Young children in the compounds of Maitriya Guru exposed to witnessing torture, sexual abuse and to beating people to blood

All dangerous cults and terrorist groups know that the easiest to brainwash are children. Child-members are hired by groups like ISIS, African militant groups, South-American drug gangs.They intentionally involve very young children in brutal violence, tortures and rapes. Bomjon is not an exception: he has a special love for letting children to participate as witnesses and assistants when he is chaining kidnapped hostages, locks them up, beats them to blood, humiliates them, tortures them.

Below is a YouTube video of a Ram Bomjon follower family where the small toddler girl is brainwashed to bow to the photo of the “guru”:


Bomjon had even involved Darshan Limbu whose wife was also moved there, the father of two resident small children in Halkhoriya in 2012 in a 3-months torture of two women (photo see below in this text).

His often very young child monks are used as servants, standing long hours around him, who is seated as a king. Toddler girls are donated to Bomjon by Tamang mothers, in the hope they will become nuns and get a spiritual life – often the very same mothers who had watched Bomjon torturing his hostages, “witches” and “evil disturbers”.

No one is questioning this in Nepal. Children are shown and taught by Bomjon that beating, tying with ropes and chains, torturing people is a normal part of “Maitri Dharma”. That locking people up, breaking their bones and leaving them without treatment, is normal, Buddhist and a spiritual behavior. Fathers of small children are forced to earn money for their families by criminal torture of Bomjon’s victims (like was torture-assistant Darshan, with his two small sons and wife present at the torture site in 2012!), mothers cook food and make the laundry for Bomjon’s many brutal torture assistants… Ruined victims, often in chains or tied with ropes, with bleeding wounds and broken bones, are tied in Bomjon’s residence’s public areas, paraded in front of women and children who stay with him, including child monks and child nuns.

Above image: Tamang Nepalese devotees line up for the “special blessing” of children by the violent and witch-hunting guru, Ram Bahadur Bomjon aka Maitriya Guru during his 2017 World Peace Maitri Puja in Kathmandu’s Bungamati. 

And the desensitization of Nepali (mainly Tamang) followers is successful: many parents happily donate their children to Bomjon’s big, rich and famous compounds, even when many had seen on the TV that he had tortured people, let sexually abused Marici, his former foreign supporter… Defiling the young generation, making it insensitive to moral responsibility, to seeing pouring blood and viewing suffering women and men, is the apparent goal of Bomjon. In a few years these young boys will grow up and do the same that they had learned from their guru-god-buddha, because they had not seen anything else, and that is their norm.

Yet, watch the below video repeatedly, and watch the faces of the boys behind Bomjon again and again: you will see confusion, terror, fear in them:


On this Image TV Channel news shot from September 2, 2014, Ram Bomjon is “interviewed” by APF police called to the site after he had kidnapped 5 villagers during the night, locked them up and let them beaten to blood all night, in his only remaining house in Halkhoriya Jungle (the rest of his “small jungle city” had been dozed down by authorities after he held and tortured two female hostages in Halkhoriya in 2012). Three of the men managed to escape and call villagers to rescue the remaining two friends. Bomjon then claimed that it was him who was attacked. Yet the camera shows a few men bleeding after being thrashed by Bomjon and his monks, and the “guru” has not a scratch. It is obvious that Bomjon had overpowered the two men by the help of his blue monks, who lived with him in the house.

Yet as we see, he is constantly surrounded by very young child monks, who had been exposed to the brutal beatings as well as have to stand behind their guru during the interview as a kind of “guarantee” that he is innocent. When he held her hostage in 2012, many children had been coming and going around Marici, his hostage. Bomjon is working on desensitizing very small children towards harming other people, and teaching them that it is just normal to beat them to blood, chain them, torture them. He does all his tortures in the eyes of women and children, purposefully. 

Above image: Maitriya Guru’s child monks who started to wear blue robes gradually from 2013, at the order of their guru, to distinguish his “Maitri Dharma” from the “old ways” as he calls traditional Buddhism. The picture was taken during one of his many “Maitri Pujas”. Source: Sangha


Some time ago, when a foreigner had visited a village neighboring Bongjor, Ram Bomjon’s birthplace in Ratanpuri Gavisha, a woman who was Bomjon’s big follower had spoken to her about Bomjon’s then new settlement in Sindhuli District. She went to visit her “guru” with a group of other numerous devotees from Ratanpuri, and was “overwhelmed by joy” at what she saw: “Local mothers had been donating their small daughters to become Guruji’s nuns, even three-four years old, it was sooo cute!” she told.

