the scene were always his helpers who looked after his every need and who were the ones who used phone calls and other means to inform the trusted devotees about Bomjon’s whereabouts and plans. One of these was Manu, who was regularly phoning W. and other followers about the events around Bomjon.

BARA, Dec 27 – “Buddha” boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjan, who was found on Monday after disappearing for 10 months, resumed meditation at a new site at Halkhorea pond, Tuesday.

Bomjan reached the area, some eight kilometers away from Baghjhor–where he was discovered by a group of hunters on Monday night–after covering the distance on foot for three hours. As per his “new announcement” on Monday, he started meditating under the historic five hundred-year-old tree near the pond….

Bomjan left Baghjhor jungle with his sister Manmaya and a local Indra Lama, whom Bomjan chose as his helper. “We three walked till here during night time. But he did not talk to us throughout the journey,” Manmaya told. She claimed that he did not speak to anyone from Monday night….


Source: http://blog.com.np/2006/12/27/budhha-boy-meditatin

Archive: http://archive.is/ebaVk


“Bomjan, who reportedly meditated without a break and without food or water from May 16, 2005 onwards at Ratanpuri of Bara district, left his meditation site on March 11, 2006 stating that the place had lost its peace. Before leaving, he said that he would return after six years. However, he has turned up just 10 months after leaving. Bomjan said that till today, he was living in the forests of Bara, Parsa and Rautahat districts. He said he did not take food during this period, but consumed medicinal herbs found in the forest. His family, including mother Maya Devi, were extremely happy to see him return.” (www.himlayatravelclub.com)

(It is necessary to understand that the lush jungles of Nepal are the source of food for many poor villagers, providing them with dozens of edible spinach types (Saag), tasty wild mushrooms (one family member told it is Bomjon’s favorite) and a variety of wild fruits like baer, kaniya, wild bel, wild banana, wild mango... Thus, if someone is claiming “not to eat at all” while claiming in the same times eating from the jungle in Nepal, it can be quite a contradiction. Yet fanatic foreigners and Nepalis who idealize Bomjon, are stuck to the legend that their guru never touched a single edible think all six years. We can see that even himself admitted to media that he did eat occasionally, but modestly…)

Below images show two of the many edible jungle spinaches and fruits available in the Terai jungles (in Halkhoriya as well), the Niuro Saag, the Baer fruit (Source: Tasteofnepal.blogspot.com, Medium.com)

Researchers from the Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal, Tribhuvan University, and Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue used focus group discussions and key informant interviews to document 81 species of wild edible plants including Angiosperms (74), Pteridophytes (5), and Fungi (2).

Priority edible plant species included Aegle marmelos, Asparagus racemosus, Buchanania latifolia, Dioscorea deltoidea, Diplazium esculentum, Murraya koenigii, Phyllanthus emblica, Syzygium cumini and Zizyphus mauritiana.



Above image: Manu with Bomjon during the funeral procession of their father who died in Autumn 2011. The man on the right is ex-health minister Mani Lama, Bomjon’s VIP supporter. 

During the whole time of Bomjon’s stay in Halkhoria there had been big cooking going on two-three times a day. It was allegedly for the residents, the followers. A few old Tamang lamas called “meme” had been starting to reside around him, and later on, in 2010, khenpo Sonam Gyurme arrived with a group of his teenager monks. This all needed great resources and a regular flow of food. W. was the main financial supporter of the “Sangha” in Halkhoriya those times. From 2010 on more Western foreigners joined the group, who often brought donations. The Halkhoriya Jungle Compound became a busy place with generators, computers and a very well equipped Nepalese kitchen. The main cook was Manu and “Palchen Mo”, civil name Bishnu, a breathtakingly beautiful nun who started to serve Bomjon together with Manu from the time he was in Ratanpuri.

During 2010-2011 the main trustees, who had an explicit right to enter Bomjon’s “inner circle”, a fenced area inside the main compound, where no one was allowed to cross. They were the connections between him and the outside world. Regularly coming from there and going there during the day and also night… When asked, they declined to speak about what was their task near Buddha Boy, who was told to be in “permanent meditation” during those times, under his tree… He is not eating, does not need to wash himself, does not need laundry etc. – this was the legend that people had been told to believe. Yet the so frequent visits of Manu, Shyam, Palchen Mo, old silent “memes’ to Bomjon’s inner place, raised many feelings of suspicion.


