What happens when a chained woman is found in America

A woman had been chained like a dog, for two months and raped. No, this story is not about Ram Bahadur Bomjon this time, Nepal’s nationally celebrated “Buddha Boy”, who did exactly the same to Slovak Marici in 2012… No, this is a story from a country where men who chain and rape women, get caught by police and jailed. This is a story about a chained victim whom everyone helps, supports, and feels sorry for. This is a story of how human beings and a law abiding society should behave when finding a chained and entirely traumatized female victim of a sadistic psychopath.



Look at this picture carefully. This is exactly what Maitriya Guru (aka Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, aka Palden Dorje, aka Buddha Boy, aka Tapasvi) did to Slovakian Marici (Zs.T.) in 2012, together with dozens of his followers, whom he ordered to assist him in her torture. Bomjon ordered J. B. Waiba to go and buy similar thick chains like you see in this video on Mrs. Kala Brown’s neck. Bomjon also chained Marici similarly on her neck, like a dog, and the same way like Mrs. Brown, Bomjon also ordered Waiba to buy heavy lockers (double-size of what Kala Brown is having on her neck!) and the key was kept by his Polish long-time attendant, Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski (yes, the same one who visited the former Nepali Prime Minister Sushil Koirala in his office, together with Bomjon in 2014!). Tomasz (aka Dorje) had been not only holding the keys from Marici’s 6 lockers (Bomjon ordered also to put similar chains around her feet so that she could not straiten her body three months), but he was also set to regularly torture Marici, together with his nearest attendants Darshan Limbu, Molam lama, Budha lama, Khaiba, Shyangbo Dong and khenpo Dawa (two of them traditional Buddhist monks!). The tortures orchestrated and partially done by Maha Sambodhi Guru consisted of regular beatings, terrorizing about “you will be killed tomorrow”, sword attack and sexual assaults on many occasions and many other twisted methods.

Marici had drown a computer-sketch about the 3-months ordeal in Nepal:

Bomjon locked up Marici in a house a few days, and later tied her to a tree in the jungle, just a few minutes walk from his villa, and just a few meters from the venue of his Maitri Puja held later, on March 24, with the assistance of dozens of Nepali Tamang and foreign followers. The only difference was that Kala Brown was held in a container, while Bomjon put the chained Marici to a tent at the tree (her own tent, sent by her partner a few months before, so that she could serve as a volunteer-administrator of the “Buddha Boy” in the jungle, for the reason of which she had been invited by the Bomjon group in 2010).

Kala Brown had been not only kidnapped, held hostage 2 months and tortured, but also raped. Her kidnapper and rapist is now facing prosecution.

Marici had been kidnapped, held hostage 3 months and tortured, and also raped. Moreover she was also beaten regularly by the above men, and Bomjon, with plastic, wooden and bamboo sticks, and her two wrists had been broken by them, as well as her head wounded.

See on YouTube: Ram Bomjon kidnapping a European and a Nepali woman (English subtitles) – a documentary made by Avenues TV, Nepal

Marici’s kidnapper, torturer and his attendants , Marici’s rapist, had NOT been prosecuted. Although Marici had been also freed by police and media was filming her similarly like in the case of Mrs. Kala Brown. Instead, Marici herself was sent, with two broken wrists to the immigration detention (as obviously, chained for 3 months in a jungle, she could not arrange her visa!) immediately after being freed from Bomjon’s captivity. She was not provided emergency medical care for her two broken wrists, wounds and bruises, and she was kept away from the possibility to make a police report after she would be physically capable to do so.

Her kidnapper, chainer, torturer and commander to rape her is enjoying a nation-wide popularity, support and celebrity-status, he is announced Nepal’s second Buddha, a god, recently even an avatar of the Paramatman

Kala Brown’s kidnapper, chainer and torturer is sitting in jail with a sentence longer than his life.

Marici’s kidnapper, chainer and torturer had been invited by the former Prime Minister just two years after he did these atrocities to her (plus another woman, a Nepalese!), who ensured him of fulfilling his wish to regain the rule over the same vast jungle (Halkhoriya in Bara District), where these crimes had been done by him in 2012.

In March 2017 Kathmandu had hosted Marici’s kidnapper, chainer and torturer as a guru-celebrity with a great pomp not seen in Nepal even during the king’s time! Marici’s kidnapper and torturer had been “blessing” tens of thousands of mainly Tamang Nepalese, among them around 200 Western foreigners, who all consider him to be Maitreya Buddha and even a god.

Two cases, very similar. But two different ways to deal with them. Why?




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