How Ram Bomjon teaches the Nepali media to lie

What is more harmful for the image of a country: criminal deeds in the name of religion, which go unpunished, or articles and documentaries describing them? The truth will always find its way, and when it is out in the open, everyone would ask: how it is that no one warned us? How it is that the media and authorities stayed silent about this for years…? Someone who really cares about the image of the country, cares about its transparency, not about hiding dark truths!

Media is traditionally carrying the responsibility to inform about the good things and the bad things in a truthful, independent, non-biased way. Yet when media is manipulated to show only a good picture (about a political personality or even a religious guru), with a concrete agenda (mostly to gain the sympathy of some people or governments, financial support, ensuring power), such a media becomes distrustful.

Any illness can be cured only when we identify the cause. If it is caused by bacteria, we get antibiotics. If it is a virus, we get antiviral treatment. If it is a lack of immunity, we get vitamins.. By lying to a doctor one can never get healed.

Nowadays, this is the state of the mainstream Nepalese media: they are scared to identify the illnesses of the society, and thus the grave problems can hardly be healed. It is either forbidden in the name of some twisted belief that showing an exclusively positive image would benefit the country, or it is caused by hidden bribes and lobbying by the rich, even maybe also by threats – or the combination of all these elements in the “carrot and stick” style. Although some journalists showed heroic courage during any political or social insurgencies, for example during the Maoist era, the 2015 Earthquake, the Madeshi Andolan, sacrificing their safety for sharing the truth, some other journalists of commercially powerful media houses are compromising their conscience when it comes to Ram Bahadur Bomjon.

This was not always so: until 2012 the Nepalese media (The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur, La Republica, Avenues TV etc.) was risking a lot when facing the many criminal and unethical deeds of Nepal’s famous “buddhaboy”, while honestly warning the public about his very inhuman and unlawful deeds. They had been even physically attacked by Bomjon’s men. Countless critical articles and documentaries and news entries appeared in print, on the Internet and TV in Nepal about how Bomjon attacked Anil Khatri in 2007 with a sword, how he abducted a Spanish tourist, attacked 17 Madeshi men with his monks, beating them with sticks, abducted European volunteer Marici and Nepali Mata Ani, torturing and beating them 3 months, attacked his own siblings, forged his own birth certificate, etc. etc…

International media and blogs had been using the Nepalese media as a base for their articles, showing the links of The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur, My Republica, Kathmandu Post etc. as a source…


But then, due to the lobbying of US-Nepali Kishore Sherchand, a former health-minister Mani Lama, a comedian celebrity Teju Tamang, and a whole crowd of fanatical foreign devotees the government was pressurized to block all “negative news” about Ram Bomjon. How could they manage this? They are using a trick which touches the sensitivity of all Nepalis, patriotism, convincing everyone that:

  • Bomjon is a national pride, followed by hundreds of Western followers, and his popularity would bring fame and foreign investment to Nepal, and a huge respect and financial support from his international followers, and Nepal would be announced not only the country of Gautama Buddha, but even of the ‘Buddha Boy’, and Maitreya Buddha (as Bomjon had exclaimed himself to be)

Apropos, Gautama Buddha… He had his own opinion about lies, here it is:

Dhammapada Verse 306
Sundariparibbajika Vatthu

Verse 306: One who tells lies (about others) goes to niraya; one who has done evil and says “I did not do it” also goes to niraya. Both of them being evil-doers, suffer alike (in niraya) in their next existence.


Anyone reasonable can see, if this false promise about the alleged benefit of promoting Nepal’s new symbol, the god- paramatma-buddhaboy-maitreya, was ever fulfilled or not. Bomjon had been visited by international devotees (around 100-200) from at least 2008! Now it is 2017! If all those foreigners brought their alleged money and investments to Nepal during these 9-10 years, why is Nepal still not an “Asian Switzerland”? The answer is simple: Bomjon’s worshiping foreigners have not much interest to help Nepal and Nepalis at all. They do not spend money in hotels – they stay in Bomjon’s premises. They do not eat out – they eat in Bomjon’s canteen. They do not donate to NGOs, do not build schools and hospitals, do not feed the needy. They donate only to Bomjon and his other followers! That money is used only by Bomjon, for his costly helicopter rides, jeeps, sattelite phones, court cases, police bribes, mega-puja events and feeding and housing Bomjon’s own attendants, body-guards, girlfriends, servants, monks and nuns.

