Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!

The astrological predictions about “Buddha Boy” for the last three years had been all proved to be valid, to my utter sadness. For 2018 they show an unprecedented leap towards even bigger power above even larger parts of humanity than the hundreds of thousands of Nepalis who bowed to the ground to him during his 2017 public show. We should be but prepared to Bomjon going to achieve this all through brutal and cynical violence, heartless dictatorship and using all available Machiavellian means of manipulation, while still managing to maintain his aura of divinity, his enlightened-buddha pose and messiah-like appearance.

If the public was taken by surprise how could a notorious attacker, kidnapper and torturer meet the Nepalese Prime Minister in October 2014, just a month after his September 2014 thrashing of five men to pouring blood all night, this year will bring even bigger surprises. Someone connected to the deaths of two of his followers, could still become celebrated as Nepal’s god by lakhs of people and protected by hundreds of State-employed policemen in a mega-gathering of the World Peace Maitri Puja 2017 in Kathmandu. These paradoxes will continue, and not only Bomjon’s critics, but even his own followers would be surprised.

What we are going to see (and this tendency had already started from around November 2017!) will be a brutal, ruthless and surreal overtaking, but everything in it will be tricky and non-linear. The number of Bomjon’s and his gang’s violence victims, which is now above 40, is expected to rapidly grow in 2018! Will those responsible for his impunity get the message finally, or will it be too late? In fact it was too late already in 2017…

(Featured image: Bomjon’s followers in Nepal like to show off their unified power on their motorbikes, creating long caravans encircling their leader wherever he travels on Nepal’s roads, or traveling separately to destinations that Bomjon is landing on helicopter. They are feverishly pushing on their horns and their motorbikes are decorated with Buddhist or, lately, blue-white Maitriya flags. Bomjon himself is, of course, always traveling on expensive land-rovers or helicopters, surrounded by lots of state-paid APF policemen, as if he was afraid of some obscure enemies. The message of hundreds of rough Tamang men on noisy motorbikes is clear: “We are ready to defend our guru, divine Tamang leader and god-guru Ram Bomjon against anyone and anything at all costs, so be careful with us!”. As the history proves and the astrological predictions clarify, the danger is but not coming against Bomjon: it is coming FROM Bomjon… is maintained by an international team of astrology experts. It had explained and foretold many events concerning Ram Bahadur Bomjon in the past. Although I am using its free services, the paid version should be necessary for those who wish to have a full and more exact forecast about what we can expect from Nepal’s Messiah, Maitriya Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha in his crucially important year of 2018. In my predictions I combine Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) as well as my intuition based of a very near knowledge of the person of Ram Bomjon and his surroundings, as I used to be among his supporters, residents in his Halkhoriya compound, living in his vicinity, as well as I had become one of his victims in 2012.

The planets which will have a powerful effect on the events concerning Bomjon are Pluto, Mars and Saturn, as well as Jupiter and Uranus. While Jupiter and Saturn are considered powerful in astrology in their negative aspects as well, Mars in disharmonious aspects is denoting fights, violence, death and conflicts in general, and Pluto, Neptune and Uranus have often global connections and their negative influence had been associated with movements like Nazism, Fascism, Communism, dramatic reforms and revolutions, as well as illusions, lies and manipulations… These planets are getting into their amplified aspects in Bomjon’s 2018 astrological transits, and give a frightening picture of a ruthless power-trip, when he would exclaim himself to be the biggest of the biggest, strongest of the strongest and destroying every single sign of criticism, doubts or opposition. Alan Oken, in his article about Pluto, expresses the frightening energies that powerful Plutonic aspects will release in Ram Bomjon in the next one to one-and-half years:

“The transits of Pluto: An offer you can’t refuse.”  Now if the reader sees any link between my choice of titles and the Mafia, you would be right.  Pluto does indeed rule the Mafia as well as any “underground” group of gangsters, mobsters, and terrorists (in the case of the latter, those “religious” terror groups also have a lot to do with the combination of Mars and Neptune).”

The Transits of Pluto: Transmute or Die!

If Nepal had wise leaders in politics, law enforcement agencies and religion, they would take bigger care to stop this dangerous cult. Yet, they refuse to deal with it, thinking Bomjon is just some local Buddhist saint and is harmless for society in general, even if he had violently harmed dozens of people, among them four foreigners. If Nepal hid its head in the sand and tried to ignore the many warnings from media and victims, in 2018 it would be too late, even if they would try. Bomjon would much more than until now, feel his total impunity in Nepal as a means to just destroy any opposition with any available means. Why would he do that, naive Nepalis can ask?

Because he does NOT want to sit in peace and silence in a Nepal jungle and meditate for the benefit of mankind, as illiterate old ladies, wearing his photo as a talisman on their chest, think. What he actually wants is to become a religious-political superpower, a god as well as leader of Nepal and the rest of the world. He had shown these ambitions in 2014 when he suddenly met with the late PM Sushil Koirala, to the surprise of many people who naively thought that Bomjon, a meditator, had only spiritual ambitions. Mistake!

He also proved in 2017, that he wants thousands of people bow to him like to a divine idol, actually, as he claimed in Autumn 2012 to a group of foreigners, the “only and highest ever divine being ever landed on the earth”. His interviewed followers eagerly shared this dogma with Setopati media at the scene of that “World Peace Maitri Puja and Mahadarshan”, while his “blue monks’ were instructing visitors to bow with face to the ground before their new god Bomjon…

An expert player with time, he knows how to gradually inject Nepalese society with his excesses so that it can be digested, accepted and naturalized slowly. Through the half-Buddhist half-Hindu Newari society of Lalitpur he shifted, in 2017, towards a more general public than his former narrowly Buddhist Mongolian castes of Nepal (Tamangs, Gurungs, Magars etc.).

At all costs

This is the original sub-title of the forecast involving Uranus and Saturn for the period of Mid-June 2016 until end of February 2018:

Although this time would pose him with obstacles and difficulties, as he is a lover of conflicts and dramatic changes (which, ideally, cause some physical or psychological harm to the players), he would use the powers of this period to make big changes around himself, in his living conditions, followership (Sangha), environment (moving again?) and: yes, relationships. As we already know, in spite of the official version, Bomjon does have sexual relationships, and allegedly one or more permanent ones too, as well as a boy child. This time can be a challenge to his more “romantic” relationships too, though.

