Indian sex-guru might have found safe haven in Nepal

The Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya’s ashrams, a split branch of Brahmakumari cult, had been recently raided by police, rescuing 47 mostly minor girls imprisoned by their guru Virendra Dixit aka Shankar, who was sexually exploiting them. Dixit could not be arrested, he is absconding. Is he hiding in Nepal?

His main center is in Kathmandu and he has numerous ashrams all over Nepal. I have met his followers a few years ago, who told me he is regularly visiting them in Nepal…

“After the High Court ordered a raid on his ashram in Vijay Vihar last week, teams of Delhi Police accompanied by NGOs, DCW and advocate from the High Court had been going around rescuing women and minor girls trapped in these ashrams.

Following the first raid in Outer Delhi’s Vijay Vihar area, where 168 women including 41 minor girls were found, the local police continuing the raids for three days managed to rescue all the 41 minor girls and handed them over to the Child Welfare Committee who allotted them to different homes in the national Capital.”



High Court orders to empty ashrams of sex-baba

Image above: Police raided Adhyatmik Vishva Vidyalaya Ashram in Delhi


The latest news hit Indian media with one of the apparently endless series after-shocks of the land’s fake-guru-exposing initiative. After Rampal, Guru Ram Rahim Singh, Asaram Babu, Swami Nityananda etc., Indian jails are awaiting yet another fake Baba, Virendra Dixit:

“The Delhi High Court on Tuesday directed the city police to immediately inspect an institute in Delhi’s Rohini, where girls and women were allegedly kept in illegal confinement in the name of preaching. A Bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C. Hari Shankar said it was “extremely dangerous” and dubbed the situation as similar to the one witnessed in Haryana’s Sirsa. This issue is similar to the situation faced in Sirsa, where girls and women were illegally confined,” the Bench said.”

HC orders immediate inspection of ‘spiritual university’ in Rohini

In a matter of few days in December 2017, shocking revelations about the harem-holding elder Baba had flooded the Indian media. One should not get doubts seeing the gray-haired grandfather: his first ashrams filled entirely with young female followers, had been established 20 years ago, when he could be in his “vital” forties. His followers in Nepal are convinced that he would never die.

According The Guardian “nearly 250 women and 48 girls so far found confined behind gates in properties belonging to the Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya religious organisation”.

A very progressive decision of the High Court also ensured that female victims had been properly cared for by involving activists for women:

“Ordering that the inspection be video-graphed, the High Court also directed Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal to accompany the police.” 

(A far cry from the treatment of the female victims of Nepalese Ram Bomjon, after they had been rescued from being chained, raped or locked up by Bomjon’s Nepali cult as alleged “witches”!)

So we have all the reasons to praise the modern-day Indian Court system, which is brave enough to tackle “spiritual crime” in the home-land of Hinduism. Yet the situation was not always like this:

Articles and news shots give an unpleasant information that the very sick sex-cult had been covered up by police for about 20 years in India, even when locals had been regularly complaining about the ashrams and warning police about suicides and locked up minor girls. The below quotation was published already in 2011, and it is 2017 now! Action had been done only after one of the girls dared to come out with the truth.

“The Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya Ashram, damaged a lot of the property and even got into fights with the people of the Ashram. …They were also angry with the police, asking them to take proper action against the Ashram.”

Sect Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya accused of Kidnapping minor Girls – 8 Sep 11

In other news, inaction on the side of police had been criticized, but after the revelation of crimes the Court ordered to investigate past reports as well:

“Earlier this week, the Delhi High Court had ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate into the Rohini ashram, saying it had “no confidence in police” for not taking any action on about 10 FIRs lodged against the ashram and its members. It ordered the CBI to seize all records relating to FIRs lodged and entries in the “daily diary” maintained by police in connection with alleged rape and suicides of women there. “ (FIR is a police report in India).