Nepal had not seen any dramatic improvements due to Bomjon’s alleged “reputation” through his foreign devotees in the West either: in fact, most Westerners have still no idea, or no interest about who Nepal’s newest buddha is at all! The relatively small core-group of his followers are not the type of personalities which would be respected much in Western societies: they are brainwashed and brainwashing, often very poorly educated, entangled in financial irregularities, writing and speaking about visions, mystical dreams, psychic powers, magic and other New Age style crazy things...

People like kindergarten teacher Ivy Jugoa, retired art proffessor Joan Stanley-Baker, cosmetic lab worker Kim Nguyen, who speak on their Facebook sites about Bomjon’s ability to recognize “witches” , or the need to torture Bomjon’s “enemies”, about colorful visions of his divine light, or dreams about him saving humankind etc. – these kind of mentality is not taken seriously in the secular West! For example Bomjon’s Western devotees had openly claimed in their Facebook conversation that the reason why Mata Ani had been abducted, held locked up three months and tortured was that Bomjon had seen her with a Tantric bone flute and when he broke it in two, blood came out of it:

Note: The claim of Matthias that “Marici’s site” would provide more information about the bone-flute story, is incorrect. I had never heard about this bone-flute story before seeing it in Bomjon’s official Facebook site.

These are typical fantastic horror-stories and myths that the most VIP foreign devotees are circling among them on Bomjon’s official Facebook sites, and Bomjon plays always the “justful judge”, the “victim” or the “hero” in them! No Western scientist, government office, and no normal ethically healthy and law-abiding Western citizen would ever identify with these writings of Bomjon’s “International Sangha”! The claims of Bomjons Nepalese BSDS organization that the foreigners’ admiration to Bomjon had brought a good name to Bomjon in the secular West, is a lie!


The Setopati Online Digital Media (not a mainstream commercial media house like The Himalayan Times) had pointed out in their article “The State must watch Bomjon closely”:

“Bomjon’s Nepali followers and supporters do not tolerate any question about his divine powers after seeing such educated foreigners consider him a god, materials about him in the international media, and the then prime minister Sushil Koirala receive khada (a holy shawl used by Buddhists) and blessings from him.”

Bomjon and his PR experts had invented a “self-sustainable” cycle of proving-endorsing-guaranteeing, which has no real base:

  • for the Nepalis Bomjon’s genuinity is proved by the fact that he is worshiped by hundreds of Western foreigners (white people called “gauraharu” or “khuire” in Nepal, where skin-color-based distinguishing of people is still prevalent)
  • for the foreigners, on the other hand, the guarantee of Bomjon’s credibility is the fact that they see tens of thousands of Nepali queue up for blessing, and also that they saw him meeting Nepal’s late ex-Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala
  • for the late ex-PM Sushil Koirala probably the proof that Bomjon was an aunthentic mystic, was again the fact that he saw that Bomjon had hundreds of “khuire” devotees, and also that tens of thousands of Tamangs queue up to him…


You can cycle inside this wheel and would never find a real proof about Bomjon being a genuine guru, ever helping anyone in anyhting, ever leading anyone to enlightenment or spiritual development! Because it is not there! Finding a single proof, guarantee or endorsement in this cycle built from illusion, is like searching for what was first, the egg or the chicken …

Yet the pride of Bomjon’s Nepali followers about the symbolical presence of a mere 200 foreign devotees, is really exaggerated! Seeing a 100-200 group of foreigners they think that now the Bomjon agenda became world-wide, Bomjon’s cause is suddenly occupying the No. 1 importance of Western spirtuality… Such exaggerations are childish and based on the painfully inadequate education and social isolation of the majority of Bomjon’s Nepalese worshipers.

How can Nepalis think that a mere group of 200 morally handicapped hysterical foreigners is representing their entire countries, and billiards of people in many other countries of the world?


It is clear that Ram Bomjon’s foreign agenda is self-focused, his “international sangha” never helped Nepalis and the land in anything, had not brought a single benefit to Nepal already more than 10 years!

