Is “Nepalese Ascetic” Tapasvi Ram Bomjon married?

Jyampa Yeshe said that Guru had announced that Guru Ama was his wife and that she is now pregnant. But he wants us to keep this information only for trusted members of the Sangha and not to announce it on the internet. So, this is what has been shared, and I feel we are at peace.
Om A Hum Mahen Yana Guru Pani Siddhi Hung

Maitri Mangalam,
Jyampa Dolma”

by Dharma Sangha website| Apr 15, 2015


This article is regularly updated due to new facts coming to light. 

The celibate guru’s secret family life

The below video is apparently showing Ram Bomjon going out of a house where his latest “wife” Dipshika (in green) and child had been staying (not anymore, the house became deserted after rape and murder allegations came out in 2018, and Bomjon and his family had probably temporarily absconded from Nepal in in the beginning of 2019):

In the comments under the video we can read:

is that his child? 😅

Another video from 2018 shows Bomjon and his wife and child (from 7:12 min.) giving “blessings” to followers from their cars:

People call Ram Bahadur Bomjon a “Tapasvi” and he called himself by this name in his autobiographical preaching, for example in May 2011. Tapasya means self-discipline, including celibacy (self-control of sexual drive and sacrificing worldly joys for a spiritual goal).  

No that Bomjon would not understand this, on the contrary. His goal is to gradually blaspheme and desecrate all spiritual and religious written and unwritten traditions.

“Tapasya is part of a stage of life, called brahmacharya – a monk or nun like celibate lifestyle.”

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Yet, as we will see below, Ram Bomjon, considered in Nepal and the world the predicted Maitreya Buddha, Kalki, Messiah and in Nepal even Paramatman (highest god!), had been lying to all who believed in his “hard ascetic meditation”. From at least 2009 he had been having sexual relationships with many girls of his age, and apart from this, he had also been eating and drinking in secret (one of his main supporters Jas Bahadur Waiba told me already back in 2011, yet the recent witness account of his former nun, Asali Lama, is also credible as she was his cook). Another article will elaborate the disappointing truth about Bomjon’s “inedia”. This article is about his long-whispered, yet taboo-topic sexual life.

The biggest problem in this all is not that he enjoyed his youngish desires or that he ate, no one would mind it if he told the public honestly, many holy men and women had been eating and were married: but the biggest problem is that he LIED to th ewhole world all those years! And that he built up a machinery of his personality cult based on his alleged “hard celibate Tapasya and inedia”…

Nyanchen Mo, Ninchen Mo, Rinchen Mo, Palchen Mo… Which one?

Bomjon’s wife in the above video looks very different from Nyangchen Mo (see below photo), whom we could see on his former photos on his one side as his “wife”, while on his other side there was always Ranjita, his younger sister named “Rinchen Mo“. In fact, thew latest Nepalese videos call the baby’s mother “Nyinchen Mo“. As Bomjon has more than one wife and many girlfriends, it is  question whom do his followers call “wife”, or “Guru Ama“.

Until any other detail is published, I will consider Dipshika from the video with the child to be Bomjon’s (only) “official” wife, and leave it on the reader to investigate which of all those women around him belong to his harem. In any case, the former “Guru Ama” photos do not match the recent video with Bomjon’s green-dressed “wife” and toddler child.

The blue-robed nun holding the child’s hand in the above video is Bishnu Bal Tamang alias “Palchen Mo” of Lal, a village near Ratanpuri, who was long thought to be one of Bomjon’s earliest girlfriends.

To understand Bomjon’s “Gandharva marriages”

Followers had seen many different girls sleeping in Bomjon’s houses in his ashrams, but Dipshika had been considered his “official” or “permanent wife”. Bomjon never bothered with marriage ceremonies and marriage documents, and he simply announced that the had “married” the girl, and that was it. In Nepali language the expression “I have married her” means automatically that “I have slept with her” and “She lost her virginity by sleeping with me”. It has then, for a traditional society an implication that the two people stay as a married couple, because a girl who lost her virginity can traditionally not marry anyone else again. There were and are cases when young lovers are forced to marry each-other, for these reasons.

Yet after such incidences of “love-marriage” or often “inter-caste marriages” always a formal religious ceremony and a registration at the government office continues in Nepal. Most Nepalis consider it a shame if their sons or daughters live with a partner without a religious marriage ceremony.

Yet what Bomjon is doing is called GANDHARVA MARRIAGE, one of the “legal” ways to marry according to ancient Hindu scriptures (for example kidnapping a girl was another “legal” way to acquire a wife!). Of course, this is not followed by modern India and Nepal anymore, but Bomjon of course does not care about civilized traditions and laws. So we should understand the expression “I had married her” or “she is my wife” in this context. Bomjon’s marriages (who knows how many?) are all Gandharva marriages. Currently in Nepal an expression “love marriage” is used for marriages which were based on mutual attraction, and “arranged marriage” when the partners are chosen by their parents.

The reason for not registering his marriages could be much more practical than we think: according to interviews of his spokespeople with Nepalese media as well as their own press conferences, dozens of hectares of acquired land (gifted by the Government, local devotees or bought by money) for Bomjon’s Ashrams in Sindhupalchok, Sindhuli and Sarlahi are in the name of his wife Dipshika.

