Is Ram Bomjon recognized by the Dalai Lama?

Is Ram Bomjon the “Guru of the Gurus” of His Holiness the Dalai Lama? Who are the rinpoches and khenpos involved in the dark cult of Bomjon?  Is Ram Bomjon following or dissolving Tibetan Buddhism? Why does the Dalai Lama play possum? These and other questions is trying this long and detailed article to answer. The recent developments concerning a similar case – long-time sexual abuses and violence exercised by Sogyal rinpoche, which had encouraged his own senior students to write to the Dalai Lama on July 14, 2017, should ideally change His Holiness’ well-known “non-engagement” attitude when it comes to Buddhist gurus imposing grave harm on people, which is rather criminal. Will His Holiness leave His secure silent attitude and publicly defend the victims of dharma-destructive Buddhist leaders?

Examples of Ram Bomjon’s followers claiming he is Buddha’s reincarnation, the Second Buddha or Future Buddha Maitreya

There is no difference between what Bomjon’s followers spread and what he says about himself. In his cult, there is a very strict control over what is to be spread and what to be kept secret. All control is in Ram Bomjon’s own hands. He said “My Committee, my Sangha is me myself. What they are doing, what they are saying, is my own will.” (2011). Therefore, the attempts of his followers to claim he is this or that, are identical with what Bomjon himself is “teaching” them about himself.

First, let’s look at the widely propagated claim (among Bomjon’s followers) that His Holiness the Dalai Lama considers Bomjon the “guru of his gurus”:

Bomjon’s followers are trying to equal their cult leader with Gautama Buddha and give the impression that Bomjon had been recognized by the Dalai Lama on their numerous websites and videos:

There is also an intensive SEO effort going on to brainwash Internet users by “vaccinating” them with false claims that Ram Bahadur Bomjon is (“believed by many to be”) the “reincarnation of Gautama Buddha” (followers regularly re-writing the Wikipedia page about him) or the Second Gautama Buddha. His followers create Facebook sites and Youtube videos and bombard them with artificial readership, just to connect the names of Ram Bahadur Bomjon with that of Gautama Buddha at any price, even if it is a very apparent fraudulent “quiz”:

Yet, from 2012 on, Ram Bomjon had started to reveal his actual dogma according to which he is not merely equal with Gautama Buddha: he is straight higher than Gautama Buddha:

“His followers claim his level of knowledge is above that of Lord Buddha. They claim Siddhartha Gautam reached a Sambuddha (self-enlightened) state but Bomjon has attained Mahasambodhi (greater form of self-enlightenment) state. Some even claim he has left Sukhapati Bhawan (heavenly abode where Amitabh Buddha is said to reside) replete with amenities and bliss, and come to the earth for the good of the world.”

Setopati: State must watch Bomjon closely (original deleted by government censorship, this is an archived copy)

UPDATE: Yet another, very serious reason, why should HH The Dalai Lama start to deal with the topic of Ram Bahadur Bomjon: in 2018 and 2019 news came out about him raping of his minor nuns, lynching of his monk to death by him and his associates and the disappearance of 5 long-time serving, insider nuns and monks from his ashrams! See more on: Media on Bomjon in 2018-2019 .

Is the Dalai Lama confused by Nepal’s “Buddha Boy”, or a bit, sorry, coward…?

UPDATE (2019): While His Holiness the Dalai Lama, still did not publish any opinion about a growing pseudo-Buddhist cult based on worshiping the person of Ram Bahadur Bomjon as the “coming Buddha” Maitreya and even “higher-than-Buddha”, recently brave Buddhist lamas of Nepal spoke out about against Bomjon. They explain in the interviews why Ram Bomjon cannot be a Buddha  and even less the awaited Maitreya! His former monk-supporters spoke out about the sacrilegious and blasphemous, anti-Buddhist behavior that they had experienced from Bomjon and from his cult’s followers,  leaders of his so called “Maitri Dharma”.

According to these Nepalese Buddhist lamas, Bomjon’s followers are engaged in the blasphemy of Gautama Buddha and are desecrating Buddhist shrines, ritual objects  and statues  in many villages, throwing out Buddha statues from village temples, replacing them with Ram Bomjon’s photos, and burning Buddhist ritual books and objects!

Again, isn’t this latest (2018-2019) anti-Buddhist activity of the alleged “reincarnation of Gautama Buddha” already a bit TOO MUCH? Should not His Holiness the Dalai Lama sacrifice a five minutes speech after the 13 years of destructive and criminal behavior of “Buddhaboy” – all in the name of Buddhist  (Maitri) Dharma? Contrary to the safe situation of the Dalai Lama in India, surrounded by body-guards and protected by the authorities, Nepal’s outspoken lamas are in great danger from the revenge of the criminal Bomjon -cult as well as from the Government, the leaders of which are supporting Bomjon! They are risking much more, staying in Nepal, including physical harm, but preserving Buddha’s teaching is apparently more important to them. Yet, why is it not important to the Dalai Lama, whom they all consider a Buddhist authority above themselves…?

One of these former monk-supporters, Prem Dorje Bal Lama, also campaigns, in one of the videos below, for searching for Bomjon’s disappeared nuns, Chinimaya Tamang (Chunmo) and Fulmaya Rumba (Dolmo, Pasang) who had been his own monastery’s nuns before joining Bomjon’s cult, and witnesses described they had been tortured, locked up and disappeared by Bomjon and his followers.

Brave Nepal-based Buddhist lamas who speak out for the defense of Buddhism and criticize Bomjon (The videos are in Nepali language, but are gradually subtitled into English):

Maitri Dharma of Bomjon desecrating Buddhist Temples, teaching Mantras backward! (English subtitles)

Ram Bomjon crime cases 2019: Prem Dorje Bal Lama in Reporter’s Club Nepal (English subtitles)

बम्जनका कर्तुत सार्वजनिक | Ram Bahadur Bomjan

राम बहादुर बमजनलाई प्रयाेग गरेर बुद्ध धर्मावलम्बीहरुलाई बदनाम गराउन ठुलै चलखेल || Acharya K. Lobsang

Bodhi TV : Ratna Shree (13) राम बहादुर बम्जन बुद्ध भएकाे हाे ?

Reed also: An unexpected answer to the question about harmful abusive Buddhist gurus came from the side of the Dalai Lama recently, after the pressure was just too big concerning the sexual abuse and violence accusations against Sogyal Lakar rinpoche (the head of Rigpa foundation): The Dalai Lama on Abuse by Buddhist Teachers and Gurus


Ram Bahadur Bomjon had been born into a Tamang family, which is a traditionally Buddhist national minority of Nepal.

According to the 2001 census, 90.3% of the Tamang people follow Buddhism that makes up 47.3% of the total in the country. Hence, Tamang are the largest population who follow Buddhism in Nepal.

Tamang Buddhism  is closely related to Tibetan Buddhism, similarly as the Tamang ethnicity and language is a relative of the Tibetan one. For many centuries Tibetan lamas had been among the teachers of Tamang monks and nuns in Nepal, and till today the majority of rinpoches and khenpos revered by the Tamang Buddhists in Nepal, are of Tibetan origin. But Nepalese Tamang and Gurung Lamas had been always more near to the Pre-Buddhist Bon tradition, which in Tibet is rather a separate lineage, while in the typical Nepalese syncretism, Tamang Buddhism became a combination of both of these lineages, with some Hindu elements.

Nepal was the most obvious new country to settle for Tibetan refugees fleeing China’s occupation of Tibet. The Tibetan lineage provided Tamang Buddhism with Buddhist rituals, prayer books, external symbolism (robes, ritual objects, decorations, art, chants etc) and internal practice from time immemorial. What is but an additional feature of Nepalese Tamang Buddhism, obviously due to the geographical reasons, is the more open approach to Hindu and Newari elements in their rituals and beliefs, as well as including a typical Nepalese Shamanism (beliefs in witches!, various ghosts, a wide list of dark beings and wrathful divine entities causing bad luck, illness etc. in human life).

Tamangs live in most part of mid-hills and around the Kathmandu valley. All these ethnic groups are culturally Buddhists. In their societies they have their own religious men and agents in different forms. Apart from Buddhist priests (lamas) they have exorcists and shamans result of their local beliefs in deities and spirits. In terms of Buddhism their main source of reference is Tibet, although their practice of Buddhism is not exactly the same as in Tibet. In the past, they used to be trained by Tibetan Lamas either from Tibet or Kathmandu Valley but now this tradition is rarely followed.

