Two former Nepalese Prime Ministers invited notorious kidnapper Ram Bomjon to Baluwatar

This can really happen only in Nepal: after the (now) late former PM Sushil Koirala even (now) ex-PM Sher Bahadur Deuba had bowed his head to Ram Bahadur Bomjon, who had kidnapped, tortured, thrashed to blood and let raped dozens of Nepalis and four foreigners, leaving two of his victims dead. And, what is even more shocking, both of them did this while they were still serving as Nepal’s PMs, being the country’s leaders that time!

This “historic” meeting between one of Nepal’s most religious high-level politicians and Ram Bomjon, the promoter of the “dharma of thrashing and rape” had happened, apparently much earlier than in January 2018, when Bomjon’s followers had first published the photo on their Maitriya Facebook site. The astonishing event had been, as always, not advertised before or even soon after, and at the typically explicit wish of “Nepal’s Maitriya”, not even mentioned in local press. Bomjon long time provokes his followers to fight against the “bad media” which is too faithfully describing his criminal deeds, and they are regularly complaining to their political supporters that the media is making a bad image of the “Buddha Boy”. As a consequence, Bomjon is not just above the law in Nepal, but also above all Nepalese media: only what he authorizes, can appear in local press and TV.

This was the case with his previous meeting with the late ex-Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala as well. The reason of such a secrecy is obvious: those who are against criminal gurus taking over Nepal’s politics, would certainly criticize such a meeting, and might warn the apparently uninformed former PM Deuba, and other innocently naive politicians. Yet, Mr. Deuba, similarly as his predecessor Sushil Koirala, apparently either does not have access to the Internet (with its hundreds of articles, photos and videos describing and proving Bomjon’s brutal crimes over the years?) or do not care about his own safety, while allowing a violent cult leader and his torture assistants to enter Governmental buildings like the Baluwatar. Who will be the next guests in Baluwatar? Muslim terrorists of ISIS, or Asaram Babu or guru Ram Rahim? Nepalis should care more about the safety of their Prime Ministers, and the respectful Prime Ministers should be more careful about choosing their guests. Inviting criminal cult leaders to visit Government premises is minimally gravely insensitive towards their victims, but also has a strong symbolic effect towards all those who might fall prey to similar brutal attackers in the future. It is a warning to all women and men in Nepal that Bomjon’s regular violent and misogynist deeds are not going to be prosecuted, as he has the highest possible protection now.

Let’s hope that Mr. Deuba reconsiders his support to the violent cult leader, and takes the initiative to look into police and court reports about his guest’s past attacks, kidnappings and involvement in sexual torture, looks into media archives and hears witnesses and victims. After all, Mr. Deuba, who is currently the leader of Congress Party in Nepal, is believed to be a religious man, a Hindu devotee.


In the above snapshot from the Maitriya Facebook site we can see Ram Bomjon (Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, Buddha Boy) sitting as a guest of Sher Bahadur Deuba in the same Baluwatar audience hall as he had been invited to meet Deuba’s late predecessor, ex-PM Sushil Koirala in 2014 as well. The cult’s Facebook site does not share the topic of Bomjon’s conversation, neither was it announcing the meeting in advance. It was a secret meeting, as all such high-level meetings between Bomjon a politicians. The date under the photo shows “January 2018”, what could be or could not be the date of the meeting. Rather it seems the photo is from an earlier meeting, which had not been advertised in time, as is the habit of bomjonists.

Yet, knowing Bomjon quite  a bit, as one of his more than 40 victims of violence and kidnapping, I can easily guess that Bomjon is repeatedly applying for acquiring huge patches of jungles in Bara District’s Halkhoriya (where most of his violent outbursts and tortures of his kidnapped victims had taken place!) as well as, recently to acquire many hectares of land around the Hindu holy place of Janakpur, according to the interview in Setopati.

Why is Bomjon so keen to re-acquire Halkhoriya?

Bomjon had been excommunicated by the local administration of Bara in 2012, after he repeatedly kidnapped and tortured scores of people there, but did not ever get prosecuted for the crimes. His alternative settlements in Sindhuli, Sarlahi and Sindhupalchowk are geographically unsuitable for creating Halkhoriya-style secret, high-security compounds where he could continue with his satanic tortures undisturbed. All these other “ashrams” are on a much smaller land, surrounded by too much civilization and on hillsides, what does not allow him to keep chained victims in jungles without being easily exposed. Yet a deep Terai jungle with wild animals, where even Nepalese police and army are afraid to go, is an ideal place for any criminal with dark plans. Bomjon is thus keen in receiving back Halkhoriya and creating his brutal Asuric kingdom there, where, in the name of a new Buddhist-style religion, with the outer mask of peace and love, he could unleash a huge wave of suffering, pain, blood and weeping of terror, undisturbed by police and the public.