A below video is allegedly “interviewing Bomjon’s wife and child” in Pattharkot (Sarlahi District), though apart from a speaking monk and images showing the nice house where she and her child stayed occasionally with the “Buddha Boy” husband, we do not get much more. The monks discretely describe the photos of his wife Dipshika Dubchan whom they call Guru-Ama (mother-guru), and whom Bomjon named Ninchen Mo, and the child whom they call Bal-Guru (child-guru) and Bomjon named Ninchen:

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Update: The Nepalese media informed recently about the case of disappearance of as many as 6 of Ram Bomjon’s followers, three of whom had been women. If we thought that the famous “Buddha Boy” had been meeting his secret girlfriend Dipshika from 2011 onward as his only “slipping” on the spiritual path of celibacy he had vowed to follow, we had been again too naive. According to the latest interviews with the parents of one of the disappeared young ladies, Bomjon’s very first girlfriend had been Rita Bot, with whom he stayed in her parents’ home even one month in privacy, as early as in 2009!

Was Rita Bot Bomjon’s first wife?

UPDATE: New information had come to light in the Nepalese media recently, about Bomjon’s first “wife”, Rita Bot, whom he “married” in 2009 when sleeping with her in one bed and one room, in her parent’s house, for one month, then announcing her parents that they are now a married couple and that he is taking her to Halkhoriya with him. Rita Bot was met by other followers that time, in Halkhoriya, what I describe further down. She disappeared after her last return to Halkhoriya in 2009. An article had been elaborated on the base of the Nepali language news and interviews: Rita Bot – Bomjon’s first wife have disappeared already 9 years ago

The latest Nepalese videos about Rita Bot’s case are quite straightforward. The interview her parents, sister, brother and a few villagers. All of them confirm that when Ram Bomjon announced that he would go and stop the 2009 Gadhi Mai animal sacrifices, in the last moment he had realized that he could not do it, and did not show up at the venue, though a few dozens of Buddhist monks waited for him there, to support him. Instead he had met Rita Bot of Sarlahi, a village called Kajiram, and asked her to take him to her house to hide. She did, and Bomjon stayed a whole month in their house then, and started a sexual relationship with Rita They were sleeping on one bed on the only upper room of the simple wooden house. Below is the video screenshot of the house where the “Maitriya” slept with his girlfriend on the second floor for a month:

He never went out during the days, they say, and Rita stayed with him most of the time. He also ate the food that her sister cooked for them. They came out only during nights, for toilet. He told her parents that he had married her, and they are now a couple. When they were doubting if a buddha, an enlightened Ascetic celibate can have sexual relationship, he answered that there is no problem in that…

Photo above: A photo repeatedly shown on a video clip about the case of Rita Bot shows possibly her, in a last remaining photo, but it is not clarified in the Nepali video.

Rita’s family revered Bomjon as most Nepalis did, as the reincarnation of the Buddha, and were proud to have given him their own daughter as his girlfriend. Because, they say, a real marriage ceremony (marriage ritual, documents) actually did not happen. The Nepali expression “married her” can often mean that a man had sex with a woman and she lost her virginity.

After one month Rita and Bomjon left the house, and returned just a few times together. Then Rita once returned alone and burnt all of her photos and left again. After that she had never returned and it is 10 years the family did not get any news about the beloved daughter. Once Bomjon returned alone and asked them where is Rita, they told they did not know. When they were scared that something happened to her and told Bomjon that they would contact the police, Bomjon told not to do that, as that would bring him to troubles (with the law). They were still looking up to Bomjon as to a man of God, so they did not contact police. Bomjon warned them never to tell anyone about Rita’s disappearance.

The family decided to come out with the disappearance of their daughter only after seeing in the news that Bomjon had apparently murdered a few of his monks and nuns ,and 6 people disappeared from his ashrams. Rita Bot was thus Bomjon’s first wife, the parents described their relationship as very romantic and the young couple was strongly in love.

Unfortunately, after the politician followers of Bomjon threatened the witnesses and family members of the disappeared people, and most probably also bribed, a few of them took back their police complaints. In Nepal victims of Bomjon do not get any protection, their life becomes dangerous and his followers threaten to kill them. So not only the government did not take seriously the disappearance of Rita Bot, but even they did not care about the fact that she is just one of the 6 disappeared monks and nuns of Ram Bomjon.

See more: Rita Bot disappeared already 9 years ago!

UPDATE: A reader contribution to revealed an unexpected witness account about Rita Bot by Asali Lama, who was a nun staying in Halkhoriya with Bomjon the time when he took Rita there. Asali (who had been sexually harassed by the meditating “Buddha Boy”), had shared with Rita that Bomjon told her “you were my wife in my past life so even now I must marry you”. Rita realized that Bomjon told her the very same thing. Bomjon then destroyed Asali’s reputation by telling his followers that Asali herself had tried to sexually seduce him! The story is written in details in the new article Asali, one of Bomjon’s escaped nuns, speaks out of rape attempts by Bomjon

As Asali soon left Bomjon and escaped from Nepal, she could only witness the events until a few days after Rita had been taken to Halkhoriya by Bomjon as his new wife.