Above image: The youngest – the best! Ignorant mothers bring to Bomjon even their new-born babies, thinking the baby gets blessed and gets a holy energy from his hands. Yet these very hands had been thrashing to blood numerous people, breaking his administrative supporter Marici’s two wrists, tying ropes on people, beating up together with his monks 17 innocent Madeshi fruit-pickers with stick all night, beating his own sisters and brothers with sword-handle, hitting 5 villagers to pouring blood in 2014, thrashing his sister Manu’s head fatally… Would any sober mother really wish this energy to be absorbed by her child?

It is a known fact, that as soon as Ram Bomjon started to organize his “Sangha”, first in Halkhoriya Jungle, he loved to surround himself with very young children, who should have been in schools. One of his many various educated Buddhist monk “managers”, khenpo Sonam Gyurme, who stayed with him between 2010 – 2011, was especially fond of young monks as well, because the Kathmandu khenpo had been already an established Buddhist teacher in his own institute BTMC, when he was invited to join Bomjon. Khenpo Gyurme was a traditional Buddhist in red-yellow robe, and that time Bomjon’s monks were wearing also this traditional color and used to practice basic Buddhism. Khenpo had brought around twenty young monk boys from his Kathmandu institute, ranging between 8 and 20, to serve his many needs, and serve Bomjon. Khenpo’s needs included daily massage by the young boys, regular luxurious shoppings of sweets and teas, yet as I understood, this was just in the limits of a normal Tibetan-tradition Buddhist monastery in Nepal. The youngest ones are always used as servants of the older lamas, and do the heavy work, laundry, etc.

Apart from these things, and the quite strange “massages” that the monk-boys had to do for khenpo, I remember the young monks quite enjoying themselves, playing on guests’ motorbikes and browsing smartphones. They did not seem to be abused or forced to participate in others’ abuse, when the traditionalist khenpo Sonam was there. Bomjon kicked khenpo out in August 2011, when he started to rule the site personally. Involving the remaining young monks in his violent attacks and keeping people tied to trees or locked up in his concrete prison-huts in the jungle.

Above image: Teenage monk boys are taught to worship Bomjon as their only god and celebrate him as a divine revelation. Watch the bowed head on the right. In 2017 he already requires people to throw themselves with face to the ground! This picture was taken just after Bomjon was evicted from Halkhoriya, because of keeping hostage and torturing two women, including Slovak Marici, for three months, and right after that attacking and holding hostage his own mother and five siblings. Don’t believe in mythological stories by his followers: he is not doing this all by himself, but he has these boys (yes, often children!) and civilian brutal guys around him to assist him in the violence. Child monks, like the one in the door, are forced to witness all…

As soon as the Buddhist khenpo left in August, Bomjon had attacked a Westerner, his admirer, who arrived to ask him for teaching. In October he had first kidnapped Marici, but she was freed by her Nepali friends,and in December 28, 2011, he kidnapped her again, and kept on chains three months in the open. From August 2011, Bomjon’s female followers, young girls, young nuns from Hetauda monasteries and other monks had been involved as helpers and witnessed during Bomjon’s violent attacks. Only then, in Autumn 2011, he started to hire his own minor monks and nuns, and make his new rules, the rules of violence and torture, an open practice among his resident followers.

During the first years the youngest were boys, and nuns who were present were teenagers or slightly older (around 14-18). Yet one 13 girl had arrived, just during the time when two kidnapped women had been held by Bomjon in his jungle compound, tied and tortured daily by various means, involving all his monks and lay devotees on the site in the crimes. That 13 year old was his small sister, Ranjita, who used to study in Piluwa village, 6 km far from Halkhoriya…

