Floods in Nepal and the World Peace Maitri Puja in 2017

Hydro-meteorological stations in Banke, Chitwan and Makwanpur recorded the heaviest rainfall in 60 years. The Ministry of Home Affairs says that more than 80 percent of land in the Tarai has been inundated. There have been 123 recorded deaths, according to Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA). As of 21 August, Initial Rapid Assessments (IRA) have been completed in 24 districts. A total of 1.7 million people are reported to be affected, of whom nearly 461,000 people, or 91,400 families, have been displaced from their homes. While many roads have reopened and Biratnagar airport is now operational during daylight, according to data from the Nepal Food Security Monitoring System, more than 50 villages remain inaccessible by road. The number of affected districts has increased to 35 (out of 75 districts nationwide); Morang, Sunsari, Siraha, Rautahat, Mahottari, Dhanusa, Sindhuli, Bara, Parsa, Dang, Banke and Bardiya are among the worst hit districts. (UN RC, 21 Aug 2017http://reliefweb.int/disaster/fl-2017-000107-npl 

Locals of Rampura Malhaniya looking for ways in the flooded water. August 15 2017. PHOTO/PRAKASH CHANDRA TIMILSENA, Ekantipur.com

According to the ancient spiritual traditions of Nepal and India, religious rituals – Pujas – are bringing auspicious influences to the land where they are held. For this reason Nepalis, Hindus and Buddhists alike, have great respect and love for various Pujas. Pujas are classically religious rituals when Hindu Pandits or Buddhist lamas are reciting mantras and prayers, while throwing offerings to sacrificial fires to the Gods. Hindus focus on the Gods but Buddhists also offer incense, fruits and various Puja ingredients for satisfying the suffering invisible beings like Pretas, ghosts, lower type divine beings, protective beings etc. Such Pujas are often done before building a new house, when someone dies, when a child is named, or even when someone requests due to difficulties like illness. I have met a family which arranged a spectacular great Fire Puja in a Shiva Temple because the father saw a black snake crossing the road just a day before Nag Panchami (Day of Snake Gods). But I can never forget the elevating feeling of joy during a beautiful Puja in a Buddhist monastery, which was meant to satisfy all the different levels of beings, including Pitris (deceased ancestors) and Pretas (suffering “hungry ghosts” of souls which could not detach from their human past). The positive effect of that Puja was enormous and immediate!












 Nepal Floods 2017 – a new tragedy:



So when we know what Pujas are meant for and what positive effects are Pujas “able” to bring, it becomes very surprising that the megalomanic World Peace Maitri Pujas of Ram Bahadur Bomjon (nowadays calling himself Maha Sambodhi Maitriya Guru) never brought positive changes to the land, country and people connected to them. Of course for those who had been abducted, chained and held hostage just a few meters behind the stage of Bomjon’s crowded Maitri Puja 2012, this is not a surprise anymore. An in fact satanic “Puja”, hijacking the blind  collective psychosis of devotion as an energy to desecrate anything holy and moral, can hardly bring any positive effects. But this, at least for the tens of thousands of outsiders, is hidden. Those who lined up to Bomjon’s latest World Peace Maitri Puja “blessings” ( a rough touch by his “holy hands” on their foreheads), have no idea that practically all of his “Maitri Pujas” are held parallel with torturing some of his new victims. They learn about this much later on, when the victim is rescued or dies (as in the case of his sister Manu, who had been apparently beaten to coma before or during the 2015 Maitri Puja, and died only after terrible suffering in October 2016).

Outsiders only see a young long-haired man clad is shiny white robe, whom they were told to consider Maitreya, the new Buddha of our age. Uneducated Tamang village ladies and harsh-faced illiterate Tamang farmers line up to get his “magic touch”. Yet they do not investigate, how it is that Bomjon’s 2012 two female hostages had been kept in torturing conditions in Halkhoriya Jungle just a few minutes walk behind the Maitri Puja venue. They had been “explained” by Bomjon’s lamas that the women would have “disturbed” the holy gathering and the “guru”, if not chained for three months to trees.



