Surprising details about Maha Sambodhi from insiders

The below details I had received from informers directly or second-hand, but some of them confirm my own experiences in 2011 and 2012. Bomjon also has a habit to intentionally release rumors about himself and his followers or victims, with the aim to confuse people trying to find out the truth. Yet, at least we should consider that there could be some truth in these strange, even absurd details and events.

Featured image of pen with hidden camera: Ebay


An information from D. who had been in regular communication with Bomjon’s Sangha members, had been shared with me in 2015. His nearest followers had been thrilled by their guru’s special love for a new invention (that time, for Nepal), tiny camera hidden in pens. An example is here: 

The below photo is from the same Ebay site:

During those years devotees had flooded Maitriya Guru with many such spying tools. Bomjon, a social manipulator of first class, apparently needs to spy on his followers. His plan, to know everything about them, so that he can at the right time create enmity and turn them against each-other, needs a high-tech approach. In Bomjon’s horoscope there are repeated mentions of his special love for technical inventions and combining hi-tech with magic.

Spying pens could have been handed over to politicians, being “forgotten” in notebooks and pockets of his managers and assistants. The spy-pen can record “secret” conversations. He could also have spying pens placed in foreigners accommodation, the possibilities are endless. In the same time it is paradoxical, that when Bomjon holds his megalomanic “blessing programs”, all visitors have to deposit their mobile phones and cameras to his security guards (blue-robed monks), as if he was worried for his safety (bombs controlled in mobile devices?) and people recording things that he would rather hide.

Bomjon’s obsession with his own security overdoes every politician or guru we know in today’s world. Hundreds of Nepalese APF policemen are paid by the Government to protect Bomjon from alleged “many enemies” during his travels from one place to another in public programs. Yet those who would think Maitriya Buddha of Nepal is paranoid or afraid, would be far from the truth. By his excesses he is ridiculing and parodying high-level politicians as well as  powerful Buddhist and Hindu gurus. Bomjon is making a joke of all those blind devotees who fulfil all his wishes, and he would sooner or later reward them with condemnation, violence or at least complicated nets of dark intrigues. What is but worst: he denigrates and blasphemes religions and their leaders as well, making religious moral rules valueless and the vows of Ascetic life empty.


Image only illustrative. Source: Ibexmag

From the same period and people came another strange detail: apart from spying gadgets, Bomjon had been also keen in getting as many mobile phone as possible. The informers spoke about more than fifty! His special attachment to smartphones had been known already as early as 2011, when most Nepalis did not have the device yet. Bomjon, living in the Halkhoriya Jungle that time, not only had a smartphone, but even used a Satellite connection, provided by his rich follower Jas Bahadur Waiba. Some committee members had told me that time that his bill exceeded 20 000 Nepalese Rupees per month already then (around 200 USD).

Posing as a silent Ascetic in white robe, when accepting the crowds of devotees from his jungle throne, in his free time he was busy chatting and browsing Facebook, apparently… It is so unbelievable that I refused to take it. Yet, the irony in this is that when I slept in one of the huts inside Halkhoriya alone, I myself saw Bomjon from the back window standing on the small path to the water spring, holding a smartphone and speaking with someone in a slightly agitated voice. That time a still a supporter of the allegedly all-renounced Yogi, it was quite a shock to me. So when I heard about his 2015 hobby of collecting the world’s most expensive mobile phones, I was not so surprised anymore, also because it was already after 2012, when he was de-faced when acting as a criminal towards me.

When I stayed in Jas Bahadur Waiba’s house in Piluwa as a partially excommunicated member of Bomjon’s Sangha (cult), I was thrilled by the strange fact that every morning around 4- AM “Guruji” called Waiba and spoke to him for 1-2 hours. When his call came, we all had to be silent and Waiba left the house to speak with Bomjon secretly, in the open fields. It was strange, due to the fact that Bomjon was considered at the time a Muni – a person who did not speak for religious reasons. His only trustee was Waiba, a former smuggler and poacher Maffia leader, according to his own words.

When Bomjon had kidnapped me in 2012 and called Waiba and his committee members to the jungle to parade me as his prey, he sent Waiba to buy chains for chaining me. Waiba jumped to fulfill his guru’s order immediately. Thus, it seems he was his most loyal follower that time. It is quite possible that Waiba, who was the main source of the political contacts in Kathmandu, who used to be his old-time friends (Mani Lama, Norbu nana, Babu Moktan, Chatra Ghishing etc.), had been regularly used by Bomjon to cover up his previous violent and kidnapping acts against the dozens of people before my case. This could explain why did he need to consult with Waiba everything on a daily basis, and why none of his crimes had been ever prosecuted. The political protectors looked after that Bomjon stayed (and stays) above the law, and Waiba was his main middle-man on the phone.

The informers and my source D. had the opinion that Bomjon’s obsession with smartphones and new and new SIM cards but had a more practical reason: as he is regularly creating conflicts and attacks people, he needs “security” from being followed by secret services and detectives, who, at least in Nepal, widely rely on mobile phone information and locations. Bomjon can afford to arrange a cover-up of a new kidnap by communicating with his supporters in politics in Kathmandu, and then to throw away the phone and discard the SIM card.