Her mother, Maya Devi, expressed her worries that she would stay in that morally stained and violent environment. After viewing the many TV news and documentaries, which had been aired many days when the two women had been released on March 24, 2012, resp a week later, Maya Devi took her other children (Rajkumari, Ganga, Shyam, Manu, Babula) and they went to Halkhoriya to request Bomjon to give out the under-age Ranjita. Nepalese media wrote about the family’s main worries, according to which Ram Bomjon had an incestuous sexual relationship with his smaller minor sister, who, leaving her studies in Piluwa, joined her famous brother in the jungle compound.

ranjita in Halk

Image above: Ranjita, who was 13 when arrived to the Halkhoriya compound of Ram Bomjon, exactly during the time when Marici and Mata Ani, two women, had been kept hostage and beaten and tortured by Ram Bomjon and his associates Darshan Limbu, Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski of Poland, Shyangbo Dong, Khaiba, Molam lama and many others. Ranjita was playing with torturer Darshan’s two children at the site, Manish and Anish, and other children of resident followers at the crime scene. The children had been living just a three minutes walk from the place where the hostage women had been beaten and sexually abused (among others, also by Darshan). Bomjon’s mother had accused her son of incest in her police report, concerning Ranjita, yet to no avail. The girl grew up at Bomjon, during the time of his most brutal attacks on many other people, and became one of his numerous female companions, continuing to stay with him. The authorities did not proceed with the mother’s police report in 2012. 

Image above: An unsuccessful attempt of Bomjon’s mother Mayadevi to report her son for abducting her minor daughter Ranjita in 2012, at the police station in Simara, and attacking her and her other children when they arrived to take Ranjita away. Although it was widely medialized, the case was closed down after Bomjon’s Piluwa follower offered 70 thousand rps for not proceeding with the case. The 13 years old Ranjita remained in the immoral environment where women had been tortured, chained and sexually assaulted. There are no news about her being victimized, though. Her sister, Manu, had been but fatally beaten in 2015 (while Ranjita was apparently still around Bomjon) by Bomjon and his attendants, according to leaked out witness accounts. Source: Prateek Daily

Yet Ranjita, a child who did not understand what was going on when she arrived to Halkhoriya in 2011, loved the environment of foreign devotees who enveloped her with love and gifts, and she had play-friends, Manish and Anish, the two small sons of Darshan Limbu present in Halkhoriya during Bomjon holding Maata and Marici on chains. Darshan, the boys’ father, was deployed as one of the womens’ two active torturers on a daily basis, and according to multiple independent sources from the Sangha, he even got a high salary from Bomjon to do the dirty  job…



darshan with sara and children

Image above: Bomjon’s torture-assistant, Darshan with his wife and two children in 2012, pictured during the 3 months in 2012, when two women had been kept hostage by Bomjon in this very place, and regularly tortured by Darshan. His family has been taken to Halkhoriya as daddy Darshan was “too busy” in helping Bomjon to regularly beat and torture the two women. His wife  had apparently no choice, as in Nepal women have not much say to how their husbands earn money. She got a place to stay and food for their children, while in Kakarbhitta, their home town,  they were struggling. Needless to say, the children do not go to school in Bomjon’s compounds.

Darshan got a high salary for his torturings, according to insider sources informing the owner of the (closed-down) website. His children had been playing with Marici, one of the two victims, when she visited his wife in Kakarbhitta in 2011, and became friends with them, as well as Darshan’s mother Swapana in Piluwa. She has supported both Swapana and his wife financially by collections from Bomjon’s foreign followers, prior to Bomjon ordering Darshan to torture and sexually abuse her for 3 months in 2012. His two children, with whom she had been playing in Kakarbhitta, had then seen her carried bloodied on the heavy chains, locked up in Bomjon’s concrete prison-huts, carried to be tied to the jungle tree…Probably the other women, Nepali Mata Ani was also similarly paraded before Bomjon’s followers’ residing children.

What could go on in the mind of Manish and Anish seeing that the same lady who was playing with them and bought them milk for breakfast in their home, was publicly beaten by Bomjon in Halkhoriya, chained, ruined, bleeding and having her hands broken, paraded as an animal in a Zoo, chained to an iron pillar in the concrete hut? One can hardly think about the moral destruction and confusion a child can experience when living in Bomjon’s brutal vicinity. Will they now consider that it is just normal to one day take money and milk from a guest, and next day torture her, spit on her and beat her to bruises and blood? Will they believe that this is real “Dharma”, as daddy was teaching them to worship the guru and mind his orders? I suppose the small boys did not know that their father was ordered to sexually abuse Marici and beat and torture her. Yet even without that, they might have been surprised and get confused. Will they become similar brutal and cruel torturers as their father, when they grow up…? 