Above image: Manu’s best friend and another trustee of Ram Bomjon was Palchen Mo, civil name Bishnu of a village near Ratanpuri called Lal. Source: Palden Dorje website. Source: old official website of Bomjon (closed down)

When asked, all these people told that Bomjon is NOT teaching them any meditation. Yet there was also a ban for all residents to go out of their houses and tents during late night hours apart from basic needs. The strongest ban, for some reason, was to visit the kitchen hut during the night hours. Religious and traditional reasons had been told, as well as “for your own safety from wild animals”.

But nearly every night a group of people sneaked inside the kitchen hut, creating havoc among the compound’s dogs. There had been never any explanation, who they were and why did they eat during the deepest night hours. Occasionally devotees had sightings of Ram Bomjon during late night hours, coming to the social area.

When at one occasion Nangsal, a female devotee lady was cooking alone in the kitchen room those times set in the concrete office houses, during a dark evening (Manu was in Japan that time), she was surprised by the “Guru” coming to the kitchen. This shock was so big to her that she ran to khenpo and the devotees to bring the “awesome news”… No wonder that Nangsal, who seemed to have witnessed something she was not supposed to, had been soon announced mentally ill by Bomjon, one day physically overpowered by his attendants and evicted from Halkhoriya, accused of coming to his hidden place at night naked! She had been forcibly bought to psychiatric hospital and generally ridiculed by Bomjon and his Sangha even after she returned…


Above image: a lady whose real name was not known, only her “spiritual name’ told by Andrea good as “Nangsal”. Here she is during the visit of Tsona rinpoche to Halkhoriya in spring 2011 (Tsona made suicide in India!), who was khenpo Sonam Gyurme’s guru and who wanted to meet Bomjon. Nangsal was serving khenpo’s needs, and might not have been involved in the secret habits of Bomjon. Surprised by him in the kitchen, Bomjon totally destroyed her reputation, and claimed she was mentally ill. Her only sin was that she was in the wrong place in the wrong time.

Another separate incident: during one visit which became an involuntary night visit due to the long walk through the jungle, a visitor arrived when everyone was already asleep, around midnight. Tortured by excruciating hunger, the visitor opened the kitchen door just to find enough cooked food for 1-2 persons, put aside and carefully covered. The first thought the devoted visitor of Halkhoriya compound got “it was put aside for me by Guruji in his ability to foretell I would come late”. Yet combined with other suspicious facts, soon a question appeared: for whom had been the cooked food put apart…?

Bomjon’s main trusted supporter W. had shared to a few Western followers that “Guruji” was actually not totally keeping back from eating. But the version W. was telling, still brings admiration: he told that he used to eat once a month or once a few weeks only! Yet already there had been a difference between the official version claiming that Ram Bomjon was “meditating without food” all six years and even after, and between what most Nepalese insiders actually already knew. The full truth, which should be not shared with the Western devotees, otherwise, as they believed, they would stop admiring Buddha Boy and stop give donations. This secrecy about Bomjon’s reality was based on the primitive belief that his popularity was only due to his Inedia (non-eating) and miraculous powers.

Yet who else could have known everything about Bomjon’s eating habits, than Manu Ani, his nun-sister, who was the main cook of the Halkhoriya site, together with Palchen-Mo, and who had the explicit right to come and go to his inner “meditation place”? Could it be that she was a potential time-bomb for the Buddha Boy?

Image above: Manu studying Japanese in the room of the first Khaiba (Buddhist Thangka painter) in spring 2011, in the wooden house of the nuns and foreign female devotees. The Khaiba painted pictures at the order of Ram Bomjon, which had been displayed during the 2011 Mahadarhshan event. he later left Bomjon and Halkhoriya, after misunderstandings about the payment. Viewing these thangkas by foreign and Nepali devotees was another of the many “bans” that Bomjon created in Halkhoriya, but as we see, Manu had access to any secrets.


Apart from the potentially destructive witness accounts about Bomjon’s attack on Anil, and the truth about his Inedia, Manu must have been involved as witness in many other events. Similarly as in the case of the 2012 kidnapping and keeping locked up and chained two women by Bomjon and by the help of his attendants, monks and nuns, the typical scenario was always that Bomjon kept his victims in the inside jungle where visitors were forbidden to enter, yet his faithful attendants were coming and going, to regularly punish and torture the chained victims, but also, occasionally give them some food and some water. How otherwise could have the Spanish woman also survive many weeks tied in Bomjon’s jungle, without contact with the world, in 2007?