Those who lined up to the 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja in Kathmandu’s Bungamati (in Lalitpur District), also don’t search for how it is that just a few weeks after Bomjon’s Sindhupalchowk Maitri Puja in 2015, Nepal’s most terrible 2015 earthquake hit the whole country – hardest hitting especially (!) Sindhupalchowk itself (the district which gave Bomjon a land to build a big compound)! How it could happen? Should a religious and intelligent person not ask, why such a tragic national catastrophe happened just after such a “holy religious event” like Nepal’s “Buddha Boy’s” so called Maitri Puja? How it is that among the approx. 9000 victims who died in the earthquake, approx. 4000 had been from the district of Sindupalchowk itself? Was the District not sanctified by the presence of the so called “Maitriya Buddha”, and, as his followers now believe, of the highest god himself, the Paramatma (interview in Setopati)?

Those who know what had been going on behind the scenes, understand that neither the 2015 Maitri Diwas, nor the 2012 one, and any other such events, had not been religious pujas at all! That during these mega-events, fooling crowds of people about Bomjon’s holiness and blessings, actually human beings are regularly held captive and tortured!

In next 24 hours, water level is likely to increase in rivers like Kankai, Kamala, Biring, Triyuga, Bagmati, Khado, Ratu, Lal Bakaiya including other small rivers originating from Chure ranges, according to DOHM. Published: 11-08-2017 13:57  Water levels in Kankai, Koshi cross danger mark

Lal Bakaiya is the main river running near Ratanpuri (Ram Bomjon’s birth village) towards Nijgadh…



One does not need to be superstitious and attribute all natural calamities to Bomjon. But there are certain interesting connections, and an intelligent and religious person could see the pattern which is repeated again and again. One thing is but sure: if anything, Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Pujas do not ever bring any peace and any maitri to the places that they are held and to the people attending them, and there is never any proof of any joy, improvement, prosperity or auspiciousness coming to the land after them, not speaking about higher, religious ideas like enlightenment!



Similar was Bomjon’s latest World Peace Maitri Puja 2017. It started on the 21st of March and ended on the 2nd of April. Already during the “Maitri Puja” a local wild hurricane arrived, as if the gods of Nepal got angered by the blasphemy of Ram Bomjon, who is revered in Nepal as Paramatman (according to Avenues TV and Setopati) and “above Buddha”, apart from his earlier claims to be Maitreya Buddha.



Seeing the idolatry of bowing in front of his enormous Thangka of a shaved headed alleged “Maitriya”, Nepal’s ancient religions had been defiled. The protection by Matsyendranath and Bhairav, who are important Gods of the Newari community, had been dissolved, when this event had been held in the ancient Newari town of Bungamati. The whirlwind was so big that a Nepali devotee even took it on camera, objects started to fly and Bomjon’s spectacular tent was flying away….

Yet Nepalis apparently do not understand the warning language of nature anymore, a skill which had been preserved through generations in that amazing all-country natural reservation. Today they understand only the language of fame and name, which Bomjon had acquired by tricky ways over the years, parallel with his controversial violent attacks on many people. But that whirlwind which was evoked by the shameful idolatry (bowing to Bomjon as to god and bowing to a canvas as god), which had been never practiced in Nepali Hinduism or Buddhism, had brought rains which did not leave the country until today.


Image above: Bomjon’s blue monk instructing a visitor how to bow to him when Bomjon arrives. 

As the floods and landslides triggered by incessant rainfall wreak havoc across the southern plains, the death toll from floods has reached 11 in Sunsari district while five others have gone missing. Sunsari flood death toll climbs to 11, five missing, The Kathmandu Post



Starting with 21 March (when Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Puja started!) Nepal’s hilly area experienced an early onset of wild rains, which had been named “pre-monsoon”, yet was more drastic than some real monsoons. Daily rains did not stop nearly even for a single day and in many places drastic hail-storms had been reported, destroying newly sowed plants in the fields. When the official monsoon started on 1 June, it was not much difference for most Nepalis, as there had been already vehement rains before monsoon! This year, Nepalis say, the Monsoon arrived much earlier, no matter how meteorologists called it. Thus, the pre-monsoon and “official monsoon” together are soaking Nepal’s hilly area already from March 21 – a whole five months, adding to it the Terai later on! Locals and tourists described that they do not remember more than 3-4 days during the whole half-year, when there was no rain!