Above image: as adults, children also must rever Bomjon as the highest ever god appeared on earth, as he announced himself to be in Sindhuli in 2012. As such, they must bow to his feet. Those (adults) who do not (like the Slovak Marici), he let’s later kidnapped and forces them to bow while beating them up to blood and fractures. 

Darshan, a basically lazy man and drug-addict was not able to look after his family who lived in Kakarbhitta, and thus he took them to his guru’s jungle compound, cutting the two sons out of the continuity of their school studies. Paradoxically it was one of Darshan’s victims, Marici, who helped his wife Sarah to pay the 800 rps school-fee debt once in 2011, when she was visiting them in their home. Darshan and his family had been friends of Marici before Ram Bomjon turned Darshan to become her attacker and torturer.

The exceptionally kind and beautiful Sarah, and her Manish and Anish, around 5 and 6 years old in 2011, had no other option than to join Darshan in the jungle. Darshan did not provide them with enough money when they lived far away from him, in Kakarbhitta. In Bomjon’s compound they got free accommodation and free food, and could play with other children. Marici used to hear the joyful voices of the boys during her prolonged stay when chained to a tree, from the jungle, as the torture place had been just a few minutes walk from the settlement at the riverbed, filled with children, women and lay devotees, who all knew about her place and torture.

Marici’s chained body had been carried from place to place inside Halkhoriya compound by Bomjon’s attendants, Molam lama, Darshan, Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski, Shyango Dong Tamang, Budha lama, and during these transfers inside the settlement all residents, including children, saw her state. Often she was covered with bruises and blood from Bomjon’s beatings, and her two wrists were hanging lifeless after Bomjon fractured them together with Molam, a robed Buddhist monk.

What educational effect could have had such a view on the residing small children?

darshan limbu bodyguard

The above snapshot from a picture (otherwise showing Bomjon preaching for his smaller group in one of his further settlements, Pattharkot) shows Darshan Subba Limbu is shown as his body-guard. He had been employed as his hit-man in the next years too, with a short period in 2012 when he was ordained a monk (!) as a reward for his great services and loyalty. That time still wearing a maroon-yellow Buddhist robe, for a short time, to protect him from police prosecution, as everyone in Nepal heard his name when his victim told to Avenues TV camera that it was Darshan Limbu who had sexually abused her. Soon he could stop to wear the monk-robe, as Bomjon became totally unpunishable and more powerful than Nepal’s presidents, and needed not fear any prosecution anymore, especially in 2014 after meeting the then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who gave him his support.  

Young child monks, as shown near Darshan, are the main asset of Bomjon, and he gets children donated to him by parents as a gift, in their traditional belief that it would bring good Karma for them. Children are then exposed to terrible inhuman treatment of Bomjon’s victims.

Above image: Although Bomjon’s crimes against more than 40 people had been published onNepalese TV stations, The Himalayan Times newspaper, The Kathmandu Post and many others, his followers had achieved that his biography had been included in 5th grade school text-books. Obviously, the biography forgets to mention he ordered the rape of his European hostage Marici in 2012, holding her tied to a tree in the jungle for three months, he had let beat up and tortured his own mother, or that his sister Manu had been fatally thrashed as his “wrathful punishment”.


During the 2012 April public attack of Bomjon’s own family members by him and his attendants (including Darshan), they had been wearing swords, attacking Bomjon’s brothers, sisters and mother, beating and humiliating them and locking them up in one of the concrete huts in the jungle for 5 days – all in the view of many children and child monks! The incident had been described by a few eye witnesses, including Canadian follower, who shared it with the owner of website (closed-down) as well as with me in an email: Repost of a scary witness account 

the youngest maitri disciple - add to child safety

On Bomjon’s followers’ websites and Facebook sites one can find a photo of “the youngest ever monk” of their “Guruji”. When seeing this photo with the eyes of a torture and sexual abuse victim of Bomjon, my heart gets shrunk from uneasiness… I forgot what they had written about his age, but he can be around 4 years old. Concerning nuns, when Bomjon stayed in Sindhuli, Tamang mothers had donated him toddler girls as young as 3 years old. Such tiny children have to view all his brutal beatings, ordering of attacking people with swords, chaining women as alleged witches, dirtying them with excrement…