The below chapters are partially left here from the original article (November 2017), but are regularly updated to match the new information leaking out in 2018/2019. The list of Bomjon’s girlfriends, wives and rape victims with photos is further down:

The “Ascetic” who really likes sex

But what about Bomjon and sex? I know, you could not wait to get to these lines. The strange preoccupation of people, who are attracted to spirituality, with sex is a known phenomena. For some, sex is in contradiction to spirituality (but they are still interested to learn about it, at least for supporting this opinion) and for many sex and spirituality comes together in the form of Neo-Tantra, a Western-born belief that sex is a way to enlightenment. Many Indian and Tibetan gurus had gained popularity by speaking openly about (the harmlessness) of free sexual relationships, and many of them went further, to offer themselves as direct examples, by keeping lovers, raping their disciples, misusing their authority to entice young virgins…

Names like Sogyal rinpoche or Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Swami Nityananda, Swami Meheshwarananda are often mentioned in this connection, while Osho, the Indian fugitive having established a new way of Yoga in the USA, is a synonym to free (understand: promiscuous) sex as a means to “spiritual” freedom (at least for the male participants).

List of Yoga Scandals

Ad Osho: interestingly, two notorious torture and violence assistants in Ram Bomjon’s “Maitri Squad”, Bal Hari Rai and Darshan Limbu, had been both active members of Nepal’s Osho organization, Bal Hari Rai being even one of its licensed teachers!

Image above: Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s two most important crime-assistants in 2011 and 2012, Darshan Limbu (middle, hugging old lady) and Bal Hari Rai (right) in the Osho organization. In 2011 Bal Hari Rai tortured the author of this article on Bomjon’s order, in 2012 Darshan Limbu helped Bomjon to torture me 3 months, including sexually abusing me repeatedly. Source: Facebook

In tune with what they had learned there, they were known as permanently on the hunt for sexual relationships in Ram Bomjon’s compound. Maybe that’s why he liked them so much that he had appointed them his main trustees with privileges that no one else had, from as early as around 2010. He also endorsed them to start extramarital relationships with his own followers. Thus the married Bal Hari Rai had hunted down a Czech follower Jana Klepkova, and marrying her in Europe (keeping secret he already had a wife and child in Nepal’s Kakarbhitta), he acquired European citizenship. (this topic is continued in the last chapter of this article, because is a little off-topic)…

So we know that concerning Ram Bomjon’s nearest friends, sex was not a forbidden and not a rare event. The intimacy of the dense jungle of Halkhoriya was calling for it…

So how is it with the innocently looking prophet-fashion model, who wears his shiny white robes and has always perfectly combed and oiled hair…?

The sensually beautiful guru of Andrea Good

US-Japanese Andrea Good, who was one of the main propagators of Bomjon in the West after she had repeatedly visited him from 2008, was focusing on his physical and sensual beauty and (to my surprise!) had often envisioned herself as the “guru’s” female companion and co-guru. There was always a strange sexual element between many of Bomjon’s female admirers and himself, that struck me. Andrea made a series of photos and videos pinpointing Palden Dorje’s undoubted bodily beauty (Palden Dorje was Bomjon’s one of many different names). I remember how poetically she had been describing the surprisingly pure under-arm hair (0:16) of the “Buddha Boy”, and the sun-rays running down on his muscles and curly shampood hair… The below photo-clip Pure Palden Dorje was made by Andrea Good:

The 25 years older Andrea Good must have been probably deeply insulted by the fact that finally “Maitriya” had chosen other “khandros” than herself, although she sacrificed even her family life for the guru. That’s why she was part of the nervous commotion in the Sangha when the first news of Bomjon keeping lovers leaked out (from about 2013), long before he had half-officially announced Dipshika as his wife. Similar doubts had enveloped the Sangha after Dipshika had been sent to many abortions after many pregnancies, while the foreign followers had been regularly flying in to welcome the newborn “baby-guru” with loads of gifts, just to be disappointed again that it did not happen.

Of course, this all was kept secret from the wide public. After all, the tens of thousands of illiterate Tamang devotees in villages and the hundreds of foreigners from Internet forums, would not comprehend the “spiritual deepness” of Maitriya’s relationships, and mainly: media would harm his image by questioning his celibacy claims. Only a smaller group of “trusted devotees: as Andrea calls them was initiated to the deepest secrets of Maitriya’s private life.

At one point (sometimes around 2014) Ram Bomjon himself spoke on phone with Vietnamese-Californian Kim Nguyen, and told her that his children cannot be born due to some WITCHCRAFT going on against him and his wife! This became the half-official version to accept by the elite followers, Ivan Stankovic, his website’s webmaster shared with me that time! It was exchanged in emails among the elite followers as a valid reason. The reality was, that Bomjon’s then dedicated followers,  the French Stephan Chollet and his wife, had been paying for, and accompanying Bomjon’s lovers to Kathmandu for (illegal) abortions!

These disappointing developments – at least for a lady who dreamed about joining Bomjon near his throne – then got to a final point for Andrea when his baby Ninchen was born in 2015. That’s why Andrea might have added the sentence “And I know we are now at peace” to her announcement of Dipshika’s pregnancy, quoted in the beginning of this article, meant for the online followers.

I know, the question of Bomjon’s sexual adventures is very irritating to those who are still on the side of the cult, and did not realize they had been fooled. I was like this too, after all, I was one of his main propagators, writing many articles about how pure, how ideal Yogi he was, even convincing people who had doubts… If I did not happen to be one of his violence and torture victims in the long line, I would be still trumpeting around his Grace, Blessing, Mercy, Holiness…. Yet God had wanted otherwise….

It was probably a huge disappointment to many of his Western followers and Nepali Buddhists to learn that he is not a celibateur, as his Sangha was claiming! And that he was not a celibate already long-long ago, at least from 2009!