The story of the kidnapped, tied and tortured Spanish devotee had been circulated inside the Sangha and especially by W. She was the very first known case of Bomjon’s witch-accusation and torture. Yet there must have been others involved, who came and went between the inner jungle and the outer settlement at the edge of the riverbed, where the cooking and social life was happening.

Image above: Manu in Halkhoriya with her sponsor and friend, Andrea Good. 

While during the keeping of two women in 2012 the coming-going attendants were Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski, Darshan Limbu, Molam lama, Usha didi, Shyangbo Dong, Khaiba painter, and many “memes”, there must have been similarly involved people also during the time when the Spanish woman had been kept and tortured in 2007. And that time, as we know, his main attendants were Manu, Shyam, Palchen-Mo, Ganga and some “memes”, old and young Tamang monks.

Did Manu just know too much about the case of the Spanish woman, which had been published in Nepalese media at the time? Did she know about other cases, possibly even more dark and tragic, and she had to keep silent about them to “protect Guruji’s name”?


It is too logical that if Manu was a witness and even helper, out of her naivety, in Bomjon’s crimes and knew about his real face behind the mask of his “asceticism”, she must have been long time a source of nervousness for Buddha Boy, who had an aspiration to expand to be a widely admired spiritual world leader. What would a clever person do? To get rid of Manu, Shyam, Ganga... and to announce them his own enemies! In case they would speak “negatively” about Bomjon, everyone would just think that they were trying to undermine his reputation by false stories… This was a really genial plan of Bomjon!

And exactly this had been done, but gradually so that the development seemed natural. When Andrea Good arrived to Nepal in 2008, then 2010, she took Manu under her sponsorship, using her as a stepping stone to get nearer to Ram Bomjon himself. Andy, who was actually manipulating with money collected by the members of Buddha Boy Google Group, posed as a single donor and got the full credit of the Nepalese followers for her “great personal contribution”. It was also from international collections that Andy financed the invitation of Manu and Pragya Ratna Ghullu to Japan, her home in March-April 2011.

Above image is a snapshot from the email report of Andrea Good (lovetruthjoy) to the Buddha Boy Google Group during Manu’s visit in Japan, after an invitation by Andrea. Below are a few photos of Manu and Pragya Ratna Ghullu in Japan made by Andrea Good and posted to the Buddha Boy Google Groups in march 2011:


It was this time when Bomjon’s family started to view with suspicions his preference to be surrounded by beautiful young women and young nuns. Locals in Bara also spoke about sighting with girlfriends, Dipshika and also others. Palchen Mo, a beautiful nun and Manu’s friend, had been seen too often going to stay with Bomjon alone in the jungle... All this brought many ridicule and shame to the family, and they felt they should warn Bomjon about the dangers of taking only female helpers to his hidden jungle place.

Yet when they reminded him of this, Bomjon and his Sangha had shown enmity rather than taking the advice, and the family had been accused of “trying to interfere with Bomjon’s Dharma”, and disgraced!

When Manu returned from Japan, she was staying in Halkhoriya only a few months, but Bomjon was ‘sending her away” on many occasions. At certain periods Bomjon was erratically announcing and dismaying “bans” for visitors to come, between September and December 2011, already preparing the environment for the kidnapping and torturing of two women. Sometimes it was only Manu and Palchen Mo, and 2-3 memes who were allowed to stay with him in Halkhoriya.

Yet another reason was, according to Simara locals, that Bomjon had started to “run away” to East India a few times, to visit his girlfriend, Dipshika there. She was the niece of a fanatic follower of Bomjon, Usha didi, of Mirik in Darjeeling. In July 2011 Bomjon disappeared from Halkhoriya, but only his most trustful followers knew about it, Usha didi, W, Darshan Limbu… He did not tell it to Manu, and she was quite hurt.


Yet only very few people loved Bomjon so endlessly as Manu did. According to Andy’s Google Group report, when he did not show up during the Gadhi Mai puja in 2009, Manu was so worried that she stopped to eat and became very skinny… All other followers, even some siblings, could have been more easily accused of at least partially taking personal advantage from Bomjon’s fame. Yet Manu, a nun, had dedicated her whole life to the service of her Buddha Boy brother, without wishing anything for herself.