It is minimally irresponsible from the parents and the government to allow Bomjon use children as his servants when everyone knows in Nepal that he is regularly holding hostages, torturing people, beating them and at least in one case (mine) ordering them to be sexually assaulted. All Nepali mainstream media like The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur, My Republica, Image TV Channel, Avenues TV, TV 24 – had been publishing about Bomjon’s numerous inhuman crimes between 2007 and 2012: a long list of media dealing with Bomjon’s countless violent crimes and tortures between 2007 and 2014 can be found on the Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Controversies website

How can still the state allow children to be brought there and included in his brutal “dharma”? Two people, including his own sister Manu, had also died in Bomjon’s premises, while witnesses say Manu had been brutally beaten by Bomjon and his assistants in 2015. As he is always surrounded by young monk boy servants, they had been surely involved in this crime as witnesses too. 

Above image: School children ordered to line up for “blessing” by Ram Bomjon, who arrived to visit Chitwan in around 2012-2013.


Into such an environment did small Ranjita also arrive, enticed by her famous ‘Buddha Boy’ brother. She was loved by him and hid foreign and Nepalese devotees there, while before she had to work hard in her bigger sister’s house in Piluwa, and study at the local school. She was apparently not too happy there.

It is easy to imagine that the colorful and rich community of foreign devotees, the feeling of being the center of attention and the favorite of her god-like brother were much stronger pulls for Ranjita than an ordinary village life, which would end with an arranged marriage after she finished school, with the need to work hard on the fields…The fate of women in Nepal is not too bright, and women’s future is hardly exciting.

But the naive small girl had most probably no idea what was going on inside Halkhoriya, when she arrived to join Bomjon. Having been the whitest of all the children of Maya Devi, she was considered a beauty, a jewel of the family. Bomjon could just not have left this jewel intact…

When the mother and siblings arrived to explain Bomjon that the environment from where the two tortured (and sexually abused!) kidnapped women had been just freed, is not a place they wish her to grow up, the “guru” had responded in his traditional way: sent his attendants to attack Maya Devi and his siblings, as it is described above…

Above image: Bomjon’s “blessing program” in about 2012 – 2013. Parents in Nepal believe that even if these hands had tortured dozens of people, those had been “punished” for being “witches” and “evil disturbers”, and that they deserved to suffer and get terrorized for months. Can such hands bring any good vibes to their children? The “toucher” assistants of Bomjon are always from among those who he used as torture assistants. The man behind is Shyangbo Dong who had been torturing Slovak Marici on two occassions: in October 2011 and during her next abduction between Decemebr 2011 and March 2012. He also often touches devotees and children,with hands which caused so much suffering! 

After they were freed, Ranjita stayed. She grew up in the environment where after the torturing of the two women more and more such cruelties could have been witnessed. Because Bomjon did not stop with the “two evil witches”, as his to female victims had been called by Bomjon’s European Sangha’s leader, Surinami-Dutch kindergarten- teacher (!) Ivy Jugoa.

He and his gang had attacked 13 young men in Sarlahi. Many more violent attacks had been witnessed around him again and again, including the above mentioned “spectacular” one, when he kidnapped 5 villagers and beat them to pouring blood…

The children must be very confused, as they are being told that these violent and inhuman incidents are actually “Dharma”, this is Buddhism, this is non-violence… That to certain people loving-kindness, compassion and purity should be not shown, not granted, that certain people must be tortured and raped, and that Bomjon’s “grace” and “mercy” is directed only towards others, never towards his victims….

Can any child-psychologist imagine the extreme damage that such an environment brings to a vulnerable child’s mind…?

Above image: To foreigners the Bomjon cult “explains” that all the criminal accusations are fake, and a conspiracy of the guru’s many enemies (witches, ghosts, media and the like). This foreign mother looks extremely delighted to have the chance to let her baby boy defiled by a torturer, kidnapper and violent brutal man’s hands. Amazing ignorance.