It is obvious that a similarly deep Terai jungle area near Janakpur is just another platform for his black rituals, where he could impose extreme pain, suffering and terror on kidnapped, chained victims again and again.

Mr. ex-PM Sher Bahadur Deuba and late PM Sushil Koirala had been both seating the kidnapper and torturer of more than 40 victims on the soft sofa of Baluwatar, but they had never apologized to the many victims, both Nepalese and foreign, for their failure to prosecute Bomjon’s crimes. from at least 2007 (when it started with the sword attack against Anil Khatri and the torture of a Spanish tourist) until now (his last known probable involvement in the mysterious death of an US devotee in his premises). Writing this article with two broken wrists inflicted by Bomjon and his Magar Buddhist monk Molam, who acted at Bomjon’s direct order and overseen by him, I am one of those whose suffering did not ever reach the ears of Nepal’s Prime Ministers. We, the dozens of bitter victims of Bomjon, did never get any compensation from Nepal, had been never invited to Baluwatar and they did never try to lessen the moral, physical and emotional damage done by Nepal’s celebrated kidnapper-guru, Ram Bomjon and his followers.

Yet, there is an interesting consequence of both of the meetings in Baluwatar, between Nepal’s dangerously powerful brutal guru and two prime ministers: soon after Sushil Koirala met Bomjon in 2014, his political power started to cede, and he committed a series of mistakes when managing the 2015 earthquake and the following Madeshi Andolan, which eventually caused the definitive decline of his popularity. Sushil Koirala obviously did not get much benefit from the meeting with Bomjon, but rather an initiation into his political downfall and worsening health. So, if he ever hoped that meeting the “Black Magician in a White Robe” would give him blessing on a career and benefits at a personal level, that was certainly not the case. It is a pity that he did not recognize this.

Did Mr. ex-PM Deuba seek some benefits from Bomjon’s “blessings” when he invited the violent man to Baluwatar? Mr. Deuba had supported temples and ashrams in Nepal, and is considered a Hindu devotee in his birth-place in the Far West hills. I suppose that he was naively considering Ram Bomjon just one of the “holy gurus” whom he had been supporting before. That this is a very-very different case, he could have found out in the results coming from the meeting a few months later, when his political career led him to a resignation in 2018.

As an intelligent person, he must have read the dozens of archived articles in Nepali and English about Bomjon’s crimes, the latest of which were the two mysterious deaths traced back to him in 2016 (one of his sister Manu, the of an US retired psychologist, who both died after violent encounters in Bomjon’s premises).

The interesting parallels should be a lesson for all future politicians who would hope in getting “magical benefits” from the powerful violence-guru of Nepal, whose brutal activities have left so many victims with trauma, broken bones and sexually undignified bodies… Instead of getting more success and health, Prime Ministers are simply misused as stepping-stones on the political ladder of Bomjon, who is planning to take over their chairs… As Sushil Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuba also did not grasp the “great mystery”, what is whispered around Bomjon’s followers already more than ten years long: that eventually Maha Sambodhi is not seeking a religious, but a POLITICAL power!

Nepalese politicians are piece by piece “selling” to Bomjon (for free!) patches of land, where the country’s police and army would have no access in case of further criminal activities, holding kidnapped people, torturing them and raping women. I am writing “selling”, although I do not accuse here anyone of getting financial benefit from him, because in their naivety they apparently think that they are getting something in exchange from Bomjon: some “divine” power, good health, success, popularity or blessing for Nepal. They refuse to see the fate of their predecessors, who supported Bomjon… That is nothing too bright.

How can those crowds of victims who had been thrashed to blood, have irreversible body damage, fractures, had their property stolen by Bomjon, had been raped at his order – how can all these people feel when seeing that Prime ministers of Nepal are invited their attackers to meeting in Baluwatar? They are not only the 4 foreigners, but also the Ratanpuri Chetri man, Mata Ani, 17 Madeshis of Manarhawa, 5 attacked locals of Ratanpuri and many others.