Police raid Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya ashrams in Delhi, rescue 47 women

Yet, they say, politicians might have been covering up the secret world of “holy rapes” inside Dixit’s ashram, and according to some people the reason was because some politicians had been also taking a piece of the cake – sexual exploitation of innocent virgin girls. In this case, as in many similar cases in India (and also some cases in Nepal), the police had apparently failed.

“The article writes that they also found over a dozen more minor girls, most of them very young. The Ashram staff allegedly could not give any information as to where those girls were from. The girls seemed to be too young to tell themselves and maybe have been kidnapped at a very young age so that they would not even remember. Now cases of human trafficking and illegal detention have been filed against the owner, a Baba Virendra Dev Dixit. The Baba himself however is absconding and nowhere to be found.”

Sect Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya accused of Kidnapping minor Girls – 8 Sep 11

Yet, thanks God, Indian society is not as humble, and when the dirtiest things are happening in the name of Hindu religion, crowds finally gather and demand justice. When the student girl revealed what she had seen in the ashram, and the attempt of the Baba to rape her, organizations for women’s rights took with them a High Court order and police forces to empty Dixit’s ashrams, the first ones in Rohini and Dwarka in New Delhi. After more and more ashrams had been raided, the number of rescued girls grew to 47.

The Indian High Court and the neighbors of ashrams who had been hearing regular screams, crying and calls for help during night hours, are asking:

“What kind of spirituality is it when people are kept confined as animals in cages?” Newburgh Gazette 

When will Nepalese authorities ask the same question concerning their home-grown criminal guru, witch-chaining and rape-ordering torturer of many female and male hostages, Ram Bahadur Bomjon (aka Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha)…? Indians seem to get fed up with their fake babas…

The conditions how the girls were treated, apart from being regularly raped by the founder, were appalling, said Swati Maliwal, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief. Yet the shocking thing in all this is that there had been numerous police reports by the parents of brainwashed young girls as well as neighbors against the ashram, and the police seems to have been ignoring the situation for years. Apparently Delhi police was not trained concerning the brainwashing techniques of religious cults, which are changing the thinking of followers only gradually and start to exploit them only after they had burnt all bridges to the outside world, and had “voluntarily” signed their decision to stay locked up with the “guru” as prisoners forever…”

“Maliwal added that the CBI, which was asked to probe the matter by the Delhi High Court, should also investigate the “role of the police and political leaders in the matter”.

“Delhi Police today claimed that previous inquiries did not point towards any criminality of the authorities of the ashram. The Ashram has been there in the Vijay Vihar area of Rohini for years. We had received a few complaints from the families of the girls residing there and there had been counter-complaints from the girls as well,” said Madhur Verma, Public Relations Officer (PRO), Delhi Police. 

“In one such case, five families had approached Delhi Police with complaints against the ashram. The high court had said the families could not forcibly take their daughters from the ashram. They had directed the police to provide security to the women,” Verma said. He cited another instance, in which an alleged victim was rescued and produced before the Child Welfare Committee but subsequently, the sessions court had ruled that she was a major and could stay wherever she wanted to. There were also allegations that the former deputy commissioner of police (Rohini) had visited the ashram on November 11.

“He had gone there to inquire into a complaint, in which a Rajasthan-based family had alleged that their daughter was being exploited at the ashram. The woman told the police that she did not want to meet her family members and that she was staying at the ashram out of her own choice,” Verma said.

Ashrams run by Virender Dev Dikshit raided in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh; 47 women, six girls rescued

Indian as well as Nepali police should get education about dangerous “religious” cults, and the so called Stockholm Syndrome, which causes that victims of extreme torture, hostages, survivors of repeated rapes and violence, are refusing to criticize their captors and claim that they are in the inhuman situation voluntarily…

What is Stockhom Syndrome?