Instead, some foreign devotees of Bomjon even harmed and continue to harm Nepali citizens: like Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski, helped Bomjon to attack and torture many Nepali victims as well… He had even been filmed while attacking the journalists who went to search for two kidnapped women to the 2012 World Peace Maitri Puja event. The cameraman accused then the Polish Tomasz (his nickname “Dorje”) of breaking his camera (the man mistakenly thought Tomasz was  German citizen, but he is Polish):


Tomasz was also employed as an attacker of Bomjon’s siblings and mother in April 2012, in torturing a Nepali Yogini Mata Aani in 2012, and according to some informers was also involved in harming Manu, Bomjon’s sister in 2015, who later died of the consequences. Yet, shockingly, Tomasz had been among the invitees of the former Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala, when he met Ram Bomjon in October 2014. (More about this meeting in this text further down).

Back to media:

“According to government figures, in 2003 Nepal had 3,741 registered newspapers, of which 251 were published daily. …. Most vernacular news media are regarded as having little credibility as a result of affiliations with political parties.”

If any political party could simply buy the media in Nepal, as Wikipedia claims, how much more the hyper-rich millionaire mega-guru “buddhaboy”, traveling from village to village by helicopter, could afford it? According to Daniel B. Haber’s book “Journey into the forest – seeking the enigmatic “Buddha Boy” of Nepal” from 2005, already that time Bomjon’s bank account had been filled with thousands of dollars. How much more it is now, when he had managed to delude hundreds of foreigners to donate him for his “mission”…? Seeing his overly megalomaniac World Peace Maitri Puja in Kathmandu in 2017, one can image how much money is behind this person, all from donations from naive individuals:

Above images: Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Puja Mahadarshan 2017 in Bungamati, Lalitpur, Kathmandu. Source: YouTube snapshots

Ram Bomjon is the only citizen of Nepal who enjoys an absolute impunity and immunity against any criminal prosecution, as well an absolute power to decide if media can publish about him or not. Such rights had not been given even to the king of Nepal, presidents and prime ministers – they all had to follow the law of the country. Bomjon does not have to…


Nepal, as every single country of the world, has positive and negative news, positive and negative people, good hard-working honest citizens and criminals, things to be proud of and things to be ashamed of.

Media is traditionally carrying the responsibility to inform about the good things and the bad things in a truthful, independent, non-biased way. Yet when media is manipulated to show only a good picture (about a political personality or even a religious guru), with a concrete agenda (mostly to gain the sympathy of some people or governments, financial support, ensuring power), such a media becomes distrustful.

During the meeting with PM Sushil Koirala, Bomjon had emphasized that the international community should not get the negative news about Nepal. How do we call this in normal human language? HYPOCRISY. Yet this is an hypocrisy promoted by the so-called enlightened “buddhaboy” of Nepal, not just any politician or businessman trying to sell something with a fake label…This is not just anybody educating the late Prime Minister to follow hypocrisy, but Nepal’s celebrated new god, new buddha and new maitreya!

Unnecessary activity was done by using media and journalists.” complained Teju Tamang, Bomjon’s follower and a popular comedian, to the Prime Minister, reminding him of 2012 when five investigative journalists went to search for the two kidnapped women held in Bomjon’s jungle 3 months and tortured, or 2014, when journalists interviewed Bomjon’s five bleeding victims in the jungle…

Ramlal Bomjon:

We have to maintain the prestige of the nation, everyone should be together even the people having blind faith. You have to understand that if you are able to provide the forest, I can do the rest and other nations also want this to happen. National and international entities raise question about this.”

(It should be noted that Bomjon uses his typical vague language “other nations” when he actually means a group of around 200 foreign followers, who can at no way represent their governments and their country’s nations! And who are those obscure “national and international entities”? Kindergarten teacher Surinamese Dutch immigrant Ivy Jugoa, who expressed her enthusiasm for torturing witches by Bomjon on her Facebook page? Or cosmetic lab worker Vietnamese-US Kim Nguyen of the US BSDS who embezzled the money of her own daughter to finance Bomjon’s cover-up bribes? Or the fake “doctor” Moon, a Korean-Canadian retired waiter who spent all his pension on building Bomjon’s barbed-wire fence in the illegally encroached jungle? Bomjon’s foreign “directors” are mostly lost existences who hang on their guru emotionally, but in their own countries have no authority).

Our negative things should not reach out to other countries.”