“He will experience a sudden desire to break free at all costs, even if it means violating his own standards of behavior. His actions will surprise others who have believed the outward appearance that everything was all right. They will not expect his actions.”

When reading this on, I somehow recalled the deaths of Manu and Dr. Moore, which both occurred in 2016 and are apparently very tightly related to Bomjon’s person. I can quite clearly imagine that a few of his ardent followers who had been involved in these crimes, became shocked and must have questioned if this all has still something to do with “Dharma” in a Buddhist sense…

There is a desire to break free of the limitations he had till now (knowing Bomjon, one can guess what kind of limitations these could be: the law, ethics, society’s traditions and value system, the limitations of the unfitting role-play of a harmless, gentle and kind holy guru he had accepted a few years ago). Apparently Bomjon does not consider only the law a limitation to his “Maitri Dharma”, but also those boring classical Buddhists rules like not to kill or harm another body, not to steal, not to lie, not to do sexual misconduct… In recent years he was seen to break all these rules (the basic of which is known as Pancha Shila). Bomjon’s “Maitri Dharma” does not fit into the Buddhist Shila or worldly law systems…

So a genial solution appeared: the law should be not applied to Bomjon, he should get total impunity. That quite a few Nepalese politicians had been supporting this “genial solution”, is minimally shameful. But that Westerners, who grew up in law-abiding democracies, are accepting it, is something we must think about deeply…

Image above: a small group of most faithful foreign devotees, including Ivy Jugoa (Surinami Dutch), Semyon Sheovtsov (Russia), Joan Stanley-Baker (US-Taiwan), Michael Leon (US-UK) and some others from Korea, US, Australia and other countries.


Maitriya Guru’s “divine law” has a single paragraph, easy to remember even without law studies: it gives him an absolutist power to do anything, and zero rights to the rest of humankind. This power includes his “right” to attack, torture, beat, order sexual assaults, kidnap, falsify documents, bribe and publicly lie. He is convinced about this, and, surprisingly, had managed to convince Nepali authorities over the last 10 years, as well:

“´Buddha boy´ Ram Bahadur Bamjan has claimed that he has done nothing wrong in beating up the locals of ManaharwaBara, on Thursday for trying to disrupt his penance and declared that he won´t go to court for hearing. “Does a tapaswee (meditating sage) go to courts?” Bamjan asked reporters at an interaction with the media after the police took his statement in Halkhoriya forest, Bara, where he is meditating, on Sunday evening. “I abide by the law, but only the right ones. There are wrong laws too. I have done no wrong,” he insisted and added, “They disturbed me while I was meditating… tried to manhandle me. I was therefore forced to beat up them.”A group of 17 persons had lodged a formal complaint against Bamjan on Saturday morning claiming that he took them under control on Thursday when they reached the spot while looking for wild fruits and vegetables and thrashed them with an axe-handle for around 22 hours before releasing them on Friday afternoon.

Saved on My Republica’s archive: ”

(Source of quote: Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Controversies)

There is also a tendency to overthrow things that had been built up till now (obviously, not by himself but by his humble followers by their generous donations!).

Anyway, this destruction of limiting circumstances and of people presenting annoying obstacles will soon come to its end: Bomjon’s cleaning work should end as soon as in February 2018.

Power struggles (or rather a monologue power-trip?)

Pluto and Sun would aspect each other in Bomjon’s astrological forecast in a quite frightening way from the end of January 2017 until beginning of December 2018. While in a normal person’s horoscope this effect is experienced as power struggles, in the horoscope of someone who had, without practically any opposition or criticism, announced himself Nepal’s god, Maitreya, higher than Buddha, and has an at his disposal hundreds of Nepalese, State-paid security personnel, there is no question of any struggle anymore. There is no one in Nepal who would dare to struggle against Bomjon, even if he decided to kidnap, torture and beat up the whole Parliament… He is, after all, a god…

So how would the energy of power-hunger and ruthlessness using people as stepping-stones, express itself in Bomjon’s case? says it is mostly manifested in Bomjon’s efforts to establish himself in the world, to show people who he is (at least, who he thinks he is). As if he was intentionally following this “astro-prescription” (starting from January 2017), Bomjon had organized his most spectacular mega-blessing-program of Word Peace Maitri Puja and Maha Darshan in April-May 2017, in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, and a crucial power-place of the Rato Matsyendranath temple, connected to Nepal’s patron Gorakhnath, in Lalitpur’s Bungamati.

Yet, the following sentences from are a warning with many exclamation marks:

“One form that it may take is a test of his self-control as he tries to get ahead in the world. This influence stimulates his ambition and desire for power out of all proportion. If there is a ruthless side to his personality that will do anything to destroy opposition, it will come out now.”

So, here we have it. A cross-section of Bomjon’s personality! This Plutonic period is about establishing himself and forcing his identity (be it a true or imagined one!) on society, like it or not. The above words Nepalis and anyone connected to Bomjon should write down on their palms and read every day. They describe what is his real plan, and what he is trying to achieve starting with last year, which is undoubtedly something megalomaniac, excessive and tremendous: to become a god above all humanity. Yet, he knows the secret strategy of right timings, and in 2017 he overtook Nepal’s Tamang Buddhist religious leadership in a velvety soft and silent manner, without the majority of secular, Hindu, Muslim and Christian Nepalis even noticing it. The 2017 Puja was an XXL importance only for Nepali Buddhists, but for them so big that they had no problem to blindly accept Bomjons “NEW WORLD ORDER”, which is based on a fanatic worship of his very person as higher than Buddha and higher than any gods ever worshiped in Nepal.

Sadly, the majority of Nepali Buddhist ethnic groups see a priority in Bomjon’s empowering and unifying power concerning their long-frustrated nationalist feelings and political ambitions, and tend to excuse his violent attacks, kidnappings, prolonged holding and torturing hostages, orders of sexual assaults and many other very non-Buddhist and non-Maitri pastimes. The fact that Bomjon validated their nationalistic and political goals as a (neo-Buddhist) Dharma, looks after all the hysteria, collective psychosis and unified aggression that Bomjon would need for his future plans. That he and his gang are openly breaking Gautama Buddha’s moral teaching, the Pancha Shila, is of less importance to them.