Love and Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving an Abuser


I am Krishna’s reincarnation so I need to sleep with 16 000 virgins


Image above: A diagram of PBK (Prajapita Brahma Kumaris) explaining who is who in their pantheon. Needless to say that their version of “Hinduism” is totally different from traditional philosophies which had been incorporated in Indian or Nepali religions and different also from their mainstream predecessor of Om Shanti Brahmakumaris based on Mount Abu. In general, all Brahmakumaris believe that gods like Krishna will be their own reincarnations after the Golden Age starts with the final catastrophes of the world which they await similarly feverishly as  the Christian cult of Jehova’s Witnesses…

When the girls were rescued, some of them had been interviewed. Numerous Hindi interviews are found in recorded news entries. They are describing a twisted “spirituality” where Dixit, the founder guru calling himself Shankar (Shiva’s form), had brainwashed the young girls in numerous lectures and literature that actually he is the reincarnation of the highest god, Krishna, and twisting the mythology about Krishna’s 16 000 Gopinis (shepherd-girl friends), he claimed that he had to have sex with 16 000 pure virgins…

Yet, this was of course not revealed at first, and certainly not to outsiders. As the girls had been not allowed to be in any kind of contact with the outside world anymore, after they entered the ashram, there was no more chance to warn their parents and the public about the rapes going on inside, by the Baba. They had been apparently given drugs to be manageable and not to make “troubles”. One rescued girl described that there was not a single night that the Baba would not sleep (have sex) with one of the girls.

The Secret Prashad

Yet they were also not allowed to speak about what was happening during the “holy events” inside Dixit’s room. The student to first alerted the police, tells in the Indian news that every girl spoke about some “Secret Prashad” (originally a piece of fruit or sweets given by holy men and women as a gift and blessing in Hinduism, in Buddhism called Tsog). She was always wondering what that secret Prashad might be. Specially invited girls would go and “take” that Prashad always after midnight, alone, in the room of the white-haired Baba. But she never understood why did they look so ruined after coming out… “Might be that extreme divine energy that they could not manage” she thought.

Yet she had been not invited, and started to feel envious, why she did not deserve that holy Prashad like other girls. So she dared to visit the Baba’s rooms together with the others, and decided to ask him for that secret Prashad as well. After all, she had meditated well and long, did not deserve that mysterious blessing as well…?

When she stepped inside, she found the Baba naked. “Come inside! If you had already come, even if not invited, so I give you the Secret Prashad!”. When she braved to him nearer, he started to touch her and make have sex with him. The girl was shocked, and because she was from an intellectual background, she was more clear about that this is simply not the right thing to do. She refused sex with him, but Virendra threatened her that if she spoke about what she had experienced and seen, she would be killed. She was unable to speak out and get out of the cult for another five years…

Ashrams as prisons

Image above: Young girls had been kept locked up in Dixit’s ashrams in the name of “protecting them from being defiled in the outside world”. Once entered the premises, they could never again leave the buildings. Yet, at least in the beginning, they had chosen this lifestyle voluntarily. 

Seeing the guru’s numerous huge buildings all equipped with high-tech security bars, one cannot help but believe that yes, he must have been in the patronage of local politicians.

Swati Maliwal says:

“”Further, CBI should also investigate the role of police and netas (politicians in Hindi) in the matter. I am glad that rescue operations are also being undertaken in other parts of the country. This Baba should be put behind bars urgently.”

Image above: YouTube records of Indian media show numerous shots of ashrams with strict grills and fences, resembling one of prisons. 

Police raid Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya ashrams in Delhi, rescue 47 women

We can hardly imagine the horror, suffering and hopelessness of those young girls, who had been taken away from their parents in the hope that they are going to a safe and secure spiritual university, and finally found themselves as prostitutes in white robes. One of the young victims was only 13 years old and after being rescued she told the Baba had raped her.

“Non-government organisation Foundation for Social Empowerment had informed the court that several minors and women were allegedly confined illegally at the “spiritual university” here and were not allowed to meet their parents.”