Above image: a Bon “deity” (or rather demon?). The special place of the color of a typical steel-blue is a distinguishing feature of Bonism from Buddhism, where warm red and yellow colors are preferred. This shade of blue is currently used also by Ram Bomjon for the robes of his new Buddhist order. Apart from the color symbols, Bomjon had changed the way of doing “Kora” (circumambulating Stupas) which is always in a clock-wise direction in traditional Buddhism (and Hinduism)/ Although Bomjon did never admit his affiliation with Bon shamanism, he is teaching his followers to do Kora anti-clock-wise. Source: Denpai Khareng Bon deities from

Thus originally a Bon Shamanic Tradition using magic (yes, even black magic!) to solve human problems, Tamang Buddhism had been outwardly reformed into the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and Bon-shamanism is practiced only by uneducated village Lamas or in secrecy. But even the Nyingma tradition itself has many shamanic elements. Bon is still prevalent in other Mongolian castes in Nepal though, and it was never clearly separated from local Buddhism in Nepal, as it is in the Tibetan community. Foreigners usually follow more the “pure” Tibetan Buddhism taught in monasteries with Tibetan rinpoches and monks, but many of them cannot clearly distinguish what is Tibetan and what is Tamang (Bon-influenced) Buddhism in Nepal, as they both use the same external symbolism. As a consequence, foreigners and also uneducated Nepalis, consider the two the same and heed the advice of “holy men” from both traditions. This is clearly seen in the naivety when foreigners join Ram Bomjon’s cult full of trust they are in the best hands (Tibetan Buddhism), seeing red-robed Tamang monks around him, considering them traditional Tibetan Buddhist lamas.

Ram Bomjon himself became a monk of the Tibetan-Tamang Buddhist lineage, wearing a red robe and studying “lama bhasha” (Tibetan language of the scriptures). He had first a village lama as his teacher (Samden Lama), later he went to study Tibetan Buddhism to the Dehradun Sakya Monastery (where the main leader is Sakya Trizin rinpoche). Returning with a strong rejection of the traditional monastery discipline, he had sat for his meditation claiming he had his inner guru to lead him. He told that the monastic system of Buddhism was not leading to enlightenment.

Image above: Ram Bomjon (right) during his childhood monk years named by his teacher Palden Dorje. A similar photo is preserved among Bomjon’s followers showing him in red Buddhist monk robe in the yard of the Dehradun Sakya Monastery. 

Yet even so, he was still in a monks’ robe, used Tibetan Buddhist terminology to describe his “dharma”, used Tibetan mantras, and all the rituals surrounding his “6 years of meditation” had been taken from the Pujas of Tibetan Buddhism. From his very early years of seclusion, he had been hiring khenpos and even one rinpoche of the pure, non-shamanic Tibetan Buddhist orders, although all these monk teachers were Tamangs by origin. The author of this article was present around Bomjon when it was publicly known that he needed khenpos and rinpoches to transfer his own inner experiences into the frame of Buddhism, and create traditional Thangka paintings based on his alleged visions, as well as traditional Puja prayers based on Tibetan Buddhist syllable rules. All this was a proof for his followers, that Bomjon viewed himself as a continuation of the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Although himself wearing a white robe and long hair, all his monks and nuns, many of whom had been ordained already in monasteries, had been wearing typical red-yellow robes, thus it was impossible to distinguish them from other Tibetan or Tamang Lamas and Anis.

His most long-term assistants came also from among Tamang, Gurung or Magar Buddhist monks and nuns. He is still using terminology from Tamang Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon shamanism etc. to describe his “new dharma”. Words like “shila”, “maitri”, the style of his “seven deities”… all is a prof that he comes from the Tibetan Buddhist background and belongs to it. His main “prayers” and mantras are also in Tibetan language.


As we can see in the quotes further down in this text, moreover he had been visited and accepted by at least 3 rinpoches two of them of Tibetan origin. More about the three rinpoches (Losang Namgyal, Geshe Ngima and the late Tsona) is further down in this article.

Above image: khenpo Sonam Gyurme, Pragya Ratna Bhante (theravadan monk, now self-de-robed) and Tulku Lobsang (or recently Losang) Namgyal rinpoche during Ram Bomjon’s Mahapranidhana Buddhist prayer event organized by khenpo, who resided in Halkhoriya Jungle that time, in February 2011. 

Above image: a Tamang khenpo of Tibetan Buddhist lineage, Dawa had been hired by Bomjon after he excommunicated khenpo Sonam Gyurme in August 2011. Dawa had been then enjoying Bomjon’s violent attacks and tortures, and was a willing assistant in them. In October 2011 he helped Bomjon torture the author of this article the first time. In 2012, when she was kidnapped during a visit of the jungle, khenpo Dawa Shanbo was assisting Bomjon in a prolonged torture (3 months) of the author of this article and of another woman, a Nepalese elder lady. Khenpo Dawa Shanbo agreed with the accusations that we had been “witches”, and was holding the fire-torches to make light during a horrifying bloody beating by Bomjon on a New Moon midnight in the Halkhoriya  jungle, when other ordained Buddhist monks had been also helping Bomjon and laughing when weeing the chained victim bleeding from wounds – Molam Lama (Suresh Ale Magar)now disappeared ! – and Budha Lama (Two lay men Darshan Subba Limbu and Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski had been holding down the chained victim while Bomjon was hitting her with a bamboo stick till blood and bruises. As a reward for their participation, Bomjon had ordained both of them Buddhist Lamas a few months later! Is it just acceptable for the Dalai Lama, that red-robed Buddhist monks are torturing alleged “witches” (including one foreigner volunteer) in the name of Buddhist Dharma, by Ram Bomjon?)



Above image: Karma Gyan Sagar rinpoche, who had stayed with Ram Bomjon and supported him in his early years of “meditation” sometimes between 2006 and 2009. He was not only providing Bomjon with the necessary Tibetan Lama aureola, helping him to formulate his “teaching” into Buddhist terminology, but he also brought with him around a hundred of his monk students from Dounne (Nawalparasi District) to support Bomjon’s “fight” against the animal sacrifices during the Gadhi Mai Festival in 2009. Risking violence when interfering with the Hindu sacrifice, they entered the festival ground, waiting for Bomjon, but Bomjon did not show up. After the public fiasco Gyan Sagar rinpoche had a discussion with Bomjon which ended with being “dismissed”, as so many other khenpos before and after him… Source of image: Ahinsabadi Forum 

UPDATE 2019: Although His Holiness the Dalai Lama did not bother to issues any statement concerning the misuse of the name of Buddha and Buddhism by Ram Bahadur Bomjon, as a cover-up for his crimes against more than 72 victims, Nepalese Buddhist lamas of the Tibetan lineages and of various rinpoche schools and monasteries had started to voice their criticism of the fake “Buddha Boy”. Although there had been a wide-spread support of Bomjon from Buddhist monks and nuns from 2005 till the last years, as soon as rape-accusations and police reports about disappeared nuns and monks and of one murder allegation came to light, finally the Tibetan lineage Nepali Buddhists also had woken up and a few of them publicly denounced Bomjon (click on CC for English subtitles):

Youtube: बम्जनका कर्तुत सार्वजनिक | Ram Bahadur Bomjan(only in Nepali language)

Youtube: Exclusive : युवतीका कारण बम्जनको मति भ्रष्ट ! उनीसंगै २ वर्ष बस्ने चेलाको खुलासा RAM BAHADUR BOMJAN(only in Nepali language)




Above image: Molam Lama in red-yellow robe is a long-time follower of Ram Bomjon, and together with Budha Lama (head turned down) they had been attending Bomjon during his violent attacks and even tortures of many people… Molam Lama (Suresh Ale Magar) is among the 6 disappeared people about whom news came out in the Nepalese media in 2018 and 2019, witness accounts describing the murders of some of them! Should it not interest the Tibetan Buddhist lineage, that robed monks are involved in criminal and inhuman activities, based on Ram Bomjon’s orders, in the name of “Dharma”…? Both monks had been ordained already before arriving to Bomjon to Halkhoriya.


Above photo: Ram Bomjon also takes the liberty to ordain Buddhist monks and nuns. Until 2013 these monks and nuns wore the classical Tibetan Buddhist lineage’s outfit, as we see above on Michael Leon (UK-USA) who has been ordained monk by Bomjon in 2011 and given a monk-name Jampa Dorje, and was popularizing Bomjon in the USA in a Youtube series “Seeds of Loving-Kindness”. Nowadays he does not wear a robe anymore but continues to be a  devotee and active supporter of Bomjon. Michael is very active in victim blaming and called dealing with the harm and pain of Bomjon’s  victims in 2012 ‘MUD SLINGING’ in his Facebook conversation with an ex-follower of Bomjon Michiel Hegener. Although he likes to repeat the word “compassion” countless times in his speech, he had never shown any compassion towards the victims of sexual abuse, bloody attacks and months-long tortures of Bomjon. As he was not present, he believes that all had been made up by the (now more than 40!) victims… 


Above photo: Bomjon twisted and ridiculed the monk-ordination process, when he even ordained a monk one of his attendants in torturing and raping two kidnapped women in 2012, European Z.T. and Nepali Mata Ani! Darshan Limbu had been ordained a red-robed monk by Bomjon right after the criminal holding captives by him and Bomjon – after the release of his two victims. Above: Darshan in his Buddhist monk robe a few months after the release of the two women from Bomjon’s and his tortures by media and police in 2012. It nearly looked like a reward for his attendant Darshan, for the loyalty in fulfilling the brutal tasks! 