Child monks are brainwashed by Bomjon and his gang to accept torture and violence against human beings as a necessity to promote Bomjon’s holy mission! The many adult devotees whom he loves to involve in these beatings and prolonged tortures, find lots of excuses to ignore the desperate begging of the victims for mercy: they are enemies, they are witches, they disturbed Guruji, they smoked cigarette, they are evil etc. Bomjon tells them, and this is enough to cause them bodily harm which often makes them handicapped for all their life. Yet the spiritual-psychological terror they experience by Bomjon and his gang, makes them mute and unable to speak out, even after they are released. They had been to hell, and they are told that if they tell what was done to them, they would return to that hell. They are receiving death threats on a daily basis, and before they are released they are ensured that “you will be anyway killed”…

Above image: even small toddlers of Bomjon-follower teachers are forced to bow to Bomjon as to a god and they tell them he is an enlightened Buddha, a holy man… This photo was probably taken in Chitwan around 2012-2013. 

(This phenomena is now very clearly shown in the case of Virendra Dev Dixit, who had been imprisoning, drugging and sexually abusing hundreds of minor girls during the last 20 years, in the name of his religion. They are also refusing to speak out, speak against their torturer and rapist “guru”, because they had been brainwashed over many years by threats and terror).

Moreover, Bomjon always picks up to attack, take hostage and torture those people who had been his own followers, supporters, volunteers before. These victims are so shocked by the unexpected twist of their beloved peaceful “Buddha Boy” into a demon, that they are not ready to follow the usual pattern of reporting a crime to police and courts.

For Bomjon’s (and Dixit’s!) victims an entire universe had been broken down into pieces by seeing the true face of the widely venerated “guru”, after kept histages out of the eye of the public, and the government forces and authorities are part of that universe: they had allowed them to be daily tortured and beaten for months, weeks or days, and only after their release they arrived to tell them they should report it.

Due to this but Bomjon is still tolerated and respected by the Nepalese, yet mostly among his own Tamang caste members, who see their new king in him. Those Nepalese villagers, who did not have time and interest to delve deep to investigating the truth, are told that those women and men were “witches” and “magicians”, who wanted to put obstacles to “Guruji’s” path of meditation and peace… And they believe, because they understand well the language of superstitions. They are told that “Guruji” is the victim actually, and media is writing about his more than 40 attacks because they want to destroy his fame….They totally ignore the fact that the victims are real and feeling human beings, and many of them were visiting them speaking with them before Bomjon attacked them…


This is the mental set of Bomjon’s followers, mostly uneducated and superstitious, in the districts were Bomjon had stayed. Then we can understand that they wish their children the best, they wish their children to grow up in a “spiritual environment”, Buddhist values, have a holy life, when they donate them to Bomjon to make them monks and nuns. The children rarely understand what is this all about.

An important element in donating children to him is also the fact that he is extremely rich, traveling on helicopters, able to pay any expenses needed to bribe the highest level politicians and offices. Mothers and fathers wish their children get good food, good education and a rich environment soaked with foreign donations... From the outside, Bomjon’s ashrams really seem to fulfill this dream.

The phenomena when those who get material benefits from the presence of a – no matter how criminal – guru, choose to support them, even when knowing about the suffering of many victims or deaths, had been observed by The Washington Post after Guru Ram Rahim Singh of the mega-ashram compound Dera Sacha Sauda had been jailed for raping women, and the locals lost their business opportunities and jobs: Why so many Indians support men like the recently convicted guru


Yet the children seem to be thrown to the deep water of an absurd environment where violence, crimes of various types, gossips, falseness and immoral sexuality are the norm. Bomjon’s child monk Budha (around 15 years at the time) had been deployed by him in 2012 to steal his victim, Marici’s property: her Acer notebook, her MP3 player, ID card, mobile, etc. and everyone knows that these things had been never returned to her even after. The teenage boy-monk Budha lama was witnessing Marici’s chaining, beating by Bomjonto blood and fractures and he was actively assisting in carrying her ruined body from place to place inside Halkhoriya compound. The moral and mental damage, not speaking about damage to religion, when involving teenagers in tortures, is unimaginable! Yet Bomjon is free to continue both with tortures and beatings, as well as using toddler-monks, school-age children as his assistants in them, because the authorities, influenced by a few politician-supporters and a lot of bribe-money, refuse to deal with it.