Using this overtake of Nepal’s Buddhists as a precedence and a safe base, he would then gradually spread his influence towards other religions and other countries. Of course, with a single Plutonic aim: to establish his the worship of his own person by endless lines of people waiting for his “blessing” (a touch by his hand on their foreheads) even 8 hours (as it was described by the media about the enthusiastic crowd during his 2017 Maitri Puja in Katmandu).

Yet, it would be not Bomjon if he wished to experience this overtake without conflict. Human pain, physical, bodily suffering and mental terror, humiliation, demoralization, brutal torture – these used to be Bomjon’s main interests in the past 7 years. Would he just leave his main hobby of breaking bones and seeing bleeding wounds? Chaining alleged witches to trees, thrashing extremely frightened men with sticks? I am afraid that instead of stopping with his beloved practice of senselessly harming human bodies and souls, he would now feel even more free and powerful to EXTEND and EXPAND this main “teaching” (Brutal Dharma). His follower Jas Bahadur Waiba seemed to have known about his secret weapon he is developing over the years, in an interview with Ocean J Dennie in 2009:

“In the future, he will be Maitreya, the next Buddha. This is a certainty. I am confident in this because I have witnessed how he mixes peace with power. He can destroy and he can create. I cannot give you all the details at this time because I have been sworn to secrecy with respect to some matters.” He later hinted, however, toward some esoteric power that could possibly render the weapons of the world completely useless.”

Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Controversies

Having become a god in Nepal, he is now free to continue and accelerate his violent outbursts, and as we learned in the Setopati interview, he is certainly not planning a peaceful and non-violent overtake:

The interview explains that he is teaching his “blue monks” martial arts. What for? Do not Nepalis question at all? For peaceful meditation and preaching about non-violence one does not need to learn the grasps and jumps of Taekwondo or Karate…

“The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death. The follower says ‘Guru’ teaches physical exercise akin to martial arts to his close disciples. “Guru and the disciples leap very high. We watch dumbfounded,” he adds.” (Setopati’s interview with ex-health minister Mani Lama at the World Peace Maitri Puja and Mahadarshan, Kathmandu, March 21-April, 2017)

So is Ram Bomjon planning a violent conflict, as a means (or a goal) of his overtaking power in Nepal? We can assume that yes, at least astrology is warning about this in this Plutonic connection:

“But, at the same time, forces in his world will try very hard to stop him. To overcome the forces arrayed against himself, he will require extreme ruthlessness.”

Thanks God (the Real One!), it is foretold that some forces would appear, which would oppose his ruthless advance towards power. So maybe not all Nepalis accepted yet that Bomjon is their new god, their new king their new High Priest, their Kim Jong-Il? There might be violent conflict, or, difficult to imagine, but let’s hope: even political effort to curb his plans to establish his Brutal Dharma in Nepal. This is encouraging to know.

But, who would win? This is the question. Especially talented manipulators are more dangerous when defeated than as winners. After all, a defeated one often becomes a venerated Martyr, the Refugee, the Innocent Victim forced in exile, and society tends to forget his/her crimes. Bomjon had been seemingly “defeated” a few times, for example when he had to leave Halkhoriya, or when he did not get his passport due to falsifying his birth document…. Yet these incidents had been expertly used by his Sangha to appeal to human rights organizations, politicians, Prime Minister and show Bomjon as the actual victim, instead of prosecuting him for the 3 months torture of two women chained in his compound by him! This is the trickiness of the Bomjon-style victory: he always wins, even when he is defeated!  

Read the Petition on the cult’s website

Read the Petition on Care2 website

Images above: Ram Bomjon’s followers (Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha) had been writing not a single, but numerous petitions to Nepalese politicians. As we see above, the one where they approached the highest level political leaders, had been written in May 2014 and signed by hundreds of mainly Western followers, as Tamang villagers, who make up the majority of the impressive crowds at his “blessing program gatherings”, are either illiterate or do not speak English. Due to the many foreigners bombarding the Nepali Government in 2014 to give him passport and give him back the crime scene of the 2012 hostage tortures, Halkhoriya, he was finally in fact granted a passport by the 2014 Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who also promised him to allow him to return to Halkhoriya. Yet, the funny thing is that due to politicians’ intervention, Bomjon had been already allowed to re-settle in Halkhoriya in summer 2014, in his only remaining concrete building and had been politely asked to leave only after he had returned to his favorite practice of kidnapping and thrashing people to blood (in September 2014). What did not seem to be especially bothering the late former Prime Minister though, when he invited the attacker as a if he was a saint, to his Baluwatar residence, just a month after the brutal beatings, in October. 

Violent outbursts, fights

Bhandari, Diwakar (April 3, 2012). “Buddha Boy turns violent‚ thrashes siblings”

Bomjon always tried to antagonize society from inside: provoke Buddhists against Hindus, Tamangs against Brahmins, Nepalis against foreigners, and even among Buddhists he tries to put his followers against traditional Buddhism, himself against (as higher) Gautama Buddha… He is seeking conflicts and tensions, not peace and tolerance. His plan, announced by his followers during the Setopati interview, to establish a new huge compound in the Hindu-majority and Madeshi Terai area of Dhanusha and Mahottari might easily become a perfect means to provoke a conflict.

The below words of astrologers are serious warning to those who know, as victims, witnesses or law enforcement agents, how easily gets Bomjon into the mood of physically injuring people, and how often he ordered similar violent actions to be done by his own followers and monks against people:

“Under extreme conditions, this influence can release its energy in a single explosive burst as an injury or physical assault. Certainly one should avoid conflicts with others that may lead to physical fighting, because the energies here are quite dangerous.”

Pluto is the planet of destruction, as well as of anything what gets dissolving and rotting. It can be human bodies (illness, age), environment (catastrophe, pollution) and societies (degradation, dissolving of ethics, law, moral rules). The planetary influence during the given period could also bring about these destructive signs where Bomjon puts his feet:

This energy may also surface in the outer expression of his life. He may be surrounded by conditions of breakdown and decay, which are an outward sign of the need to rebuild within.”