Above image: Ram Bomjon is ordaining Buddhist monks of the Tibetan lineage. The above photo shows US follower Dr. Moore (in the middle with blue shawl), who had been rewarded by his “great service” to Bomjon by an ordaining in distance: while he was in the US and Bomjon sent his follower Ngima Dawa to ordain him in his name. What was his great service? To write a public discrediting diagnosis about the author of this article, claiming that she was mentally ill, so as to discredit the description of the violent and sexual crimes done to her by Bomjon and his Sangha in 2012. Dr. Moore was a retired psychologist. He had been invited to Nepal in 2016, when he mysteriously died in the premises of Ram Bomjon. As in the case of Darshan and other accomplices in his violent attacks and tortures of kidnapped people, Bomjon has a habit to reward his “faithful” with a red Buddhist monk robe! Is this something that should leave His Holiness uninvolved…? Using the monk robe as a reward for harming people violently and sexually and by covering up the attacks, is a blasphemy of Buddha…


So should His Holiness not care more that Buddhism, the robes, Tibetan Buddhist symbolism the good name of Dharma are stained with diabolic criminal deeds by a cult formed around the personality of Ram Bomjon?

All these very clear and distinguished features mentioned above prove that Ram Bahadur Bomjon, who even announced himself to be the Maitriya Buddha (again, a concept of no other religion than solely of Tibetan Buddhism!), a “Maha Sambodhi” – belongs or tries to belong to the Tibetan school of Buddhism. Even if recently he is trying to establish a new religion, his own lineage inside Tibetan Buddhism, his main followers are still Nepalese and foreign Buddhists (very few Hindus, practically no Muslims as and no Nepalese Christians!). He is still using the same style of pujas like Tibetan Buddhists do, and his “prayers” and mantras, flags, thrones, etiquette, robes, ritual musical instruments, robe-style etc.  resemble those of a traditional Tibetan Buddhist puja.

Above image: Ram Bomjon marching from Ratanpuri to Halkhoriya with hundreds of Buddhist monks, and accompanied by khenpo Sonam Gyurme, with all the pomp and symbols (umbrella etc.) usually associated with only high level Tibetan Buddhits rinpoches. Many of the present monks had been later (in December 2011) employed by Bomjon during tortures of kidnapped people and other dark tasks. Khenpo was but already “kicked out” by Bomjon in August 1-2, 2011.


Based on all the above information, Bomjon’s “new dharma” can be, without hesitation, classified as an inner lineage inside Tibetan Buddhism. Because of this, he falls under the “jurisdiction” of the head of Tibetan Buddhists, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Similarly like so many other Tibetan Buddhist guru-cults (Sogyal rinpoche, Ole Nydahl, Dorje Shugden, Roach, New Kadampa, Tsem rinpoche, Maitreya The Christ etc.) – also the cult of “Maha Sambodhi Maatma Guru” Bomjon belongs to Tibetan Buddhism and many Buddhists, monks, nuns and lay people, as well as the general public, have a burning question:

What does the Dalai Lama say to all this???




Yet a very shocking phenomena can be observed, when it comes to assessing and expressing opinions about Ram Bomjon by HH the Dalai Lama, who is revered by Tibetan and Nepali Tamang Buddhists as practically the religious head of Buddhism! From the earliest days when Bomjon hit the headlines as the “Meditating Buddha Boy of Nepal” (2005), His Holiness was in deep silence about the claims around and by Bomjon. Many people were in awe at his alleged abilities (by the way, which had been never really proved by any scientific investigation!), and nervously awaited at least some clue, some orientation from the side of the respected Buddhist Leader of all Tibetan Buddhists. Yet for years (already 12 years!), the Dalai Lama did not publish a single opinion about Bomjon! It is nearly the same like the situation with the ” Roaring Silence ” concerning the many years of abuses by Sogyal Lakar (rinpoche) in the name of Dharma (although, as far as I know, Sogyal r. never tortured explicitly anyone for months, never ordered beating people to blood and did not have two deaths connected to his tortures of people!).

What can be the reason? My Buddhist friends who stayed in Dharamsala and had been in contact with His Holiness’ Office, explained to me that Bomjon was just an unimportant local village meditator in Nepal in their eyes and thus his topic was not big enough for HH to deal with publicly… We could have thought that this was the case between 2005 and 2011, yet not for long: already in 2011 during his Mahadarshan event, 10 000 people arrived in a single day to bow to him from all over Nepal, India and Western countries. The Internet started to be overloaded with so many links, blogs, videos and websites about Bomjon’s alleged miracles, him being Maitreya, Messiah and the savior of the world etc., that no other Buddhist personality of Tibet or Nepal could compete with his SEO power on the Internet… There are certainly more clones of the “Bomjon Biography” or the “Boy with divine powers” Discovery Channel video than of any text, photo or video about HH the Dalai Lama himself! To avoid any notion about Ram Bomjon, if someone is a Buddhist and is literate would be similar like to try to avoid getting wet while swimming in the sea…

The claims that His Holiness should especially be alerted to:

There had been various claims by Bomjon and his followers about who he actually is/was/will be. In the very beginning villager Buddhist Tamangs considered him

1, the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha. Yet he himself told he was not that, “only” at the level of a “rinpoche”…

2, Rinpoche. “Tell the people not to call me a Buddha. I don’t have the Buddha’s energy currently. I am at the level of a rinpoche”  (Wikipedia)

(Do Buddhist rinpoches act like Bomjon? Attacking people, torturing elderly ladies as alleged “witches”?)

3,While, during 2007 – 2017 his followers claim to anyone that Bomjon is actually the much awaited Maitreya Buddha. He himself did not publicly confirm, neither denied this, but does everything to make things vague and speaks about himself and “Maitriya” as the “Guru” interchangibly, what suggests that he is the source of the myth. Among the hundreds of texts claiming Bomjon to be Maitreya Buddha, one, quoting an interview with Jas Waiba, his financial supporter against police cases (practically someone to bribe authorities to stop investigations and prosecutions!) is especially alarming:

“Over lunch, Jas is quite straightforward in his assessment of Palden Dorje. “He is a bodhisattva. In the future, he will be Maitreya, the next Buddha. This is a certainty. I am confident in this because I have witnessed how he mixes peace with power. He can destroy and he can create. I cannot give you all the details at this time because I have been sworn to secrecy with respect to some matters. He later hinted, however, toward some esoteric power that could possibly render the weapons of the world completely useless.”

4, Yet, in the meantime he is saying to a group of foreign devotees in 2013 that Higher-than-Buddha and avatar of the Paramatman!:  “never before visited this earth anyone as high as the person now sitting in front of you” (apparently speaking of himself) – what suggests that he and his followers believe that he is the highest of the highest among gods, prophets, buddhas, gurus, divine beings etc. He also told during that year that Gautama Buddha “did not know his father only his mother”, which does not make much sense, other than a way to belittle Buddha. Yet witnesses described the derogatory tone that Bomjon and his Sangha members spoke about Gautama Buddha inside his circle. That the witnesses did not exaggerate, had been recently, years later, confirmed in a Nepalese article:

His followers consider him to be Parmatma (supreme soul) and above Lord Buddha

(Although intellectual Western Buddhists often argue that Buddhism does not originally mention or deal with any form of God as such, like Hinduism does, yet the reality is that even Tibetans consider Buddha and the Bodhisattvas “divine beings” and speak openly about “Tibetan Gods”. One should not confuse the various lineages of Buddhism, which differ in their basic teachings and practice. A perfect article, inspired by the claims about Ram Bomjon, about how the views of Buddhist schools differ in accepting the possibility of one being a “reincarnation of the Buddha” had been written by Torie Bosch “Am I the Buddha?”: . )


Now, Bomjon is attracting Tamang Buddhist monks and nuns and remaking them into a cult of worshiping himself as god, instead of following classical Tibetan Buddhist rituals and rules. These monks and nuns had been surrounding him from 2005, and continue till now. Until 2013 they had been wearing traditional Tibetan Buddhist red and yellow robes. He had changed the color to steel-blue only after 2013, but red-robed lamas continue to respect and visit him.

Image above: Bomjon likes to play the theater of a respected rinpoche, king or president… These and much more bowing and rules to humble before him are introduced among the hundreds of his monks and nuns. No one is allowed to look into his face, and people must bow their heads near him all the time. These monks and nuns look entirely brainwashed. The picture is from a video by the Nepalese media, showing Bomjon’s 2017 Maitri Puja for World Peace” mega-event in Kathmandu. 


All these are facts show that Ram Bahadur Bomjon had hijacked Tibetan Buddhism and remodeled it to a cult which has to worship only his ow person as god and “higher-than-buddha” Buddha, also Maitreya, also paramatman. Though emerged due to a Buddhist background and through the help of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, he had not just abandoned his roots but even turned against its founder (Buddha) and elevated himself above him. He even published a derogatory announcement about the “previous path” (Buddhism) of which khenpo Sonam Gyurme was the representation, versus his “new path” here called Bodhi MargaDarshan MaitriDharma, which the khenpo’s activities allegedly largely harmed in 2010 – 2011 in Halkhoriya:

Sonam was a follower of the previous Path with considerable advanced training in the previous knowledge… The Bodhi Path Maitri Dharma (BodhiMarga darshan MaitriDharma) now attained contains a distinct and different set of mores, laws and regulations.”