HC orders immediate inspection of ‘spiritual university’ in Rohini

It is shocking that the exploitation could go on 20 or more years, without police caring about it. Locals, neighbors often had been surprised at the behavior of ashram staff, and the high-security locking up of girls. They said that they had never left the ashram during the day, but only after midnight had there be seen people with faces covered in white clothes, to leave the ashram in cars.

Image above: These impenetrable fences had been protecting the Spiritual University’s dark secrets….

Is Virendra Dixit in Nepal?

“The Delhi High Court has directed the CBI to trace the whereabouts of the founder and spiritual head of a north Delhi-based ashram, being probed by the agency for allegedly confining women and girls in his ashrams. A Bench of acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar said Virender Dev Dixit, founder of the Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya in Rohini should be present before it on January 4, the next date of hearing.”

Controversial spiritual leader Virender Dikshit runs ashram in Thrissur too

Will they find him?

Nepal seems to be much more tolerant to sex-gurus and criminal gurus, than modern day India. If gurus like Ram Bahadur Bomjon, who had practically openly held hostages and tortured dozens of people, are venerated as holy men, someone of the caliber of Virendra Dixit can also easily find support. All possible harmful cults and fake gurus will always find enough Nepalis to follow them, build ashrams to them and keep totally discrete about their dirty things. It will take long until naive Nepalis wake up to actually refuse fake gurus who harm human beings as well as the good name of Dharma, like the Indians do it by their High Court, activists and society. That time still did not come. That’s why all kinds of cults find a safe haven in Nepal. Not surprisingly, the “adopted daughter” of another sex guru, Ram Rahim Singh, Honeypreet, was told to hide in Nepal too, after an arrest warrant against her. Guru Rampal, another prosecuted sex-guru, had a huge followership among Nepalis. Sogyal Lakar, a rinpoche disgraced by the Dalai Lama because of his numerous sexual assaults against Buddhist followers, had established his popular Rigpa Buddhist university in Kathmandu.

When my friend first told me this story, I remembered Shankar Baba’s Nepali followers, on whom I bumped upon in a very remote Nepali village some years ago. I was looking for some temple to find like-minded people to get a rest on my travels. Locals directed me to the “Brahmakumari” family who was building their ashram there. The whole house and the people were very strange, and I soon recognized that they did not belong to the Brahmakumari cult which is quite famous. Yet they used the same terminology. They were just building a new ashram, and the main residential parts did not have windows. I have asked why so, and they told that the virgin female followers would stay there and they will be not in contact with the outside world. I suppose that ashram (of a size of a private house) must have finished by now, and young girls might have been locked up there already. Being in a remote sleepy village, they would have hardly any chance to escape. As most followers of Baba Dikshit, they had been also former long-time members of the mainstream Brahma Kumaris (known as Om Shanti in Nepal), until they left due to getting disappointed by the luxurious life-style for only the elite, they said.

After a very disgusting meal and surrounding with the smell of rotting smell (dead mice?), I was asking more questions. So finally they told me the story about who is their guru, how the original Brahmakumaris “betrayed” Shiv Baba, and how “Ram” (Dixit) was the only one preserving the real message of Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba… (words which one would hear a lot round and round in Brahmakumari communities).

So I asked, where can I meet the “guru”, and see all with my own eyes. I had been explained that the guru, Shankar (Dixit) would regularly visit his Nepali ashrams, but that he does not have any permanent place to stay. It was explained to me that he is serving his followers always “on the run”, so that he can meet everyone. After these recent news it struck me: “So Virendra Dixit is traveling in a car criss-cross India and Nepal, because there is an arrest warrant against him!”.

“Baba is operating under complete secrecy and these ashrams seem to be den of illegal activities. The CBI should urgently close down these ashrams and arrest the Baba. All girls should be rescued,” Maliwal said.”

Police raid Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya ashrams in Delhi, rescue 47 women

Of course, his Nepali followers did not tell me anything about accusations of rapes and arrest warrant. Instead they had given me a list of the Nepali branches, with telephone numbers and addresses and a few colorful propaganda leaflets. Needless to say that all this material was not in my interest, so I got rid of them soon. But I did visit one bigger ashram of Adhyatmik Vishva Vidyalaya in Nepal, and what I had seen there is totally confirming the recent news in India.

