Birendra Dev Dixit’s Spiritual University – a summary from translated Hindi news channels

The picture of the India’s sex-godman, after Hindi-speaking friends have translated dozens of YouTube-recorded Indian news, debates and interviews for me, looks even more drastic. Seeing the secret underground chambers, barbed-wire fences and endless amount of locked grills and gates, open halls with toilets without doors and all corners under surveillance by CCTV cameras, hearing the abused girls speaking, is bringing shivers. Below is a summary of some shocking revelations during the police raids on (by now) 40 Indian ashrams.(Will Nepal wake and raid the sex-baba’s Nepalese forts as well?)

The list of relevant YouTube links is under the article, though one can search easily by the keywords “Birendra Dixit”, “Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya”, “Baba Dixit”.

Indians are in great shock from the latest series of exposing of the latest of the long list of fake-baba crimes, for many reasons. The most shocking information is listed below, while watching and letting translated the videos, sometimes sentence-by-sentence from Hindi to English. (Below image: Virendra Dev Dixit preaching on video records distributed throughout India and Nepal. Source: )

  • Baba Dixit managed to build a network of prison-like ashrams with hidden underground chambers, underground tunnels, over more than 20 years, all over India, and according to the TV news he has more than 800 ashrams and centers just inside India, and many in Nepal.
  • According to many independently interviewed girls he had been giving many different drugs to them on a daily basis: the 13-year old regularly raped girl who escaped, told the media that he gave her some white powder to eat, after what she got dizzy, always forgot everything and could not control her body. During these drugged states the Baba was sexually abusing her, as well, as she claims, much younger girls.
  • Deepak Chaurasia, an especially engaged reporter, said there are clues that the Baba had his special “agents” (probably elder female) to go around villages and hunting for young girls, in the name of spirituality. The main goal was to find virgins, but some previously molested girls had been also re-victimized.
  • Baba Dixit specializes, according to the reporters, on poor, under-privileged and vulnerable minor girls! He often brings them far away from their home-town: 3 Nepali girls had been rescued during the ashram raids in India, while in Nepal he hides Indian girls. 
  • The Baba forced all girls to sign a written agreement that they are staying in the ashram voluntarily FOREVER (!), giving up their lives, minds and bodies to him, as well as in the case of minors he forced parents to sign such a letter. In all cases he convinced the parents or girls that he is a reincarnation of God Krishna (Vishnu, Shiva, etc.) and they have to sacrifice everything to him, all their property, will, mind and: BODY! He managed to seduce them through spiritual preaching, literature and rules which seem to be, at first sight, similar to the mainstream Brahmakumaris (Om Shanti). Many parents agreed, thinking their daughters get a holy and pure life. (Below is a reporter trying to get in the compound behind many level of bars, fences, gates and grills).
  • When one of the mothers learned the truth about what was going on in fact in the ashrams, she arrived to take away her daughter after 7 years, but the daughter was already brainwashed and drugged so much she refused to leave. The mother weeps then to the camera and after that faints…
  • The 13-year old victim described that the rapes had been going on in “group-porno” style in a hall, so that the Baba needed every night to have sex with at least 7-10 girls, and they had been all present while the others were raped. The girl said they had to massage the Baba often. The sexually perverse practices that Virendra Dev Dixit was doing and the 13-years old victim has described are simply un-publishable, according to the High Court! The Baba explained that by having sex with him, a god, they would get to heaven. If they refused, he threatened them with killing or blackmailing. Other victims said the Baba did not sleep a single night alone, without girls! They had been all drugged regularly,losing control over their bodies and minds.
  • One of the entry rules was to “confess all the former sins” that the girl/woman did in her life before entering the ashram forever. It was like an entrance to death, they had to agree to sacrifice all their lives, privacy and body to their god, who was, in their eyes, Baba Dixit. Thus, many girls had to write an initial letter of confession. When they realized where did they get into, and wanted to leave, the Baba blackmailed them with their own confession letter, in a way “I will tell your parents and village all the sins you did”. The young girls who often confessed former hidden sexual molestation or similar sensitive things, would be totally socially ruined in a traditional Indian community, so finally they became apathetic and rather stayed.
  • The 13-years old girl describes the situation in Baba’s ashram like hell. She says (while the media is showing shots of the ashrams interior during the police raids, which confirm this!) that the ashram members had to sleep in open halls with bathrooms and toilets without doors, and doing their needs and shower in front of the eyes of others! Everywhere there had been numerous CCTV cameras installed, including the bathrooms and toilets! They felt that the Baba was watching them everywhere. They did not have privacy even for making their needs in toilet or when taking a shower. Below is a view of toilet area from one CCTV camera in one of the ashrams. 