We all had been fooled!

Girlfriends, lovers, concubines…long ago!

“According to Prem Dorje Bal, a senior monk from Devghat, who was an acquaintance of Bomjon till 2009, Bomjon had previously thrashed locals causing serious injuries and sexually assaulted many girls in his ashrams.

Speaking at the press conference, Bal said, “After inquiring with the employees of a brick factory in Rautahat in 2010, we learnt that Bomjon had in 2009 spent a night with a girl at the brick factory.” He added that wherever Bomjon went, he had trouble with the locals.”

My Republica: Allow us to meet them or give us dead bodies: Kin tell Bomjon

Please click on the CC button to get English subtitles.

So as written above, apparently his first wife in 2009 was Rita Bot, who had soon, after marrying Bomjon and leaving to his Halkhoriya Compound, disappeared and is missing already 10 years! See more: Rita Bot

Yet there are others too.


But already as early as 2011, many of his nearest Committee members and Nepali Sangha in surrounding villages and towns knew that Bomjon was keeping in his compound a girl, a beautiful nun Bishnu (nun name Palchen Mo), who was coveted by many male visitors on the site. She and Bomjon’s sister Manu had a special access to his hidden residence inside the jungle, where only a few people were allowed. The relationship had leaked out and ashamed Bomjon’s family, especially mother, as obviously, locals had been mocking them about the “Tapasvi” (Ascetic) having an affair. This was one of the reasons that they started to have discussions with their famous son, asking him not to keep female “helpers” in the jungle, but replace them with males. Bomjon did not care, instead turned his followers against his family to get rid of their nagging…

Photo above: The nun Bishnu Tamang (Palchen Mo) on a photo from around 2010.



But the other issue is even more open, and actually not a secret anymore – among Maha Sambodhi’s (other name) nearest followers. Even Western Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha branch-leaders like Kim Nguyen, Ivy Jugoa or Andrea Good know about it. The truth is that Bomjon, already around 2011, when he was officially “still sitting in “ascetic silence” to perform for the crowds and cameras, had started a sexual relationship with a Nepali girl from India’s Darjeeling, Dipshika.

The girl’s aunt, Usha didi (sister Usha), was a long-time devotee of Bomjon, and stayed in the compound. There were rumours that she could hardly stay in her village because when all her family had died, including her husband and sons, people started to look strangely at her. The house of Usha didi was in Mirik, a beautiful lake-side town in Darjeeling, and it was there where Bomjon had been regularly (yes, even traveling sometimes with his Western followers, like Kim Nguyen from the USA) visiting his lover, describes the French webmaster of Bomjon’s former USA official website, Ivan:

“While the public at large is fed the propaganda of an ascetic into his 6 years of intense meditation without food or water, his close entourage organises a secret trip for him, from Nepal to India, in Darjeeling. The reason of this trip, meeting with a girl, his girl-friend, the girl devotees will later call Guru Ama.” A Girlfriend, pregnancies and miscarriages (


Photo above: Lake Mirik in Darjeeling, a romantic place for any secret meetings. Source:

Photo: Usha didi behind residents of Halkhoriya in 2008. From left to right: Manu, Bomjon’s sister, who died in 2016 “in a painful death” at the punishment of Bomjon, according to his followers (Setopati), a Japanese follower, Barry Ryder from US, US-Japanese Andrea Good and Ganga, Bomjon’s eldest brother. Source: Halkoriatimes

Not that a marriage could be not held. But Bomjon does not like publicity about his intimate life. He is a man who divides private life from work. And his “work” must show him as a pure Ascetic, who is not only promoting vegetarianism, but even did not eat for prolonged times (which had been already proved to be a false claim). His fame a name is based on the Buddha like asceticism, and money would have stopped to flow in if the crowds of worshipers learned the truth:

“Only a few devotees are in the loop about the girl-friend, there is an embargo about revealing the existence of that girl-friend. You can easily imagine why. Remember, he is supposed to be 6 years in constant meditation. If the public was to learn that he is having some sex (whether tantric or kamasutric), a lot of the followers might be lost.” ( A Girlfriend, pregnancies and miscarriages (

Above photo:  Two of the many important women in the life of Maitriya Guru Ram Bomjon: Guru Ama (Dipshika?, name given by Bomjon “Nyangchen Mo, but apparently this “previous” Dipshika was another woman than the current “wife” with whom he has his son) and Ranjita (name given by Bomjon “Rinchen Mo”). Nepali locals told me that according to Nepalese media Bomjon’s mother had accused her son of incest concerning the then 13 years old Ranjita. She had dropped from school in 2012 to join her famous brother. The photo was made ion October 19,  2013 and its full version includes also the two now disappeared nuns, Fulmaya Rumba and Chinimaya Tamang. Source: Halkoriatimes.