Floods claim 57 lives across country – Unusual weather phenomenon hits all of the country, inundating whole of Tarai and affecting the Hills as well, August 14 (Note of The Halkhoriya Times: this number grew to 123 on 21 August)


What does this mean? There had been not enough sunshine to dry out the soil and heat up the land. Permanent clouds had been bursting into wild showers lasting long hours. In the first months of the “pre-monsoon” the hilly region experienced flash-floods and landslides, which had been never typical for the season in previous years. For example, Far-Western Bajura had its deadly landslide in April! Pokhara and its district Kaski experienced numerous deadly landslides during that spring period. People described around five or more days when repeatedly there were hailstorms thrashing the hilly area. But it is logical that if water is just too much in the hills, it will sooner or later overflow in the Terai planes too, as it runs down to south. If the rains did not stop for five months, rivers are bringing regular sediments from the hills due to erosion, as Kunda Dixit describes on Nepali Times, which fill the basins and elevates water levels. Permanent rains in the hills filled the southward rivers to such an extent, that it was enough to have a many hours shower on that fateful day of August 12 2017 in the planes, in addition, to create an uncontrollable flood all over the the Terai.




Floods are a regular event in Nepal and India, but they had never been so deadly and affecting such a wide area at once and in a short time. People in flood-hit areas usually already started to make precautions and moved their family and belongings to relatives living in higher areas or concrete houses with upper floors. But this year they were not prepared to the unusual volume of rain in a short time.

Now, Ram Bomjon held his Bungamati Puja in Kathmandu’s Newari area of Lalitpur. We can learn about Matsyendranath (the guru of the Yogi-Saint of Gorakhnath ) that he was responsible for controlling RAIN in Kathmandu Valley. His name also is derived from the word for fish in Sanskrit , “matsya”. His procession, which is bringing his idol from one place to another by the Newari community, is traditionally carried out every year to get good and controlled rains in the land. A legend about Gorakhnath also describes how Matsyendranath’s arrival to Kathmandu released his anger from not getting alms, and he dissolved his curse of Kathmandu Valley which caused drought, causing rain to return: “When Gorakhnath learned that his teacher was in Patan, he released all the rain showering serpents and went to see him. As soon as the rain showering serpents were set free, Patan again got plenty of rainfall every year. After that day, the locals of Patan worshiped Matsyendranath as the god of rain” (Wikipedia)

And the next information we learn, should not surprise us:

The village of Bungamati, regarded in Nepal as the birthplace of Matsyendranath, is a traditional Newar town located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from downtown Kathmandu. The temple of Rato Macchindranath is located in the heart of this village and it is known as his second home.[26] After the chariot festival, Rato Macchindranath spends the next six month in this temple.” (Wikipedia)

So Ram Bomjon held his World Peace Maitri Puja 2017 in Matsyendranath’s birth-town, a town dedicated to this deified guru revered in Nepal as one of the country’s protectors! And Matsyendranath is considered as “God of Rain” in Nepal. And what we see next? An extreme rain falling all Nepal, causing over-all damage, sweeping tens of thousands of houses and bringing 123 deaths!

In pictures: Monsoon rains cause havoc accross Nepal, The Himalayan Times

The Bunga Dyah Jatra and Bhoto Jatra are held partially in Bungamati:

“Each year, the locals of Patan, Lalitpur celebrate the festival in order to show respect to the rain god. This festival is one of the oldest and the longest festival celebrated in Patan and is celebrated in April–May.[15][28]  It is celebrated just before the monsoon season starts so that the city will get plenty rainfall for good growth of crops. During the procession, the image of Bunga Dyah is placed on a tall chariot about 65 feet high and pulled in stages through the streets of Patan for a month.” (Wikipedia)

We can see that Bungamati has a crucial place in Newari religious traditions which have to ensure rain. It is sure that the prayers had been never directed to cause deadly floods and incessant rain to destroy crops, sweep houses with people, as it happened and continues to happen this year. So did something go wrong in Bungamati, Matsyendranath’s birthplace, and the Newari’s mission to control Nepal’s rain…?