  • The police raids are continuing, currently 40 ashrams had been inspected and hundreds of women rescued. Yet, what shocks most people, many of the women refused to leave. In an Indian tradition a raped woman has no future, getting out to the world she would be refused by her relatives, never able to marry, and re-victimized, being already considered a prostitute. This fact forced the women and girls to stick to the ashram, no matter how terrible their fate was. Yet, many women and minors appeared to be in drug-induced trance, as well as five had been found unconscious!
  • During one ashram raid a dead male body had been found locked up in a wardrobe
  • In one news documentary police is shown to break open 4 or more underground chambers, which had been cut under the main meditation hall. After opening the tiny doors, they were shocked to find in them white-robed girls, locked up there from outside. They said it was one of the practices of the Baba, a kind of “seven -days retreat”, called “Bhatti“. The holes they were in were but humid and without light. Below is a picture of one of the underground chambers from (Courtesy of Jansatta):
  • A few male and female elder staff in the ashrams tells to reporters that “the Baba had foretold many years ago that one day police will come and search for him, so they are not surprised and continue to trust the Baba. In this tricky way he managed to fool his followers that he knew the future, and their belief got stronger. They do not seem to realize that if the Baba started with criminal activity many years ago, he must have guessed that it would get out to light one day, and no one needs any special clairvoyance to foretell that if he rapes hundreds or more women over many years, he would be one day caught… In a similar pose like Jesus, the Baba had “prepared his followers” for the days of “betrayal” and he claimed he would come out clean and win above his enemies then, who accused him of rapes and other crimes… (Below: an apparently elite member is recording the interview of remaining Brahmakumaris with the reporter in the Mumbai ashram of Birednra Dixit). 
  • According to the rescued girls, and some critical staff members (who were afraid to go out and speak about the Baba before), Virendra Dixit used to take drugs himself. Many different ones, including Datura, marijuana, and also chemical drugs injected with syringes (heroin?). Countless syringes had been found in his ashrams, currently all is investigated in laboratories.
  • In one ashram the police and NGO team had found the girls staying in an underground chamber, surrounded with strange medical equipment which did not yet make sense to them, including many X-rays, syringes and drugs, medicines they yet to have to identify. Was there some Nazi-like medical experiment tried on the girls as well…?
  • One male staff member told to the reporter that the Baba sent him to buy condoms. He was very surprised to get this task from a holy man.
  • Among the many FIRs (police reports) which had been given in previous years and police never took proper action, was the case of a mother and her two daughters who had been enticed to the Baba’s “spirituality” already in 2010, when she decided to become a member of the community of followers together with both of her daughters. They had been separated inside the ashram, and never seen each-other again. Then the lady had been called by Baba Dixit and he told her she must have sex with him. She wanted to refuse, but he simply told he had so many contacts among “big people” that he could easily let her killed, and she was worried for the fate of her daughters. She was then forced to sex regularly. The police report had not brought any prosecution of the Baba!
  • The Baba had been jailed already once, many years ago, but was released
  • The girls or other staff had been regularly leaving the ashrams only during midnight, taken by jeeps, and their faces and bodies wholly covered with their white robes, so neighbors never knew who were behind those robes In one news shot the media is without police, so they have no right to stop the elder staff ladies packing the white-robed girls into the black jeep and no one knows where they are going to be brought.
  • Dixit apparently raped the girls after they left to different ashrams where he was staying
  • His personal residence in Mumbai, an impressive white palace named “Shivalaya” had been raided but he was not there. Below is his main residence in Mumbai. His main administrative base is in Kathmandu, Nepal, though!
  • One person says Baba’s whereabouts is unknown to the authorities already 5 years! Yet he is still regularly raping girls, and regularly visits Nepal! He must have an extensive network of influential and rich supporters in both countries, who hide him. He has many supporters and ashrams in Nepal as well.
  • In the Delhi ashram DVD, CD and other materials had been found with pornographic topic
    One former devotee says he knew about this already 15 years ago, that’s why he left. In India it is but dangerous to publicly turn against famous guru, or give a police report, as the killed people in the Rahm Rahim case show as well. Thus he could not speak out for fear.
  • Followers of the Baba and some other Babas (for example one Pandit invited to a TV debate of Deepak Chaurasia on the topic) argue that the whole thing is created by Christians who want to undermine Hinduism, or that the attention of the public should rather turn against Muslims who harm children etc… They are trying to justify the Baba and show him in the light of victim.
  • Baba had predicted the world would end in 2008 (did not), so he postponed it to 2036. To escape hell, female devotees are enticed to become companions (Gopinis) of god Krishna, whose incarnation, they believe, Baba Dixit is. He convinces them that they have to give him all their bodies and minds so that to go to heaven…

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