In the photo above we can see ex-PM Sushil Koirala speaking with Ram Bomjon in 2014. While the PM spoke about the plight of Nepalis going to work abroad, Bomjon was parroting his demand to give him back the Halkhoriya Jungle area.

Poor ex-PM Sushil Koirala had proudly stood for photo near the violent kidnapper of Nepal, Ram Bomjon, not knowing, not believing or ignoring the suffering of many victims Bomjon’s “dharma” is leaving behind year-by-year.

What does Bomjon want from the Prime Ministers?

As absurd as it would seem, NOTHING! Apart from the photos, videos and proves which would be published later on, when he would need them. Bomjon never speaks in any integrated manner with anyone, even less with politicians. It is not about what had been spoken. It is about the Illusion that Bomjon is creating in human subconsciousness, it is about the photos and videos which have to prove that he is TRUSTED, SUPPORTED AND ACKNOWLEDGED even by Nepalese high-level political leaders, like Prime Ministers. Anyone who had been doubting Bomjon’s credibility and behavior before, would gain trust that if even Prime Ministers in Nepal invite him and seat him in their secure meeting palaces, then Bomjon must be surely a safe, peaceful, positive element in Nepalese society!

Those who are old enough to have an overview in time about Bomjon’s previous meeting with Sushil Koirala, can remember that at the time when it happened (October 2014), it had not been advertised much. The great wave of advertising started only after Sushil Koirala had deceased, to avoid eventual objections that his person was used as a means for Bomjon’s popularity. Even today the Internet is full of using that meeting as a proof that Bomjon is a holy man and politically accepted figure in Nepal (thus, surely he has no criminal deeds behind him, s all those evil people claimed before!). It is all about a sophisticated method of manipulating with that part of social mentality which is called “collective illusion”. Circling these photos on the Internet, Facebook pages and other platforms of Bomjon’s cult, creates an imprint in human minds and poses as a stamp of approval: yes, you can trust him, he is trusted by Nepal’s Government.

In a few months and years no one will question anymore that those leaders whose person he used as an image-making tool, had been declining leaders and in a few months left the leadership of Nepal altogether. Bomjon is always picking up elderly and weakened political figures, because he knows that after they wake up from the dream of “getting blessed by the Buddha Boy”, and realize they had sold Human Rights, Law and Humanness in a single moment, and they would eventually protest against Bomjon tricking them into this whole theater – by that time they might be not politically powerful or alive anymore to defend their real affiliations.

I feel very sad and pity for the two enticed Prime Ministers, because they were not aware, in their well-meaning, of the strong symbolism and drastic effects on Nepal’s future, after opening the door to the brutal guru. I also feel pity for the Nepalese people, who had been victimized by him or witnessed Bomjon’s criminal harm, how helpless and betrayed they must have felt seeing these photos. Yet we should remember that Bomjon does not want to overtake only the small patch of land under the Himalayas: he has much greater ambitions, and not even hiding them. To Sushil Koirala he openly told in that meeting, that he looks out to spread his “dharma” (whatever that means!) to the whole world.

So Bomjon is planning to use (and he already started) the fact that he made two (now former) Prime Ministers in Nepal to invite him for a meeting in Baluwatar, as a way to convince foreign leaders that he is a person of high-level talks on peace, security and prosperity to all… Politicians of the EU, US, China, Japan etc. – seeing the very Prime Ministers of Nepal seated in front of Bomjon (who has a reputation of kidnapping and attacking people) would soon get the subconscious programming unleashed in their brains, and sooner or later we could see the violent man to oversee UN talks on peace and let’s say women’s rights (most of his torture victims were women), meet US Presidents or being invited to EU talks…

Politicians, all thrilled by the “blessing” of having such an exceptional person who (allegedly) did not eat for four days during his meditation, in their palaces and soft chairs, and they would dismiss the cries for justice of Bomjon anyway low-profile victims…

For this New Era of Lies Nepal is creating a perfect setting for the New World Leader – as Bomjon’s follower consider him. Will the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and the land where Padmasambhava, Milarepa, Goraknath, Ram, Sita and many holy beings walked, be the means for an Asura to lead the world to destruction and decay of dharma?

Let’s only hope that the current administration does not make Nepal a land of dangerous cults and brings law, human rights and religion back to their place in Nepal’s society!

What do you think about this? Your comment is welcome!

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