We should read and think about the words told by Bomjon to the Prime Minister. He did NOT say that our negative things should be solved ethically and according to the law. He said that the negative things should be simply HIDDEN from “other countries”! (The paid translator used freely the “our” pronoun also when Bomjon spoke about himself, in all the conversation, in an oldish style when “holy men” speak about themselves in plural. Thus it is clear that Bomjon had meant “MY negative things”, what was also the main topic between him and the PM!)

So, a spiritual personality worshiped as god by the majority of the Tamang Buddhist community in Nepal, is educating the nation not to be truthful and transparent about HIS NEGATIVE THINGS, but HIDE IT FROM OTHER COUNTRIES! So actually Bomjon is teaching the nation – especially the politicians and media – to nothing less than a primitive hypocrisy!

And it seems that the old and fragile late PM had immediately took the self-styled “Maitreya’s” words to his heart, and fulfilled them as a command: as a consequence, most mainstream Nepalese media had abruptly stopped to show any negative image of Bomjon as a brutal attacker, merciless abductor and keeper of “witches” on chains, even if they all knew from previous years (due to their own articles and eye-witness journalists!) that Bomjon’s activities had been really very-very negative – inhuman, against the law and damaging the good name of Dharma in Nepal!

But an order is an order, if it comes from above, the most above. Or if it is well paid. Or if it comes with a threat that you lose your license, life or you would become “internally punished” like Bomjon’s sister, who “died in a terrible death” due to the “wrath of the guru”.

The Setopati Online Digital Media (not a mainstream commercial media house like The Himalayan Times) had pointed out in their article “The State must watch Bomjon closely”:

“Bomjon’s Nepali followers and supporters do not tolerate any question about his divine powers after seeing such educated foreigners consider him a god, materials about him in the international media, and the then prime minister Sushil Koirala receive khada (a holy shawl used by Buddhists) and blessings from him.”

So it is clear that Bomjon had speculatively used the foreigners’ blind stupidity plus pushing himself to the Baluwatar PM’s office as a tool to convince the even more sceptical Nepalese, who traditionally have great respect to the “educated ones” and “elderly leaders”. Both the PM and foreigners are just stepping stones for Bomjon to ensure power, and he uses them as a “stamp of approval” for uneducated and illiterate Tamang villagers to trust him fully.

Bomjon had hijacked the authority of the vulnerable old late Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, knowing he is near to the end of his life and would be an easy target to misuse him as a public guarantee that he is a pure and real spiritual teacher. The PM was then in a tense situation, when the Madeshi protests and the blockage of the Indian border had turned many politicians and the folk against him. Mr. Sushil Koirala, himself a celibate, had a respect for spirituality, as most traditional Hindus. He had been regularly meeting with and supporting other spiritual movements too, like the Nepalgunj Brahmakumari centre, built in his birth town. But the support to Ram Bomjon did not help him much in politics, nor in life, and a few months after meeting Bomjon he deceased.


Thus, the mainstream Nepali media like The Himalayan Times had bowed their heads in humbleness and became ashamed of their dozens of articles about Bomjon’s crimes, which had been referenced back by countless other media houses, blogs and websites. The fashion had changed, Bomjon is no more a controversy, and where the money flows there the heads bend… They have deleted most of them, cancelled their whole Archive sections (not kidding, just check it out on The Himalayan Times and Ekantipur!) and humbly kept their journalists not to dare to even touch any critical topic concerning Nepal’s “Ne Buddha”.

They kept only those which provide a romantic picture of the innocent fasting baby buddha, disappearing and reappearing in Nepal’s deep jungles…Plus: betraying all that they had known about the fake guru’s harmful activity over ten years, a few of them (Avenues TV, News24, some “TV Nepal”) had sold their conscience and published propagandist news about Bomjon’s latest World Peace Maitri Puja in Kathmandu, Bungamati in March-April 2017!

So Bomjon had finally won the battle against truth about him in Nepali media, and all authorities are bowing to him in total agreement. 

The same journalists who had been holding cameras and microphones to the faces of Bomjon’s ruined and tortured victims, describing their fractured limbs, bruises and flowing blood when they had been freed in March 2012, had now let themselves used as tools to propagate the criminal guru who caused all that harm to the victims!


Yet, sometimes this effort to show a positive image of the situation, even at the price of lying, is backfiring and gets even tragi-comic, like in the current time when Nepal is full of political violence due to the preparation for the second phase of local elections in the Terai. The Himalayan Times is trying to fulfill the requirement to “show a positive picture to the world” with informing about real events.