A brief visit of sex-baba’s Nepali ashram

I am surprised how could I even get into that actual “spiritual prison”, holding exclusively young virgin girls. But maybe they were thinking that I could give some donation. It took quite a long time to find someone who would have a key for the lockers, as the girls, even if they were there, had been not allowed to communicate with me even through their windows. What struck me, was the information that the arriving outsider followers told me (after the girls phoned them): the ashram girls do NOT have a key and cannot open the doors from inside! In my Western mind it appeared, what would they do in case of a fire or earthquake …?

Image above:one of the many infantile diagrams that Prajapita Brahma Kumaris use to “teach” about god, creation and religions. The basics are similar to that of the mainstream Brahmakumaris (Om Shanti), but differ in a few details. 

Inside it was neat and clean, and I got in with a smaller group of outsider devotees, apparently family members of some of the girls, who seemed to support the ashram. So in Nepal it is probably slightly more normal. Yet, it shocked me that I was told the girls could never leave the house and I spoke personally with one girl who was locked up in that house already for a year! Although I did not see minors, the girls were just above teenagers, about 17-18 years old. They were not allowed to interact with us in general, and we not allowed to speak with them, but one girl was speaking to me only. When one sees all those grills, locks and many gates and guards, one wonders what is to be protected so extremely there. They told me that the high security was for the protection of the virgins’ virginity, as today’s world is full of evil men and temptations… The girls did not seem to be forced to stay there, though, and looked quite peaceful.

I cannot forget the cute young girl who was finally assigned to brainwash me, e.g. give me the initial introduction to their “dharma”, what is also an imitated tradition of the mainstream Brahmakumaris, and can get quite annoying. Though it was evident that there was no interest to “hire” any middle-aged or old women like me, and only virgins could become members. Now it makes sense to me, when I hear about the truth of the Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishva Vidyalaya: the Baba, of course, wanted to sleep only with young and beautiful virgins, not with middle-aged mothers!

That young girl spoke a perfect English, and I think she was actually Indian. She was beautiful and cute, and I am worried for her, when reading and hearing these news about the sexual exploitation by their guru. It was strange that most girls there had been Indian, not Nepali. All the strange measures in that ashram, what I have seen during my less than hour visit, make up finally a mosaic, and are explained by the rescued girls. There is certainly a blind cult of personality of the Baba, who was watched on a video and all present people meditated at the screen. A few men had been in the staff, and I was told they were not allowed to look at the girls and they had to cover their faces near them.

Above image: a similar innocent scene welcomed me in the Nepali small ashram. Young girls (ONLY GIRLS!) as followers, “meditating” and watching the Baba speaking on a video record. 

To my questions why only virgins and why so much protected, I was told that they are prepared and purified for a special divine task of serving god.

Yet, even members of this quite small ashram (around 10-15 people, it seemed) confirmed me that the divine incarnation Shankar would visit them from time to time in this ashram. But all gave me a feeling that meetings with their guru are very secret and not advertised, and any visits between India and Nepal, either by the girls or the guru, are obscured. They did not want to speak clearly to me about these concrete things, what felt strange. Not being a teenage virgin anymore, I think I lost my chance to become his concubine …

“Running more than 200-prison like ashrams across India, baba Virender Dev Dixit, accused of illegally keeping minor girls and women in his spiritual university “Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya” came to spotlight in 1998. Baba started his journey from his native town in Farrukhabad 20 years ago and made an empire in India with a base in Nepal.

While the investigating agencies continued to raid his ashrams for the seventh day, police sources said that they have input that Baba Dixit is likely to be hiding in Nepal.”