She used to stay in the wooden hut at the riverbed, and wake up every single day at 3 AM, in the dark, and go out to start cooking, so that the Halkhoriya residents had breakfast ready at six. She did this together with Palchen Mo, and sometimes other nuns and villager ladies, but Manu was always the main workforce.

Above image: the house built for the nuns and female devotees, where Manu and Palchen Mo lived. It was not far from the kitchen hut. 

During the autumn months of 2011 but Manu started to be gossiped by Bomjon more and more, and she was also perceived negatively by some followers who saw her as an obstacle to get nearer to Bomjon. At that time Bomjon’s own mother, Mayadevi, had been already banned by Bomjon to come and see him in Halkhoriya all year long in 2011, what caused her extreme pain and humiliation. Gradually Bomjon also pushed out Manu, when he gave more and more duties to his newly arrived attendants, the Polish Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski (Tom Dorje), Darshan Limbu, Molam lama, Bal Hari Rai. Ganga and Shyam had left the scene soon when khenpo (who had good relations with the family) had been evicted on in August, thus their influence had been cut down.

Yet Manu was still a powerful element in the Halkhoriya Compound till around September-November 2011, when she had been as well “evicted” by Bomjon. Reasons had been made up, so that people believed it was just. Manu’s help was also needed at home, as the mother was getting older, and Manu also wanted to study computers in Hetauda, an idea which was initiated by Andy Good before.



Yet when the case of the two women held by Bomjon between December 2011 and March 2012 had been shown on the TV, the Bomjon family was watching with great shock. The first thing they became frightened about was the fact that just those times the youngest sister Ranjita, who had been studying in Piluwa’s Bara Academy and living in Rajkumari’s house, decided to leave all behind and stay with her Buddha Boy brother in the jungle. She was only 13 at the time.  Bomjon made sure that the Halkhoriya residents staying at the riverbed had very little knowledge about the tortures of the two women, who were held deeper in his inner circle. The child Ranjita of course could not have any information about what was going on in the jungle at the order of her famous brother…

Above image: Bomjon’s mother (in red) and her youngest beloved daughter Ranjita (first left), when she was still not staying with Bomjon in Halkhoriya. 

When the whole family (mother, Ganga, Manu, Shyam, Babula, Rajkumari) decided to visit Halkhoriya in April 2012, and take Ranjita away from the environment of violence and rapes, Bomjon let them locked up in a house for five days, torturing them. Extremely worried about the condition of Mayadevi, Dil arrived to offer to replace her in the hostage group later, what was allowed by Bomjon.

Bamjan’s sister Raj Kumari said her three brothers had visited Halkhoriya to tell Bamjan that unruly behaviour of some of his followers was tarnishing Bamjan and Sangh’s image.
Bamjan’s mother and sisters had reached the Halkhoriya jungle this morning. Bamjan’s younger sister Asali Lama (Manu) said even she was thrashed by Bamjan. “He beat me up when we reached there to free our brothers,” said Asali (Manu). “Guru (Bamjan) hit me on my head but said nothing.” https://thehimalayantimesarchive.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/buddha-boy-turns-violent-thrashes-siblings/

Independent Western witnesses described how Bomjon was shouting at the family members, attacking some of them with the handle of his sword and let his attendants (armed with swords), Darshan, Bal Hari, Tomasz and some Nepalese monks, attack and frighten them as well. At one point, during these chaotic “negotiations’ Manu had been hit on her head by Bomjon himself, what she described in the media:

Above is an email snapshot from a devotee who arrived to Bomjon in April 2012 with a plan to become his monk. He had witnessed the attacks of Bomjon and his attendants against the family members, but did not understand then who was who. The tragicomedy in all this was that to the foreign devotees watching the Bomjon and his men attacking people, a story had been made up, claiming that Bomjon was “fatherly” punishing a monk who had allegedly stolen the tractor key… Most foreign devotees, who did not understand a word in Nepali, accepted the explanation!


Later, when they were released – without Ranjita – they tried to report the incident to police headquarters in Kalaiya, yet police had been bribed to stop any investigation. Ranjita was kept away from the violent scenes, and kept in illusion about the events. Bomjon’s mother told Nepalese media that she was afraid of an incestuous relationship between her son and Ranjita.

Above image: Ranjita during the days when she first arrived to stay in Halkhoriya in 2011.