With all the destructive publicity that people like Weinstein got, after his sexual affairs shed light, Ram Bomjon precisely knew that this is a thing he should keep a deep secret. At least till a time when he becomes the God of Nepal, and powerful above the crowds, so much that he can actually do anything, and still would be worshipped. This time had started to unfold in Nepal this year, when in the interview with Setopati, his followers had not only admitted that Bomjon had practically initiated the 2016 death of his sister Manu, but they have even boasted about his power to do this:

“‘Guru’ took the ‘internal action’ not physically but using his divine powers, the follower claims. The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.” (State must watch Bomjon, Setopati)

We are nearing a time when Bomjon’s sexual affairs can come out, and his child, born in 2015, presented to the world. Because, yes, according to insider sources, he not only had a long-time relationship with Dipshika from Darjeeling (who moved to Bomjon’s private compound after 2012, obviously), but he even has a child. The sources (I., K., R.)  tell us that the whole thing is but not a classical secret love-story. It is much more Bomjon-style (e.g. brutal and immoral) than it looks on the surface:

First of all, Bomjon did not have only one lover. Far from that. According to those who lived with him, he had kept a group of girls for his sexual needs, among them the above mentioned Bishnu (who comes from a nice village near Ratanpur, Lal, and knows Bomjon from his earliest “Ascetic” years). People described that from time to time other girls had been brought to stay with him during the nights.

I remember how shocked I was to learn that after we all had been suddenly banned to stay in Bomjon’s Halhoriya Compound in the spring of 2011, a totally useless lady, who never did any work there, the sister of the then Khaiba (painter) of Bomjon’s “Thangka” paintings, had been allowed to stay there as an exception to Bomjon’s ban. Her name was Phurba Sang Mo . I was shocked by her look, because although we had been living there in the wild jungle and at least we, foreigners, spent our time in meditation and spiritual activity, that woman was walking in high heels in the jungle, and having always a thick layer of makeup with bright lipstick, preparing herself especially seductively when we were allowed to go for the occasional “blessing programs” to see Bomjon on his cement meditation platform… It was bizarre for me, to see this, while most of us, his supporters, walked barefoot and in simple clothes. Only recent years I started to understand that there had been a great sexual activity in Bomjon’s ashram, and that he was the center of that activity! Ganga Maya Moktan went even further, poor girl, having been a direct rape victim, and call Bomjon’s ashrams not different from brothels!


In the summer of 2011 Binu Tamang and Krishna meme of Simara told me that Bomjon’s so called Committee (Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha) including Nil Bahadur Thing and Ram Kumar had an emergency meeting, as often, in her Lama Hotel restaurant, and they had been discussing the “guru’s” order: to bring him 5 virgins to the jungle! 

I myself remember Binu telling me with great shock that Bomjon’s tough inner core, called “The Committee” (Samiti) had an urgent meeting in their restaurant and discussed the Guru’s surprising order. I even wrote an article on my previous website, (now closed) titled “Five virgins for Dharma Sangha” detailing the story. This was far back in the spring of 2011. And Bomjon’s followers had been celebrating his official ending of his “six years of “Ascetic meditation” much later, in May-June 2011, in a lavish festival called Mahadarshan!

But, having been his devotee and admirer back then, I was still apologizing and justifying him and doing that typically cultish brainwashing as his Sangha is doing it now: “You cannot understand this, but this is just a play of Guruji, a testing of how far you would go in trusting him!”. I was so successful to convince anyone that Guruji continues to be pure and a celibate, that Binu put back her posters of the Buddha Boy on her walls … I have no further information about the Five Virgins, for that humble reason that I was not interested to fuel and spread gossips which would harm his holy reputation…

And then here comes the dark side of Bomjon’s uncontrolled sexual drives:

An incestual relationship and some rapes…


Image above: Bomjon’s smallest sister Ranjita in Halkhoriya in 2012, during the time when I was kept there on chains. This phot had been shared by his followers on Facebooks, because they arrived that time to the 2012 Maitri Puja, which Bomjon held apparently intentionally during the time when he was keeping me and Maata Ani chained just behind this platform, in the jungle, and tortured. Ranjita was 13 years during that time. 

Bomjon’s mother Mayadevi complained in the Nepali media in 2011 that Bomjon is sexually abusing her smallest child, the then 13 years old Ranjita. The girl refused to join her mother when she arrived to Halkhoria in April 2012 to take her away. Instead, Bomjon let her and his siblings locked up in a concrete house for five days and tortured his own family. Ranjita remained with Bomjon many years, and only after she could not bear his behavior anymore, she escaped.

Bomjon’s mother Mayadevi reporting him for abducting her younegst daughter, Ranjita



It was just before the escape of another girl, a regularly raped Ganga Maya Moktan, who was 14 years old when Bomjon started to rape her. The nun wanted to make suicide, but survived it. She had made a detailed police report, describing the sexual hell that Bomjon creates for his female followers in his barbed-wire fenced ashrams, but because Bomjon is protected by the Prime Minister, and also the leader of communist party (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) as well as the leader of Congress Party Sher Bahadur Deuba, and many other current or former politicians (Mani Lama, Chatra Ghishing, Bhuminand Devkota) – Ganga Maya’s police report was refused by the police! She had disappeared after the report from the media.

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Asali, one of Bomjon’s escaped nuns, speaks out of rape attempts by Bomjon

Another heart-breaking story is told by another sexual harassment victim of Ram Bomjon, a girl who became a nun during that time, Asali Lama. She is now married to another man. She was picked up for the secret mission of cooking for Bomjon, among 4 other nuns, because the fact that he was eating, was a great secret, according to her. But even if she was wearing Buddhist nun clothes, Bomjon sexually harassed her and tried to rape. He did not manage it, she was against it very much and shocked. She was so broken that she swallowed some poison, and when she woke up, she saw Bomjon sitting near herself. He then allowed her to leave his ashram.

