An article and comments that not just Sogyal’s remaining Sangha should read thoroughly

A heart-opening reading for all those Buddhist Sanghas who continue to morally and financially support their abusing gurus and ignore the pain of their many victims. Be it Sogyal, Ram Bomjon or Birendra Dev Dixit, the Sangha (followers, Chelas) are FULLY responsible for the suffering imparted to their fellow devotees by their gurus, especially for the victim-blaming and re-traumatizing, not speaking about muting victims! (The Halkhoriya Times). The article is on the blog of Sogyal Lakar’s victims “What now?”. (Click the link below the short introduction)

On the 29th of October, Rigpa management sent out an email to the Rigpa sangha. Titled Sangha Connection, it began with a quote from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. “…In the midst of clouds of impermanence and illusion, dances the lightning of life. Can you say you won’t die tomorrow? Practice the Dharma.” Lovely quote, but unfortunately […]

via Watch out for sweet words with hidden barbs. — WHAT NOW?


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