It reminds one of Halkhoriya’s condition after Bomjon and his gang destroyed the pristine nature there, caused the historical Devdaha Lake and the Halkhoriya Pond to dry out and spread a foul smell, caused the pure spring water disappear, the birds and wild animals to leave the area and crows, flies and mosquitoes replacing them… The ecological catastrophe caused by Bomjon’s presence in Halkhoriya was appalling, visible from satellites and feel-able in 2012, right after he was evicted due to his criminal actions of holding two women chained and tortured three months there.

Where will be Bomjon’s next Halkhoriya? Where will his Sangha’s grass-burning, plastic-throwing, their noisy generators and concrete house construction destroy Nepal’s beautiful jungle again?


Reform and a larger than ever vision

Neptun will have a strong aspect for Bomjon’s near future in the long period which started from the end of April 2017 and will last until mid-February 2019. So we should take seriously what is this planet’s message, because it would give a long-lasting tone to all plans and actions of Bomjon. Will we still remember this in 2018 and 2019…? If we will not, he himself certainly will…

This influence does not arouse his sense of idealism particularly, but it does make him see that the universe is a very large place, and he is a much larger part of it than he has realized.”

Here we are! If one sees oneself as a god, or, in fact, wants humanity to perceive him as a god, one needs a large enough space to place his too large image into. Minimally a planet Earth size space… Yet let us not imagine any one-day overtake of the world rule. Neptune expands the scope of the space, and he would need long enough time (which Neptune does give, two years!), some diplomacy, some skills of manipulation, some violence which could eventually make him a hero, a “victim” of violence and persecution, and open doors which would be otherwise stay shut, to overtake power.

Until now he knew much too well how to combine the gifts of Neptune (a planet of illusions, illusionists and lies, apart from real spirituality!) with the forces of Mars (physical power, violent authority), Pluto (ruthless fanatic cultism and dictatorship) with Jupiter’s divine fortune (spontaneous flow of excess donations, charm, authority, aura of a “divine leader”) and Saturn’s establishing, solidifying and systematizing effects. 2018 would continue the same topic, just with an additional ruthlessness, a larger scope of expansion of power (other religions?, abroad?), and more and wider violence.

“He may be attracted to rather mystical ideas, but they will have meaning only according to how they affect his everyday world. At this time he does not need more abstractions to chase around – he needs to make positive reforms in his life. And he will do so!” say the astrologer experts. Yet this is a text written to normal people with lives in the norms of a society, in the limits of law, ethics and traditions. Bomjon does not belong among these people. What astrologers call “positive reforms”, are reforms which are positive to Bomjon himself, his plan, yet can be felt as negative to his victims, obviously…

His regularly repeated topic of overthrowing his past, cutting away past followers and Sangha members, changing his places of stay, ways of living, teachings and topics, is again fortified by Neptunus:

“This influence will cause him to cut away his past and reorient his life in accordance with the larger vision he has now. The many changes that occur may seem somewhat scary, but they are ultimately for his best. He will find new freedom in a new consciousness.”

He might find freedom for himself, yes, but his regular recycling of his long-time serving followers is causing much pain and disappointment in them. Especially to those who had invested in his many dwelling places and projects, helicopter rides and jeeps, dozens of smartphones he owns, bribes to cover up his violent excesses often from their all savings, which their guru just leaves or destroys in a short time and just steps on to the next available donors and move to  new places, leaving surprise and disillusionment behind him. But, after all, this is so typical for him, that those who really are addicted to his person as to their only god and guru, seem to have accepted this feature long ago.


A tremendous drive to power, ambitions to achieve the forefront of his life

This influence is about the same topic again: power, to become the No. 1 of all No. 1s in the world. Czechs have a funny saying (originally applied to Communist leaders): “Everyone is equal, though some are equaller than others”. The same is Maitriya’s, allegedly universal, egalitarian, tolerant “revolutionary religion” all about.

Ambition in its most extreme version. And it is not about the desire to achieve. It is actually giving the achievement, nearly without efforts. This sounds frightening, but after all, he has a mission, be it black or other, he does have it. The villager boy with four years of elementary study, from a remote village which got electricity just in later years, a child from ten children of farmers. Who could have told it he would want to become the ruler of the whole Universe? And yet, he wants, and, surprisingly, his thousands of Nepali and hundreds of foreign followers want to help him in this. They do not still understand that his “occasional” chainings of women, beating people, ordering sexual assaults, etc. are not just “cosmetic errors” on an otherwise beautiful and holy global world peace project. No: his occasional criminal deeds, often long-planned and carried out regularly during months, are his main “teaching”, his main “reform” and main New Religion! When the followers who helped him to hide the crimes and silence victims, bribe police and courts, realize this, it would be already too late.

This “Great Period” of actually gaining power would start right now from the end of December 2017 until beginning of September 2018. During this time he would not just try, but in fact get a huge influence. Jupiter and Pluto would both play part in this, giving the energy of excess, exaggerations and that surprising fortune of Jupiter, combining it with the fanaticism and dictator-like authoritarianism from Pluto. You have ever wanted to see a personalities bigger than Caesar, Hitler, The Pope, the Dalai Lama, Kim Jong-il, Marx, Shoko Asahara, Satya Sai baba and a Pharaoh combined? Now you can! With all the brutality, illusions, spiritual power, aura of holiness, unlimited support, fanatic worship, terror, moral decline, destruction and ruthlessness involved…

Yet there will be a big difference, concerning Bomjon. In all the inhuman and destructive activities he is doing, he always manages to retain his pose of divine being, enlightened Buddha who knows secrets we don’t, a clairvoyant miracle-maker who secures politicians and businessmen with using his Siddhis to fulfill their personal desires. While in the case of Indian gurus sitting in jails their criminal activity was in opposition to what people believed about them, in the case of Ram Bomjon his violent explosions against people, witch-accusations against his female supporters with further prolonged torturings on chains in his jungle, and even “punishments” with fatal consequences (like in the case of Manu) are simply part of the game.