Image above: only illustrative. Source: HKNepal

Perhaps the most shocking story I was told by D. was the description about Dipshika, Bomjon’s girlfriend, in around 2014-2015. It was shocking to me that even the informers who described this event to me, had been not considering the presence of e rifle (gun!) just on the table of Ram Bahadur Bomjon in his room as something shocking and in direct conflict with all the sermons about “peace and non-violence” that he is regularly repeating. The main reason that the informers and witnesses had been outraged was Bomjon’s flirting with other lovers, and the threat of Dipshika to kill herself if he does not stop. Noone of those insiders had been shocked to know that Bomjon has a gun near him all the time. This fact spoke a lot for itself: it seems that for Bomjon’s cult members it became just a normal thing to see guns lying around the “peace-and-love” guru all the time, and they became accustomed to it.

But let’s go to the main story: Dipshika (Guru Ama, as Bomjon told his devotees to call her) had been the Buddha Boy’s lover from at least 2011 if not earlier. He used to disappear from his jungle meditation seat and visit her in secret jeep trips to Darjeeling’s Mirik, often accompanied by the aunt of Dipshika Usha didi, or even foreigners like Kim Nguyen. It was a secret about which many followers whispered around, but it did not get to the media or websites, as money would stop to flow if the rich sponsors learned that the Ascetic of Nepal is actually enjoying regular orgies in India.

Yet, after 2012 Bomjon felt powerful enough to “come out”, because he was not prosecuted and denounced by the public, even after he kidnapped and held me 3 months. and let me tortured and raped in his jungle. It was clear that his magic had worked: no one questioned his brutal deed, and the sexual violence stain on his “Maitri Dharma”. So he was sure he can go on and just do anything and does not get condemned or does not have to face the law in Nepal. That time he openly ate the first time, although many followers knew that his alleged fasting was also a fraud. But he had to break the ice, he got apparently bored of playing the “holy celibate”.

Image above: only illustrative. Source GAT Daily

So the very same year of 2012 he openly stayed with his girlfriend in his rooms in the various settlements (Halkhoriya, Sindhuli, Sarlahi, Sindhupalchowk). When people started to ask questions, how it is that a Tapasvi is apparently having a girl overnight in his room, he suddenly announced that Dipshika was his wife (there was never any public marriage ritual though). Followers had accepted this with open-mindedness. Dipshika was loved and respected by them, as she is certainly a pleasant young lady.

The problem was only one: she was not the only one! There had been many others, according to Bara locals, also the beautiful nun Palchen Mo belonged to Bomjon’s harem. My informers spoke about 3 women whom they had seen as his concubines. The situation was tense and strange, but no one really dared to question the Savior of The World, the Maitriya Guru, about this. Girls had been getting pregnant and then appeared without bellies again and again. Whispers about forceful abortions arrived, until it was confirmed: Bomjon has been sending the girls (most often Dipshika herself) to artificially abort the embryos created by him, and as this is against the law in Nepal (especially if the embryo is female), he used his two influential and rich French devotees, a couple running the Surya World child-education charity in India, to smooth out the eventual problems in hospitals.

Then, one day, Dipshika had enough, Devotion to a sexually greedy Messiah also has its limits, it seems. This was when she allegedly got angry, took the RIFLE from the room she stayed with Bomjon in, went out of the house and turned the gun towards her own head: “I am going to kill myself if you continue to date other girls!” She allegedly told. To the great satisfaction of the followers of the guru, he finally stopped to date other girls, as he was of course so merciful that he did not want Dipshika to kill herself.

So the RIFLE went back to its right place (near Bomjon!) and the story has a happy end: Dipshika’s last child, a male one, was allowed to be born in 2015 and currently is taught how to bless crowds the way as his daddy is doing.

At least according to a YouTube video showing Bomjon’s child blessing devotees from a moving car, yet his mother seems to be another lady on that video… So was it finally a happy end? We will never know, as Bomjon has political protection and too many mobile phones and spy pens….

Post Scriptum:

1, Jas Bahadur Waiba had told to many devotees in 2011 that he and other followers had “deposited” their guns into Ram Bomjon’s Halkhoriya stupa, that white tower he was shown sitting nearby over the years and which had a bunker where he was allegedly meditating “without air” (although the news proved that he gave up his meditating in  few days after commencing it with a great hullabaloo). When Bomjon was evicted by Bara District authorities from Halkhoriya, the Chorten had been dozed down as well. According to locals to whom I spoke personally, Bomjon had assured that just before the dozing down of the stupa, the many deposited guns were taken out by his followers and brought to him. Nepali authorities or the public had never questioned the whereabouts of all those guns, although they must be surely illegal possession. Why do they need it, if they claim they are spreading peace in the world…?

2, A relative of Ram Bomjon in Bongjor (Ratanpuri Gavisha) had told me in 2012 that when he visited his guru-relative in Sindhuli, he had seen numerous guns lying around. No one ever investigated this fact. Everyone in Nepal, including politicians and police, apparently takes it as a normal thing that a notorious kidnapper, hostage-holder, violent guru keeps illegal guns in his possession.

I will add more rumor stories in the future.



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