The full translation of the witness account of Asali lama is in my above mentioned article. For those who understand Nepali:

Summarized list of Bomjon’s (known) intimate relationships with women:

  • according to the latest media news Bomjon’s first “wife” might have been Rita Bot in 2009
  • according to locals of the Tamang villages around Halkhoriya, Bomjon had been having a more than friendly relationship with Bishnu (Palchen Mo) of Lal, a nun, from his earliest years in Halkhoriya, thus at least from 2006 till today
  • according to what is now already not a secret anymore, but a widely accepted “gospel” among Bomjon’s elite followers and among the Nepali public, he had been keeping a secret “wife”, Dipshika from at least as early as 2011, with whom he has already one son, born in 2015
  • according to Maya Devi, his mother, who complained to Nepalese police and media in 2012, Bomjon had been having an incestuous and pedophile relationship with his younger sister Ranjita, who was 13 at the time when he had moved her to his jungle compound in Halkhoriya in 2012
  • according to the police report of Gangamaya, Bomjon had been raping many minor nuns in his compounds, including Gangamaya, on a regular basis, from her 14 year onward, and all this in the full knowledge of his “wife” Dipshika (the police report had been refused by the police) from about 2014 
  • Asali Lama, another nun, who was cooking for Bomjon together with 4 other nuns during the time when the public thought he was not eating, was nearly raped during Bomjon’s repeated attempts, until she escaped (2008 – 2009)
  • Gangamaya witness account describes a nun Choymo, who ran away after harassed by Bomjon, and after that he had beaten together with his followers two other nuns, Chunmo and Dolmo (Chinimaya Tamang and Fulmaya Rumba), locked them up beaten in a room and Gangamaya had never seen them again…
  • Gangamaya had witnesses and shared from other nuns that Bomjon had sexually harassed many of them, so she helped 3 other harassed nuns to escape from him

See more: Series of sexual exploitation and violence in Bomjon’s ashrams

His current followers are trying to hide Bomjon’s sexual relationships, as they had been trying to hide his wife and child from 2011 till 2015. I can understand this, and have no resentment against them. But now, when I know the truth about Ram Bomjon (maybe not full, but at least what is based on my own tragic experience in 2012), I feel I have to share what I know about him, to warn people that they are being part of a very big hoax, a scheme which totally manipulates them to bow to a human being who had been eating and having relationships like anyone else, and followers give all their savings to a guru who is someone very much else than they had thought for years! It nearly seems as if his main point is to mock, ridicule and blaspheme everything holy what mankind ever considered to be religion.

But as far as he is using violence and harming people by this “mocking” and “joking” about religious beliefs, it becomes crime, and a dangerous fanatic cult. And that is the moment when mankind should stop it until it is possible…

Rifles, abortions, witches – descriptions from insiders

According to one of the nearest sources K. at one point Dipshika, Bomjon’s “first wife”, whom he never officially married, had enough of seeing new and new girls coming and going in his room.

She took a rifle from Bomjon’s room (Did you notice? Yes, a rifle! The most natural object in the room of a meditator on World Peace!), according to the witness, went out of the room and turning the rifle to her head (she apparently even knew how to handle it! Another surprise!) she told she was going to kill herself if her Buddha Boy partner did not stop inviting also other girls in his room at night. Allegedly this made Bomjon stop to have lovers, at least, we can imagine, not in front of Dipshika.

Now, we cannot know what happened in closed doors between the ‘Savior of Humankind’ and the young girls staying overnight. If I was still his follower, I would go into my ends to explain that nothing sexual, but they had probably only meditated together. I was convincing myself with this tale when it was so obvious that the beautiful and kind nun Bishnu was going to him regularly and staying in his place. But the sources tell more: Bomjon actually made children to at least some of  those lovers! And not only that. Soon after they got pregnant and stayed a few months with a growing belly, Bomjon sent them to artificial abortions.


Abortions in Nepal, especially of female embryos, are forbidden, if the reason is not medical. But when you have money, everything is possible in Nepal. I spoke with a woman in the “hard-core” Sangha in 2011 in a village at Halkhoriya. She told me she was sent to artificial abortion when her Bomjon-follower family had learned that her child was to be a girl! The  tragic in this in this is double-edged, as many times they pay huge money for secret doctors and clinics, but the embryo is finally a boy. But where was all that “compassion with all living beings” among Maitriya Guru’s followers, when they were ready to discard female embryos, just as quite a lot of families do in Nepal and India? That conversation made me think deep…

So yes, many girlfriends of Ram Bomjon got pregnant and were sent to abortions. One Western follower recalls how he always saw Dipshika pregnant, and then a few months later again no belly, but there was never a child. This had been repeating  a few times when even fanatic devotees had been starting to ask questions. Needless to say, Bomjon never explained any of his behavior to his followers, their only task was to take orders, not to ask questions. But at one point, still the beginning, some followers were making rumors about Dipshika staying overnight in the Guru’s rooms (he has many branches in Nepal, staying from time to time in Sindhupalchowk, Sarlahi, Sindhuli and eve back in Halkhoriya).

He then made a mini-announcement (e.g. just for the core Sangha, not for the wide public!) that from now on they should consider Dipshika his wife, and take orders from her as well. He told them they had to call her “Guru Ama” (“Guru Mother”) out of respect. “Guru Ama” in Nepal is used for elder or very respected, usually celibate spiritual women, or sometimes very respected grandmothers. Or was Bomjon trying to beget a child who would be another “Guru”? It was not clarified.

