Is living on herbs inedia? Is walking with sword non-violence?

A miracle happened in Nepal! For the first time from 2012, The Himalayan Times had released one of its archived articles about the controversies of Ram Bahadur Bomjon! And this is really something, as from 2012 till today, Nepalese mainstream media was not allowed to publish any new article about this ‘Buddha Boy’ which would show him in a negative picture, and any such old ones had to be deleted. In this single article there are immediately two controversial things to learn: 1, That the claims that Bomjon had never touched anything edible during his alleged 6 years of meditation, are lies, because he himself admitted he did eat herbs 2, That his alleged non-violence is a big scam, as he himself was seen by reporters with a sword (which was used in 2006 – 2007 to actually attack people, like the then 22 years old Ratanpurian Anil Khatri!

UPDATE 2019: according to an account of Asali Lama, hid former nun and near servant, Bomjon had been eating while staying in the Halkhoriya Jungle, despite of the claims to the public that the was in inedia (without food). Asali was appointed by Bomjon’s sister Rajkumari to bring food to him daily in his private jungle place where no outsiders were allowed to cross. The food was cooked by his sisters Rajkumari and Mankumari. The food had been hidden in a white bucket in a hole under the big meditation tree (banyan) where he was sitting during days. Asali described many shocking things going on in Halkhoriya as she served Bomjon from his very first years (2005) until around 2009. Read more here 

THT 10 years ago: Teen Buddha comes back armed with a sword

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Bara, December 25, 2006

Ram Bahadur Bomjan, a teenager who had suddenly disappeared while meditating 10 months ago, surfaced in Bara’s Charkoshe Jhadi, today.

Bomjan, a 17-year-old resident of Bara Ratanpuri, was first found meditating in a jungle nearly seven kilometres from the East-West Mahendra Highway. He disappeared from the spot on March 11.

Herdsmen Bal Krishna Ale, Jaya Kunwar and others from Dumarwana Mahendranagar today traced him at a deserted place in Baghjhori Bhataghari and told other villagers about him.

Scores of people thronged the site, soon after. An Armed Police Force team was deployed at the site around 4:00 pm. Bomjan is said to be visibly bulkier now.

He has long hair and is also carrying a sword. Bomjan told media persons that the sword was meant for his security. He said even Lord Buddha saw to his own security.

He urged people to shun applying red tika on the forehead and stay away from alcohol and violence. He explained that he was forced to vanish from the earlier site because of the constant stream of visitors, including drunkards.

In a video message to the media, he had said that he would return after six years. Bomjan added that he, however, decided to return sooner.

Responding to a query, he said that he is living on herbs. 

The video showing the same event:

Explanation about this event from other sources:

From other news sites and blogs of the time, which had been collected by a then follower of the “Buddha Boy”, it becomes clear that Bomjon was never walking or staying totally alone in the jungles either, but during the above mentioned escape from Ratanpuri and Halkhoriya to Bhagjora Jungle, he was accompanied by his sister Manu and a local Indra Lama:

BARA, Dec 27 – “Buddha” boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjan, who was found on Monday after disappearing for 10 months, resumed meditation at a new site at Halkhorea pond, Tuesday.

Bomjan reached the area, some eight kilometers away from Baghjhor–where he was discovered by a group of hunters on Monday night–after covering the distance on foot for three hours.

As per his “new announcement” on Monday, he started meditating under the historic five hundred-year-old tree near the pond.

“He’s now begun meditating in the same posture like in the past,” informed chairman of Namo Buddha Committee Bed Bahadur Lama.

Bomjan left Baghjhor jungle with his sister Manmaya(sometimes called Mankumari) and a local Indra Lama, whom Bomjan chose as his helper. “We three walked till here during night time. But he did not talk to us throughout the journey,” Manmaya told.

She claimed that he did not speak to anyone from Monday night.

Following these developments, locals have been continuing to turn up in huge numbers for a glimpse of the meditating teenager.

The new venue is located some 12 kilometers away from Pasaha River bridge of Pathlaiya-Nijgadh section of the East -West Highway.

Source: at new venue

( and

Another article on the already closed Nepal News website is adding some other details of the event:

‘Missing’ for nine months, which led to a variety of speculation, Ram Bomjan popularly known as ‘Buddha boy’, was found in a mediating posture at a jungle in Bara district Monday.

When local villagers saw the boy at the Bagkhora jungle at around 7:00 in the morning he looked slender than before, was in grimy cloths and had long hair flowing down his shoulder, reports said. Briefly talking to media persons, the ‘Buddha boy’ said he lived on herbs throughout these months while wandered around the jungles in Bara, Parsa and Rautahat districts.

A huge crowd formed in the area soon after the news of the Buddha boy’s re-emergence spread in the nearby villages. His pervious handlers, the members of the Tapaswi Sewa Samiti, are settling up a place for his meditation nearby the Halkhori Lake in Ratanpuri, according to reports.

Meditating for ten months under a pipal tree at Ratanpuri jungle, ostensibly without food or water, Bomjan, had vanished from the crowded site on the night of March 11, 2006. There were controversies about his fasting as well as his spiritual claims.

The17-year-old boy’s saga was reported internationally while national and national and international researchers had also thronged to Ratanpuri.

The management committee had claimed that Bomjan left the area as it became unsuitable for him to meditate because of growing crowd. Some of the members of the committee were even charged with misuse of millions of rupees donated by tens of thousands of devotees who visited the site daily.


Another source, a blog already closed down, wrote similarly:

“When local villagers saw the boy at the Bagkhora jungle at around 7:00 in the morning he looked slender than before, was in grimy cloths and had long hair flowing down his shoulder, reports said. Briefly talking to media persons, the ‘Buddha boy’ said he lived on herbs throughout these months while wandered around the jungles in Bara, Parsa and Rautahat districts. “



The Independent had written in 2008:

When Mr Bamjon first became famous reporters filmed him eating, even though his supporters said he could go without food or drink for days. He was also spotted sleeping when his followers said he was meditating in private.

( and

Jas Bahadur Waiba, Bomjon’s long-time follower from the local village of Piluwa, who is also his main connection to the Kathmandu-based Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha organization and to politicians, told the author of this article in 2011 that Bomjon DID eat food, but just much less and much more modestly than most of other people. It was but a secret what was forbidden to share with the public.


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