Only after khenpo Gyurme had taken the responsibility to treat Bomjon’s comatose victim of brutal violence, Manu, in 2016, where she actually died in October that year, the Announcement against khenpo had been taken down from the official website of Bomjon (, apparently as a way to “reward’ the khenpo for his cooperation, yet the site’s reaction to it had been already recorded by the Wayback Machine:

Should all this not catch the attention of the highest leader of Tibetan Buddhism, HH The Dalai Lama? Yet it seems that the Dalai Lama did not notice anything unusual about the activities, claims and cult of Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’ man… At least the Roaring Silence (a title used for an article about the case of ignoring another fake Buddhist leader, Sogyal rinpoche, by HH The Dalaim Lama) suggests he did not.

But is it still possible for anyone at least slightly interested in Buddhism not to bump upon at least one Ram Bahadur Bomjon news on the Internet? His SEO machines had unleashed such an aggressive spam campaign that it is just everywhere, be it a search for “buddha” or “buddhism” or “yogi” on Google or Youtube. Unless HH The Dalai Lama did not install some special Firewall to block the Bomjon-virus of the Internet, it must have sneaked into the consciousness of HH’s Office!

And yet, the factual Leader of Tibetan Buddhism continues to be in deep ignorance about the existence of Ram Bomjon and his controversial deeds and blasphemy words! While His Holiness’ Office often speaks publicly against (see the emails below) and issuing letters about  many OTHER false Buddhist teachers and cults (best known example is the Shugden controversy) which harm the Buddhist Dharma and which harm human beings, in the same time he seems to have “never heard” about Ram Bomjon’s more than 40 victims of violence, kidnappings, witch-accusations, tortures and rapes – and recently even two deaths connected with his “internal actions”.



This is minimally very strange. Friends of a few victims went personally to approach the Dalai Lama with letters over the past years, some others spoke with his Office, others wrote emails: yet the answers were always those typical diplomatic reactions which are not answers and not solutions, only ways to politely avoid the topic:

  • like that HH cannot deal with just any false Buddhist teacher, he does not have the capacity, nor the authority to ban such teachers – the below numerous examples will show that this is not true: HH did make repeated initiatives to BAN, RESTRICT, CRITICIZE and WARN ABOUTa few harmful teachers and cults connected to Tibetan Buddhism!
  • or that HH does not consider Bomjon a big (global, wide, important) enough issue to deal with publicly (this had been also shown a weak argument, when we see that Bomjon is meeting (the late and former) Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala who pledges to fulfil all his wishes, and that Bomjon enjoys total criminal impunity even if all Nepal knows about his violent attacks and torturing two women in 2012, unlike any other citizen of Nepal, and Bomjon’s Maitri Puja’s attract tens of thousands of people, among them also Tamang Buddhist monks, nuns, Buddhist Tamangs and Buddhist foreigners!) provides an endless series of proofs of this…
  • there are also some apologist explanations when it comes to problematic issues, concretely that HH is officially the head only of the Gelugpa school (not the Sakya, Nyingma or Kagyu), all Buddhists know that in practice it is not so. HH had been recognizing and endorsing Tulkus of all the four schools, and all four schools revere HH as their superior in practical issues, because he is also the political leader of all Tibetan refugees. HH’s teachings, photos and programs are followed by monks of all four schools… Yet when it comes to sensitive topics, some Buddhists try to avoid them by reminding the merely theoretical (official) position of the Dalai Lama among the four schools. More on the explanations about HH’s non-involvement policy here:

Yet the sufferings of Bomjon’s victims who arrived to him with great faith exactly because they saw him in a Tibetan Buddhist context (which had been NOT disclaimed publicly by the Dalai Lama!), – the weeping of those victims did not reach the throne of HH. Why is it so? Why HH The 14th Dalai Lama does not show any compassion with all those victims who believed Bomjon exactly because the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist lamas did NOT warn them about the extreme dangers of becoming his devotee and staying near him in privacy or surrounded by his brutal crime attendants!

Is this at all possible, that even when the Nepalese and international media showed so many proofs that Bomjon is extremely destructive towards human beings, monks, nuns, Buddhists and Buddha’s teachings – that the Dalai lama still have not heard about him…and cannot make up an opinion, even after 12 years?

It is quite sad to note that His Holiness had similarly ignored the gentle and respectful complaints, verbal and written, by the victims of other harmful Buddhist teachers as well. The most medially known became recently the years-long series of abuses by Sogyal rinpoche, proved and witnessed by dozens of his followers. Finally they decided only this year, after many years of humble silence and accepting the Dalai Lama’s un-engagement, to write a collective letter to the rinpoche as well as the Dalai Lama Himself. Let’s hope that His Holiness changes from silently tolerating Buddhist gurus to use his name and endorsement for criminally harmful activity in the name of Dharma into someone who actually stands up for protecting the good name of Dharma and human rights of victims of Buddhist teachers…

More about the historically important letter here:



Yet we know that HH The 14th Dalai Lama knows about Ram Bomjon long ago. Yet that is not everything. His Holiness even allegedly claimed that Ram Bomjon is the “guru of his gurus” ! Allegedly (and this is emphasized!) he had also sent a delegation to Nepal, three rinpoches, who had to “investigate” the meditating “Buddha Boy” and who then returned to the Dalai Lama with their findings. The Bomjon followers had even claimed that the Dalai Lama did want to meet Bomjon, but only because he could not visit Nepal for political reasons, the historical meeting did not occur…:(It is interesting to note but that the Buddhist word and wide public had never heard about the Dalai Lama’s delegations and findings about the “Buddha Boy” at all, so they might have hidden all this as a top-secret!

HH he allegedly accepted a delegation from Ram Bomjon’s followers and exclaimed that Bomjon was the “guru of his gurus”:

“The world known spiritual leader Dalai Lama having learnt from a Senior Sangha Member is said once to have called Guru Dharma Sangha as the Guru of his Gurus. For political reason, Dalai Lama cannot travel to Nepal. Yet his nearest spiritual seniors like His Eminence Tsona Rimpoche*, His Eminence Lobsang Tulku Rimpoche and Geshe Nyima Rimpoche visited Nepal to pay darshan of Guruji during 2011.”

Kishore Sherchand, US-Nepal (…/writing-on-buddha-boy-ram-bomjon-palden.html)

*Tsona rinpoche made suicide in 2014! More details on it on A Deadly Dharma

Above image: Tamang Tulku or Lo(b)sang Namgyal rinpoche with HH The Dalai Lama, who recognized him a tulku. Lobsang Namgyal rinpoche was allegedly among the “delegates” sent to the Dalai Lama to inform him about Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’, and allegedly he was also sent back to Halkhoriya to “investigate” about Bomjon. There are numerous photos of Ram Bomjon’s events in Halkhoriya where Namgyal rinpoche is shown happily engaged in assisting to and admiring Bomjon.

Another source, which seems to copy the “official version” of Bomjon’s Sangha from above is Bomjon-devotee Panchaman Lama‘s Facebok article:

Panchaman Pakhrin Tamang

September 5, 2014 ·
“The world known spiritual leader Dalai Lama having learnt from a Senior Sangha Member is said once to have called Guru Dharma Sangha as the Guru of his Gurus. For political reason, Dalai Lama cannot travel to Nepal. Yet his nearest spiritual seniors like His Eminence Tsona Rimpoche, His Eminence Lobsang Tulku Rimpoche and Geshe Nyima Rimpoche visited Nepal to pay darshan of Guruji during 2011.”

Note: currently the first name of Namgyal rinpoche is Losang, not Lobsang, In 2011 everyone called him Lobsang, though. Yet a Tibetan monk who set himself on fire for political reasons in Tibet had the name Lobsang Namgyal, too – not to be confused.

(The photo of Lobsang/Losang Namgyal rinpoche with khenpo Sonam Gyurme in Bomjon’s Halkhoriya Compound is further above in this article. Photos of Tsona rinpoche in Halkhoriya and with Bomjon are further down).

So this is interesting, because when it comes to hearing about the suffering of Bomjon’s victims, HH the Dalai Lama had turned a deaf ear to the complaints of many people who came to his Office personally, or wrote to him about Bomjon’s misuse of Buddhist Dharma to harm people. But allegedly HH was still interested in the “guru of his gurus”, and, at least according to the claims of Bomjon’s Sangha, HH was very interested in Buddha Boy! What is the truth then, and why is His Holiness so discrete about it? Do Buddhists and the wide public not deserve to know if Ram Bomjon is the guru of the gurus of the practical head of Buddhism, His Holiness – and as such, is himself higher than the Dalai Lama? And, in that case, then witch-accusing and kidnapping women, chaining them to trees, breaking their bones, raping them and torturing them, beating more than 40 men to blood and apparently taking the lives of two people is a legitimate Buddhist practice accepted and supported by His Holiness... ? Should this not be clarified? To allow the Bomjon followers to claim things about “what the Dalai Lama told” about Bomjon, and not to stand up for confirming or denying it, is not an attitude which helps to Dharma, law and trust of the public in Buddhism…




So it is clear that His Holiness DID hear about Ram Bahadur Bomjon, Nepal’s famous Buddha Boy, after all. But it seems that His only information have come from the three rinpoches who had visited him to announce the news about Bomjon, and return to Nepal to bring him back “their findings”.