Like animals is cages

Unlike the Nepalese witnesses of Ram Bomjon’s practice of keeping people locked up in his concrete huts for days and chained to trees in Nepal’s jungle for months, the Indians had been questioning the suspicious fencing and caging of virgins by the “Spiritual University” of Virendra Dixit long ago:

“Coming down heavily on the animal-like conditions where the inmates were forced to live, the bench said, “If you are running an ashram…what is this business of a metal door, iron grills, and locks. If you are claiming that the inmates are free, then why are you controlling their movements, who they meet and how they eat? Why are you not allowing them to meet their parents?”

Delhi: 41 Minor Girls Allegedly Raped & Drugged In Ashram Founded By Self-styled Baba, Rescued

Swati Maliwal, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief, which initiated the inquiry, had described in the Indian news shots that when approaching the ashram, they had met with high security measures, many different girls and bars, fences topped with spiraled barbed-wire, and seven levels of girls all with heavy lockers on them…. Entering the ashrams, they found minor girls in apparent drugged state, and after a search they had found many syringes, medicine and condoms in the ashram. Some of the girls appeared to have been psychologically ill. They had been locked up as soon as became members of the ashram, and were never allowed to leave the premises again.

Image above: Although the cult had not been registered  with the Government, they had been trying to get new members by extensive propaganda, including YouTube lessons. Yet the ashrams of Virendra Dixit had been not open to the wide public and the girls had been not allowed to leave, often for long years. Grills, nets and closed windows and doors does not bring trust. Source of image:


The description of how the girls had been kept, is shocking. They had been literally imprisoned and probably to keep them pacified they had been regularly drugged:

“The DCW chief had earlier claimed that the ashram at Rohini had metal gates every 10 metres and that its terrace had a barbed-wire fencing to prevent the girls from fleeing.

The locals alleged that the girls were being tormented for years. They also claimed that the police had not paid heed to complaints in this regard earlier.

“It was like someone playing a record at night. From 2 to 5 am, we would hear the screams of the girls, but would never see them during the day. Every night, cars would come and go.

It was going on for years,” said Meena Singh, a local.”

Ashrams run by Virender Dev Dikshit raided in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh; 47 women, six girls rescued

“According to the DCW, the girls were being kept under lock and key. There were stacks of medicines and no registers were maintained to record as to where the girls came from and for how long have they been there. 

“It was discovered that many girls were undergoing psychological treatment and had been shifted from Vijay Vihar ashram. It appeared that psychologically ill girls from Vijay Vihar Ashram were often shifted here,” it added.”

Police raid Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya ashrams in Delhi, rescue 47 women

In stark contrast with the expensive security measures, the residences themselves inside the building were inhuman, dark and weird, as the latest raid on another ashram in Sikatabagh revealed:

“The two ashrams that belong to Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, run by absconding godman Virendra Dev Dixit in Kampil and Farrukhabad left policemen from a raiding team frightened with the maze-like structure of these ashrams. The three-storey in Sikatarbagh have over a dozen of secret chamber underground. The police team has also found 33 women and 12 men imprisoned inside the ashrams and sent them for medical examination.  According to officers, all the occupants of the ashram are adults.

The elder women (who are called ‘sisters’ in the ashram) initially refused to open the metal door, but later they gave in under police pressure and let us in.” “The three-storey building of the ashram in Sikatarbagh had over a dozen dark and small congested chambers underground, with maze-like lanes which were bolted with heavy iron shutters. One has to either walk on knees or bend down to enter the chambers. Each chamber has a staircase leading inside but was empty. Even the rooms on the upper floors have been constructed in such a way that they look more like a web of haunted rooms rather than a place where people live. The women were sleeping on the cold floor on mats. All the windows of the building have iron grills and are placed high up on the walls,” the officer added.”

Police found 33 women and 12 men cooped up inside Virendra Dev Dixit’s UP ashrams

Drugged virgins for the lustful “god”

Source: ABP News

“All the 41 rescued girls are minors. Around 40 mobile phones, 12 memory cards and few letters were recovered. The panel also recovered syringes and needles, pointing to a possibility that the inmates were regularly administered drugs. The girls are handed over to the competent authorities. DCW chief said that they will be counseled and united with their families.”