Heavy rainfall of past few days has triggered floods in different parts of the country. In Kathmandu Valley, floods have mostly affected the  district of Lalitpur. The rain-swollen Nakkhu river have spilled over its banks and flooded nearby settlements in the district. Hattiban, Dhapakhel, Lubhu and Imadole areas have been hit hard. Save the sporadic incidents of floods and landslides in Lalitpur, the Kathmandu Valley has remained largely unaffected by monsoon-related disasters because of low amount of rainfall compared to other parts of the country. Lalitpur worst hit in Valley by monsoon, http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com/news/2017-08-14/lalitpur-worst-hit-in-valley-by-monsoon.html

Note: Lalitpur is another name of Patan. Bungamati town* is part of Lalitpur District**, as well as Bhaisepati*** settlement. 

*The place of Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Puja 2017

**Worst hit district by the 2017 Flood in Kathmandu Valley

***The place where Bomjon resided during the two weeks of his World Peace Maitri puja 2017, together with his 200 or so foreign devotees.



When browsing about Nepal’s destructive 2017 Flood, I bumped upon a video of a school submerged in water. The place was at the Nakhu River in Lalitpur. I had a feeling that if Lalitpur was effected by the Flood, then it was surely a place which was very near to Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Puja in Bungamati in March-April this year. So I was not much surprised to see where Nakhu, Kathmandu’s worst hit area by the flood, actually lies:

As the below map shows, Nakhu river runs along Bhaisepati, according to Setopati it was the place where Ram Bomjon and his 200 head foreign devotees had been staying during the 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja!




As during all Maitri Pujas of Ram Bomjon, even during the last one, I am confident that some very inhuman and brutal treatment had been going on against some people, who, like more than 40 victims before, had fallen in the trap of Ram Bomjon this time. I do not want to speculate, but watching the pattern that he is following for many years, it is quite possible that these harmful deeds had been done by him and his followers even as near to the venue in Bungamati as Bhaisepati, where he was accommodated during the Maitri Puja. We should not forget that the presence of hundreds of foreign devotees around him is not a guarantee that no crimes against some people could happen: there had been a similar amount of foreign devotees present also during the 2012 Maitri Puja, where and when two women had been held hostage on chains and tortured on a daily basis, in the knowledge of at least twenty of those foreign devotees, who all made sure that the rest, newcomers and outsiders, do not learn about the tortures behind the scene.

As to the presence of hundreds of policemen (actually the special Armed Police Forces) – they had been not a guarantee of protecting Bomjon’s victims from him in 2012, when they had also been present at his Maitri Puja, in the vicinity of two chained women who were daily tortured and beaten (they of course did not know about it, at least I hope!). During the attack on 5 journalists, who arrived in 2012 to the Maitri Puja to investigate the disappearance of one of the two female victims, Slovak Marici, Armed Police Force officers had been surrounding the scene of attack, but as they had been ordered to protect Bomjon and not vice versa, they were reluctant to protect the journalists from Bomjon’s men. Even if so many policemen were present in the Puja in 2012, they obeyed Bomjon’s orders not to enter the jungle, and thus they could not find the two chained and tortured women, Marici and Mata Ani!

The presence of hundreds of APF soldiers around Bomjon in 2017 had been also made to create an illusion that Bomjon has many enemies and must be protected more than a president, but as these hundreds of uniformed men are just blind forces to provide Bomjon security, according to the order they received, they would not do anything differing from their order, in case of seeing some irregularities, similarly as they did in 2012.

A similar situation could have been easily created by Bomjon and his group of faithful in the area of Bhaisepati or Bungamati in 2017! But the public will learn it when it will be too late to save the victims.