Yet Bomjon was already very powerful and could order anything, his foreign followers, Andy Good, Ivy Jugoa, Kim Nguyen, Semyon Shekovtsov, Michael Leon, Joan Stanley-Baker and many more, provided him with total immunity against any crime accusation, with money to bribe police, media and politicians, and were pulling him towards the limelight and a position of the most worshiped religious personality.

Manu, who was only used by Andy as a stepping stone to reach nearer to Buddha Boy, had fallen out of Andy’s protection as soon as Bomjon created the drama about the conflict with his own family. Suddenly devotees were not advised to visit Bomjon’s family, and forbidden to support the widowed mother who was getting old. The only “good” family member was considered to be Ranjita.

When Ram Bomjon’s family discovered that Bomjon’s camp was kidnapping and violently attacking people, his mother, Mayadevi, expressed her profound disappointment and sent two of Bomjon’s brothers off to talk some sense into him.
It didn’t work. Upon hearing their pleas to bring his violent operation back into control, Ram Bomjon himself attacked his brothers, and ordered them to be held as hostages. Upon hearing of this, Ram Bomjon’s mother and sisters made the journey to Bomjon’s religious center to beg for the brothers’ release. Ram’s response was to strike one of his sisters on the headhttp://irregulartimes.com/2012/04/12/ram-bomjon-buddha-boy-gone-wild/


This shameful and hurting situation, and the sudden inability to find a new sense of life for the long devoted siblings, forced Manu to find a solution in the idea of earning money abroad, like so many Nepalese foreign workers are forced to do (paradoxically this was one of the topics that late PM Sushil Koirala brought up when chatting with the invited Bomjon in his Baluwatar residence in Oct. 2014!). Due to her abilities to manage computer work, she got a good position in Malaysia, and could support her ageing mother monthly. Later she brought to Malaysia her brother Shyam, Ganga and Babula as well. The opportunity to work abroad allowed them to become self-sufficient and also forget about the pain caused by their famous brother. Manu and Shyam, disappointed by Bomjon and betrayed by Buddhism, also put down their monk robes and let their hairs re-grow.

As most Nepalis in Malaysia, they might have had a contract only for two years. Manu might have returned to Nepal in 2014, when Bomjon was just back in Halkhoriya (summer), due to a sudden turn in Nepalese government, where his own people got an influence, as well as the Western Sangha had pushed enough the NGOs, human rights organizations, high level contacts, foreign diplomats, to ensure Bomjon impunity and power, as well as the right to get a passport and travel to the world. Later Bomjon attacked 5 men to blood in September 2, 2014, but still met the then PM Sushil Koirala in October, who promised him a right to get citizenship card, passport and freedom to return and take over Halkhoriya Jungle.

But Bomjon had settled in Badegaon, Sindhupalchowk. It is not clear where exactly was the meeting between Bomjon and Manu. According to informers it was in the beginning of 2015, and that the attacks on Manu (extreme thrashing on her head) had been carried out by Darshan Limbu and Tomasz Tarnowski at Bomjon’s order and his presence. Then conflicting news appeared about her alleged “encephalitis” acquired in Malaysia, were soon dismissed and the real reason behind her brain edema had been secretly shared to be the brutal beating at Bomjon’s order…

Above image: Darshan Limbu and the Polish Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski (Tom Dorje) had been staying with Bomjon in Halkhoriya Jungle from 2011 and followed him to his next residences. They had been used as his main attendants of violent attacks, tortures and rape (Darshan) at Bomjon’s orders. According to informers they had played part in the beating of Manu as well. Bomjon had awarded Darshan after he tortured two women for three months in 2012 by ordaining him a monk (that time still clad in red), and giving him a Dharma name Jyampa Foon Chook. 


Dorje stays with Bomjon until today, and he became his main attendant and trustee, clad in a blue robe. Tom was always among the squads sent by Bomjon to violently attack his victims: he played an active part in torturing the European Marici in 2012, attacking the journalists arriving to investigate her case (below video snapshot), as well as attacking Bomjon’s family members in April 2012… He is told to have hands in Manu’s next attack in 2015 as well, which brought about her death in 2016. As the second video snapshot shows, Tom, despite of his record as attacker in many cases, had also been allowed to the Prime Minister’s Baluwatar Office in October 2014, here shown filming the meeting between Bomjon and former and late PM Sushil Koirala.

Above: an old Facebook site of Tom Dorje. 