“Nandita Rao, one of the court-appointed lawyers, informed the court that more than 100 women were made to live in extremely inhumane conditions with no privacy. The women seemed to be under the influence of narcotics. Five to six girls were discovered laying on the bed, unable to answer any questions about their illness or what medicines they have been taking.

The rescued girls appeared to a minor. Medical checkups to ascertain their exact age were initiated. Swati Maliwal said, ”Efforts are on to get the ages of the girls confirmed through medical checks and to trace their families.”

The Delhi HC ordered the city government to send a team of doctors to examine the girls since they appeared to be sick. It also directed Child Welfare Committee chairperson to visit the premises and take action by Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act.”

Delhi: 41 Minor Girls Allegedly Raped & Drugged In Ashram Founded By Self-styled Baba, Rescued

The fort

Image above: The Rohini Ashram in Delhi, one of the sex-guru’s forts hiding raped teenagers and minors. Source: 

When Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Nepali Halkhoriya had been barbed-wire fenced and guarded by his tough guys often wielding swords and sticks, no one in Nepal thought of any foul play. Followers, security authorities as well as politicians “understood” this great need as Bomjon always claimed that he had been disturbed in his “meditation” by many people, including evil witches and herb-picking villagers. Yet the main reason to “protect” himself was to hide his criminal activity of torturing his chained hostages, beating them to blood, break their bones, let them raped… Even after we, his victims, had been released and spoke out, Nepalis did not think that Bomjon’s continuing high-level security (for example his need to order hundreds of APF policemen during his 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja in Kathmandu) had any strange reason…

Yet Indian citizens living in the vicinity of Adhyatmink Vishva Vidyalaya ashrams had been suspecting dark activities going on and braved many police reports over the last 20 years!

“Neighbours said that they were extremely wary of this building and that even if a cricket ball went inside the premises, no one dared to enter. The residential part of the ashram consisted of a five storied building. The building was fortified entirely with metal gates and locks at every point. The passages were shallow, and the small dingy rooms where the inmates were staying were inhuman.”

Delhi: 41 Minor Girls Allegedly Raped & Drugged In Ashram Founded By Self-styled Baba, Rescued

Contact with the outside world was impossible not only due to the fortified gate and fence system, but also by brainwashing:

“A 32-year-old woman who was confined in the ashram said, ”They used to tell us that if we interacted with the outside world, we would be sinning. They kept telling us we would not survive. The baba had told me that I was one of his 16,000 ranis…He raped me on several occasions.

Delhi: 41 Minor Girls Allegedly Raped & Drugged In Ashram Founded By Self-styled Baba, Rescued

Image above: The “original” Brahma Baba, idealized by the mainstream Brahmakumaris as Shiv Baba (god)’s only pure channeller, whom Virendra Dixit wanted to imitate, after he left his body. His Nepalese followers claimed to be that because Brahma Baba died, he proved to be not the true channel for Shiv Baba (god) and that their miraculous guru Shankar Baba (Dixit) would prove to be the right one in that he would not die… Apparently he wants to achieve his immortality by the Tantric extracting of “youngish female energies” by raping minor girls, yet according to his recent photos with white hair and wrinkled face, he would also continue the human fate…

Who is Virendra Dixit

As we know already from the case of Tapasvi Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, fake gurus prefer to have many different and long names. Virendra Dev Dixit (sometimes written as Virendar, Virender, Dikshit) calls himself also “Sewak Ram“, when describing his time spent near the Brahma Kumari founder Brahma Baba, his followers in India call him “Bade Bhaiya“. In Nepal they call him Shankar as well as Ram. He is practically equaled with god Prajapita Brahma, god father, Shiv Baba or Krishna as well. This last identity justifies, as he believes, his many years plan to sexually abuse as many as 16 000 “Gopinis” (young virgin shepherd girls, believed in Hindu mythology to have accompanied God Krishna as his friends, yet originally without sexual context).