On the same page we get a Bomjon-style conclusion that “Filing for nominations is largely peaceful across the country”, while just under it and right to it we see articles about political violence connected to these elections:

All-in-all, The Himalayan Times (and the quoted Election Commission) informs, faithfully to Ram Bomjon’s philosophy “not to show our negative things to other countries”, that the second phase of elections are in large peaceful… In their attitude probably “peaceful” means that just a few people get shot and just a few people get lynched and die, and just a few hundred people get arrested…

“Kathmandu, June 18

The Federal Alliance today issued a press release stating that police firing in Nawalparasi, where  Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal Coordinator Mahantha Thakur was addressing a programme, was the  result of a conspiracy to kill central leaders of the party.”

The FA claimed that security personnel had arrested 458 supporters of RJP-N in several Tarai districts. The alliance added that security personnel arrested 20 leaders and cadres  of the RJP-N in Banke, more than 20 of its supporters  in Kapilvastu, 35 in Nawalparasi, 11 in Sunsari, 20 in Morang, eight in Siraha and more than 50 in Dhanusha district.”

Claiming that killing people for political reasons and arresting hundreds for endangering elections is a synonym of peace, is a lie. But is it not exactly the same type of lie as when Ram Bomjon was preaching about peace, loving-kindness and non-violence in his 2012 Maitri Puja, while his two victims on chains had been tortured literally behind his stage, and while his attendants (acting on his order) attacked the 5 journalists who arrived to search for the kidnapped women?

What Bomjon had introduced to Nepal is calling violence peace and calling criminality spirituality! This is certainly not something that Gautama Buddha’s birthplace should be proud of. Gautama Buddha was not promoting lies, hypocrisy and hiding the facts about people being tortured, kidnapped and killed! Real peace cannot be attained by lying about it – but only by ensuring that no one harms other people, and when criminals are not elevated to spiritual authorities.

Dhammapada Verses 11 and 12
Sariputtatthera Vatthu

Verse 11: They take untruth for truth; they take truth for untruth; such persons can never arrive at the truth, for they hold wrong views.



Is this not the same philosophy than Ram Bahadur Bomjon had introduced into Nepal, when JUST A FEW PEOPLE ABDUCTED AND TORTURED, RAPED, BEATEN  by Bomjon is not any important number to deal with? Bomjon’s followers seriously claim that “just a few people kidnapped” by Bomjon does NOT mean that he would be criminal, bad or that he is not enlightened…

In 2013 or so Ivy Jugoa, the Surinami-Dutch Director of the International Sangha of Ram Bomjon, and representative of his BSDS organization in Europe, wrote to a Dutch ex-follower Michiel Hegener in a Facebook conversation:

Michiel Hegener then informed me about the conversation which I had copied. Obviously, Ivy Jugoa, who added some other official opinions of Bomjon’s organizations (like that Marici, Bomjon’s victim, did not have enough of torture and she should deserve more), had later deleted the messages. (But Michiel Hegener continues to stand behind his witness account).

It is a general delusion among Bomjon followers, that the “guru” had suffered a lot during his alleged 6 years meditation. That’s another topic, but these claims had been proved fake many times, and Bomjon had been receiving lots of care and comfort from the very first day. Yet this is the lie which followers are fed with…

JUST TWO PEOPLE EVER IMPRISONED THERE, THEY WERE TWO EVIL WITCHES” is the official statement of Ram Bomjon’s Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha organization.

Do Nepali politicians and authorities agree with such an attitude to law and ethics in their country? “Just two” victims of a guru is really nothing, compared to the millions of inhabitants, we could just silence the journalist, hide the facts, threaten the witnesses (and victims) and all would be smoothed and ironed and our country would look like another birthplace of another Buddha: this time Maitreya Buddha, paramatma avatar, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Maitriya Guru Ram Bomjon, the Tapasvi Buddha Boy of Nepal!

Easy… and cheap.

And: not true even! Ram Bahadur Bomjon had collected on the list of his victims over forty people by now, two of them died:  (second part of long article is admitting to kill Manu, Bomjon’s sister!)