Above image: Darshan continues to be in touch with Bomjon’s followers even after allegedly “having had to escape” to the UK. Thus, the information that he is persecuted by death threats from the side of Bomjon and Tom Dorje, seem to have been made up to confuse the public, and Bomjon himself might have behind sending Darshan to safety from criminal prosecutions. 



‘The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.” http://setopati.net/society/21938/State-must-watch-Bomjon-closely/

Archive: http://archive.is/D7eo2

It was also this time (around Bomjon’s planned 2015 “World Peace Maitri Puja” in Badegaon, Sindhupalchowk) that some informers shared that Darshan Limbu, who was in and out Bomjon’s residences, had been suddenly evicted by Bomjon, allegedly due to finding drugs on his bed.  This was also confirmed by a public announcement on the official website of Bomjon, issuing a “Fatwa”, this time against Bomjon’s own favorite attendant.

Yet secret sources shared that Darshan became disgraced rather for the fact that he had been used to torture and beat so many victims that he started to show inability to keep the secret and had a tendency to mentally break down from the burden Bomjon put on him. Already in 2013 Darshan shared an Indian visitor to Bomjon that he used to have nightmares about one of his 2012 victim, Marici.

Being a drug-addict, Darshan could have been a rather unreliable person to keep the secrets about Bomjon’s brutal inhuman tortures, on a long-term. Thus, not surprisingly, one informer shared in 2015 that Darshan had to escape from Nepal because of alleged death-threats from his very co-devotee, the Polish Tom Dorje… Darshan, an active player in most kidnappings, tortures and rape orchestrated by his guru Ram Bomjon, is told to currently hide in the UK.

Was Manu attacked by Darshan and then Bomjon arranged him immunity against prosecution by sending him to the UK? Bomjon has currently many followers in the West who are ready to break the law and harm people, in their fanatic trust in Bomjon’s special Dharmic Mission.

Around this time, just for safety, he also announces Andrea Good “crazy” (source: Dharma-sangha.com), who was his main propagator and key personality in spreading the miraculous legends about him. Did Andrea try to question Bomjon’s cruelty against Manu and his family members too much…?

One thing is sure: Manu had been told to be suddenly in a tragic condition, a brain edema making her unable to look after her needs, walk, speak, think… A condition which would bring anyone to a hospital and a medical institute. Yet the leaked out information was that Manu could not stay in hospital as no one was able to pay her hospital bills anymore!

This is when it becomes really shocking, cruel and a betraying of all compassion, all Dharma that Bomjon is publicly standing behind. All leaked out news show that Manu, whose condition had been hidden from the public, had been slowly dying in great pains, without proper medicine and treatment, with a fatal injury, in the “care” of the very people who had attacked her and those who supported Bomjon in this attack!


In one version was that she had been infected by encephalitis and returned to Nepal to be treated, but the story goes that her family had no more money to treat her in a hospital and thus she had been transferred to Ngima Dawa Tamang’s Family Homestay. It is important to note that Dawa Tamang is Ram Bomjon’s long-time devotee himself, and his homestay is the main venue for all meetings among his followers in Kathmandu, especially the Western devotees. So when informers were tracing back Manu’s condition to brutal beatings by Bomjon and/or his attendants, it is more than alarming that the poor victim had to stay, till her death, in the very premises of the cult which caused her fatal injury, and be “treated” by those who were hosting and supporting her attackers! 

Ngima Dawa Tamang, Manu Ani and Junsei Terasawa in 2011

Above images: 1, Manu with :Family Homestay” owner, Ngima Dawa Tamang in Kathmandu’s Swayambhunath. 2, Manu with Ngima Dawa Tamang and Japanese pacifist Junsei Terasawa, both fanatic worshipers of Ram Bomjon, believing in him to be Maitreya Buddha, a god, the savior of humankind. In the same time, both men had been supporting and witnessing the torture of the two women in 2012, as well as many other inhuman and law-breaking acts by their guru and his attendants. Yet, considering it a special way to express “Dharma”, they never protested. 


Manu used to be a central person to the “logistics” of Halkhoriya Compound, and she had a few people, apart from Andy, who had been trying to get near to her, in the hope they would get into the favors of Bomjon. They could have been called her “friends”, according the many photos that Andrea and other released… Pragya Ratna Ghullu, Ngima Dawa Tamang, Junsei Terasawa khenpo Sonam Gyurme all had been seen together with Manu and cooperating with her on their own agenda.