In the propaganda literature, written by himself about himself, Dixit describes how he used to be a business partner of Lekhraj Dada, a businessman with diamonds, and that time he calls himself Sewak Ram or directly Prajapita. For those not familiar with it: Lekhraj Dada was the founder of the mainstream Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University known as well as Om Shanti, having its main center on Mount Abu in Rajasthan. This new religious movement has thousands of followers all over the world, countless palace-like ashrams, and their Mount Abu gathering reminds one of Mekka, due to the crowd. They are known for being very rich and positively perceived by governments (In Nepal, King Birendra was their great admirer, and late ex-Prime Minister Sushil Koirala used to be their fan and supporter as well). Obviously, there must have been lots of reasons for envy, when someone who started with them, had been refused a piece of the cake. No wonder that the history of the time of the now deceased founder is described by both sides differently…

While Dixit considers himself the only true replacement after the deceased Brahma Baba (Lekhraj Dada), the mainstream Brahma Kumaris have their believes in a succession of merely female channelers of Shiv Baba (their god). Moreover, although they recognize that Dixit had been around the growing movement from its beginning, they say he had been kicked out after sneaking into the room of a female follower. Mainstream Brahma Kumaris (Om Shanti) are known to be in majority women-ruled ashrams with a puritan approach towards sexuality.

Dixit, apparently angered by the humiliation (in the version of Om Shanti), had established a separate Brahma Kumari movement, opposing the female-focused mainstream one on Mount Abu, and claiming that Shiv Baba could not be channeled through female bodies, only male ones: himself. Wisely using the growing dissatisfaction with the too luxurious and too popular Brahma Kumaris to his advantage, he had gathered around him those who dropped out from the mainstream, due to disappointment with the hierarchic system or personal problems. His main center had been established in Delhi’s Kampila.

Though the mainstream Brahma Kumaris are very careful not to claim publicly that they actually consider their founder Brahma Baba not only their guru but also their only god form (as all other Hindu Gods they despise), Dixit is straightforward and his followers call him a direct embodiment of Prajapita Brahma, god Ram, Shankar or Krishna… Far from being diplomatic, he had been in constant fights with the Om Shanti as well as local residents in the area of his ashrams. Apparently fearing arrest after so many police reports against himself over the years, his life-style is a permanent mobility, traveling between India and Nepal to establish new and new ashrams. His main teaching method is through video records, which are watched by his followers as part of their “meditation”.


The feeling of a permanent direct connection to god in this religion is ensured by the Murlis (literally sound of flute). It is because of these Murlis that the Brahma Kumaris manage to entice their followers to gather every dawn in their ashrams, meditate to nice music and then listen to god’s messages. Murlis are like the Bible for the Christians.

The so called “Murlis”, channeled messages from Shiv Baba god to humanity, are another topic on which the two branches disagree. While during the lifetime of Lekhraj Dada the Murlis had been revealed through him or his two senior female followers (Dadis), after his death the Om Shanti Dadis continued in the channeling, sometimes two or more of them getting through god’s messages, as they believe. Virendra Dixit claims that the new chosen body to communicate god’s messages to the world is but himself. Thus, there are parallel Murlis in both branches.

Because the Om Shanti religion became extremely materialistic and entwined with politics and property scandals (although not in sexual scandals), those who had got addicted to the strange world of red-point meditations with sweet music, clean, silent and puritan vegetarian life-style, white robes and the theater of heavenly blissful communities, are searching for an alternative. And exactly these girls, quite often educated and seriously spiritual ones, fall in the trap of Virendra Dixit’s Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishva Vidyalaya ashrams. Yet I have met even a few men, usually related to some of the girls, who became followers of Virendra Dixit’s branch as well. These men are usually looking after the logistics, contact with the outside world and construction, what I have seen in Nepal.

To be continued….



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