Nepali society and authorities had long ago accepted that he is simply like this, in order to “bring blessings” to politicians, celebrities and the land, he “must” victimize a few dozens of poor people with breaking their bones, drawing their blood and causing them extreme terror. As sick a this sounds, this is actually the factual approach of his followers, who even boast about Bomjon’s ability to freely “punish” just anyone for anything (usually for nothing, though), as the 2017 Setopati interview with ex-health minister Mani Lama and other followers had revealed. Thus, in Nepal, he never had to especially hide his crimes, because even police and media accepted that this is part of his holiness and part of the mad awe that people feel to him. It is quite shocking how far Buddhism degenerated in Nepal if traditional Buddhist ethnic groups had accepted that bloody violence, kidnappings, witch-torturings are part of Buddha Dharma. But it is true, because the majority of Tamang volunteers around Bomjon had been always personally involved in his crimes against people, sometimes hundreds of people residing in his compound, with women and children witnessing all!

Bomjon’s “revolutionary Buddhism” brings a new teaching to Nepali Buddhists: that people should not feel bad conscience when beating, torturing or sexually assaulting other people, as far as all is at the order of their god-guru-buddha Maitriya Bomjon. What they are not allowed to do is to take an initiative and do such sinful acts on their own decision. So it makes sense for those uneducated villagers, who had been always hearing from their ancestors that the guru is like god and we should always obey blindly the guru, even if his orders are seemingly against the Shila. This is a dangerous superstition, but no one actually minds.


As far as Bomjon’s followers have enough to eat, have their property and money, they will hardly care about the global consequences of accepting a criminal dharma in the name of Buddhism. Bomjon’s Pujas and crowded gathering bring business opportunities, jobs, volunteer enthusiasm in the Tamangs and they feel again united. Bomjon symbolizes for them the end of their frustration, because they had always felt discriminated in, as they perceive, a “Bahun-ruled” Nepal. Finally, by the fame and name of Bomjon, they can feel powerful, important and special! That there are some victims behind the shiny holy scene, they do not really mind. They know about it, they bring their children to see the chained witch caught by Bomjon, and they go to sleep with a clear mind and in prayer, believing that they are extremely lucky to be born in the time with Nepal’s Buddha Boy.

This is all crazy, twisted and sick, when viewed on a daily basis with the victim’s eyes (like I was), who happens to be Bomjon’s captive and the main object of this “Halkhoriya ZOO” attraction for village women and kids. But the world has many similarly sick and twisted teachings and cults, like ISIS and any other terrorist groups and mad religious cults, which similarly enjoy macabre spectacles of public tortures of abducted “enemies”. What Bomjon is doing is nothing new, it is just shocking that he is probably the first who is doing this in the name of Buddhist Dharma and openly calls this behavior “compassion”, “Maitri”, “loving-kidness to all sentient beings” and a new religion.

Yet, it is also quite unusual that such a mad cult can survive and flourish in a 21. century country which calls itself democratic, the inhabitants of which are otherwise quite gentle, religious and peaceful. That in the land where Gautam Buddha was born women can be chained and tortured as “witches” by an “enlightened Buddha Boy” and men brutally beaten to blood in the name of Buddhism, is quite shocking.

The fact that Bomjon’s inside-Sangha’s reality is insane, does not mean that it cannot be true. Dozens of victims had been beaten, tortured and kept for months in inhuman conditions in the direct sight and acceptance of Tamang men, women and children in Halkhoriya, and I am afraid that probably in his other settlements too.

Unfortunately to the decent, religious and democratically thinking citizens of this earth, they will have to realize that staying un-involved, non-critical and tolerant to spiritual criminals did not pay off. A really spiritual and a really democratic person and community must know how to say “no” to destructive forces. Hiding from facing the reality, running away from disturbing information about witches and bloodied victims, are the main reasons for Bomjon’s limitless impunity and freedom to harm more people than ever. An irreversible chain-reaction unleashed without any obstacles, due to the passivity of responsible political and religious authorities of Nepal.

Astrologers at are very exact when using just the right wording. Reading their forecast for this Jupiterian-Plutonian influence, one gets shivers, especially those who had always seen the below tendencies in Bomjon:

“This influence brings the urge to achieve to the forefront of his life. He will make great, even extraordinary, efforts to gain success as he personally defines it. He works harder and strives to gain his objective with every ounce of energy at his disposal. Consequently, this influence often occurs just at the moment when some tremendous effort in his life bears fruit.

Sometimes there is a tremendous drive to gain power, and this influence can bring power even when one is not trying especially hard to get it. … each person has opportunities for a different kind of power. It may be great or relatively humble in terms of the larger society, but it will be meaningful to him.”

Translated to the reality of Nepal’s “Maitriya Guru”, his power would be gained and maintained under the outer mask of something spiritual, and it could easily be perceived by society as no danger for their political establishment or religious traditions. Yet, the final goal is just that, even if Bomjon’s power is not attained by means of political upheavals, street demonstrations, total anarchy, neither with an open religious conflict. No, his ways are subtle, manipulative and speculative, and ensure him what he wants even if all seems to be just a natural outcome and the free choice of the crowd, the folk, the people themselves. Bomjon’s main trick how to entice individuals and groups is hijacking their FREE WILL and free choice. He would achieve his powerful position through his followers, supporters and those who fight the battle for him, risk their lives and security for him: he can just sit back and watch…

Yet, even if in a subtle way, he would try to reveal his true face this time, at the cost of legal opposition. After all, he does not seek peace but conflict, where people can be harmed physically and terrorized mentally.  His transits would create an ideal environment for him this time (December 2017 till September 2018) to pursue his favorite pastime of violence, torture, witch-accusings and demoralizing spiritual people.

Any opposition or legal problem (which is foretold to appear) would come in hand, because they could become the means to prove to the West that he is persecuted in Nepal, actually a victim, who needs to ensure his own human rights… Bomjon and his clever Sangha knows how to turn and churn such legal problems for his gain, as we had seen in 2012 and later years, when he is actually perceived as a victim of permanent harassment from “bad media” and “evil Hindu critics”, eventually “Christian missionaries”… Prosecution for his crimes and illegal activity (like encroaching Halkhoriya, falsification of his birth certificate) are shown by his followers as persecution of an innocent meditating ascetic!