Now, in today’s world of access to information, it would be quite unbelievable that the Office of HH have never heard about Bomjon’s famous bloody attacks or have not seen the desperate faces of  the women freed from his tortures as hostages on the Indian TV and newspapers (The Hindustani Times had been covering the Bomjon stories quite regularly). And it is also difficult to believe, that the Office of HH had never learned about how Bomjon’s Sangha is using HH’s name to propagate their own cult, and use the Dalai Lama’s alleged interest in Bomjon as a “proof” that Bomjon is ALREADY recognized by the Dalai Lama!

Should not His Holiness, who has such an important religious and political position among Buddhists and in the general public, care about being quoted as a guarantor of the legitimacy of a new “dharma” which is hunting witches, chains women to trees, rapes them, beats them to blood, breaks their wrists, beats men with sticks all night? Does HH the Dalai Lama really agree with this kind of interpretation of Buddhism, just because uneducated Tamang villagers in tens of thousands do agree with it? Is this really how the predicted Maitreya Buddha should look like and act..? The Buddhist and general public is asking these burning questions already at least 12 years!

When faced by some claims which are embarrassing, people usually have two types of reactions: one is to vehemently deny them, the other is to stay silent. If the Dalai Lama stays silent while reading and hearing about Bomjon’s followers using his name as a “guarantee” that Bomjon is genuine and divine, than we can assume that HH AGREES with the claims of Kishore or Panchaman Tamang… There is a Czech saying that if one is silent, than one agrees…

If these claims were unfounded and made up, HH The Dalai Lama would have to raise his voice against misusing his Buddhist Leader authority to “legalize” in Tibetan Buddhism a violent, rape-ordering, women-torturing witch-hunter in Nepal. It would be equally destructive for the good name of Buddhism as openly reject Bomjon’s “new dharma”. So the Dalai Lama had apparently chosen the “golden middle path”, not to say “no” and not to say “yes” either….

Or does the silence and non-engagement of HH mean than, that he innerly agrees with causing all that extreme pain, destroyed lives, stigma, broken bones and continuous living in horror of all those whom Bomjon and his attendants kidnapped, bit, held hostage for months, raped and tortured with unimaginably brutal mean, just that, out of diplomacy, he cannot openly say it?

Is the Dalai Lama’s non-reacting and non-interest in human suffering a signal that Buddhism agrees with such crimes against human beings “in the name of Maitri Dharma”? Already now, victims of Ram Bomjon had totally lost faith in Buddhism and trust in robed monks and nuns, who had been used as torture-assistants by the “Guru of the Gurus” of the Dalai Lama! Does HH not care about people loosing faith in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha?

As we know from the recent news, Bomjon’s follower even admitted that Bomjon had hands in the slow and painful death of his own sister (who was also a Buddhist nun studied in Dehradun Sakya Monastery!), and the ruined mental and bodily state of another follower, calling it “internal punishment”. Does the Dalai Lama approve of all this as a way of Buddhism?

“Bomjon has taken ‘internal action’ against a person who had stayed together with him in the jungle in Bara, according to a follower of him. “He is roaming restlessly confused about whether to live or die,” the follower says.

‘Guru’ took the ‘internal action’ not physically but using his divine powers, the follower claims. The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.”

While there are no signs of any “NO” from His Holiness the Dalai Lama for years, any raising of voice, public denouncement of his crimes, or support for Bomjon’s victims, we are left with the only information which is available from the Dalai Lama in connection with Bomjon: that is with the claims of his very Sangha that the Dalai Lama approves of him, endorses him and wanted to meet him!

Dozens of Nepali and foreign victims had abandoned Buddhism because of the horrors that red-robed Buddhist monks had done to their bodies and minds, at the order of the “guru of HH’s gurus”, the alleged “Maitriya Buddha” of Nepal. Yet HH the Dalai Lama did not try to return their faith in the Buddha. The victims of Buddhist criminal gurus have no support from the Buddhist community and the practical leader of Tibetan Buddhism, in the name of which they are able to manipulate people to trust them.


Who are those three rinpoches of the Dalai Lama’s “delegation”?

Like the three kings of the Gospel, coming to “recognize” the Buddha Boy to be “guru of His Holiness’s gurus”, these three rinpoches are mentioned as arriving to Nepal’s Halkhoriya to check out Bomjon. Yet it is interesting to note, that apart from Tsona rinpoche, one of the two others is among the very few TAMANG rinpoches of Nepal, and as we know, Tamangs (due to naive lack of information or a tendency to ignore and cover up Bomjon’s criminal acts?) are very proud of “their Buddha Boy” and consider him their national hero. As such, Bomjon is a politicized issue in Nepal, as he is vigorously supported especially by political parties fighting for bigger rights of Tamangs and other “indigenous nationalities”, like NEFIN or AJRA and also any Tamang organization in Nepal or abroad. The Tamang and Mongolian protection is preventing law enforcement in the case of his numerous of criminal deeds against many people, because any criticism even in the Nepalese media had been immediately viewed as a “Hindu conspiracy” against Buddhist Bomjon…

Tamangs in Nepal see Bomjon as a personality who would bring their national cause out to the world, elevate their position in the eyes of other castes, and bring fame and blessing to their national minority. So it is not surprising that Namgyal rinpoche, one of the three, is called “Tamang rinpoche” in Nepal, due to the unique caste he was born into. (Most rinpoches still come from Tibetan, eventually Sherpa castes in Nepal).

Image above: Losang Namgyal rinpoche, Source: Youtube. 

The other two are Tibetans. But there are unusual occurrences around them, which suggest that any great expectations of “special blessings” or “auspiciousness” was somehow not the outcome of their support of Ram Bomjon, rather the opposite:

Geshe Ngima rinpoche, who resides in South India, seems to be active in the underground political movement to free Tibet of the Chinese rule, and even his own cousin had died in Chinese prison:

“Dharamshala — On July 12, revered Tibetan monk and political prisoner Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche died in a prison in China. The Tibet Post International spoke with his cousin, Geshe Nyima, a monk from Drepung Gomang Monastery in South India on the case and its aftermath on the family and the Tibetan community.”

If we consider that he became a follower of Ram Bomjon and got “blessed” by the touch of his hand, the above fate does not really seem like a blessing…

That Tibetans had accepted Ram Bomjon as someone who belongs to their Buddhist lineage as their saint, is clear from the below website: (website about Tibetan exile and HH, which propagates Bomjon)


Yet the “blessing” of becoming Ram Bomjon’s third rinpoche follower, was most tragically displayed in the case of Tsona rinpoche (Tibetan based in Arunachal Pradesh?), who (by the way) was the guru of khenpo Sonam Gyurme (a Tamang!), who was staying with Bomjon in Halkhoriya Jungle, as well as wrote down his “prayers” in Tibetan. Khenpo Gyurme was staying in Halkhoriya in 2011 when the “triad delegation” from the Dalai Lama arrived there, and built a lot of illegal concrete buildings in the government public forest. So it does not really seem to me that the three rinpoches had been picked out by HH Himself and sent to Halkhoriya. Rather they seem to be the only rinpoches who would be willing to endorse Ram Bomjon and bring the news about him to HH – out of their own initiative and not as a mission from the Dalai Lama! 

(We should realize that there are dozens of very highly respected rinpoches residing in Nepal. If we take into consideration, that only three of them ever visited Bomjon, and became his devotees, it does not look so ensuring anymore!)

Tsona rinpoche – blessed by Ram Bomjon:

Photo above: Tsona rinpoche with the incense “cleansing the way” for Ram Bomjon, the alleged “guru of the gurus” of the Dalai Lama, in Bara District, on the path between the Halkhoriya Jungle and Ratanpuri. Source: ex-Sangha member.

As I mention above, Tsona rinpoche was the clearest proof of what Ram Bomjon’s “blessing” meant. Tsona rinpoche was allegedly a Tulku, a reincarnation of a higher lama. When he came to Bomjon, his student khenpo Gyurme was there. He got a special private audience with Bomjon, as no one was allowed to have those times. At that audience the rinpoche had poured out his heart to Bomjon about his sins which caused that he had to return to samsara (take birth again). He asked Bomjon, considering him the Divine Judge, to forgive him and return him to his previous place.

Tsona rinpoche, one of those who had to guarantee that Bomjon is a legitimate and genuine spiritual guru, had started to suffer from serious depression, and just 3 years after meeting and befriending Ram Bomjon, in 2014, he made suicide:

Delhi, 2014:


A Buddhist monk, who was an ardent follower of the Dalai Lama, allegedly hanged himself at his apartment in south Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area as he was depressed over insomnia. However, his devotees said the monk, Tsona Gontse the Rinpoche, was upset over his relative losing polls from a seat in Arunachal Pradesh. Police said they are trying to find out the 47-year-old monk’s exact cause of death.


Sources said that the Rinpoche had stopped talking to his devotees for the last few days and had apparently written in the letter that he was sad about his activities and sought forgiveness from God.