The weird thing is that when Dipshika got pregnant the second last time (after maybe five or more abortions), the Western devotees who had been that time still led by Andrea Good, Kim Nguyen, Ivy Jugoa and some others, had got excited that a “New Christ” or “New Buddha” was going to be born. They even planned a special visit of Nepal just for the celebration of the Holy Birth! Buying many gifts for the newborn of their Guru, they had in fact arrived at the time when the baby was to be born. This “Bomjon-baby hysteria” had unfolded around 2014:

“In early 2014, an internal announcement informs a very small circle of devotees of her pregnancy. Then long radio silence. And about in October-November 2014, when the baby was actually expected to come to this world, we start learning that the girl went already through 3 miscarriages. By December she is again pregnant.” ( A Girlfriend, pregnancies and miscarriages (

Soon the author of the article informed me that they were NOT miscarriages: they were intentional abortions! What more, Dipshika was not the only one regularly sent to Kathmandu with a French couple Stephan Chollet and his wife, to bribe doctors to abort the (apparently) female embryos, as it is against the law in Nepal.

Ivan, the owner of the already closed-down website, had been still apparently half-way in, half-way out of Bomjon’s organization. He had been on the mailing list of the internal core of the leadership (practically formed around US-Japanese Andrea Good, – Jyampa Dolma), where some of the “classified news” had been exchanged:

“The email of Mrs Andrea Good

“Dear Ivan, Jyampa Kidwen, and Semyon,

I just spoke to Jyampa Yeshe to ask him what Guru said at the meeting on Friday, May 9th, …

Then I asked what Guru said about Guru Ama (Nyanchen Mo).

Jyampa Yeshe said that Guru had announced that Guru Ama was his wife and that she is now pregnant. But he wants us to keep this information only for trusted members of the Sangha and not to announce it on the internet. So, this is what has been shared, and I feel we are at peace.
Om A Hum Mahen Yana Guru Pani Siddhi Hung

Maitri Mangalam,
Jyampa Dolma”

The Announcement of the first pregnancy, Archives or the original

After the announcement, to their disappointment, the hard-core followers have learned that Dipshika had aborted! What an unholy ending. I think that these long-time active followers had been not told the full truth: that Dipshika had not aborted naturally….But during that time an US devotee K. had a phone call through and interpreter with Dharma Sangha, when he complained to her that all these babies had been dying because there was some evil witch who was harming them:

“Ram tells some of his devotees that he needs to protect her against witchcraft. Some dark forces being for him at the source of the miscarriages.” ( A Girlfriend, pregnancies and miscarriages (Dharma-sangha.comAt this point the owner of the now closed-down website still thought that the abortions had been natural miscarriages. In his later articles he had corrected it.

When these witchcraft accusations started directly from Bomjon, it alarmed me. I was also branded the stigma of a witch by him, similarly as Mata Ani, the Spanish victim and probably many women whom he decided to harm. So who will be next? Now he could really provoke his followers, a much bigger group than back in 2012, to “just” and “rightful” anger, when he pointed out who was the culprit that his babies had died. The crazy in all this is that till today, no one from the large public or those thousands on his Facebook sites who admire him, know even the fact that he has a girlfriend and that he had any babies at all! As I know him, with expert manipulation with crowd sentiment, he is able to even use the power of inducing collective hatred without actually clarifying the crowds what or whom they should be hating, and for what!

I was actually relieved when no news about any new “enemy” or “captured witch” came out from Bomjon’s inner circle, after all. But this is not a guarantee that in his secret places, dark jungles or strongly guarded houses he was not harming any victim. There is a fact that Manu, his sister, had arrived to visit him in 2015, when she was beaten to her head very brutally, so brutally that she never recuperated, and died after a prolonged suffering of brain edema in 2016. Obviously, no authorities had been involved. Who even cares? Bomjon is Nepal’s Buddha Boy, after all, the authorities should promote him, he would bring tourists and investments to the country. That some people die in between, that should not be a big problem. Witnesses, media can be always silenced…

But back to the itching topic of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha and sex. Or marriage? Marriage ceremonies in Nepal are religious. Not everyone cares about registering them in the local offices called Nagarpalika. How could Bomjon do it at all, if everyone would start to criticize him that he was lying about his celibacy and “ascetic meditation”? So he had no choice but marry in secret. If at all.

Who helped to finance and cover up the abortions of Bomjon’s unwanted embryos?

There are some interesting points in these leaked out stories: for example, when the many abortions had to be made, a French couple (Stephan Chollet and his wife) who is behind a successful childcare enterprise in India, Surya World, staying longtime with Bomjon, had been helping him to smooth out the way. They had been accompanying the abortion-ready girls to Kathmandu hospitals, where, I suppose as Western devotees usually do, they offered money to do it “silently” and without publicity. As the French couple are running a few NGOs in Nepal and India, (apart from popularizing themselves through a brief and vague earthquake money-collection in 2015), they could have masked the necessity of the abortion for example as a case of rape, and their assistance to Bomjon’s girlfriends as a help to some villager girls from poor families who could not raise a child…

In any case, the presence of Westerners gives Nepalis a feeling of credibility and they do not think about foul play, but also, the presence of “Western money” is a great thing… It is just very sad that founders of an NGO which deal with children in India, are assisting in artificial abortions based, quite probably, on killing female embryos.