Yet, when she herself fell out of Bomjon’s grace, many of her former sponsors and friends left her alone. Andy Good, who took Manu to Japan in 2011, was not there for her anymore when she needed urgent medical treatment for the brain injuries – apparently caused by Bomjon’s “internal punishment”… Where was Pragya Ratna, who accompanied her to Japan as well…? Terasawa, the Japanese monk with a wide effluence in the West…? Could not all these rich and powerful people help her provide treatment, safety and justice? They apparently could not, or were afraid, because they would go against Bomjon’s own will…

Ngima Dawa Tamang  – a totally dedicated worshiper of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, believing him to be Buddha’s incarnation-, according to one information leak, was “treating” Manu for a year, but gave it up just a few months before her death. It is shocking that no hospital or any charity or other medical institute had been contacted to care for Manu medically. After Dawa Tamang, khenpo Sonam Gyurme, who has many monks and also foreign donors, seems to have taken up the task to look after Manu, yet again, without any medical care, she died in his BTMC monastery in Swayambhunath.


Khenpo Sonam Gyurme with Pragya Ratna Ghullu and Lobsang Namgyal rinpoche – all followers of Bomjon


It is very strange that a person who had apparently suffered a potentially fatal extreme brain injury, is not treated medically, but by different private persons, moreover those who were affiliated with her very attackers. In Europe this would be even against the law…

No one ever thought, among Bomjon’s current followers, that Manu’s condition could have been treated professionally in any European, Indian, US, Japanese clinic? And if it was impossible anymore, at least Western medicine has ways to lessen the pain and suffering caused by such a terrible state. There is a missing element to the story released by the informers, and that is that Manu’s real condition and whereabouts must have been hidden from the Western devotees, and apparently also from her own mother and siblings.

It also seems very improbable that Manu, who (as directly her mother told in 2012) had put down her nun-robe and let her hair grow, out of her grave disappointment from Bomjon, would voluntarily stay with his Sangha members again and let herself “treated” by them. After all, how could Manu agree to stay with main Kathmandu follower of the abductor of her small sister Ranjita in 2012? With the people who excommunicated her mother and siblings from Halkhoriya and ashamed them in front of the Western followers, claiming on their official website that her family embezzled huge amount of donations…?

Yet, as it is easy to learn from the next “caretaker” of Manu,  khenpo Gyurme’s own website, he continues to be Ram Bomjon’s follower and supporter (see below). Having been appointed to “look after” Manu who was attacked by “Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha” and his own attendants in 2015, khenpo could not be considered a proper and unbiased person. Yet, Manu’s own family, most probably frightened by his power and authority in Nepal, could hardly protest, in case that they knew anything about her grave situation! Most probably but that they had been kept uninformed about her true condition and not allowed to interfere.

Snapshot from khenpo’s website proving his central position in Ram Bomjon’s cult:



Archive: http://archive.is/II5jN

Similarly when the family was not allowed to take the teenager Ranjita away from Bomjon’s Halkhoriya compound in 2012, where two women had been tortured for months, including rape and violence, the helpless mother and siblings could do nothing just accept Bomjon’s verdicts concerning Manu. Even during the 2012 conflict, local uniformed authorities were not standing on the side of the family, but on the side of Bomjon, even if the torture of two women had been proved by those very authorities and shown in the media…

While to an outsider the “compassionate care” about Manu by Ngima Dawa Tamang and khnepo Sonam Gyurme must seem just OK, those who know Bomjon and his cult members, know much too well that these two people had been always cooperating with Bomjon and his attendants, as for them he is their guru and main god! They never go against the will of Bomjon, and the information leaked out that before transferring Manu from Ngima Dawa’s to khnepo Gyurme’s place, they had to ASK BOMJON FOR PERMISSION!

Now, is it normal to request the permission from a victim’s attacker to transfer the victim to another place? It seems that to all those fanatically bowing to Bomjon, it is just normal. After all, he is perceived as higher than Buddha, above Nepal’s law, and his very will and word are their law! It is also more than probable, that they were consulting the way of “treatment” of Manu with Bomjon himself, who might have told them not to use painkillers or necessary medicine, instead maybe use some magical powder given by him or nothing…  (Even during Marici’s torture on chains in his jungle he refused to give her her necessary liver medicine from her bag, just to make her suffering bigger. After he broke Marici’s hands, he did not provide treatment and bandage for them. Similar could have been his approach to Manu’s suffering from the injuries caused by him and his attendants).

