When the truth was still allowed to tell

In as early as 2005 Daniel B Haber visited the Nepalese “meditating Buddha Boy”, to find out, with an open mind, what was the truth behind him. Watching him personally, speaking with local villagers and followers, monks and scientists, Bomjon’s Committee, the Discovery Channel crew etc. he shows and entirely different picture of the “Maitriya Buddha” of Nepal than the public is fed with from the propaganda nowadays. The book, published in 2007, is very cheap and light, yet is really important for those who wish to know the full truth about Ram Bomjon, because it is written without any agenda, as yet. Had the author tried to publish his book today, he would be harrassed by the cult followers of the “Buddha Boy”, and his book would be even banned… Thus it is a good reminder of the freedom of thought, freedom of opinion and freedom of expression which the public was enjoying in those “golden days” when Bomjon was still not endorsed as “Nepal’s new state god” and “Nepal’s Next Buddha”.

The above excerpt in a shortened text format, in case anyone wished to quote:

“He mentions that at one point some scientists from RONAST (Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) wanted to examine the boy but the Nepal Tamang organization objected saying that it was an infringement of the boy’s human rights, that it was out of place to invite scientists and the boy should be left alone to achieve his goal.

Discovery Channel had been here to set up cameras, but it didn’t work out and they may return later. However when we contacted the Discovery liaison person in Kathmandu, Carolyn Shyangbo, she said that Discovery had hoped to film for three continuous days but were only given permission to film at night from 50 meters away and their infra cameras were not god enough. She said, “After their first visit the Discovery team were very interested, but after the second visit they thought it was all a bit fishy.”

You can buy the book online for example here:




Basic information about the book:

This is a description of the authors Journey with friends to visit the Little Buddha in his hermitage. It is a description of this ascetic and those of his followers and well wishers who live near by.

ISBN: 8177696254
SKUID: 77696254
Author: Daniel B Haber
Year: 2007
Edition: 1
Binding: PaperBack

Language: English
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing
Rate: 90 INR
Pages: 100


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