We should be prepared to get more of this “human rights” theater yet again, when Bomjon would decide to expand his violent Dharma to more people this time, and get into some conflict with the authorities or society, like and when he was doing it in Bara District’s Halkhoriya Jungle and had to be evicted. The main perpetrator claiming to be the main victim – this is a trick which always worked in Western countries, and paradoxically his very crimes against humanity in Nepal could easily transform into his main keys to unlock the doors to Western (and rich far Eastern!) societies.

Image above: foreign devotees of Bomjon are highly regarded by him, after all, they are the regular donors of big money and key connections to his future plans to colonize the world. They do not have to comply to all the rules that Nepali devotees have (men and women sitting separately, wearing uniforms, bowing with face to ground, etc.). Source: Setopati.

People should be alert, if they don’t want to be taken by surprise. Bomjon, a brutal attacker, witch-hunter and torturer of elderly ladies could easily become the civilized world’s new human rights victim, a celebrated hero, like Yasser Arafat, Aung San Suu Kyi or His Holiness the Dalai Lama! Only those with an especially sensitive nose would recognize that in this particular case there would be something really fishy in this.

“This power drive is sufficiently strong that it is difficult to deny, even if it has absolutely no outlet. In that case he is are likely to get into some kind of conflict with authorities, even to the extent of arrest. If his ambition becomes the irresistible force against an “immovable society”, he will probably be the loser. “ says Yet Bomjon is that magician I am describing above: he can become the winner of even situations where he seems to be an apparent loser. People should watch out…

He is not attached to material comfort, relationships, friends and anything. His only attachment is Power. One can hardly harm him by taking away his environment, freedom of movement, support and supporters. His own strange god (gods) equipped him with endless endurance on his power-trip. He does not get frightened, depressed, never loses hope or gets discouraged. After all he had embarked on a very twisted transformation of human society into a kind of Hell on Earth, where everyone harms everyone, everyone cheats and ridicules everyone, everyone desecrates other’s religious beliefs…

Pursuing such a “brave goal” one must have counted with opposition and obstacles from the very beginning. Bomjon is not distracted by these ever, they bring him just new opportunities to defile more and more people with his “dharma” based on bribes, lies and influencing of law enforcement agents, media and politicians. “What a great opportunity to convince my supporters to bribe even more, lie even more, threaten and revenge even more!” – this is how Bomjon would perceive eventual conflicts with authorities.

During this crucial first half year of 2018 Bomjon would put all his energies into convincing societies (I write in plural, because not only the society of Nepal!) that he is The One they always looked for. He would do everything to ensure a total respect and authority above as many as possible.

Dissolving all values and traditions in a frighteningly Plutonian way, he is offering his own “great personality” to fill out the gap. Expertly feeling where is a vacancy for a guru or god, he approaches exactly those people and countries. is but written for normal people, where the combined aspects of Pluto and Jupiter can often simply bring about positive (and harmless!) changes, calling this influence a “self-betterment”:

“He can work in that direction now, and how well he succeeds depends largely on what he means by betterment. Unfortunately, for some people it means simply money or power. If he is one of them, throughout this period he will act as if obsessed, and indeed, power can become a fanatical preoccupation. Other people may become obsessed by an idea, usually concerning righteousness or morality.” (

Here we are, we all know that this is what Bomjon is doing already at least from 2007. He calls his strange man-attacking and witch-torturing habit a “Dharma” and a “Teaching”. He had even broke into tears when his parents did not want to allow him to go and meditate alone in the jungle and wanted to force him to study and work as other boys of his age.

He was and is so obsessed with his “mission” to transform humanity into violent hell-beings torturing and beating each-other with a smile, that he does not stop to force his followers to accept the roles of either brutal attackers or unfortunate torture-victims.

He needs this, this is his air to breathe. This is what he calls “Maitri Dharma”, and the Thangkas and mantras are just an initial concealment to attract the “material” he needs to work with – human bodies and souls.

“This also carries the danger that he will lose track of all normal human values and try to live with a distorted set of standards or concerns.”

This had happened numerous times, but does anyone care? His immediate Sangha members do not care about his victims, and do not mind to enrich the long line with new ones. He himself is in a position in Nepal when he can afford – as the only citizen of the country! – to do any crime and enjoy total impunity and disinterest from police, courts, society, media. All others, including Primes Ministers, Presidents and high level religious leaders, must follow the law and ethical rules of the country. Bomjon does not have to!

That his set of standards are absolutely distorted, became evident very soon when he started to attack people with his sword, hands or stick, already as soon as 2007, and accuse elderly ladies who supported and served him of being evil witches, provoking brutal tortures at his orchestration against them. These set of standards are totally twisted, yet the Nepalis had accepted it year by year, no matter how far he is going: even towards the death of two people, his sister Manu and a foreign follower Dr. Moore. It seems that no crime could open the eyes of his hundreds of thousands of Nepalese followers!

So, although warns the native about losing track about what is normal, healthy and beneficial to society and all, in the case of Ram Bomjon this is the least of problems. It seems there is no type of crime which would wake up Nepal’s authorities that there is something not OK with this “Guru”. He has free hands to harm anyone any time, in the open, at the sight of many onlookers. As his 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja has shown, hundreds of policemen can be ordered any time to protect Nepal’s highly valued gem, the “Buddha Boy”, any time. Victims…? Who cares anymore? Just forget.

Advantages through others, benefits from relationships

The same first half-year of 2018 between mid-January 2018 until end of September 2018 would also be influenced by another fortunate aspect between Jupiter and his Ascendant. describes a form of this influence, which we had already seen in Bomjon’s guru-career between 2007 and 2017 many times:

“In some people this influence triggers a desire for advantages through others without giving anything in return. In fact as they get ahead, such people act arrogantly toward everyone, even those who helped them.