A suicide note written in Tibetan was recovered from a diary kept on Rinpoche’s study table. The note was said to read: “I have committed so many sins that God will not forgive me. I don’t have stamina to face the punishment to be given by God. Therefore, I am ending my life. No one is responsible for this. Please don’t cry for me. I deserve this.”

Khenpo Sonam Gyurme with Tsona rinpoche in Halkhoriya Jungle, visiting Ram Bomjon.




Now, we know from Bomjon’s followers that His Holiness had done in a very indirect and unpublished way, endorse Ram Bomjon, Nepal’s Buddha Boy, to be the awaited Maitreya Buddha for the salvation of the world. In any case, he did not raise voice against the claims of Bomjon’s followers like Kishore Sherchand and Panchaman Tamang etc. that Bomjon was the “guru of his gurus”. Well, there are a few other Bomjon-like personalities with blood on their hands, whom HH did have explicitly endorsed, befriended, publicly supported. Out of his mistake, or out of his inability to distinguish real spiritual gurus from demonic impostors, real enlightened souls from criminals…?

Such mistakes, done by someone with such a huge authority and power, can ruin human lives forever. And not just human lives, but the Dharma. And they did, not only in the case of Bomjon, but also some others…


1, Shoko Asahara, the Sarin-terrorist of Japan


Are Buddhists Racist – Shoko Asahara and the Dalai Lama

The event catapulted the leader of the cult, Shoko Asahara, onto the world stage. It was later revealed that he had ties to the Dalai Lama which had enabled him …


The 14th Dalai Lama met with the Sarin gas murderer Shoko Asahara…/the-14th-dalai-lama-met-with-the-sarin-gas

May 11, 2015 – The interview puts the meetings of Shoko Asahara with the Dalai Lama into context. However, the whole interview is worth to be read and to be …

Shoko Asahara – Wikipedia

Shoko Asahara is the founder of the Japanese Doomsday cult group Aum Shinrikyo. Asahara was convicted for being the mastermind behind the 1995 sarin gas …

Video of Shoko Asahara and Dalai Lama (3:05) – Dec 24, 2009 – Uploaded by MrMrNathaniel:

Find out how the Dalai Lama befriended, endorsed and supported Shoko Asahara’s dangerous Aum cult …

A Conversation with the Dalai Lama : NPR

Apr 14, 2008 – The Dalai Lama speaks during a news conference in Seattle, April 13, …. cites the Dalai Lama’s one-time association with Shoko Asahara, the …


On the left is. Shoko Asahara holding hands with the Dalai Lama. Shoko is happy perhaps because the. Dalai Lama helped him get a tax free status for his

The Japanese Doomsday Guru Shoko Asahara and XIV Dalai Lama

Almost a year later, in February 1987, Shoko Asahara stood before the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. He was received by the supreme Kalachakra master in person.


Not all mistaken endorsement of HH were but so destructive like Shoko Asahara, though. His usual endorsements are that of Tulkus, believed to be reincarnations of past lamas who promised to be reborn. It became a kind of fashion recently to find reincarnated Tulkus while they are still 2-3 years old toddlers. Somehow there are too many recognized Tulkus in the recent years, and quite a few of them do not display any signs of exceptional enlightenment, and even they often self-critically admit not to have any memories of their alleged past lives (like lama Osel, see below). Many Tulkus recognized and chosen by the Dalai Lama had turned out to be “failures”, at least concerning their expected unique Buddhist spiritual talents (of course not as human beings). The traditional monastery education also limited their natural development and they felt the need to break out and go into sudden extremes concerning worldly life. Apart from the “not-so-enlightened” Tulkus listed below, the above mentioned late Tsona rinpoche (admirer of Ram Bomjon) had been also actually recognized to be Tulku by the Dalai Lama. His tragic end only shows that Tulkus, grown up in the golden cage of too big expectations, can often not manage the burden – especially if they are not real Tulkus, but ordinary humans like anyone else… Then there are honest ones, who simply admit they do not have any special memories and do not consider themselves “born enlightened”… Osel Hita is one of these:


2, Jeshe Yangsi – lama Osel – the Spanish tulku?

Above image source:

“Osel was taken to India for testing, where he picked out Lama Yeshe’s former possessions, including his sunglasses. The Dalai Lama confirmed that Osel was Lama Yeshe’s reincarnation.

Osel himself still believes in reincarnation, and that Lama Yeshe could have chosen whose body he would come back in. He is just not sure it is him.”

“Robert Thurman, a Buddhist scholar, former monk and friend of the Dalai Lama, recounts that when told years ago that Hita was to receive a traditional Buddhist education in India he expressed concern. Thurman’s argument: “If he wanted Tibetan traditional [education] he could have reincarnated in a Tibetan family in exile.” The result of the misplacement, he says, is that Hita “has broken away in a full-blown identity crisis.” Thurman thinks that after some time in our “busy postmodern world,” Hita may see the value of the Tibetan tradition, “which he will then be able to approach or not, of his own free choice.” And, he adds, “More power to him!”,8599,1903076,00.html

“As a toddler, he was put on a throne and worshiped by monks who treated him like a god. But the boy chosen by the Dalai Lama as a reincarnation of a spiritual leader has caused consternation – and some embarrassment – for Tibetan Buddhists by turning his back on the order that had such high hopes for him.

Instead of leading a monastic life, Osel Hita Torres now sports baggy trousers and long hair, and is more likely to quote Jimmy Hendrix than Buddha….

He is now studying film in Madrid and has denounced the Buddhist order that elevated him to guru status. “They took me away from my family and stuck me in a medieval situation in which I suffered a great deal,” said Torres, 24, describing how he was whisked from obscurity in Granada to a monastery in southern India. “It was like living a lie,” he told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo….

According to the foundation biography, another leader suspected Torres was the reincarnation of the recently deceased Lama Yeshe when he was only five months old. In 1986, at 14 months, his parents took him to see the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. The toddler was chosen out of nine other candidates and eventually “enthroned”.

He later returned only as a worldly visitor and supporter of the FMTP organization founded by lama Yeshe

Above image source:

The story of Osel Hita shows that something is not working in the Tulku-recognizing tradition in this age. Currently Buddhism has too many of the two types of rinpoches: 1, self-elevating, self-styled rinpoches who had not been endorsed by any higher lama, 2, endorsed alleged Tulkus who refuse to play the game. Both of these make harm to the Buddhist Dharma, and in case they misuse their undeserved authority, they can easily harm vulnerable people. To repair the current situation, the right action from His Holiness would be to reconsider mechanically endorsing babies as Tulkus, and to limit the powers of self-styled rinpoches or endorsed rinpoches who proved to be failures.

That endorsing non-real Tulkus is harmful not only to the public but also to the Tulkus themselves, could be seen in the story of another baby-Tulku:

3, Kalu rinpoche

Above image source:

The story of Kalu rinpoche is similar to Osel Hita. As a young child recognized as Tulku by His Holiness, he also felt the need to break out from the unfitting monastic life, but he had a great deal of suffering even because of (homosexual) rape experienced from his care-taker monks, about which he speaks in his video. He is still considered a Tulku though, and later he returned to the only profession he learned: to give lectures as a rinpoche… Although his speech is nice and in line with Buddhism, somehow we cannot find that spiritual genius which would have to display itself in case he would be a real Tulku…

Above image source:


4, Tsona rinpoche

Photos see above in this article. 

According to his followers, the Rinpoche was recognized as a reincarnation of Lama Thupten Jampal Wangchuk by the Dalai Lama. He was also elected as a minister of state in the Arunachal government in 2004 after contesting on a Congress ticket.

Sources said that the Rinpoche had stopped talking to his devotees for the last few days and had apparently written in the letter that he was sad about his activities and sought forgiveness from God.

A suicide note written in Tibetan was recovered from a diary kept on Rinpoche’s study table. The note was said to read: “I have committed so many sins that God will not forgive me. I don’t have stamina to face the punishment to be given by God. Therefore, I am ending my life. No one is responsible for this. Please don’t cry for me. I deserve this.”

(Interestingly another Buddhist lama affiliated with Ram Bomjon made suicide in Nepal’s Devgath in the recent years, around 2013. I had written about his case on my previous website . He happened to be a friend of my friends and left a letter as explanation. There he explained that the reason of him jumping to the Kali-Gandaki River was that he could not bear anymore the visions of Ram Bomjon appearing in hid meditation, trying to kill him with a sword… He had his meditation cave on the banks of the wild river in the holy place).