The small boys had been always used as free work-force in Bomjon’s compounds, and they are not attending schools. They do not get any normal education, as according to direct witnesses who joined Bomjon in later years (2013, 2014) these baby-monks are just working for Bomjon and his Sangha, but don’t study any (real) disciplines and subjects of (traditional) Buddhism, like their generation does in traditional Buddhist monasteries!

A few adult foreigners whom I cannot name here, had complained to me, that even after spending many months with Bomjon, their much awaited “Buddhist studies” and “lessons of meditation” by Bomjon never actually happened. And that the same is the case of those monk children. They are not getting education, and apart from the rituals to worship Bomjon himself as god, and rituals for his “Seven Deities”, they are ignorant about Buddhism.

Yet, Bomjon teaches these young children martial arts and using swords, according to the Setopati interview State must watch Bomjon closely, and according to articles describing Bomjon’s young followers attacking with swords given to them by their guru, 13 youths in Sarlahi District.

He is preparing them only for violence and brutality, and serving him as god. Is this the right education for young children in Nepal…?


Female children are especially in danger from Ram Bomjon, who had been raping Ganga Maya Moktan, his nun, from her 14th age. In the below video a baby-girl of maybe max. 2 years is made to pray Bomjon’s mantras on the mala (rosary) which is “empowered” by the “guru’s” touch. Her mother recorded the child with pride, because Bomjon’s rape and violence cases are not believed or ignored by his fanatic followers, and many times they even agree with the harm that he does to some specific people, because Tamangs easily accept his witch-accusations. So in their view some people simply deserve the harm that Bomjon imposes to them, and many of them allow their tiny children to witness those tortures.

Worse is the case with nuns and young girls even, who, in a Nepalese traditional society are rarely considered fit enough for study. According to direct witnesses, nuns are used by Bomjon as laundry-girls (often to wash his white robes white from stains of blood, when he regularly attacks people!), and if they are young and beautiful, also as sexual consorts. The situation about girls having repeated pregnancies and abortions was so overwhelming that one former devotee had written a few articles about it on the previously official site of the “guru”: , which had been closed (the link is to its archive).

What will be the fate of those baby-nuns, who had been donated by their naive mothers to Bomjon? Probably not different. By now, direct witnesses described two young girls going through pregnancies and abortions, while already in 2011 the Committee of Bomjon had a task to find 5 virgins for him….

As we can see in the case of a very similar fake guru, Virendra Dev Dixit, minor girls which had been donated by parents to such dangerous gurus can end up as sexual slaves, living a life of terror and constant prostitutes, while the outside world has no clue about it, because authorities have no access right to raid such “holy men’s” compounds. A very similar danger exists in Bomjon’s case, combined with his psychopathic enjoyment of human suffering from bleeding wounds, broken bones chained bodies tortured by many means for months… How many young girls (and boys) had been sacrificed as objects of Bomjon’s sick love for seeing blood and terrorized faces? And the society and authorities do not inspect, do not care, because similarly as Dixit, also Bomjon picks up his preys from the most vulnerable, lonely and poor people.

On the other hand, Bomjon loves to be constantly surrounded by servants, young monks, who are always standing behind him on photos, and every time he passes from place to place, to give the impression of him being a “beloved teacher”. Everyone who watches these well-choreographed public appearances, can recognized that Bomjon’s young boy monks and young nuns are tired, unhappy, sad, often full of fears, tense, and during so called “prayers to the Seven Deities” they are falling asleep and look around bored and disinterested… Poor children they found themselves in an environment which is unnatural, dishonest and criminal, but they have nowhere to go, as they do not know anything else, and traditionally must obey their parents.