Above image: This inundated school is in Lalitpur’s Hattiban. While Kathmandu stayed relatively uneffected by the floods, its sattelite town Lalitpur had been inundated. No wonder: Ram Bomjon held his World Peace Maitri puja 2017 here, and he also stayed in Lalitpur during the two weeks. Source: Water gushes through KU School of Arts & Education Aug 13, 2017. Photo: Sujaan Shrestha, Keshav Thapa



Why am I repeating that Bomjon’s Pujas are blashemic? To make it clear: because they are actually not pujas at all. They are “blessing programs” where he touches tens of thousands of people, together with his guards, who often have previously been employed as attackers and torturers of people whom Bomjon abducted! He is very careful to choose the “right” people with the “right” energy on their hands: the energy of torturing and beating innocent victims. Shangbo Dong, Khaiba, Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski, some older “monks” (called “memes”)- we see always the same faces to touch the lined up devotees. Bomjon could have used many others, like his teenager monks or outsiders, yet he always chooses to share the touching ritual with those with whom he shares the secrets about his victims. And Bomjon’s own hands carry so many harm to people, causing bloody wounds and bruises, fracturing bones, hitting people with his sticks and sword, it is even difficult to count!

Do (real) Gods favor such a Puja where a violent and immoral person is elevated above them, and even called Maitreya and considered the Paramatman…?

So why is this all blasphemy? Because the event is not about satisfying gods, neither Pretas, Pitris, protective gods, ghosts. There is also no Fire Puja on Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Puja events. The only “god” that this event always celebrates, is Ram Bomjon himself. It is to him the crowd is bowing, it is his bizarre-looking “Maitriya: picture on a skyscraper-size canvas, that people bow and pray. And it is blasphemous for the main reason: Bomjon’s World Peace Maitri Pujas are fake events, covering up extreme harm to some individuals, whom he is keeping hostage somewhere, usually very near to the venue of the Puja! Bomjon’s Pujas actually celebrate his enjoyment of torturing people, and we can be sure that his nearest Sangha knows about these crimes, and are directly involved in them. Thus, his spectacular Pujas are a theater to fool the crowds (and to collect huge donations for the consequent need of covering up his latest crimes with bribes!), while he is desecrating the holiness of the land where they are held, by the crimes of brutal beatings, tortures, humiliations and sexual defilement of his abducted victims. I was warning about this from 2012, and even if proofs are coming out (like the death of Manu, who was beaten during the 2015 Maitri Puja before the Earthquake) – Nepal’s inhabitants seem to have not learned.


Above image: NAWALPARASI, August 14: Floods have killed at least a one-horned rhino and six deer in Nawalparasi district. Police on Sunday evening found the carcasses of one rhino and six deer on the bank of the Narayani River. http://www.myrepublica.com/news/25649/



Nepalis want to ignore the signs clearer than the sun. They want to believe that Bomjon is their pride and is a blessing for the country. Even when 9000 people died in a terrible earthquake and tens of thousands lost their house in the current floods, with 123 dead, in 2017, Nepalis still refuse to see the connections between desecrating their many ages long religious traditions by Bomjon, and the unprecedented calamities that they experience in recent years – after they gave bigger power to the “Buddha Boy” than they ever gave to their kings, presidents and prime ministers! And this includes an absolute impunity in case of just any criminal act, which is also concerning anyone of his entourage, and a total freedom to harm any human being on the land of Nepal, be it local or foreigner, by any means and ways, even until the person dies. No other leader of Nepal ever was above the law of the country and the law of basic moral rules of the country’s religious traditions. Poor Nepalis think that by supporting Bomjon they would become more blessed and more fortunate, yet the exact opposite is happening anywhere he puts his feet in, but those who expect benefits from servileness to him, are painfully short-sighted.