So this is something many Bomjon followers know too well, including myself. Having been a volunteer on the site, propagating him on Google Group, helping to collect donations, translating his “teachings” into English etc. I not only never got any “thank you”, but he even let me caught as a witch, chained to a tree for three months, tortured and beat me, broke my hands and let sexually assaulted. This is his special way to show “gratefulness” to those who support, love and propagate him. The same happened to many people who gave up all to serve Bomjon, the latest most shocking example being his own nun-sister, Manu, who was his main helper between at least 2008-2011. She had been allegedly (according to witnesses) brutally beaten by Bomjon and his associates in 2015, and died of her injuries in 2016, after prolonged suffering…

Sometimes, when reading astrological predictions, I am surprised “how could they know it?”. They had not met Bomjon, like me, did no study his life story, and yet, the descriptions fit to him exactly. He seems to be a following the flow offered by astrology influences as if not having any individuality, any effort to control or tackle them, as we, other people have. He is robotic. No feelings, no concerns, no personal wish. He acts like a blind energy which has no personality. When he messaged to me by Darshan Subba Limbu in summer 2011, the sentence was “If you come to Halkhoriya, I will HAVE to kill you!”. I can hardly ever forget the feeling I had from this “have to”: did some dark power give orders to Bomjon to actually attack people and do them many other bad things? Was he also just “taking orders”, like his followers taking orders from him, for example Jas Bahadur Waiba, who had been taking his orders for many years, justifying any doubts concerning “seemingly unethical deeds” with a disarming “Its Guru’s Order!”?

(I was unfortunately too spiritually deluded those times to take this warning for real. Instead, I thought it was a test of my trust in him and of my endurance not to give up hope. Because, in many other messages he actually invited me to return to Halkhoriya, and then it got confusing…)

But let’s continue with Bomjon’s astrological prediction for 2018.

Arrogant opportunism

I am changing the subtitles in this article, because Bomjon is a not an ordinary human being, who would live his or her life in the limits of law, ethics, human desires. Neither his life-style, nor his goals can be viewed as a normal human story. And, watching his activity over many years, a few years even from a personal vicinity, I can filter out which elements are going to have priority in the many influences from planets and stars. So this aspect between  his native Jupiter and his Ascendant had been subtitled actually “On the lookout“, because its main topic is searching and utilizing opportunities through other people. Yet, combined with a Bomjon-style “use-and-recycle” taking advantage of his followers, supporters and donors, we can simply call this character as opportunistic.

Fortunate aspects of Jupiter and Ascendant often bring overly bloated self-confidence (so typical for Bomjon in other times too!), pride, obsession with one’s own grandiosity, power and popularity, and automatic flow of everything people consider “good luck”: endless money in donations, women, servants, property, lands, power, authority. Yet more often than not, if it is just too much what people can afford, it leads them to arrogance and acting madly out of over-indulgence in their riches. We know this from many celebrities. Bomjon is already a celebrity, and in 2018 he would become a bigger and more lucky and admired one!

“Quite frequently this influence brings a seemingly “lucky” chance through a friend or associate. But it is not luck so much as the fact that he is very sharply on the lookout for opportunities that can benefit him. His sense of timing is very acute, and his sensitivity to others and their needs is greater than usual.”

“Benefits can come to him in either his personal and domestic life or in his “work” (we know Bomjon had never worked, only instructed to work others for him, but his guru-career can be considered his work). There may be an opportunity to make money or to make improvements in his home that will make it much more pleasant.”

It could be that he would start to work on his newly acquired huge land in eastern Terai, in Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts. Or he could return to Halkhoriya and rebuild it from scratch. Having possibly collected unimaginably high amounts during his 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja and Maha Darshan, he could turn part of his earnings to creating living quarters for his newly initiated hundreds of blue monks and nuns. He could also apply for an US green-card, build a palace for “god Maitriya” (actually himself)… There are no legal limits to his expansion in Nepal.

But this influence also enables him to be receptive to the needs of people around him, what he always was. But this receptivity does not serve those people, it is just a way of buying their support. Like the legend that he had “created” the triplets in the womb of ex-health minister, Mani Lama’s wife, and ensured children for the couple after ten years of infertility – such stories are showing that if he really needs contacts and lobbyists, he can make even miracles (or at least convince them he did it). Another long time critic from his Kathmandu Committee could not get a male child, after two girls born to him, and he prayed to Bomjon to get a boy. He got. Obviously, he was so delighted and grateful, that he threw away all his criticism of Bomjon for the many crimes, and re-accepted him as his god and guru. (He knew me and knew about the crimes done to me. I used to stay in his house in Katmandu before Bomjon’s crimes!).

So yes, Bomjon knows how to manipulate events so that he is perceived as a miracle-maker. But he cares about “helping others” or “curing illnesses’ only when he can then use that person for his own goals. He is not interested in small, poor, unimportant sadhus and dirty beggars. He is somehow specialized on miracle-making to politicians, rich donors, influential businessmen and generous foreigners only!

Domineering, overconfidence, intemperance, exaggeration

Between the end of January 2018 until beginning of October 2018 there will be an aspect between his natal Jupiter and transiting Mars. In tune with the over-all energy of other planets, even this would reinforce Bomjon in his self-assertive steps.

He might go into even greater exaggerations than we had already experienced from him, when expecting hundreds of thousands of Nepalis to bow in front of him as to a real god in 2017, with face down, to the ground. He would lose his sense of proportion concerning law, religion, letting himself to be worshiped, but as he is based in Nepal (as yet), he would just get away with all that, without much opposition. Hopefully there would be a part of society which would still show some dissatisfaction, but he would be quick to subdue them with all that huge crowd of uneducated gullible Tamang Buddhist followers and monks trained in martial arts and using weapons that he is organizing now.

2017 Kathmandu World Peace Maitri Puja
How to bow to Bomjon!

During this period he would get even bigger courage to start any mad violence he always tried in the past, but which was soon unwelcome in a peace-loving society. This time he could quite well manage to brutally overtake the rest of Nepalis, because he gradually got large support from illiterate and patriotic villager Tamangs and other frustrated Mongolian castes. With all the above planetary effects combined, during 2018 he could not only get the courage, but even the “army” and weapons (typical for Mars) to make a big enough conflict that would leave crowds wounded. This year nothing and no one would stop him, he will believe. Timing will be typically very exact, based on careful considerations of political, ethnic, religious and geographical specifics. Will Bomjon prioritize manipulative diplomacy with mostly hidden violence, or will he emphasize an open armed conflict over “spiritual enticing”? Both possibilities are open, but it seems as soon as it goes too much beyond all limits, some outer force would still try to restrain him this year. Simply said, though he would try much, he does not seem to be able to overtake the whole Universe in 2018 ….