Yet all is just based on orders and instructions, and monks have no option than to obey. Older monks are their “guardians”, looking after that order. Yet what example can these boys take from the elder monks, who regularly assist Bomjon in stealing victims’ property, beating them chaining them, torturing them, raping them – over more than 10 years already? As we see on photos and videos, the main “guardians” of the young monks are notorious torture-assistants with blood on their hands, like Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski or Khaiba. We cannot even imagine the moral and psychological damage that such kind of “guardians”, including such kind of “guru-god-buddha” is causing in the absorbent minds of young boys clad in blue robes…

Image above: Holding up a tiny baby to Bomjon’s too high throne by one of his blue monks. As we see, there are other small children forced to line up and get “blessed” by the cult leader. Bomjon’s assitants in violet uniform are the same ones whom he uses as assistants of violent attacks and tortures of, by now, more than 40 people, with the score of two (known) deaths and one (known) series of rapes. The last in the row of the “violet men” on the right is Shyangbo Dong (Dawasha Lama on Facebook), who had been engaged in torturing and terrorizing Slovak Marici, Bomjon’s hostage kept three months in 2012 and one day in October 2011. The task of this Syangbo Dong in 2012 was to bring excrements from the Halkhoriya compound’s toilets and throw it of the beaten Marici, who was tied to a tree in the jungle by chains, allegedly because she was a “witch”. Shyanbo Dong the also spit on her. This was after her two hands were broken by Bomjon and Molam lama, a Buddhist monk, and her head wounded to pouring blood.  Would you wish to “sanctify” your baby by such people…? Apparently Nepali Tamang mothes do not mind. Maybe because there is a wide-spread superstition in witches, and Bomjon can easily convince them that anyone is a witch or black magician who must be tortured… But is this Buddhist Dharma at all?


Bomjon is breeding his next generation of totally surrendered and brainwashed attackers, torturers, rapists and even maybe murderers – because there had been two deaths in his compound we know about, of his sister Manu and Dr. Moore, in 2016. At least in Manu’s case, a few informers leaked out that her brain edema, which caused her death in 2016, was a consequence of a 2015 brutal beating by Bomjon and his most loyal assistants (Tomasz called “Dorje”, and Darshan). In 2017, during a Setopati interview, ex-health minister Mani Lama confirmed to the reporter that Manu had died in terrible suffering due to the “wrath of the guru”.

We can be sure that the fatal beating of Manu had been happening in the residence of Bomjon, in the eyes of his youngest boy monks and nuns. What had happened to Manu (and quite possibly to US citizen Dr. Moore as well) is normally called murder! It is not a childish game anymore…

Above image: A running blue monk boy in Sindhupalchowk, Bomjon’s last known settlement near Kathmandu. The picturewas taken after the 2015 Earthquake, and used as an advertisement of claiming that Bomjon helped earthquake victims from the collected foreign donations. In fact, as the owner of the closed Dharma-sangha website was informed by insiders, Bomjon had given rice bags to a mere 300 people, although the money collected was for thousands… The rest of the money had been not used for helping. Minor monks are used for hard work, carrying heavy burdens and as servants by Bomjon, but in fact, this is so common inn Nepal still, and also in Tibetan-style traditional monasteries, that this is sadly just the “norm” in “buddhist” and fake-buddhist” groups. Child-work and child-slavery is Nepal’s unsolved reality. It just strucks those who had been hoping so much that Ram Bomjon, Nepal’s “meditating Buddha Boy” would change all this. Instead, he is fortifying Nepal’s negativities, and diminishes the country’s positivities. 

The boy-monks, having to accompany the “guru” everywhere he goes, are obviously witnesses to everything, and that includes the many immoral and criminal deeds: meeting secret girlfriends, discussing kidnapping plans, speaking about money to bribe police chiefs so that they ensure impunity, beating women and men… The children of small age have to witness the attacks by sticks and sword and hands on innocent people, and watch how blood pours down their bodies… Young nuns had been deployed to look after women held in captivity, kept on chains!

All these children are then forced to harden their hearts, so that they don’t get crazy. They accept cruelty as part of Dharma, they are educated to do so. Children absorb all what their environment considers “normalcy”. For Ram Bomjon’s child monks normalcy means attacking human beings with sticks, chaining ladies of the age of their mothers calling them “witches” and torturing them for months….

Nepal has hundreds of women-rights and child-protection charities. Yet not one of them ever cared about the danger that children are growing up in a criminal, inhuman, victim-raping, cruel and bribe-paying environment around Ram Bomjon. Also not a single women’s right NGO questioned keeping minor girl as nuns in Bomjon’s compounds, where women had been tortured and raped, and promiscuity and incest reports had been raised.

Brainwashing starts from babyhood: Tamang Nepalese mothers give to their children Bomjon’s talisman as toy.

What do you think about this? Your comment is welcome!

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