In Nepalese articles there are interviews with politicians, like one minister or celebrity lady Koirala, who claims that Bomjon’s talisman healed her of her illness…. Mani Lama, ex-health minister, claims that Bomjon “created” the triplets in the womb of his wife (although they did use laboratory methods)… One Kathmandu BSDS Committee member prayed to Bomjon to get a son (and not that cursed daughter again, yak!), and the god-man fulfilled his wish and “gave him a son”. Such irrational stories are actually behind the political support of Bomjon, even at the price of knowing about his brutal violence and abducting people. It is the selfishness and superstitions what are the motor of the support of Nepalese elite towards Bomjon, not deep religious feelings or wish to follow Buddhist moral rules!

Yet, unfortunately, the more Nepal will support Bomjon, as adding salt to a wound, the more such catastrophes will befall in the land. 

The majority of authorities in Nepal, the majority of mainstream and local media and many senior politicians in Nepal do know what is behind this dangerous cult leader. Police, media, courts do have their archives. Politicians could check them if they wanted. Yet they want to close their eyes and ears and believe that it is all forgotten, the victims are in silence, and they can step out to a new bright future, where Bomjon would bring fame a prosperity to the country through his foreign devotees. Just imagine, not only the slogan “Buddha was born in Nepal” will be printed on T-shirts and repeated in slogans, but even “Buddha Boy was born in Nepal!”, and “Maitriya was born in Nepal!”, “Higher-than-Buddha Maha Sambodhi Bomjon was born in Nepal!” etc… It is all about business and false “prosperity” promises from the side of Bomjon’s political supporters, who claim that Bomjon would bring more tourists and investments to the country. “Come on, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, endorse him, it will be good for all of us…!”

But really…? Even at the price of earthquakes, political upheavals like the Madeshi Andolan, floods, unusual epidemics, catastrophes? Even at the price of thousands of deaths and villages and towns leveled with the earth? So where is that alleged prosperity and auspiciousness that Nepal’s recent vehement support of Ram Bomjon had brought to the country…?

They think that they must go with the flow, that Bomjon became a fashion, a celebrity admired by tens of thousands of Tamangs, Gurungs and Limbus, and now even Newaris and a few Bahuns, hundreds of foreigners, they must accept it. Even direct witnesses of his crimes in Bara District refuse to look back and they are not appalled to use the Halkhoriya Jungle and Bomjon’s phenomenon as a business attraction for expected tourist to arrive… (See more on Yubraj Lama‘s Facebook profile). The calculation of all these who do know the truth, is not only stupid, short-sighted but also they are co-responsible for the tragedies and catastrophes that Nepal as a nation and as a land suffers after gradually desecrating all the holy traditions, Hindu, Buddhist and Newari, and replacing them with a worship of Bomjon as god, Paramatman, Maitreya! A calculation which refuses to count with a dark past of a personality, no matter how famous or celebrated, can never bring success and prosperity to anyone!


Above image: Mahottari District. Flood victims terrified of the possibility of epidemics, My Republica

MAHOTTARI, Aug 15: Mahottari district, which is presently struggling with floods, is now under threat of epidemic outbreak. Over 40,000 households in Mahottari district alone have been affected. Around 37 villages still remain inundated by flood water and people are beginning to panic with the possibility of an epidemic. The panic is triggered by the recent increase in cases of fever, cold and stomach related problems among flood victims. “We are surrounded by stale water and biological sediments accumulated by flood are beginning to rot. You can feel the stench getting stronger every passing day. We fear that this might soon breakout into an epidemic,” said Gajendra Gupta, a resident of Mahottari. “Roads are fully damaged. Flood victims remain isolated. They are hungry and naked,” remarked Ram Mahato of Jaleshwor-4. “The government is still thinking on ways to respond. By the time the government figures out what it needs to do and starts acting, many people will be already dead,” he added. Flood victims terrified of the possibility of epidemics, My Republica



It is NOT an accident that Bomjon had shifted his focus from Buddhism towards Newari religious traditions. Kathmandu is based on Newari culture, it is its blood and flesh. If one captures Newaris, one had captured Kathmandu. If one captures Kathmandu, one had captured all Nepal. These events are but going on in obscurity, on a level revealed only to people dealing with deep religious phenomena. Yet it is not an accident that Bomjon had chosen Bungamati as the venue for his last World Peace Maitri Puja.