“With care and planning and adequate restraint, this influence is a general sign of fortunately timed action that takes advantage of the proper moment and makes the most of it. And this is not luck on his part, but insight and skill. All of this requires preparation, however, because impulsive actions at this time are not likely to be very effective.”

“It may be particularly important to placate persons in authority over himself (on what he was already preventatively working many years in Nepal, making one former Prime Minister invited him to the Baluwatar Residence and ensure his support, buying politicians and celebrities with his “healing abilities” etc.). “If he acts precipitately, they may become alarmed and think of him as a threat, whether or not he intends to be. Of course, if he does consciously intend to be a threat, this influence could be a help, assuming again that he has planned carefully.”

This is an interesting description of how Mars can act in a negative aspect with Jupiter. Mars, the planet of violence, arrogance and brutal physical force is also enjoying its own terrifying effect. Terrorism is feeding on Mars energies, as it is all about destruction, quick and immediate, and sowing fear of death. In my personal experience Bomjon has a sick satisfaction when he can see people fearing for their lives. It makes him sometimes smile and even laugh, with his attendants joining in like in a bad Mafia-film where culprits of the Godfather unconvincingly laugh to his jokes out of fear.

“You are afraid, huh..?” he told in a playful mood when instructing Bal Hari Rai, Tomasz Tarnawski to adjust the plastic ropes which tied my hands behind my back in October 2011, when he ordered them to kidnap me the first time. I was in fact afraid, when could not see the manipulation of Bomjon and his attendants on my hands behind my back, after one of them, Shyangbo Dong (Dawasha Lama) threatened me to kill me with “electric shock” a few minutes back, when I was begging the onlooker dozens of village ladies and children to release the ropes which had stopped the circulation of blood in my hands and caused my hands to loose feeling…

Yes, I was afraid, that actually Bomjon and his attendants were preparing the “electric shock”. Instead, that time, Bomjon did not want me to lose my hands (he had “better plans” for a few months later with them!), so he instructed them to loosen the ropes a bit… In October I had been rescued by my Nepali friends the next day, who arrived to take me away from Bomjon, diplomatically convincing him to release me. In December 2011, when he had kidnapped me the second time, I was not so lucky anymore, and he chained me to a tree for three months…

I have seen many people, women and men, acting in fear of him, as assistants in his criminal attacks. Seeing what he is ready to do to human beings, and forcing them to become his culprits, they are stuck in a helpless situation of fear of a violent retaliation and awe of his alleged magical powers. Nepali know that they would get no protection from the authorities if they escaped or turned against Bomjon. No one ever got, in the past. Originally enthusiastic volunteers become gradually his culprits in crimes, and could be easily prosecuted and jailed for the crimes that Bomjon ordered them to do in the name of “Maitri Dharma”.

Informers who first brought out the shocking news about Manu having been beaten brutally by Bomjon and his attendants in 2015, had been extremely scared. So much, that even they did not make a police report, although Manu succumbed to her injuries after a year of suffering. Bomjon is able to keep people in such terror that they even do not save lives and do not report crimes. 

At one point in winter 2011 khenpo Sonam Gyurme, Bomjon’s long-time monk assistant became extremely depressed and called lama Tcheku, in whose Simara monastery I had been staying that time. He had shared with Tcheku a confession that he had sinned extremely against Marici (my spiritual name) and he wonders if Buddha and God would forgive him. That was already a time when I had been persecuted by the leaders of Bomjon’s Sangha, Pragyaratna Ghullu, Andrea Good, Ivy Jugoa, Kim Nguyen and others, including khenpo himself, although he was already not staying with Bomjon that time. This phone call was not long before I had been actually kidnapped on 28 December, 2011 in the Halkhoriya Jungle and became Bomjon’s chained captive.

A strange coincidence, which might be not connected to this, is that khenpo’s own guru, Tsona rinpoche, who considered Bomjon an enlightened Buddha and spoke to the Dalai Lama about him in praising words, had committed suicide in New Delhi in 2014, leaving behind a note, according to which he had sinned so much that God cannot forgive him, so he took his own life. Tsona rinpoche had been certainly much involved in propagating Ram Bomjon, due to his respectful position among Buddhists and as the guru of khenpo Gyurme, who resided with Bomjon in 2011, when I myself stayed in Halkhoriya too. The fact that both Gyurme and Tsona rinpoche had the need to confess some “terrible sin” that they had committed, is quite interesting when we take into account that Bomjon always tried to involve in his crimes Buddhist monks. In the case of another khenpo, Dawa, he was successful, and Dawa was present at the tortures and beatings of Bomjon’s 2012 victims, including me.

His followers are aware of him forcing them to do many sins and crimes, yet they had chosen that association voluntarily, and can no longer break out without the danger that they would face responsibility for the suffering of many of Bomjon’s victims. And here the above astrological influence gets the meaning: because as sick and psychopathic as it seems, this stuck situation of Bomjon’s culprit-Sangha-members is exactly what he always wanted and enjoys exceedingly! When it comes to feelings of terror, depression, hysterical fear, panic – Bomjon is the king in those areas and he is getting his power and authority from this. It is his long-planned, sophisticated genial “warfare”, which ensures he can stay unpunished and tolerated even when doing so much harm to randomly victimized people. Because he has a firm wall of defenders, guards, loving fooled villagers, fiery nationalists, grateful rich politicians, and terrorized culprits behind him.

It is all careful calculation and a game with mutual emotions and Karmas inside his own Sangha. He is just the “conductor”  who holds the stick, and the crowd of his subordinates does not question any of his orders. They are like a machine without mind and heart. Because, after all, Bomjon himself is like a machine. Going towards his dark “mission”, he does not stop at any begging for mercy, considerations of humanness, not even at legal obstacles.

Only God Himself can stop him now. Because humanity had failed to…


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  1. What is his actual birth time in astrology? So that what comes of this man is a threat to beings of this world included “the blind followed ones” follow to demand spiritual damage to everybody’s temple of life. Its a relieve you spoke out on this, truly soft and spoken, Peace in you.


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