Now, a little off-topic, but just at the first sight:


Dhammapada Verses 316 and 317
Nigantha Vatthu

Verse 316: Those beings who are ashamed of what should not be ashamed of, who are not ashamed of what should be ashamed of, and who hold wrong views go to a lower plane of existence (duggati).

Verse 317: Those beings who see danger in what is not dangerous, who do not see danger in what is dangerous, and who hold wrong views go to a lower plane of existence (duggati).

A few years ago I had written an article about the tendency of sudden growth in rapes and especially child-rapes in Bara District, after Ram Bomjon’s 2012 Maitri Puja, which had been a de facto celebration of torturing two kidnapped alleged “witches” behind his preaching stage, in the Halkhoriya Jungle. The tortures included sexual assaults, witnessed by Bomjon’s monks and Tamang villagers. The message that Bomjon’s inhuman activity disseminated, either consciously or subconsciously, was that rape, torture of women is just normal, and no need to get caught and punished by the law for it. In my article, inspired by the news found mainly in The Himalayan Times and Ekantipur, I pointed out to the alarming statistics (proven by NGOs) that the trend of sexual assaults had grown in Bara District – Bomjon’s home – rapidly.

I don’t think that anyone reasonable would consider my findings a text with the intention to “harm Nepal’s image”! In fact, as someone who loves the land of Nepal and considers it her own home from past life, I have only an intention to repair the “negativities” of Nepal – but not by hiding them, instead, by solving them! Many negative things started to happen to Nepal after 2012, and as a spiritual person, I can see the connections between blasphemy and tragedy…

When kidnapping women, holding them on chains, beating them to fractures and blood, and raping them 3 months is NAMED MAITRI DHARMA, and even thousands of Nepali Bomjon-followers agree with this kind of “punishing alleged witches” – then this is certainly blasphemy against all the Hindu Gods of Nepal, against Gautama Buddha, and with respect to Nepal’s few Christians and Muslims, also towards God and Islam. If someone who is beating to blood scores of men and women regularly, and caused the death of his own sister by beating her, is elevated to be Maitreya, Buddha and avatar of Paramatma – then this is a huge blasphemy. Then Nepal should be not surprised at such tragedies as the 2015 Earthquake, the Madeshi Andolan with the border blockade of essential goods, or a continued unsolvable political instability…

In my wish to warn Nepal by pointing out where is that cancer, which should be cut off or dissolved by therapy, I was trying to show the solution. But not by hiding and by hypocrisy. As I mention in the Introduction, only by IDENTIFYING the illness and its causes, can we start to heal it.

Unfortunately the mainstream Nepali media is not of the same opinion:

My article  used mostly THT links, and one Ekantipur link informing about the terrible child-rapes.

The Himalayan Times had deleted ALL the article links showing the growing number of child rapes in Bara District that I had collected mostly from its own pages. While Ekantipur had kept the link alive. It is even comical when re-editing the article after a time, as the INTENTION is so clearly distinguishable:


Featured image: Kalaiya women demonstrating with the victims coffin (The Himalayan Times) – taken down by THT taken down by THT taken down by THT taken down by THT  (This is the 19th such case filed at the Office in the seven months of the current fiscal year, police sources said) taken down by THT

““The child’s vagina was bleeding while she returned. Her mother had noticed wounds at the private part, but other villagers forced the woman to go to her parental home in Gagangaunda to avoid social stigma, police said.” taken down by THT

“Every time a rape happens, the victim is blamed to have provoked the men. Let’s be aware of the view and not pretend all is well,” she said.” (The Himalayan Times – A murderer and rapist’s views reflect those of many in India) taken down by THT


See the whole article here: The growing trend of brutal child-rapes in Bara

The Nepali media and politicians still do not understand that the view of international community does not get more positive by hiding the truth before them. There are always ways that the truth finds its way out, and the international community is not all fool. When such negative events leak out, the first thing that everyone asks in a Western country: how it is that our politicians and media did not inform us about this all this time??

Nepal will become a developed country only after it stops to play the cat and mouse game with the international public and becomes transparent concerning its negative news as well.   (Not surprisingly, The Himalayan Times is not among them!)


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Note: the above link is the ONLY literal transcription and translation of the meeting, none of the websites or forums of Bomjon’s organization bothered to translate it to English fully, neither the Nepalese media. The owner of the now “extinct” site had paid for the translation from his own pocket.


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