Yet it is not only the victims of Ram Bahadur Bomjon alias Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, whom His Holiness had betrayed. There are a few other gurus coming from Tibetan Buddhism, who had ruined human lives, turned them away from trusting Buddhism, harmed human bodies and stained the name of Gautama Buddha. Their victims had also did not get any attention, nor support, from the Office of HH the Dalai Lama. Yet, it is a little more understandable, as the below gurus are very much in tune with the Tibetan traditional lineages, and are not heretics and separatists, as Bomjon. They usually do not announce themselves to be Maitreya, Buddha Boy or gods – like Bomjon does. They are just bad gurus, fallen teachers, who, misusing the material comforts and position that Westerners provided them, start to think there are no limits to their powers and rights…

1, Sogyal rinpoche

Above image source:

UPDATE: During working on this article a revolutionary letter had been written to His Holiness by 8 signatories from among Sogyal Lakar’s most senior disciples. Although Sogyal had replied, but the solution does not seem to be satisfactory. His Holiness had received a copy of the letter. His Holiness did not reply, as yet:

Abuse: Letter To Sogyal Rinpoche From Long Term Rigpa Students

More on the Sogyal Controversy and other similar topics:

In 1994, a $10 million[5] civil lawsuit was filed against Sogyal Rinpoche. It was alleged that he had used his position as a spiritual leader to induce one of his female students to have sexual relations with him. The complaint included accusations of infliction of emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty,[6] as well as assault and battery.[7][8] The lawsuit was settled out of court. Related allegations were later introduced by journalist Mary Finnigan, who was also the main author of the original article in 1995.[9][10][11]

Document “In the Name of Enlightenment – Sex Scandal in Religion” – About Sogyal Rinpoche:

Update in 2017, July 14 (before publishing this article):


2,Lama Choedak Rinpoche

Above image source:

A number of women associated with the society contacted the Sunday Canberra Times, alleging the former monk had sexual relationships with several female group members after saying he had separated from his wife.

The women said they were shocked to discover their ”spiritual leader” was engaged in multiple affairs within the group because Lama Choedak was considered a ”respected teacher and family man” in the ACT branch.

The women were also able to provide documents to the Sunday Canberra Times that showed complaints about Lama Choedak’s conduct were met with stern warnings from senior foreign figures in the Tibetan Buddhist movement, who said talking to the media or telling new group members what had happened could be spiritually damaging and prevent other Canberrans from ”achieving enlightenment through Buddhism”.,10104,0,0,1,0


3, Tsem tulku

Above image source:

Tsem Tulku  New Kechara, Malaysia: After years of denial, Tsem Tulku has admitted he practices or at least practiced Shugden. This practice is of course his own decision, but not being straightforward about his practice is controversial at best. In recently publicized teachings of around 2005 he vehemently declares he will never stop this practice. Around 2008 he apparently vowed he stopped, but still supported the website These articles on Reuters finally expose the fact that China plays a major role in the Dalai Lama protests by Shugden protesters for obvious political reasons.

Above image source:

(Tsem Tulku was one of the bigger donors towards the reconstruction of the Bouddhanath Stupa in Nepal, damaged after the Earthquake in 2015)

If we watch carefully, many Tulkus and rinpoches do not care about wearing the red monk robe anymore, and they indulge in quite un-monkly worldly activities, often quite extreme poses. It reminds one more of the “bored celebrity syndrome”, than of the behavior and noble seriousness of a deep spiritual person. What would be nothing bad, if the rest of similarly civil-dressed worldly mortal beings would be not expected to revere these Tulkus and rinpoches as enlightened Buddhas and Boddhisattvas…

A longer list of rinpoches and Tulkus, Buddhist gurus and popular monks with immoral actions and a history of sexual harassment of female disciples can be found here:

Many of those in the long list had been still not denounced or warned by the Office of His Holiness of the Dalai Lama, although their activity harms Buddhism and the Dharma, and creates a lot of suffering to people who trusted them. Needless to say that the first thing every victim of those many abusing gurus do, is to write a letter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama…. Victims of Sogyal are waiting more than 20 years. Victims of Ram Bomjon a “mere” 12 years…




Although His Holiness did not give attention to the controversies surrounding Buddha Boy Ram Bomjon of Nepal, there are a few controversies in which case HH had actually proactively interfered, restricted, warned about, banned them! So were all those arguments from HH’s Office about not having time and authority to restrict/ban/warn about destructive Buddhist teachers and cults, true…? It is hard to believe, when we see the vehemence that HH put in denouncing and warning about a few other cults and individuals. (Was this only because in the below cases HH Himself and His position, had been at stake…?)


1, The Shugden Controversy

AFP PHOTO/Shaun Curry (Photo credit should read SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

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Proves of quotes from Dalai Lama’s proactive approach against the Shugden movement, advising to stop it, or, if one does not wish to stop it, one should not be allowed to participate in his own teachings. This proactive approach is a  direct opposite of what HH’s Office had claimed, e.g. that HH cannot and is not entitled to interfere with false Buddhist teachers’ and cults’ activities. We can see below that yes, he can…

Proof that HH HAS the authority and will to proactively ban harmful cults (because it is harmful for him, while Bomjon is harmful, until now, only for poor and non-influential devotees?)

“Some great learned and spiritually evolved persons have proclaimed (Gyalchen Dorje Shugden / Dhol-gyal) as a valid protector and even in their personal lives they have achieved amazing success; there are such persons to this day who we can see for ourselves. On the other hand as I told you just a while ago, the story of Gyalchen has been murky since quite early time. It is because of this that I have had to explain the situation and suggest some restrictions. However, I have not done this for political reasons or other purposes. – HH the 14th Dalai Lama (1980)”

A proof that HH did deal with another harmful practice (Shugden) which is dangerous for Buddhist followers into such an extent that He wrote 45 pages about it! – and gathered a meeting of high lamas to announce the results of his investigations and the reason his ban of the practice:

“Introductory note: In the following four talks, given in 1978, 1980 and 1983, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, explains in detail what events, circumstances, reasons and investigations caused him to change his stance on Dorje Shugden / Dhol-gyal. Though these four talks comprise about 46 DIN A4 pages it is really worth reading them because they offer plenty of information and details that are not known to many. It becomes clear while reading it that the Dalai Lama was extremely cautious and careful with this subject matter and didn’t take it lightly in any way. – Tenpel”

A proof that HH the 14th Dalai Lama DOES HAVE the authority to make changes concerning allowing or banning harmful practices inside Buddhism (in this case, Shugden):

“Today, I want to tell you a story, because lately, there has been some discussion about Gyalchen Shugden, and I thought I should make some comments about it to you Namgyal and Nechung monks. As you know, there have recently been some changes concerning Gyalchen Shugden and I thought I should explain the actual and the real situation concerning these changes in the beginning, middle and end.” HH The Dalai Lama

A proof that Dalai Lamas DID use their authority to BAN harmful practices inside Buddhism proactively:

“During the reign of my predecessor, the Thirteenth Dalai Lama (1876-1933), the performance of many deity-mediums were banned and in particular the Gyalchen medium was banned quite strongly. However, he did not ban Gyalchen’s performance from Lhasa Trode Khangsar, although it seems, he issued a legal warning to the public. In those days, the ban was strictly enforced even in Drepung and thus, the only image of Gyalchen in the Drepung Tantric College had to be removed. It was traditional for the monks of Drepung Tantric College to blow conches and trumpets while summoning Gyalchen and this was also banned. Similarly, in Ganden too those who propitiated Gyalchen were rigorously warned against doing so.” HH The Dalai Lama

Words of HH about his  predecessor’s normal powers to “ban, quite strongly ban, issue a legal warning, strictly enforce, rigorously warn” prove that inside Tibetan Buddhism (where Bomjon belongs, even according to his caste, teachers and followers lamas) the Dalai Lamas DID have authority to ban harmful practices, issue warnings to the public, restrict dangerous practices!

Overview of the Shugden Controversy (long list of articles, go down the page a little):

DL’s proactive involvement in the Dorje Shugden controversy:

Wikipedia: Views of the 14th Dalai Lama

Several reasons for the 14th Dalai Lama’s stance have been given. According to John Makransky,

The current Dalai Lama, seeking to combat the ancient, virulent sectarianisms operative in such quarters, has strongly discouraged the worship of the “protector” deity known as Dorje Shugden, because one of its functions has been to force conformity to the dGe lugs pa sect (with which the Dalai Lama himself is most closely associated) and to assert power over competing sects.[34]


In this dispute the Dalai Lama’s position does not stem from his Buddhist modernism and from a desire to develop a modern nationalism, but from his commitment to another protector, Nechung, who is said to resent Shukden […] his opposition to Shukden is motivated by his return to a more traditional stance in which this deity is seen as incompatible with the vision of the tradition (the “clan”) represented by the Fifth Dalai Lama.

Views of Shugden practitioners

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said more than once that people are perfectly free to worship Dorjey Shugden; they just can’t do it and call themselves his students.

Thus, we can see that His Holiness went so far in a ban of a harmful deity in Buddhism, that it created a lot of conflicts. What is fine, as it is actually His Holiness’ task to protect Tibetan Buddhism from destructive cults inside it. What I only don’t understand is why His Holiness does not care to protect Buddhism from much more dangerous cults than the Shugden worship is: the worship of a self-styled Maitriya Buddha Boy who is ordering people to be chained, tortured and sexually defiled in the name of Dharma, by monks and nuns, bringing a huge amount of Karmic burden on Tibetan Buddhism from the pain, prolonged suffering and trauma of the survivors….