After brain edema Manu might have been in a condition that she was no more able to voluntarily decide about her place of treatment, and choice of people. Yet, it is more than sure that even during her “treatment” Bomjon himself and the very attackers had regular access to her! Ex-devotees know that the Family Homestay of Ngima Dawa Tamang in Kapan is also the main accommodation for Tomasz Tarnowski (Dorje) when he stays in Kathmandu, and khenpo Sonam Gyurme is the former teacher of many of Bomjon’s current blue lamas….

The picture gets more interesting when we add the case of the US psychologist Mr. Moore who had apparently also stayed, after meeting Bomjon, his guru, in Ngima Dawa Tamang’s Family Homestays where he died in mysterious circumstances “during treatment” in the summer of 2016, and whose body had been swiftly cremated by Bomjon’s followers, avoiding post mortem examination…

Taken away from the public eye, from a safe medical environment, from her family members who were living in fears, Manu’s slow dying could have been easily hidden in Nepalese conditions, where religious cults traditionally enjoy exception from the law, and autonomy concerning their internal happenings. In a country where governments change every half a year, no one is taking initiative to investigate Manu’s death and the criminal acts of beating her into a comatose state of brain edema, and continuing to keep her in the premises of her own attackers where she has to die in slow pain…



Khenpo might have been naively uninformed about Manu’s state’s real causes, and that he treated Manu according to his and his monk’s abilities. Yet many questions came to my mind, based on the news about Manu:

1, How it is that a young girl with such serious brain condition, which requires a medical environment and professional treatment, is slowly dying in private (religious) premises of two members of a cult, which has a well-medialized history of beating her violently already once in 2011?

2, Is it normal that the attackers who once locked her up, bit her and her family members, are the best suited for treating her when she suffers from a fatal brain condition?

3, If hospital care was so expensive (what is unbelievable to me, knowing quite a bit about Nepal!), could not all those many foreign Sangha members collect money for Manu’s treatment? They were able to collect money for Bomjon’s mega events, helicopter-rides, jeeps, lawyers etc. – but they did not feel that saving Manu’s life in hospital was more important than any of these? Or was it the other way round rather: they had been told by Bomjon that Manu must be left without any help? I could imagine this, as he told this in my case as well, during and after his extreme tortures… But then again, where is Dharma, spirituality, compassion in this…?

4, The follower of Bomjon boasts that Manu had been punished for some sin we are not informed about, by her buddhaboy brother. Having known Manu as a co-resident in Halkhoria in 2011, we can hardly believe that the dedicated, seriously devoted nun, who woke up every day at 3 to cook food for dozens of residing followers, would intentionally do any great sin!

5, But even if we accept that Manu did something terrible for what Bomjon only rightfully punished her (with violence leading to slow death!), can we not recall Buddha’s teaching about forgiveness, compassion, mercy, kindness to all and everyone, even to sinners? How can all those followers who had been involved in Manu’s death, still openly speak about “Maitri Dharma”, “non-violence”, “loving-kindness”, “world-peace”???

Many questions are coming up and get unanswered, due to the huge gap between the bizarre and secretive Bomjon-Maitri-cult and normal law-abiding, moral people. They have their twisted arguments and justifications, like they had in 2012 when they considered the torture of two kidnapped elder ladies by Bomjon for 3 month something entirely normal, or the beating of 5 men to pouring blood in 2014 a totally rightful act…And they have their own political contacts, like Mani Lama, the ex health minister of Nepal, who, misusing his former authority, publicly justifies Bomjon’s law-breaking and inhuman activity.

I know that those Nepalese who start to ask too many questions about Manu, can get into danger. Seeing how powerful Bomjon became, seeing hundreds of uniformed security personnel protecting him against those invisible enemies he always is scared of so much… It is safer not to ask questions and just accept that Manu died, surrounded by those who used to beat her in 2011. Not surrounded by her loving mother Mayadevi, kind brother Shyam or big brother Ganga. Not having right to medical treatment, medicine, modern doctors…

Yet what about the foreigners, who grew up in a law-abiding society, who have came to Bomjon out of their spiritual search and desire for  a new religion based on compassion and gentleness? Why are they silent? At least a few of the key witnesses involved in Manu are currently staying in safe Europe.



Archive: http://archive.is/D7eo2


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