So what will come next? We can read in the Setopati interviews that Bomjon is currently trying to capture the Madeshi community. He is planning to establish his main center in the area of Dhanusha and Mahottari, and his followers informed the news that the land had been already purchased:

Lama says the place has almost been identified. “We are in process of procuring land around Dhanusa-Mahottari districts along the East West Highway,” Lama reveals. “Guru has said the final meditation center of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh will be established in the Halkhoriya Jungle of Bara. He says the government itself will come to provide the land. We are making alternative provisions until the forest area is acquired,” he adds. (Setopati)

Dhanusha and Mahottari are districts which meet in Nepal’s important pilgrimage town Janakpur: the birthplace of the Hindu Goddess Sita, wife of Hindu God Rama. So is it Bomjon’s next plan to desecrate Hinduism by chaining women somewhere the Dhanusha-Mahottari jungles, similarly like he did in Halkhoriya in 2012, and let them sexually defiled, and beating men to blood? Or beat another set of 17 Madeshis, whom he had beaten all night, together with his monks, to blood in 2010 in Halkhoriya Jungle?



Innocent people will again suffer for those who, being Bomjon’s followers or just money-greedy land-owners, had sold their conscience and Hindu or Buddhist traditions to allow him create another Halkhoriya in the Terai. Creating a compound by Bomjon means one thing for sure: as the official owner of the land, he will have “right” to continue with his attacks and abductions of innocent commuters and shepherds, abduct women whom he announces witches and chain them, and attack people to blood, lock them up in his concrete houses and beat all night. He had repeatedly proved that this is his main interest in owning Halkhoriya Jungle as well. Anytime the authorities allowed him to return there, he immediately abducted some new victims and we saw blood pouring on their backs and chests again...

So if local authorities in Eastern Terai sell him a huge area of land,  they are selling the bodies and souls of innocent victims of that area, whom Bomjon will now freely take hostage and attack brutally, and they would have no support, as it will be Bomjon’s own land. Is it really how far would want Nepal to go in allowing this dangerous cult of violence and torture to take over its land?

Nepal’s politicians do not care, apparently. The authorities and media, who know too much about Bomjon’s dark past, turn their heads away. They used to get money, and if that did not work, threats. But now, when the Madeshi Terai with Nepal’s Hinduism’s main power-point, Janakpur, is going to be captured, who will save Nepal from a total desecration of its religious and moral traditions anymore? If Bomjon proved until now that anytime he gets a “private land”, he immediately uses it for a venue for torturing people, why do not Nepalis learn from the past?

The water level in the rivers of Jhapa, Ilam, Sunsari, Morang, Saptari, Udaypur, Dhankuta, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Parsa, Bara, Makwanpur, Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Rupandehi and Kapilvastu among others places will cross the danger mark. The MFD informed that the water level in the rivers of Kanchanpur, Kailali and Bardiya will increase today. According to the MFD, water level in Mechi, Ninda, Biring, Kankai, Pathari, Triyuga, Budi Khola, Bagmati, Rapti, Riu Khola, Binay Khola, Arun Khola, Tinau, Ban Ganga and Macheli, Mohana and Babai among other rivers will cross the danger mark by this evening. The MFD also urged the locals to stay in high alert. 12-08-2017 12:51, Rainfall to continue today as well, water level in many rivers to cross danger mark, MFD, The Kathmandu Post

The Gods of Nepal tried to show their dismay by abandoning their protective positions, when they had been controlling the nature and society, and holding together the fragile land. When people will continued to be abducted, chained to trees, raped, beaten to blood and even killed in the name of some new “dharma”, and idolatry of worshiping Bomjon as god’s avatar and higher-than Buddha, then the Gods of Nepal will totally depart from the land, and nothing would be sure anymore…Earthquake, Andolan and flood is nothing to the catastrophe that befalls a land which sells its tradition of Dharma to a dangerous cult of worshiping a human being, whose hands had harmed so many people!

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