2, Geshe Michael Roach

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When we try to find out if the claim of the Office of His Holiness reacted in the spirit of truth – when claiming that it could not deal with the Ram Bomjon controversies due to not having authority, time and habit to restrict, criticize, ban or warn about fake Buddhist gurus and cults, we will be soon convinced about the opposite. There are quite a few Buddhist teachers and inner lineages, which the Dalai Lama and/or His Office, had explicitly raised voice against, publicly denounced and warned the Buddhist public about their dangers. This criticism sometimes went to such lengths as writing letters/emails with very concrete and clear opinions about the harmful cults. Another surprising example, apart from the great energy and time that the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama invested into warning against the Dorje Shugden Cult, are the letters sent to Geshe Michael Roach, a self-titled Western lama who was planning to give teachings in Dharamsala in 2010:

Some more info about him:

The below proof from the website Viewonbuddhism about the efforts and direct involvement of the Office in criticizing a false Buddhist teacher’s behavior includes also a link to an Israeli forum with an email conversation between Israelis complaining about Geshe Roach to the Office of HH. It is more than obvious from these letters that the Office was ready to be involved and personally reprimand any teacher who would harm the good name of Buddhism and which made some harm to people. So why the Office could not do anything similar already 12 years long, faced with the terrible ordeal that Ram Bomjon’s victims had to suffer from him and his attendants? This is a deep-deep mystery….

Read the letters of the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to understand:

(The below quote and link to the Letter is from the website: )

“He apparently managed to ‘qualify’ as Geshe by paying donations to a monastery and receiving an honorary geshe-title. Since a few years, he makes outrageous claims of realizations. He also claims to be a monk, but has sexual relations and wears long hair; clear contradictions to the monks’ vows he has taken. His Dharma teachings appear to go way off in a similar way. See e.g. ( and see this letter from His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s office:”

(I would like to remind that, as this article shows in the beginning, Ram Bahadur Bomjon aka Maitriya Guru aka Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, had also made monk vows. Yet he is also wearing long hair – his main asset, actually – and not wearing a red monk robe anymore. Apart from that, he had been witnessed to have many girlfriends who he is regularly sending to abortions, which are arranged by Western rich donors to be “discrete enough” in Nepalese hospitals. Yet all this – plus his extreme violence towards random victims – would be quite enough for The Office to give him at least as much attention than they gave to Geshe Micheal Roach!)

And here is the interesting conversation, proving the engagement of His Holiness’ Office into the Geshe Roach Controversy.

First let’s read the original email written by the Israeli translator, which was asking His Holiness’ Office to give their official opinion of Geshe Roach. I intentionally leave the original length of the email, to show that even such very personal matters concerns about Michael Roach had been taken seriously by The Office of His Holiness, most probably because Roach had been planning to actually physically arrive to Dharamsala and his presence could have made a bad light on The Dalai Lama himself.

So, as we see, the only cases when the Office had actually mobilized to give out banning and denouncing verdicts, were cases when the harmful “guru” or a harmful “cult” had endangered the good name or safety of His holiness the Dalai Lama himself: the Shugden cult with a hidden political motive, and Micheal Roach, who apparently tried to use the Dalai Lama as a guarantor of his own derailed version of Buddhism. Yet when the harm had been done to others, quite often naive Westerners or poor Asians, the many years of requests of help from the Dalai Lama had met a deaf ears…


From: [Sender]

Date: February 9, 2010 10:02:27 AM GMT+02:00

To: “Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama”

Subject: Request for advice and permission regarding a Hebrew blog on the Geshe Michael Roach controversy

Dear Precious Teachers of Tibet,

I have begun translating the website regarding the Geshe Michael Roach controversy,, into Hebrew.  I would like to anonymously post the web site contents on a local Israeli blog site.

There are currently two organizations associated with Geshe Michael Roach in Israel, led by Lama Dvora Tzvieli, a student of Geshe Michael Roach: Buddhist Classics in Israel and The Israeli Center for Karmic Management.

My thought is that the blog will come up on Internet search engines with the appropriate search terms, and therefore be accessible to people seeking information in Hebrew about Lama Dvora Tzvieli and these two groups.

Lama Dvora Tzvieli, as her students call her and as she is widely known here, translates Geshe Michael Roach’s texts into Hebrew and teaches in Israel.  Her teachings are especially popular for Israeli students who find the translated texts and Hebrew instruction accessible. Her students and

newcomers to her groups are unlikely to encounter or read information in English regarding the controversy.

Lama Dvora Tzvieli and her students are currently fundraising $195,000 USD for a new house in Arizona for Geshe Michael Roach. Lama Dvora Tzvieli also teaches “Tibetan Buddhism” for business success, business management, good karma, and success and abundance in life.

I am writing to request advice and permission to carry this project to completion, and to verify that my actions are in accordance with the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

An official letter, directed to the Israeli community of practitioners, to post together with the material in Hebrew, would be most greatly appreciated, if His Holiness so wishes.

I will await your kind advice and guidance before proceeding further with this project.

Thank you very much.

Losar tashi delek!  May this year be a year of peace, for Tibet, for China, and for the world.

May His Holiness enjoy long life and health and may all His wishes be immediately realized.

[ Sender’s name]


And the answer came immediately:

From: Tsultrim Dorjee

Date: February 12, 2010 12:57:53 PM GMT+02:00

To: [Israeli Recipient]

Subject: Acknowledgement

Dear [Israeli Recipient],

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter regarding Geshe Michael Roach.

For your information, Geshe Michael Roach is very controversial and whatever he does contradicts the basic Buddhist teachings. I am copying below two letters which were sent by our office to Geshe Michael Roach and these may help you to know more about him.

With best wishes,

Yours Sincerely,

Tsultrim Dorjee

Administrative Assistant


May 24, 2006

Dear Rev. Michael Roach,

We have recently learnt that you are planning to come to Dharmsala during the June teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama with a large group of Western Buddhists. We also understand that you plan to give separate teachings on the “Essence of Eloquence” to this group in the evenings following His Holiness’s teachings in the afternoons.

On your Diamond Mountain website it is stated “that Geshe Thupten Rinchen is ill. As you may already know, he has tuberculosis in the past, and now he is having a recurrence, which is likely to require surgery. Geshe Thupten Rinchen has strongly encouraged Geshe Michael to conduct these teachings himself. Geshe Michael, knowing how many of you had already made their travel plans, has graciously agreed to do so.”

We have made inquiries about what you have said and find that it is not strictly true, because Geshe Thupten Rinchen did not ask you to give the teachings on his behalf. Moreover, we have become aware that there is an unresolved controversy over your current observation of the Vinaya vows and your keeping company with women. We have received inquiries and letters of concern about your status and conduct from many people.

We have seen a photograph of you wearing long hair, with a female companion at your side, apparently giving ordination. This would seem to conflict with the rules of Vinaya, and as you know, the Gelug tradition makes a point of upholding these very strictly.

This unconventional behavior does not accord with His Holiness’s teachings and practice.

Under the circumstances, keeping the greater interest of the purity of Buddhist tradition in mind, we advise you not to come to Dharamsala on this occasion.

Chhime R. Chhoekyapa

Joint Secretary

Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama

Thekchen Choeling

McLeod Ganj – 176 219

Dharamsala, (H.P.)



June 5, 2006

Dear Rev. Michael Roach,

This is to thank you for your letter of May 30, addressed to Chhime Rigzin-la both in English as well as Tibetan. Chhime-la is presently away with His Holiness and I am responding to your letter on behalf of our Office here.

We have gone through your long explanation but still do not support your coming to Dharmsala. If you have reached the path of seeing, as you claim in your letter, you should then be able show extraordinary powers and perform miracles like the Siddhas of the past. Only then will the followers of Tibetan Buddhists be able to believe and accept your claims.

Otherwise, as His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the Spiritual and Temporal leader of Tibet having responsibility over the welfare of Tibetan Buddhism many have often complained to Him that He should be strict with those who are not adhering to the general norms of discipline according to our tradition. And your coming to Dharmsala will be seen by many as His Holiness condoning your behavior and practice. 

In view of all these we advise you not to visit Dharmsala in the greater interest of the purity of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as clearly indicated in the letter of Chhime Rigzin-la dated May 24, 2006. However, as for the other members of your group those who are interested are welcome to attend the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Tenzin Geyche Tethong

Secretary to H.H. the Dalai Lama

Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama

Thekchen Choeling

McLeod Ganj – 176 219

Dharamsala, (H.P.)


As we can see, a single Israeli blog-translator wishing to influence the search engines about Michael Roach, could get a whole series of answers and the contriversy could trigger even concrete action (to stop Roach coming to Dharamsala), similarly as the Shugden worship could make the Dalai Lama to publicly denounce and advice people not to worship the harmful deity. Put these cases on the balance against the weight of so much tears, blood and sexual defilement, all created by harmful Buddhist gurus of the Tibetan lineage, there is an alarming disproportion of attention and care!

The Dalai Lama is considered by Buddhists to be the reincarnation of the Boddhisattva of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara, who is shown with thousands of hands to symbolize his permanent wish to help others. Yet, in reality, those who became victims of their naive and pure trust in Buddhism and Buddhist teachers, could not reach even one small finger of compassion of His Holiness’ thousands of hands…

May the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara awaken His Holiness’ Compassion with Ram Bomjon’s more than 46 weeping victims of kidnapping, brutal beatings, rapes, tortures and murders over the last 12 years!

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