Bomjon’s child, a boy, apparently survived…


Images above: The snapshots from publicly available videos are showing 1, a painting of Bomjon’s child by his “court painter” Ivy Jugoa (Jyampa Lhaden) of the Netherlands, 2, Bomjon with his main girlfriend, Dipshika, 3, the house where, apparently, Dipshika and their son live, cared for and surrounded by Bomjon’s blue-robed nuns and monks. Source: YouTube

So what is all that sexual craziness from and around Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’? Is it really because he would be not able to manage self-discipline, even after (allegedly) meditating at least 10 months without moving?

Bomjon is blaspheming Buddhist nun-ordination by sexually polluting robed nuns!

It is not by accident that Ram Bomjon had been raping his nuns. In fact, his main intention is apparently to rape Buddhism and religious traditions, polluting them. Interestingly there are no accounts of Bomjon raping women in civil clothes, although many young girls and ladies had been always serving him in his ashrams. He also has a permanent girlfriend called “wife” Dipshika (they had never officially married though), who had never been a nun.

Yet those who he has raped by force, are always nuns! Asali Lama, Ganga Maya Moktan and many young nuns who stayed during Ganga’s time and who she managed to get out with her, had been all head-shaved ordained nuns. Bomjon’ very first lover had been Bishnu Bal, a nun.

If he tortures a woman who is not a nun, (like me and Mata Ani), he finally cuts their hair and “ordains” them nuns before the release.

Darshan, the friend of Bal Hari, was less successful to find a sexual partner inside Bomjon’s Sangha. He had picked up a friend of Jana, who unfortunately was just not interested in Darshan… The main trick to seduce a Bomjon-follower beauty is “Come to Guruji to Halkhoriya, we would like to have you in his Sangha! You would look so beautiful in a nun’s robe and shaved head!”

Image above: the short-haired smiling girl, Nika, was meant to stay in Halkhoriya in December 2011 and join the secret group which was involved in my kidnapping and torture. She was one of Bomjon’s favorites, but she had doubts about the arrangements and rather left Halkhoriya before she would be pulled to Bomjon’s dark machinery. Nika was extremely devoted to “Guruji” Bomjon, and it was difficult for her to digest what her “guru” did to me in 2012. In this photo from the 2011 Mahadarshan event we are still all friends, my torturers, Nika and me. 

Apparently Bomjon and his followers are creating blasphemy rituals, when they clad women in nuns robes and then they desecrate Buddha’s tradition by raping them!

Apparently this was also the reason of the humiliations, torture, witch-accusation and sexual abuses I had to suffer after Bomjon kept me in captivity for 3 months in 2012, as well, because they cut my hair and released me in a nun’s attire, although I was never a Buddhist nun:

Image above: Marici after the tortures by Ram Bomjon in March 2012. Photo made by Kantipur journalist Kunwar in the Immigration detention, where Bomjon had sent me after releasing me from his jungle captivity, as I could not extend my visa during the time of his criminal captivity. 

The many raped nuns and 2 disappeared Buddhist nuns from Bomjon are proving his special likeness of sexually polluting shaved headed, robed nuns!

Sources: I., R. and K.

The announcement of the first pregnancy

A girl friend, pregnancies, miscarriages

The Dharma-Sangha website’s Archive

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3 thoughts on “Is “Nepalese Ascetic” Tapasvi Ram Bomjon married?

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  1. You should write in Chinese and share this on the world because mostly Chinese don’t believe he did such bad things only think he is Buddha n especially inside china mainland not allow to see the international website so we can only find he is a powerful Buddha ! Yes he got the power to control things ! But his energy got too much sexual feeling ..when I bless by him or see his photo only I just want to have sex with different people also. I don’t know why is this his happiness power of love n kindness??? Buddha should show the world someone powerful but too wrong ! Should be punished!


    1. Yes, I have thought about the need to translate into Chinese at least a few of these articles. I am not sure if any of my Chinese friends wishes to go into such dark topics, but I am planning to ask. In case you yourself know Chinese, could you pleas help me? I know that Chinese followers of Bomjon are many, especially from Taiwan and Singapore, Hongkong, but also mainland! I feel so pity for them when I saw them on the last videos, how they are bowing to Bomjon, totally humiliating themselves!
      When I was chained by Bomjon in Halkhoriya in 2012, one deep meditator Russian Buddhist lady, who was also interested in Bomjon was coming to the Maitri Puja that he was organizing there. You know, he ordered his follower Darshan to rape me, 4-5 times, while I was chained! When that woman was walking to Halkhoriya, suddenly she started to have very ugly visions, sexual! She was so shocked by them that she turned back and never again wanted to become Bomjon’s follower! A German follower lady who was very big devotee of Bomjon, started to see in her meditations Bomjon making sex with girls! This is surely not normal, and not spiritual. Not Buddha.
      Sex is a normal thing for people, but the problem is that Bomjon is a maniac, a predator, it is shown in his horoscope also. And that he calls himself an Ascetic, what is a lie! In his secret torture places sex is connected with torture and humiliation of women (and men)! Now the news say that he not only was sending his followers to rape his victims (like in my case) but even he himself raped his nuns! I always thought that he would never go so far… But he did. Please, do warn your Chinese friends to avoid this dangerous cult of Bomjon! Chinese nowadays are very educated and intelligent, why should they bow to a sinful dark being?


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